Saturday, October 31, 2015

Corruptions, Tyrannies and Madnesses of the Kali Yuga.

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What is real cannot be told or shown and what appears is not real, it only seems and the more it seems, the more real it becomes to us and then we wander in a world of seeming appearances for so long as we believe they are real.

On it goes... surgical bombing strikes and random bombing of desert sands where only the corpses of scorpions remain because the really poisonous life forms have run for the borders of Israel and Turkey and Iraq. Meanwhile the former residents of that beleaguered land are being leaflet bombed by Satanic Banker planes that tell them there is a new life for them in the European Union. The causes of their distress are the Americans, The Crown Colonies and Israel who runs the first two out of Tel Aviv and London. Well dressed and well fed, demonically possessed, former human entities, scurry about The City in London and every satellite city where they cause world wide havoc without a care. For some reason, a great many of them are unaware of what they are responsible for. They think they are fighting the good fight against some shadowy enemy but actually they are taking their orders from a shadowy enemy who creates all of the rest of the shadowy enemies. They are paid well though and they live a privileged existence and they get away with all manner of crimes that they would otherwise not avoid the consequences of. It's a sweet deal as far as they can see and they are only allowed to see up to a certain point because... coiled in the backs of their minds there lives a consciousness that defines the parameters of their awareness for all that they think and say and do.

We know who is behind this migratory exodus, it is George Soros, one of the chief operatives of the Rothschild Network of Satanic Bankers and... as you can see, the consequences of this are horrendous and going on all the time. Here you see the real insanity of political correctness. Now some might say that all of these incidents of violent outrage against native born citizens of these countries are fabricated to make the immigrants look bad. That hardly seems realistic when those pushing for the immigrations are also the ones ordering the press and police not to mention the names of the offenders and who advise the courts not to prosecute. It can no longer be argued against, whether the orchestrators of these conditions for criminal offense against the public are Satanists. By their works ye shall know them and that says all that needs to be said about who and what they are. These are not the ones committing these rapes but rather the ones fomenting the favorable environments for them to occur in. Oh... this is not to say they don't get up to that sort of thing because they do. They torture and kill young boys and girls very often in places throughout the UK and other European locations and many, many other countries to which they travel for this sole purpose.

Unlike the savage migrants who commit these acts of sexual outrage against the members of the countries that have granted them asylum (Yes, I can call them savages and I don't give a damn about political correctness. I am, of course, not referring to all immigrants but only to those so engaged in this horrific behavior.) and who do it out of an uncontrolled animal passion, these others of which I speak, do it for pure malice and to propitiate demons that confer protections upon them as the result of blood sacrifice made in their honor. They know about these sorts of things because they have teachers in those arts with a long tradition in these kinds of behavior. What is presently happening did not simply come out of the blue recently. The planning has been in the process of coming about for centuries. In the ranks of the dark brotherhood are seers and mystics of different ranks who are able to see ahead and who are also informed about what lies ahead through the ingestion of different substances and being possessed by infernal entities who then inform them about all kinds of things. It is a truth that these entities lie as often as not but they don't lie all the time. They tell the truth often enough to be effective at getting listened to and being sought out.

If you go back into the histories of certain large occult organizations and brotherhoods you find that they have had predictions about the times in which we live from a long while ago. These organizations might once have been more or less legitimate fraternities that only became corrupted through the passage of time. This is what happens in Kali Yuga. The Tibetan system might not have always been as corrupt as it became when the Chinese finally invaded but by that time they were pretty corrupt and their treatment of the ordinary Tibetans with their feudal system was brutal. Most people don't know about that side of it. It's kept from the public view and instead we get the version of Tibetan Buddhism that they want us to hear. I don't know if this new construct is something novel and a break with the earlier patterns; some kind of a renaissance? All I know is what was going on previously. Once again, it is the pattern of the Kali Yuga and you see it in all of the religious traditions and all of the political and economic traditions... ever deeper corruptions and the tyranny of the few upon the many. This is just how it works and because of all that has been and all that it is, there is a result that is part of the process of all of these corruptions and tyrannies and madnesses.

This is why I say, or rather this is why I am told that there is no single collective outcome in the drama except to say that at some point none of us will be here but... that might not be accurate because surely some of us will be right back here again due to the dynamics of coming and going. Anyone who thinks we are only here for a single visit has no grasp of how things are and why they are. If we were only here for a single visit then nothing would be as it presently is and none of what is would make any sense at all. Prodigies would make no sense. Variations in intelligence and the possession of gifts and the lack of them would make no sense. Well, we could go on and on about what makes no sense according to that schematic but my job is not to convince anyone of anything. It is only to convince myself and this I have done and I have studied the writings of the wise as well as comparative religion and all sorts of variations in perspectives and outside of fundie speak which seems to agree with itself in all of the seemingly diverse perspectives that are out there, the opposite also applies in all of the legitimate traditions. They all agree as well, even if you have to go back a bit to see that. Furthermore, I personally have direct experience of other lifetimes so I have put the question out of my mind as far as I am concerned. Sure, maybe I am the only one this has happened to but that would be absurd and we have the recollections and writings of many other souls who say the same.

A commenter at Origami said something about this today and was mostly accurate, if not comprehensive ...but even if he or she had filled pages with what was said it wouldn't have been comprehensive. True comprehensiveness comes only through interior search and it isn't something that appears in your head like the works of Thomas Aquinas or the Mahabharata. It is something that appears as a wide angle, panoramic view that has expanded and expanded until it is a picture beyond the capacity of words to convey and that is why it has never been conveyed in words by those who have that perspective. Sometimes the understanding of it is transmitted from consciousness to consciousness as it does from guru to chela. Sometimes it comes upon one as a mystical revelation, granted from the celestial realms by grace or some manifestation of benevolent fortune. Sometimes, for whatever the reason it just happens like what is described in Bucke's, “Cosmic Consciousness”, or James, “Varieties of Religious Experience”. Some of Bucke's ideas might seem dated now or they might have been the promise of roads not taken because this is the Kali Yuga. It is not for me to decide.

I don't share the idea of the status given to Whitman but that is just me. It might be due to my lack of appreciation for Whitman's poetry in that I was not moved one whit by it and was very soon bored every time I attempted to read any of it. This was also the case with Joyce and some others. Maybe I had previous experiences of these works and wanted no further part of them. Certain authors have always bored me, like Steiner, Wittgenstein, Kant and quite a few others. I would feel the scent of death everywhere in their writings and sought a more clear atmosphere of uncluttered thought for myself. This is probably the influence of Lao Tzu and others of the Eastern persuasion of thought. This is what works for me and the other does not. Previous to my kundalini awakening I was caught up in the area of western thought but afterwards, it never interested or applied to me again.

Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness. To quote Omar Khayyam, “I sent my soul into the invisible, some letter of that afterlife to spell and by and by my soul returned to me and said, 'I myself am Heaven and Hell'” This makes them no less real in terms of experience. I suspect a time comes when we clearly see and then pass judgment on ourselves but I do not think any of this is fixed across the board. There is a lot going on that we don't know about. The Bible is clear on how ignorant and blind we are.

As you can see, we slipped away from the temporal into the philosophical somewhere in the course of this posting. Although there may seem to be little relevance between the different considerations, perhaps there is at least a natural progression out of the one and into the other, even if it is only my disenchantment and disgust with the one and my fascination with the other.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Devil Afoot and the Glimmering Chimeras of the Kardashian Snake Clan.

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That migrant thing seems to be working out well. It raises a lot of questions. Surely the authorities have enough law enforcement at their disposal to deal with these things and surely there are techniques of segregation and other strategies that can be employed but what you really wonder about is why they are still letting them in by the bucketloads (big bucketloads). Yes, some countries have cut it short, like Hungary and the Zionist Satan Press is giving them grief about it. One would expect this, since they are hand in glove with the overlords who put this all together in the first place.

Turkey is a strange player in all of this. Turkey has been one of the main players supporting ISIS from the gitgo and that has resulted in them having the largest migrant camps and they are the one's facilitating the European migrations, while at the same time, their deepest desire is to become a member of the EU, which they seem bent on destroying the harmony of. It is bizarre beyond definition. What is going on defies all sense of reason and doesn't even make sound financial sense when I think of all the other ways that those with fortunes too big to spend could make more money.

The evidence is clear. The objective is global disorder, with no thought of how it might work out or how it might rebound on them. This is a classic demonstration of how evil destroys itself and also how cultures implode. The first thing I always think of is, “What else is going on otherwise while all the attention is captured on these matters? It might be some far greater evil sneaking up on us ...OR it might be some greater good under the camouflage of darkness. You never know.

All over the world chaos is rising up. I see it and yet... I don't see it. It is all shadows and specters, glimmering chimeras and capes of fear around invisible forms that are given shape by the imagination but it's nothing really. The only real is internal and everything external is controlled by the internal and I am controlled by the internal, not the external. Many times on this planet in this age, all manner of dangers have threatened near and far and some have walked through the valley of the shadow of death without apprehension because the internal walked with them. Even in the midst of the horrors of war and all of the attendant ills that have besieged humanity across oceans and borders, from countries into countries, some have moved beyonf the radar of the dark lord and his minions. Some have remained immune to the evil afoot because there was no evil in them to match it. As Lao Tzu has said;

“Death might appear to be the issue of life,
Since for every three out of ten being born
Three out of ten are dying.
Then why
Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?
By use of sheer madness to multiply.
But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life
That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.
Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,
No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,
No tiger-claw where to tear him,
No weapon where to enter him.
And why?
Because he has no death to die.”

This is not so much about retaining your desire forces, though that could prove important. It is about directing your forces and especially about 'being directed'. This is one of the reasons that humility is an indispensable key to the accomplishment of mysterious states of being that beggar the imagination of those not so informed.

Lao Tzu also said;

“If the sign of life is in your face
He who responds to it
Will feel secure and fit
As when, in a friendly place,
Sure of hearty care,
A traveler gladly waits.
Though it may not taste like food
And he may not see the fare
Or hear a sound of plates,
How endless it is and how good!”

And that is a veiled message about not being veiled that will maintain a soul wherever they go. Each of these beautiful and timeless teachings contains a wealth of wisdom that will serve one well in any situation long before there is any situation and at the deeper reach, be the source of every situation that might ever arise. 

If your thoughts are on the world and the travails of the world, you have made it a concern of yours and it is not.

As Materialism advances in its various fashions, of which there are two primary courses; the invisible pressures into the visible, by the agency of dark cabals, devoted to the subjugation of the human heart and mind and the inclination of the human heart and mind to engage, regardless of infernal influence- as this advances, the severity of cynical and depraved behavior continues apace.

You might have heard about Lamar Odom, former Lakers ballplayer, who went to one of those Vegas brothels with a lot of cocaine and then started ingesting some kind of herbal Viagra and then proceeded to serial hump whatever was in reach, to the tune of $83,000. This resulted in an alleged coma state and once discovered, this former reality actor in the Kardashian stable, a performing whore in his own right, employed in a stable of whores, watched over by whoremeister Kris Jenner, was ferried to some medical facility. The Kardashians, who don't give a shit about Odom one way or the other except for the distinct possibility that this is all an arranged adventure, with the intent of some larger payday, told the brothel owner to please respect the tender feelings of The Kardashian Snake Clan and not say anything. His response was, 'fuck you' and this set more drama in motion. My sense is that is is all orchestrated. Prior to this there was all this publicity about how Odom and one of the Kardashian stable of whores were supposed to be divorced but Odom wouldn't sign ze papers. It was getting pumped up at all the used toilet paper sites like TMZ. There was a very greasy atmosphere about it all and it worked great as a preliminary to the work up to this scenario which will, bank on it, result in another reality series with Odom and whichever of the Kardashians he once married in a reality show marriage that brought in a lot of coin. My take is this has all been arranged. Before you know it he is nearly all recovered, as a result of the prayers of the Kardashians who made sure to mention divine agency at work. We all know how close to the ineffable they are.

Then, on the political correctness front we have this gem, brought about by the group, Morons with no Moral Borders. This is going on in migrant camps across Europe and elsewhere and all these police forces that are so good at shutting down large human rights demonstrations are powerless to police this sort of thing. It would be amusing, if you were the sort to be amused by it; that those who are pushing for world wide chaos (probably Soros funded) are getting the worst end of what you can logically expect from this kind of clashes of culture and the women so engaged who would rain Hell's wrath upon any western man who looked at them cross-eyed are here... willing martyrs to some cause that flies in the face of any sane awareness of circumstance and the hypocrisy of such behavior stinks like a landfill of burning tires and excrement.

In Syria, the Zio-controlled US forces are bombing the infrastructures in place like Aleppo so there will be no power or water; just a larger influx of refugees on the “unarmed road of flight”. Madness is off the hook on all fronts. There is an intensity in all of these actions because time is short. It is also the (natural?) result of runaway Materialism. The very essence of Materialism is insanity, as the problem there is like unto what Bruce Cockburn said, “the trouble with Normal is it always gets worse.”

Take inner counsel and keep your eyes open; especially the inner eye.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Daily Mockeries of Justice in PC Disneyland.

Early morning European edition...

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Yeah... those poor Israelis are just misunderstood they're just unwitting pawns as some like to paint them. I see them as monsters devoid of conscience but... that's just me. The one thing I notice most about them is when the Ashkenazi settlers and other lampreys like the right wing orthodox groups and rabid rabbis launch attacks against defenseless Palestinians, the army shows up to protect the attackers and any time they want to to fulfill some blood contract with demons they just shoot some bottle rockets into empty lots and then send the warplanes in overhead with bombs or white phosphorous. The terrible spectacle of the Daily Mockeries of Justice here in the manifest are a wonder to behold. Hypocrisy, arrogance and other horrific human failings, war for supremacy around the world. There seems to be no end to it. One can take away only one positive from all of this and that is the knowledge that one is not engaged in these things.

Of course, there are other mindsets one can experience in these times. One can be indifferent except to the single focus of their personal pursuits. One can be sadly brainwashed by the insanity of Political Correctness and the many transparent lies that attend it, like this for instance. One can be a supporter of vampire charities that are charitable to no one except for those collecting the money. In these times there is a bewildering kaleidoscope of bad choices one can make and there is a tremendous pressure to make at least a few of these wrong choices because otherwise... you might wind up by the side of the road. There are a myriad of glittering emporiums for work and play, where one's self image gets stroked and one can feel important in the company of other important souls. It comes at a cost though. You are compelled to pretend to believe things that are not true in order to continue in the company of these other important souls. God forbid you should hold original thoughts that are out of place with conventional wisdom or, far worse, controversial ideas that challenge the status and control of these other important souls. Your own status, your paycheck, the well being of your families, depend on you capitulation to what is not real. In the beginning you might have had some idea of what was real and what was not but... soon enough, you can no longer tell the difference in the Land of the Emperor's New Clothes.

No doubt some of us admire the success and freedom of those whose turn it is on the big wheel. Unfortunately it is an illusion because they are not free at all. A Randy Quaid moment waits for all of them off stage, should they step out of line. One of the most explosive considerations is 'Justice'. Unless it happens to be a politically correct expression of Justice, you can find yourself dangerously out of step with the mainstream. The obvious truth that the mainstream is heading for powerful rapids and a long fall into a maelstrom of rocks and that it is inevitable for the course of the mainstream is one more consideration one needs to avoid making any commentary upon ...because then you are a doomsayer, a cloud of rain on a gay parade and no one wants to hear about it.

That song, “Row row row your boat, gently down the stream.” comes into my mind on odd occasions. It reminds me that 'life is but a dream'. One thing is certain about dreams. They end. I had one this morning. It was touching and intimate, filled with articulate exchanges that seem to be the norm for me these days. It was only a few hours ago but I remember very little of it now. It ended. Another truth about dreams is that they fade. They can fade very quickly and no trace of them remains. It's one of the hardest things in life to come to terms with the reality that life as a dream is not that much different from the dreams you have every night. Unless you smoke a lot of pot or drink yourself to sleep and then you don't dream much except when you are awake but that doesn't qualify as awake. If you are drinking yourself to sleep you can dream and wish you hadn't.

These days there are many palliatives and comestibles for the residents of modern life. Never have there been so many and never have there been so many people engaged in full time consumption of these things. They need them to get by. They need them the way they need a car or public transport to get somewhere. Sometimes it is about getting somewhere and sometimes is is about getting through whatever they are passing through.

I probably took as many, if not more chemicals than anyone I know. One of the reasons was the time frame I was in, am in and... one of the reasons was my nature and another might have been my situations and circumstances. I can see where many times it was not a good idea and other times I would have been far more lost without it. It's pointless to wonder now whether there may have been other courses for me to take. Life consistently conspired against these alternative choices and only I would know to what a degree of intensity this was the case.

I've reflected and wondered many times about the roads taken in this life and it has come to me lately that I had little choice in the matter. It was what it was. Fate and destiny are powerful forces and they often have their way over all of our alternatives for action. Some of us have a wider reach of potential for action, or it 'seems' that way. Some of us are locked in, or it seems that way. I was pretty much told that was the case with me; “everything is under control, take the reins.” Recognizing the first part of that is not difficult, especially in hindsight. Acting upon the second part has not been easy. I imagine that taking the reins has to do with taking the reins of the mind and that is something anyone can do for a period of time but real consistency is the key. It is the skeleton key to every mystery and conundrum. By this time I have come to see it as something conferred rather than something attained to. All sorts of events must apparently happen on the way and it is different for everyone. Of course, in these times of profligate appetite there is little attention placed on mental discipline in general. This goes contrary to the atmosphere of fun and games, bread and circuses that prevail in these times.

If you see too clearly and if the truth is any kind of a passion for you, you are going to find yourself in trouble in this world unless you learn to keep it to yourself which... might be one of the reasons that the wise behave in such a manner.. You are also going to find that maintaining yourself can be difficult more often than you might like. In other words, the cost can be great. This is another of life's great illusions. It seems that the suffering experienced by those who seek the ineffable and who are incapable of compromise with the world are often dealt a bad hand, while others dance beneath the intoxicating lights of an endless soiree. Quite the reverse is true but it seldom looks like it and that is how it is made to appear, that those engaged in the deepest quest are fools who missed the party. There is a party going on outside that turns you into a dust and dancing skeletons and there is a party going on inside... way inside. It is a party of quiet resonance and communion and it is impossible to attend if you are riotously engaged in the party outside; except those special circumstances... people who can be anywhere at any time because they have that power.

It's hard to separate and analyze the chatter going on in the world these days across the official and alternative conduits of information. I go to the sites I have always gone to and it's like... uh... bleech. I don't think that is a word but it will have to do. The only thing I saw that got my interest was about Louis Farrakan in an article written by one of the real soldiers of truth out there on the virtual front; Kevin Barrett. Forces are massing and critical mass is approaching and so on and so on. Probably time to veer into the subjective for some closing remarks. Here we go.

Something is happening to me. I don't know what it is but I can say it doesn't look like a negative, given my observations of surface events. I only mention this because my posting and recording efforts are a tad scattered and hard to come by also. We'll just soldier on in any case and pray that you bear with us in this transition phase. It shouldn't be long. Then again, I don't know do I? It's possible that I was a bit abrupt over in the radio blog comments earlier. That sort of thing tends to happen also when phases like this come upon me. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between being direct and being somewhat over the top. I apologize for this and hope to do better in the future.

Over the years in my haphazard efforts at service I have been inconsistent on occasion. The pressures that come upon me, of supernatural origin, can be extreme. Sometimes I am pushed to the limits of my endurance and things happen that try my capacity to continue but somehow I have always managed to do so and I expect that will remain the case. It is clear to me that this has not happened through my efforts and that I am looked after even on those occasions when I momentarily doubt the truth of it. Doubt is a funny thing. You can be absolutely sure of certain things when the sun is out and the sky is blue, metaphorically speaking, but doubt comes to all of us here and there. It came to Jesus Christ, for the purpose of demonstration. The life of avatars are always about leaving evidence and examples. They are what I call a timeless strand of eternal teaching moments... pearls of great price around the neck of an incomprehensible being of light. It could be a wrist band. It could be a headband. It is what it is according to “I am that I am.” Alright then. We hope to be on a tighter spiral come the next new state of mind.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Dark Armageddon Gothic of the Satanic International Banker Army of Zion.

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Dog Toon, Dogs Make Lousy Poker Players

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Welcome to the apocalypse coming into full bloom, like Damiana Trumpets hanging upside down or Belladonna Nightshade subshrub, not intended for hedge growth. We get a lot of good things from Belladonna and from Damiana too. Perhaps this could mean we will get a lot of good out of the apocalypse. Unless something truly wonderful is blooming behind the dark Armageddon Gothic of this production; the most menacing of all the appearances in the Middle East that we have seen to date, in this stretch of recorded history. If we were to simply go on the way it looks and based on the character of all the participants, given what we know about them, awful things will happen and global conflict seems unavoidable, given what we know of the character of the participants.

This stinks of a lie and why does it say that the US is not a signatory to the Geneva Convention? Besides, the coordinates had long been given to the NATO forces and all kinds of communications were going back and forth. There is a chance that this was a setup too by some on the inside of the military, considering how it times out with what is going on in Syria and how that further hamstrings the Zionist banker run Armageddon Army.

Things have not shaken out according to appearances so far in all kinds of ways. The economy has not crashed, although it still may. Martial law has not come to the domestic US, although it still may. Rumors of gold and silver remain rumors. The sexual identity wars and Satanically sick Political Correctness continue to run amok. The one thing I do notice more than I ever have is the atmosphere of humanity in all those places where they pass one another or congregate. There is such a palpable sense of sadness... frustration... and always there is that anger, which is the product of material culture. Whenever the natural spiritual nature of people is buried in the garbage of a disposable culture, there is anger. There is also that underlying sense of pointlessness and meaninglessness that attends being hemmed in by material culture. The hamster wheel spins madly and it takes all of your attention to keep your balance and the costs continue to increase and that increases the speed of the wheel; quality of life goes out the window.

Some have a much easier time of it but they are not in the majority because we must consider that more than half the world lives with very little and little hope of any improvement. It is in these places that corporations run riot with the paid attentiveness of the political leaders in those zones. It is in these places that the privileged like to have their wars. Life is cheap in those places so no one seems to mind when a whole lot of them die, or are dispossessed, brutalized and maimed for no reason beyond increasing the general financial profits of international bankers and their lackey governments and corporations.

It makes you wonder about how and why it is as it is. It is quite simple. It is material culture. It changes people. It steals their humanity. Here is a great example. All of you have at some point experienced primitive cultures, or maybe you haven't but you can trust me on this. In these cultures people still have their humanity. They share. The community is everything and they pull together. There is a natural affection between them. Oh, it's not all roses. Primitive cultures can have some negative primitive expressions and it is good to be aware of this, rather than to senselessly romanticize it. We tend to romanticize many things and that is often the case with things that are far away either in time or physical distance. People romanticize the ancient Hawaiians and South Seas Islanders but they had quite some amount of violent tendencies and hierarchies even worse than what we have today.

What I mean to say is that there are elements in the simpler and less material cultures and they go away in the technically advanced, sometimes euphemistically called, civilization, which is where we get another one of those called, military intelligence. Civilization steals your humanity if you are not careful. If you are not aware of what is going on around you, you can get lost and of course, that is the intent of materialism and the draw of the sensual and that is why the Prince of Darkness rules over this sphere.

Evil is not a modern phenomenon. If the brutes in the old days had the technology we do, they would have killed in much greater numbers, except that there were not much greater numbers available at the time. It's the Kali Yuga folks. I am a student of history, especially my own (grin). I am familiar with the terrible tortures of the Khans and Tamerlane; the Vikings along the Irish coast, as if the Irish didn't have enough sorrows, they continued to be victimized by other plundering monsters. I am familiar with King Leopold in The Congo and the Khmer Rouge and oh so many others. Then there is the treatment of the Native Americans; the whiskey and the infected blankets, the soldiers tossing Indian babies up in the air and catching them on their bayonets and laughing about it, making tobacco pouches out of the tits of butchered squaws. Sometimes I think about that sick twisted psychopath, Tecumseh Sherman and his pursuit of Chief Joseph and his Nez Perce tribe; 700 starving women and children and two hundred warriors on their flight to the Canadian border. Oh... there is worse and worse. History is a bloodsoaked travelogue through Hell. Some of the battles of the First World War in France and Belgium. Good God! The Russian front in World War 2. The Battle of Stalingrad and all those rats. There are always the rats. During the Irag/Iran war (courtesy of the Zionist neo cons) the rats got to be 26 pounds, due to all the corpses.

Most people are unaware of the tragedies of the past and maybe that is why they are condemned to repeat them. Most people are unaware of the squalor that existed in London that brought on the Black Plague. They had no sewer systems, so people pissed and shit into their basements, or anywhere really. There were many cases of people falling through their floors and drowning in the contents below. We cannot imagine the scale of suffering that has dogged our steps through the agonizing passage of time.

The rich and successful behave as they always have, as if their state was a special dispensation upon their unique status. In the next life they find themselves among the despised and it just goes on and on, this tormented dance of musical chairs. Teachers and shining examples move among us in every generation. They touch hearts and they change lives and they are more widely despised because they tell the truth. The truth burns those who are dependent on lies for their power and positions. Those who have chosen this hard road can suffer in ways that would break many another soul but they have been prepared and fashioned for it. There is a lot more going on over the long reach of it all that we are collectively unaware of because we have only the perspective, most of the time, granted from a single life. This is the reason that we must struggle to a finer awareness because it is possible that understanding might dawn on us. There is always the chance of this.

As troublesome as life might be in these times, it is less troublesome than it has been in many another period. Of course, it all depends on who you are and where you are at any given moment but.... since change is the cornerstone of existence, that all changes too. It is the celestial harmony between the poles that we need aspire to and to a knowledge of what is worth having and what is not. This requires a specific clarity of vision and permits one to be capable of accepting what life brings them and being able to take a true enjoyment from all of it. It is because we cannot understand the nature of our own peculiar story that we are unable to appreciate what composes it. We want it all to be different from what it is but it is what it is... so we struggle against life, instead of flowing with it from our core. Lao Tzu talks about this with such undeniable eloquence that a discerning consciousness would have no trouble getting. It's all too simple for the complexity of our times and of ourselves and we are complicated because we are conflicted. We have fallen in love with all the wrong things and our soul knows this and our soul speaks to us of this and our soul takes us along whatever road is necessary for us to discover this, no matter how painful that may need to be because coming to understand this is more important than anything else that can happen to or for us.

What is coming is going to be epic and it is going to manifest in many different ways. It is going to be terrible and beautiful and a lot of that depends on whether you are terrible or beautiful. The summing up is collective and deeply personal.

Never have I experienced the sort of atmospheres that I am experiencing these days. Sometimes it can be hauntingly familiar and wonderful, when I am alone and the time is right. Most of the rest of the time it moves through darker and more oppressive moods and then I will hear a bird calling my name or something else will happen, as if to remind me not to pay attention to pressures that weigh down from the invisible. The centers of darkness are really maxing out the amplifiers at the moment. They know their time is short. They are changing in ways they do not understand and this drives them with a fury to accomplish ever greater outrages. We live in interesting times.

Every day I try to find another way to say the same things. On some days I cannot accomplish this. It has to percolate more now. Better to say what needs be said in fewer offerings.

End Transmission.......

While writing this, visible watched a couple of classic films. One of them much better known than the other; “Shall We Dance” and “Don Juan De Marco”. There are some beautiful films out there that most people have never seen, like “The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit.”

These films provide aspects of life for me in my solitude here. I learn a lot from films; if nothing else, I learn what the intentions of those who made them were.

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