Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Sexually Dysfunctional Social Justice Nazis and the Portal to the Ineffable.

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It can be difficult to maintain a serene mood in this conflicted and lying world. Most people don't know why they feel bad. They just know that they feel bad and they are looking for something to fix it. Since we are in the West and most everywhere is the west now, in the populated zones, they're looking for the quick fix and damn the side effects and contraindications. They're taking the anti-depressants. They're taking oxy as a stand-in to numb the anxiety and distance the fear, for the same reason some people eat the wrong things all day long, using flesh as an insulator. They drink so that the uncontrolled side of their nature can take the heat but of course, although it devolves to that effect, it hangs around to manifest as shame and regret in the aftermath; no getting around it. Sooner or later the bill collector is going to knock on the door. They take all the other drugs to create the time sensitive, porous walls of temporary respite and now they have a monkey to go with the organ grinder, who started the whole business in the first place; maybe, 'called it to your attention' is a better way of putting it. It was always there as a byproduct of the stress generated by living in times of material darkness. Then it grew, fed by stress and desperation. Perhaps the increasing size of it was the preliminary announcement.

Some say that stress is the biggest killer because it is parent to a host of maladies that are born from the tension and negative emotion. As the pressure of materialism increases, the stress does too. The way most of us live is unnatural and the truth of it can't be dealt with unless one simply walks away and then the harridans of responsibility and the guilt follow after the abandonment of the responsibilities... let's just say it's a no win situation in a zero sum game and someone has to pay if someone else wins. Meanwhile... we all take turns so... I guess you could call it a form of cannibalism, which is one of the sure and certain results of materialism. We get a skewered perspective on the process because appearances tell us that some people seem to always be winning and some always losing but many a deal gets cut in the off-stage locations as agreements are made for periods of time and then accounts come due. We don't remember when that happened. It goes on between the plays and sometimes between the acts.

The man on the beach said to me, “I like to fuck but I despise deals.” He was a plain spoken fellow, inclined to say what most people think but few wish to articulate. I replied to him, not even knowing what I was talking about; “but you don't have to make any deals.” He said, “Deals have been made.”

I'm sure I haven't gotten the whole of it yet but the part I get does apply, 'deals have been made'. In other words, arrangements have been agreed on, as well as the cost involved, even if a clear understanding of that did not get arrived at. Appetite and desire tend to obscure clear vision. We readily agree to things without considering what we might have to experience as the price of doing business.

It's simple as anything else we discourse on here. You will get what's coming to you, good and bad. You don't have to do anything to make it happen. It will happen. Then there is what you want. Maybe you will get that and maybe not. A lot of that has to do with who manages your affairs and the difficulty there is in bringing it about, as well as the rarity or desirability of that which is being pursued and how many there are who want it, what the level of competition might be. Diamonds have a greater valuation than semi-precious stones. Diamonds are hard and adamantine, cold and unfeeling. Why anyone would want diamonds, except for the purposes of technology, escapes me. The hunger, lust and desire for most of what the world covets escapes me. It wasn't always so, I'm sure but... having experienced the disappointment in the aftermath of acquisition, most things seem pointless to me. I look back and marvel at my ignorance about so many of the objects of collective desire.

There are people who go to war simply for the glory of it, or they think it will confer manhood or confer a peer appreciation among those whose opinions, for reasons that also escape me, supposedly matter. These people have a dim awareness of war and what comes with it and after it. I've read stories about the First World War and some of the battles like, Galipoli and The Somme, Verdun and the trench warfare of the Marnes. Few people are aware of the horrors of these conflicts and those who are might find their imaginations fall short of picturing the reality of them. That was just one war. There have been many more and now they are beating the drums, as they always do; the bankers and munitions manufacturers are beating the drums.

Sex is another of those brief encounters that contain terrible costs, under the guise of wonderful enough to kill or die for. Money, power, position are all objectives that people will kill or die for and do awful things to get their hands on. History is replete with examples. What am I trying to say here? I'm saying that very little is worth having and the price of them makes sense only to the certifiably insane. As materialism intensifies, insanity proliferates ever more widely. Insanity becomes the norm and few possess enough objective awareness to even see that.

Look at how crazy it has gotten. And it keeps getting crazier and crazier.

Inflated statistics and crisis actors.

March For Our Lives: Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg's speech

Marjory Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg delivers a speech at the March For Our Lives rally, calling out politicians who accept money from the NRA and don't support stricter gun laws.

Then there are the mentally ill:

March For Our Lives Rally: Parkland student Sam Fuentes powers through sick moment on stage

Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Sam Fuentes rallied through a sick moment on stage at the March For Our Lives rally, revving up the crowd with her emotional speech advocating for stricter gun laws.

...and of course the sexually dysfunctional, politically correct, social justice Nazis.

March For Our Lives: Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez leads emotional moment of silence during speech

Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez, who has become one of the faces of the Parkland movement, lead an extended and emotional moment of silence during her speech at the March For Our Lives rally in Washington.

Look at the ubiquitous amusement parks of tawdry sensation and smorgasbords of mindless entertainments. The sexual dysfunction is like a plague, with more victims than the Spanish Flu. More people died from the Spanish Flu than died in World War One. According to some estimates the deaths from the flu and World War Two were about the same. Some say more died in that war. No one can give an accurate number for deaths in a war. As many people died at the Battle of Gettysburg as all the American soldiers killed in Vietnam. Numbers and statistics can be surprising.

Why am I telling you these things? Most of you know these things and there are a significant number of other insanities. Most people turn their heads. They don't want to know and it marches on apace. It intensifies. What was bizarre and unnatural yesterday is perfectly normal today and tomorrow? Katie bar the door.

I'm saying these things because they are observably obvious. If there were ever a time to shelter under the protective wings of the ineffable then that time has come. The world can change in the twinkling of an eye. The masses wonder, if they wonder, how did this come to happen, as if out of nowhere. A careful eye can see they have been coming over a greater distance of time, under the radar because the general attention has been on pedestrian glitter and distractions. Entire lifetimes have been destroyed in a careless moment.

The more I reflect on the circumstances mentioned here, the more I realize that NOTHING can have any importance comparable to the ineffable. Without the ineffable in your life you are a tin duck at a shooting gallery. Of course the duck is made out of tin and you are not.

I walk into the kitchen but it is actually God who is doing the walking. All acts require power to be performed and all power is borrowed from the ineffable in order to perform these acts. There are two intentions at work at all times, which direct the course of the action performed with the borrowed power. There is our intentions and the intentions of the ineffable. In most cases these intentions are in conflict with one another and this creates a clumsy performer who is at war with their own best interests. The intentions of God within exemplify our best interests. Our intentions exemplify self interest. In some cases the intention of the ineffable, in respect of particular individuals, has gone quiescent because God has noted that no further progress can be made on behalf of the individuals best interests. This is a truly sad state of affairs. However as the force of materialism increases, these examples become more and more the case.

Let the ineffable express through you by maintaining the awareness that the ineffable is expressing through you. For some this can be a confusing circumstance as the actor wonders how they are to know what the intention of the ineffable is. One discovers a greater clarity in this regard by seeking guidance which is always at hand. Often what is taking place is mysterious and individually subjective as well. There is no one size fits all. Begin with the awareness that God is living his or her life through you. Recognize this the moment you awaken in the morning and accept that this will continue through your day. At night spend those moments before you fall asleep in reflection upon the events of the day.

Simply exercising this awareness will bring to you a sense of knowing how to dance and anticipate what is needed in every instance. It is like learning to ride a bike. At first you may sway to either side seeking balance. You may crash. You may fall but... you continue and suddenly you are riding the bike. It is not long after that you become unconscious of riding the bike. It simply happens. Of course, we cannot illustrate more than a little of what is otherwise implied in these analogies and tales having to do with God expressing through you ...but the basic idea is there and your consciousness will expand on your understanding as you hold uppermost in the mind the presence of God living through you. The circumstances of this process will be deposited into the subconscious, where it will be digested and animated in dreams and other states. It is also working through the day. It will percolate beneath the surface and send up to the conscious mind all sorts of flashes of understanding; the result of the workings of the subconscious, which is a marvelous facility that too few of us utilize to our advantage.

Go through your moments as if the ineffable were the one doing this and of course it is because there is no life that is not given by the ineffable. Go through your life in a state of constant self reminding that this is what is taking place and amazing revelations will become regular events in your life. Do not struggle and strive to accomplish this. Simply remind yourself that it is taking place and let a fulsome gratitude be a constant presence in your heart.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

"That's Just the Way it Is, Some Things will Never Change."

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Greetings dear friends and my apologies for being inconsistent with my offerings of late. I attempt to explain this in today's radio broadcast, so, no point to go over it now except that I am going through dramatic spiritual changes and they are displacing everything I was doing at this time. When you spend the majority of your life seeking the ineffable the ineffable is going to show up and at a certain point the impact of that presence is going to intensify and accelerate. You can depend on this because it has been my experience and I have proven it to be true to my complete satisfaction. I am telling you this so that you may know the veracity of it. No one has the exact same experience. It is all personally tailored. Not everyone will rise the same heights that is determined by the angels who measure the whole of the character of the person and signed off on by the ineffable who controls all things. The angels are an extension of the will of the ineffable.

The reason that the story goes that the ineffable set Adam higher than the angels is because Adam was given free will, which is not exactly free will but consists of only two choices; to serve the ineffable or to serve self interest. One should already be aware of who the ruling authority is in both options. This accounts for all the suffering you, or anyone, will see in this life. Always remember too, “that even the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment.” Fundies and the Zionist psychopaths have altered that phrase for their own purposes and interpreted to mean that “the devil can appear as an angels of light at the given moment.” a careful study of the first version will tell you the truth of it and so will my own personal revelation that the devil works for God. He is an employee and if you know anything about god and his absolute inviolable authority, you know by extension that this must be true. It's academic and the fruit of true reason and proper use of logic.

The world at this time is exhibiting what it always does at the fall of a culture. The appearance of dysfunctional sexual behavior is always a hallmark of these times and if you had access to occult history it would be plain. What we have is false history, created for mind control and the callous applications of enslavement and life (such as it is) and death. Those who construct all of the fabrications, under orders from the infernal one, do it for the purpose of perpetuating human misery and serving personal gain. Imagine what it must be like to manufacture a war for the purpose of financial gain.

Everyone must convince themselves of the truth that god is real and embrace it without the possibility of argument because- it is so. Failure to do this puts you in the hands of your tormentor. Why... would you want to do that? As Buddha said, “all life is pain caused by ignorant desire.” One has only to read the words of the great world changers to know everything they need to know. The problem is, because of self interest, most people do not want to know and then suffering exists to motivate them in the right direction. It's as simple as that and pretty much anything you wish to know is. There are some fundamental, seeming, exceptions like the laws of Karma but it amounts to the same thing over a more protracted period.

People have their fixed ideas of what enlightenment and illumination are. However, not having experienced them, they are really ignorant. One thing I can certainly tell you is that it is exceedingly rate for the whole thing to come down on you at once. It usually appears in stages and depending on how it is handles and to what ends it is put, on that depends whether it continues or does not. There are admonitions one should pay SERIOUS attention to. Even those who have risen to high spiritual stations can be cast down and disempowerd, just like that. This is one reason that abject humility is so important for it is often the cause. The less humble one is, the less likely one will get good council and rather becomes an example of a lesson for others to profit by. The same can be true of those who adhere to the true way of the heart. Never be confused of fearful that god does not hear you or will abandon you. God is not like everyone else. God is not like anyone else, except somewhat like the very best of us in miniature. Everyone else may abandon you and I have seen this personally. It was never everyone but it was most of those I thought were my friends. It is only in extremity that we learn who our friends are.

I used to bemoan my life and the Promethean suffering; perhaps that is hyperbole but it wasn't to me. Suffering is relative and it is not often that we can know the true impact on anyone. Once again, “I don't know” is one near perfect mantra. I can't even recall how difficult and painful so many portions were, The memory has been obscured but now despite everything that did and did not happen, I do not regret any of it. I am grateful for it. The ineffable in his divine compassion burned away so much of my karma and transformed me from a reckless fool into something else, the like of which I do not know at the moment but what I do know is that Gratitude fills my days and nights. Often I will wake up with cries of gratitude and certainly at night it is one of the first considerations to occur.

Do not despair, my friends and do not complicate the message and overburden yourself with unnecessary minutiae. Keep it simple. We complicate things because of the vanity of the mind. The mind cannot know the higher truths. It is capable only of pure reason, or direct transmission of the greater mind. It is the heart, in its secret chamber that true wisdom and so much more is to be known to the capacity of the one experiencing it. We do not all have the same capacities and abilities but we all can aspire and arrive. To enter the kingdom of heaven, you must act and behave as a resident of the kingdom now. If you are not their in corporate being it may be unlikely that you will arise there. Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground.

The greatness and majesty of the ineffable cannot be comprehended. This is part of the basis of true and enduring humility. When you know there is one so much greater that you and ever will be, you cannot but experience true humility. This is true perspective and it gives me equal portions of sorrow and amusement to see people pretending to be god and believing that they did what happened for them by themselves; not realizing they are intended to be used as an object lesson. One must realize that existence is perfect regardless of the imperfections we think we see, or the illusions and delusions we suffer via our crippled and constrained emotions. Lennon wrote a lot of garbage after Yoko hijacked his mind but he did write that song, “Crippled inside”. Of course many may not agree with me on this but you probably have not heard the near half dozen albums he did with Yoko. They are unlistenable and more offensive that thug rap. This does not take away from his earlier genius and powerful contributions to life.

One has only to give a clear eyed look at the present state of the culture to understand the present state of the culture. Those in the majority who do not see this are motivated by some level of self interest and it is not opportune for them to see things AS THEY ARE.

I'll end this a few paragraphs short of the usual because I have said what I came to say. I wish you all well in your journey and may the lord smile on you.

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