Saturday, November 21, 2009

When the Dog Poet gets his Flying Saucer Back

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

No, I am not shocked and dismayed. Quite frankly I am gleeful because, ‘it appears’ that some major league fraudsters, right up there with the 9/11 Commission who blamed the attacks on Muslims, instead of The Mossad and The CIA, who actually did the attack, have been caught intentionally lying about- and cooking the weather books- global warming. It goes without saying that they were probably all in for a piece of the pending world carbon tax or... they could just naturally be lying, snake-eyed, scumbags with a hole inside them where their soul used to be.

As most of us with half a brain already know... global warming is a scam with a bag of looted currencies as the motive. We knew it was bullshit and now it has been tasted and tested and, indeed; “Hmmm, that tastes like shit. Here, try some; what do you think?” “Wow... that does taste like shit. Smells like shit too.”

Well, our boys in the lab probably could have just given it the smell test but... they’re dedicated. We work hard to authenticate what is not real so that you can be spared the ordeal of believing in it!

I was going to say something about the S&MSM completely avoiding the topic and indeed had said something about the Affiliated Federation of Crack Whores or the AFCW, if you prefer but... suddenly, there it was at the Zio-Gates site with the appropriate diminishments and miniaturization of the importance of real scientists, who used to have reputations, telling real lies to boost their stock holdings in the Carbon Tax business.

I could almost feel the allergic reaction of tiny red pimples dotting my neck as I read the sleazy and infected disinfo from someone named Juliet whose Romeo is no doubt closer in spiritual form to Quasimodo than the original character who died for love, preferring instead to live for lies. Luckily I never get red pimples dotting my neck but I could feel the heat from somewhere.

I just returned from that S&MSM Zio-Media site and the headline is now about a quarter of the size it was and underneath another headline and it will probably be gone shortly. This way they can say they reported on it; “What darkness through yonder cistern leaks?” It is Juliet leaning into the world’s car window and running down the prices of what she’ll do for this amount of money. It appears she will do anything and everything. Since we’ve already established what she is, we only need to agree on the price.

We’ve got body fat traffickers in Peru with a little organ snatching on the side, Baby Soup in China and flesh eating crocodiles in the seats of government and the halls of what used to be Justice, until she was gang-raped and shipped to Dubai; after that we lost track of her. Most of the world is bending over and asking, “What about me”? “Haven’t I believed every impossible lie you told me? Don’t I deserve to be ridden hard and put away wet? Burn me with hot irons and put out my eyes, I can’t see anything anyway. Please, please abuse me. Dress me up in a chicken suit that’s naked in the back and film me in front of my family for national TV. I’ve got no brains and no self respect.”

Bend over and wait.

Years ago I thought it was as batshit crazy as it could get but I guess I had humanity on a pedestal. I really thought you could only push them so far before they would riot in the streets. Ah well... and so it goes.

Okay... alright, I know it all works out. Still, sometimes I wish I had my flying saucer so that I could interrupt TV programs and tell it like it is. I want to hover over Washington D.C. and broadcast with major amplification from the Lincoln Reflecting Pool all the way to The Capitol. Meanwhile, helicopters could buzz around me and missiles could bounce off my force fields while SWAT and government hit jockeys let fly with automatic weapons from the ground. Man... what I could do if I had my saucer.

I’d strip just about every member of the government naked. I’d fill the White House, The Senate and The Capitol with pig shit; not that they’d notice. I’d broadcast their naked, trembling forms around the world and turn on the laugh tracks. I’d leech all the secret government documents from around the world; all the corporate secrets and feed them into my universal translating unit and then publish them on the internet. I’d tell who did what to who and when.

I’d nail them for all their infidelities and disloyal acts. I’d expose every payoff and pull video down from the Akashic Records and convert it to AVI or XVID and we could go to the video. I’d shrink all of them to about one foot in height and stick them in terrariums with laminated information posters that tell the story of what they are. I would selectively put those who belonged together with each other and wire it for sound and picture. They would each be a cable show that you could dial up. “Let’s see, Cheney and Friends are on channel 349. I think I’ll check that out.”

Of course, we’d want these terrariums electrified and set to discharge a tazer load at odd intervals. I’d select a different one of them every day and immobilize them in a chair with a klieg light in their faces and interrogate them live. Being as I am not like them I would use only certain inducements to make them talk and I think they would talk. After all, I could just show one of the films I downloaded from the Akashic Library. It would be win, win. I’d turn the entire Rothschild Family along with selected K.A.’s (known associates) into incontinent Gila monsters but leave them with their previous consciousness. They’d have to eat insects and dead rats or whatever the natural fare is. “Hey dude, it’s feeding time at the Rothschild terrarium. Let’s check it out!”

They’d be in some large public museum taken over for that purpose, maybe MOMA. We could just burn all the useless, uninspired, pretentious shit they presently have on display and move the terrariums right in. I’d take the entire, illegal state of Israel and put it in one of those things people buy on vacation. You know, those plastic jobbies that have the Statue of Liberty in them and you turn it upside down and it looks like it’s snowing? I’d make it about as big as a bus. I’d put the whole state in there and have it fixed so that groups of Ritalin challenged school kids could just keep hitting the lever and turning it upside down and making it snow. It might not be snow though. Then again, I could put it in Gaza.

Yeah, if I only had my saucer; I’ll be getting my saucer back at some point and then... and then? Well, I’ve got a creative mind. Mostly what I would do though is go inside their minds and find the appropriate thing... stopping short of any real violence of course. That’s just not my thing, though there is a particular former president that I would most definitely be stepping into the ring with and one or two Fox commentators as well. Rupert Murdoch will be getting the VIP (Vicious Ignorant Prick) treatment. Oh Rupert, you Satan worshipping, black hole of a former human being... you’re going to get the deluxe package. There’s a group of you who are going to be performing on my version of American Idol in front of the whole world when the Dog Poet gets his saucer back.

Meanwhile it’s “promises, promises”. However, I believe if you can imagine it, it is possible. I believe that the one who made me can make anything, so... I also know that in the not too distant future, all of you are going to shed this protective covering that gives you presence here and journey to other locations and, I assure you, as inventive as I am, I am no match for your future hosts and they don’t have my restraint... no, indeed they do not.

I’ll close with saying that I hold you in the most absolute and utter contempt. I do not fear you at all. I want you to know on the day that each of you depart that I will be thinking about you. I won’t be wishing you ill. I don’t need to. I might pray that in the far reach of time, when your punishment is through, that redemption might find its way into your being and that you might even become human again, as you work your way back up again from your first new incarnation as a rock.

Visible has a radio show Sunday night. This show will be completely audio, I’m going to do away with printing half of it as a blog entry. I was just being time efficient or lazy, depending on how you see it. Ahrooooooooooooooooo!

End Transmission......

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Visible said...

Just as I predicted. The headline is now gone from the page and wasn't even there for two hours. They stuck it in on an American late afternoon when fewer people are on the internet. Surely it was coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Also, Les, you do many of these things already. You expose what you know about and give links.

Every little helps, and probably goes a lot further than we can know about or even guess at.

When you get your saucer back, can I come along? I'll wash the dishes and I'll pay the rent, etc etc...


v. word: undleni - sounds like a real word!

Anonymous said...

Les --

You won't have to wait long for your flying saucer -- as OPERATION BLUEBEAM -- IS SLATED FOR LIFT-OFF SOON...

For those of you who haven't heard of PROJECT BLUEBEAM yet -- Werner Von Braun (not a Nazi by-the-by, I know) first let this feral bug-eyed cat out of the bag 35 years ago. I can assure you this bogey man is quite real, as I had some experience with this noxious brain turd in the comic book business as a mere lad...

The great unveiling is now in the works to LAUNCH THE LONG PLANNED FAKE UFO INVASION -- complete with real UFOs (they've had this since WW11 -- Werner told me this personally during a meeting with a certain General in 1973)--

Along with the UFOs they have holographic aliens, the Messiah and the anti-Christ in the works. The general scheme is to kill 4 billion in the ensuing "cosmic" war. If it wasn't so malevolent, it would be the funniest gag in history.

Anyway, I've already loaded up on popcorn and enema bags.


Anonymous said...

and down they go
down they fall
the rulers of this earth
who didnt go to life school
who sat in the playground
trying to enslave us all
the wise see the fool
monsanto next I hope
for sacrificing farmers lives
starving their children
monsanto always telling lies
they want to poison the earth
the one who gave them birth
I dont think so
I think monsanto face the worst
and all of those who work
their trying to cover their evil
selling souls for gold
unnatural people
their must be a few their
who do feel ashamed
one in the right position
might not be insane
cos most suffer insanity
they never learnt about equal
poisoning the planet our temple
our sheeple
and the war makers
I hope tomorrow they all find
they wake up in the morning
finding out that they are blind
that place that hole
that used to be their soul
discover their disease delusion
the love of shiny gold
when their time comes
I wouldnt want to be them
the hell they face
probably a 1000 lifetimes
wouldnt mend
but still I try to love them
right until the end
I just hate what they do
from the place they reflect
any way
they are going to get
what they dread
their true self
their higher nature
from where they fled

Anonymous said...

Gang --

I know many of you think I made Project Bluebeam up -- so here's one of many sobering links on the subject -- this one with Noria Hawakawa:

I can assure you that the Japanese and Chinese know all about this little scam that will make the Holohoax look like a walk in the park on a Sunny Sunday afternoon.

According to Benjamin Fulford the Japanese called the NWO order bozos on this scam, as well as the Tungsten filled gold bars the Fed has been selling, the global banking scam for international control which the Chinese and Japanese have pledged 6 trillion dollars to fight, as well as Black Dragon assassination teams to fan out over the globe if everything else fails.

And just when you thought it was safe to go to the bathroom again...

Peace Out from my Outpost here on Planet Debbie...

Over and Out of It,


Anonymous said...

On Cosmic Correlations --

The exact instant I hit the send button on the last post my trusty PANDORA RADIO FRIEND began to play
Led Zeps "Your Time Is Gonna Come."

As I also know things like this are no longer synchronicity or coincidence (see Flyer Files on Monatomic Gold transparant glass UFOs parked in space) somebody up there approves of my last post big time... I've also got it on good authority that Les already has his own galactic hummer waiting for him -- another truism as you all will begin to see sooner than you think... All Les has to do is pick up the keys, but they wanna know what color you prefer. A bit presumptuously I suggested something in a Kandy-colored metallic flake, but the order's not in yet, Les, so if you have other drothers just beam up your request, they know your "frequency" like the back of their flippers.

"Your Time Is Gonna Come"

Lyin', cheatin', hurtin, that's all you seem to do.
Messin' around with every guy in town,
Puttin' me down for thinkin' of someone new.
Always the same, playin' your game,
Drive me insane, trouble is gonna come to you,
One of these days and it won't be long,
You'll look for me but baby, I'll be gone.
This is all I gotta say to you woman:

Your Time Is Gonna Come [X4]

Made up my mind to break you this time,
Won't be so fine, it's my turn to cry.
Do want you want, I won't take the brunt.
It's fadin' away, can't feel you anymore.
Don't care what you say 'cause I'm goin' away to stay,
Gonna make you pay for that great big hole in my heart.
People talkin' all around,
Watch out woman, no longer
Is the joke gonna be on my heart.
You been bad to me woman,
But it's coming back home to you.


Shiver me Timbers Matey -- Project Bluebeam is slated to go Project Shit in my NWO PANTS... You can take that one to the bank you drooling morons.

Have a Nice Life Scumbags,


Visible said...

I tend to agree with what you said actually except that I prefer electric, iridescent turquoise.

Anonymous said...

Les, know that you are speaking for a lot of people. Keep going. The "elites", ( read, sub human) are getting crazy, their time is drawing to a close. They know their days are numbered, and like a cornered rat, will strike out as savagely as they can, while they can. (apologies to actual rats, they have their place in the cosmos too) I would like to add in this comment a line about Dannyshine in England, reminding people with a bullhorn of their divine origins, and the freedom in their souls/minds, whatever you would want to call it. And Les, I do believe you are right in saying this world will never be taken over completely. Hell, they can't even take Afghanistan, and no one ever will, and shouldn't. As for the propaganda on Iran? I made the acquaintance of an Iranian woman a couple yrs ago, whoa!! Surprise!! Human being, just like us. If you follow her home, you find more human beings behind her door. Just like us!! That should tell people something. But this is just me ranting, because anyone reading this comment, already knows that!!

Rundflugzeug said...

It sounds like more fun that the Bazooko Circus! Especially the Rothschild Terrarium. The Germans had UFOs in WW2. The Haunebu was probably what allied fighter/bomber pilots and crew called the foo fighter. Can I stow away in the cargo hold of the Starship L.V. I have an E.T. soul and don't belong on this hostile sphere. Keep on rockin' in the free universe.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Led Zeppelin's "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

I've been enjoying that song a lot lately, but now find the title too pessimistic, so I've renamed it "Your Time Has Been and Gone"


P.S. The Page of The Closing Ceremony was truly awesome.

Anonymous said...

I imagine they have got a million different scenarios waiting on their evil infected whore table.
this little polava though has just lost them a lot of money and gained us a few more truth seekers,no doubt they're on overtime trying to spin it into something else.I think in europe it was announced that they want to tax us more for the european dictatorship.
any way it just goes to show that thing they have been worshipping
,whats it called,oh yea absolute complete insanity doesnt work.
the only thing that does,tapping into your higher nature they dont u lot,one day we will have the biggest best jam session ever in the history of jams,if any of us get to be king or what ever we must make a solemn promise that their will always be a jam going on and it will be free and for every one.

Anonymous said...

No one lives forever, but everyone lives forever.

How cool is that?

Mouser said...

Really great post Les!

Three real reasons to suspect the trigger to the final head shot was pulled by a mono-national Mossad sniper agent:

1) Resolution 11110 which would effectively end the privately owned Federal Reserve which (through Rockefeller) was controlled by Rothschild who illegally created the state of Israel and proudly put their family symbol on the nation's flag for all to see.

2) JFK and his brother Robert in the justice department were demanding the National Zionist Congress to register itself as an association representing a foreign government in order to end the legal lobbying (bribing) of US Congress members toward Israel's best interests.

3) JFK was demanding the Israeli government open up Dimona for inspection by US nuclear experts in order to confirm Israel's promise they were only enriching uranium for civil nuclear power.

With the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on 22 November 1963 items 1 - 3 were terminated effective immediately.

Shrink Rat said...

an article about the global warming scam was in the Charlotte newspaper... I had seen it referenced on the webbot discussion site but then a friend stopped by who ready the rag and told me he'd seen it there. He had a laugh ... he's a psych that I supervised once. He's pissed off about the scam as well.

Note the implications it has regarding the infiltrations of elite minion scumbags in many of the branches of science, journals and whatnot. Ever wondered why 9/11 truth scientific journal studies don't get published (except for the few from the Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice)?

Anonymous said...

I've been reading about Von Braun and the fake alien invasion for several years now. That supposedly is the last card the powers that be would play when everything else failed. I'm wondering if that card is off the table now because some fairly prominent/respected individuals are talking about disclosure (as in UFO)sometime around the end of the year. Other countries have already admitted to the presence of UFOs. Disclosure hinges on the USA with it's hoard of fat ignorant sheeple. If true I sincerely hope it is an honest disclosure maybe with an alien present and not something like they are here and plan to attack. The stupid fucks in this country would go nuts never once thinking if they were hostile they could have cleaned our clock long ago.

Maybe Les will have his ship by then.


Anonymous said...

Les, Recently it was mentioned in the MSM and Blogosphere that the ICC might be looking into Israels activities. My guess is that according to an opinion expressed by the chief prosecutor in January at the ICC, concludes that THE ICC DOES NOT HAVE JURISDICTION because Israel is a non signatory.

Ok, The U.S. is also not a signatory, Thus if the constitution was suspended and the Government committed "war crimes" against its own citizens,they would have NO RECOURSE.

Just sayin.

WV: yousc

Lukiftian said...

"If I only had my saucer". Man, you've had a saucer or two of something--- I want some too!

Great post :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Les. Your words are like nuggets of gold in midst of the sewage. We will gladly help in your efforts, and know of many many more who will too. The time is coming and we're prepared. We've acquired the skills to beat the reptiles back into the holes they came out of, and we're oh so ready...

Jolyon Wagg said...

Great Post, Les! Is More ever enough.... never least when it comes to your fabled tales that Is

Anywayokay, I may have lost me bottle and mayhap in soma way become even saucier but that's all my fault for having dipped me whishkers in your most excellent dishes

For every dozen miracles I now allow meelves a toast; thereforce their constantly ineebed nowadaze, tsk,tsk

ps If there's vroom I'd be overjoyed to sweepup or whatever's needed/available

Anonymous said...

Dog Poet for President! That piece has totally made my day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Thank you!

tim said...

harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away.
only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air.
you better watch out!
there may be dogs about.
I've looked over jordan and seen, things are not what they seem.

what do you get for pretending the danger's not real?
meek and obedient you follow the leader down well-trodden corridors into the valley of steel.
what a surprise!
a look of terminal shock in your eyes.
now things are what they seem.
no. this is not a bad dream.

bleating and babbling i fell on his neck with a scream.
wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurtiy into the dream.

have you heard the news?
the dogs are dead!
you better stay home and do as your told.
get out of the road if you want to grow old.

Sheep-Pink Floyd

Andrew said...

Wouldn't it be totally cool if someone would just grab the likes of Sleeza Rice or Madone Albright and set them in a chair with a camera and just wait for them to talk. You wouldn't have to torture them, just let them sit in a room until they talked and broadcast it around the world. Oh what information they must have in their reptilian brains. PS, great post..loved it.

Unknown said...

All the hacked files can be downloaded here

You'll need to unzip the file to view all the document... this is awesome info and hopefully we can stop these reptilian bastards before they kill us all.


tim said...

Sheep-Pink Floyd (almost inaduible section)

the lord is my shepherd, i shall not want.
he makes me down to lie.
through pastures green he leadeth me the silent waters by.
with bright knives he releaseth my soul.
he maketh me to hang on hooks in high places.
he converteth me to lamb cutlets.
for lo, he hath great power and great hunger.

Unknown said...

Hi Les,
I've been reading your blog for years now, always very enlightening. Like you I feel the world is shifting, and more and more people are beginning to smell the 'shit' and see through the veil plaved upon us by MSM & co.

I've just thrown together a simple blog about this new information. I'd be grateful if youwould post this comment and use the link at the bottom to access the 'hacked' files.

All the best,

Whitefella said...


I have been thinking helicopters, however, as your flying saucer will soon be available, would you mind doing me a little favor after your visit over Washington?

I'd be ever so grateful if you'd just whizz on over to New York and pick up Lucky Larry and few other select individuals (you, and all the rest of us know who they are) and take them up, oh, say, 1,000 yards above Ground Zero - and then boot their sorry asses out the open door?

Sans parachute, of course.

As you can see, I was standing behind the door when "Turn the other cheek," training was in fashion. I am much more comfortable with poetic justice.

Thanks for your columns; a breath of fresh air.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best

Great article, got a lot of laughs from it. If course, to save the expense of feeding the animals you could always freeze dry them and keep them in glass bottles. If you want to preserve ugly. Thing is, do they make bottles big enough?

Billy Pilgrim said...

Mooling drorans plew out fast Nuranus to clipe out flingons in the carship stical. Is it van or astrovan? The protection of records is essential to carry on our plundering, blundering, thundering terd of vainglorious asstards.

Anonymous said...

Did Christianity cause the crash?

At this point all I can say is I have a good idea who "The Lawless One" is. read this article, See who wrote it and check out the Larry King clip.

reenie said...

Hey Les,

This post is linked on David Icke's website.


Anonymous said...

"The GENTILES did this to you"

Quote by Ruth Madoff to her husband overheard by a Guard when Bernie Madoff was under house arrest in 2008.

DumbGoyNot said...

Not long after I became a Christian back in 1970 when I was 23 years old I started going to a church (because that's what most new Christians do) where I met an old lady who had been a missionary in Iran for many years. I had been brainwashed by the media (and by the movie 'Raid on Entebbe') to believe that all Arabs were extremely evil people. So I asked this old lady if it was dangerous living in Iran, to which she replied: "The Iranian people are the nicest people in the world." And she went on to tell me the truth about them, which was a lot different information than that which I had been swallowing all my life. Anyway, one point I want to make is that it's no coincidence that the most evil people in the world would seek to portray themselves as 'The Chosen People', and to portray the nicest people in the world as 'The Axis of Evil'. A good rule for figuring out the truth about what's going on is by lisening to what the mainstream media (The Jewz Media) is touting, and surmising that the truth is somewhere near the opposite of what they're saying.

Visible said...


It's been there for quite some time. My Feedjit feed informs me of where people are coming from.

Anonymous said...

Gang --

Just read a new article that somewhat restores my faith that not all Christian leaders have lost their collective MINDS -- ALTHOUGH MOST OF THEIR CALL IS DIM-WITTED, IT MIGHT MOBILIZE SOME ASSHOLES TO STAND FOR MORALITY, ALBEIT ONE THAT IS ONLY A GLIMMER AND BY NO MEANS AN END..

On Friday, these leaders released a 4,700-word document – called the "The Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience."

"A formidable coalition of 150 Catholic, Orthodox and evangelical leaders are calling on Christians in a new manifesto to reject secular authority – and even engage in civil disobedience – if laws force them to accept abortion, same-sex marriage and other ideas that betray their religious beliefs."

""We are Orthodox, Catholic, and evangelical Christians who have united at this hour to reaffirm fundamental truths about justice and the common good, and to call upon our fellow citizens, believers and non-believers alike, to join us in defending them," says the declaration, which was drafted by Colson, an evangelical, and Princeton University professor Robert P. George, a Roman Catholic"


Anyway any protest is better than none... I think... Although most would argue it is veiled oppresion, I would argue that at least if people got off their ass you could engage them in the larger moral issues.

Anyway, here the link.



Joe Bloggs said...

Shit's a hit
You can tell
It's got that money smell

Yes, shit's a hit
It's 4 shore; but
You never can never tell
They'll never believe all the shit we sell

is not for sail

Anonymous said...

America is like a snake coiled around a pogo stick reaching for the sky. The higher it goes, the harder the fall.

Soon America, you will be forced to wear the very symbol of your ceation. Though it had been well hidden in the bathroom when you built the house, the plumbers removed the toilet and found it.
You will be forced to wear your yellow soaked, brown stained moo moo for all eternity and never be allowed to remove it ever again.

William G.

ericswan said...

I don't suppose many of your listeners realize that the Obamas were both lawyers in Chicago and both of them gave up their licenses to practice law in 1989. I don't suppose "they" realize that the Obamas have sponsored cap and trade legislation for decades. I don't suppose you realize that Michelle is the force to be reckoned with.

Expect 350 ppm to be established at the Copenhagen NWO climate commission on Dec. 8 or nuclear false flag attack in Vancouver during the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

another kids dead
died of starvation
corporations smile
they love deprivation
they hold no humanity
have no vibration
of love
they practice evil
cause war hatred and
of our planet
they reflect from
their lower nature
or the beast the devil
many names all frustration
there be sorry when
there time comes
that day when they die
go back through
life's school
all of the equations

Anonymous said...

the wise men site
where I come
to learn about life
from men who have lived
from men who give
whose wisdom
holds no bounds
sometimes profound
natures sounds
keep you feet
on the ground
your heart in the sky
where the birds fly
up to their peace
across the seven seas
to gather more seeds
to plant more trees
in the hearts of men
true love weaves.

pot said...

A global government needs a global religion and a global currency (and tax). Global warming is the basis for this Gaia worshipping religion as well as the justification for a carbon dollar and tax.

The tax will be used to redistribute wealth to poorer nations and to fund the global security initiative run by the neo-malthusian, high priests of the religion to prevent excessive consumption (ie: lower living standards).

Those who control the world currency control the world (as it is they control the USD, Yen and Euro and indirectly most of the rest) . Just have to replace the US with the UN on those uniforms when the US can no longer print it's own money to fund it's global security apparatus ( being the reserve currency makes this possible today, when that's gone with the advent of the carbon dollar, we must go to the IMF for credit, like other 3rd world countries today).

The worlds power structure resembles a pyramid. That's why they were built at the beginning of civilization (the birth of the ruling elite). Every institution, government and global corporation is headed by pinions of the global elite. They operate in the shadows and control the funding of globalist projects. Unimaginable wealth has been accumulated by these families over the centuries and protected by tax free foundations and tax havens.

Science, education, publication, entertainment and media are all largely controlled (at the top, those at the bottom of the pyramid are clueless). That's why the myth that mans CO2 can devastate the environment can take hold, sold by the high priests (a few corrupt scientists) and those who question it are deemed denialists. We are back in the dark ages, folks just don't know it yet.

But whats the alternative really. Someone like Obama or Bush really running the world? Historically speaking, people live longer and eat better than ever and the wars are smaller, so it ain't all bad. Of course, this doesn't mean it can't or won't end very badly, and history suggests it will.

Anonymous said...

sorry I meant women too
on that last poem

It's only me said...


you sure do rhyme fine and fair

European American said...

My question, one that I consider now on a daily basis-

How is it that "they" are still breathing? The Bankers. The Politicians. The Wall Streeters.

What logistical advantage do they have that creates THE buffer between themselves and the rest of us?

Body guards? Armored SUV's? Gated subdivisions? Penthouses? Pancake makeup?

I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some "headline" news in that department. Surely they can sacrifice some of their minions to further support their agenda?

RW said...

I haven't met any jew smart enough to pull off such shit and remain anonymous. Blathering, fearful, materialistic, doctrinaire liberalising lowlifes yes, brilliant conspirators in some plot to control me and hold spiritual power over my children. .


Anonymous said...

Who needs a ship?

chuckyman said...

To the anonymous poster who signs their work as “peace”.

I just want to thank you for your poetry. It is appreciated and liked – although seldom acknowledged.


V word = swaximel (weird ??)

Anonymous said...

I am a long time lurker so I have seen much of what has happened here. Finally I have to say something. You just blew the roof off the house with this one and I have seen your light coming up these last weeks since you fell back into the shit.

I am writing this for one purpose. You must realize and I am not sure that you do. Many minds are fixed on you. Many minds take comfort from you and because of your peculiar and particular Zeitgeist you are not just a channel of truth for the times but you are also a kind of target and your difficulties come from having to assimilate the hopes and fears of what is projected on you.

I was not surprised that you found Green Tara. She is the embodiment of protection for the true seeker. I am certain that your talents and challenges are going to become much larger soon. Always call on her. She will see you through.

Seraphina from Oz

Anonymous said...

Hello Les, this is not something you need to post but I just looked at an article from a UK paper indicating this K, you mentioned is extremely bad for the liver and kidneys. Just though I would mention it.

Visible said...

Mick, this is about the fourth time someone has either emailed me or posted about that propaganda horseshit in the S&MSM media about K. I believe you are talking about The Observer article. I remember very well how they demonized acid and also that pot is still illegal but alcohol is not.

Closer scrutiny of the source material for this article clearly states that they drew their information from people ingesting up to ten grams a day.

A sleeping pill might aid someone in falling asleep. Ten or twenty of them might have a different result. I use about a gram every two days and that is if I am doing it right along.

Why is it that people do not realize that I research things pretty intensely on my own end?

John Lily who worked with dolphins used this for decades and lived well into his 90's.

I'm astonished that you would credit something from the same people reporting on the wars and justifying the coming aggression against Iran as if they had some idea of, well... anything. They are a fountain of calculated lies.

Quite possibly people are injuring themselves with this. Some people like to stick forks in their arms. I am not one of them.

Nothing that anyone has to say to me about this is going to have any impact whatsoever. I am a very moderate user and I seldom even get any because the people who could help me out are too chicken shit to do so. Perhaps I should just stop writing altogether for all the good it does me personally. I don't need to spend so much of my time in some misbegotten idea that I'm actually useful to or helpful to anyone AND do it for free.

I've been intaking strange compounds for a very long time and I am still in better shape than most people I meet. I think it has something to do with attitude and who you serve.

I'm not bitching at you personally. I am speaking in general terms.

In some ways I have a scientific perspective on my practices and in this case I have, so far, proven to be pretty aware of what I am doing.

I do have a problem with K. That problem is that I can't seem to get any. If anyone were aware of the work I actually do with this they would be a lot more industrious about helping me out.

Rebel 4E said...

I've heard from reliable sources that most of the 'K' available in the U.K. is rotten adulterated shite.
S&MSM reporting the dangers of 'K'.....Hmmmm! Cui bono?


Anonymous said...

LES --

I also saw the UK article on K over the weekend and naturally thought of you. I also read the hundreds of responses and 99% pointed out the stupid lies behind the latest noise from the MS&M -- also the people were united in being pissed off at drug schedules there for weed, acid and ecstasy that lead to the drug czar and three of his assistants being fired/quitting.

Glad you mentioned John Lilly -- did you know that he had a tank to study the dolphins -- and he and his female assistant would stand in there with the flippernauts, communicate with them, play with them -- AND THEY FINALLY ALSO FIGURED OUT THAT ONCE THE DOLPHINS ACCEPTED THEM THEY HAD SEX WITH THEM ON A CONSTANT BASIS!!!


Anonymous said...

The UFO question is much bigger than "a plan" or what not? Check out the "Vril" and do some homework. The idea that "aliens" are from a different planet or some part of our "solar system" is bunk. "Aliens" are alien to this plane? They are "traz dimensional?" How long till we humans reach this stage?

Visible said...

Sorry D.M.

That might have been a little strident but after the fourth or fifth mention of the same news item I got a little salty. I am very fond of you so I rather wish I'd been a little toned down.

It hit me as a multiple offense; sending me something from the S&MSM (who lie one hundred percent of the time)... the implication that I am deluded and stupid (which may be true)... and it being another of the endless litany of exaggerations coming from the people who profit from the drug trade in the first place.

I have already heard of people experiencing serious conditions because of excessive use. I think it parallels well with the difference between someone who has a coupe of shots of whiskey of an evening and the guy who drinks a whole bottle or more.

It's difficult for me to explain the intensity and power of the visions I am receiving. It is beyond anything ever before. I haven't heard of anyone else having these same occurrences which I can't figure out. It's some sort of catalyst for me personally. I quite literally go to other worlds and communicate with all sorts of people and beings.

Furthermore it changes me in dramatic ways. It's slow going... near real time )which isn't real any more any way) but it is very transformative and certain abilities manifest that I did not possess prior to.

I'm pretty sure I will endure until the tape runs out and I am going to be restrained in my use. At the moment it's a lot more restrained than I consider necessary and that may account for part of the last comment too.

I well realize that everything having to do with me is under the command of my overseer but... I'm still possessed of certain shortcomings which means I don't like the pace of recent times in respect of this.

Anonymous said...

"I've been intaking strange compounds for a very long time and I am still in better shape than most people I meet. I think it has something to do with attitude and who you serve."
Youre on to something big here, and its seems very true to me as well!!!! Attitude is key!!!!
Ive never had a "bad trip." Its all in the head.
Still what we dont know now, will be shown to us later?
Many people dont ever try and "expand" the mind or thier mental states, too bad, but those that do find a price is paid for such actions?

Anonymous said...

@Seraphina from Oz
You see into things with great power!!! It is a wonderful thing that Les has shared the "Tara" spirit with us!!!! You words only help!!!
I see greatness here. RJ and DumbGoyNot both have posted great ideas of the true nature of love and people today!!! The more we move this way, the more we can create a totem for others to use too!!!
Thanks for your effort and time Les

Anonymous said...

"Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death can erase our good deeds". --Buddha

Anonymous said...


Here's a choice tidbit -- I go downstairs and the local new is on with BLARING HEADLINE -- RACIST GRAFFITI MARS HIGH SCHOOL CAMPUS -- So I stop to watch -- and this is the honest to God truth -- They cut to the incriminating shot from the high school and it's a shot of a mist covered windshield that's already running and it barely reads KKK written by somebodies finger on the glass...

A f*king news crew was sent out there for this? And they headlined it? Has everyone lost their f*cking minds? This wasn't the mainstrem S&M news -- it was local.


Anonymous said...

Concerning Project BlueBeam - which I first came across on the Cass forum, I think - here is a link explaining it in all its scary detail:

I won't be stocking up on enema bags or popcorn, but at least I'll be aware of what it is my eyes are looking at.

S. Cat

Strictly platonic, btw, Les.

Visible said...

Well S. Cat...

I've no idea what that's in reference to but it works regardless because I am strictly platonic with everyone as a rule except in the situation where I have been placed and which is naturally evolving into the platonic because my drive is becoming completely internalized and sublimated for the purpose of maximum service. In this case I would have to say that I am walking the talk.

R.J. the madness is set to increase to the point that the absurdity dawns on everyone... most especially when eyes begin to be opened due to the approach of the divine.

I heard Catch the Wind earlier and was thinking that of all the artists with international prominence whose songwriting was up there with the best, both in quality and quantity... Donovan slipped into obscurity like no one else.

Visible said...

Okay, I read about operation Blue Beam and there's a big part of the dynamics; the equation missing. There is also a great deal of exaggeration. That's just my take.

I don't know what's coming and I do not predict specifics. I have some awareness of general trends and an awareness of what is indwelling in a limited way. I also have the benefit of thousands of years of spiritual history and I'm going to rely on the deathless and timeless for whatever befalls me and continue on toward whither I am bound.

One thing I have always had is a pretty accurate bullshit meter. A holy man that I met actually commented on it to certain people. Whatever is coming, no matter what it is is still under the control of the one power that rules everything. No doubt some version of what has been declared will occur because many scriptures also record this but... regardless of the stage show and David Copperfield on steroids antics both sides of everything are firmly under the control of the eternal ruling authority. If that force wants to test the human mind in a certain way or temporarily grant great power to dark forces then there is a reason.

Anonymous said...

back here again
thanks for the appreciation
but its not me as a person
its my inner vibration
radiating reflecting
from the higher nature
the place where I love
it governs me from above
flies like a dove
sometimes it comes like a flood
for brothers and sisters
peace makers and givers
river of lifes light
never withers
always their
for everyone to stare
light glares
leads us to the stairs
of awares
the sight,the power of right
and the might
the fathers light
mother nature recites
in all of us truth writes

John said...

I spent part of a couple of days reading what I link below. I wonder if any of you have time to read and comment. It's called 'The Code to the Matrix', and it kind of ties everything together. I thought I was already crazy, but after reading it I think I might be getting a little more crazy.

John said...

Oops. Here is the link.*RsillpdtP0jtRQeaHaedPptYCeIWggX*Q0pupgTEhyc5FaLm6iRhfeHLYwCGvyLYPk-mv6Gt0BUA36f/TheCodetotheMatrix.pdf

That link takes awhile to download. It is at this website:

It's at

DumbGoyNot said...

Today The Truthseeker posted an article by Paul Drockton about Rhianna’s role as a mind control slave and how she is being used to channel Illuminati mind control onto our nation’s youth. He recently wrote similar articles about Beyonce and Lady Gaga. He inferred that the music industry is awash with Illuminati mind slaves (Monarch mind slaves, Manchurian candidates, etc.). Why then didn’t he mention those in the news industry? Rhiannon and the other music stars are actually small potatoes compared to the media talking heads. It’s obvious to anyone with any experience with mind control victims that the mainstream media and talk radio talking heads are every bit as mind controlled as the music/movie stars. They wouldn’t be where they are and doing what they do if they weren’t (and being paid the fortunes they receive). The same goes for most of the up-in-your-face politicians; they never would’ve been promoted to where they are unless they were first mentally programmed to be controlled. Most people have no clue as to the immense importance the Illuminati places on seeing to it that public figures be mind slaves.

Drockton in his article about Rhiannon mentioned the pain/pleasure technique used by the mind control programmers to brainwash their subjects. Why then didn’t he mention that the entire media is used in exactly that way against the American public? A large portion of the media content is geared toward traumatizing the public mind while another large portion of it is geared toward comforting the public mind. Most commercials are part of the comforting aspect… buy this product and you’ll feel better about yourself… buy this insurance and this smoke alarm and you’ll be safer.

Sex is used as a major source of comfort (as it is one of the few sources of comfort many people have left) and is plugged into most advertising. Softcore porn is used as a comfort, which is plugged into most TV and theatre movies. Softcore porn is sanctioned as acceptable by the ‘righteous’ media while hardcore porn is vilified. That’s because the think tank mind control scientists know full well that the softcore porn is more effective than hardcore porn because it activates the viewer’s imagination. Hardcore porn leaves nothing to the imagination and is therefore far less useful as a tool of control. Hardcore porn is loudly (and in a mock righteous way) vilified in order to pose the suggestion that the softcore porn is harmless by contrast and is therefore acceptable. Little do most people realize that the softcore porn is nearly indispensable to the think tank scientists in their highly refined public mind control strategy.

The ritual cycle (Christmas, Easter, Halloween) is exploited by the controllers to traumatize/comfort the public mind by leading up to the particular ritual event with a couple of weeks of sweetsie-sweet and nicie-nice religious programs and then following the ritual event with a couple of weeks of the most bizarre sci-fi and horror films. This is then followed by a series of comforting programming. Back and forth they go with the contrasting programs, season after season, year after year, in a systematic agenda to keep the public off balance, jaded, and perpetually dissatisfied with the real world.

DumbGoyNot said...

The false flags ops such as Oklahoma City, 9/11, the London bombings, Ft. Hoodwink, etc. are specifically designed as mind control trauma events to be followed by endless scenarios of comforting being done by the media ‘good guys’. The response to such events by a large portion of the public to arm itself with guns is part of the plan. Hannah Arendt in her book The Origins of Totalitarianism made the statement that propaganda is the lifeblood of totalitarianism and public opinion polling is the lifeblood of propaganda. One thing most people would never suspect is that the response by the public behind the trauma of the false flag ops to go out and buy guns is exactly the sort of public opinion polling response the think tank scientists were experimenting with. Of course, the whole purpose behind the polling is to determine how to tweak the propaganda.

In closing, the point I’d like to emphasize is that this has all to do with the media, and that for all practical purposes the media is our first and foremost enemy. We are in a war and on the front lines against this most formidable and well-organized enemy, the very first entity we encounter is the media. Every other manifestation of the matrix is of secondary concern to us who want to wage a successful resistance against it. To the degree we expose the Trojan horse media for what it is, to that degree we automatically throw a wrench into the gearbox of the matrix system.

Anonymous said...

Hey les. Add to your blog The info about the Reptile "R" Family Sperm bank that has been in operation for yrs. to set their minions Dna into all branches of control.. EMPATHY...was bred out of them...How sad their fate when they discover its all been an illusion...they sold their soul for nothing..And nothing is what they'll get when they leave here...Peace Out...

Anonymous said...

Les My Divine Friend --

When my wife and I got married up in Joshua Tree National Monument (at the certain psychedelic ranch that I once told you about where peyote grew wild) "Don" sung at the wedding party. He wrote us a wedding song and for requests I had him do "Catch the Wind" "Atlantis" and "Season of the Witch." (we still have the video and cherish it) He also did a funny/touching monologue about being with the Beatles in India with the Maharishi. At that time in the late eighties he had been living up in high desert for almost twenty years after the fame machine spit him out. He and his wife Linda are two of the loveliest people you could ever meet. I'm glad to report that for the last ten years he's been happily living tax-free in Ireland (where they don't tax artists) and he is finally making money again thanks to his songs being used in ads and his growing re-discovery on the concert trail. We still speak with him around the holidays and I will say hello to him for you and turn him on to your amazing writings. I know he would love your work.


Anonymous said...


You said it best.. No matter what happens, everything is under the control of the true living God - Jesus Christ!!

All of those Fallen Angels, their off-spring, and their paid lackeys will eventually BURN...

Count on it....

Stay Blessed and Peaceful,

Red Pill

Unknown said...

How? How? How can you dance when the pyramids are falling?
How can you dance when the pyramids are falling?
The powers to be
Will very very soon see
Nobody can get to my mind
Hell, it’s a double bind

What to do ? What to do?
We will, we will, we will not fail, Sanity will prevail,
No more secret code, no more horror mode
You will see, You will see

Unnatural people – where is your soul?
Lizzard lounge at the centre of a Black hole
Delusion, Confusion
Vaccinate, fornicate, confiscate
Crowd control, Mind control
It’s all just an illusion

How? How? How can you dance when the pyramids are falling?
How can you dance when the pyramids are falling?
The powers to be
Will very very soon see
Nobody can get to my mind
Hell, it’s a double bind

Death to the system, the pot of gold is boiling
Revolution! Evolution! The Event horizon is looming…
We’ve got surveillance – let’s dance!
The pyramids are falling!

How? How? How can you dance when the pyramids are falling?
How can you dance when the pyramids are falling?
The powers to be
Will very very soon see
Nobody can get to my mind
Hell, it’s a double bind

The pyramids are build on you and me
It’s all just an illusion
Shake it! Shake it! Shake it!
Dance while the pyramids are falling!

Visible said...

There is a new Petri Dish up-

Six Degrees of Separation from Redemption and Salvation.

Anonymous said...

"Fall mountains, just don't fall on me..."

Anonymous said...

Les --

This just in -- Local High School undertakes major Eco Clean-up Program! And they cut to a dusty truck with "clean me" written into the dirt by someones finger, Ha


Anonymous said...

I love donovan,I love the hippies
actually I love everyone.

Tank full offuel said...

Christ you know
I been waiting
Four adore
With no difference
Between yours and mind

Rebel 4E said...

@ John

Thank you for the link to -
'The Code to the Matrix'
I'm working my way through it now.


Anonymous said...

word veri thing: redrop


Eugene said...

Saucer Saucer in the air
Which one is more deserving
of this punishment Ive got here?

God, what fun that would be!

There sure is some serious justice needing to be served up.

The hundreds and hundreds of millions who have died for the profit of these bastards.


Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

Just to know others dream the same dreams.

Visible said...

remember that routine where first they came for those guys and then then they came for the other guys and then they came for me?

This has been on the front page most of the day.

There are some very strange things going on but, darling... strange is just getting started.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Visible said...

There is a new post up at visible-stream-of-consciousness.

The Frayed Angels.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Once again, you have come up with whimsy that is beyond belief. The thought of feeding time for the Rothgilla's is just too hilarious for words.

And as for downloading and showing them their Akashic records, remember that might work for humans no matter how low they have sunk. But... a Rothschild human? Ya think? Would take some powerful mojo to get that working again!

Operation Blue Beam. Come on folks, do they REALLY believe they can pull this off? Along with the aliens as well? Imagine how much money and energy is wasted on this trash?

Ronald Raygun and Kissinger the maggot have referred to alien invasions a few times. Ohhhhhhh I would LOVE to see KISSINGER in one of those terrariums! He deserves special treatment. THey have been prepping us for that invasion for decades. Times are interesting ...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Just an afterthought.

Some of the true heroes of history and saving us all are unmentioned and INVISIBLE.

We all owe the unknown hackers a GREAT debt of cosmic smooches and foot rubs. No one seems to remember, these guys may have truthfully saved us all by being so beautifully peacefully anarchist!

NWOisCommunism said...

"Victor Rothschild wanted, and I quote; 'to stop Hitler coming to power at any cost'

Hitler took back the German economy from the international money brokers, usurers and money changers, and gave it back to the German people bringing them wealth and prosperity."

It can be argued that Adolf Hitler wanted only to free the sheeple from the jewish money changers. That he had no desire to take over the world but rather wanted to free all countries from the tyrani of Rothschild economic control. That the mounds of starved corpses at the end of the second world war were from Russia, Poland and Dresden. That the UK and european Royals supported Hilter in his attempt to resist Rothschild who had total control of Russia. That Russia and communism were totally controlled by Rothschild. That Hitler was a freedom fighter against Rothschild economic control. That there were no gas chambers. That less than 365,000 jews died in the concentration camps.
That Rothschild is again trying to take over the world in a communist fashion with a 4% ruling corporate/gov't elite and a 96% subserviant serfs.
That the NWO is just communism on a global scale.
That all resistance to global communism is labelled as terrorism by the propaganda media, and sometimes as anti-semitism with all resisting individuals of power being labelled as the new Hitler.

Musings of a (for now somewhat) freeman.


Christopher Bollyn said...

B'Nai B'Rith was revealed in the 1860's to be a secret organization of "Israelites" had existed in Chicago for some 20 years.

'Do you really think that criminals are clever, good people, Thrasymachus?'

'Yes, if their criminality is able to manifest in a perfect form and they are capable of dominating countries and nations.'

- Socrates in Plato's Republic

Shiela Samples said...

"The religious believe that God belongs to them.
Christians know that they belong to God.
It's that simple."

Anonymous said...

Intervew with an ex vampire. He says he was introduced to it at catholic college.

FuckTheNWO said...

Obama is expected to ratify the Copenhagen global-warming-carbon- tax-agreement despite the climate-gate fraud exposure.
The entire reason for the Global Warming movement was to set the world up to accept the $6,000 per family and year 'carbon' tax which is planned to finace the global government in the exact same way the IRS was set up to collect income tax for the Federal Reserve.
Both the Federal Reserve and the World Bank are privately owned and controlled by the international banking cartel lead by Rothschild. Obama's job is now to spin away the exposed warming fraud and to go right ahead and force the carbon tax on America and the world anyway. The environment never had anything to do with it.
It is the world tax to support the world government that was important.
Rothschild and his NWO planners will through Obama still try to enforce the global tax.
The tax will go to pay for the administration of the NWO.
Carbon tax = NWO administration tax
Welcome to serfdom sheeple!

Amnesia's Goldmen said...

I am addicted to your blog,
not unlike when I was 10 and watching kermit the frog.
The creative way you tell the truth
and present the proof, your fans are through the roof. Your delivery is fresh like the produce in the metaphorical shopping center of the stars (above not below). The blind crashing of cars and economic systems are revealed by you in sometimes obvious and other times symbolic ways. A balanced approach. Unlike the mainstream cockroach media infestation of elite brainwashing, systematically designed for my brother-in-law and his wonderfully cute brain-trained offspring. Waiting in the wings to follow the masters..."that is just the way it is", he says. A layed off banker, deluded faker and prankster who got his in the unemployment line. No um I'm fine. I need to go where? OH over there in the camp, cramped and used up as slave labor. Can I turn in that favor now? What flavor of cool cool aid would I like. I guess I could just eat the shit instead or go back to bed and dream. While I hear the screams of the folks next door. Whores who love their punishing rewards. In hoards, they are willing but without will. But we are free from and can see some thanks to those like yourself.




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