Sunday, April 10, 2011

The King of Hell and 'points in Hell' for the Damned

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I’ve been hearing about this for a couple of days. It’s more than passing strange that there’s no mention of it in the internationally controlled Zio-Ogre media. If it’s there I haven’t seen it. I guess there’s always a chance I overlooked it at all of the sites. Since another AshkeNazi, false history holiday is coming up, it stands to reason that Israel will launch another Palestinian bloodbath and hope someone else interferes too, because they get points in Hell for body count and ‘points in Hell’, when you are headed there directly, are of great importance. Of course, whoever the King of Hell may be, he’s not going to honor anything, because that’s what Hell is all about but... for those on the blind-believing other end, it’s what they think at the time that counts, in terms of actions taken.

Another day, another delay; meaning we trudge forward, while going backward and looking for all the things predicted to get into full swing. The fallout from Japan is on time release, so that’s further up the road; the vertigo-challenged dollar keeps teetering on the edge, war and revolution are contagiously spreading to more and more new points and revisiting older points like Egypt, the coming flotilla is gearing up but it’s likely another vicious and murderous act of genocide from Israel will happen first. Goldstone has greeenlighted the thing and he’ll be able to repent at his leisure later on. My thinking is that if your old friends don’t want you because of your inconvenient association with the truth, even when you threw mud at both sides of the conflict, where only one side deserved any, then you need new friends. If you insist on keeping company with people who think lies are the bread of life, then there’s something wrong with you and you needed to show it to the world and Goldstone... you have.

At the moment Israel is taking batting practice. This means killing children and anyone who gets into the way, while you test out your new armaments for the coming slaughter. It’s Cast Lead 2, coming to a disinfo center near you soon. This is the thing I’m waiting on, the day the opinion of the whole world shifts and sees Israel for what it is; Murder Incorporated. I don’t know how much time Israel has and since they are already exercising their Samson option at places like Fukushima and everywhere in the world that they can kill, maim, defame and do away with, well, the clock is ticking and the noose is tightening and the truth is revealing and the fools keep grandstanding to an increasingly doubting and suspicious world. Even potatoes can wake up if Lady Nature intends it.

In certain Christian literature they talk about a state called ‘quickening’. This has parallels in all religions because all religions are just variations on a single theme, where the external churches are mass control oriented, hypocritical business operations and the internal realities are timeless verities. Anyway, quickening has to do with ‘realization’. Suddenly the lights go on inside your head and you can see things as they are, not according to the dream dust that is routinely sprinkled- and mainlined- like the chem.-trail planes provide, as their own portion of the war upon humanity.

Last Spring I came into contact with what I can only refer to as ‘bad aliens’. Some of them operated forms of conveyance and some of them were more organic in nature and resembled what you might call ‘mind parasites’, ‘space mold’ and assorted malefics who slipped into planetary nature and seek to enter the minds of living things. These have a lot to do with the lockstep march of much of humanity and explain the lack of awareness to this point. Now I don’t know if what I was going through was real... a future projection or one of those dimensional fugue states that I get into, where it might mean something or it might have been playing out only in that dimension and not relevant to this one. All I know is that it looked pretty real and explains a lot of things that were confusing me before.

When you look at the behavior of world leaders and where they are leading, it becomes evident that they are not operating according to their own best interests, long term. They are busy looking for an entranceway into a vast and bleak desert from which there is no escape. It doesn’t make sense in any terms we are usually familiar with. I recognize that the Zio-virus is responsible for a lot of it, through the power of massive currency thefts and control of economies but... it still doesn’t add up. It doesn’t add up for the Israelis. They’re going to encounter global pest control, sooner or later and sooner seems to be on the table. The table is being set as I write these words.

It could be, as I have often said, that this is because it’s all scripted by the cosmos and we are approaching universal laundry day. The predator factors are not allowed to see the reality of their situation in order for them to arrive at their Gehenna; an object lesson, as I never tire of saying. One thing it isn’t is the result of random circumstances that result in what resembles portents and prophecies, too closely to be accidental. We’ve also got the histories, partial histories and occult histories of civilizations past that all went the same route. It’s obviously cyclic, redundant and predictable. You might not get the dates right but the process is routine.

I think there has to be something to the theory of alien intrusion and inter-dimensional influence because nothing else explains what I see, at least on my terms. Of course, it’s all scripted but there may be any number of other players who aren’t getting the press they deserve, who have a lot to do with present events. It’s hard to understand why certain powerful forces of self interest, would be so industriously employed in their own destruction, while they are busy at destroying everyone else.

I’ve seen alien ships and I have definitely seen inter-dimensional craft, so I know they exist. What I don’t know is who is who and what is what with them. The amount of things I don’t know is incalculable and I’m okay with that. The few things I do know seem valuable enough to me that the extent of my ignorance is not troubling. Anyway, that’s what ‘quickening’ is all about. The awakening feature of The Apocalypse is radiating a vibrational pulse that is acting on the awareness of those so prepared for it. It’s operating according to every faith, dimension and state of mind. It’s intensifying by the day and in some cases it’s having a pronounced, positive effect on the recipients and in other cases, it’s making people go crazy, because their denial is not strong enough to counteract it. If you insist that something is true when it isn’t and the truth has decided to make itself known to you, you aren’t going to be very successful in evading or dismissing it. You’re going to lose that one.

I wish I knew more and I’m glad I don’t. It keeps me focused on the simple acts and intentions I’ve come to recognize as useful and life affirming. I figure when I’m supposed to know more and do more, that’s going to take care of itself, through the feature of quickening. It’s an automatic result of heading in that direction, just as withdrawal and death await the junkie and discovery attends the efforts of explorers. Explorers often discover things they wish they hadn’t but that seems like some kind of personal issue (grin).

Today is another Sunday that begins another week. That is what they say but... in my mind, Monday has always started the week, so I might be a day late but I’m not a day early, which doesn’t sound so good when you think about it. I’d say we’re further down the road than we think we are and you never know when the next, like clockwork, Israeli bloodbath is going to be the one that manifests the chain reaction that’s also on the ‘sooner or later’ list. Obviously, a lot of forces are keying on these psychopaths and, being psychopaths, they’re going to continue to do whatever they please and then leave the media summation to their lie machines. They’re even putting together their own Al Jazzera so that those who want to have vicious lies spun for them will have somewhere to go. What happened to all the outlets they presently employ? I see, they want a localized version that might retard the expected reaction by all the people they haven’t gotten around to murdering yet.

We’re still in that holding pattern, looking for good news but realizing that’s mostly in limbo, until the people making all the bad news have been rendered impotent and hopefully inert. Radiate the love, people and hold on to what is true, so that the inferno of lies do not confine or consume you.

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Anonymous said...

"Points in Hell" ?

Hmm, not just Zion, either.

Maybe start closer to home, Les? Maybe shine some seriously actinic light on Chateau de Amerois?

Before it's too late...


ps: talking of vital stuff not reaching the Zio-MSM, how about 'your' very own Swiss presidential decree on the salvation of Gaza - not a word outside of Palestine-friendly press..?

The jig is up for israel said...

You are in very fine form this fine Sunday Sir.

Thank you for the much appreciated bulletin.

israel has about 6 million jewish citizens, thereof 94% agreed with the Cast Lead (1) attack.
Egypt has about 117 million arab citizens who are now saying clearly they will not accept further genocide of their brothers and sisters in Gaza.

PressTV in English from Iran is continuing to supply relatively uncensored news.


Anonymous said...


I love you my friend.

Walking Hawk

conspiracy analyst said...

"The fact that Palestinians have a history and a culture, and that they were removed from their lands and orchards at gunpoint and herded into "refugee camps" is completely censored in the U.S. media."

Melanie Stone said...

Yeah, since Friday, April 8, an estimated 2million people went again to Tahrir square and the Israeli embassy has been under siege since then too. I thought it was common knowledge. The intermin Egyptian government assure us that their are no Israeli diplomats in Egypt any more, but their are still Mossad agents on the ground. Mother fuckers. I've been sending flaming, but polite e-mails to my Ambassador in Tel Aviv today. I mean what the fuck is the South African government still doing in Israel?

Anyway, Thanks for another excellent piece of thought and writing.

Anonymous said...

seems our egyptian brothers and sisters already had everything in hand.
..peace be upon them..
apparently the israhellian chosenites have accepted the peace deal of not attacking themselves with any more sock bombs for the time being,as the tel aviv rubbish tips have run out of bits of old metal,so back to the old plan of printing paper with bits of tin foil in and distributing lies around the world in a chaotic fashion....
oh and mr ahmedinajad has warned the muslim world not to fall for the old
shiite versus sunni trick...honors and respects to him...
I am with you mr visibles,stand strong and see what comes...
also I am sorry my poetic abilitys are not up to standards yet, I am a slow learner,it seems I must cover the same ground over and over each time picking up a little that I missed in the beginning.well we are all a little different and through our differences I suppose the whole is maintained....

anyway hearts up love and respects..neil

Melanie Stone said...

:) sorry about all the swearing and grammar/spelling mistakes, but I am just so F*** angry today.

It was zionist propaganda said...

According to Jeff Rense top zionist information states there were a total of 2 million (sic) jews in Europe during the years of WW2.

So here is my question to the Holocaustians:

How can 6 million people be killed if there are only 2 million people to begin with?

The international Red Cross gives the total number of jews who died in concentration camps at less than 275,000 - a number consistent with the total European number of 2 million.

What the Nazis did to the jews by putting them in work camps (sans gas chambers except for clothes delousing) was not as murderous as what the jews are presenting doing to the arabs in Gaza.

Anonymous said...

You cannot imagine how your words this morning resonated within me. I have posted here once about my encounter with an unknown craft. This took place in 1981 and I was in the company of my husband and my mother-in-law. It was not a distant sighting, we in fact, were standing directly beneath it. The encounter changed many things in my life and eventually led me to pursue the path of Buddhism, which, as you probably know, does not deny the existence of the multiverse and has many stories which support the intervention and interaction of other worldly beings. Anyway, I have been working over these past many years to try to gain some understanding of our reality and, like you, am the first to admit that what I know is very little. Yesterday, I came across a quote by HE Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche (he is no longer with us in that form) and I wanted to share it with all of you.
He wrote this several years ago, 2002, I think. Anyway, here is the quote: "My life has been very quiet lately, without the usual outer events to provide a focus for my inner reflections. Rather, my reflections spark momentarily in the sky of my mind, and then disappear.
Still underneath this spaciousness, I find currents of deep disquiet over what is evolving in the world. We seem to be living in the presence of an invisible razor-sharp sword whose blade could suddenly slice through existence as we know it. As practitioners, we should neither deny its presence, nor yield to anxiety and fear, but rather use it to whet the precision of our choices, the keenness of our skillful means."

So, as we sit and wait for events to unfold here on planet Earth let us not forget why we're here.
Thank you, Les, for all that you do.

Ben said...

Les, All,

Habakkuk, a prophet of God, lamented:

"How long, LORD, must I call for help,
but you do not listen?
Or cry out to you, “Violence!”
but you do not save?
Why do you make me look at injustice?
Why do you tolerate wrongdoing?
Destruction and violence are before me;
there is strife, and conflict abounds.
Therefore the law is paralyzed,
and justice never prevails.
The wicked hem in the righteous,
so that justice is perverted."

Father God responds to Habakkuk:

“Look at the nations and watch—
and be utterly amazed.
For I am going to do something in your days
that you would not believe,
even if you were told."

Habakkuk wants to know when and Father God tells him:
"For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
it speaks of the end
and will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it;
it will certainly come
and will not delay."

The revelation, the revealing, the apocalypse, is upon us now and so the end will be soon. For those of us desiring justice and an end to violence and wrongdoing the wait is difficult.

amarynth said...

Uhm, Wikileaks? I was working with Les' litmus tests now published here

and came across this one ..

Assange accused of working with a holocaust 'denier'. Uhm, the plot still thickens. The sides keep changing. In reality, I'm bone weary of watching all of this play out. It is time to wish I had a magic wand :-) or perhaps I have one, but don't know how to use it yet.

Anonymous said...

The Sun has released some huge CME offloads recently that should be making its energies known to us by April 10/11.

Whatever it takes to shine the light so bright that even the most brain dead-dead souled being on earth gets it that there is an almighty source greater than they or their black magic cult leaders would ever know about let alone share with their flocks.

Keep your self grounded and shield your eyes like Lot's family for what's coming down on us all here on this planet which has been co-opted by the predatory ones who practice their black magic over all beings.

Speaking of Lot and the accompanying pillars of salt-one thing I do whenever I remember to do it is shower with a basin of salt and scrub myself from head to soles of feet with salt. It burns away any psychic attachments, cooties and attachments that have a tendency to attach at below shoulder blades, nape of neck... same hot spots as ticks and other physical parasites.

Souled human people of the earth have got to get serious about these predators who have got to be fought on the spiritual realms.

The black magicians of this world are getting more and more overt and bold in their desperation to meet whatever timelines they're working on. They and their enablers are totally into the Anti-Life crusades. Fire with fire. Burn off their attachments and cooties with SALT.

Now off on this fine cold Sunday morning for a run with my kid. In the radioactive dampness of the great North West!

fioan said...

Fluctuating between a raging torrent and a stream quietly meandering to its source. Waiting for Godot but hang on haven't the hopi said that 'we are the ones we have been waiting for'! 100th monkey anyone?

Anonymous said...

False flag in USA foiled;

"Ron Hirsch, 60, also known as Israel Fisher" is wanted for setting off a device near a religious center (i.e. local crime HQ):

Some "uninitiated" must have got to and analyzed the big-brother-street observation video before a "trusted agent" could destroy the evidence; zio-media won't be able to spin it as another "domestic terrorist (white non-semite), racist, anti-semite" brainwashing story.

Here comes Chertoff's body scanners to a street corner near you, soon (and paid for by you).

Anonymous said...

Hi Les & Fam,

Thanks fo the the laughs on this on Bro! You did it again! Yes sur ree it is the Quikening just like in the movie Highlander! Just relax and enjoy the rush floks. Nothing to worry about if you ain't about earnin your points in hell. Just like the oroborus symbol of the snake eating it's tail, evil never knows it is really devouring it self. It has always been self destructive. This is why it is spelt the opposite of live.

Hey Les, I spoke with some "les than visible" freinds from a near by dimension and they love you man as do I. They as well as myself wan't you to keep cooking up this great word soup your serving daily on the terrific side of the menu.

You got some kind of magic my man!!!

Peace and Love of our One Infinte Father to you all.

100th monkey / we are the one's we're waiting for said...

I'm a gonna rant so skip the next comment if you want facts backed by links (to the MSM).

A half-arabic, half-christian friend said to me a couple of months ago: this guy Rothschild is playing global zionisd chess with himself. He controls all the pieces on both sides of the board. So he is moving back and forth between black and white pieces playing against himself.

Stands to reason. Rothschild youngbloods have been heard to brag: we have a 200 year plan - what does antone else have, 10, 20, 30 year plan tops?

Just saw the MSM report about the sinking of the Listuania which propelled US into WW1. Same bald-faced commander-in-chief lies. Amazing.

I think this one world order thing has been going on for decades if not centuries.

False flags are only the first name of what has been done.

Over 1000 passengers sacrificed in the sinking of the Listuania by the "Germans" to get the US into WW1.

Over 300 sailors died in the "surprise" attack on Pearl Habour to get the US into WW2.

Almost 3000 civilians killed on 9/11 with the attack on the Towers and the Pentagon by the "Arabs" to get the US into the war on terror a.k.a. the Muslims in the middle east.

Are any of the rest of you seeing a pattern here?

I think the Rothschilds and the other 299 families represented in the Club of Rome etc are playing BOTH sides of this rigged game.

They plan over 200 years in advance on how to consolidate and expand their wealth and power. The House of Windsor is in there too. Multibillionaire Soros is just a little tiny fish in the real tank.

You and I are John MacIlvain's son in the Twin Towers on a different day.


Your daughters as slave trade - they don't matter. your sons as cannon fodder for corporate interesrs wrapped up in a 'humanitarian intervention' flag DO NOT MATTER.

You and your famiy getting sick from radiation fallout - DOES NOT MATTER.

Genocide of Palestinian civilians - they don't matter.

Face it, debt keeps you working. Rothschild and the other 299 families control the central fractional banks in 193 of 197 countries (not Iran, Sudan, N.Korea, Cuba). These people can print WHATEVER money they need to buy whatever they want to happen in any of these 193 countries.

They have a 200 year plus plan for world domination and they are 85% of the way there - at least.

The media parrots their news and their counter news (for balance). They are decades ahead in their plan and we are striving month to month to pay usury and other debt´s legalized in the countries we live in.

They are laughing at us all the way to the banks they own where we have feely signed up as debt slaves.

The whole system is by the 0.01% by the 0.01% for the 0.01% - and as George Carlan pointed out: you ain't part of the club.

Richard said...

Lordy, Lordy.
The dates of your experiences with 'mind parasites', and 'space spores', are so synchronistic to mine that once again this confirms the necessity to share more openly personal experiences, even if it is by the means of blogs or internet, as it reduces the extra stress of doubt, 'is this happening only to me?', that is part of the 'mind parasite'.
For me the key date was Febr 25th, 2010, and for the next nearly 5 months, although it continued until mid dic. in a lesser intensity.
The key, and the only key is maintaining the presence of Love in the Heart, no matter what or who is challenging the presence. And in my personal experience, allowing the transformation of the geometry with which the Love expresses itself, which as the intensity reaches the necessary degree will transform the old mer-ka-ba into the new geometry, far from the six pointed star ( in 2d ), but one inaccessible to the children of Ruth.
Simply letting go of the 'friends that consider lies the bread of daily life'.
Woof, woof from the dog nation

Sancho said...

Rabbi Lerner-one of those guys who draws the voices of those critical of Israel-but is sure to stop short of condemning them for war crimes. A potential for Profiles in Evil??

Mellifluous said...

Four years ago I told several banks and a large insurance company to get stuffed. I refuse to pay one more cent of debt that I 'owe'. I owe them collectively about 50 thousand dollars plus interest upon interest etc. I don't give a damn :) I now live without debt and without guilt. ALHAMDULLILAH. Ameen.

Anonymous said...

Stick a kosher sock in it Richard.

bholanath said...

Is John Negroponte on the roster?
I hope so. History from Saigon to Tripoli. Another real 'dem crazy ballhead' needin' spotlightin'.

Anonymous said...

I heard they discovered the missing link between apes man and human beings.

It's called man.

Anonymous said...

Quickening, Vibration, all that, yeah I see that too; was told it was happening.

You put it all together, thanks Les.

The answers are coming.
We will see and understand and each and every one of us will be awakened within.

What we do with it will be magical, beautiful, awesome and perhaps terrible to behold.

It is happening already as we are witnessing each day.

Pond Owl said...

I know this is off-topic but I have already given up seafood because I don't want to eat the Corexit chemical in the ocean. Now it looks like I'm gonna have to give up eating all dairy as well because of the radioactive water and dust from Japan falling on the grass and then the dairy cows in America eating the grass and getting the radiation in their milk. I'm reading right now reports of radioactive elements now showing up in American milk. And it doesn't end there I'm also reading on the internet about how all of the produce in California that is sold here in the states may soon be contaminated because of the radioactive water and dust falling on it too. The reason I am bringing this up is because I want to know will anyone here tell me what the latest Half-Past Human webbot reports said about food contamination, you know the nuclear situation and the food supply. C'mon you guys I know some of you who read and comment here have the report give me a heads-up and tell me what it says about the contamination of the food supply in the near future. I've already read somewhere on the web that the report said beef would be contaminated. What exactly does it say about beef? Any mention of pork or chicken? All of these animals are fed corn and wheat and grass and the radioactive water and dust falls on these plants as well. Does it say anything about California produce? What about American dairy? I'm trying to find out what I need to avoid in the future. I am following the alternative media on the internet and what it says as far as what foods are becoming contaminated with radiation. But if someone could tell me what the webbot report says about the contamination of the food supply in the near future, well that would help and increase my chances of avoiding radioactive food and getting cancer or upon ingestion soon afterwards keeling over and dieing. I don't really have ten bucks to spare on each new report when it comes out and I'm only asking to be told what it says about the contamination of the food supply. I just read that the EPA and the government are raising acceptable standards for the amount of radiation that can be in foods and still be considered safe for the public to eat. Wow what a coincedence this is done at the same time as the Japan situation. I bet that change in acceptable limits won't be reported on the mainstream media that comes on tv. Knock on wood I got absolutely soaked the other morning while walking in a rainstorm but I haven't felt sick or anything yet. I have seen some brown looking clouds in the sky though that those webbot reports talk about. Maybe that's normal though in a weather front I don't know.

This comment is now making me feel bad for the people of Japan. Just the other day I was feeling horrible looking at some of those god awful pictures of what is being done to the Palestinians. Nothing like that is ever shown on the mainstream media in America and you know what, that says it all. That right there sums it up. I guess what I'm really trying to say here is that I'm sure the apprehension and suffering that I'm experiencing at the moment trying to deal with my life and future ain't jack shit, it's small beans compared to what the people of Japan and Palestine are experiencing. But nevertheless if someone could give me a heads-up on what the webbot reports say about the contamination of the food supply then that would be appreciated. If all the foods that I just mentioned become deadly to eat in the near future then MAYBE beans and rice grown from somewhere will be safe to eat, if not then it looks like I'll have to forage and fish for my dinner real soon. I'm feeling the 'realness' of how real this thing is at the moment.

Josh in North Carolina

abe said...

Yo Cousin Les!!
Let me help out with that apocalypse we got going on:

The choice is clear - the weasel or your lying eyes.

Anonymous said...

just cheekily and somewhat negatively.
Monty Python Meaning of Life
You'd better hope there's intelligent life up there in the stars because there's bugger all of it down here on Earth.
Love is like water on the wicked witch of the west in Wizard of Oz.

Waiting for the meltdown.

Hold on to your hats said...

Rothschilds global chess game of zionist fascism continues.

Everything is going according to our 200 year old plan of total world domination.

We must now get Iran involved in the uprising in the middle-east. Then we will be able to declare a world war and use our zionist ally forces to take over the entire arab world by force.

We are working hard to divide and conquer by pitting the Shia against the Sunni with help from the third orthodox radical muslim group.

The Iranian president is warning all muslims against what we are doing but dissention within the muslim world is growing according to our wishes.

What we now need is for the Saudi Arabian forces to increase the killing of peaceful muslim pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain. With Mossad's help the Saudi forces yesterday destroyed five mosques in Bahrain. They are also burning korrans in an attempt to lure Iran into helping Bahrain civilians.

Our sources report a growing sentiment in Iran to do something against our zionist oppression. On the day Iran fires its first bullet against the Saudi forces we will have our premise with which to officially declare war on Iran.

Sir Evelyn representing the 300 families has himself given the green light to begin WW3.

We anticipate commencement of the zionist allies attack on Iran this week. If necessary a civilian attack upon Egypt will be carried out to let all the world know we do not tolerate true democracy protests anywhere.

We now wait for Iran's entrance into the fray in order to commence our takeover of the entire arab world. Our journalists around the world are ready with anti-muslim, pro-christian reports and op-eds as soon as world war three is officially declared by Obama.

WW3 is expected to begin before the 18th of April 2011.

fioan said...

Noticed everything has 'intensified' over the last few years, coinciding with the speeding up of time all part of the quickening as you call it les. There are various wake up codes flashing around the planet I notice particularly to do with numbers - for me personally the same numbers repeated are on anything with a number constantly to the point when it occurs my usual response is 'yeah,yeah,yeah' because I know on every level of my being I feel it. I also know when operating at our true vibrational level no-thing outside ourselves can affect us if we don't want it to eg radiation, GMO etc. MSM role is to put some sweet with the poison to keep humankind in their created low vibrational box or matrix if you like. LOVE is the answer: not the love of the world of illusion, but love as beingness. What about 'throwing' as much love around these rothschilds, the wars raging ...loving the world free, free from this sceptre of zio.

gurnygob said...

Paris is looking good for a self inflicted wound ‘false flag’ round about now. Wouldn’t be surprised what waits around the corner.


Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Soundtrack for a Petri Dish.

Anonymous said...


The good witch of the West and the wicked witch of the East.

That good witch of the West was someone to die for - she was melt in your mouth wholesome mom and american pie.

Can a person fall in love with a character in a movie?

Anyway, thanks for the triggered memory of the Wizard of Oz. The symbolisms in that movie are comparable to those in Orwell's books.


Anonymous said...

There is a story about a man who wanted to enroll in a very famous music school, the most famous music school. So he put in his application and he had to wait for a very long time, many years. Finally he was called and they said, “So, now we’d like to accept you and here is the tuition fees you have to pay.” He said, “‘Wait a minute, this is double what the advertised rate is. Why is that? Didn’t you see my portfolio? I have studied at so many other great music schools. I thought I would get a scholarship.”

“Yes, we saw that you studied so many other places, that’s why we’re charging you double. Because first we have to unteach you everything you learned and then we have to teach you. Twice the work, twice the price.”

Anonymous said...

I've been saying it for years, and now everyone is waking up to Israel. Christians, of all people, should have been awake all along, as it is really clear whom these Zionist are, from a simple reading of the words in red.

But, even pointing this out to fundies; they still look hypnotised and do not receive it.

I've posted before, how all these Jewish people have been duped and set up and trapped for the final blood sacrifice to their blind and angry god.

Just as the Nazi leader Hitler had some Jewish blood, he had no thought when he slaughtered the Jews. Even moreso these Zionist may not have any jewish blood and will not hesitate to slaughter all the Jews in Israel. It is the plan and has been the plan. To destroy the Jews and the Muslims. Isn't Christianity lovely?

Many are missing the root of the conspiracy; it is the all seeing eye at the TOP of the pyramid that many are missing: The Vatican. The beast sits back.....and war rages.

The 100th monkey is about to be realized....and some of that is a trap too; because very many people have not filtered out the lies amongst the human consciousness. They will blindly destroy Israel and forget all about the one that initiated the entire game.

It is indeed almost over.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, wrong blog.

Told ya I'm not real smart.

Visible said...

even if true, that doesn't let Israel off the hook, not by a long shot. 94% of them fully supported Operation Cast Lead. They are monsters.

European American said...

For any who that may be interested. Not my words...

Mercury Retrograde
March 31 -April 23, 2011

"Don't look now, but that pesky little Mercury is about to go retrograde again. Mercury will be retrograde from March 31 - April 23, 2011. Most of its transit will take place in Pisces, its sign of debilitation. It will also be working up to an exact opposition with Saturn that will make this period progressively more difficult for communication. To add insult to injury, Mercury will conjunct Mars on April 19th. This may bring a good deal of frustration in the area of communication as we approach that date.

On the international level, this can reflect diplomatic problems, continued flare ups of violence, and an inability to find resolutions to discord. This is an aspect that generally makes people frustrated and angry.

On the individual level, this combination can be a little feisty as well, so it is not a good time for planning meetings, parties, or other events that rely on the communication process. This would generally be a good time to avoid beginning new projects, signing documents, taking trips, and initiating important new endeavors.

The good news is, that when Mercury is retrograde in Pisces , it is also "neecha bhanga". That means "debilitation cancelled". So this is also an excellent period for solving problems. It is a great time for editing what is already written, for example. It can also be great for fixing anything technical (That's courtesy of the Saturn/Mars contribution). Jupiter and Venus are also getting into the act as well, since they are also going to be in a conjunction during that time Both of these planets contribute a positive energy to the mixture and further promote the solving of problems.

In spite of the astrological "pig-pile" created by all of these converging astrological influences, this period can be used for progress and success. The key is to be patient and persevering and to work on improving old things instead of initiating so many new things. If you do experience problems, realize that most problems that arise at this time have a solution. With Mercury in Pisces, all you have to do is listen to your intuition, and you will hear it."

Anonymous said...


I guess if you can be sued for defamation by a fictional character you can fall in love with them. its Maya all the same. Live simply 'is'. hate is a can of worms.


Anonymous said...

That 100th monkey might be Sri Hanuman!

And Sri Hanuman doesn't care much for those who dis God.

"That wherever the deeds of Sri Rama are sung,
At all such places does Hanuman cry tears of devotion and joy,
At all such places does his presence remove the fear of demons."

Anonymous said...

Thank you LV.

Here's a Vialls article about the death of the princess, which gives details not seen elsewhere, and which ties up loose ends. Some of you might not be surprised at whom the finger points. Might take several seconds to load.

The two below describe how libya was being set up as demon in the uk as early as 1984

On this page, please open and read the third article from the top which is Pt 1, and Pt 2 which is at the very top; probably the last one he wrote.

Erin Parsley said...

Love the last line:

"Radiate the love, people and hold on to what is true, so that the inferno of lies do not confine or consume you."

Guess that's about all we can really do, and all we really need to do to be able to move through this time.

est said...

don't know about you
but i been flashin'

on somebody ridin'
in an open carriage

a shot rings out
the world changes

in the worst
of all ways

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Avatar is within You.

Visible said...

That's definitely on the program, more than once.

Lydia said...

You are an inspiration for me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Isaiah 28
14 Hence listen to Yahweh's word, you insolent men, rulers of this people in Jerusalem.

15 Because you have said, 'We have made a treaty with Death and have struck a pact with Sheol. When the scourging flood comes over, it will not touch us, for we have made lies our refuge and hidden under falsehood.'

16 So the Lord Yahweh says this, 'Now I shall lay a stone in Zion, a granite stone, a precious corner-stone, a firm foundation-stone: no one who relies on this will stumble.

17 And I will make fair judgement the measure, and uprightness the plumb-line.' But hail will sweep away the refuge of lies and floods wash away the hiding-place;

18 your treaty with Death will be broken and your pact with Sheol will not hold. When the scourging flood comes over, you will be trodden down by it;

19 every time it comes over, it will seize on you, for it will come over, morning after morning, day by day and night by night. Nothing but fear will make you understand what you hear.

Visible said...

There's a new Profiles in Evil up-

The Rothschilds; the Dark Lord's Blood Bank.



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