Friday, January 13, 2023

"The Princess Nepotisma... Lisa Marie Presley was... Just Yesterday... Relocated; Courtesy of The Killer Vaccines."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

They are dropping like fentanyl zombies on the streets of Kensington. The latest booster was the critical domino OR... the time-sensitive moment arrived.

It used to be that you would hear about these 'reactions under other auspices' now and then. Time moved on and it became every week. Time continued to pass (it's what time does) and then it was every other day. Then it became every day. Now it is several times a day.

The Princess Nepotisma, Lisa Presley was... just yesterday... relocated, courtesy of The Killer Vaccines...

Lisa Marie Presley Tweet

...the Bill's player on Monday Night Football; it was 24-7 Damar... for a short week, and now? Damar's with Waldo. Now he's with Carmen in San Diego. I could do this all day long, but... it's like shuffleboard or solitaire... I don't want to. When everything has become a joke, it is now an offense to find the whole sideshow funny.

Well... you either laugh or cry, depending on whether (or how) it affects you personally. The best posture... regardless of whether it has something to do with you or not, is to be disinterested and detached... because it is all an insubstantial dream, where appetite and desire chart your course over the mortal waters of manifest existence.

God is a serpent. God is sleeping and this is his dream. Upon hearing this, I started saying... for whatever the reason... but he's going wake up. He's going to wake up... right? All he would say was, “I don't know.” It took me a long time to learn that what you hear can have many interpretations. I think I first noticed this when reading sacred texts while on psychedelics. I suddenly saw that there were several meanings concealed beneath the surface of what I thought I was reading.

I discovered that when I was reading something that was true and lasting... it would ping off of some part of me. When it wasn't true, I began to study what the intention might be for saying it. Then... there are untrue people who can speak literal truth but... there is no pinging. I am still learning to pay more attention. However...

Nothing interests me except The Divine and Lady Nature and... the interplay between them. I am watching an ageless romance that dances through the seasons, that weaves poetry and song between The Sun and The Moon... that paints shape and color everywhere. It may be a gray world inside some people's heads, but... the reality of it all is different than that. It's all in the way you look at it.

If you are watching a movie and you get caught up in the action, you can find yourself feeling the same emotions as the actors. You forget yourself and wind up living through them. This happens in people's minds all the time. They project themselves into worlds they do not yet inhabit, BUT... the more you invest in your dreams, the more time you spend thinking and feeling about them... the more substance you add to them, AND... sooner or later... you are living that dream.

Still... it won't be long before you are dreaming and wishing for something else again... because NOTHING is what it seems, nor does any of it turn out to be the way you expected it to be.

People jump from one fascination to another. Millions of people wish they were queen or king... or famous; the reason for being famous is always secondary to the fame itself. Fame can come of its own accord, BUT... when you go looking for it, it doesn't end well; neither does being rich if you don't know how to do it.

So God facilitates the dreams and ambitions of us all. He makes it happen. You got the one God on the INSIDE of you... and a concealing mask of God OUTSIDE of you. One brings liberation. The other brings bondage. Yes... people want to be all kinds of things... until they get to... and discover it is not what they thought it would be. For every up-side, there is a down-side, and you are going to get both.

You can have a famous father... be born rich... have life shape you into a character of international soap opera notoriety, and then drop dead as a murder victim that The World refuses to acknowledge, even though it is happening all around them. This is not a new cognitive disconnect on the part of Humanity. People have been fooling themselves for generations... and there is a full-time army of scammers and fraudsters... if they should miss out on fooling themselves. So... mostly... they got it coming and going.

Look at the ridiculous and absurd fantasies that people believe. They embrace lies individually and... collectively. The World is trance-dancing. The snake charmers are swaying with their flutes, and the snakes are swaying with the snake charmer cause... they can't hear the flute. The deeper you look into how things work, the more you see there is a system. That system has remained in constant operation for billions of years at a time. Then it goes to sleep. Then it wakes up again. Can you tell which of these you are ACTUALLY in right now???

Here's a little scamarama that's going on presently; out of the blue... someone found some boxes of White House documents in Biden's garage. Then they found some more. Then they found that Hunter had access to the boxes. Now... the sold-out... morally bankrupt Marxist attorney general... who's still pissed off about not getting to sit on the dead branches of manipulated law... with eight other vultures in black robes... and who is a rubber stamp for every agenda Biden might have; Marrano Garland... has...

suddenly empowered a Trump-appointed investigator to look into the matter. How can anyone take such BS seriously? It is obviously a smoke-screen... a deflection... for getting ahead of whatever committees the new junta in Congress gets up to in coming days... unless all these vaccine deaths hijack the narrative entirely, AND... Trump STILL hasn't said a word about The... Killer... Vaccines.

Why would Biden's aides... who work for him... find documents in his garage that compromise him? This is either one of the wildest dance steps ever... from Mr. Apocalypse OR... a put-up job by The Short Bus Coalition.

That spinning disk that we have been talking about has just gone from 33 RPMs to 45 RPMs. 78 waits just around the bend. I don't know if the sweat of fear is a lubricant, BUT... we are soon going to find out.

The bottom line is that the last two elections were OBVIOUSLY fraudulent.

Let's go back to this episode of How The World Works; already in progress. Sometimes it spins wildly out-of-control OR... depending on where you are standing, it might seem different. Sometimes it appears placid and pastoral. Once again... it depends on where you are standing.

Over the vast reach of time... there have been legions of flimflam artistes and lying scoundrels. Some of them... perhaps... enchanted The World for a time, BUT... INEVITABLY... people catch on because the unseen witness within sees all... and brings it to our attention for The Purpose of Demonstration.

And that same witness is in every... one... of... us...

I don't care how slick you think you are. I don't care how much money you got or who your temporary friends are- you... are... on... The... Meter... and The Meter is ticking; tick... tick... tick... kaboom! People who are caught up in the fever of their confidence games... cannot see that they are doomed to fail. They might ride Scot-free out of this life, BUT... they will be reborn right back into the continuity of what they were up to last time they were here, with the stage... perfectly arranged for the moral of the story.

Particles of what is and what is not are raining down like confetti in The Hive Mind. A cosmic magnetism draws these particles together into a road map of human destiny. There are many roads to travel, and there is a gulf between the two major directions that run parallel to each other. One moves in a spiral and one moves in a circle; to each according to their nature.

People are dropping dead. You can say that people drop dead all the time. There's nothing special about that, BUT... when they start dropping dead with greater and greater frequency... and they are young and healthy... when many of them are athletes... and it is happening only to the vaccinated and not to the unvaccinated, it will... it has... it is... generating a storm front whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. So... how are you going to control something like that?

End Transmission.......

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Some excerpts from Cold Mountain

Talking about food won't make you full,
Babbling of clothes won't keep out the cold.
A bowl of rice is what fills the belly
It takes a suit of clothing to make you warm.
And yet, without stopping to consider this,
You complain that Buddha is hard to find.
Turn your mind within! There he is!
Why look for him abroad?

Someone criticized the Master of Cold Mountain:
"Your poems make no sense at all"
"But from what I have read of the ancients,"
I said, "They weren't ashamed to be poor and humble ...”
He laughed at my words and answered,
"How can you talk such foolishness?”
“Then go on, my friend, as you are today.
Let money be your whole life for you!”

Here are four or five young fools!
Nothing they do is honest or true.
They've scarcely scanned ten volumes,
Yet their brushes are always ready with a caustic comment.
They take up the "Rules for Confucian Behavior"
And pronounce it no better than a code for thieves.
A species of pest like the silverfish
That chews through the binding of other men's books.


Missing Munich said...

Les, you knocked this one straight out of the I guess ballpark. Brilliant!! Sitting here at work eating lunch - this is just what I needed to get through the rest of this day!!

Greetings all around!!

Missing Munich

Anonymous said...

Another great post today Mr.Vis.
This one me laugh out loud.
“”””””Here's a little scamarama that's going on presently; out of the blue... someone found some boxes of White House documents in Biden's garage. Then they found some more. Then they found that Hunter had access to the boxes. Now... the sold-out... morally bankrupt Marxist attorney general... who's still pissed off about not getting to sit on the dead branches of manipulated law... with eight other vultures in black robes... and who is a rubber stamp for every agenda Biden might have; Marrano Garland... has..................””
You can’t make this stuff up and better yet, who could believe it.
The entire situation is not really laughable but sometimes your choice of words just cracks me up.
Bravo again

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another beauty that shows how misprioritised the majority be due to the misprogramming of all. Peers, parents, media. Ask J. Paul Getty III what it's like bein' a rich brat.


G-Zeus said...

I look forward to honest, straightforward interaction with open-minded individuals. So what if I am Blackstar as described by David Bowie. I'm just a Flash in the Pan. Youze guys are real. ------------- back to our fake world of fake fakeness. Think of this as a Lucid Dream.

Visible said...

I generally know when people are messing with me, and I can recognize the similarities in the arrangement of language... the syntax, et al

At the same time, I have a level of toleration. Until... it gets a few degrees more to the South and then it turns into radio-silence.

G-Zeus said...

You have hit on something YUUUGE (as Trump would say). I'm starting a thought-form. The OPPOSITE of Television, you know "Tape and Cassette $9.99".

We have ENOUGH, we have just the perfect amount of the perfect language Sand Scripts "Sanskrit". The notion of Silence spreading over the Para-Atman, all Con Science. You are good Les, letting the new thing happen. Letting me be my silly self, amongst the people here who have wonderful potential, because they are HERE.

Omigod Les, RADIO. Rock and Roll songs about RADIO. Sidebands, which are Mirror Images of each other. Around a Carrier. They don't play US on the FM, because SILENCE means turning off that little nagging thing inside of us that says "you would feel better with this nice jacket"

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Visible. Thank you so much for all you give.

Boriska Weevil said...

They knew about Brandon's bankers box of documents when they raided Emmanuel Trumpstein?
Maybe Joe "Slovo" Brandon is about to see the underside of the short bus coalition.
Did you hear about the Putin speech from last week where he said what kind of Satan plans are you doing with this depopulation, cease or face God's judgement.
Yea, that wasn't on the nightly agitprop two minutes stupid.
It is a gift to be in touch with God and it is one quadrillion times better than all the fiat currency ever printed.
The simulation is corrupted and the demonstration is purposeful as we pull into Armageddon Station but not on high speed rail. (honk,honk!)

Anonymous said...

Life is but a Dream...

Several week before my grandmother crossed over she called my mother several times stating “life is a dream, it’s just a dream. It all just a dream” . Forty years later I have to agree it’s her.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"As The Demonic is Pushed Out into Form from The Inner Worlds, More and More People are A Habitations of Demons."

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Just flitting around the nets and popped in to see what I could see. Et voila, holee schmolee, this is really good reading. Well, I'm not as surprised as I might sound (grin). Thanks. And that Cold Mountain poetry? Serendipitious! It's very moving. The download was kind, but these eyes prefer print for some long, indulgent reading. I'm a gonna look for a hard copy. Still it's appreciated.

Honk honk! Is right . Viva Canadian truckers! :)
Take care, Jam I am



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