Sunday, March 28, 2021

"Most People, Ruled by their Personal Ambitions, Assume the Position and are Made Pregnant with Evil."

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We will be including some links today because they help to paint the Boschian landscape of the decline of empire. It won't be all that hard. It's basically paint by the numbers. They have to keep in mind that their workers are not very bright. I want you to see the connection between all of them in the way they have to do with controlling not only the flow of information but the perspective and understanding impressed on you. Forget the Crass Media, EVERYTHING they say is a calculated lie, designed to mislead you. I KNOW it is hard to look right at it and see how pervasive and powerful it is and to realize it is a demonic enterprise created to ENSLAVE you through Fear and Confusion.

Fake mass shootings are back and hence the reason for our first link. Colorado, of course, is one of their nerve centers and it is CONSIDERED to be in the center of the USA. I remember in the long past that it was the coastal shipping port for all consciousness-altering substances and I knew, peripherally, some who had become wealthy by dint of craft, effort, and location-location-location. I've been where they are and seen the process at both ends. I WAS NOT a player. I was NEVER very good at that. God DID NOT want me so engaged. Since I knew a number of these people and since they were well disposed toward me, I got a fortune of the desirable comestibles laid on me.

The usual psychopaths from whatever the present-day iteration of Mk Ultra or Tavistock might be, are fully engaged in ongoing staged events and they've got a good number of guided missiles in the paddocks. Programming is going on with their Hellish instruments at all times. Here is another area they are operational in and have been for a LONG TIME. Do you remember that little twit called Lil Nas X? He came out with a tedious and uninspired “Old Town Road” song that was #1 for months. It was/is a pedestrian effort and not worth listening to, except by accident; playing as you head to the door, which is what I do every time I hear anything like it. It wasn't a notable song at all, they pumped it up so that he could, with great drama, come out as Gay later. Now, this pin-headed entrepreneur is bringing us what we were REALLY waiting for; we and his 16 million Instagram lemmings. They are full-on AT IT. Be mindful and mind how you go.

Another area besides entertainment and automated mass murder is the political sphere and here we have one of the Biden Rockettes, who, along with NUMEROUS others are actually employed by Israel, not the USA. A lot is being made of China as a threat, except by those owned by China, like Lebron, Biden, and all of his associates, handlers, and backers. For them, the threat is Russia because Putin is not stupid and won't cooperate in the war on Christianity, Globalization, and FORCED immigration. However, all of this is Dis-info generated by Israel, which is the high seat of Satan on the planet, with Mossad and Chabad satellites across the planet that do the work given them from the Central Command of Darkness. They are just what Jesus said they were back in the day, and as the material darkness has grown more pervasive and intense they have grown more powerful as they ride the wave.

Long ago they went to work gaining control of the media, entertainment, publishing, social media, and politics. Since they are printing the money in their central banks, they can afford whatever they wish. This they have accomplished and if you won't play ball, they won't let you on the court. Most people, ruled by their personal ambitions, assume the position and are made pregnant with Evil; not that they would notice. Once your integrity is gone, everything that is attached to it goes as well. This is what makes the pursuit of the Qualities of God the Supreme Quest. God is right particular about who gets the use of these qualities because they are The Critical Powers of God. You can tell people; good luck with that. You can see deep into the heart of them, what is resident there and WHAT IS NOT resident there.

I am perfectly comfortable with “it's a trick, we always use it”.

After all, The Truth is Antisemitic. I've no fear of the high and mighty, who are, in fact, the low and impotent. They've nothing they can take from me or do to me. My life? That's in God's Hands. I would far rather depart here, KNOWING that The Truth will set one free. I say nothing here that I cannot prove past all arguments. What I say that I cannot prove, because it is Metaphysical, is... to me... SELF-EVIDENT! If The Truth is important to you, and you love and cherish it, it WILL present itself to you and the evidence will be the experience itself. I KNOW this because it has happened MANY times to me, and these days it is much like an endlessly running brook outside the door of The Adytum.

WHY... WHY IS IT that people don't get THE OBVIOUS? You EITHER seek and surrender to the Will of God, or you are IN BIG TROUBLE... present or pending. You CAN'T win! Heaven is ALL POWERFUL. If you are smart, you seek it with all your heart. Otherwise, you are a Fallen Angel. It is MADE to look a certain way here, ON THIS PLANE, and this is why people get sucked into their own loss, disappointment, and failure, due to BELIEVING IN APPEARANCES. Appearances are a lie. They are generated by cosmic force for a purpose. Study the life cycle of foliage. Certain TYPES of people, at a certain level of being, are utterly seduced by the promise of profit from appearances. They don't know any better, but they can hurt you with Hostages to Fortune.

Humanity, a portion of it, is about to make a spiritual leap and grand changes are coming to our perceptions and level of awareness. I do not know how many of us are to be affected; well... we will all be affected to some degree, and then left at some corner of the road on the way. They are at whatever rest spot or Future Exit they took, to ease up on the presence of the howling of the wind, as it whistles through dead trees in corridors of Nowhere. I suspect it will not be many who make the leap, as I observe the present pursuits of the masses, but that depends on the grace of God and his patience and compassion. He knows all. We know VERY little so our opinion is not generally solicited.

The way my food tastes now. The way all of it comes at me now has become a remarkable turn in my existence. The way God is present in my senses and proving to me beyond a shadow of a doubt what it means when he says, “I am the supreme enjoyer” and I was reflecting on that when God said, “You see the perks that come with seeking me?” He does that a lot now, catches me in an object teaching situation, and blows the curve right by me, setting me up for the fastball and I know not to crowd the plate because he's got the advantage in the count so he would brush me off... nicely. God is rough and tumble as all get out and silken smooth and effortless when he wants to be. He is all things to all men and women, there and back again with Bilbo, and all the rest of us. It's up to us whether we enjoy life and you CANNOT ENJOY LIFE unless God is present and enjoying it. I don't care what anyone tells you. If you are not enjoying your life that is why. Don't go looking for reasons for why your life is empty. It is empty because God is not in it.

They talk about Diversity and Inclusion but what they really peddle is Perversity and Exclusion. These are NOTHING BUT BUZZWORDS. They picture in your mind, but the reality is quite different. Don't waste your time listening to them; WATCH WHAT THEY DO!!! If you pay attention you see who is behind the pornography and every distress that becomes evident in the streets. You see who is at the head of EVERY alt-sex organization. You see who is providing the money to the politicians and you see which of them has fallen out of favor or never been there to begin with.

More and more you are seeing this sort of thing then you see this kind of thing. Here is what gets stated in the Satan Sneaker Scam;

“In selling the sneakers, the rapper has partnered with MSCHF — a company that runs on 'structured chaos' and has been 'creating some of the most absurd, cynical, and viral projects and products that have spread across the internet'”

-according to a report last year by Business Insider.

These are the sorts of things being generated by Chaos Magik. It's a new trend that is being promoted by the catamites who operate from their niches in the intellectual and academic community. ALL OF THIS... is a blind or camouflage for Satanic Intention. When you cannot understand something that is simple, due to complexity and confusion, THERE IS A REASON. Once again, ♫ What's puzzlin' you is the nature of my game ♫

You are a footsoldier without a uniform, fighting in a war that most of us cannot see taking place. NOTHING here has to do with any of the usual objectives and ambitions of the temporal sphere. IT is ALL ABOUT your soul. It is a spiritual war! It has been going on for a long, long time. Everywhere you look, people are trapped inside their own heads with their hearts imprisoned by transitory and fleeting attractions. Some of us are working for one side and some for the other, the majority are leaves trembling in the prevailing wind.

It DOES NOT have to be as it seems. Whatever that is, is something we have talked ourselves into, with help from the minions who serve whatever pays or punishes. For them, it is either the object of desire on the one hand or The Breaks on the other. God is a living light. The idea is to come into harmony with the Will of Heaven. Whatever there is that then appears in your life is a direct result of what you have placed your reliance on. There are far more than a few of them born every minute, back again, and again, expecting different results.

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Sunday, March 21, 2021

"This is What Comes of Living Your Own Truth When it Happens to Be a Lie."

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I've been studying things for some time now. In my altered states, I would study as intently as my perspective made possible. However... the realizations would come so fast and so hard that I soon forgot most of them, in the whirling passage of thoughts that often resembled a stampede in a lightning storm. Then came the clearing sky and that peculiar freshness to the air that seems to be routine following a storm's departure. All was quiet now, the cattle which were formerly thoughts are now marooned in the Chickasaw Plum thickets and chaparral of the subconscious mind. It had become apparent to me that I was getting nowhere past hot and heavy petting with The Truth. You can't keep setting yourself off like Independence Day rockets and expect their effect to remain permanent on the skyline while you are only at second base.

I found an interesting condition that seems to be endemic to dreaming humanity. A certain segment of the readership will, likely, take exception to what I am going to say but I suggest you study it and put aside the mental costs of seeing it to be so, because what are you going to do about it anyway? That's human nature; what are you going to do about it? Probably nothing. Human nature naturally sets aside or ignores most anything that cuts into its pleasure interest zones.

It's the corruption that is the attraction in certain long-enduring behavior traits. Let's see... crackling bacon on the griddle and congealed grease in the aftermath. It's often educational to study what remains on your dish once you have finished eating. Inspired scientific minds will be paying careful attention also to what it looks like after it leaves you. Your body is a bellwether for your spiritual AND material state.

A couple of decades ago, I happened to be walking behind the Burger King at Maui Mall in Kahului, HI. (I'm sure I've told this story before.) The vents were vigorously expelling the smells of the industry taking place within. I've got a strong stomach and I don't get seasick even on stormy seas, which I have experienced not far from the Bermuda Triangle when the other passengers who were suffering were laid out in the small cabin below, while flying kitchen items from cutlery to pans to... well... whatever there was, flew like pieces of shrapnel at seeming random, or so I heard about later. I was on deck in the 12-foot seas on a small whaler. I wasn't being brave or anything. I had no choice. I'm pretty good about things when I have no choice. I'm surprised we made it back. It did not look like we would at times. I digress, we've come some distance from Burger King with no obvious relevance. It's relevant.

When I got hit by the powerful exhausts behind Burger King, I felt like I imagined the passengers on that boat felt when overcome with uncontrollable nausea. I didn't suddenly become a vegetarian as a result. I was already a pescatarian, had been since I was 18. Of course, there were periods of beef products, for brief intervals along the way, depending on what I had been getting up to. I usually maintained the sort of interim control that one sees with those who are either pathologically fixed on a particular discipline, or wildly out of control without much space between them.

I had a flash of realization concerning human appetite... of all kinds, and it came to me with memorable force that corruption was the chief attraction in most forms of self-indulgence. As I have mentioned many times here, one of my main amusements is watching people. I learn so much and I can do all kinds of things as long as I don't mention it. People can hardly object to what they don't know is taking place to begin with. What would I call it? Metaphysical Forensics? Parapsychological Observation of Body Language Tells? This has led me to observing the animal nature as it expresses in humanity.

You might observe, if you gave more than a passing thought to it, that sexual and pornographic addictions gravitate to the increasingly bizarre, over time, as the satiation levels drop due to repetition and they need a bigger jolt. They regularly need something wilder and kinkier. They've moved past using the whole chicken some time ago. You might think of this world as a vast multitude of worlds that overlap one another and this makes it possible for everyone to live in a world of their own creation, even if it includes other people besides themselves, because of kindred instincts and hungers. This is the same thing with people whose inclinations run to violence. The offenses become more and more egregious. It is the same thing with Greed and the drive for acquisition, or power. There is NEVER enough. All perverse hungers move toward the extreme, slowly but surely (and sometimes very rapidly), incrementally, one awakens to find themselves in a strange and alien land.

It is the undiscovered country of their own darkness into which they go. I look at certain examples of the kind as they come to my attention through various channels and I can almost see the mind gardens of astral chaparral and thorny barriers which they have built-in their dreams of appetite. Then I look at the long, long expanse of time that lies before them, as they weave ever denser over and underbrush by way of Newton's Third.

“Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go.” As you should know by now, it's not always grandmother that you find in grandmother's bed.

In any location where people collect, from small villages to large cities, life usually breaks into three main sections, the largest is the central mass who do all of the same things over and over and think themselves sane because others are doing it too. Then there is the section of Good Hearts who work for the betterment of humanity, and then there is the section of Bad Hearts who work to the detriment of humanity. The biggest problem with a greater unity coming to prevail, are the folks in the middle who move in whatever direction the prevailing wind, or the palpable lash dictates.

Most cities have locations that are often called Combat Zones. The one in Boston is called just that. It's where people go where they should watch their ass, or are intending to watch the asses of others, and also when they are looking for strange adventures. Vice is nearly always with us. Virtue less so, given the times we have come through. Intelligent city planners put certain elements in certain places BECAUSE THEY KNOW they will appear in any case. Now, that is insensitive and discriminating, and also, nothing that goes on in these places NOW is any less than normal and natural, even when it is seriously depraved, it now has its own lobby of victim-abled surrogates. This is what comes of living your own truth when it happens to be a lie.

People are fighting in the streets, in restaurants, and on the beaches. The theme for Spring Break this year is Riots, with lots of yummy neon colors. The World is coming apart, insofar as the bipedal side of things goes. More and more evil types are using the chaos for cover on their crimes of person, passion, property, and resources. A LARGE group of people recently skipped out on a $20,000 tab at a Florida venue during a mob action. Everyone in the group is culpable and none of them care. I imagine that the number of scams now directed at our moronic government are reaching figures never previously imagined. It seems that no one is at the wheel, so it's turning into a free-for-all snatch and grab.

This is what Materialism brings and you can be certain, you can take it to the bank, that madness, collective and individual, is/are going to be the next pandemic. This one is not being planned by the usual suspects. It is being planned on their behalf, for the purpose of waking the Hell up.

Why do you think that the Puritans, Shakers, Quakers, and others left Europe? You've been told it was to escape persecution. You need to factor in The Reformation, which had taken place not that long ago. It was really about corruption; the corruption of the Old World and their desire to live in a purer state in the New World. Of course, whenever you try to shackle sexuality it leads to certain hard and fixed attitudes and protocols, until it breaks through the weakest link, or consumes itself from the inside out. Until we sanely understand human sexuality we are going to have problems.

I watch movies for several reasons, one of them is to take the pulse of the culture, another is to see what people will tolerate and what the intentions are of the people who make them. It is now a rare event when CALCULATED race mixing is not a major plot device, even when there is no coherent plot to begin with. It is a rare event when alt-sex considerations are not prominent, despite their irrelevance to the story. Often there is cultural shaping as concerns everyone being the same and equal in all respects, which is an impossibility. It is the forcing of square pegs into round holes and the idea that this is how it works best. We just have to trust them.

I don't care who of which color loves, or is attracted to, someone of another color, religion, or whatever. I don't care if people sleep with their own sex or any of the other hot-button issues being pushed by those who seek to drive humanity into spiritual squalor. It is not my place to tell people what to do with their lives, and as long as they are not harming another it is none of my business to inform them of how it might turn their lives in ways they never intended. I DO CARE about scheming manipulators whose objective is to open the Gates of Hell. I have arranged my life in such a way that THEY CANNOT intimidate me or affect my life. I have NOTHING they can take and I'm already canceled and don't much care. I've also proven this the hard way. What they think or want does not matter to me. ONLY what God thinks and wants matters, period.

I realize this posting is all over the place and I nearly put this one aside as well, which would have been 3 in a row. My writing is changing and it is an adjustment I have to make. We never stand still. We are always in motion. The most important thing you can do is to MAKE FRIENDS ON THE OTHER SIDE. You are assuredly headed there no matter what. Friends on the other side who are representatives of Heaven are the most powerful friends you can have ON EITHER SIDE.

I can't know how the things said here will affect readers. You represent so many different rays and stages of consciousness. I am presently out of my depth because God is always digging away at the sea bottom beneath me and I have to adjust. What it means is I have to acquire a deeper faith. Presently, I am offering vignettes that don't always provide an obvious connection between them. This is because it is beyond my power, at present, to draw the connections. I hope to be more capable once I have adjusted (grin).

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I've never gone back to Pocketnet, not once, since they cut me off, which I now KNOW they did intentionally, probably for questioning their motives and pointing out disparities... They were always pretty nasty and dismissive. I don't miss them and I'm not going anywhere else at the moment either. All of that added much work to my usual tasks. I am thinking of booting Fakebook soon as well. I don't like Fakebook and I never have. I was simply trying to accommodate the readers at different locations. I am now... FINALLY... absolutely convinced that God has my life in his hands. Some part of me remained uncertain for many years because of the regular trauma showing up. That's been gone for some time now. Yeah... it could change back, but I am expecting something else now.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

"The Citizens of the Kingdom of God are Fundamentally Different from the Citizens of the Kingdom of Earth."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

A great shift in perspective comes when a change in orientation from the physical to the invisible occurs. Materialists see ONLY the world around them. Inspired poets and mystics often live with one foot in the visible and another in the invisible and are at the mercy of the seeming winds of conflict between them, and from which comes the timeless acts and objects of beauty, wrought from the torture of their souls; sweet evidence of what lies beyond; that lies within. Then there are those who walk in the Kingdom of God, while they appear to traverse the Earth. They are always around. We have the option to do the same. All it takes is to do it. Act as if it were true and it will become so.

The citizens of the Kingdom of God are fundamentally different from the citizens of the Kingdom of Earth. It is all determined by one's state of mind. On Earth, due to APPEARANCES of the conflict of opposites, all are striving against one another. In the Kingdom of Heaven, all work in cooperation with one another, or they aren't there to begin with. They are in The True Light and so the basic understanding of the harmony of existence is present at all times and revealed by that light. In the world below is strife and discord. In the world below, the false light predominates and that means nothing is seen as it truly is. In the world above, all is seen as it is.

What does one do, in this world, in order to prosper in the finest sense? One weaves harmony out of discord; “blessed are the peacemakers.” This can come at a cost in the way The World reckons things because if you are going to bring harmony that means ALWAYS taking the left-hand side of the bargain, meaning you take the lesser amount to begin with, giving up to gain the least of it in order to get the best of it.

Because of the way that The World measures and defines things, the least desirable and attractive forms of behavior are considered the more valuable. The World could not be more wrong. The World has intelligences within it. Some of them are ancient indeed. Some of them have deep enmity for all living things and are always looking for vehicles to express their intentions. People are fooled about what is worth having. Life will teach them though. That is the intrinsic nature of Life. It is out of the struggles and apparent chaos that inspired souls weave a deeper symmetry and leave their mark upon the hearts of the fearful and troubled and upon the fabric of the dusty streets of this world.

I know there are people out there who think this is all some kind of fantasy. The interesting thing is that some of the greatest minds this world has ever produced share this fantasy with me and call it Higher Truth. Look at the jewels wrought by the impact of The Living God upon the souls of those who sought a greater understanding. All through history, the works of these noble souls have rung the sweet and powerful bells of angels, whose invisible hands have shaped them to that end. Look at the marvels of times past and the destitute and profane works we now have as measures of our progress. We have gone backward, BUT... not all of us.

NEVER... never doubt the hand of God in human affairs. We don't doubt the machinations of The Devil, do we? There is no devil in the way it is commonly understood, no God either for that matter and that is why there is all the bombast and argument; fools contending over the shape and texture of what they cannot see. God... as God exists is incomprehensible to the mortal mind, and The Devil is the shape given to God by the wicked, the fearful, and deluded. It is all one force, differently expressed. In times of Material Darkness, the world devolves into superstition and atavistic impulses.

People have lost their way. The prophets of conventional wisdom tell us now that depravity is the new virtue. Excess is the new restraint. Twisted and bent is the new straight and narrow. Basically... up is now down and backward is forward. Is this not EVIDENT?!? The posturing banalities of the intellectuals and social reformers reminds me of art critics extolling the abilities of artists who can't even draw a straight line while preening like minks and talking about style and impact. I've seen the artistic efforts of modern times. This is what happens when God is eliminated from the equation. Humankind becomes a mockery of Heaven's intentions. It can't go on like this, but it is only the death rattle of a dying culture. A new one is to be born.

Only True Art mirrors the inspiration of God and only true art lasts. In time, even that passes but what gave life to them remains eternal. The rest is pedestrian rubbish.

Do not lose faith! God KNOWS the state of your heart and even a LITTLE EFFORT in the pursuit of Godhead can work wonders. God is present in every moment of your life and every moment is an expression of God dealing with your soul. There is nothing in all this world or any other that is not an interplay between you and The Divine. That is ALL it will ever be.

Think of your existence as being at, or next to a line on a dial. It is very much like a shower dial that goes from cold to hot, with every temperature between. Your whole world is defined by the position of the dial and everything you see takes the shape given to it by the color and quality of your emotions and the blueprints of your mind, which are given their character and shape by your water. The water that comes to you is pure, but then it is filtered through your mindset and animated by the nature of your passions. There is a part of the dial that gravitates more and more to The Divine and the images and external surroundings are reflective of that. If you turn the dial in the other direction, then you are beset with the phantasms and horrors of the world below. The World above and the world below are resident WITHIN and whatever appears WITHOUT is an extension of the world WITHIN. That is just how it is.

One can explain it all in different ways and with different words but it is all the same and we have a commonality with each other that unites us on the higher planes, no matter how it may look down here. There was a time when I looked upon those so bent out of shape by anger, envy, jealousy, and fear... with contempt. It took me until later in life to VISCERALLY get that they don't know any better. They are like dreamers tossed in a nightmare and tortured by their own thoughts and feelings. They are objects for pity and compassion, BUT... I didn't know any better either. Now I do.

There was a time when I would argue with people and it NEVER went well. You cannot describe to another what they cannot see in the first place and it only makes them angry bringing it up to begin with. They don't want to know. There is a howling wilderness 'out there-in there' that is terrifying. It is terrifying because of undisciplined imaginations and bad appetites. It is not really so terrifying. I have been deep into that howling wilderness and it is not so bad at all if I am not so bad at all. You bring with you what you find. This I have directly experienced as true. We are LITERALLY the creators of our own world. The naysayers simply cannot fathom that they have created all these experiences at another time. Because KARMA has been left out of our understanding in Western Tradition, a large part of life's puzzle is missing.

The good news is that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER like this and you only suffer from your attachments. Lie to yourself for as long as you wish. The Truth is not affected at all. While you turn on the wheel of fire, The Truth shines of its own light and NO DARKNESS can come near. Come nearer to The Truth and The Truth will come nearer to you.

I don't have to prove anything except to myself and that has been accomplished, again, and again, and again. Years ago, such experiences came to me now and again and all of my conversations were one-sided unless I was in a psychedelic state of being. Then... one day God showed up and reminded me of that Yogananda quote; “If you don't search for God in the Springtime of your life, he won't be there in the Winter.” He said, “Well, I'm here. It's not even winter and I'm here.” I didn't get the association until he pointed it out and you can imagine how that made me feel. Since that time the conversation has been in both directions and over time... it happens more and more. It is a daily affair now and I could not be more pleased. It doesn't matter what others say anymore. I just feel bad for them. Compassion makes it easy to afford them.

I have SEEN the truth of this. Nothing can take that away.

Why people feel the need to argue about what they have no information on is a conundrum. On and on they go, much like those people who hear voices in their heads because no one is listening. Heck, even the people who hear voices in their heads are listening better than the people arguing are listening to each other. It is a tad perplexing to me because I have to walk through a dangerous asylum where all the inmates are negatively self-medicated. It's not just the alcohol and other comestibles, it's the negative spectrum of emotions, cut off from the higher levels of feeling. It's the WANTING... endlessly wanting. God help them.

It is fine to me whatever posture or position anyone takes on what I have to say. I KNOW we ALL come to a higher understanding sooner or later. It depends on how much suffering we can endure, and once the mind has convinced itself that their objectives are worth the suffering there is nothing one can do; keeping in mind that misery loves company and will do anything to get yours. This is where energy vampires come from. There are two distinct hierarchies and one serves that which serves them, either way you go. To whose tender mercies do you intend to submit yourself, aye... that's the question, isn't it?

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Monday, March 8, 2021

"Now They are a Big Clown in a Larger Portion of The World Inside their Minds."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is a big push for Atheism in this time and that is to be expected, as Materialism comes to its fullest flower. In the aftermath, the petals wilt and fall. Insanity runs rampant and fear gives it an infectious quality, so as to spread a-trembling in the air. Few of us realize that this is all the result of a concerted effort from The Lower Astral Plane. It reverberates into the manifest and feeds upon the atavistic apprehensions, in that primal area at the verge of Flight or Fight. Life becomes incredibly simple once you gain some insight into its natural inclinations and can see the difference between Wheat and Chaff.

They believe they have won. This is when that legendary hubris arises and they stop caring about EXPOSURE. They come out of the shadows to covet, gloat and strut around. They make themselves vulnerable with their thoughts of invulnerability. This is why it is in the nature of Evil to destroy itself. Evil can just as well be called Wrong, or Mistaken, just as Sin means, 'missing the mark'. BECAUSE there is a perfect order to things, when you set yourself against it, there can ONLY be one outcome. You fail. This is why we see all dreams of empire dim and falter, eventually. Those pushing Atheism into the conversation are knowingly, or unknowingly serving The Dark Side and the objective of The Dark Side is to KILL YOUR FAITH. Having accomplished that, DESPAIR is the next port of call for the brutalized masses.

I don't argue with Atheists... well, I don't argue with anyone. Those who argue are already arguing with themselves. They don't need my help, BUT... they certainly need help.

Let me TRY to explain something that has NEVER been explained. I will not be able to do it but I will try. Those crying out in the darkness of their own minds that there is no God, have confused the idea of God with Religion. No sane or serious searcher confuses God with Religion. Only the UNINFORMED do this. They don't know what they are talking about so there is no point engaging them. I happen TO KNOW that every soul is brought to understanding in time. Even if it takes millions of years, and sometimes it does. They eventually get there. God knows this and allows people whatever they think they want and whatever level of disappointment is required until they come to their higher senses.

I am VERY, VERY fortunate in that I have had direct experiences of The Supernal Hierarchy. I'm not anyone important. I'm not exceptional but I am determined. Eventually, even this blind squirrel finds his nuts, literally and metaphorically. If others choose to believe one thing or another, it is not my place to get into controversy with them. They WILL come to The Understanding, even if it takes millions of years.

I am often amused when those, trying to make a lot of noise about their lack of belief in anything besides the material plane, go about quoting what others have said on the matter. Do they not have original thoughts of their own? Apparently not. When I encounter anonymous ad hominem and poorly composed syntax, on occasion, I always think of dogs barking. If you are troubled by the sound, well... that's one thing, BUT... if it's nothing more than background noises, you simply identify it and move on. You ONLY experience confusion in these matters when you are confused. Does that make sense? It does to me.

The World is one BIG dysfunctional family and is the result of Bad Parenting. This Bad Parenting is not just the telepathic invasion you experienced when you were very young and could not defend yourself against it or all the indoctrination that followed after. It is also a DNA-genetic thing. They breed tendencies and appetites into you and you must defeat this influence in any way that you can. The simplest and most effective way that I have found is to GET NEW PARENTS, or... conversely, recognize your original parents and return to them. I have chosen God as my father and The Divine Mother as my mother. They are both personas that are generated by the same invisible unity. They take that role according to the work that they do. In either case, it is the same single force acting through them. The same is true of angels and all other Luminous Beings. There is ONLY one force at work in them.

Honestly, I would love to fix The World but I know better. A great many people do not want The World to be fixed, and if they do, they want it fixed wrong- due to Self-Will run riot- and closer to their heart's desire. If you can't get them all to agree (and you can't) where does that leave you? Endless argument? Making compromises and concessions? Adjusting yourself to what is not sane because you don't want to be out in the cold, so you go along to get along? Anyone with a basic awareness should realize that you cannot make yourself happy by knuckling under to stronger fragments of WILL. “Be in the world but not of it.”

As the insanity gets more pervasive and more forceful, you can see that all manner of social programming surfaces. People that you once thought of as relatively stable and intelligent begin to act in goofy and unpredictable fashion. They suddenly acquire a venomous hatred for this person, that cause, this group, this religion, that political system. They begin to act unreasonably. They pursue fame and attention where there is no justification for their possession of it. They were a small clown in the small corner of their world and NOW? Now they are a big clown in a larger portion of the world inside their minds, woven of fantasy and self-importance.

I once had tens of thousands of readers and for a time I turned down the volume of spiritual commentary. It was always there, but less of it, so as not to offend too gravely the atheistic sensibilities of the webmasters who linked me. This did not last for any great length of time. I decided I could not cut corners on that which has no corners. I let fly with what was really in my heart and these webmasters parted ways with me. Overnight my traffic went from tens of thousands to thousands and it MADE NO DIFFERENCE at all, except that I was free to write what I was inspired to write. I never made any future effort to improve my internet traffic. On occasion, websites have come to me about hosting my work and that's okay, but I rely on my employer to handle my affairs.

We think we know what we're doing, BUT... we don't and to the degree that one FUNDAMENTALLY KNOWS that they don't know, they have access to the source of all-knowing through the simple act of surrender. I have found, through direct experience, that this works and I am of the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' school of thought.

Some people, I can't help but notice, are very angry, unreasonably angry, especially about the idea of GOD. They just cannot comprehend why a loving God would allow what he allows and also do what they attribute to him. Because of this argument, they have decided there is no God. This has the same impact on reality that the Catholic Church had in the matter of whether The Sun rotated around the Earth, or The Earth revolved around The Sun. Their position had NO IMPACT on The Sun and now it is common knowledge that The Earth is... more or less round. Oops, wait a minute, don't let the Flat Earth People hear what you said. Ridiculous is piled on ridiculous now. More and more, absurdity is the last outpost of those who refuse to see things as they are. Well... you can't SEE things as they are, can you? However, you can intuit, through simple observation that there is MORE TO IT than your senses report.

Atheists are welcome to believe as they wish. It doesn't affect me. I am not an evangelist. I have no investment in temporal things or temporal religions that have now become as crazy as the people who belong to them. Atheists have no real bone to pick with me because the God they don't believe in does not exist. I am in full agreement with them about this. That does not mean that God is not real. It only means that religions, as we have seen over the course of history, are wrong concerning what they are based on.

As an example of the craziness going on these days, and the desire for more of it, there is an interesting posting over at The Truthseeker. What I noticed right off was that many of the comments in praise of someone in the article are all fabrications written by the same person. Why would someone do this? I've been dealing with comments for a long time and have gotten a feel for certain trends that come and go. You get to where you can spot it and with Anonymous, all bets are off. Anyway, this is an obvious put-up job. What the reasons are, well... heh heh, I will leave that to the tender perceptions of the reader.

People should feel free to believe as they wish and accept the consequences as well. They WILL receive the consequences anyway, that's how it works, whether they want to or not. Caterwauling in outrage about what you never bothered to really look into in the first place just makes you look dumb and opportunistic, which... in fact... you are. I would much prefer to accept that I am nothing and do not know and live in the hope of being informed, than I would to insist I am more than I am and know more than I do, and have life inform me about that and cut me down to size in the bargain, over the long, hard course of experience.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

"Human Nature Trends Toward the Dark Side. One MUST have a Minder."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

All the personas of madness are manifesting due to the pressure of The Awakening in a Time of Apocalypse. You either incline toward or within, or resist and react. BUT... against what do you react? You are reacting against yourself, your best interests and your higher nature and you see it everywhere around you as people wrestle with this invisible angel and the equation of The Weakest Link comes into play. Pressure MUST BE channeled or it will break through in unfortunate ways.

Tolerance is not acceptance. I tolerate many things that I do not accept. I watched the Golden Globes last night (sans commercials). I don't like these people much. I do love them because I am compelled to emulate and imitate God inasmuch as I understand God. I watch shit like this on occasion to see what the intentions are of those who think they rule our world. It was a horror to watch. All the jokes fell flat and the disingenuous preaching was obscene. Diversity is not a strength. It is setting several camps against one another for the purpose of divide and conquer and rule. You would have to have seen it to know how bad it was. They are falling apart and they are afraid.

The citadels of their illusions are crumbling. When an age changes, little is spared change. They seem, like their befuddled president to be losing track of where they are. It happens. It is going to be happening in a much more dramatic fashion shortly

They don't care about black or brown people. They care about the force that can be raised through manufactured outrage, the chaos and revolution it can engender. Those backing all of these actions are not black or brown, though they have tame, bought and paid for versions to speak for them, with their minds set on what it could get them.

You poor, sad creatures, dancing while the temporary world you worship disintegrates before you. I don't need to worry about INCLUSION here because you are well served by people of every race and creed as long as it's Satanic. People go and do according to the money. Behind all the banners and slogans, behind all the hoopla, the pretense, and the Woo Woo, is the money. Dragons and other fearsome entities are never far from the treasures that captivate the lower nature

The awards had nothing to do with merit whatsoever. It had to do with throwing a sop to their Communist ideology of everyone being equal, except for those running the show. Meanwhile, the dialogue was a constant reinforcement of the Covid Hoax and nasty asides in really bad comedy skits about those who don't believe it.

If life is permitted to continue, the secrets of electromagnetics and the possibilities of Hydrogen, including, of course, The Sun, are soon to be revealed and developed on. The World and technology will transform overnight. They won't have to be worried about collisions in the air so the air is going to be filled with vehicles. My guess is that either way, a great deal of the population will be gone. Maybe I am wrong, this sense I get of a great recycling. Since the power of God is limitless, anything could happen.

I know from direct personal experience that there are alien cultures and representatives of a universal Far and Wide dressed in human skin. One of the favorite things for aliens to do when they come here is to get into the entertainment business or any kind of business they can get to act out in. We also happen to be on what passes for TV screens in many other solar systems. Any metaphysical scientist knows that the invisible worlds are populated by countless creatures who do not appear in the USUAL bandwidth of the senses. Why should it be otherwise for extra-dimensional creatures, or those in a similar construction to ourselves?

This world conceals many mysteries which are not revealed to the eyes of the profane. It is the same with the beings that populate the different astral and mental regions. You can find horrors which, once looked upon, can leave a lasting impression in the mind. You can also find ethereal and angelic beings. We find what we carry with us. This is why PURITY is stressed by the Initiatic community. If you don't have the requisite purity to travel through certain planes you can be in for a terrifying time, or worse.

I come across people now and then who are deeply into The Occult. Deeply for them, but not very deep in any real sense. Because they know so little, and especially because they know so little about themselves, they gravitate toward the darker side of it. Human nature irresistibly does this anyway, which is why ONE MUST HAVE A MINDER. Traditions put together by people like Crowley and this recent Chaos Magik thing DO NOT lead anywhere good. Oh... they sell a convincing line about going beyond good and evil. However, I must point out that if you yourself are not beyond the blandishments and persuasions of good and evil, you will be toast.

People do not realize that they are dealing with sometimes very powerful entities, or even when it comes to the lesser ranks, who trade in annoyances and distractions; if you get too far into anything they are offering, you become enslaved to them and that is not good at all. If your eyes are open you can see the swaths of destruction that are cut across the landscape of (cough cough) civilization by those whose persona has been hijacked by negative invisible forces.

Let us consider those things that are universally desired by the mass of humanity; Money, Gold, Silver, precious jewels, and all those other pieces of paper that are writs of trust based on something. There is something that happens to the human psyche when the desire for material gain becomes preeminent. You take on lodgers. You wind up running an infernal B&B operation for The Dark Side. There are a lot of ways to amass a fortune and only one way to keep it through your comings and going and that is to give it away; to be generous, while at the same time, not be stupid. One has to act as The Wise Steward. God is well prepared and eager to lay blessing after blessing on you. In fact, he already does so and most of them go missing because they need to be recognized.

God also is not the sort to give a tank to a 3-year-old. God knows what he's doing and this is something that, for some reason, is hard for people to get. They can't seem to accept that God is present in the mind of every living thing that has a mind, and everything else as well. God is intimately connected to every single action, no matter how seemingly insignificant, in your life. God may not put you in a palace, but wherever he puts you will be a palace if the true king has been restored to his throne.

I know from personal experience that God WILL take care of every detail in your life if you let him. The more one permits this, the more present the ineffable becomes within. You may not even notice your physical environment much, but you are probably not doing badly, if you Love the Divine, and the more you do, the better off you will be. ♫ It's Getting Better All the Time ♫

Just because The World goes sideways, in times of major readjustment, does not mean you have to. I was at the Altamont rock concert in Livermore CA, somewhere near the turn of the '60s to the '70s. I was near the front. Tens of thousands of people had taken bad LSD. I saw what happens when certain calculating forces of destruction get a captive environment of living beings. I saw how quickly the veneer of civilization peels away. I wound up running a battlefield hospital for people who had lost their minds. It was on the grass there about a hundred feet from the stage. One thing I learned is that if you are stable and not to be shaken, then all those around you will come into harmony with that.

Faith is a funny thing. People have some amount of it and that amount can vary greatly. They tend to have as much faith in negative things as they do the positive. It seems to me that Faith can be greatly amplified when one has been in a certain amount of life and death situations. In this instance, tragedy can be a marvelous benefit, depending on how things turn out and a lot of what turns out is due to your degree of faith. As The New Testament says, “Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things unseen.”

Okay... that's what I got today (grin).