Tuesday, January 31, 2023

"EVERYTHING that is Necessary for a Culture to Flourish is Being Systematically, Dishonored, Demeaned, and Destroyed."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Universities and colleges are big business in America. A number of them have over 40,000... 50,000... 60,000 students. There are 20 million students in American colleges and universities. The halls of higher learning are now propaganda mills... run by angry lesbians... and fruit flies with elbow patches. A large percentage are Communists parading as socialists. There was never a time they didn't have money so they would like all things to be equal from... a... safe.... distance.

Let's go behind the scenes to who the schools get their money from. This is who decides what kind of teachers are employed and what the curriculum will be. These are the people who were The Slave-traders back in the day... AND... according to the Karmic law; what goes around turns around. In order to promote every minority on Earth; most especially their own... they hire the incompetent and morally compromised because... they are easier to control.

No one who has any love of truth... is allowed anywhere near the minds being conditioned... to march in formation, and swill... and spill... The Party Line.

I remember 50 years ago... saying... that those marching under the banner of Liberty are marching toward Tyranny. I was often amazed at how stupid people were. I did not understand it; not having grown up in comfort and ease and... I had an insatiable hunger to know, fueled by the torments I had survived.

I honestly and earnestly believed in Peace and Love, but I tried to stay clean and apart from the lurid excesses I saw all around me.

There are two kinds of poets... or people who call themselves poets. There is one who wallows in filth and celebrates depravity. We'll use Alan Ginsberg as an example. Then there are the poets who aspire to The Elysian Fields of their times and wish to bring others along. They celebrate Higher Nature with Higher Love. I'll use Tagore, Rumi, and Omar Khayyam as examples. I've not the time, nor inclination, to go into complex dissertations of a scholarly kind. I had no desire to be a scholar. I have always preferred to live life rather than pontificate on it.

One is commissioned a poet. One does not become a poet. Poetry is inspired. It is not something one learns how to do, and the proof is in the putting. Until recently, with material life becoming a backed-up toilet, there was no money in poetry. Rod McKuen made more money in a few years than all the poets put together that preceded him, and he wrote the most execrable shit I've read outside of a Hallmark greeting card. This was one of the jokes played by The Invisible upon The Visible.

In ancient times, Poetry was considered the highest of the arts. They were the beneficiaries of a spiritual communion. Poets deal with prophecy; true poets anyway. We had a brief flurry of creative fire in the 60s before the times ran into Disco and Cocaine in the 70s. I watched the whole thing. I was right there.

Sex got wilder and more wicked... and the fever intensified. It led to ever more depraved expressions because The Thrill was gone and they had to look elsewhere... until that thrill was gone too.

Then the Cocaine went wide in the 80s. People became fixated on suicidal despair in the 90s. Then they have been actively suicidal since, and the bottom has dropped out of the culture. Inspired art has disappeared. It's all institutional and industrial garbage. Today's painters understand neither geometry nor the poetry of form. Today's music is commercial jingles and mating calls from The Bottomless Pit. Today's literature is a travesty on the name. You now come out of college stupider and more conditioned than you went in.

A ragtag army of people protesting things... that they don't even understand... is growing. Protesting is now a profession, and hired extras appear like magic, whenever Little Georgie Soros and his friends from The Darkside need them to. EVERYTHING that is necessary for a culture to flourish is being... systematically... dishonored... demeaned... and destroyed. None of what is needed to hold things up is present anymore. The underpinnings are being dismantled.

One who is uninformed... most likely... is deeply dismayed by what appearances seem to indicate, BUT... this is all in the natural order of things. The Old is coming down so that The New can go up. I know that a lot of you are counting on mass chaos and confusion around The World.

You'll be disappointed if it doesn't happen. You're invested in the whole order of things collapsing because that is the song of fear that appearances generate. Sorry to be a herald of your disappointment... worldwide disorder... like bugs... is not on the menu everywhere.

A wakeup is coming for people on every level of human existence, from the hovel-dwellers to the penthouse and yacht cotillion... who... imagine that nothing will ever touch them. The wake-up is coming inside your mind... where you can't hide or run away from it. As you can see... millions are being driven mad and losing control over their actions. This is a part of that awakening. It is what happens when you resist it... intending to live-your-own-truth... of which... there is no such thing.

When people cease to believe in God, Sex becomes the prevailing answer to The Meaning of Life. This is the case with The Usual Suspects and why they are so busy financing and promoting it.

There are a lot of people who think they are remarkably clever, and who play others off against each other. They are the ones who seduce you into debt and obligation, and what they can't get with promises, they will accomplish with threats... blackmail... and character assassination.

They've got new tech now that can make anyone sound and look like you when they commit crimes you would never dream of attempting. DNA is easy to harvest and plant. Meanwhile... WAR is on the horizon, and revolutions are in the air; courtesy of The Prince of The Air.

Greed and Selfish Nature are at an all-time high, inspiring crimes at every level of society... and CRAZY? CRAZY is the big gun that is fueling all of these. Given this, and so much I didn't mention about plague, famine, and their friends; how is it that I am so chipper and upbeat? It is The Sun King... The Coming of The Avatar that makes it so for me.

Now... mind... brutal and terrible events are certain to occur in the places designated for them. For the wayward masses, AND... for the few... and their hench-orcs who mislead them... The Whirlwind is coming.

Once again... it is not simply one thing. It is many... many things, moving like the steel cutters on a war chariot's wheels... like a threshing machine through the crowds, who mindlessly pummel one another in the approach. They no longer Stop... Look... and Listen, so... The Sword of The Spirit WILL inform Matter.

The Whispers in The Hive Mind are getting louder and more strident. People are holding their hands over their ears, BUT... the noise is coming from inside their heads; closing the barn door with the wolverines inside. You cannot avoid The Voice of God when he begins to speak. He speaks in the thunder with the force of lightning. Many great and profound changes are coming. Oh yeah.

Out with The Old and in with The New... which was already The Old from another time. It's new to you now.

Arrogance and Pride are two forces that banish Reason from The Mind. Carnal Desire does the same. One tosses caution to the wind. One oversteps themselves and the balance is lost. They go into a slow-mo tumble and become an example for The Purpose of Demonstration... like Cardinal Wolsey and... so many... many others.

No pursuit yields greater fruit than The Interior Search for Deeper Meaning. Someone is resident there, and... a relentless persistence furthers. You do find what you seek. You find what cannot be discovered external to yourself BECAUSE appearances are a lie... a concealment, and it is just such concealments that Mr. Apocalypse has to do with... in his revealing and uncovering of that which lies beneath appearances. That which is called... sometimes... The Truth of The Matter.

Yes... we'll all be together.
Yes... we'll all make a stand.
Yes... we'll all be rewarded
When The Shit hits The Fan.

That which you seek IS within you. It is elusive and hard to fix upon. HOWEVER... it is well informed of your presence and your actions, and... should you demonstrate the necessary measures of Sincerity, AND Humility... It... will find you.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

"The Sun is The Personality of God Expressed through The Instrument of Light... God has Many Personas."

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Possession leads to... exercise of a single pathology or disorder... causing an invasion of mind parasites... leading to variations of narcissism... trending toward sociopathy... progressing to psychopathy... caused by... Materialism... whose by-product is Insanity... as a spiritual application it is Satanism channeled through Mammon... the fruit of which is bondage in ever denser forms... attended by the heat of increasing temperature... due to pressure.

One direction leads into the caverns with Gollum. Another leads to The Sun.

Here are some interesting features of The Sun and a most ironic situation in the wider world. Many people associate The Sun with getting a tan... and some will go so far as to say it improves one's attitude. Those whose focus on The Sun is of a material perspective get wrinkles. Those who seek The Sun within The Sun get those wrinkles smoothed out on the inside.

I don't know what everyone thinks. I know there are larger collective mindsets. My observation of and experiences in life... tell me that those with a spiritual connection to The Sun are rare, BUT... those numbers are going to increase. This is part of The Aquarian Age, and those on The Dark Side know this and that is the real reason for all this Global Warming uproar. It is to make The Sun appear as an enemy, and also to confuse the meaning of The Sun later on; whenever they decide to have their own Council of Nicaea.

There is a basic reality that it is profitable to be aware of. In every age, there are good guys and bad guys. A lot of the time... although when it was last here was long ago... there is more light and more unity and harmony. We are in the tail end of a very dark and extended period of man's inhumanity to man. That is part of an even greater blessing that is coming to us. Due to the pervasive thrall of Materialism... very few are aware of it at this time.

So... I went off on a tangent there. Good guys and bad guys are necessary. Let us say they are essential to the drama... the tragicomedy of material existence. Your body is a combination of warring elements. Consider the implications of that. You have a say in the role you play... even if you set up for a bad pattern... you can ALWAYS change the pattern. It's not like you are forced to be a bad guy. However... here is where it gets a bit more complex. Sometimes the bad guys are the good guys. Some who fight against the tyranny of institutions, and the abuse of humanity by government and religion are good guys. This is how a lot of bad guys... who don't know they are bad guys... get lost. They assume the status quo should be upheld and maintained at all times. Yet change is the cornerstone of eternity.

The World can get very confusing. That is its job. You didn't have to go in there or... do that, etc. That's not The World's fault. If you are going to run around loose in the wilderness of The World, you have to know that there are creatures who live there, and when Materialism gets rampant on a field of blood, you should know there is a lot of possession going on.

Look at what some people are morphing into. Look at the emergence of entire subcultures of lunacy. Luna= Lunacy.

We went off on yet another tangent. So... a BIG part of the Global Warming Scam is to generate animosity toward The Sun. They have a priest-class of enforcers standing by. Every age is going to have its Jesuits.

Prior to all of this... like right now... and for a long time, The Sun has been seen through many filters, concerning how its presence in life is interpreted. I happen to know (one of the few things I am certain of) that The Sun is a living being. I communicate with The Sun on a daily basis. This does not make me some Big Casino. Anyone can speak to The Sun at any time. Of course, The Sun is not going to be getting right back to you... unless you have some kind of a track record. Passionate intensity can ALWAYS override time constraints and probationary periods. This is good to know; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

Heh heh... anyway. I took impressive doses of LSD and other psychedelics... often... for a very long time, with one driving intention, and that was to commune with The Divine Mother and all of the archetypes that dance in the manifest... AND to find a step-down transformer for God to talk to me through. You see, it takes The Sun and Moon, with the aid of Mercury (your mind) to get the complete picture.

“The Sun is its Father. The Moon its Mother. The Wind carries it in its belly, and The Earth is its nurse.”

There is one God surely. In an absolute sense that is inarguable. (except by fools) However, in the manifest... which is where you and I find each other, AT... THIS... MOMENT... and which is God's Playground where he cavorts with those of us who let him... we have (“I say... I say...”) the unity divided for the purpose of polarities for the purpose of material existence. We have God personified by The Sun and The Moon in endless interplay.

One can project all kinds of presumptuous Advaita exclusivity BUT... you are present in a Dvaita World. Sure... it's all one, BUT... are you? Are you?

There is a whole schematic for this in The Arcane Scriptures, BUT... that doesn't interest me. I prefer to be The Playmate... The Friend... so, of course, I would talk to The Sun, and... The Sun, being real, talks back to me. It took a little while... but I was speedy... by being passionately engaged. I don't want all the lingo and mumbo-jumbo. I just want the... living... presence... of... God. Everything else is there for whoever wants it, and... hopefully... it doesn't get them into trouble.

The Sun has all kinds of features, as I was about to say way earlier... but I got off on a tangent. The Sun can... LITERALLY... heal you of any malady. The Sun is Immortality itself. The Sun is an enormous community of beings who... create... the... light we see and feel from there. The Sun is self-generating. It processes the love-power of the universe... in mysterious ways. (grin)

If you make The Sun your friend, your troubles are over. The Sun is a multi-tasker and has MANY angels and other luminous beings in residence. Some of them are here. All of them speak for The Sun. The residents there are in a unitive mindset. This is a place where everyone is for each other. Unlike the place they shine on... here... where everyone is out for themselves. Well... not everyone, but... like I said... at the moment it's rare.

The Sun has a university. I attend classes there. It mostly works on The Sponge Principle. I absorb the teachings. They galvanize the particles of my being. They process them into light, which is The Purpose of The Operation of The Sun. This is what real religion does. It facilitates The Body of Glory. It does not operate as a cash register for the priesthood. The True Teachings are free. Your only cost is in the work experience and adherence to the lessons learned.

With knowledge comes responsibility. This is why so many people say; “I don't want to know.” They may not even be conscious of saying it, but their actions speak to their avoidance of The Truth.

The Sun is The Face of God that is shown to The World. In the actions of The Sun... upon The World... all we need to know about how to behave... is found there.

When the light of The Sun is reflected upon The Moon, then romance... poetry... and song are born. Yes... there is a dark side. Part of manifest existence is in spiritualizing our desires. Not everyone wants to do this. Some are chronically... carnally... inclined, AND... in Times of Material Darkness, the animal-appetite-syndrome becomes... pervasive.

The Moon is where you go to get another body with your dreams and debts woven into it.

The Sun is The Personality of God expressed through the instrument of light. God, of course... has many personas.

The citadels of darkness are crumbling. Light is breaking through the edifice, AND burning from the inside out. The darkness is compromised by the light and knows not what to do. How do they shut down The Sun? Or... better yet... how do they put a gimp-mask on The Sun and make it do their will? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Ooh yeah. There sometimes seems to be no limits to the ignorant ambitions of mortals. How they make the heavens laugh.

Okay... points to remember. No one is shutting down Mr. Apocalypse. No one is getting ahead of Lady Awakening and making her wear shoes designed by men who hate women. All present nonsense... and perversity are suicidal... a brief death dance beneath The Sun, and... then... there... were... none.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, January 23, 2023

"There is A Mysterious Force in The World that Attracts People Who Think They Know to The Epiphany that Awaits Them."

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Always remind yourself, what you see on the ground-floor... you would also see Uptown if they let you behind closed doors. The craziness that is jack-in-the-boxing the sensory bandwidth... is a product of that ancient maxim, “shit flows downhill.” So does Crazy.

For evidence and immediate reference, you have Smokin' Joe Biden... the military chief of staff... the head of Homeland Security, the CDC, and... many others. Take a look at who's in The House and in The Senate;

Mr. Apocalypse is a real living entity. I have spoken with him. It was only for a brief period and he has only come a few times since, but... the experiences were memorable. The Awakening is an actual event. You can see its negative side in Woke. The people who created Woke are well aware of The Awakening. They're trying to get ahead of its interpretation; not going to happen.

Now... Mr. Apocalypse may go by other names, but that's what he was calling himself when I ran into him. Awakening is an eternal aspect of Life... but sometimes it happens over wider reaches of The Collective Mind. That's going on now and it's absolutely going to get worse in various locations, depending on whether it is Woke or Awakened that is running The Show. In... other... places... that sort of nonsense can't get through the gates; location... location... location.

There is a powerful secret, which is not a secret... because it's in plain sight; people just walk right past the comprehension of it. Anywhere you want to get to, you have to get there in your mind first. How do people get where they wind up at? The Slipstreams of Karma travel round The World like The Jet Stream. It's like a wind... filled with magnetic particles, and we are each attracted to that which defines our level of awareness, and that... determines our rate-of-spin.

A car whipping down the road... an explosion... a hurricane... a revolution... a plague; how you stand with the situation is determined by the particular influence acting on you from The Slipstreams of Karma. If you can go Full Neutral, how would that affect what magnetizes and attracts you?

The way to get through and/or around anything is known... most perfectly... by The Mind of God. If you put yourself in The Mind of God... through harmonic resonance with The Mind of God... inimical forces that may be swirling anywhere at all... at any time... just flow around you. It all depends on who you are trusting to look out for you. If all of your concerns, and your whole being has been placed in harmony with The Mind of God... God IS going to take care of it.

If you are relying on yourself to get from point A to Point Z, it may... or it may not work out for you. That all depends on you knowing what you are doing. Sometimes you do. Sometimes you don't. It's even worse when you think you do and you don't. There is a mysterious force in The World that attracts people who think they know... to the epiphany that awaits them. It awaits each and every one of us... as it so happens. Best to make it easy on yourself.

I was speaking with the ineffable recently, and at some point, he said, “You're going to want to let me take care of it from here on. I built all the ways there. I built the snares too. No one gets through it without me as the guide, although... sometimes I might even do that, just to see what happens. I can ALWAYS change my mind.”

He was telling me about the uncountable variables of Personality in the Dance of Karma, as it makes its way... tries to make its way through a web of sordid desires and complex lies... it is a world of artifice... some of it can be mesmerizing and... very attractive. A person has to know that it is God who both weakens and strengthens them... who carries them through or sets them to the side. Ultimately... EVERYTHING in your life is a part of your relationship with God. It could be said that there is ONLY you and God... you are a pinball between polarities both seen and unseen. Everything is in a state of unity depending on the perspective one is viewing it from. If you are a divider and a separator, that is what you see, and... you have that to look forward to. If you are a unifier, the same rule applies. Now to the wider world of the present. I wanted to list some events from Damar at the NFL playoff game this weekend... to people dropping dead all over the place... (and Damar being one of them) to all kinds of other curiosities. The list is too big to put in any post. The sheer scope of Insanity going on, all the way from the highest to the lowest levels of humanity; in the streets... and behind closed doors... in Canada... America... The UK... Asia... Australia. Everywhere... people are going mad. A few years ago, we started bringing up the real pandemic at these blogs; Bat-Shit-Crazy 1.0. Surely... you will note that this has been intensifying to levels undreamed of only... a... short... time... ago. Insanity has now outdistanced Obesity in ubiquity. The only thing Insanity has yet to outdistance is Stupidity. At the Clown World Twitter site, you get daily examples, and there are other sites too that are devoted singly to people acting crazy.


The crazy epidemic gets more pervasive and visible in the denser population zones. The bigger the city... the greater the spread and numbers of Crazy present.

I am not a mathematician, BUT... I am a friend of God and a student of occult and Hermetic studies; math figures heavily in the process so... it acts intuitively in me. The math that I am seeing tells me that Critical Mass is very soon to become a global dynamic... AND... if you are in these locations OR you have access to the internet, you are going to be a witness to the implosions and explosions of this Critical Mass becoming a critical mess.

Although there will be external events and conditions that graphically communicate this, The Critical Sector is IN... THE... MIND... Remember that biblical quote about Satan as a roaring lion? His presence IN... THE... MIND... will be equal to the focus on Materialism that is also present IN... THE... Mind... What I am saying is, if you are caught up in The World, you will be a part of the demonstrations being given. If you are not attached to it... or focused on it, IN... THE... MIND... it will bypass you... unless there is a specific Karmic reason otherwise, and... that's God's department.

My friends... be mindful. Keep your heart and mind fixed upon The Bright Invisible. It will keep you out of harm's way... unless there is a specific Karmic reason otherwise. It doesn't matter if it registers with you as Jesus Christ... Krishna... Buddha or any of the subsets of the same. If your faith is genuine, the... necessary... connection... will... exist.

I don't want to frighten anyone. We try to stay on The High Road here. The Aquarian Age is going through birth pangs. The World is in turmoil. A small collection of deluded fools, with temporary power and influence, have... once again... convinced themselves that they can take over The World and create 1984... Brave New World... or whatever Draconian fantasy they have percolating in their POSSESSED psyches. There will be... given the size of the population... serious disorder in nearly all urban landscapes.

There is no real crisis. They are all manufactured crises. It doesn't matter if Global Warming is real or not. There is NOTHING anyone can do about Global Warming anyway. It comes and goes at regular intervals... just like El Nino... in short-term circuits... and Ice Ages... in long-term circuits. Life adapts. Let me say that again; Life adapts.

The very strange and shrouded appearance of Damar at The Bills game... is just another chess move in the legacy of The Killer Vaccines. Now teachers are dropping dead in front of their students. People are having car wrecks... planes are falling. It is becoming so constant that it can no longer be concealed or obfuscated, no... matter... what... steps... are... taken. By now, everyone knows someone who knows someone who has been stricken by The Killer Vaccines.

Soon... specific steps are going to be taken to stop the people who talk about what THEY don't want you talking about. Psychopaths are culling the population, BUT it is only those who have a fixed focus on Materialism, IN... THE... MIND... that gets seduced into The Killer Vaccines. The exceptions are where people agreed so as not to lose their jobs or sources of income, and... that is Materialism yet again. It all involves a focus on Materialism, IN... THE... MIND.

We can only hope at this point that you are being consciously guided by The Indwelling. This is simply accomplished by an inner surrender and reliance on The Indwelling, who is... PRESENT IN EVERY ONE OF US... at all times... always.

We have enjoyed this time together. If God wills... it will continue. I am indifferent to any other input or influence. GOD RULES ALL. It is his ceaseless meditation that holds it all in place. If you are resonant with Heaven you will have no real concerns. It is only those who are out of sorts with Heaven that get the negative side of The Purpose of Demonstration.

End Transmission.......

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I memorized this long ago=

"The First Meditation to The Way to The Kingdom"


Do you truly want to come speedily and eternally
into your own—that which you came here into
manifestation to express?

Then meditate earnestly and persistently day
after day on the below—ten minutes or more on
the first part, until you realize its Truth:

In the ONE MIND there is the consciousness only
of wholeness, completion, and perfection.
In it there are no ideas of lack
or limitation of supply of any kind.

To every center of that Mind—and every human
mind is such a center—there flows naturally every
needed idea, even as air rushes into a vacuum,
or as the blood carries to every cell of the body everything
needed for their growth and sustenance.

Remember, that One Mind is in You—Is YOUR MIND—
as there is only One Mind.
Also remember, by your realization of this great Truth,
and making it the dominant fact in your consciousness,
are you and your Father truly One.

For it unites your consciousness with His Consciousness,
He who is your REAL SELF, and Whose Mind is the ONLY Mind
(of course it does for you are then in His Consciousness);
and therefore You ARE all that He is,
Once believe this—once KNOW it, and you will
be free from ALL lack and limitation FOREVER.
Then after trying to realize intensely the Truth
of the above by thus meditating and letting it soak
into your subconsciousness, let the following flood
your consciousness for ten minutes more:

Be still, my child, and know I am your Life, your
Health, your Strength, your Understanding, your
Supply, your Power, your Love.

I am all these things—all these ideals you are
seeking to be and to have.

Oh, my child, can you not see you can have none
of these apart from Me—can get none without getting
Me,—can get them nowhere else but from Me,
your Real, your ONLY Self, who am all these things
Now—and therefore You also are these things Now,

SEE this, beloved, and know the Truth of your
Self. Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy
laden, and I will give you rest.

Can you not realize that this life in you, any
portion of health or strength or power or love or
understanding that you have, is not of yourself,
but is of ME, who am all these things IN you.

Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious
striving to be that which you are now, always were,
and always will be, in supreme fullness and perfection?
Why not then let go completely and let Me,
your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway
in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein
you know are not My thoughts?

That is all You need to do—I will do the rest.
Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this
My Word abide in you, everything your heart seeketh
will surely come to pass, in blessed richness and abundance.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

"Seek The Current of Love that Weaves thru Chaos, and Runs from Outer Darkness All The Way to The Inner Light."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

♫ Has anyone here seen my old friend Klaus? Can you tell me where he's gone? He killed a lot of people and he didn't die young. I just looked around... and thank God he's gone. Has anyone here seen the arch-demon Soros (Soros? Sauron?) can you tell me where he's gone? He killed a lot of people and he didn't die young. I just looked around... and hallelujah... he's gone. Has anyone here seen that bag of dicks, Gates? Please just tell me that he's gone. He killed so many people, frankly... I've lost count. I just looked around, thank God he's gone ♫

Ah well (grin). So... it's so... the man who puts on the WEF orc-and-balrog show won't be at his own Midnight Vampire Ball. Soros says (snicker... horse fart... bladder-slap) that he had a prior appointment. This is like missing your own wedding because it is children's night at the local s&m sauna. AND THEN? That hot-shot maestro... killer of thousands upon thousands in Africa... buyer of Monsanto... and... oh-my-God! The list is long... William The Child-killer Gates also had to be somewhere else.

What does this mean? Let's be logical. These are the people who make the rules for others... and act with impunity when they SHOULD Be swinging from The Gibbet in saner times. What could possibly keep them from Vanity Hour at Davos? They THINK or... they KNOW... someone is after them. Well, I coulda told them that. Something shining too bright to see is after them, BUT... they think it's... what? Vladimir Putin? One can only hope; is... oh please!!! Is... something wrong with them that trusting The Science can't fix???

What I mean is... did something already happen to them? Have they gotten The Word from some oracle? Can they hear the footsteps? Does the howling ever leave their minds, even when they sleep?

Right in the same time zone, Biden's handlers have turned on him. People! Something is up. I don't know what it is, BUT early indications are... good. As has been said, long ago, and often repeated since; “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only The Father."

I've been given The Shoulder Tap by an unimpeachable source, that... we are soon to be rafting... kayaking... or trying to swim... on a grade 6 river of change. However... as I have already had proven to me... time in Heaven is different on Earth. Heck... it's different everywhere. Time is subjective.

However... observing the Trends and Patterns... something massive and unpredictable is certainly not far off. It can't be. Heavy rains cause landslides; do... the... math. Now... I'm using 'heavy rains' as a metaphor for the degree and intensity of stress in human affairs.

Someone put a roll of quarters into the bed in the Honeymoon Suite where Morpheus has been sleeping it off. He's getting those gut-wrenching withdrawal symptoms that nothing human could survive. He's tangled in the sheets and they're tearing up the streets outside with jackhammers. I'm guessing he wakes up, pissed off, at any time now.

Is this any business of yours? It depends on who is handling your affairs. Do you have a fool for a lawyer? Is your accountant a crook? Are you knee-deep in ill-gotten gains? Is there a trail of bodies back the way you came? In... those.. cases, and others, you have better hope for the best and try to lose yourself in the uproar, like Johnny Favorite in “Angel Heart.” It didn't work for him. It won't work for you, but... hope springs eternal, just like the wishes do in one hand and whatever it is that accumulates in the other.

If EVER there were a time when you ought to prostrate yourself before The Throne of Forgiveness, I would say... by my calculations, (don't quote me on this) that time is now.

I don't think that would be a concern for the majority of the readers here, BUT... since they now monitor all sites that diverge from The Official Message, I know that compromised internet monitors come around here too. So... I'm talking to you.

Remember that spinning plate that looks more like a compressed scone? Like The Dial... The Trends and Patterns... and The Purpose of Demonstration, AND Mr. Apocalypse, AND Lady Awakening, these are a real thing, even when it has to do with passing phenomena, it's real enough at the time. If you are centered, you might not even know that the plate was spinning BECAUSE... there is a central circle within the circle that doesn't move at all. No matter how rapidly the plate might APPEAR to be spinning, the central core doesn't move. Things may move around it... and they do... everything does, but the core does not.

The World of material phenomena... all things external to you, this goes on and on like a river that circles The Earth. It keeps repeating... looping... coming back on itself and... everyone here is caught up in it, except for those sitting at the core... in the central cone of silence... in the midst of the spinning uproar. Christ sent fishers of men off to gather the spinning souls into their nets of gold. He still does this in timeless rituals... each of the seasons in a spinning year, contains reenactments of The Life of Christ, where... you... can... if you so wish it; seek for the current of love that weaves through the chaos, and runs from outer darkness all the way to The Inner Light. Light is what you MUST HAVE. Without light you have less than nothing and only the burning absence of light remains; if that makes any sense.

Love is warmth. Wisdom is light. Combine them and truth will reveal itself.

Now The American Khmer Rouge is afoot at every level of society. A hockey player in Philly refused to skate the rink with the others, draped in the rainbow insignia of the New Communism.

A handful of tweets from people I never heard of... have managed to get that on the front page of The Fake News Media; “Shame! Shame on you for not being forced and compelled to celebrate what you don't believe in!” The player, who comes from Russia and is a member of The Russian Orthodox Church claimed it went against his religion. You know what? It goes against my religion too and I don't even have a religion.

Trannies account for much less than 1% of the public. Gays count for around two percent, USUALLY. The numbers have swollen now due to badgering and threats... canceling and shunning... and early programming, along with depraved mothers who want to tie the child to them, in a death grip of psychological, apron-strings imprisonment. This is only one of the poisoned fruits of Materialism.

Fear not. These lifestyles destroy themselves. They always appear in the decline of a culture. They are not permitted in the earlier stages. I've nothing against people with same-sex attractions. They are a subculture and they should be free to evolve and work... their... way... through... to the inevitable end result. They ARE NOT a central factor of existence. They are signs of the times.

The Dark Side has put a lot of time and energy into realizing the present effort to take control of The World. The World is already under control, as any usurper will find. As The Cosmos says... to strategies like this... “fuck around and find out.” Oh... The Cosmos does not speak with venom. The Cosmos speaks with Love. It is Love that burns in every star. It is love that turns The Wheel and it is love that frees you from The Wheel.

It is Love that gives and love that takes, and all that is missing is the counterpart to Wisdom, and that is Understanding. It is only a lack of understanding that makes you hurt, that brings you pain. Let go of your torment to own and possess because that is what possesses you, and... burdens you, and... confines you as a prisoner in your Separated Mind.

Really... if you just let go... “let slip the bonds of Earth,” your balloon will rise into the rarefied realms. Most of us are hanging from a wall. Our hands have grown into the stone. We dare not look down into the fathomless depths, but one who releases in The Mind... also frees the grip, and finds The Earth was only inches beneath their feet. All their fears are based on rumors, atavistic fears, and bad imagining... and the guilt that whispers of coming retributions. Evict these Grima Wormtongues, and send... them... packing.

If fear is running your life then you are lacking in Love. Fear can find no place to stand where Love is present. Love can be intensified and amplified, simply by loving. Though appearances can make Love a difficult task, Impersonal Love is not affected by appearances.

Emulate The Sun. Everything you need... and lack... and truly desire is to be found in The Sun. The secret of Immortality is in The Sun. The Sun is the ever-shining face of Liberty and Truth, which I have been told, is what sets you free.

End Transmission.......

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Some final excerpts from Cold Mountain poems

Here is a tree older than the forest itself;
The years of its life defy reckoning.
Its roots have seen the upheavals of hill and valley
Its leaves have known the changes of wind and frost.
The world laughs at its shoddy exterior
And cares nothing for the fine grain of the wood inside.
Stripped free of flesh and hide,
All that remains is the core of truth."

All my life I have been lazy,
Hating anything solemn,
Finding light matters more congenial
Others may study how to make a profit,
I have my single roll of scripture.
I do not bother to fit it with roller or case,
Or trouble to carry it here and there.
Like a doctor prescribing a medicine for each disease,
I use what remedy is at hand to save the world.
Only when the mind is free of care
Can the light of understanding shine in every corner.

So Han-Shan writes you these words,
These words which no one will believe.
Honey is sweet; men love the taste.
Medicine is bitter and hard to swallow.
What soothes the feelings brings contentment,
What opposes the will calls forthanger.
Yet I ask you to look at the wooden puppets,
Worn out by their moment of play on stage!

Friday, January 13, 2023

"The Princess Nepotisma... Lisa Marie Presley was... Just Yesterday... Relocated; Courtesy of The Killer Vaccines."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

They are dropping like fentanyl zombies on the streets of Kensington. The latest booster was the critical domino OR... the time-sensitive moment arrived.

It used to be that you would hear about these 'reactions under other auspices' now and then. Time moved on and it became every week. Time continued to pass (it's what time does) and then it was every other day. Then it became every day. Now it is several times a day.

The Princess Nepotisma, Lisa Presley was... just yesterday... relocated, courtesy of The Killer Vaccines...

Lisa Marie Presley Tweet

...the Bill's player on Monday Night Football; it was 24-7 Damar... for a short week, and now? Damar's with Waldo. Now he's with Carmen in San Diego. I could do this all day long, but... it's like shuffleboard or solitaire... I don't want to. When everything has become a joke, it is now an offense to find the whole sideshow funny.

Well... you either laugh or cry, depending on whether (or how) it affects you personally. The best posture... regardless of whether it has something to do with you or not, is to be disinterested and detached... because it is all an insubstantial dream, where appetite and desire chart your course over the mortal waters of manifest existence.

God is a serpent. God is sleeping and this is his dream. Upon hearing this, I started saying... for whatever the reason... but he's going wake up. He's going to wake up... right? All he would say was, “I don't know.” It took me a long time to learn that what you hear can have many interpretations. I think I first noticed this when reading sacred texts while on psychedelics. I suddenly saw that there were several meanings concealed beneath the surface of what I thought I was reading.

I discovered that when I was reading something that was true and lasting... it would ping off of some part of me. When it wasn't true, I began to study what the intention might be for saying it. Then... there are untrue people who can speak literal truth but... there is no pinging. I am still learning to pay more attention. However...

Nothing interests me except The Divine and Lady Nature and... the interplay between them. I am watching an ageless romance that dances through the seasons, that weaves poetry and song between The Sun and The Moon... that paints shape and color everywhere. It may be a gray world inside some people's heads, but... the reality of it all is different than that. It's all in the way you look at it.

If you are watching a movie and you get caught up in the action, you can find yourself feeling the same emotions as the actors. You forget yourself and wind up living through them. This happens in people's minds all the time. They project themselves into worlds they do not yet inhabit, BUT... the more you invest in your dreams, the more time you spend thinking and feeling about them... the more substance you add to them, AND... sooner or later... you are living that dream.

Still... it won't be long before you are dreaming and wishing for something else again... because NOTHING is what it seems, nor does any of it turn out to be the way you expected it to be.

People jump from one fascination to another. Millions of people wish they were queen or king... or famous; the reason for being famous is always secondary to the fame itself. Fame can come of its own accord, BUT... when you go looking for it, it doesn't end well; neither does being rich if you don't know how to do it.

So God facilitates the dreams and ambitions of us all. He makes it happen. You got the one God on the INSIDE of you... and a concealing mask of God OUTSIDE of you. One brings liberation. The other brings bondage. Yes... people want to be all kinds of things... until they get to... and discover it is not what they thought it would be. For every up-side, there is a down-side, and you are going to get both.

You can have a famous father... be born rich... have life shape you into a character of international soap opera notoriety, and then drop dead as a murder victim that The World refuses to acknowledge, even though it is happening all around them. This is not a new cognitive disconnect on the part of Humanity. People have been fooling themselves for generations... and there is a full-time army of scammers and fraudsters... if they should miss out on fooling themselves. So... mostly... they got it coming and going.

Look at the ridiculous and absurd fantasies that people believe. They embrace lies individually and... collectively. The World is trance-dancing. The snake charmers are swaying with their flutes, and the snakes are swaying with the snake charmer cause... they can't hear the flute. The deeper you look into how things work, the more you see there is a system. That system has remained in constant operation for billions of years at a time. Then it goes to sleep. Then it wakes up again. Can you tell which of these you are ACTUALLY in right now???

Here's a little scamarama that's going on presently; out of the blue... someone found some boxes of White House documents in Biden's garage. Then they found some more. Then they found that Hunter had access to the boxes. Now... the sold-out... morally bankrupt Marxist attorney general... who's still pissed off about not getting to sit on the dead branches of manipulated law... with eight other vultures in black robes... and who is a rubber stamp for every agenda Biden might have; Marrano Garland... has...

suddenly empowered a Trump-appointed investigator to look into the matter. How can anyone take such BS seriously? It is obviously a smoke-screen... a deflection... for getting ahead of whatever committees the new junta in Congress gets up to in coming days... unless all these vaccine deaths hijack the narrative entirely, AND... Trump STILL hasn't said a word about The... Killer... Vaccines.

Why would Biden's aides... who work for him... find documents in his garage that compromise him? This is either one of the wildest dance steps ever... from Mr. Apocalypse OR... a put-up job by The Short Bus Coalition.

That spinning disk that we have been talking about has just gone from 33 RPMs to 45 RPMs. 78 waits just around the bend. I don't know if the sweat of fear is a lubricant, BUT... we are soon going to find out.

The bottom line is that the last two elections were OBVIOUSLY fraudulent.

Let's go back to this episode of How The World Works; already in progress. Sometimes it spins wildly out-of-control OR... depending on where you are standing, it might seem different. Sometimes it appears placid and pastoral. Once again... it depends on where you are standing.

Over the vast reach of time... there have been legions of flimflam artistes and lying scoundrels. Some of them... perhaps... enchanted The World for a time, BUT... INEVITABLY... people catch on because the unseen witness within sees all... and brings it to our attention for The Purpose of Demonstration.

And that same witness is in every... one... of... us...

I don't care how slick you think you are. I don't care how much money you got or who your temporary friends are- you... are... on... The... Meter... and The Meter is ticking; tick... tick... tick... kaboom! People who are caught up in the fever of their confidence games... cannot see that they are doomed to fail. They might ride Scot-free out of this life, BUT... they will be reborn right back into the continuity of what they were up to last time they were here, with the stage... perfectly arranged for the moral of the story.

Particles of what is and what is not are raining down like confetti in The Hive Mind. A cosmic magnetism draws these particles together into a road map of human destiny. There are many roads to travel, and there is a gulf between the two major directions that run parallel to each other. One moves in a spiral and one moves in a circle; to each according to their nature.

People are dropping dead. You can say that people drop dead all the time. There's nothing special about that, BUT... when they start dropping dead with greater and greater frequency... and they are young and healthy... when many of them are athletes... and it is happening only to the vaccinated and not to the unvaccinated, it will... it has... it is... generating a storm front whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. So... how are you going to control something like that?

End Transmission.......

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Some excerpts from Cold Mountain

Talking about food won't make you full,
Babbling of clothes won't keep out the cold.
A bowl of rice is what fills the belly
It takes a suit of clothing to make you warm.
And yet, without stopping to consider this,
You complain that Buddha is hard to find.
Turn your mind within! There he is!
Why look for him abroad?

Someone criticized the Master of Cold Mountain:
"Your poems make no sense at all"
"But from what I have read of the ancients,"
I said, "They weren't ashamed to be poor and humble ...”
He laughed at my words and answered,
"How can you talk such foolishness?”
“Then go on, my friend, as you are today.
Let money be your whole life for you!”

Here are four or five young fools!
Nothing they do is honest or true.
They've scarcely scanned ten volumes,
Yet their brushes are always ready with a caustic comment.
They take up the "Rules for Confucian Behavior"
And pronounce it no better than a code for thieves.
A species of pest like the silverfish
That chews through the binding of other men's books.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

"Once You Get to The Top of Holy Mountain, You... Can... See... All... The... Other... Paths... That Also Led There."

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Can anyone tell me the difference between a person of color and a colored person? Is it like the difference between The Duke of Edinburgh and The Duke of Earl or... Duke Nukem? (if you don't know who the first two are) I just found out that BIPOC is not a bisexual person of color but something else. Just imagine what it would be like... if the time came, and you had to know what all these manufactured mind-fucks were.

We are fortunate that there is a God and that we know there is a God; fortunately NOT the one from religion, which is a subway turnstile for the Money Priests... who are descended from The Judas Priest; the offspring of sex between a man and a goat.

Religions run by a pederast priest class are responsible for turning millions of people into non-thinking chuckleheads who think they are saved... yet treat all others unlike them as doomed heretics certain to burn in Hell Fire. Hellfire mostly exists in the minds of chuckleheads, except where people were really asking for it. You get whatever you are asking for. Be careful what you badger The Invisible about. I think that includes imaginary Heavens that bore you to death cause you got caught up in a masquerade.

HEAVEN... IS... A... STATE... OF... MIND, and... it begins where your feet touch the Earth. Heaven is not the end result for autocratic materialists... who are the religious offspring of Oliver Cromwell. You earn Heaven by the OBVIOUS routes and also by ways other than you might imagine. Once you get to the top of Holy Mountain, you... can... see... all... the... other... paths... that... led... there.

I've been wondering. Since they don't tell us what the reason is, BUT... they do tell us it was intentional; I... was... wondering... if the 6-year-old kid who shot the teacher... did it because someone told it she was a white supremist. USUALLY... when they don't tell you certain things it is because it goes counter to the official policy... or the misleading image they are trying to imprint on The Hive Mind.

I love Jesus Christ... who also precipitated into being via The Sun in Tiphereth, just like the next version is going to, but... I find ortho-dox, cinderblock Christians hard to take. Most of the time they can't enjoy life and don't want anyone else to either; it being that dog-in-the-manger thing.

I can well understand him hanging out with publicans and sinners, rather than those purse-mouthed disapprovers of fun who spend all their time judging everyone else... and... as has happened to me plenty of times, providing threats of Hell Fire as well. I don't know where these people are going on departure. What I do know is that it is not the same destination as my own.

For those wishing and hoping I get Hellfire, allow me to confirm your Torquemada-dreams. I am going to The Sun when I depart from here. That's been confirmed as... at least... a preliminary way-stop. I am sure that The Sun will prove to be hotter than Hellfire, so... perhaps... that will please you. The fire of The Sun and Hellfire create two very different conditions, depending... on... your... relationship... to... them... which, I think... determines the conditions you encounter.

God weighs the quality of a person's heart, followed by... the record of their deeds; what motivated them... what their intentions were. I am perfectly okay about not going to a fundamentalist happy hunting ground. As Christ said; “In my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true... I would not have told you so.” There are many Heavens. It is a really big area, much bigger than Earth. One can find the one that is the proper adaptation for their needs.

The God that atheists do not believe in does not exist. I am in full agreement with atheists about the ridiculous nonsense of fundie-Christianity that... makes... no... sense... whatsoever. I am NOT in agreement with atheists about much else. Their perspective is easily as ridiculous.

An awakened heart can hear God speaking through Nature; can understand the language of animals and plants... is in a cosmic... harmonic... resonance with all life... lives without fear... comes and goes with a freedom unknown in this shackling world. He/she is that smiling inmate that no cage can hold. That person may seem to be bound like any other, BUT... THEY... ARE... NOT. They are Jivanmukti. I'm guessing they have another name for it in The West.

Much of what I speak of... I know it to be true through direct experience. Otherwise... I will state that I don't know. The angel of God walks and talks with me just as it does with ANYONE who has taken the trouble to cultivate the relationship. One must pay the dues for membership... and there is zero possibility of getting around that... EVER. The Witness sees everything, and the door-wardens know who you are; Cave Deus Videt.

If I were to say that The Sun is a living... conscious... being, I speak from direct experience of this. Where once my experience of this was sporadic, now it is constant. Cynical minds might say, “people can't talk to The Sun! The Sun is not a person, and if it could be done I would be the one doing it.” Heh heh... it doesn't work like that. The Sun is my friend because I have taken the time to cultivate the relationship.

Relationships of this kind ARE available to ANYONE who pays the dues of membership. One cultivates a friendship and sees it flower most in times of stress and danger. Time is a factor. Everyone reading this has friends. Anyone reading this can have the same friends as I do... if they wanted to. It does not happen overnight, BUT... “success is speedy for the energetic.”

These are times of great change and upheaval. This is a time of apocalypse. Events happen in times like these that do not normally occur or... you might be under the burden like a pack-horse, whipped along unknown roads. You might be in blessed company though you seem to be alone in the eyes of The World. Real Magic does not occur or present itself in front of the disbelieving hearts and lying eyes of jaded and cynical adults.

You don't become like a child. You become child-like. It is Regenerated Innocence; one of the hallmarks of The Great Work. Jacob Boehme could tell you a bit about this. In coming times, you are going to need stalwart and dependable friends. False friends... friends of The World... will be no help. They will vanish like the shadows that they are. Money won't help... the appearance of power and high position WILL NOT HELP. These will... in fact... make you a target. ♫ shake it up baby ♫ will be playing non-stop. The Kalifornia rains are the result of Heaven weeping; Montecito mon amour.

What happens when all that rain hits the lava and generates steam? What! Heh heh; never mind.

In the meantime... they are filling the sky here with unnatural cloud cover. Once The Science -with- the- means- to- do- so- (for The Purpose of Demonstration) pushes Lady Nature over The Brink... she is coming back... and riding 6 fire-breathing dragons when she comes. The mountain she is coming around will no longer be there. What does she care? She doesn't need roads, AND... she is as much inside you as she is outside you. A Cancer Comet is following in the footsteps of The Killer Vaccines.

Step by step... incrementally... The World awakens and sees what has been going on while it was sleeping. The reactions are going to be monumental.

All is not lost and there is no reason for despair. The comfort and convenience-oriented might encounter cause for dismay. Those with too much to lose and who are too... fat... to... dare... to... die, might... might be discomfited and inconvenienced... a tad... here and there... now and again. It's all part of the process; down goes the old and degenerate, and... up comes the new... green... life.

It happens again, and again, and again... over, and over, and over again, and people pay no attention. Rarely does one get a text message in advance of calamity. Calamity just shows up uninvited. They will say that Calamity was uninvited, BUT... who left all those dishes in the sink, and the paint rags in the basement? Who let the dogs in?

It has all become a bridge too far. It has become a case of reach exceeding grasp. It has become... untenable; “things fall apart... the center cannot hold... mere anarchy is loosed upon The World.” Is this not visibly evident? There is a rumbling in the nether regions and a call for the cleansing fire. The bowels of The World are in an uproar.

“Now I lay me down to sleep...” Hark!!! What sound is that? It is like the rushing wind. It is the crying and the clamor of awakening. It is the trumpet of Judgment happening in The Mind. How will you fare? A single feather falls upon the scale.

End Transmission.......

Excerpts from Cold Mountain

If you're looking for a place to rest,
Cold Mountain is good for a long stay.
The breeze blowing through the dark pines
Sounds better the closer you come.
And under the trees a white-haired man
Mumbles over his Taoist texts.
Ten years now he hasn't gone home;
He's even forgotten the road he came by.

Cold cliffs, more beautiful the deeper you enter
Yet no one travels this road.
White clouds idle about the tall crags;
On the green peak a single monkey wails.
What other companions do I need?
I grow old doing as I please.
Though face and form alter with the years,
I hold fast to the pearl of the mind.

The peach blossoms would like to stay through the summer
But winds and moons hurry them on and will not wait.
Though you look for the men of the Han Dynasty
Not a one will you find alive.
Morning after morning flowers fade and fall;
Year after year men pass away.
Here, where the dust whirls up today,
In times gone by was a sprawling sea.

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