Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Devil Afoot and the Glimmering Chimeras of the Kardashian Snake Clan.

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That migrant thing seems to be working out well. It raises a lot of questions. Surely the authorities have enough law enforcement at their disposal to deal with these things and surely there are techniques of segregation and other strategies that can be employed but what you really wonder about is why they are still letting them in by the bucketloads (big bucketloads). Yes, some countries have cut it short, like Hungary and the Zionist Satan Press is giving them grief about it. One would expect this, since they are hand in glove with the overlords who put this all together in the first place.

Turkey is a strange player in all of this. Turkey has been one of the main players supporting ISIS from the gitgo and that has resulted in them having the largest migrant camps and they are the one's facilitating the European migrations, while at the same time, their deepest desire is to become a member of the EU, which they seem bent on destroying the harmony of. It is bizarre beyond definition. What is going on defies all sense of reason and doesn't even make sound financial sense when I think of all the other ways that those with fortunes too big to spend could make more money.

The evidence is clear. The objective is global disorder, with no thought of how it might work out or how it might rebound on them. This is a classic demonstration of how evil destroys itself and also how cultures implode. The first thing I always think of is, “What else is going on otherwise while all the attention is captured on these matters? It might be some far greater evil sneaking up on us ...OR it might be some greater good under the camouflage of darkness. You never know.

All over the world chaos is rising up. I see it and yet... I don't see it. It is all shadows and specters, glimmering chimeras and capes of fear around invisible forms that are given shape by the imagination but it's nothing really. The only real is internal and everything external is controlled by the internal and I am controlled by the internal, not the external. Many times on this planet in this age, all manner of dangers have threatened near and far and some have walked through the valley of the shadow of death without apprehension because the internal walked with them. Even in the midst of the horrors of war and all of the attendant ills that have besieged humanity across oceans and borders, from countries into countries, some have moved beyonf the radar of the dark lord and his minions. Some have remained immune to the evil afoot because there was no evil in them to match it. As Lao Tzu has said;

“Death might appear to be the issue of life,
Since for every three out of ten being born
Three out of ten are dying.
Then why
Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?
By use of sheer madness to multiply.
But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life
That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.
Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,
No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,
No tiger-claw where to tear him,
No weapon where to enter him.
And why?
Because he has no death to die.”

This is not so much about retaining your desire forces, though that could prove important. It is about directing your forces and especially about 'being directed'. This is one of the reasons that humility is an indispensable key to the accomplishment of mysterious states of being that beggar the imagination of those not so informed.

Lao Tzu also said;

“If the sign of life is in your face
He who responds to it
Will feel secure and fit
As when, in a friendly place,
Sure of hearty care,
A traveler gladly waits.
Though it may not taste like food
And he may not see the fare
Or hear a sound of plates,
How endless it is and how good!”

And that is a veiled message about not being veiled that will maintain a soul wherever they go. Each of these beautiful and timeless teachings contains a wealth of wisdom that will serve one well in any situation long before there is any situation and at the deeper reach, be the source of every situation that might ever arise. 

If your thoughts are on the world and the travails of the world, you have made it a concern of yours and it is not.

As Materialism advances in its various fashions, of which there are two primary courses; the invisible pressures into the visible, by the agency of dark cabals, devoted to the subjugation of the human heart and mind and the inclination of the human heart and mind to engage, regardless of infernal influence- as this advances, the severity of cynical and depraved behavior continues apace.

You might have heard about Lamar Odom, former Lakers ballplayer, who went to one of those Vegas brothels with a lot of cocaine and then started ingesting some kind of herbal Viagra and then proceeded to serial hump whatever was in reach, to the tune of $83,000. This resulted in an alleged coma state and once discovered, this former reality actor in the Kardashian stable, a performing whore in his own right, employed in a stable of whores, watched over by whoremeister Kris Jenner, was ferried to some medical facility. The Kardashians, who don't give a shit about Odom one way or the other except for the distinct possibility that this is all an arranged adventure, with the intent of some larger payday, told the brothel owner to please respect the tender feelings of The Kardashian Snake Clan and not say anything. His response was, 'fuck you' and this set more drama in motion. My sense is that is is all orchestrated. Prior to this there was all this publicity about how Odom and one of the Kardashian stable of whores were supposed to be divorced but Odom wouldn't sign ze papers. It was getting pumped up at all the used toilet paper sites like TMZ. There was a very greasy atmosphere about it all and it worked great as a preliminary to the work up to this scenario which will, bank on it, result in another reality series with Odom and whichever of the Kardashians he once married in a reality show marriage that brought in a lot of coin. My take is this has all been arranged. Before you know it he is nearly all recovered, as a result of the prayers of the Kardashians who made sure to mention divine agency at work. We all know how close to the ineffable they are.

Then, on the political correctness front we have this gem, brought about by the group, Morons with no Moral Borders. This is going on in migrant camps across Europe and elsewhere and all these police forces that are so good at shutting down large human rights demonstrations are powerless to police this sort of thing. It would be amusing, if you were the sort to be amused by it; that those who are pushing for world wide chaos (probably Soros funded) are getting the worst end of what you can logically expect from this kind of clashes of culture and the women so engaged who would rain Hell's wrath upon any western man who looked at them cross-eyed are here... willing martyrs to some cause that flies in the face of any sane awareness of circumstance and the hypocrisy of such behavior stinks like a landfill of burning tires and excrement.

In Syria, the Zio-controlled US forces are bombing the infrastructures in place like Aleppo so there will be no power or water; just a larger influx of refugees on the “unarmed road of flight”. Madness is off the hook on all fronts. There is an intensity in all of these actions because time is short. It is also the (natural?) result of runaway Materialism. The very essence of Materialism is insanity, as the problem there is like unto what Bruce Cockburn said, “the trouble with Normal is it always gets worse.”

Take inner counsel and keep your eyes open; especially the inner eye.

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Sunday's radio broadcast is there if you want it. 


Ray B. said...

Vis: "It is about directing your forces and especially about 'being directed'."

A few decades back, I was a direct recipient of 'being directed'. (I may have mentioned this, earlier.) I was driving, and pulled up to a Stop sign. I was going to make a right turn. There was a back-bending main road to my left, with a layer of bushes covering the view to the left. Because of the back-bending, there was an entry-lane parallel to the main road.

Well, I was being lazy that day. I started a wide right-turn that would have put me directly onto the main road.

Suddenly, some 'force' just grabbed me. It almost-violently twisted the steering wheel to the right. (It was not 'Ray' doing the twisting.) That 'maneuver' kept me in the narrow entry-lane.

Moments later, a huge truck whipped around that back-bending main road (from behind) at high speed. If I had completed my wide right-turn, I would have been toast. Really shocking.

Thank you, Higher Self or Helpers...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I had a couple of interesting dreams, one of which involved you this past week and half. We were sitting together, and out of a brotherly/divine love I held your hand, and it was incredible as I could feel the energy coursing from it in my physical body. It was truly blissful.

A second dream I had started while I was awake and continued on after falling asleep. While lying in bed before going to sleep for the night, I was meditating and then all of a sudden, I went into this indescribable state where I was vibrating at a really high frequency, I had a ringing in my ears with a pop, and then my mind went completely blank, but in an aware state, if that makes it any sense. Then, I felt a surge of energy at the base of my spine and it was pulsing.I never had anything happen like that before. It lasted for a while, and then as it grew stronger, and even a little painful, and overbearing like it had a life of its own. I became a little fearful, even though I knew I shouldn't but it was more my false ego's fear of losing 'control' so it brought to mind all these stupid ideas of archons and bad guys- etc- I think I read too many of Ray B's comments :) but remembering many of your writings, I knew that everything comes from within and that we are all one in a sense we are all part of the mind of the divine as everything 'good' and 'bad' emanates from the same mind, and I remembered the Amitahba Buddha, like you told me to on many occasions, so that I could vibrate at that frequency, and I called upon him and Ganesh, and I felt like I was visited by them, as my fearfulness went away, the episode ended and I fell asleep.

Then I had a wonderful dream, but it felt more than a dream. I can't remember all the details or sensations, but I remember being given admittance to the Western Pure Lands while in my light body. It was a truly beautiful and amazing place and I was in this huge palace and I was taken to the Amitaba Buddha and there were all these other luminous beings there chanting and vibrating at such a wonderful frequency that they were creating the world and all these wonderful colors. I was so happy, and I felt like I wanted to stay forever and meditate/pray with them, and I even asked if I could stay. Then I was told that I had to go back and I woke up with an incredible sense of joy and sorrow.

Much love


Ray B. said...

Imron, what a lovely set of dreams!

Concerning the second dream, I have mentioned that a ringing in the ears means you have been contacted, either by your Higher Self (whatever you want to call it) or by an 'outside' source. (And yes, if you go up high enough, there is no 'outside'.) By the way you state the energy-'progression', it sounds like you were being worked-on (in a positive way) by some higher presence. Very cool.

I have had 'happenings' like that where the general energy ramps up, and then focuses on a particular part of the 'body'. It can indeed become almost painful in its intensity. I have actually 'squirmed' if it becomes like near-electrocution. For myself, I try to identify whether it is 'someone' with a good intent or not. If it is the former, I just hang-on for the 'ride' (and ask for the highest intent).

(By the way, whenever an area's 'vibration' is being raised, anything that is not of that new vibration is forced-out. That may be the origin of an unfocused-fear, which then latches-onto an 'object' to be feared. If not reacted-to, it eventually dissipates back to all-God. That is how it works for me, anyhow.)

Thanks again for sharing. Wonderful!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

If you had a choice between what was written down and said about something and the direct experience of it... which would you choose?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

When I first saw the name 'Lamar Odumn', I'd never heard of him. Now I have, and I think I need some aspirin.

Gods, I'm glad this realm is in its last days.

Reminds me. Long ago when I was still a food product living at home, my stepmother asked me why I can't be like everyone else. I should have responded, "I DON'T HATE MYSELF THAT MUCH!"

Well, we are in the last days of the era, so Nostrils up, namate, and may Vasuki lick your nose.

(Some people have successfully befriended cobras, and can we please QUIT INSULTING THE SNAKES BY COMPARING THE KARDASHIANS TO THEM? THOSE 'PEOPLE' ARE VIRII,WITH NO RELATION TO SNAKES. I LIKE SNAKES. AND ONE ON EXHIBIT ONCE AT A MALL DID LICK MY NOSE. That was nice, but the shriek in my ear and slap I got from stepmother for inviting that was not.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Wise words and the radio program was excellent. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be too hasty in "defending" Hungary in relation to the migrants. Hungary, who asserted bluntly that their "christian history" inhibits them from extending christian piety. Given that Budapest hosts the largest number of Jews outside of Tel Aviv and New Yawk, coupled with the fact that the SPLC met in Judahpest recently to discuss strategies on combatting "white supremacism".

missingarib said...

The outside and the inside are manifest of the one in the many and the many in the one. The assault on the many is an assault on the one. The sages spoke to one listener .
The seed sown in the field of mind produces many fruits of the same shape and flavor and so it is .
"The evidence is clear. The objective is global disorder, with no thought of how it might work out or how it might rebound on them. This is a classic demonstration of how evil destroys itself and also how cultures implode. The first thing I always think of is, “What else is going on otherwise while all the attention is captured on these matters? It might be some far greater evil sneaking up on us ...OR it might be some greater good under the camouflage of darkness. You never know." when the roar of the mass suffering won't allow them to stay asleep.Only the awaken can secure a measure of physical safety or serenity of purpose.
"before creation a prescience existed,
Self-contained, complete,
Formless, voiceless, mateless,
Which yet pervaded itself
With unending motherhood.
Though there can be no name for it,
I have called it 'the way of life.'
Perhaps I should have called it 'the fullness of life,'
Since fullness implies widening into space,
Implies still further widening,
Implies widening until the circle is whole.
In this sense
The way of life is fulfilled,
Heaven is fulfilled,
Earth fulfilled
And a fit man also is fulfilled:
These are the four amplitudes of the universe
And a fit man is one of them:
Man rounding the way of earth,
Earth rounding the way of heaven,
Heaven rounding the way of life
Till the circle is full."

The I is one and all- "Take inner counsel and keep your eyes open; especially the inner eye."
live long

Brian Crossland said...

Some years ago I did a dissertation on the management of violence and aggression, in Psychiatric care,
The one evidenced piece of research I found (and agreed with in my own experience)pinpointed that the most common factor found in those who were the least assaulted, compared to those who were most assaulted Was "Having an internal locus of control" versus external.
Thanks for your reminder and interpretation.

Visible said...

I don't think this is any indication of defense-

"Yes, some countries have cut it short, like Hungary and the Zionist Satan Press is giving them grief about it." I'm just pointing out something that is happening and not only there.

Anonymous said...

The Lamar Odom escapade and the 'No Borders' activist gang-rape debacle go hand-in-hand. Neither event happened, but the subtextual message rings loud and clear. "Girls, get yourself a fine-azz black man, and let him do whatever he wants." (Or, in the case of the activist, get a whole group of them, and let them do whatever they want.) And, above all else, breed with them, and create a malleable, mixed-race, hybrid class of brain-dead slave laborers, who will be completely preoccupied with their cell phones and crotches. (It's what all the hot, trendy, uber-cool, totally awesome white chicks are doing these days, don'tcha know...)

long john said...

The Hare Krsna mahamantra is neither scripture, nor "like leftovers".

Actually, to regard the Name of Krsna to be mere "leftovers", is a serious offense. To regard either the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krsna, or Krsna's Name to be as ordinary, is of the mayavadi mentality. I would strongly recommend against engaging in that type of offensive mindset. The mayavadi philosophy/mentality, also like impersonalism, is in the mode of ignorance. Regarding Krsna or Krsna Consciousnes as being ordinary and mundane, will cause one detriment and further descent into ignorance, and will curtail any advancement in Krsna Consciousness and Krsna bhakti. Offenses such as this will severely retard one from fully entering back into the spiritual world, and back to Godhead.

As the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krsna is absolute, Krsna and the Name of Krsna are non-different. The Hare Krsna mahamantra is transcendental. Krsna is present in, and as the name of Krsna. Krsna and His Name are non-different. When one chants the name of Krsna, one instantly enters the transcendental plane of Krsna Consciousness.

Hearing, chanting, or remembering the name of Krsna instantaneously elevates one onto the transcendental spiritual platform, which is above and beyond the three gunas - the three modes of material nature (ignorance, passion, and goodness). Krsna and the Hare Krsna mahamantra are transcendental to the material domain, and thus the mahamantra automatically elevates one beyond the real of Maya.

By simply chanting the Hare Krsna mahamantra (internally or externally) one instantly elevates into divine transcendental plane of Krsna Consciousness. There is no need whatsoever to labor over philosophy or scripture. The transcendental nature of Krsna, the Krsna's name, and Krsna Consciousness, is a direct experience.

Again, if you would kindly simply listen to the brief explanations in the Hari Nama Cintamani audiobook, as well as the direct experience in chanting the Hare Krsna mahamantra, then this will all become revealed by the mercy of the Supreme Godhead, Sri Krsna.

I hope that my explanations here will be of some humble assistance. Thank you.

Here is Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada's purport to the Hare Krsna mahamantra.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Anonymous said...

Les, I wasn't implying that your observation regarding Hungary was an overt "defense". Just a reminder, that's all.

Anonymous said...

longjohn, you are very annoying.

Victor Kassen

Anonymous said...

anon at 12:04,

good catch, I think you may be right. The timing and subliminal association of different news stories is very curious. They are casting spells for sure. It's like some director comes to these people like Odom and just gives them a script. Makes me think of Magic Johnson and his "aids"...

I have also experienced this sort of vibration thing while lying in bed at night lately. Feels like it takes on a life of its own and is completely beyond any sort of materialist- reductionist or western medical science explanation.

I have also been fascinated by snakes for as long as I could remember. Lizards too. I spent most of my childhood running around in the desert looking for them. I used to get so excited when I would find one and catch it.


robert said...


Could there be anybody who would want me?

For whom I may bring joy instead of regret?

Meeting in the heart land far deeper than skin games?

Creating a new fountain of love to guide,

Which my balance can serve to make positive,

Using insight to tune the whirlwind for good,

Receiving our fraction as bounty for creating a new sun.

Our love power magnified into a public resource;

Tender private moments shared in creative process,

As the purpose of life discovered to be “make more love”!

How to share the feeling throughout the darkest thicket,

Find the common sense inside all the madness,

Connect again to the beginning of all life:

The union of the Known with unknown power,

The knowing as One of every estranged aspect,

Pushing back the dark edges with continuous reciprocal motion,

Finding the Creator’s joy in embracing every outlier!

Relaxing every frenzy into faithful trust in One,

Reasoning out all unreasonable moments into One,

Showing by example the way to enjoy Life truly,

No more inverted desire dying in destruction!

Finding the champion of uniqueness within, despite coercive social conformity…

Bring forth all the gifts held back by active ignorance,

The unity in truth empowering endless varieties of joy,

Breaking universal habits of horror into light waves,

Riding the swells in an endless set of new joyful thrills!

::select all images of bananas::

Anonymous said...

Part 1 -

The "Black Man As Superman" agenda, currently being promoted at a dizzying pace by the Satanists, has been going on since shortly after Abraham Lincoln was duped into freeing the slaves, while thinking that they would be returning to Africa or some climatologically similar locale (which was what Lincoln actually wanted to see happen, as did the vast majority of his black and white contemporaries).

The sheer depth and breadth of the stranglehold that the media has over people's minds is incredible, and even the most ardent truther has no clue about just how pervasive and expansive it really is.

I'll give one example here, that a lot of males should be able to get behind - athletic prowess.

Most people who are avid sports enthusiasts, believe in their heart of hearts that blacks are superior athletes to whites.

And looking at the NBA, for example, you will see that over 80% of all rosters are comprised of black athletes.

Because of this, most sports enthusiasts would naturally be inclined to believe that the statistics would obviously demonstrate why NBA rosters are so disproportionately dominated by blacks - because blacks must be demonstrably better at basketball than whites.

The funny thing is, the statistics don't back that up...

Let's take a look at the most efficient scorers (shooters) in NBA history, since the advent of the 3-point field goal, which was first implemented back in 1979.

I have used a weighted system here, in compiling these statistics.

A 3-point field goal carries the most weight, as three points are scored whenever one is made - this makes them the most valuable. A coefficient of 15 is assigned to each player's three-point FG percentage. A 2-point field goal carries the second-most weight, as two points are scored whenever one is made. A coefficient of 2 is assigned to each player's two-point FG percentage. Finally, a free throw carries the least weight, as only one point is scored whenever one is made. A coefficient of 5 is assigned to each player's free throw percentage.

Below is a list of the Top Six most efficient shooters in NBA history (for an entire career, since the advent of the 3-point field goal back in 1979).

(Before you look at this list, keep in mind that, mathematically speaking, as at least 80% of all NBA rosters since 1979 have been historically comprised of black players, roughly five of the top six shooters in NBA history should be black...)

NBA Top Six All-time Career Shooting Efficiency Leaders Based on Shooting Efficiency Rating (SER) = FG%(x10) + 3-pt.%(x15) + FT%(x5)

1) Steve Nash: 4.90 (FG%x10) + 6.420 (3-pt%x15) + 4.520 (FT%x5) = 15.820 SER
2) Jeff Hornacek: 4.96 (FG%x10) + 6.045 (3-pt%x15) + 4.385 (FT%x5) = 15.390 SER
3) Chris Mullin: 5.09 (FG%x10) + 5.760 (3-pt%x15) + 4.325 (FT%x5) = 15.175 SER
4) Reggie Miller: 4.71 (FG%x10) + 5.925 (3-pt%x15) + 4.440 (FT%x5) = 15.075 SER
5) John Stockton: 5.15 (FG%x10) + 5.760 (3-pt%x15) + 4.130 (FT%x5) = 15.040 SER
6) Larry Bird: 4.96 (FG%x10) + 5.64 (3-pt%x15) + 4.43 (FT%x5) = 15.030 SER

(Five out of the top six most-efficient shooters in NBA history since the advent of the 3-point field goal are white...)

Anonymous said...

Part 2 -

What do these statistics imply?

They imply that there is an agenda afoot - a "Black Man As Superman" agenda - and it has nothing to do with facts.

(This same agenda is used to skew perceptions about race and violent crime, which I won't get into here, other than to point out that according to the U.S. Department of Justice, 1-2% of the U.S. population commits over 65% of all the violent crime - black males between the ages of 18 and 25.)

Here are some additional eye-opening statistical facts from the world of sports -

Seven of the Top Ten 3-point field goal percentage leaders in NBA history are white (including two out of the Top Three all-time), despite the fact that over 80% of the NBA's rosters have been black, since 1979.

Five of the Top Ten free throw percentage leaders in NBA history, are white (including the Top Three all-time), despite the fact that over 80% of the NBA's rosters have been black, since 1979.

Eight of the Top Ten 3-point field goal percentage leaders in NCAA basketball history are white, despite the fact that over 70% of the NCAA's rosters have been black, since 1979.

Nine of the Top Ten free throw percentage leaders in NCAA basketball history, are white, despite the fact that over 70% of the NCAA's rosters have been black, since 1979.

In Major League Baseball history, out of the Top 50 players with the best career batting averages, only two are black (Tony Gwynn, Kirby Puckett - and Puckett is No. 50).

In Major League Baseball, out of the Top 50 pitchers with the best career ERA, zero is black.

***Additional note: Based on a fairly simple mathematical equation that calculates a basketball player's overall productivity rating - meaning shooting efficiency, rebounding, blocked shots, steals, assists and turnovers - the top player in NBA history, barely overshadowing Magic Johnson, was Larry Bird.

Michael Jordan, who is widely considered to be the greatest player in NBA history, ranks a distant 14th all-time in this category.

Ah, the power of the media. It will make you see things that aren't there, and believe things that aren't true. And all while you are blissfully unaware of it.

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."

Mark Twain said that. And he was full of shit. (But then, he worked for the mainstream media his entire life.)

"When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind."

Lord Kelvin said that. And he knew exactly what the fuck he was talking about...

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, I see that Khloe Kardashian and her "Black Man As Superman" husband, Lamar Odom, have just now reconciled.

Subtextual/subliminal message: "My fine-azz black man be such a real man, he snorted six ounces of cocaine, did 43 hookers, went into a coma, and came back from the dead. I was gonna divorce him, but he be a super-sexual Black Superman, so I'm gonna keep him! - all you white girls go get yourselves one, too!"

Real truth of the matter: If a black man with whom you are involved ends up killing you, which is 50 times as likely to happen, than if a white woman marries or dates a white man, well, you should have done the math and checked the statistics, instead of believing what you saw on TV.

(But you can't do that, no, because that would be um "racist".)

And thus, the elite continue to easily thin the herd, while simultaneously dumbing them down; just one of the innumerable ways they accomplish this across a wide variety of frontiers. (Pharmaceuticals, GMO's, etc.)

It's death by a thousand cuts. Death by ignorance.

Death by fear of being labeled as something negative ("racist", "misogynist", "conspiracy theorist" - they do love those "ists", don't they now).

Death by blindly trusting everything that comes out of the TV.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

imagine there's no imagination...

in the same sense that someone might say a book is a friend, then reading is the experience of the object in question, though sitting on a two legged chair and raising one's feet according to a Zioniified manual which says that would be a stable condition might prove otherwise - no iffs and butts.

Salt of the Earth movie was well worth the experience, and a happy ending ,albeit with what I suspect was cheap plantation labour, and except my lingering portentions(sic) about Fukushima visa vis the amazing regenerative natural world's snowflake's chances of survival.

and about Hungary, did some looking up as I had heard re central de-banking.
and if Russia too, score another to Putin. (cue Boney Em) Ra Ra Ras Putin Russias Debt-Free Money Machine. (Hungary with Icelanding on the cake too). But they have controlled both sides for the last 230 years, no?

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Humming "Silver Bells" on the Fentanyl Highway to the River Styx.

Anonymous said...

"Real truth of the matter: If a black man with whom you are involved ends up killing you, which is 50 times as likely to happen, than if a white woman marries or dates a white man..."

Interesting. Your "real truth" is actually horseshit. But it does serve to broadcast your fears--and at the same time unmask your agenda.

Steeply declining viewership numbers have been the trend for many years; so why are you here shilling for a third-rate "reality" TV program? And more to the point, decoding it in such a way that implies a cultural influence which it does not have?

Stick to sniffing jocks and ruminating over NBA stats, Shlomo.

Anonymous said...

Greetings are you a Hebrew or were you a Hebrew in another life and is your ex life partner a man? Not that any of that matters,but your writing seems to imply that he/she was actually a he. Anyway your writing is profound and beautiful, but your music is only for certain ears. Those ears are for musicians who need a musician to be there muse. Love the universe and trust the universe and may the light of the blue protect you from evil and negative energy.

Visible said...

Are you the sort who thinks that saying things a certain way will stroke me and cause me to miss what you are up to? Is your present life partner a Louisiana crocodile who wears a yarmulke? Have you taken the sexual reassignment test from Johns Hopkins? Your writing is suave and convincing to the extent that unstable personalities with borderline intellects would be lit up by the disingenuous frottage and even though I suspect you can't play worth a shit there is an obvious appreciation for guitar work in your compositions.

Eudoxia said...

There is a good deal of smoking mirrors about right now and I'm not talking about the good type. Who has heard that Merhan Keshe is about to save the world by releasing his new technology?? This has been going on for some years now and I can't believe people are still buying it. It seems to be yet another distraction event to appease the masses by giving them more false hope. Without going into too much detail and there are many details he gives that can be torn to shreds aside from his piss poor productions (both audio and visual) - there is an extended video and in this version he says his device can also make alcohol!! GREAT so in Keshe's utopic vision due to his device we can all live in a world of self governing alcoholics. That should be enough but to any sane being who knows about the good ole tribe antics that anything of this magnitude would be taken out immediately. I mean they sunk the Titanic in order to get the FED through and look at what happened to Tesla???

Now for some sane commentary. The prize at the moment is Syria, when and I don't mean if, when Gollan Heights is re-taken from the parasitic zionists then we will know with a degree of certainty that the Rothschilds and their ilk are being systematically removed. I do believe the cavalry have arrived. All the while Shitwityahoo is making a bigger and bigger psychopath of himself on the world stage. You couldn't think they could get any worse but they do - now they are making stupid and desperate mistakes, one being talking to much. You seriously couldn't make this shit up. They are, to all intents and purposes, taking themselves out. As Viz has always said, evil destroys itself, and I have witnessed this on many occasions and it always comes back to good old EGO. Once one has achieved full fixation pathological destruction is assured.

Visible said...

I tried to watch a video someone sent me of him but he bored me to death before I could get very far.

Visible said...

Heh heh... I guess I got my answer from my most recent response. I will spare you the Tribe response that equated Hinduism with Judaism cause it was replete with bad insults, poorly written. I wish my adversaries had more talent but maybe that says more about me than about them.



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