Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Fata Morgana on the Road to Damascus.

God talks to George W. Bush. He says so. It may be a stretch for me to say it but the hyena in the White House often reminds me of St. Paul; before and after his vision on the road to Damascus. In Christian theology, as in most of the rest of them, you’ve got your two major protagonists; God in the person of Jesus Christ and the devil in the person of whoever opposes the message of the party of the first part.

In every religion you’ve got human counterparts acting out the roles of invisible agencies that war forever against each other and have the same alternating success that day has over night and night has over day, like gamblers flipping a coin and betting on the outcome... over and over again.

St. Paul was a tormenter of Christians before his conversion and a dogmatic pain in the ass afterwards. It is St. Paul you have to thank for the runaway, Christian fundamentalists who adhere to the strict letter of the scripture and the law which, thankfully, can be interpreted any way the interpreters want, depending on the agenda at hand. It is set in stone folks... that is, until it turns into water and runs through the designer canals constructed by whatever Halliburton was at work at the time, according to the plans designed by whatever prancing drag queen- in whatever Vatican- was rolling in the hay with whatever government was fronting whichever Bush was snorting coke and talking bout Jesus. It’s the same thing, only different and... it’s new and improved.

No intelligent person actually believes that Bush went through any kind of spiritual conversion. This was an engineered public relations event that was fabricated to put lipstick on a pig. No intelligent person believes that God talks to Bushligula. Our present day Little Boots is just as certain of his privilege and just as mean and crazy as the prototype.

For those who have some occult understanding of the seeming war between God and the Devil and good and evil; for those of us that know there’s only one force that presents itself in a myriad of ways, it is clear that God and the Devil are the same thing seen from two different perspectives. The Devil is the way that evil people see God. Bushligula is evil, ergo... the God that speaks to him is The Devil and that goes for all of the rest of the Zionist, Christian Fundamentalists, neo-cons and their lackeys and business partners and the following multitudes born so bone-dead stupid that they believe the fantasy.

I’m not here to debate the existence of God or The Devil. The former is an elusive thing. The latter, at least in terms of observable phenomena, is a definite reality. Bushligula says that God talks to him so we’re looking into that.

I’d like to think that there is some kind of intelligence that creates Shakespearean dramas in order to ‘demon’strate the absolute truth of Karma. Life is a play. Sometimes it is a comedy and sometimes it is a tragedy and the two are separated from each other by a thin line called reality. What reality may be... is still under debate and we don’t expect that to change for as long as people debate it. It looks different depending on where you are standing and since you can’t stand everywhere at once, someone is always going to be arguing with you.

In a sane world, Bushligula and his puppet-master Cheney and all of the assorted swine from Animal Farm would either be in prison, hanging from the gibbet or working as strip club comics where aging whores compete for their last crack at the big time. That’s in a sane world. This world is not sane.

How can we explain the behavior of the Democrats? Who are these people? Iran has no history of attacking other nations. They aren’t about to attack the United States or their Israeli handlers. Would you walk into a police station with a slingshot and start punching out the cops screaming, “You want a piece of me?”

Look... look at the political adventurism that has resulted in this massive loss of life that is now in a seething quagmire; IN YOUR NAME PEOPLE. Look at the armed camp your country has become. Look at the daily police action against your citizens. Look at the howling jackals with the polyurethane hair on your televisions. You can’t tell the religious hacks from the newscasters and commentators; both of them spinning fables that they make up as they go. Look at your economy. Look... do I have to grab you at the back of the neck and force your eyes to see the housing crash that hasn’t put more than its nose out of the water yet? The Canadian dollar is now officially worth more than yours.

Look at Katrina. Look at Blackwater gunning down the citizens of a foreign land for sport. Look at the blatant inconsistencies in the 9/11 saga upon which all of this insanity is based. Look at the nasty whores in your congress down on their calloused knees to service agents of a foreign power who are sending your sons and daughters to die for a lie. Look at the birth defects from the depleted uranium. Look at the horror and the spectacle that is the result of a drunken, baboon prince who listens to God.

...Business as usual; the pornographic ecstasy of writhing bobble-heads, snake dancing their way to glory and kingdom come. Born again? ...Born again and again and again as the same drunk driving. Phantom of the Opera in a hockey mask; the same old Smilin’ Jack the Ripper knee-deep in the blood of strangers and thanking Jesus along with the America death-rattle choir- IN YOUR NAME. ...In your name...

I have neither the time nor the patience to list any more of the countless offenses against whatever God there may be and against so many different lives that include your own. I am weary of delineating the schematic of plots and plans and offenses. Lay down with dogs... You made your bed... Those whom the gods would destroy...

It puzzles me how this vast field of lumpen proletariats can spin the wheel in the hamster cage forever. The human race begins to look increasingly like a cannibalistic virus. When I was younger history used to puzzle me. “Why did they let it happen?” is what I used to ask myself. I used to wonder how people could be lead over and over again to the same tragic ends when the evidence of the previous tragic ends was there to be seen. Didn’t these people ever study anything or understand anything? Were they terminally incapable of seeing how point A led to point B?

Nothing less than revolution is going to do you any good now. It doesn’t matter who goes into office. It doesn’t matter what church you attend or which color of glow in the dark Jesus you’ve got holding the antenna on your TV set.

Is this what it comes to? Is this the result of every newborn’s smile? Is this what we get after all of the fine buildings and beautiful music? Is this what we get 'after' all of the marvels of technology and medicine; after all of the sacrifice and work? Is this the destiny contained in all of the great art that flowed from the wells of those inspired few who have shown us what we might have been?

Where there is life there is hope. I hope you find yourselves in time. You are collectively far more powerful than your small handful of oppressors and if you would only stop turning the wheel then the industry of your servitude, abuse and confinement would end. As long as you cooperate in what happens to you it will go right on happening. Stop participating in your own torment. Bushligula talks to God? God talks to Bushligula...? bwahahahahah... you poor fools.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bent Spears, Empty Quivers and Ahmadinejad.

Before I get into the body of today’s article I want everyone to-


As I have often repeated here, the attack of 9/11 was engineered by American Neo-cons, Israeli Mossad agents and certain members of British Intelligence. The overwhelming connections between these forces and the roads that lead back to them via motive, means and opportunity; not to mention the cui bono accruing in the following years have been exhaustively detailed in many locations and can be had from Google with just a little finger work and the mind’s attention. That a great many people are too lazy, frightened or stupid to do the work has nothing to do with the reality of the matter.

If you need a good starting point for your inquiries, provided you can find your balls and pull your head out of the sand, I would recommend traveling to

What Really Happened and Signs of the Times as well as visiting the truthseeker link from which this article is reprinted.

Let us revisit Ahmadinejad’s recent appearance at Columbia University and the United Nations. Let us consider his introduction by the catamite Bollinger and the hostility that attended his presence wherever he went. Let us consider the accusations leveled against him and what he said in reply.

There are three major charges leveled against the president of Iran. The first is that he is alleged to have called for the destruction of Israel. The second is that he is a holocaust denier and the third is that he is a representative of a country that is seeking to build a nuclear weapon.

As to the first charge; Ahmadinejad NEVER called for the destruction of Israel. The actual quote is "The Imam [Khomeini] said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time." You should note that he is actually quoting Khomeini and not making the comment himself and that further, the Iman didn’t make the quote that the media reported either. Basically they are calling for “regime change” just as America’s illustrious, bobble-headed leader has been doing since he first became a turtle on a fence post.

As to the second charge; Ahmanedijad NEVER said the holocaust didn’t happen. His concern was that scholars should have the right to investigate what appears to be number fudging among those who have been using the holocaust to blackmail the nations of the world and to justify the genocide of Palestine. He also was concerned that people were being thrown into prison for questioning features about the holocaust that appear to not match up with the facts.

Why should people be imprisoned for questioning this particular holocaust when they aren’t imprisoned for questioning any of the others? If people aren’t put in prison for saying that aliens are in control of their lunchbox, or for saying that Bush was involved in the Matamoros killings, then why are they put into prison for this? My point is that people should have the right to be wrong and to be proven wrong, no matter how deluded they may or may not be.

It is worthwhile to point out here that over the years the actual death count at Auschwitz has been consistently lowered and that the official Red Cross figures do not match up with the figures provided by the usual sources.

Personally, I do not concern myself with the numbers and circumstances of this ‘particular’ holocaust but am more concerned with the fact that all of the other holocausts don’t seem to have mattered. I’ll wager the holocaust in The Congo is fast approaching the commonly given numbers of this holocaust.

Not only did America cause the Cambodian holocaust but they went on to petition for Pol Pot to be admitted to the U.N. as the legitimate representative of the Cambodian people. That’s nice... That’s sweet... America and many other nations stood by while the holocaust in Rwanda took place. The ADL recently had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the public eye to admit that the holocaust in Armenia actually happened; thanks to the courtesy and courage of the people of Watertown. We should note that of all organizations in the world, the ADL should have been the most sympathetic to the Armenian holocaust but let’s not let irony get in the way of vested interest.

If the Zionist interests do not exert an enormous influence over world affairs FAR BEYOND what their numbers ought to provide then why are people being imprisoned for asking questions about a historical event? Shouldn’t they just be debated or their argument destroyed by the facts? If the facts are conclusive then how can anyone denying something against provable fact be any kind of a threat? Hello?

As to the third charge; it is a fact according to the IAEA that Iran is not making a nuclear device. Could they conceivably one day get involved in such a thing? Are they not now living under nuclear threat from Israel who does not belong to the IAEA and who refuses any investigation of Dimona and who has imprisoned for many years the man who revealed their nuclear program? Hello? ...but they are not making a nuclear weapon; given what they are facing now, without having given any provocation, I’m impressed at their restraint.

Finally, as to a possible fourth charge that they are arming Iraq insurgents. Try as the neo-cons might, they have been unable to prove this and I would add that the Iranians have every right to do so in any case. America launched a pre-emptive war against Iran’s neighbor based on fabricated intel. They have so far killed one million Iraqis (another holocaust) and displaced four million more. Now they are attempting the same against Iran. Previously they invaded Iran’s other neighbor and even a moron ought to be able to see that the point of this sandwich was to get to the meat within; that being Iran, as they mount their grand conclusion of decimating Iran and Syria, all at the behest of Israel using the currency of American soldiers and at the cost of America’s reputation for their bloody ends.

As Sgt. Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts mam.”

Now if someone, anyone, can dispute- specifically- anything I have said here, I would welcome it. I would be improved by knowing I had been wrong because... once having seen it to be true and then adjusting my position- I would become right. Does this logic confuse anyone?

Should anyone have a reaction to something I have pointed out here, it would please me greatly if you would point out, with attendant factual support, just where I have been misleading. Responses from visceral locations and brain farts from the reactive mind aren’t what we’re looking for, “just the facts, mam... just the facts.”

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yeats and Yadda Yadda, Sleeping in Bin Laden's Grave.

Yeah baby... it’s all coming together... or, it’s all falling apart. Which is it? Well, it’s both. It’s like “two, two... two mints in one.” It’s coming together in the way that every new incident that happens; whether it’s a tazered student writhing under a mountain of cops like some sort of South Park, jail house rape or whether it’s bluesman, Larry Craig tapping his foot while he digs the licks in the toilet stall of his mind... or the MoveOn ad, or the bomber with the bombs between the purple mountains travesty above the looted plain... it’s all coming together; not the least of these is the Rocky Mountain Collegian finding its stones in the crevasse between a rock and a hard place; the former being bush’s head and the other being the prevailing ignorance of our time.


It’s all falling apart as America begins to measure ‘support the dupes’ against the consonant loss of freedom and fantasy played out against the backdrop of a dead Muslim terrorist with a dyed beard that we now know was ‘played’ himself and... his greatest roles being performed while he was no longer even around. It’s not the thing that happens; it’s the fear that follows and the profits made in the following sea.

I almost feel like getting down on my knees and kissing the sacred ground of a foreign land just so I don’t have to be counted among those who thought that a blowjob in the future was worth performing one today. They’re a suspicious lot; these foreigners that I live among. I have to explain all the time why I’m here and not there. Oh, I could be, ‘there’... but I’d be in jail and I couldn’t write these words. I would surely be in jail because I would not be able to restrain myself there anymore than I can here. But they don’t put me in jail here... they agree with me.

You who read these words and smirk in your self-satisfied and well paid positions; spread-eagled and face down on the hood of a car screaming for gas as you take it in the ass; it’s not an unpleasant thing once the preliminary penetrations have occurred. You who enjoy being what you are not, as a reward for the things that you got... as a result of biting your tongue while you are being serviced by proxy through the armed minions of a drunken coward who can’t even spell his own name... much less remember yours; please see Ken Lay in the non-existent footnotes. Please... see...

How can I feel sorry for you when you not only let it happen; you invited it. You invited it when you decided that religion was a safe harbor for the day you got fat. You invited it when you said, “I don’t care if they steal if they let me steal too.” You invited it when it became obvious that all those camel-toe jokes about Cindy Sheehan ultimately resulted in her having more balls than you. It’s a sad commentary on the times when a plain and uneducated woman without a single commercial attribute can stand taller than you will ever do. It’s not just sad... it’s pathetic. Did you catch the provocation in what I have said here? I hope so.

I stand in awe of the blindness and denial that allows what passes for your day to day. I want to storm the Bastille. I want to become V. I want to force my way into the White House and stick Dick Cheney’s head up Bush’s ass and suffocate Jim Gannon and Karl Rove in a single bound while I crazy glue Rice and Coulter together and then bend them into some thing West of Picasso and East of Escher while “Ebony and Ivory” plays on the collective ipods of those not reading these words. I guess what I am saying is that I want to get freaky. I’ve pretty much had it with all this bullshit. I now think if I could just go down in flames for the right thing then my life may have been worth living. It is my most passionate and penetrating hope that you will feel the same way before it becomes too late to feel anything but despair.

I want to walk right into the film of “The Man Who Would be King” and deliver the head of every neo-con as a soccer ball for all of the tribes who insist that the people upstream are pissing into the river that flows by their door and... I want to do this for you because you are either too fat... too stupid... too frightened... too compromised or too fast asleep to do it for yourself.

The worst thing about saving people from themselves is recognizing that they don’t deserve to be saved. It is an agony to listen to convoluted intellectual arguments from people hiding basketballs under their shirt... and who would drop dead of a heart attack if they had to run for the space of a city block; it is a torture for which the proper definitive medium has not been invented... to save the people who would mob up to tear you apart for taking the trouble to warn them that the bridge is out. I think I now know what unbearable compassion means.

That kid that got tazered was a hero. Now... he might have been a bad actor but so is Brad Pitt and a whole lot of people who get paid to do it... but at least he knew the meaning of Carpe Diem; at least he had the balls to make a fool of himself on your behalf. That took courage. I’ve seen a lot of videos of that event and I applaud his overacting to bring your elusive attention to the fact that he was bringing your attention to a fact that you are not paying attention to. I watched him milk it for all that it was worth for YOU. It was street theater at it’s best and it points up what happens when corporations run the police and I guess I don’t have to mention that Blackwater only got caught because they had been so outrageous before the fact that even Custer Battles would be looking to blow them right after Larry Craig just so they could edge up closer into the mix of ticks on a hog.

"Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.

The Second Coming!
Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi Troubles my sight:
a waste of desert sand;
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? "

This I especially like “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” God bless that over-acting and poorly talented gem of humanity who had the courage not displayed by the on-looking crowd and while the mealy mouthed stalking horse John Kerry continued in his ponderous and sonorous overtones as if it wasn’t happening right in front of him. Had he been the John Kerry that he paints himself as he would have jumped off of the stage and brought that kid up to the stage and answered every single question and told the truth but... he could not do that and...

that says all we need to know about John Kerry. As much as I hate to admit it, maybe the Swiftboaters were right. What kind of a man anyway, would take second place to a fascist to the tune of the immortal Bruce Springsteen just so he could be numbered among the boring rich for the short length of his miserable days?

The thing about not waking up when you should is that you get woken up and it is decidedly just as unpleasant as it needs to be.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Is the Boogeyman Early or is Halloween Late?

I don’t think I have seen such an amount of strange goings at the same time in a very long time; maybe never. The last time this happened was 9/11 and I didn’t see any of that until afterwards.

There’s this stranger than fiction aspect to the nukes in flight. Here’s an excellent article where you can inform yourself if you aren’t informed yet...

... and here’s the nukes.

Does any of this seem strange to you? I’ll tell you what looks strange to me, grounding entire air defense squadrons of fighters on the 14th of the month when it is bombers that were involved. Read the first link above and you’ll be in the picture. The other thing is how did that squadron commander get control of those nukes? There are all of these fail-safes and protocols in place so; who waved them through? Who waved them through? Surely someone would have been named. Surely this is the sort of thing the press would be right on top of... surely. “Don’t call me Shirley.”

And then, like a jack in the box, up comes the animated corpse of the long dead Bin Laden in a video that stops for minutes at a time while the voiceover continues unimpeded. What you are to take away from this is that when Bin Laden pops up it means another terror attack is about to happen. Right on cue, the head of the CIA announces that Al Qaeda is planning another terror attack.

Meanwhile the Fed is pumping money into the system like no tomorrow because of an immense financial crisis that isn’t being discussed at the level it really exists at and Israeli fighter jets are violating airspaces all over the Middle East and America and ‘unnamed allies’ are all upset with El Baradei and there’s booga-booga here and booga-booga there. It really feels like the carnival has come to town. The carnival has come to town folks and the freak show is the big attraction.

I could put so many links in here that there wouldn’t be an article when I was done. Maybe you should head over to What Really Happened and Signs of the Times and inform yourself. Look over what’s been showing up in the last couple of weeks and then see what your reasonable mind makes of all the happenings and signs.

Shortly before all of this the History Channel did a smear job on the 9/11 truth movement and that is because no one with a brain in their head believes the official version any more. You can see who owns what in the media here and then you can speculate on why whoever owns the History Channel felt that they needed to do a big disinfo special at this time. Then you might remind yourself that fascism occurs when corporations control the government. Finally you can check out this 3 part rebuttal of the History Channel’s hit piece here, here and here.

Okay, that’s it for the links. Have you checked out some of what is available for you here? Have you looked at the two major sites that I included which give a comprehensive view of all the news the mass media has spun or ignored these last weeks? Then you should be up to speed.

Let’s add to the whole picture the strange legislation that put the country solely into the hands of lil’ Bush should anything go wrong enough- according to him- to implement it. This happened around May 8th. Think about what happened to Posse Comitatus and all the other weird things, from Ashcroft’s sickbed to grabbing your property if the government feels you are supporting terror and… ask… yourself… why all of these things; all of the things I have mentioned so far and what is presented in all of the links has been happening. Remember too that Bush only does what he is told.

Is it all coincidence? Is it the result of the workings of deep and penetrating intellects with big hearts who are trying to protect all of us from an army of people who hate your freedom? Is it the natural out-workings of the collective mathematics of life? More likely it is none of the above.

This blog has been at pains to point out the psychopathic players behind all the smoke and mirrors. I don’t think that needs to be done one more time. This blog has mentioned a number of times, what an ordinary citizen can do; collectively strike in such a way that the money and product stops flowing. I don’t expect the ordinary citizen to do anything about any of this until they are forced to and the good news and the bad news is that I suspect that’s going to happen. I suspect you will find yourself in this position.

Trends are indicators, folks. It you watch trends you can see patterns. Life is composed of trends and the more successful among us are very mindful of them. Various organized groups of the successful often engineer the very trends they profit from. Depending on the industry they are a part of depends on the trends they engineer or manipulate. Observing the passage of trends can have a lot to do with your level of comfort and often whether you survive at all.

Right now, booga-booga and strange unexplained events have become trends. Those who profits off of the blood- sweat and tears of the rank and file know that there are certain primal instincts that you can always appeal to. You can generate a collective response from the public by inflaming desire or instilling fear. It’s a little more complex but mostly it has to do with activating people’s appetites or amplifying their fears.

Are you hungry yet? Are you scared? Most of you aren’t even thinking about any of this. Most of you are going along with the program the way sheep go along with the program until the day they become lamb chops; that’s part of the program too. Is there any truth to the fact that that bomber left with six nukes and arrived with five? I just put that in there because I love how it makes the rah-rah lemmings scream with outrage. People are talking about this though. People are saying there are weird things happening with Fosset’s missing plane and that unheimlich ‘flight of the nukes’.

I don’t know who did what, when. I don’t know the identity of “the man who squats behind the man that works the soft machine.” There are a lot of things that I don’t know and I’m happy to admit that. We don’t do advertising here. We don’t answer to a paycheck or write in hope of one. We just wonder a lot and we hope to make you wonder too. We would like you to be more informed. You might not wind up knowing any more than we do but at least you’d be wondering what the Hell is going on and maybe the more we all wonder, the more the smoke and mirrors will look exactly like smoke and mirrors.

Whatever is going on it is beginning to ratchet up. There’s an increase of tension and excitement. It’s kind of like getting to that part of the film where something is about to happen. If nothing happens you feel let down. Well, hopefully nothing does happen in this film. I would prefer that.

We need to wonder more and we need to ask more questions. We need to be less satisfied with the bullshit we are being fed. We need to stop being a nation of people that are glad to eat shit as long as they serve it to us warm. I don’t expect you to do much now. I hope you will act when the time comes and I hope the time never comes. For the moment it looks like the Boogeyman has shown up well before Halloween. Keep thinking; keep wondering and why not start being better informed?

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Chinese Boxes, Rubik's Cubes and 3 Card Monte Games.

What are we supposed to believe? Are we supposed to believe what we are told, or are we supposed to be skeptical; given what history has shown us over the many centuries we have recourse to? What if the prevailing line is that ‘this’ and ‘that’ adds up to a certain amount but when we weigh it the numbers are different? What should a reasonable person do when faced with the fact that the numbers don’t add up? How do you feel when you can see a lie but are told that the lie is the truth? What would ‘you’ do? Would you shake your head and go about your business, or would you say something? That’s my dilemma and the dilemma of others as well.

I’ve studied what this government has been up to for some years. I’ve studied 9/11 long enough to warrant an advanced degree. I’ve studied the war in Iraq and I have studied this Bin Laden thing. I’ve come across so many connections between the same participants over and over and over again. I’ve looked to see who benefits and which holes the money goes down. Over and over it comes back to the same players.

The government wants me to believe that a cave dwelling veteran of the Soviet/Afghanistan war, with a handful of associates, engineered an amazing assault on New York City, The Pentagon and an inexplicable attack on a Pennsylvania meadow that left evidence never seen before in a plane crash. The government wants me to believe that a handful of terrorists from the Middle East who couldn’t fly small planes with any degree of skill actually piloted large passenger planes at high speeds with expert precision into three targets dead on. They want me to believe that all that survived was a lightly singed passport that just happened to belong to the leader of the gang.

This government wants me to believe that 3 skyscrapers came down into their own footprints at the speed of free fall due to small fires that had nearly burned out where NO SKYSCRAPER has EVER come down due to fire before, much less 3 in one day, much less one that wasn’t hit by anything. I shouldn’t have to add that many of the other skyscraper fires burned hotter and much longer without the same result. What am I to think? What are you to think?

As you follow the connected events the whole picture painted for us begins to look more absurd than a Bruce Willis film. What am I to make of Mohammed Atta being observed and photographed by the FBI visiting Jack Abramoff’s gambling boat? What am I to make of 5 dancing Israeli Mossad agents, filming and celebrating the attack on the WTC? What am I to make about them being flown out of the country and all of Bin Laden’s family being flown out of the country? What am I to make of Larry Silverstein saying “Pull it.” just before WTC7 comes down at the speed of freefall into its own footprint?

What am I supposed to think when right after this, America attacks and occupies Afghanistan? What am I to make of the record opium crops? What am I to make of Michael Ledeen and the lies and rumors that led to the following attack on and occupation of Iraq? What am I to make of the same neo-cons now telling the same lies about Iran as they prepare to attack that country?

What am I to make of the dual nationality status of the particular neo-cons who engineered and continue to engineer these conflicts? What do I make of the control of international media by these same interests? What do I make of AIPAC spying and the hue and cry against Walt and Mearsheimer’s book? What do I make of the international suppression of the Rachel Corrie play?

What am I supposed to think about the SAS dressed up as Arabs with explosives in Basra? What am I to make of all the inconsistencies in the London attacks and the Madrid train station and what am I to make of the strange coincidence that the same Israeli security firm was in charge of security at both of these places as well as at all of the 9/11 airports? I’ve put less, far less than one percent of the connections and questions that I have come across, here for your consideration.

Recently some readers have suggested to me that the U.S. government and the British government and the Israeli government are only pawns in the hands of some unknown sinister force. What I have learned is that the 3 nations mentioned seem to be a tag team of ruthless fascist thugs who are setting about world domination. Over and over again, these 3 nations surface as the likely suspects in most of the nasty actions taking place; including blowing things up all over Iraq and then blaming it on the Sunnis or the Shias.

The nation I see leading the charge to attack Iran is Israel, just as they did with Iraq. I don’t see anyone else at the head of the mob. I see dual nationals in the U.S. government doing the same thing. Somebody please tell me the name of this sinister force that I can’t see which is behind these nations. Are they hiding in the Chinese boxes? Are they the face of the Rubik’s cube that never turns face out? Are they the missing queen in the 3 card monte game that hides in the table on which the game is played?

It’s beyond obvious that the 9/11 scam was engineered and carried out by agents within the American, British and Israeli governments. It’s obvious that they are behind the steady removal of various freedoms and liberties long held sacrosanct by the citizens of these countries. It’s obvious that they are engaged in constant criminal activity against other countries and the world economy and that they ruthlessly suppress or eliminate anyone who gets in their way. Somebody tell me how it’s not like this but it’s some other way.

What have I missed in the years that I have been watching this deadly game? What is it about the Palestinians who were thrown off of their land and what is it about the ones who remain in apartheid ghettos and who are routinely murdered day in and day out that makes them such a threat? Why are these Palestinians being starved to death as I write these words? Why are they picking through the trash of illegal Israeli settlers just to stay alive? Why are they confined in virtual concentration camps? Somebody explain this to me.

I’m not good with Chinese boxes. I don’t think I’ve ever had one in my hands. I’m no good with Rubik’s Cubes and I’ve no interest in 3 card monte except as a metaphor but I know cheap magic when I see it.

I did not want to come to the conclusions that I have come to. I am willing to consider any alternative explanation if someone has one. I’m wide open here. Please tell me who this sinister force is, if it is not the very names I have mentioned. Please give me evidence of how the Israeli’s were manipulated into slaughtering the Lebanese and murdering the Palestinians. How far back does it go? Were the British duped into merchandizing slavery? Were they forced to massacre people all across Africa? Did someone trick them into occupying and brutalizing India? Were they tricked into mass murdering the Chinese for opium profits? Did someone for hundreds of years snooker the American government into treating black people worse than dogs? How about the Native American’s?

Did someone sucker Israel into all of the false flags that they have been caught at? Who is forcing them to act every bit as bad as the Nazis in their treatment of the Palestinians? Did somebody from Chaldea write all that nasty garbage in the Talmud about how everyone but them is a lower life form? I’m really confused people. On the one hand I’ve got tractor-trailer loads of evidence that convicts these 3 nations beyond a shadow of a doubt in vicious and incomprehensible crimes against humanity. Where is the evidence of the other players? For that matter, where is the evidence that Bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11?

Bin Laden said that he had nothing to do with 9/11, so why are these same nations constantly repeating that he said he did when I HEARD him deny it? How much evidence do we actually have that Bin Laden and co. was engaged in 9/11 compared to the evidence we have that these other 3 were responsible?

Until someone can clear things up for me I am going to have to go with what I have. Neo-con fascists in America and Britain and Israel are THE sinister force and they have got their hooks into Canada and Australia and various European countries that they pressure and blackmail into participating in mass murder based on their desire for profit and control and because their evil is so deep that they actually enjoy doing evil for the sheer joy of doing it.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Taking it to the Streets and the Hearts and Minds.

For some time, a few of us have been calling for a general strike against the corporate state. We don’t really have any other options. They have all the guns. They have the army and the police. They make whatever laws suit them. There is no real political opposition. They control the media and they control the ballot box. The people are left with only one option; stop turning the wheels of their money machine.

Some readers told me that this would never happen; bad idea… Yadda-yadda-yadda. Well, low and behold... here it is...

THIS is what we have to do. This is our power. This will have an impact beyond anything else in our near empty arsenal. What is the main focus of the corporate, fascist state? Money and Power and Control; and what does that reduce to? Money.

Why was 9/11? Why the war in Iraq? Why the many, many other examples of vicious enterprise from these hooligans in suits? Money... Money… Money… and when we, the people of the United States… refuse to go to work; refuse to buy anything besides food and water, refuse to go to restaurants and theaters and nightclubs, refuse to buy a car or a house, refuse to take a plane or a train or rent an automobile, refuse to go on vacation, refuse to participate in this psychotic Disneyworld of lard-bodies wallowing in Shake and Bake insta-product, refuse to turn the wheels of the money machine that butchers Iraqis and Palestinians and Katrina victims and the homeless and everybody everywhere who suffers because we, as polite and dutiful hamsters, turn the wheels of their bloodstained industries… when we sit down and say, “That’s it, we’ve had enough.” Then… then… they will have to take notice.

They will howl like stuck pigs and no metaphor intended. The time has come for the millions of unsatisfied customers to say, “I want my money back. I want my country back and I want you OFF MY BACK. When you stop the machine… the money stops. Repeat after me, “When you stop the machine, the money stops.” “WHEN YOU STOP THE MACHINE, THE MONEY STOPS!” and then...

...there is no money for illegal wars… And then… there is no advertising for the media… and then… the stock market has a heart attack... and then... all of the millions of gears across the country and round the world begin to smoke and screech because there is no oil to grease their slide. What is the oil that greases the wheels? It’s money.

Like the millions who share my concern about a world on the edge, I am not a communist. I am not a terrorist. I am not an enemy of my country. I am not a criminal. I am not deluded in what I see and I am not canon-fodder, a slave or a fool. I am a human being just like you. If you can’t organize and strategize and mobilize then you don’t care enough to get what you deserve and you will get what you deserve.

Everywhere I go and everything I read and everything I see indicates more people coming to realize that the world hangs in the balance every day this dysfunctional machine of empire continues.

It’s a well-known fact that if you want to militate against corporate control you hit them in the wallet. Their God is money. The people have no greater power than to withdraw their support from the lampreys who feed on them. Corporations will gladly roll on their backs like the family dog to curry the favor of the consumer. If the consumer walks on them they are out of business.

It isn’t enough to do this for one day. For an entire week, Americans should buy nothing they don’t have to have to knit body and soul together. If that doesn’t force compliance it should be for a month. I guarantee results. You cannot be put in jail for refusing to buy.

There are two possibilities, things will get worse or things will get better. Americans will take the power they possess and act upon it or they won’t. If they do not, then at some point down the road they will be forced to take action because life will have become no longer worth living and it will be much harder and bloodier to accomplish it then.

I’d like to ask every reader of this blog to make this point to everyone you know and meet. Inform them of the 9/11 General Strike. Send them the link. Make it happen.

America can ill afford an economic emergency. She can less well afford to continue to foster a global emergency upon the lives and well being of the world. There is no army of organized terror that can work it’s will upon the world unless America feeds that terror in order to accomplish a corporate agenda. We now know that there was no Bin Laden behind the 9/11 attacks. We now know that hundreds of things that should not and could not have happened happened against every law of coincidence and physics.

We saw WTC7 come down in a classic controlled demolition format. We have seen where the BBC announced that WT7 had fallen 26 minutes before it did. Read this compelling analysis of that event...

...we have seen all the phony Bin Laden’s, the specter of worldwide Al Qaeda and all the devices that this rogue government, at the behest of the corporations, has used to enforce crowd control. There is only one reason for the insane security measures at airports and travel centers around the world. It is about slowly accommodating you to live in a police state. The reason governments move toward the creation of a police state is because what they –and the people behind them want- and what the people want are diametrically opposed.

You only get a police state when the government cannot trust the citizenry because the government seeks to oppress them beyond the limits of their ordinary tolerance. This is why there has to be an Eastasia. This is why there has to be terror attacks and terror threats so that the government that is pressing down upon you can appear to be protecting you.

I constantly encounter people who have put no time into studying what happened on 9/11 and whose looping disclaimer is that ‘they’ couldn’t cover it up when it is prima facie that they are engaged in covering it up all the time. The idea that a government would not conspire against its people is lunacy. Of course governments conspire against their people. That is the nature of government and the reason why checks and balances are needed to keep it honest. History is filled with glaring examples of governments which have conspired against the populace. And when corporations run the government it is automatic that they would conspire because profit has taken supremacy over conscience.

The definition of a fascist state is when the corporations control the government. Do you need a degree in paying attention to see whether this is not the case today? Did you miss what happened at the FCC? Are you unaware of the battle for control of the few over the many? At what point do you decide to see what your denial and fear have denied you?

Become V. We can bring this dog to heel. It gets its food from us. Deny this dog his food and this dog will become attentive and ingratiating. You have to go for the critical, vital area. You have to go for the money. It won’t fix itself people. It will only get worse because that is the nature of the beast. Destiny calls. Don’t keep her waiting.

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