Monday, December 28, 2009

The Curious Cancer from the Country of Rothschildlandia.

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Wow... where do you start? ICTS is once again waving the terrorists through so that they can continue on with the humanitarian work of Zionist Nation, also known as Rothschildlandia. It’s a country! It’s a sovereign, banking entity! It’s a hunting preserve for the endangered Palestinian, open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year! It’s an organ transplant, clearing house! It’s a child sex trafficking nexus! It’s the blackmailing center for the politicians across the entire world known as ‘Honey trap Hell” AND it’s also a floor wax and a desert topping!

So this Nigerian without a passport gets waved through ICTS security after some negotiation from a Sharply Dressed Man and then he sets his balls on fire and blows up his laptop and what did you get besides a lousy t-shirt? You now get full body searches because, apparently, ICTS is the most incompetent security firm on the planet. Yet ICTS is still doing security all over the world.

I traveled around to some of the S&MSM comments sections and you will be happy to know that people are as stupid and clueless as ever. A number of them (no doubt Israelis) are chattering on about how fantastic EL Al security is and how Israel is the only one who understands the problem of terror that the world is facing. It’s a no brainer by now that Israel is actually behind 90% of the terror and the rest of it is a reaction against that terror.

The Zionist controlled US is now killing people in Yemen, while financing terror in Iran and the Zionist controlled S&MSM is trumpeting the Iranian dead, as if it were something on the level of Katrina. Meanwhile, the war to control the opium in Afghanistan, the war to loot oil and antiquities in Iraq and the war for control of material transport (in anticipation of the next war in Iran) in Pakistan just keep rolling along like Old Man River. It’s a river of blood is what it is.

One can only hope that Iran does have nuclear weapons and gets those S-300 missiles real soon because the Central Banking Nation of the Middle East is clearly at the root of just about all of the world’s problems and something has to be done sooner or later. You have to think of Rothschildlandia as Cujo in full bloom, with the rest of the world locked in the car with the foam and slobber running down the windows. There’s no cure for hydrophobia except for the obvious.

Order me another Tequila Sunrise; I gotta go take a leak.

It just goes on and on and no one in power says anything about the glaringly evident, so whatever stranglehold the Ashke-NAZI’s have on the world’s leaders must be pretty impressive. Israel now wants another billion dollars from Germany for the same 30,000 holocaust graduates that they have been collecting for, for decades and never given any money to yet. That would defeat the purpose wouldn’t it? How annoying is this? The constant whining, grasping, money grubbing professional victim, dental drill... sounds like a cougar’s claws across a blackboard played through a Marshall amp with the volume at 11.

Isn’t it possible for them to just take the money from what they loot every day though their central banking complex? Can’t they just print the money and ship the inflation to the US?

It’s pretty clear that the reverse Kabala, black magic they practice is pretty powerful because no one is saying anything about... oh right, they control the world’s media. Duh. They also control who gets published and whose music gets played and distributed; which accounts for the general quality. They control who gets elected. They control who appears in movies and which movies get made; which accounts for the general quality. Now they control who gets on an airplane and if you’re not a Nigerian, pretending to be a Sudanese refugee, without a passport, you are shit out of luck.

As this is all going on, we’ve got this huge collection of orthodox rabbis who are into a bewildering array of crimes that range from the demonic to the amusing; organ trafficking, sex slavery, religious conversion of shiksas by the people ostensibly controlling the conversions, who are having sex with them and then farming them out among their associates and ...they keep getting caught! If I were to list the crimes they’ve been engaged in recently I wouldn’t be able to write anything else here because it would put me over my word limit.

They’ve got these very well funded organizations that are devoted to destroying Christianity while they are being fully backed by the fundamentalist, evangelical Christians. They want you to stop saying Merry Christmas and they want all nativity scenes and Christmas trees removed, while erecting gigantic Menorahs with impunity. Thank god a priest with balls pulled one of them down in Moldova. We sure hope that catches on.

All over the world, people are fuming and raging about the obscene behavior of a large percentage of one of the world’s smallest minorities. Instead of showing a little restraint and maybe stealing only half of everything in the world they want it all. Instead of cutting back on behaving with a blatant disregard for the laws of every land they are trying to bend to their will, they are so intoxicated with their power that all reason and good sense went out the window a long time ago. There’s no limit to their arrogant disregard for every life form but their own. Now we have Blankenfeld and Goldman Sachs doing God’s work. If God is the devil I would have to agree.

It just gets clearer and clearer and closer to the cosmic spanking that is coming up the road to greet them. It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when. Every stereotype that has been applied to them over the centuries and which they have used the anti-Semitic club to beat down into the ground has been proven in blazing neon over these recent years. Within the law of universal balance there lies a terrible fate brewing for these self-chosen ones. If they read this would they sagely nod their head and say, “Yes, this is so. We must mend our ways”? I am afraid not.

Well... the time will come. It always does. It comes to empires and nations. It comes to rich and poor alike. It comes to races and religions. They all expire beneath the wheels of time and justice and every particle of their being and presence and all of their works are brought to judgment at some point. The alternative media is filled with the evidence of Zionist crimes every single day. The mass media reports very few of them and when it does it spins the circumstances and details in a favorable light.

Now it looks like I won’t be able to see my mother before she passes because there is no way I am going to an airport to let Israeli golems rape me at a security checkpoint. It’s pretty obvious that this latest affair and the ones in the on deck circle are all about stopping the free movement of people from place to place, unless they are a Nigerian pretending to be a Sudanese refugee, without a passport, or if they are loaded down with boxcutters and sundry.

This whole scene is out of control and I’m going to call bullshit on it. It’s a staged production and an extremely poor one at that. We have to collect by the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands around the world, wherever we may be at a given hour every day and collectively focus our attention on Rothschildlandia and chant, “Out demons out!” You can also say, “Om Raksha, Raksha, Phat!” That will work too. We have to focus our collective wills upon Rothschildlandia all at once and see the Earth opening beneath it so that it may migrate to its eternal home.

There are enough of us to be a force to reckon with and we need to turn it on Rothschildlandia and on Mubarak; Gordon Brown, Netanyahoo and his man in the shadows. ‘seven come 9/11’ Barak. We have to become a collectively fused and focused force and we can accomplish miracles. The time is certainly at hand and there is no more critical work to which we can turn our hearts and our minds and our hands if we want to make a difference in the life on this planet. Well... there is a greater work, how could I forget? Still... this one may certainly be a necessary part of the other. Let’s pick an hour of the day that works for all of us wherever we may be and get to work. If we build it they will come.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Dear Santa, here is My Christmas List.

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It is Christmas Day and for me it has already started as a day of miracles. I walked across the field to pay a visit to “Black”, the ancient, German Shepherd that I am taking care of and when I came in through the steel doors into the garden, he got up on his feet and came over to greet me. For the last several days he couldn’t get up at all and I had to lift him but there he was today; up on his own and reeling like a drunken sailor, listing to the windward side but staying afoot and I could not have been more pleased.

This made me think of the power of the invisible and it also made me think of that time in our lives when we are young and we believe in people like Santa and the Easter Bunny and sometimes we even have invisible friends, I still have invisible friends, so I know that part of it is real. I’m not so sure of Santa and the Easter Bunny, even though I did see the film, “Harvey” and I know about the legends. The same could be true of Santa; he might just be different than the commercial Santa or Billy Bob Thornton’s Santa. Maybe you are this kind of Santa?

Maybe Santa exists for some and not for others and maybe Santa will exist for me today because I have a Christmas list. I know it’s late to be asking but where there is life and breath there is hope, so I’m going to put my list out here for what I would like to see happen in the coming year. I’m not asking for myself in most cases but I am going to ask for a couple of personal things.

First, I am going to imagine myself climbing up into Santa’s lap. Santa is really large in my imagination and he would have to be because I am 6’4”. I’ve gotten myself comfortable and Santa is asking me what I would like for Christmas. The first thing I would like is for him to do something about The Middle East. There’s a troublesome little country over there that doesn’t believe in anything except getting what they want and experiencing an ugly form of sexual release at the murder and abuse of those they have walled up inside of a 24 hour, genocidal ghetto. I would like you to give these people a really hard spanking Santa. I would like you to take away everything they have and scatter them to the winds.

The next thing I would like Santa is for you to expose a good portion of the world leader’s secret lives to the eyes of the world. Santa, I would like you to strip them naked and humiliate them in such a way that they can never assume another position of power and are ashamed to show their faces in public afterwards. Santa, I would like Polaroid’s of bad behavior screaming from the media and going viral on the internet. I want each new outrage followed by another. I want them ruined Santa. I hope you don’t think I’m being mean but millions of lives will be different if you do this and those who follow them will rule in apprehension of the same thing happening to them.

Santa, I would like Goldman Sachs and The Rothschild banks rendered bankrupt and everyone who works for them made homeless and objects of ridicule to everyone they meet. I want them to be given pariah status, Santa. I want ‘just about’ everyone who works in The City in London to be reduced to being 2 feet high and I would like their skin to be turned a fluorescent, reptile green.

I would like every celebrity and athlete; every public figure that has been indifferent to the suffering of others to have their lights and talents dimmed, big time. Santa, everyone who has sold out to the dark side and who skates through this tormented world on their bank accounts and phony smiles, I want them to be marked on their faces in a way that everyone who sees them will know what they are.

Santa, there is a whole lot of child abuse and much of it is not recognized as such but some of it does lead to that child growing up and wanting to work for some big corporation or engage in all sorts of things that bring harm upon their fellows. I would appreciate it Santa if you make it so that children can no longer hear the voices of parents, teachers and mentors who steer them on the wrong road of life.

Santa, I would like the lips of all of the world’s pernicious liars to be sealed so that they may never utter another word. It’s okay if you make them sound like frogs when they open their mouths. I’m flexible on that. Also Santa, a lot of people are abusing animals and they are much loved residents of The Devic Realm, who came here to serve, amuse and comfort humanity. Meanwhile Santa there are all these hypocritical agencies like PETA and Greenpeace and others too. I’d like you to give all of these animal abusers and useless front organizations a serious taste of poetic justice. This includes all those charities that collect for the needy but who never give it to the needy. In respect of this, I would like you to destroy the Holocaust industry. Let the truth about it come out in such a way that public rage sends these criminals looking for dark holes in the Earth to hide in.

Santa, can you make Global Warming a personal thing? I mean can you make it so Al Gore and the rest of the opportunists have to live with the sensation that they are in a sauna most of the time without anyone else being affected?

Santa, probably a lot of the people who read this will have things to add to the list that I forgot and I hope you will see that their wishes are fulfilled.

I would like to see peace on Earth for those who carry peace in their hearts and I would like for the rest of them to either wake up or get what they bring in an instant karma sort of a way. I would especially like for all the evildoers to have their acts and intentions turned on them right while they are seeking to carry them out. I would like for all the people who take themselves so seriously to not be taken seriously by anyone else. I would like the poor and troubled of this world to find that, all of a sudden they have what they need and for the privileged and well to do to suddenly find that what they need and desire just isn’t to be found at any price.

Santa, I would really appreciate it if you would expose the S&MSM completely and in such a way that no one goes there to get their news anymore. I want you to cause the talking heads to freak out while they are reporting the news and be forced to tell the truth about the news and themselves and to admit that they were lying before. I would like you to be creative with this. You know what I mean.

If there is an illuminati, Santa; if there is any kind of reptile, dark alien, secret clubs that are behind all of the bad shit that’s been going down I would like you to destroy them. I know that sounds harsh but I am sitting on your knee and this is my Christmas list and you are Santa. It really does look like you are filling my Christmas stocking even before I ask.

Santa, I would also like all nuclear weapons turned into Turkish taffy and all of the fighter planes, tanks and missiles and automatic weaponry turned into Belgian chocolate and we’ll see what happens when they fire them up or the sun hits them. This should apply across the board to all chemical weapons and crowd control technology. There is one circumstance where it’s okay for them to work and that is if they use them on each other; the bad guys I mean. It would have to be precise and surgical but they claim these things are anyway so, once again, please be creative.

For myself Santa, I would like you to remove my shortcomings and grant me the divine qualities and remove the obstacles to my self-realization and I would also like the power to heal. I’ve got a couple of mundane requests and that would be to see that I can get my Special K whenever I need it and would you see if you can locate a recording company and a publisher who are not members of that group that has done me so much harm with my work in the past? I’ll just whisper in your ear now a few private requests that I don’t want going out over the public airwaves and then I think I’m done. I do want to thank you for that incident with The Pope. I believe you are already answering me in various ways.

Thanks for listening to me Santa and I want you to know that right in this moment I believe you can do everything I just asked you and I believe you will do it too. I can already see some of these things happening but, for whatever the reason, I felt like I should come to you and so that’s that. Merry Christmas Santa and say hello to Mrs. Claus, the elves and the reindeer.

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We are going to pass 2,000,000 visits with this post. The first million took four years and the second million less than one so... hmmm, forgot what I was going to say. Thanks for coming around and making this place what it is. Merry Christmas one and all, it feels even better to say it since you aren’t supposed to say it anymore because it offends the people who temporarily iced the guy whose birthday this is supposed to be but which is actually on the 21st or 22nd. It was a long time ago so... you know how it is with dates.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Play 24 Hour Miniature Golf at Auschwitz.

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Last night's radio show is now available for download.

Well, they got their Auschwitz sign back, in 3 pieces and I know the whole world just feels like it has gotten an early Christmas present. Oops, I don’t think you can say the word Christmas any more can you? That sign needs to be replaced anyway, with one that says, “Lies make you filthy rich”. Reading this tawdry, unctuous sop to a people who manufactured several holocausts much larger than the one they claimed they experienced, saves me the trouble of pushing my fingers down my throat to offset an intense state of internal nausea because it’s just that sick making that I don’t have to do anything at all. The upchuck is inspired to seek the light on its own.

I don’t know why we don’t hear about the Bolshevik murders of tens of millions and the holocaust in the Ukraine. I’m not sure why we are not notified about who the membership of The Young Turks were and their impact on the Armenian holocaust. For some reason we never get informed about who the bankers and banks were that pushed for and bankrolled the major world wars and probably all the others as well. We certainly are discouraged from pointing out what’s happening in Gaza, at the hands of these blood thirsty villains, in broad daylight... every day for the last 61 years ...and it all gets blamed on the Palestinians. The way I feel about this, I wish you would take that holocaust of yours and stick it up your ass and set it on fire (poor choice of words?).

There’s a damn good reason to control the press, as you can see.

What I notice is that they’ve got almost six million of the worst of them all together in one place now and who knows what serendipity that might imply. Maybe they’ll be able to really get those numbers finally, before they exterminate the human race or most of us are driven to suicide from hearing about this holocaust over and over and over and over again. How come there are now so many more holocaust survivors than were actually liberated from the camps?

Here’s the way it is. No matter what may have or may not have happened during the second world war- going on 70 years ago- you; the chosen... are no longer owed anything at all. You have milked this cow till it was dead and continued to milk it until the flesh came away from the body and nothing but bones remain. Now you are stealing milk from somewhere around the corner and demanding that we accept that the cow can never die. The cow is immortal. It appears that lies are too. I’m going to go take a Pina Colada enema and then a dip in the Auschwitz pool, while I think about what I want to say next.

The gig is up. You can peddle your lies and your engineered publicity stunts and your false flags to the permanently stupid and the terminally insane but you can’t peddle them to me or any of the rest of us who have the great pleasure of observing your bad behavior every day and... I hate to tell you this but you are going to be exposed and ass whipped in ways you never imagined and it is on the way as I speak. Since this is the apocalypse and that period when the one you worship gets a portion of what is owed to him; I think you know who and what I mean, you are going to find that the more you beat this dead horse and milk that dead cow the more that fewer and fewer people are going to believe your outrageous lies. It comes with the time and the territory.

Personally I think Auschwitz would be a great place for a gay disco, a Berlin leather bar or... let me think, a full contact miniature golf course. That’s the ticket!!! There could be all kinds of obstacles and cool effects. You could get Spielberg’s special effects people to come in and set the thing up. He could shoot a movie about it at the same time. He could call it, Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Anne Frank’s Ballpoint Pen. Steve’s good to go on this, after all, he recently claimed there were now 350,000 holocaust survivors, which is about 3 times the number that was liberated from the camps. New Baron Munchausen’s are claiming up to a million these days. I’m thinking that you’re pushing for a final figure of six million holocaust survivors and that will be the point at which the anti-gravity machine goes ballistic. We can bring Escher back from the dead and he can paint it; six million dead and six million surviving and they are moving on a Mobius Strip with black and white birds flying overhead.

Back to the golf course; you can claim that all of the sand in the sand traps is actually the ashes of the dead from the crematoriums. You can have hazards along the lines of liquid soap, water traps made from the original, discredited product. You can have lampshades of human skin that pop up out of the ground in front of the course of the ball. You can have blue-eyed twins that come out of the bushes and steal the ball and then run off with it back into the bushes and then you can run into the bushes and do bad things to them.

Each hole will have an entire theme motif. There’s Doctor Mengele, injecting concrete into a young girl’s veins at the nineth hole. At the tenth hole you have the mass graves with animated zombies. At the 13th hole you have the Treblinka exhibit, where you have to find the hole using a gas spectrometer. You can take a point off your score if you can locate any human remains. At the 16th hole you have to accurately estimate how many gas chambers and crematoriums were necessary in order to realistically gas and burn the amount of people that were supposed to have been gassed and burned; this determines the angle of the playing field and the success of your putt.

This is what Auschwitz was always meant to be. You go talk to the people at the Ritz Carleton about turning all those buildings into hotel rooms and you put together an ass-kicking, restaurant with a major league Saturday night, champagne breakfast buffet. You can do it. You have no shame... no, don’t be modest... you don’t.

So now you are about to get in your planes and head on over to Iran and kill a whole lotta new people. You can’t fly over Turkey since you tried to kill Yippee I oh tie Yay Erdogan; not your smartest move. You’ve had a good run. You pulled off 9/11 and blamed it on the Arab Muslims. You did the London Tube Bombings and The Madrid Train Station. You did the U.S.S. Cole and Mumbai. You crafted the lies and twisted the necessary arms to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. Your settlers can kill Palestinians, without a word of protest from your captive governments around the world. You can even have the IDF and police standing by in case some Palestinian objects to the treatment and no one says nothing... I’m guessing you are sky high on your own freedom and ability to do just about anything to anyone without any reaction at all. I’m guessing you have pushed arrogance to previously, unguessed heights. I’d say you are right where you need to be.

You did all these things and got away with it. You’ve got people coming out of the woodwork with fabricated stories about your holocaust, who get caught in the act and all those so called anti-Semitic events that you are behind and which you get caught at and it still doesn’t matter. How cool is that?

I’m here to tell you that Christmas is on the way for the rest of the world and that does not bode well for you. Invisible armies and flesh in presence, both are arrayed across the worlds and dimensions against you and baby, your time has come. My advice to those of you who consider yourselves, ‘members of the tribe’ and who have remained silent all around the world in the face of constant, unremitting evidence of the things which I and others have told you is... you better wake up. Silence is complicity here.

I take my hat off to those, all too few, of you who are actually working against the psychopathic engines of mass murder and world domination that your, so called, family members have been up to. All debts are going to be settled and there is time for almost anyone to come to their senses and make whatever statement is in their power, to not only save another but perhaps your own ass as well. That window won’t stay open forever. Dusk is already falling.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Norway Spiral and the Ticks on the Run.

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I’ve been getting emails about the Norway Spiral; what I might think the cause was. My definitive answer on the subject is, “I don’t know.” I do know that the idea that it was some sort of UFO or supernatural celebration of warmonger Obama’s (rhymes with Osama) receipt of the bankrupt, Nobel Peace Prize is probably not true. It could be true if the UFO’s were from some Klingon race or if the supernatural force was Satanic in nature and they wanted to make a statement in support of the man’s murderous adventurism at the behest of his Zio-Nazi handlers. That would make sense.

I suspect that there is going to be an ever increasing amount of ‘signs and wonders’ appearing as we get closer to whatever it is that we are getting closer to. Most of these things are likely to be holographic projections and the result of other disinfo efforts to scare the public and keep them in line. The bad guys are at each other’s throats these days, as they should be and there’s no telling what that’s going to initiate. The biggest concern of the moment is the pending assault on Iran. Israel likes to celebrate their holidays with bloodshed and suffering visited upon their neighbors. We’re in the zone at the moment.

I don’t know when they are going to do this but it is going to change everything. The world changed dramatically after they pulled off 9/11. It will change even more dramatically after this. There are pressing reasons to attack Iran, sooner rather than later. Zippy (the Pinhead) Livni got charged with war crimes in the UK. Then, PDQ, she got uncharged, due to the not at all (and don’t you say it is) powerful Israeli lobby. Even if it’s not happening, it did happen. Barak- one of the main players in 9/11- is being charged in Austria. Some numbers of psychopaths from the Kingdom of Rothschild - known as Israel- are also on restricted travel.

In the US, they passed a truly humungous Defense Spending Bill (which didn’t even include the surge) designed to protect that country from a manufactured terrorist threat which the neo-cons are carefully and not so carefully manipulating at the public expense. Fat-faced, alcoholic lawmakers are arguing about how transparent the national health care bill can be. Do they just turn it over completely to the insurance and pharmaceutical firms to run or do they hide that fact and how much of it do they hide? It’s becoming increasingly clear that no matter how much money they charge the public, there is not going to be enough for them. I suspect they will cut a deal with First Premier Bank and everyone will be able to pay with their credit cards. If you don’t have one you can get one.

Ever since it became clear to me that Israel intended to attack Iran. (and that’s been a long time now) I have had the unshakeable sensation that it is going to turn into the biggest backfire in history. The thought comes into my mind that there is something ‘they’ don’t know and that something is going to affect the result in a truly momentous way.

We don’t know what the lost souls are cooking up in the back room. I want to point out that there are several back rooms and several groups that are not only opposed to you but to each other as well. You see it every day now. You see them going after each other. You see, if you are paying attention, all the little messages they are sending each other. People should take heart from this.

Many of us think of evil as a unified force. After all, it appears to run the whole world at this time. It’s actually a collection of well entrenched, tick-like creatures, who have each attached themselves to some large body of the public. Each of them has become bloated beyond recognition. They are well past the guy in Se7en with his face down in the spaghetti bowl. Ticks don’t have a shut off valve. I understand that they do fall off on occasion; must be some sort of occupational hazard. These are super ticks so they can still move from one group of people to another if they’ve sucked their present host dry. So we wind up with that territorial imperative problem where one group of ticks object to another group coming over for an extended buffet, uninvited.

These days everything is getting seen and heard. We’ve got hidden video transmitters and cellphone cameras and we’ve got the internet to transmit it everywhere all at once. It’s gotten out of hand and they are trying to put it back in the bottle but that’s not going to happen. They’re getting nailed right and left and they don’t like it one bit. Tony Blair is being compromised and exposed all of a sudden. Now we find he’s got that new startup company for global warming; well, they all do, don’t they? He makes that ‘oops’ comment about Iraq and one would have to say that things aren’t going well for Tony at the moment.

Al Gored can’t even appear in public anymore without We Are Change or someone else getting in his face. He sets himself up on a shitheap of lies and as the crowning moment approaches, someone leaks all those emails from East Anglia. The next thing we know the scientists are at each others throats and both sides have large S&MSM backing. There’s a war on people and it’s not the ones we’ve become familiar with. Powerful people are coming out of the woodwork and saying the unexpected. The Baroness on the EU Commission has made some challenging statements about Israel. Lord Monckton is all over the place.

How did a certain group of people come to be in charge of the media and so many facets of commerce and industry? They own the banks and they can print as much money as they want to and loan it out to those who owe them fealty. This is why the central banks don’t want their operations scrutinized. They are counterfeiters who bought the world with phony money. To solve this problem, the central banks must be eliminated. After that, these monster operations will fall under their own weight. They stole so much and then bought so much paper, which inflated to such a degree, that no one knows how bad it is but there is the implication that there is no value at all in most of what they are engaged in. A lot of the money is now as worthless as they are. What we have now is the propped up appearance of value.

The kicker is what is going on behind the scenes. You can get some idea of this from studying what is showing up out here. I was much amused by Putin’s comment to Berlusconi about how manly he was during his assault. You have to understand something about Russian humor to get this. Steam is hissing out of the weak points in the apparatus and inexorably the charade continues. The public humiliations are a daily affair and the recipients clamor for more air time so that they can add to the spectacle of their state. Don’t tell me that something unknown to the players isn’t at work far and wide at the moment. They are running out of options and the space to exercise them in. They are left with the usual false flag capers and some varieties of science fiction events to loose upon the minds of those that it is becoming increasingly harder to deceive.

There are billions of people who are engaged in some religious faith. At the end of the Cliff High interview, you heard a remarkably annoying woman demonstrate an example of one. Millions of fundies are looking for a sign and it is likely they are going to get a few. My expectation is that several cabals of ticks are industriously engaged in cooking up supernatural spectacles to take a convincing control of their attention; set it up, verify it and then work it and milk it. I suspect that is coming really soon and Christmas is a good time for a five hundred foot Jesus in the sky, along with representatives of the other faiths.

Still, like I said, something is loose that they don’t understand and can’t control. It keeps pulling their pants down as they are explaining themselves. They look behind them and no one is there. It’s uncanny. I celebrate it. I’m on the side of whoever is messing with the ticks. I’m on the side of whoever is exposing the banks and all the corporate extensions that lead out from them. Truthfully, I’m on the side of Harmony and Balance. We won’t get there without what is off balance, finally manifesting in some kind of ‘Bush on a Segway’.

Take heart from all of these strange doings. The ticks are on the run and it’s hard to run when your belly is full of blood.

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Smoking Mirrors Mirror.

Monday, December 14, 2009

To Know the End from the Beginning.

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I was trying to explain to someone once about what happens when you go too far down the road with alcohol and certain drugs. It’s no different than what happens with the intoxication of power; the pursuit of sexual satisfaction, gold fever and whatever obsession might come to mind. I was telling this fellow that it was similar to the way the water swirls in a toilet bowl. At first you encounter certain events and phenomena and there may be an exception that occurs once or twice. As you continue down, what was an exception becomes commonplace and then a new exception will occur. Then this exception becomes common place. The lower you swirl on the side of the bowl the more the environment changes until it suddenly gets very dark and then stays that way.

You can think about domestic altercations; a bar fight, a DWI, a blackout, divorce, job loss, homelessness, insanity or prison and then… death. The usual descent is gradual. This is how people will come to some point of desperation and wonder how they arrived there.

Surfers and divers experience a particular condition that can be caused by extreme wave action or some other factors where they no longer know which way is up or down. So it is that people climbing up the ladder of personal power and personal influence might actually be climbing downward in a cosmic sense which would, sooner or later, become personal. Sometimes people think that steps they are taking are going to protect them and find that they succeeded only in putting themselves in greater danger. Some people think having a lot of money will make them rich when it winds up making them poor in everything that counts.

Men and women born with great physical beauty often come to rely on it and never develop the other qualities that actually make them attractive in an enduring way. Once their looks are gone, it’s a sad affair. This is the judgment of Nature. However, it is possible that when one kind of beauty would ordinarily fade, it becomes illuminated with another kind of beauty. There are realities about life that it is valuable to become aware of, unfortunately most people never do.

What happened to Berlusconi yesterday is a watershed moment. This won’t be the general impression. In most minds this will come across as an anomaly and one of the things that happen now and then to those who are in the public eye and whose public actions have a certain amount of controversy to them. It could be said that all public figures have a certain amount of controversy attached to them, just from being public figures.

The very rich and powerful have put themselves in a most undesirable position. Instead of making sure that the underclass has enough to get by and then keeping all the usual distractions in operation, they have overstepped themselves. Their greed and lust for power and wealth and their disdain for public opinion, which they demonstrate by their arrogant disregard for what others think; believing themselves to be above the reach and judgment of those they consider beneath them, is going to come back on them with a fury. The King Louis and Marie Antoinette mindset never goes out of style with those driven mad by vanity and self-interest. It comes with the territory.

Most of the time, they can keep this in check and go right on living their privileged lives by recognizing the limits to which they can abuse the ordinary lives. In this age of material darkness they have lost their perspective. They have over reached themselves. They have put themselves in peril by placing themselves too far above their fellows and basically… sucking the oxygen out of the living room of life.

They have continued to steal when they already had more than they could ever need or ever spend. They made public displays of their wealth, while showing a calloused indifference to the plight of the people they stole their money from. They have awakened a beast in the hearts of the populace. This beast has its own intelligence outside of the minds of those in which it has been kindled. They are only the means. The beast is the awareness that drives the means to the end. This is how unruly mobs suddenly coalesce as if they were possessed of intelligent purpose. All of a sudden they have leaders and a structure. It seems to come out of nowhere but it does not. It is the natural response to conditions set into being by people who should have known better and did not.

When you set about repressing people’s freedom of speech and movement, you have created a problem. When you make their jobs and their savings disappear you have created another problem. When you send men and women to fight wars for profit or to serve the interest of a foreign nation that sees them as less than human, you have created another problem. When you fail to see to the aftercare of these soldiers you have created yet another problem. These are only a few of the problems.

Many times, the rich and the powerful have considered themselves above the law and secure behind their walls and under the protection of their guards. Very often this proves to be untrue. Often enough the danger is behind the walls with you already and simmers in the hearts of those charged with your protection.

The rich and the powerful could go on indefinitely were it not for their arrogance and sense of impunity. It’s not rocket surgery to understand that you have to make sure that ‘the people’ have enough to get by on. No sane leader would let the banks take away the homes of the people when they caused the problem in the first place. The worst of times in which to behave this way is during the presence of an apocalypse because it is then- due to a little understood working of the laws of Nature- that we become exposed for what we are. We get seen at what we are doing. We wind up at another level in the swirling bowl and the exception becomes the rule.

Though it may not be apparent at the moment, I believe we will look back on this Berlusconi incident and say, “That’s when it started.” Some might say it started in Copenhagen or it started in East Anglia. You can go way back and say it started there or even say that it hasn’t started yet but… I think this event has set a number of wheels turning in the collective mind where the beast is laying with one eye open. World leaders would do well to consider reversing the course of their self-serving ways. The rich and privileged would do well to consider their behavior and how vulnerable they are.

The bankers and Wall Street clowns should seriously consider a sea change in their day to day relentless, buggery of the lumpen proles. Once critical mass has been reached, you don’t get any ‘do-overs’ …and you don’t get to rewind the tape. As Omar Khayyam said; “The moving finger, having writ, moves on and not all your piety can lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it". World leaders and international bankers are not calling me on the phone and asking, “visible, what should I do here?” They are not consulting with any of us who might do them some good. They would prefer to pay those who will tell them what they want to hear and how they can get out of this with everything they have and still more. It’s not going to happen.

Those richly deserving it are about to reap the whirlwind and it does not have to happen… yet they insist upon it. Have it your way and welcome to the cosmic Burger King where you are on the menu. There are people closely placed to all of these people, in critical positions, who do not like what they are up to and will betray them without regret when the opportunity comes. I do not envy those who think themselves impervious to the storm. In other time they could simply throw a few of their fellows to the crowd. These are not those other times.

A hard rain is going to fall, as a poet once said. Times of great change are filled with a combustible unpredictability. The degree of severity is still in question and much could be done to militate against the worst case scenario. Will an epiphany fall upon those who need it the most? Will they push their chips to the center of the table and declare that they are all in? Will they actually believe that where a certain amount of force is not working that they only need to apply more force? Will they listen or must they feel? I don’t have the answer to that. One can only hope that somehow they will find one before it really is too late.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Event Horizon in your Windshield Drive-By Monitor.

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I’ve been watching everything from a distance and that means you only get what your mind tells you might be happening but you can’t really see anything. There are some good features to being outside of the crowd. If they go nuts you don’t have to worry about getting away because you’re not there. That’s one of the reasons I avoid crowds but not the main one or even the secondary reason. Then again, you can’t take someone’s pulse from a distance. You have to rely on what you hear. This means you have to trust the source of your information, get another source or… not care if you are being lied to because you don’t really want to know the truth in the first place. You want to be reassured and if bad things have to happen on your watch, or due the actions of someone who represents your interests, you want it justified. Dead babies don’t grow on trees. It takes a strong man to bring a camel to his knees.

When I used to do my TV show in NYC, Woodstock, NY and some other places, via the postal service, the main feature of the show was that I channeled seven different characters and each of them gave their take on the world situation; the inner and outer space situation, the world of black ops and so on and so forth. One of the characters was Omega Fortunatis and he was from outer space. Each of the characters had a different hat and some of them had sunglasses. Omega wore lit Christmas bulbs wreathed around his head. It was called Mr. Visible’s Neighborhood and there used to be an example from the early days up on Blinkx but it appears to be gone now. Ah, never mind about that. The point is that I’m going to do a little Omega today and make some predictions concerning things that ‘I think’ I can see and as these things have gotten closer in time they look even more like what the outline was suggesting from a greater distance.

Here goes; a significant number of people are going to stop paying their taxes come 2010. This is going to cause serious concern in the leech industry. Money is going to dry up for public services and crime is going to get bad. It’s going to get worse than it might have been because people don’t have the money they need to get by. They don’t have the money they need because corporations like Goldman Sachs, the banking industry and the government have stolen what they had, while outsourcing and downsizing have buggered the manufacturing base and made the jobs disappear. An honest government could have prevented this but you don’t have one of those.

I’m not going to tell you anything new and I’ve said most of these things before but… they weren’t in the wing mirror then and riding in a Peterbilt truck. Please note that objects in the mirror are closer than they appear and so is the invisible divine agency which should be of some comfort if you are the sort of person who needs to know that sort of thing. You could find this out on your own but most people are too occupied with the details of getting by to go looking for the source of all the things they are having such difficulty finding and acquiring. End digression.

You’ve heard about the suicides in your gratuitous wars. You’ve heard about the ten million dollar bat mitzvah that the body armor guy had for his little darling and you probably heard about what kind of a beautiful human being he is, just as you have heard about Halliburton and Blackwater, now operating under a new name that the other Prince had considered using but didn’t. You’ve heard about dissension in the ranks and the games being played with soldier’s finances and health care. Well… what you have is a whole lot of really pissed off young men and women who know how to use guns and also know who they have actually been fighting these wars for. Next year there is going to be a lot of trouble coming because of these people.

There was an interesting article in the S&MSM recently (are there still people that don’t know why I call it the S&MSM? Does this help… S&M MSM?). This article was listing the places in America where there was the greatest disparity of wealth. In other words, they named places where there were a lot of very rich people and a great many more poor people. There are going to be some serious problems in these places. They were kind enough to also list those neighborhoods where there were a lot of stinking rich people, like Greenwich and Bridgeport, Connecticut. They didn’t mention Saddle (bags) River in NJ but I will. Once the leech industry has done for the middle class and lowered that forty ton press on to the heads of the poor they are going to take Willie Suttons advice with some modifications.

Consonant with the results of the forty ton press will be the Houdini that gets pulled by Social Security and other violence ameliorating services and this is going to be because the people who brought you Tungsten Gold are already looting that area of the system. Some of the individuals that are behind this truly believe they have a Get out of Dodge Free card. Some of them have reservations in one of the Morlock hotels and some of them still think they can trust their bodyguards. A good portion of them have dual nationality and they’ll be headed in that direction but there’s a surprise coming for those folks just like there is for the card carrying, Morlock hotel residing, bodyguard trusting assemblage. You can think of all of this as a sort of Shadenfreude Christmas.

People are going to start losing their minds in public. The reasons for this is that they didn’t have control of them in the first place and also… the real climate problem is going to intensify and that is the mental and emotional climate which the external climate is only a reflection of. This might help you understand what I mean. When you see something external from you are you actually seeing it there? No, you are seeing it in your head. There is the impression of distance and all attendant features extended but all of it is actually being experienced and processed in your head. Take this concept and play around with it and see if you get anything.

There will soon be an epidemic of candid shots featuring deep exposure of prominent operations and individuals. Think of it as the Tiger Woods debacle on steroids. This Climate Gate is the tip of the iceberg. Things like; ‘the’ holocaust survivor- population explosion- industry and the core industry itself, 9/11, international Satanism and it’s connection to organized religion, child sacrifice, The Pope’s wilderness defecation experiences, various mind control operations, the lying media and so forth and so on are all going to come under the Klieg lights. One of the big reasons for this is ‘panic in the ranks’. Subsequently there are going to be assassinations that make the much ignored murders of all those micro-biologists look like no big deal which, apparently they weren’t. Things are going to be a big deal now, where before they were not. A whole lot of things are going to become more important than they were. They were always important but most people didn’t give a shit because they were focused on the head bobbing up and down in their lap or occupied at the other end of the process. It is going to become clear that there are more important things than bobbing heads when other things begin to disappear.

There is a place in that remarkable work, The Lord of the Rings, where Frodo says something about Bilbo not killing Gollum. Gandalf says something like, “Pity? It was pity that stayed his hand.” It’s a beautiful teaching point among so many in that brilliant masterpiece. We all know how that turned out don’t we? We know what happened with Frodo and Gollum at the end don’t we?

Some of you may be feeling squirrelish and girlish and the latter is okay if you’re busy texting at the moment or getting ready for the prom but I have to demur because I wasn’t born one. If you are, then, even then, that might not be the ticket right now. You need to know what you are about. There’s an old C&W song that says, “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” In this instance your belief system is what is going to be tasked. It’s the point of this whole exercise to begin with. I don’t see how you could arrive somewhere if you didn’t believe in it in the first place.

The one thing The Devil cannot abide is scorn. It may be what made him red in the first place. Let him know what you think of him by having the courage not to be like so many of your fellows in this time of trial.

I’ve handed out certain PDF gifts in the past. I have one now that I hope will recompense those of you disappointed with your ALTA experience. It is in the Western tradition, Christ associated format but… there is no one from any faith who will not get something from this and it couldn’t come at a better time. Email me.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

From Bondage to Rothschild to Freedom Within.

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I wonder if it has always been this way and it ‘seems’ that some professions are just naturally inclined toward evil ways. These would include politics, religion, the media and occupations directly connected to the pursuit of profit, to the exclusion of all else. Certainly that last group would include bankers. Weaving through all of these activities would be those who are engaged in the manipulation and interpretation of whatever laws there may be. This last group is an indispensable item for all of the other groups.

It might seem that these groups include and employ a very large number of people but, compared to all of the occupations going on, they are not that large. They are just the most visibly evident because they tend to affect our lives in so many ways. They influence what we do and how we do it. They influence how we live and whether our lives are more or less under a shadow. These days the shadow is wide and reaching into every corner of human life.

The more powerful the shadow is then the greater the proliferation of self interest and the will to individual power. Here is a classic example of the sort of men who are connected to the decisions that affect so many lives. In his own words he reveals the kind of man that he is. Shortly after The Mossad and The CIA pulled off the 9/11 attacks, Bush the Lesser immediately put forward Henry Kissinger to head the commission to investigate what happened. The public uproar took care of that idea PDQ. Now we have Climate Diddling and the forces in power have nominated this man. The article says it all. It requires no editorial on my part.

9/11 changed life on Earth in a dramatic fashion. You can see the effect of it everywhere. You see it when you want to travel. You see it in a thousand different ways and it has coiled up inside the minds of those who believe what they are told and that is a very large number of people. The people who have made all the legal adjustments, which have added to the weight that presses down upon us all, are the very same people who were engaged in orchestrating the event they used as an excuse for all of these oppressions.

These entities have an extended game plan in mind. It infiltrates into every area of life and is especially focused on shaping the mind of the youth. I might have picked another source for this story which originally comes from somewhere else but I am short of time at the moment. The story is expanded at the same site here and with many related links below. The medium for this information isn’t the important thing. The important thing is; is this information true? Is it mostly true? Is some of it true? That will be up to you to chase down and you can let me know what you find.

Here’s one of the major sources for a large part of the unpleasantness on Earth. There’s a weird comment in the video where the announcer attributes the control of 500 trillion dollars and yet refers to Evelyn as the second richest man on the planet. Did I hear it wrong? Well, no matter. This is the group that arranged for what you are told occurred in Nazi Germany. They set it up in order to get their hands on Palestine- not for some group of people called Jews who turn out to not even be Semitic but- so that their world banking operation would have the benefit of operating under the protections of a sovereign nation. This is about having a location from which to loot and control the world.

You might well ask how it is that members of a particular group of people got control of the world’s press and the entertainment industry. The general impression is that it happened because of hard work and keen business sense. It happened because the money was given to them to make it possible and it was not given to someone else. Just about everything that we have been told about history is a lie. Henry Ford said it with the most brevity; “History is bunk.” Henry Ford was a very interesting man.

I used to read widely in many curious areas. I had an insatiable hunger to know what actually happened and to know what was real and what was not. I don’t do much of that anymore because all of my inquiry led me to the same conclusions. I still try to differentiate between what is real and what is not and I find that most everything, like the official record of History, is not real. I’ve come to this understanding according to the Hindu perspective on how the mind operates in relation to appearances through the agency of the senses. This is an ancient science and I find it rings most true with me in comparison to other systems. Patanjali has been a great help to me in this area.

Each of us has to find our own way through the maze and since it is a rare individual who can accomplish this on their own; one might even say there is no such person, your success depends on who is guiding you.

I realize the danger in saying the things I do. I’m not the only one who does this. The numbers of people saying similar things increases every day. Those prone to awakening are finding themselves more and more able to see with a greater clarity. The rest of us are falling deeper and deeper into sleep. The sleepwalkers are troubled and so they are thrashing about in a state of nightmare. They hit each other as they toss and turn. They want to wake up from the nightmare and they repeatedly believe they have woken up, only to find that they are still dreaming. I don’t think that’s a pleasant place to be. Actually seeing what is going on is not all that pleasant either. These things have to run their course. For the moment it seems to be an unfortunate birth that put us in such times as these but we have not seen the end yet so we do not know.

The pressure of the times is intense. People are drinking too much and seeking out whatever substances might cocoon them from the night terrors. They immerse themselves in fantasies as they become increasingly alienated from their fellows. Suspicion is rampant and superstition is on the rise. We are coming to the grand summing up and I can’t say that too often. Sometimes all you can do is endure.

I would have liked a more charming life. I would have liked to have seen more of my friends and had the continued company of my artistic collaborators. I miss the days when you could travel with ease from one place to another. I miss some of the illusions that I had about world leaders and various things I once believed that made the journey easier. That’s not entirely true. I miss them but not as much as I would miss being aware of what I am aware of now. Everything has a price and that is one of the biggest reasons that people avoid seeking the truth. It changes you and you can never be who and what you were again.

We should all take some comfort at the peculiar anomalies going on these days. Some would say that the exposure of the climate fraud and the expanding awareness of who actually did 9/11 and so many other things is simply one more trend being manipulated by the people who caused the problems in the first place. I don’t think so. Whether your glass is half empty, half full or entirely empty is your choice. If you think the whole world is in the unshakeable grip of these miscreants then you will have to live with that state of mind until you find it disproved.

We let them win when they get into our heads. This is where the real battle is taking place; not outside you but inside your minds and your hearts. This is also where you can be victorious, regardless of the size of their armies or their power in the marketplace.

I understand how hard it can be to believe in something beyond the appearances but this capacity is actually based on something very real and there are ancient traditions which explain it very well. You have to know where to look and there is no better way than to look within. Once you have seen the extent of yourself, it is much easier to understand how the world got the way it is. You don’t have to be like these other people. That option is always open to you. You can change at any time and it is the purpose of life to give you that opportunity.

Visible is on the radio tonight with an Origami textured broadcast.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Your Endangered Mass Media needs Your Help.

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Zionista, Henry Waxman, says that the media needs government help. After I stopped laughing, I reflected on the hard and incontrovertible fact that primarily Zionist-Jewish interests control 96% of the world media. Waxman says, "We cannot risk the loss of an informed public and all that means because of this market failure" (more laughter). I don’t know what informed public Waxman is talking about but it wouldn’t be in America unless, all of a sudden, the American public has switched off this endangered media and migrated in a large, bleating mass to the alternative, internet news sites. I haven’t seen that. The official stockyards and approved grazing areas are still packed full of head-bobbing sheep. The resurrection theme of Easter has a different meaning for sheep; lambs in particular.

However, the mass media is losing revenue so some migration or simple avoidance must be taking place.

Here is a damning and seriously news-worthy article that exposes who did 9/11 and there’s no mention of it in the endangered media. It had disappeared from its original spot yesterday with the notice that it couldn’t be found- now it’s back up- so I’m going to link it twice just in case. This is the same free and independent media that’s been whitewashing the climate scandal; except for Sump Pump Murdoch’s crew who represent the emergent elite at war with the established elite. You can’t tell the players without a score card and the mass media prints those too.

This is the same free and independent media that shilled for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran. This is the media that has been caught out in more proven lies than I can count. This is the free and independent media that didn’t cover the Gaza genocide and turns a blind eye to what has been happening in Palestine for 60 years. Still, in this case, they are definitely too big to fail. If they fail, then who can the government and the corporations use to keep the people in line with the official program of lies; corruption, wholesale theft, mass murder and the ever encroaching suppression of the freedom of movement and speech? More importantly, what will Israel do to continue its total control of American domestic and foreign policy? How will they continue to convince Americans to send their children to die in their wars? The mass media is far too big and important to be allowed to fail.

Just a couple of years ago, Obama (rhymes with Osama) said he was going to end these opportunistic wars abroad and bring the troops home. Now he’s got a new war in Pakistan and he’s sending 30,000 more, presently warm, bodies into the Graveyard of Empires. Obama (rhymes with Osama) says that we have to eradicate Al Qaeda at all costs. This is a good tactic. Since there is no Al Qaeda, it will be impossible to know when it is eradicated. Since the CIA created Al Qaeda, they can have Al Qaeda show up anywhere. Now that they have decided that they want what is under the ground in Somalia, you can be sure that Al Qaeda is going to appear there with thousands of insurgents just looking to drag American soldiers around Mogadishu, behind their souped-up Toyota trucks, the way Hector got dragged around Troy and the free and independent mass media will be there to give you the big picture.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) says that the troops are now going to come home in 2011. That’s two years down the road but due to collective agreement by White House and Pentagon psychics and soothsayers, they know just when it’s going to be okay to pack it up and relocate it somewhere else. When your politicians are guaranteed and proven to be lying sacks of shit, you need an information industry that trades in nothing else. You need professional shit chefs to mold the shit into tasty morsels of sustenance for the people who have become accustomed to eating it if you serve it to them warm.

Let’s not leave out Great Britain and their colonies in Canada and Australia, nor should we forget most of Europe. They are all beneficiaries of the same endangered media and all of them are incorporated territories in the extended empire of The Lizard King.

I’ve never been a fan of Jon Stewart because the media has long been in the practice of setting up seemingly dissenting voices in order to give the appearance that there’s controversy and disagreement in the ranks. Bill Maher is a good example of this. Now they’ve got big alternative media voices that say Hollywood is under the control of the Saudis (more laughter). Some of these ‘controversial’ media figures get seriously outraged when you tell them that Israel was behind 9/11. Meanwhile, these voices that present themselves as representing the truth, rail against the establishment, while serving its needs at the same time. Jon Stewart goes after the Climate scammers but then he dissembles. Sure, the scientists deliberately lied and performed a consistent fraud but... global warming is real. Right, Jon.

The amount of people telling the truth at any time has always been a small minority. There’s no opportunity for advancement and very little money in it. What it comes down to is that the world is the world is the world. The currency of the world is lies. Whether you are telling the people that a war is being fought to further democratic principles and to free an oppressed population or whether you are telling someone how beautiful or talented they are, when they are not... but you have your reasons... it is the common currency of the realm.

Product manufacturers tell you that their product is better than another. This hamburger tastes better than that hamburger. This soft drink is the real thing. The Russians eat their children. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. The truth is that just about everything is a lie. We get comfortable with that. We agree, for the sake of harmony and mutual benefit, to agree on certain lies instead of uncomfortable truths. It’s just easier and safer. People who go looking for the truth often find more than they bargained for. Sometimes you don’t see them anymore.

Unfortunately for the liars among us, the force of the apocalypse is at work. It’s a natural force, just like the wind and the rain. We don’t understand how it works but we don’t understand electricity either. There are a great many laws of nature that we don’t understand but sometimes we see the sequencing of a power or a process and we can put it to use. The potential in electro-magnetism is immense. There’s immeasurable potential in a great many things that we don’t seem inclined to fund because certain people are already making a great deal of money from other things that would be rendered obsolete if we looked a little deeper.

There is more than enough of everything on Earth to insure that everyone has enough but... that would mean that a few of us couldn’t have too much. Our endangered media has been very useful in holding out the idea that any one of us can be like the chosen few if we just get creative and apply ourselves. That’s another load of shit but shit is both the fuel and the product of the endangered media and they have got a cutting edge catering section that ensures a new and improved palatability every day. Except... except they’re endangered now and their lies are being increasingly exposed to the public eye. As bone dead stupid as a large percentage of people have proven to be, even they are waking up. That’s what the apocalypse does for you.

Whether it’s Tiger Woods, or an increasing number of political and corporate figures, something is pulling the curtains aside. Something is busily at work exposing what has been hidden for far too long. Those whose fortunes and positions rely on concealment are not amused but... what can they do? They don’t know who is doing it and they don’t know how to stop it. The very things they rely upon to keep them hidden are being used against them and this is one clear indication of how evil destroys itself. The moment I heard about Tiger Woods, my mind put it together pretty much like it now appears to be. We all have this facility but we can only use it if we use it on ourselves first.

What I am getting is that if you have been a good little boy or girl, Santa is probably going to come and see you and if you haven’t then Santa is going to put the ‘t’ in his name before the ‘n’ and the last ‘a’ after the ‘t’. That’s how it looks to me.

Now, we’ll be returning you to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress. Make sure you’ve got a lot of catsup and mustard. It helps to make it go down easier. I hear hot sauce can be effective as well. Also be sure you wash it down with a nice cold can of Bush Dark. Everyone knows that beer tastes better in a can and this new brew is just like the original Bush. It's the same thing only different. It's the perfect compliment to a steaming platter of the same old same old.

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Smoking Mirrors Mirror.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Copenhagen and those Tungsten Filled, Gold Bar Twinkies.

We’ll be doing a hammer and tongs, Smoking Mirrors flavored radio transmission this evening. It should be available for download on Monday evening. It makes sense to have a companion mirrors to counterpoint the broadcast.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The climate, data tinkering scandal, continues to implode as red-faced, finger pointing, dissembling scientists run out of the burning building, faster that Tiger Woods, in advance of his wife with a 7 iron ...and with bad knees on both accounts.

Once, these august emblems of pure scientific inquiry were wide-eyed children, dreaming of Nobel Prizes, dancing like sugar plums in their heads. Like the long tradition of other lying collectives, which date from the Royal Geographic Society and before; these graft-taking scoundrels have done their industry proud. They found what they were supposed to find and they said what they were told to say by the governments and corporations who provided the grants and salaries, in advance of their complicity in one more gargantuan, public rip-off.

They are joined in spirit by their comrades in the AMA-Pharmaceutical combine with their Tammy Faye flu and toxic vaccines. They are joined by their comrades on Wall Street and the banking world with their toxic mortgages and tungsten-filled gold bars; the accidental Twinkie. They are joined by their comrades in the heroin trade, as the opium flows from the killing fields of >Afghanistan to the sidewalks of Main Street, USA. They are joined by their comrades in the halls of government, as the wars expand across the Middle East.

Yes, these honorable men and women are joined by other soulless husks in suits, from every industry and field of endeavor, whispering as they go, “Me first, you later... maybe.” They are attended by a plague of lawyers who swarm like locusts across the looted plains. It’s The Treasure of Sierra Madre, with thousands of deranged lunatics grasping at the swirling dust of imaginary gold... trampling their fellows, elbows sweeping to the right and the left as they belly up to the trough, snorting and stamping and sodomizing everything in their path like overcrowded rats... eating their own children, stabbing the household pets with forks and dancing to dissonant symphonies that sound like John Cage on bad acid.

Some unnamed hero dropped a dime. Some pissed off former comrade had finally had enough of those bankrupt, lying swines. Here they are, these men of complex learning and fine reputation. Somebody said, “Hello Sailor” and they went right up the stairs. They took off their clothes and they rolled around on the stained mattresses in the burning shame of their moral incontinence. They got on their knees and they did the job and they took the money. They weren’t set up like Randy Cunningham and James Traficant for opposing the juggernaut of Ersatz Israel. They went willingly and laid it on the line for the corporate dime.

Few cities in the world look like Copenhagen at Christmas. It’s a wonder to see and all the uptown panhandlers from around the world will be walking around with their hands out; looking for Santa to reach into his bag for their just rewards. They lied their asses off. They sold their souls for a pallet of tungsten filled gold. They want what’s coming to them. They earned it. There will be no dissenting voices in Copenhagen. They will all be of one accord. The liars and thieves will toast one another for their tireless efforts on behalf of themselves. The faceless thugs in the black, Kevlar jumpsuits will be at every corner, just looking to break some heads, already half tumescent in anticipation of the crack of batons on available heads. They are damn well going to kick some radical, hippie ass. If they can’t fire up the crowd, they’ll send their agitators into the midst of them to get the party going.

Fleets of hookers have flown in from Ost Bloc and there will be young boys and girls in the back rooms for discriminating tastes. There will be dominatrixes and red ping pong balls. It will be a three part mini-series called, “Blood and Semen”. There will be buggery and skullduggery and animal abuse. There will be Satanists in the shadows and dancing in the streets. There will be talk of money and necessary deaths. There will be crimson-faced martini-drinking, fat men riding on the Heart Attack Express. There will be groping and fumbling in the dark, as the Horned Goat of Mendes rises above the city and smiles on his frolicking children in the bacchanal below.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) will be there, grateful that there are no Russians who won’t shake his hand and there will be a raging epidemic of lawyers. There will be lawyers everywhere; in the closets and under the beds, rising out of the cisterns in three piece suits. There will be thousands of pens on automatic pilot, moving across thousands of sheets of paper. There will be sheets in the wind and sheets on the beds, where robot armies of lawyers will copulate with demons and there will be drowning polar bears in the canals. It will be The Devil’s Mardi Gras, swept by a wildfire of unbridled greed.

I will not be there and you will not be there. We will receive no golden, tungsten Twinkies. They will speak of us though. They will talk about what to do with us after the fix goes in. I fear that the world is top heavy. When it falls it will crush itself under the weight of the plunder.

\They howled and screamed about Chavez wanting the legal opportunity for a third term. However, in New York, Michael Bloomberg got permission to do it ...and the public didn’t even have to vote on it. I guess it depends on who you are. I guess it depends on who you are.

Well, my friends... absurdity piles on to absurdity, like some confection designed by Gaudi. There are no boundaries to contain reality. Reality is running for its life, with thousands of lawyers in pursuit. There is no way to predict just how crazy it might get before critical mass is reached. How does it maintain? How does it continue? I am astonished that it can hold itself together. It is a scientific marvel far beyond the abilities of the global warming guys. This unreal fiction, formerly know as life, is breaking every law of physics. This is far beyond small airliners bringing down enormous skyscrapers at free fall into their own footprints. This is the wonder of the age; this tragi-comic fantasy. Is it held up by invisible wires... force fields... blind faith? “I guess but I just don’t know”.

Can you imagine being in the position of having to explain this day after day? How do they do it? Well... December brings us into a very different vibration than any we have known before. I won’t be commenting on that at this time. Suffice it to say that something entirely new is going to be added to the equation and you will become increasingly aware of it. Certain doors are opening and certain energies are going to be pouring out and... how is that going to affect what is already off the charts?

Strangely enough, I feel good. I don’t know why. Things don’t look all that good. The world has the appearance of a starving wino with a serious case of delirium tremens. The world looks like George W. Bush trying to ride a six foot unicycle. The world looks like it needs to go into detox before it has a nervous breakdown. The world has got the shakes and it really needs a drink. The world is knotting its tie around its wrist and then tossing the rest of it over the back of its neck. It’s pulling the tie with the opposite hand which is pulling the wrist, which is attached to the other hand that is holding the shot glass; necessity is the mother of invention, maybe blind need is too.

The Global Warming Magical Mystery Tour is headed for Copenhagen and I’m headed out to the front of the house to work on my succulents in the various planters. I’ll be missing all the parties and the meets and greets. My invitation never arrived so it looks like I won’t depart; no complimentary, tungsten filled, gold bars for me.

End Transmission.......

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Smoking Mirrors Mirror.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm going to Copenhagen but I can't take You.

Dog Poet transmitting.......

The Manchurian President, Barak Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to Copenhagen because Lord Rothschild and his vampire and werewolf brotherhood needs financing for the government, which they intend to utilize to enslave the human race. They don’t actually need the money because they can and do print whatever they need whenever they need it. However, they do need for you to be in a state of penury because it is easier to get your attention that way and it has the benefit of removing the middle class from the equation; effectively getting rid of it.

This band of bloodsucking, self-styled aristocrats, has been around for awhile. They sleep in gold lined coffins at night and don’t actually exist as individuals or human beings in the first place. They are the habitation of demons. I’ve made the chain of command pretty clear at this and other blogs. The demons work for the temporal archetype and that archetype is a mask of darkness that veils the light of the one, ineffable divine. Bad guys need something to believe in too.

There is a consciousness that could be called Rothschild, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Murdoch and the rest of the hyena, demi-gods of the underworld. It’s conscious of itself as what it thinks it is but its motive power comes from what runs it; the same way it wants to run you. In order for it to run you, it has to have your permission and there are ways that that can be acquired through atavistic fear and palpable threats, which can’t actually be carried out unless you give your permission... or permission comes from higher up for whatever reason that might concern you.

I don’t know if Obama (rhymes with Osama) has an implant in his head. I don’t know if Rahm (definitely not) Emmanuel has the remote control in his pocket, like Andy Card did with Bush. There’s a lot I don’t know. It’s kind of like when you run into a thug on an empty street at night and he has his hand in his pocket or behind his back. You don’t know if he has a gun, a knife or a club. What you do know is that he doesn’t mean you well, regardless of the weapon he intends to use on you.

Because the populations of our times have become addicted to convenience and comfort they are easily motivated by fear of the loss of them. Because of the confusion of the various conflicting messages that are presented from the hydra heads of the seemingly diverse, single media machine, people have become divided against themselves and lack the unified will to pierce the appearances and see the manipulations taking place behind the productions.

No matter how clear it might seem to many of us, there is something about authority where a part of us still believes that the predators in power have a right to be there. No matter how clear it is to us that the votes are fixed, when they need to be, and that the laws exist to control people and have no impact in relation to those perverting them, we still somehow believe in the equity of these laws. No matter how many lies we hear that are proven to be lies on the following day, we still think there must be some truth in them.

So, Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to Copenhagen to press for punitive, financial legislation against the peoples of the world while, at the same time, it has been revealed conclusively and convincingly that global warming is a scam and the people involved have been caught in the act of perpetrating it.

The hydra-headed, bitch media is remarkably silent about this, except to spin it according to what they want the public to believe. Some aspects of the single media complex (masquerading as competitive units) are simulating outrage about the scientists who have been caught cooking the weather books. That’s just another cloud bank blowing in on a different wind that is part of the same manufactured weather system.

The logical and reasonable response of the people should be to storm the castles of these monsters and drag them into the streets and hang these wannabe Mussolinis from the lamp posts. All that remains, when the government is in the hands of sewer rats and when the laws have been compromised along with the democratic process to where they can no longer be used to protect the rights of those being abused by the system created to serve and support them, is the Ceausescu Remedy.

Will this be implemented by space aliens; evil turning upon itself or a massive up-swell of armed and pissed off citizenry? I have no idea. What I do know is that no one has ever taken over the world and no one ever will. The tale of the Tower of Babel and the record of Alexander, among others, is all testimony to this.

I’ve never fancied myself a part of an angry mob, as a member of a leader. I’m the sort who gets on his water buffalo and rides beyond the gates of civilization to await the unfortunate outcome of one more failed experiment in collective living. With everything that I observe these days, I’m not even angry. I don’t know why that is. Something tells me it’s all going to be sorted out perfectly, en masse and in the minutest of circumstances.

I hate to admit it but it makes me laugh when I hear Obama (rhymes with Osama) say the word Al Qaeda; as if there were such a thing. I shake my head and present a rueful smile to my indifferent monitor when I hear the word, “terrorists”. There aren’t any terrorists except those employed to give that impression and who dress up as those they intend to blame for their acts and who work for Israel, England and the United States; along with various lackeys that serve their interests within the machinery of different governments around the world.

Whatever small terror operations there might be are no more than a police matter; not something requiring armies employed to destroy and torment entire populations in countries whose resources the international corporations covet.

It is bewildering to see important puppets, like Sarkozy and Merkel, along with the rest of the mind slaves, engaged in pumping up the lies and hysteria. They know full well that they are lying and the people who work for them know they are lying and they all nod back and forth at one another as if what they were saying was actually so. It’s a marvel... it really is.

These people are made differently than you or I. I couldn’t do these things for any amount of power or position. I couldn’t imagine doing this. It just wouldn’t happen. They are able to do this without any problem at all. They go to bed at night as if everything were exactly as it was supposed to be and then they get up and go out and do the same thing all over again. It is truly a mystery to me.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) should really dress up as a NASCAR driver. He would look so much more authentic in a jumpsuit plastered with corporate logos. The pledge of allegiance and all the rest of the songs and governing themes should be adjusted to reflect where the loyalty really lies. The military anthems should reflect what the wars are actually for; “From the halls of Rand and Monsanto, to the shores of AIG. We will fight for corporations on the land and on the sea.” Well, you get the idea.

The most astonishing thing of all is that these people (if you can call them that) actually think that this time it will be different. It has never been different, ever, but they are sure that this time it will be. I can only presume that the same force, which has sent them on the road to their certain destruction, has also blinded their minds from the obvious and filled their heads and hearts with the necessary hallucinations to insure their continuing on that ancient road to the place where all insane ambitions and vile actions eventually lead the practitioner. All I can say is bon voyage and may you fully experience the presence and performance of that which you so richly deserve.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

When the Dog Poet gets his Flying Saucer Back

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

No, I am not shocked and dismayed. Quite frankly I am gleeful because, ‘it appears’ that some major league fraudsters, right up there with the 9/11 Commission who blamed the attacks on Muslims, instead of The Mossad and The CIA, who actually did the attack, have been caught intentionally lying about- and cooking the weather books- global warming. It goes without saying that they were probably all in for a piece of the pending world carbon tax or... they could just naturally be lying, snake-eyed, scumbags with a hole inside them where their soul used to be.

As most of us with half a brain already know... global warming is a scam with a bag of looted currencies as the motive. We knew it was bullshit and now it has been tasted and tested and, indeed; “Hmmm, that tastes like shit. Here, try some; what do you think?” “Wow... that does taste like shit. Smells like shit too.”

Well, our boys in the lab probably could have just given it the smell test but... they’re dedicated. We work hard to authenticate what is not real so that you can be spared the ordeal of believing in it!

I was going to say something about the S&MSM completely avoiding the topic and indeed had said something about the Affiliated Federation of Crack Whores or the AFCW, if you prefer but... suddenly, there it was at the Zio-Gates site with the appropriate diminishments and miniaturization of the importance of real scientists, who used to have reputations, telling real lies to boost their stock holdings in the Carbon Tax business.

I could almost feel the allergic reaction of tiny red pimples dotting my neck as I read the sleazy and infected disinfo from someone named Juliet whose Romeo is no doubt closer in spiritual form to Quasimodo than the original character who died for love, preferring instead to live for lies. Luckily I never get red pimples dotting my neck but I could feel the heat from somewhere.

I just returned from that S&MSM Zio-Media site and the headline is now about a quarter of the size it was and underneath another headline and it will probably be gone shortly. This way they can say they reported on it; “What darkness through yonder cistern leaks?” It is Juliet leaning into the world’s car window and running down the prices of what she’ll do for this amount of money. It appears she will do anything and everything. Since we’ve already established what she is, we only need to agree on the price.

We’ve got body fat traffickers in Peru with a little organ snatching on the side, Baby Soup in China and flesh eating crocodiles in the seats of government and the halls of what used to be Justice, until she was gang-raped and shipped to Dubai; after that we lost track of her. Most of the world is bending over and asking, “What about me”? “Haven’t I believed every impossible lie you told me? Don’t I deserve to be ridden hard and put away wet? Burn me with hot irons and put out my eyes, I can’t see anything anyway. Please, please abuse me. Dress me up in a chicken suit that’s naked in the back and film me in front of my family for national TV. I’ve got no brains and no self respect.”

Bend over and wait.

Years ago I thought it was as batshit crazy as it could get but I guess I had humanity on a pedestal. I really thought you could only push them so far before they would riot in the streets. Ah well... and so it goes.

Okay... alright, I know it all works out. Still, sometimes I wish I had my flying saucer so that I could interrupt TV programs and tell it like it is. I want to hover over Washington D.C. and broadcast with major amplification from the Lincoln Reflecting Pool all the way to The Capitol. Meanwhile, helicopters could buzz around me and missiles could bounce off my force fields while SWAT and government hit jockeys let fly with automatic weapons from the ground. Man... what I could do if I had my saucer.

I’d strip just about every member of the government naked. I’d fill the White House, The Senate and The Capitol with pig shit; not that they’d notice. I’d broadcast their naked, trembling forms around the world and turn on the laugh tracks. I’d leech all the secret government documents from around the world; all the corporate secrets and feed them into my universal translating unit and then publish them on the internet. I’d tell who did what to who and when.

I’d nail them for all their infidelities and disloyal acts. I’d expose every payoff and pull video down from the Akashic Records and convert it to AVI or XVID and we could go to the video. I’d shrink all of them to about one foot in height and stick them in terrariums with laminated information posters that tell the story of what they are. I would selectively put those who belonged together with each other and wire it for sound and picture. They would each be a cable show that you could dial up. “Let’s see, Cheney and Friends are on channel 349. I think I’ll check that out.”

Of course, we’d want these terrariums electrified and set to discharge a tazer load at odd intervals. I’d select a different one of them every day and immobilize them in a chair with a klieg light in their faces and interrogate them live. Being as I am not like them I would use only certain inducements to make them talk and I think they would talk. After all, I could just show one of the films I downloaded from the Akashic Library. It would be win, win. I’d turn the entire Rothschild Family along with selected K.A.’s (known associates) into incontinent Gila monsters but leave them with their previous consciousness. They’d have to eat insects and dead rats or whatever the natural fare is. “Hey dude, it’s feeding time at the Rothschild terrarium. Let’s check it out!”

They’d be in some large public museum taken over for that purpose, maybe MOMA. We could just burn all the useless, uninspired, pretentious shit they presently have on display and move the terrariums right in. I’d take the entire, illegal state of Israel and put it in one of those things people buy on vacation. You know, those plastic jobbies that have the Statue of Liberty in them and you turn it upside down and it looks like it’s snowing? I’d make it about as big as a bus. I’d put the whole state in there and have it fixed so that groups of Ritalin challenged school kids could just keep hitting the lever and turning it upside down and making it snow. It might not be snow though. Then again, I could put it in Gaza.

Yeah, if I only had my saucer; I’ll be getting my saucer back at some point and then... and then? Well, I’ve got a creative mind. Mostly what I would do though is go inside their minds and find the appropriate thing... stopping short of any real violence of course. That’s just not my thing, though there is a particular former president that I would most definitely be stepping into the ring with and one or two Fox commentators as well. Rupert Murdoch will be getting the VIP (Vicious Ignorant Prick) treatment. Oh Rupert, you Satan worshipping, black hole of a former human being... you’re going to get the deluxe package. There’s a group of you who are going to be performing on my version of American Idol in front of the whole world when the Dog Poet gets his saucer back.

Meanwhile it’s “promises, promises”. However, I believe if you can imagine it, it is possible. I believe that the one who made me can make anything, so... I also know that in the not too distant future, all of you are going to shed this protective covering that gives you presence here and journey to other locations and, I assure you, as inventive as I am, I am no match for your future hosts and they don’t have my restraint... no, indeed they do not.

I’ll close with saying that I hold you in the most absolute and utter contempt. I do not fear you at all. I want you to know on the day that each of you depart that I will be thinking about you. I won’t be wishing you ill. I don’t need to. I might pray that in the far reach of time, when your punishment is through, that redemption might find its way into your being and that you might even become human again, as you work your way back up again from your first new incarnation as a rock.

Visible has a radio show Sunday night. This show will be completely audio, I’m going to do away with printing half of it as a blog entry. I was just being time efficient or lazy, depending on how you see it. Ahrooooooooooooooooo!

End Transmission......

sung for Ken Lay at his funeral
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