Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gotchaland and the Angels of Retribution.

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First up this rainy morning is an example of money doesn't talk it swears. Like a stiff dick, money has no conscience. Can you imagine the response of the Tribe sponsored alternative sexual organizations when the people from A&E let them know that the head of the Deep South Rainbow Gathering was going to be back on site with the new season? Bhwahahahahaha! Check the online poll where yours truly punched 'Yes".

(I don't usually ask the readers for a personal favor but someone has put together a write in site for the acapella group, "The Persuasions" to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I've spent time with these guys at various intervals in my life and not only were the best acapella group I ever heard (that's 'were'), they were among the most decent and human guys I ever encountered. Jerry has left the group and Joe has passed on. Please do me a favor and go to the site and cast a vote for them. You can even say I browbeat you into it. Thanking you in advance)

Okay, where were we? How about things we didn't know? This surely qualifies and if you've had spiritual hesitations about making money, keep in mind there's always validation somewhere. Let's remember that no one looks out for individual rights like The Tribesters, here they legally petition for equal time for their own deity. It wasn't enough for them to bomb The Muraugh Building and lets face it, I'm only putting this up because I can draw direct connections to the players so mentioned in all cases. It's like the Darkside version of Six Degrees of Separation, or the Kevin Bacon Game. You can't find much that is big time criminal that they aren't deep into and why? Follow the money. The only time it isn't about money, it's about... money! That's why they are The Central Bankers.

All over the cultural swamp, they are busy little wasps, first they shoehorned the dumbest people around into being the mouthpieces of the entertainment world and then they toss loaded questions, controlling the parameters of inquiry and use that forum to push their agenda- Here is a transparent example of coming to the defense of the indefensible. Keep in mind that this is all about keeping the irrepressible truth about 9/11 from coming out (and it is coming out). Yeah, judge not. Don't employ judgment at all. Let your opinions be granted to you and embrace everything. Don't judge mass murderers, don't judge serial killers, baby killers, seedy Wall Street operatives, international bankers or the TSA. Jesus said, "judge not lest ye be judged". I'm cool with that, go ahead and judge me. This is one of the newer scams like the Anti-Semitic racket.

Things are stirring in The Middle East and this coming year should tell the tale; on the heels of his son getting jammed up tight over graft, Erdogan has now seen the writing on the wall. ♫When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide♫ Oh Yeah, ♫ the heat is on ♫ and of course, as the avalanche builds and that Crime Syndicate of a country becomes more and more isolated, check out the reactions from the reaction zone and don't overlook the obvious association between the author and the players. Here's the thing, when the cosmos decides the time has come, the time has come. There is no reprieve. there's no higher court of appeal. As all the forces of irresistible change align with one another and the drumbeat intensifies, Mr Apocalypse is ramping up one of his other talents. Besides his uncovering and revealing with that walking stick, he's also very capable of putting the pressure on to do what you've been doing for awhile or thinking about and making it a reality. Yes, bad intentions are being forced out into 'gotcha land'. It defies reason that people would act out under such circumstances, where exposure is almost certain and even more telling is are cover-ups from higher ups who KNEW; who KNEW what was happening.

Consider this in the light of the last several decades, where this particular church has been in the glaring spotlight with pederast, pedophile priests. Consider the magnitude of financial cost and damages that have ensued over recent years and they still, THEY STILL keep at it. Like I keep saying, "it's for the purpose of demonstration'. This church and most of the others are so corrupt and bankrupt, are such dens of hypocrisy and perversion that Mr. Apocalypse had no choice but to force them out into the light. They're getting that extra added push.

The Sandy Hook false flag masquerade keeps getting more and more exposed.

I'm certain Mr. Apocalypse pushed Satanyahoo into bombing Gaza on Christmas. We know that it was only another Israeli shooting that Israeli in order to provide provocation for applied genocide and it was Mr. Apocalypse who forced the Crass Media into reporting on it and the murder of the 3 year old girl. Regardless of it not being readily apparent, I assure you that millions of people noted what was taking place. Where was the proof of who shot the Israeli and what kind of proof was it? The usual false flag. The usual false flag but... not the usual passover. The dominoes are falling. The power is shifting. The will is breaking. The defensive illusion barriers are crumbling. The whole political and mercantile systems are imploding. The delivery vans of Karma are loading. Relentless and implacable Justice is on the wing and the Angels of Retribution are calling the furies and harpies to their sides.

You feel the pressure and the fear. You feel the uncertainty. It may not be your pressure, your fear or your uncertainty but it's palpable. It's all a part and parcel of the ending of one age and the beginning of another. Now we shall see, how valid is your philosophy. Now we shall see what it is you have based your life on, what you believe in and... the strength and legitimacy of it. It is in times of great testing that we are shown the validity of what we have put our faith in.

When I was younger, I was stunned at the things I had to go through. I didn't know anyone whose life was as bad as mine or who had worse luck. I couldn't see the point of it but now I do. I was reduced to extremity time and time again and in the process, I found a rock of certitude and a deep understanding of the battleground of life, the warring elements and the awareness that it is only necessary for us to overcome ourselves. That is our primary challenge which all too few of us apply ourselves to. Gaining mastery over yourself gives you a hidden mastery over others. When you gain control of anything that control extends outward. I have seen this in application. I have been in the presence of those who possessed what I am speaking of. I have watched the calm extend over groups of people gathered at various fountains of quietude and abiding peace. There are no greater things to strive for and since all seemingly external demons and frightening apparitions are only projections of our inner disquiet, unresolved fears and unrestrained appetites, once these are brought to heel, the rest is significantly easier.

Everything we see going on in the world is an acting out of one thing or another, for the purpose of demonstration. We learn by experience and by example, or we don't and... thank god we learn by example, when we do and don't have to go through some of these things ourselves. There is no bottom to stupidity as is fully evidenced here.

Illusions come in many forms and there are a countless number of them. Some are individualized and some are experienced by large masses of people. Illusions are dangerous and that is why the drive to self realization and clarity should be our deepest and most abiding inspiration. None of the rest of any of it is important but people think so, don't they?

Every day I get up hoping that the monsters among us have vanished from this Earth and every day I see now evidence of their presence but it will not always be so. We must endure and we must never despair or give up. By my count, we are almost there.

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Written Christmas Card of Gratitude and Thanks.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Merry Christmas!!! There's nothing like the resonance from the mind of another that reaffirms all the things you believe in and attempt to practice. Thank you Vigilant Citizen for your continuous vigilance. Thank you Michael Rivero for your keen sense of irony and outrage in all the right places but not for the aquarium popup (grin). Thank you Jeff Rense for the fourteen hour days and the shoulder to the wheel. Thank you Rixon Stewart for your firm and steady assurance in metaphysical truth. Thank you Kenny for your sideshow and your flawless integrity. Thank you to the men from Hang the Bankers and Lone Star Watch Dog for the courage to tell it like it is without the usual marine varnish of chicken shit compromises in search of an eventual mundane profit. Thank you Robert Phoenix for the persistence of inquiry where hearts less stout would fail. Thank you to the heroes from Wake from your Slumber for being consistent and unflagging warriors. Thank you Nina for your archetypal presentation of what a friend should be. Especial thanks to that anonymous angel known only as Sim for his fantastic help over recent years and who has done more toward making these sites what they are than anyone. Though we are in a hiatus, I doubt the cosmos permits that to prevail. Many thanks Sim, you've been a rock.

My deepest thanks goes out to the readers who have made these sites far, far more than they would have been simply due to my efforts. Great gratitude is due to the vast majority of you for your steadfast support of and defense of me during my haywire periods and your patience in hanging around until the smooth and surfable waves arrived in the perfect sets of seven. Life is a journey and a movie too and no movie is going to keep your attention for very long if it is not entertaining. How can it be entertaining without plot twists, suspense and character driven action? You don't need ridiculous car explosions and a streaming hail of bullets that hit nothing. You just need the entertainment factor wrapped up in a professional delivery vehicle and that means a competent director. The director is and has been on set.

Thank you for the personal generosity shown by so many of you with your donations and accompanying words of support. You weren't supporting only me. You were investing in your own future due to the bread on the waters dynamic and that works. It really works.

Today, I'm going to make my signature lasagna with Caesar Salad and garlic bread, seated around a small collection of those I love but who have no faith in this season, as is the case with so many people. I will say my blessing as I always do and I will include all of you in my certitude of words, for that shining future to which all of us are bound. I can't fix the things that are broken in others with a wave of my hand. These things take time. I can do my small part in working toward that end but people need to want to be fixed and first they need to know that they are broken. They need to know this and then the Christmas Spirit will descend on them and they will see that the forces of darkness are responsible for their narrow view upon that which is designed to expand their heart in a celebration of the forces of light that are resident within them. They will be able to take their minds off of the negative imagery designed by those who hate Christmas and loathe the idea of what it stands for because it is in all things contrary to their aims and expectations in this sphere. If they have managed to kill the Christmas Spirit in you then they have won. Surely that cannot be what you want?

Since we have far wider reach with this blog let me offer again this gift for a wider understanding of something often not very well understood.

So... Today, let's stay away from all the bad shit and false appearances that have been constructed for the sole purpose of bringing you down and leaving you confused, indifferent and alone. You are not alone. None of us are, ever.

Yeshua means Liberty, or you can term it 'God's salvation' but it amounts to Liberty and from some texts translates as such. It comes from Joshua which comes from Jehovah, which comes from Yod Heh Vau Heh as it always does. Now the hairsplitting anal retentives, will no doubt chime in just to show us the depth of their scholarship, not to mention how knowledgeable and informed they are. See, a lot of people are less interested in the truth of anything but rather to what degree they can use it for the purpose of self promotion. Real wisdom is humble as all get out because real wisdom knows what its puny possession amounts to when compared against the macroprosopus. Real wisdom has an accurate awareness of its place in the scheme of things; somewhere between a gnat and a dust particle.

Anyway. I want to give you an example here of how to better understand The Bible and how it contradicts conventional wisdom. There's a phrase in the Bible which says, "At the name of Jesus every knee will bow". What it is actually saying is, in the name of their own liberty everyone will submit or give fealty. I can grab a dozen and more of these and show a convincing turn well outside of the usual translations. Of course, you don't have to believe me. Only I have to believe me. I have only to convince myself. Believe what you like.

You don't have to be a Christian to enjoy Christmas Spirit. I am awash in it at the moment and I'm not a Christian. However, I do know how to tap into the collective joy being felt and shared by people all over the Earth, who may or may not know the esoteric truth about the birth of the light being the birth of the promise of their own freedom. I'm a humming bird. I know how to suck the joy from the pistils. One could see that as pornographic; sucking at the female seed bearing portion of a plant, or one could see it in the lyrical and poetic sense as I do. Since all personal joy is fully resonant with collective joy, I crank the amp. There's nothing religious here, nothing dogmatic or formalized. It's just a spontaneous expression of what I do not allow to remain latent. Feel it! Join the party. Be damned grateful instead of damned and celebrate the genesis of freedom within; free from all the constraints of the temporal.

Rock your joy! Put on some good music. Listen to some gospel. Go watch "It's a Wonderful Life", or "A Christmas Carol" Remind yourself of what life was like in London when Dickens wrote that. Dickens knew all about the child labor situation and all manner of injustice similar to what the same bent aristocracy are seeking to employ today, are in fact employing it in various places in the world right now.

If they take your Christmas Spirit. If they convince you to sneer and scoff at its potential, they've made you into their bitch. Don't let them steal your potential for joy.

For many of the readers whose names I did not mention, please forgive me. There are too many of you for me to risk the attempt and then wind up leaving some of you out. Suffice to say I remember and appreciate you, a lot, a whole lot. "God bless us everyone!!!" and why not? God Bless Mr. Scrooge too.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Much Love,


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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yahweh's Boys, the Wide Boys from the Temporal Swamp.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Stupid is an interesting thing. This is interesting in and of itself because stupid people lack all but the narrowest dimensions of interest and are themselves also of little interest. What's interesting about stupid is say... when you put it on a graph to measure it against itself, something else, or time and circumstance, stupid doesn't behave like other commodities that rise and fall depending on market fluctuations, or any trends. Stupid doesn't rise or fall, it just flat lines. Stupid is a marvel of consistency. It also isn't worth anything so you can't put a value on it. Barack Obama and the people who work for him are very stupid and there is one positive result from that and that is that they are unintentionally funny on a regular basis. The downside is that they are consciously and unconsciously dangerous to most other life forms. Speaking of unintentionally funny. You'd have to go some distance to top this, complete with singing fag-hag and screamingly funny sexual innuendos, along with amorous gazes at zones of anatomical interest

When I say dangerous, I mean very dangerous due to the outrageous influence of an enemy combatant agency running American foreign policy What they like to do is pass into law dictates that command the nation to perform should certain conditions come into play as automatic and irreversible policy. AIPAC is the spearhead of the American Nazi Party and if you think so then you're anti-Semitic and it doesn't matter that they aren't Semitic and only play one on TV, for the purpose of superimposing themselves upon the disappearing features of the people whose land they stole and whom they are presently performing genocide upon. Once again, Irony raises it's shaggy head, in an etymological fashion, when we note that these Earthy representatives of the Klingon Empire are called AshekeNAZIS. We didn't have to make it up. It's what it is and truth in advertising.

Continuing in the vein of Irony. The funnier and more ridiculous conditions become, the more dangerous the situation is. Things like this are sidesplitting (pun intended? Wow! that was totally accidental) when you find out that fat people are buying designer yoga pants and as their thighs rub together they expose their genitals. What's even more funny is that though you can see their genitals, they can't, for obvious reasons, except when they look in a full length mirror and sometimes, not even then. No, this is not politically correct but it happened so... not only is the truth anti-Semitic but it is also not politically correct. The Truth it appears is a social misfit and an outlaw. Whenever The Truth shows up, trouble is sure to follow and The Truth is certain to get into trouble, that's The Truth and it always has been, whether you're Socrates, Jesus Christ, or even bit players like myself and others who come here.

Unfortunately for The Powers that Be Going Down (borrowed from a reader) there is one time when The Truth appears and it's trouble for all those who formerly made trouble for The Truth because The Truth reflexively commits that most terrible sin of being, 'bad for business' and causing unwanted scrutiny upon and exposure of, those whose actions go contrary to the greater good. A pig in a frock coat is still a pig and you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. That time is The Apocalypse. That is the one time of transformation and upheaval where accounts are settled and that time is the time in which we are inflamed in agony or rapture, depending on your relationship to the fire. Truth is a fire and it's main occupation is to burn away dross. It's not in the business of causing agony or rapture, those are mere by-products of contact with it.

Day by day, I am, by turns, both horrified and amused by what I come into contact with. Some of it saddens me, like the loss of iconic life forms (irony alert). We'll be looking at a sanitized biopic whitewash of him some time real soon. Probably along the lines of the way out of proportion reminiscences of the artistically irrelevant Beastie Boys Yes, The Apocalypse is heating up. Fire is an important component of The Apocalypse and as I've been saying for a long time, fire is a dual use element and it's up to you what side of that equation you are on. Of course, fire is multifarious in the application of its utility but... for the purpose of my point... so on and so forth.

On the horrific side, you have the deranged and demented religious maniacs supported by the Zionist owned American murder machine, apparently shoveling some 80 Syrian citizens intro ovens. These are the forces that Israeli and Saudi psychopaths are funding via the currency machines and oil industries they rely on to finance these things. Meanwhile, since they own the State Department and pretty much everything else, there is no real opposition to these insanities. One can only shake their head and wonder how long such things will continue. These are the sorts of incidents taking place with the full support of compromised tools like John Kerry, John McCain and a majority of congressional bobbleheads who've been video-taped or recorded doing very bad things to adults, children, household pets and who knows who and what they've defiled in the process of defiling themselves.

Irony... Irony... I'm going to make a prediction here. Should this cutting edge minister decide to take 'Minerva's' offer he will shortly find himself the most sought after administrator of gay marriage rituals around. In fact, he will find it unavoidable. I'm wondering about this California bishop. She's a member of the same church; won't they defrock her too? I'm guessing that she made this offer due to the fact that she is a bishop and can only move on the diagonal. It makes sense, in a nonsense kind of a way.

Mainstreaming what's not mainstream is the disorder of the day for Tribe orchestrated alternative sexual political games designed to break up the family unit and that means going public when possible. I put this link in mostly for the right sidebar which is a classic demo of how the Tribe owned media works this angle. Of especial note is the one referring to that paragon of truth in journalism, Geraldo Rivero.

The truth will not be denied and the Zio-Troll Army is trotting out its last gasp red herring to divert public attention from their own crimes. Yowsah! the demon chickens are coming home to roost! Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!! Sizzling reindeer steaks, Annie! Daddy Warbucks is headed for the gibbet.

As was noted here in a very recent posting, Pharmaceutical agents of material darkness have compromised the whole medical establishment; of course, they were compromised long ago when they left off of healing and reversed Hippocrates about 'first do no harm'. The moment profit begins to compete with performance, performance is doomed. It goes downhill until you've got people reading Freud as if it applied to people in general instead of only to specific genetic schematics and even then it is hopelessly lost in the symptomatic. Of course you promote is as causal but it ain't. Causal inquiry and treatment requires no such complexity. But... but... how can you play God unless your procedures mystify the patient? How can you make money when Nature provides everything needed for healing free? Aye, that's the crux of the matter! It's the same with cancer research. First of all there were none of these cancers before all kinds of things went haywire in the last century, especially bad diet and no awareness of 'stress'. Cancer is a cash cow, it makes billions of dollars for charlatans and- of course, like 'Law' it is heavily populated by Tribe members. Go where the money is! Go where the money is! God, the cynicism and arrogance of these people is epic. Merry Christmas!!!

Occasionally I'll hear from the Hasbara Brigade as I did the other day. An incensed member, a foot soldier in the Tribe-Orc Army let me know that if I would only let him debate me he could prove everything I said was false. He said he had the proof of books over a hundred years old. His point was that the age of the books proved their veracity. In all his argumentative screeds at me, he never once provided a single bit of evidence. His intention is endless argument without substance, backed by the insistence that since someone wrote something down and the Tribe published it, it must be true. Logic and Reason, as demonstrated here (grin) must be published over and over again. It will vibrate in the ether. If it is true it will resonate outward and distill in the air. It will precipitate into the great unconscious where it will bubble away until the steam of it's essence rises into the self conscious arena. I once read, (paraphrasing here). "If you were searching for something, even if the only person possessing it was in a cave, high in the Andes in Peru, you would be led there if you were persistent in your search" By the same token, if something were true, it would remain true and possess its own unique vibration, which turns all argument against it's existence into smoke. This is actually science. The real defeats the unreal but possibly only in the cases of those seeking it. It also defeats the unreal in them while they look.

So, certain things have to be said because if they are true, they are true and anyone looking to refute these things (an impossibility) is welcome to present their case here in this forum but only with an established identity are they going to be responded to by me. I don't argue but I will state what is known and though I may not know the whole truth about any matter, I generally know what is not true. As far as 9/11 goes, the evidence is a slam dunk as to the players. AND though we may miss 'some' of the players, the overall population is well known, both Tribe and conspiring gentile. I guess we could say they're all Yahweh's Boys, the wide boys from the temporal swamp. Business as usual here is... business as usual. Merry Christmas!!!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Treatise on not Criticizing the Criminals who Abuse Us.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Though it took longer than I thought it might in recent time. The latest novel, "The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine" will be out around Christmas which was what I thought earlier in the year so, in a strange way, it hit expectations. I'll let you know.

The poor misunderstood bad guys who are the same bad guys as they were yesterday, last week and the week before, are still doing bad things but I have been told lately by a reader that calling attention to their evil deeds might upset them and, for all I know, hurt their feelings, which may be the same thing. Let's not say anything more about the bad guys okay? They'll just go away one of these days, once they've got what they are after. won't they? Maybe if we (right this minute- you'll have to hurry) send each of them nice embossed Christmas cards, with little red hearts, drawn with a Sharpie marker (Does Sharpie make red?), wishing them a merry 'and profitable' holiday season; surely their profiting is not wrong and it would be mean to say that it is, if we do that, maybe they won't feel so bad about our rude and no doubt erroneous judgments upon them. Wait a minute, scratch that 'Merry Christmas", MOST of them are members of another religion (if religion it be) so that might be offensive to them. How about, "May you have another wonderful mercantile period of rich financial return and zero criticism of your methods." How's that sound?

It's possible that I upset the tender sensitivities of certain bad guys already. Hmmm, what do you know? Maybe I shouldn't call them bad guys. Maybe I should call them, 'guys who are called bad guys by people mistaken about who they are and who cause them no amount of discomfort by doing so and are probably therefore responsible for all of the mistaken (by definition) acts of these fine people'. That does seem a tad long but... no extent is too far to travel, if it means assuaging the wounded emotions of these tragically misunderstood and noble specimens of humanity.

I was told that Jesus said this and that, as if Jesus minced about the ancient ruins of what are now ancient ruins and talked about how pretty this was and how pretty that was and then he and the disciples went off to a slumber party and had several cups of hot cocoa and marshmallows while Peter's dad read them a series of Aesop's Fables. It was so enthralling that Jesus didn't even mind when Peter's dad put his hand on his knee. Whoops! That probably didn't happen but it seemed funny at the time. Not funny? Sorry.

Yeah, Jesus said some nice things but Jesus said a lot of other things too, like “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city." He also said, "Woe to you, Chorazin woe to you, Bethsaida! for if the mighty works done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. But I tell you, it shall be more tolerable on the day of judgment for Tyre and Sidon than for you. And you, Capernaum, will you be exalted to heaven? You shall be brought down to Hades. For if the mighty works done in you had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. But I tell you that it shall be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom than for you." and he said, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within they are full of dead man’s bones and all uncleanness", as well as "You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?" So Jesus could be a little stern about some things but... it's okay for Jesus to notice shit but not for us to?

No one has gotten to Self Realization by playing pattycake with The Prince of Darkness, or being too timid to confront his agents. No doubt people wonder how I've been able to continue as I do without setback or official censure. Maybe I work for the intelligence services? Although that doesn't explain my penurious condition. Okay, maybe that's a front but that doesn't explain my time in prison and other areas of confinement decades ago, for not insubstantial periods of time, or my being harassed decades later and also locked up and facing life in prison. Deep Cover? Sure, it must be that. I must be slated for something high up if they thought to invest that amount of time into me. They better get to it though, I'm not Methuselah.

Now, I know there are yogis with glistening eyes, who speak all kinds of sweet nothings, while demurely accepting all those donations from the mesmerized. I know there are lots of soft spoken neutered house cats from the New Age Movement, who enchant you with all kinds of 99 cents a minute, speech sculptures of pirated wisdoms from yesteryear, now in a form similar to reconstituted orange juice that kicks like an IV jolt of Red Bull once you've bought into the magic of belonging and... we all want to belong, badly, don't we? That is, except for those of us who are less concerned about that and more concerned about going to sleep and forgetting our mission. I know Krishnamurti did an elaborate hair combover that might have embarrassed Donald Trump and he was really mean to his girlfriend over the years as well as generally being an annoying curmudgeon but... people at a distance don't know about that. They buy the Hollywood version. I'm not any of those guys and I have an imprimatur to do what I do and when the tone of what I do changes it will change. I have already allowed a great deal more Origami to slip into the other blogs. I have a long range game plan, or... let's say my minder does.

All those heroes we admire from a distance had their private lives and the ones of the moment, who may not be your heroes but who are worshiped by the bedazzled, they have private lives which are routinely whitewashed by those using them as a means to an end and that is the programming of the populace to accept the reality of tinsel and glitter as being valuable and relevant. This is how come people can dance mindlessly to redundant raps about 'bitches, ho's, motherfuckers, bling and booty" and all manner of degrading and profane, not to mention the forgetability of the whole medium in general (disposable culture) and think they are hip and intelligent and all about personal rights, including women’s rights and don't see any disconnect between their egoic view of themselves, somehow unlike the person twerking to character defamations being visited upon them in real time along with the appearance of themselves dancing to "muthafucka, bitches, bling, ho's" and so forth and so on. Yeah, all the two dimensional cutouts, the clever rappers, the Justin Timberlakes, the Miley Cyrus's, the vast majority of mind controlled entertainment bots are real happy with their paychecks and a great many of them are really unpleasant people. I've moved among them. I've moved among most classes of people. I've met some good guys and some bad guys, some nice ladies and some not so nice, some awake and aware people and many who are deep asleep. I've met smart people and stupid people.

I've been reckless and undisciplined and I've also been circumspect and quite disciplined. Like you, I'm a work in progress, devoted to becoming a better person. We all make mistakes on the way. It amuses me and- once again, there's that irony- people like myself and possibly people like yourselves, people have a hard time forgiving us and in retrospect, our actual crimes were no big deal at all. In some cases the events took place for no other reason than to expose this propensity in those so offended, sparing us a longer term of interaction with people who would certainly turn on us further up the road. Yeah, people find it real hard to forgive us for incidental social improprieties but they can grant all kinds of latitude to monsters who are not only capable of anything but have noticeably performed terrible outrages on large numbers of people. I'd say it's a matter of degrees but that probably doesn't compute with people whose false front egos got a few scuffs and abrasions.

Some of us are meant to be sweet and light and no doubt there's an audience for that and some of us are more fiery and that's how we are. Some of us can have a sensitive touch and also a more unyielding side. We're all complex studies in this complex world. Some of us are trying to improve but change is not easy, especially when you've gotten down to your last remaining shortcomings that really don't want to depart and who, momentarily, have big planets on their side in defense of their term of occupancy. It's a given that we will rub some people the wrong way as we pass through their lives... in our lives. Especially if our presentations are controversial, we're going to run into opposition here and there. The important thing is whether we learn from our mistakes, if they happen to be mistakes ...and make the necessary adjustments. We are not permitted to go back and change or erase our movements. As Omar Khayyam said, "The moving finger having writ moves on and not all your piety can lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it."

Every man and woman of note has a secret life of shame. Sometimes it is not so secret but... in the end, we are judged by the aggregate of the good and bad we have done and also the sequence of their occurrence, whether it was good that followed in the wake of past mistakes or the reverse. We are judged by the positive and or negative impact we have had in life and upon our fellows and there is another judgment that depends on whether we were ignorant or knew full well but just kept right on at it. The sins we commit as children, metaphorically speaking, are viewed differently than those we commit as adults. I suppose that works out not so badly for those of us who never grew up (grin). "Peter Pan? Peter Pan to the white courtesy phone".

We are what we are until we are something else. We are what we are, based on our karma and what we've done about it. Most of us, as has always been the case, are content to travel the slow evolutionary route that exercises every jot and tittle until they disappear. Some few of us choose to hot-house our evolution and this, necessarily, can result in a sometimes chaotic passage from zone to zone. The degree of suffering can become concentrated as the Karma is being burned up through frenetic activity. We are not all as we appear to be at any given time. Very few of us know ourselves but we are all known, to be sure.

Existence and the architect(s) of existence, the living archetypes and exalted entities of rarefied atmospheres, go about their duties with a degree of inflexibility, given that they know all ends and beginnings. They are also indulgent when it comes to the human insistence on having it's own way. They know how that ends up and what the fires of experience will produce. It's much the same as a mother and child. The child insists on being able to go out and play, much as we insist on going out into the world and doing our thing. It is a certainty that we will get all soiled and our hearts and possibly our heads will get broken. At some point we will be running around, or all tangled up and crying out for our mother. Depending on our degree of repentance and level of awareness realized, she may appear (quite rare) or initiate some transition in circumstance (more likely) or just leave you there until it's absolutely certain that you've learned your lesson (even more likely). Lao Tzu advises you to stick close to the mother because nothing can be gained by going out and seeking to do your thing but... you can't tell anyone that. Sometimes life has moved us into places and circumstances from which we cannot depart except with great difficulty.

I would love to return to Maui but the means are not present. I was doing fine there until I left but nothing of the previous state remains after all this time. Things change. What we want is well known to the provider and we are nearly always where we are supposed to be. If we're meant to be elsewhere we will be. I suppose that is where creative visualization comes in (grin). Ah well, we'll know it when we get there.

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Radio broadcast is still up there (grin).

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Turbo Stupid and the Dominoes of Interactive Evil.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Sometimes you just have to open a posting with some good news; a great example of functioning humanity. A lot of people talk the talk but very few walk the talk. Here's someone who does. I have to continue to remind myself that the criminal Crass Media, owned by the largest genetic aggregate of criminals on the planet, taken from the world's smallest demographic, necessarily avoid positive examples of humanity. What they like to do is take the nastiest shits among us (individuals much like themselves) and pass them off as decent life forms when they are only monsters pretending to be decent life forms and failing miserably; much like the Orcs being copies of Elves. We live in a world where people like this are our role models and are put forth as more deserving than people with actual talent. People with actual talent though, they're likely to be less likely to 'play the game' and the game of the moment is corrupting mass consciousness, denigrating humanity and perverting the norm to the point that the norm is seen as abnormal.

I have no idea what's going on because I keep having to read things like this. Is this true? As an indication of how screwed up things are, I wouldn't be surprised to find that it is. I don't see the argument that because he's gay (if he is) he required a She Male as a wife. Various points made in this article seem a little questionable but I don't know, do I? What I am increasingly coming to believe is that the creeps and creatures among us are much worse than we presently imagine. Perhaps, at one point, in the unremembered past, they were no more than mere footpads and side-street bullies but now, possessed by the emergent demons of Hell in their full press assault on humanity in these end times, they are dark beyond human possibility and capable of horrific acts that beggar the imagination.

There is no bottom that cannot be reached by the architects of this cultural decline. Every time you think raw sewage has found its final permutation, they lower the bar. We live in a world of Turbo-Stupid. You have to degrade human intelligence to a marked degree before you can sell them something like this. Is it true? I don't know. We do know that there is something seriously bullshit about Sandy Hook. There's something seriously bullshit about nearly everything being reported or promoted by the Crass Media and The Powers that Think they Are. There is so little that is real that one has to seriously wonder what is holding it all together. It's like some gossamer web that could be torn apart by a hummingbird's fart.

The tumbling dominoes of interactive evil are something else. You get to thinking there may well be something dark and demented under every rock, at work in every basement and waiting in the tree line on every country highway. Criminality and abuse of the system is everywhere to be seen and that is because the people who are now in charge of the visible (seeming to be in charge) are morally bankrupt to the degree that the measuring oscilloscope field has flatlined. There's no pulse, which probably accounts for all the zombie imagery that populates these times. People are huge fans of zombie culture in video games and movies and however it is that they celebrate the undead. I haven’t got the slightest interest in zombie culture. Where is the attraction in lumbering forms, usually dragging a leg and always as fast as whoever they are chasing? Then once they catch whoever they're chasing, they tear them to pieces with their teeth and devour them. The whole idea is completely impractical for any number of reasons I won't go into because I consider the whole idea stupid. If only what is actually going on were only a fantasy but... it is not. I comfort myself with the knowledge that none of it is real in any lasting sense and I also comfort myself with the knowledge that I'm not seeing the whole picture cause... practically no one does. You need the architect himself sitting in your head to do that and he's real particular about where he hangs out.

It is incredibly hard to know what's going on. On the one hand, the light is breaking through in the most needed locations; meanwhile, these irredeemable shits flooded Gaza by opening a dam. It wasn't enough to pump raw sewage there. Yes, on the other hand the press toward global instability marches on. There's no telling what's likely to happen on any given day in these times. The tide of destiny and the shifting pulse of humanity are moving inexorably toward change. The cretins in power are marshaling their forces of oppression on all sides and in every area of activity. Somethings got to give. Sooner or later the planets are going to align in such a way that the world will never be the same afterward. It really can't be that much further up ahead. I don't think any of us thought it would go this long; proof positive of an invisible hand and still... it's made no great difference in public perceptions.

Okay, then circumstances will have to tighten up to get that public awareness. What could be more attention grabbing that something like that while millions are losing benefits, pensions, EBT's and their living conditions? Though the consciousness in America may have been shut down, it is not the same in Europe where everyone can see what's happened in Iceland and Hungary. You may be absolutely sure that those in government in Europe know which way the wind is blowing, as far as public concerns may go. Add to this the damning evidence of Snowden's files and the bad feeling they have generated and add again to that the notable success in the Icelandic economy and the anticipated same in Hungary and I see a lot of countries about to say, “Fuck the bankers”.

What I don't get about Snowden's files is why so much is being held back for so long. Now the NSA is talking about granting him immunity if he returns and gives the files back. Is it possible that a greater portion of the files haven't been seen by anyone but him? Could that be remotely possible? Would any intelligence service, especially Russia, just let those files sit there all this time? Does Snowden carry them on his person everywhere? Aren't there state of the art sleeping potions that would put Snowden out for long enough (especially if he was already asleep) to copy the files? This doesn't make sense. What also doesn't make sense is what CIA operative Assange's femme fatale shadow is doing superimposed over Snowden's. Double hmmm. There is so much perplexity going on around that whole issue. I do not believe for a minute that the elite were behind Snowden in the first place. The bad press around the world cannot possibly be something they were looking for.

I think the 800 pound Tyson's chicken in the room (that can't walk and has breasts bigger than Beshine) is the backroom strategizing going on about Israel. Israel has become a pain in the posterior for every other country on Earth. I feel secure in the belief that Israel is doomed and- ♫Oh Happy Day♫ Yes, I think the time has come when the Powers that Used to Be have seen the porno graffiti on the wall in that dark toilet stall on Pluto where all atavistic fears reside. There are far worse things than George Michael lurking there. I believe that it's a matter of self defense at this point. Israel generates bad press like Carter's does little liver pills. They have become an unacceptable liability for their other kindred doing the nasty all round the world. Judgment upon the Moloch of the Middle East might deflect rising world anger toward the Golden Calf Brigade. There is also a minority good side to these peoples who are not without the power to do certain things. Why they have been so reticent for so long is beyond me because their own survival is at risk if they don't show themselves making some kind of effort. It is appalling that so very few of them are expressing the necessary outrage at those operating in their name.

The thing that strikes me the most, in my observations about life, is the degree to which most of humanity is on rails, without either the will or inclination to step off them. It's similar to the fact that you never see any of the top people in governments and other powerful positions stepping forward and admitting to the terrible crimes they have witnessed and engaged in. It just doesn't happen. Except for Smedley Butler we have few examples of courage shown from high position. Henry Ford would certainly be one but... so very, very few. What power could be so strong as to hold all of their conscience, remorse and regret in check? Of course, a goodly percentage have none of these and are well disposed toward heinous acts of all descriptions but... you would think there would be some number who were pressed forward to speak, regardless of the dangers, especially in these times. I understand that their families are threatened as well... even so.

In the face of so much looming cataclysms of all sorts there is so little reaction among the masses. They can see, should be able to see what's happening around them but... nada. They just continue to channel surf and hit the shopping zones. The power of the dream web is very strong. Some few of us are lucky indeed, truly fortunate that we have broken free from the sleep chambers and can see what is afoot. It might not save us but we will depart with our eyes open and hopefully our hearts as well.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mr Dutroux to the White Courtesy Phone.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The behavior of the American police has gone beyond absurd and ridiculous. It is now in a place where there are no words sufficient to the description. This is unacceptable. The police are out of control. The daily killing of pet dogs for no more than barking, or not even barking, just being present has reached the point where I have to assume it is some kind of symbolic act. Is it something to do with The Dog Star and transmissions coming down? I know how out there that sounds but... the mass killing of dogs has got to be more than it appears. Many things are more than they appear.

Lately certain posters are coming around my comments section and working a particular passive aggressive number. They'll say various acceptable things about whatever and then they will insert personal digs at me, attack my appearance, use the word toilet in regard to body parts. Either it's all the same person or it's a team because the methods are too alike and, of course, they are all anonymous. I'm pointing this out because I suspect I'm not the Lone Ranger. There are concerted efforts out there that seek to disrupt the operation of certain bloggers. We need to remember this and just knowing it will serve to make it manageable. In the future, should I spot any comments resembling these tactics, they'll go south to the internet equivalent of the Okefenokee Swamp and serve as gator nibblets. Be advised, these trolls are adaptive and change their tactics

As per usual in the 'Christmas' season (by the way- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!), stress is tightening up everywhere. Money is tighter. Life is more uncertain and Fear has a permanent seat at the Insecurity Council. Of course, there's stress and then there's stress. Then there's dumb and dumber. If you have ever wondered how far out of touch and clueless some people are, then wonder no more. Those enclosed in their own bubble are not mindful about what is soon to be going on in the streets below. Revolution is being actively fomented by the usual creeps. They have some kind of an end game in mind.

No matter what perspective you observe all of this from, it's out of control. It's like ten thousand off kilter gyroscopes, accompanied by zombie clowns lurching to and fro. One of them says to an associate, “You know what's the hardest part about making love to an eight year old boy?”, “Nah, what?” “Getting the bloodstains out of the clown suit.” Some may see that as a joke and others as an example of poor taste but what it is is a direct expression of where 'they' are at.

For most people, evil is a relative thing and it's been the case for some time (not recently) that for most people evil was something far off, like the shadow in Mordor, or it happened in a nearby neighborhood or to a friend of a friend in a distant city. It was something off to the side, like rumors of wars and the vague threat of an economic collapse, a hurricane, an earthquake but it never happened anywhere around you, that is, until fracking came into the picture. Now, America is a profit driven experiment, accelerating profits, ever diminishing costs which usually have to do with a reduction in salaries and benefits for the workers, not having to provide health care and a reduction in the quality of the components used in the construction of whatever item is being sold. As the marketplace becomes more and more an engine driven by sociopaths, less and less looks acts and works like it ought to.

The ordinary layman which includes at least 90% of the public, has no real concept of evil. I like to use the example of headhunters in the Amazon being introduced to a lawnmower, or how about nuclear physics? Most people think evil is the thugs on the street corner, the outlaws in the newspaper, what's personified as villains on TV and in the movies. Sometimes it's foreign countries or strange religions. These things are evil to many. Sometimes it's the idea of The Devil and those who work for him but all of it comes across in their minds like a formulaic plot that they can work out in their heads. Yes, it's bad and here's what it looks like. Real evil is more unknown and mysterious to the hoi poloi than they are to themselves, if that's possible. That's how deep and iniquitous real evil is, Like Real Love, it can't be measured or defined. Real Evil, like Real Love is very dependent on the level of the one experiencing it. They both have unfathomable depths. So it isn't a good idea to assume how malefic certain people can be once the force channeling it has taken possession of them. It could be off the charts. They don't take it as possession. For them it feel like being inspired to ever more grotesque expressions of the inhuman kind.

Some of them are coerced into it. They got led down the garden pathway by the lure of power, position and wealth. It's intoxicating. It is very much like a drug. At first it can appear innocuous. Everything looks copacetic and on the up and up and the little corruptions aren't noticed much or even seen as such. They're the price of doing business. Unfortunately they have no idea of who they are doing business with. Confidence is established by a new influx of more money than they were accustomed to. There's more power and a greater sense of exclusivity. Trust develops. They think it's happening because they are liked, needed and appreciated. Everything goes sweet and smooth until that night in a strange city when the liquor flows and the drugs come out or are surreptitiously inserted and, according to your tastes, already established by inquiry and observation, the live boys or dead girls are there in the aftermath, on video for the rest of that compromised lifetime. Whether they be alive or dead, they are evidence in any case.

Evil runs from the perimeter to its core. It's all shades of gray, shadowlands and the like on the outskirts. You got your nickel and dime operators, numbers runners and all the morally defective like the peep show addicts, upskirt photographers and porno junkies. This is the area where they cut in and out of the margins. It might be a little dodgy. It might be a little illegal or just socially questionable but in these days? Bob's your uncle and the little girl by his side is not his niece. It's all a wink and a nod these days, eh? A little of that, 'old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher' and none's the wiser. What might have brought a gasp once doesn't even raise an eyebrow now. Of course, there are those on the outer circle who are bound for the deeper and darker center. They're not satisfied with milk chocolate, they want that dark Belgian. We know what they get up to in Belgium don't we? “Mr. Dutroux to the white courtesy phone, Mr. Dutroux?”

And so... the intrepid, hardy and conscienceless entity makes his way down the ranks into the reverse spiral. Pieces of yourself fall away on the way. Many don't start out without a conscience but no one 'arrives' with one. They are mutually exclusive. They start hand sanding it away in those schools where they teach you to knife each other in the back. It's the same place where they teach you that you are better and different from the rest and deserving of more. You learn to look at the rest as the lower classes and some large part of them are (these days). It's always these days though.

It's a system, like any system and it pulls toward the core. Most of what gets pulled also gets devoured on the way in. It lacks the tensile strength and resistance necessary to process the dark electrics. You don't get into certain doors without being seriously vetted or seriously coveted...vetted? Co-veted? Natch. Just as you'll get hit with a price of admission at any club, or else you are a member and you have already paid a fee, the same way you will be expected to pay an entrance fee. It could be the life of another, either through death or ruin. It could be the lives of many. It could be any number of things. There are various gangs active now where in order to get into the inner circle you have to kill one of your parents or sometimes it's just a stranger. Violation of some kind is a requirement and that's how we get to the murder and mutilation of innocents. The ravaging of the innocent is a required ritual. It's a sort of ring pass not. You can't actually go back from there can you?

These people who actively and consciously plot the deaths of millions are of another order of creature. You can't consider them human. They are far more dangerous than a mad dog, more dangerous than a tidal wave or an earthquake. Much of the time those are one and done. Certainly if they return it's with inconsistency. These creatures are at it every day. They get up in the morning thinking about it. Before they fall asleep some aspect of it is certainly on their minds. They're just players though, conduits, mediums for evil. The real evil is ancient and it sees all of them coming from a long way off. It encourages certain behavior. It sets lures. It orchestrates situations and little by little, the off the wayfarer is shaped and transformed into something that can be used in the war against the human race and it is a war. Earth and these lives are it's battlegrounds and they keep score. Bets even get made on us, or so I've been told.

It goes on and on from the struggle to civilize after a preceding cataclysm, all the way up to the technological wonderland, such as we presently have, prior to the next cataclysm. There are many a civilization under the sands of the sea, forgotten by everyone but Lady Memory and only seen by those who have attained to the ability to read the Akashic Records. Oh... there are all kinds of marvels that are there for the having, if you are having something other than what everyone else is having. They are mutually exclusive.

What is really going on is known by few. Everyone else sees what is going on through the lens of their desire. It's what real looks like to them. First we deceive ourselves and then we deceive others. How do we come to be deceived? That's for those who possess the necessary drive and acumen to find out. There's nothing new going on here. It's been going on for a long time. All these baubles and superficial attractions, they glitter like the freshness of morning for the eyes inflamed by false dawns and trivial objectives. If people, if anyone would only see that it's been like it is, except for the technical progressions and environments, that the same old stale attractions are just that, one would have a very different perspective. One's values and priorities would be in order and one would be spending their time in profitable pursuits, instead of what they imagine to be profitable pursuits due to everyone else going all out for them. If you're going to have wealth, or anything, you will. So it serves to have one's focus on self inquiry because that is where the real wealth and everything else lies and always has.

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Evil Passing and the Planetary Kali Yuga Blues.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Why does CIA-Wikileaks operative Sarah Harrison seem to be joined at the hip to Edward Snowden? Apparently they've been surgically separated recently. Never mind. Never mind.

Okay, let's stay with the relevant issues. Certainly the economic situation is worth thinking about. Then there's that mysterious ghost rider in the sky, Planet Niburu, AKA- Planet X. There's the truly ridiculous and there's the scholarly. I won't be there linking the scholarly, I'll leave that to you. Someone asked me at the conference about this planet. I forget what I said but it was probably something along the lines of, “I'm not going to worry about it”. I spend a lot of time hanging around the drugstore at the corner of Shit and Shinola and I hear things. Of course, since most of it's bullshit I won't bother to share any of it with you. Planet Niburu was supposed to come along as an exclamation point on the New Age plot synopsis for the end of the Mayan calendar on December 2012. Now it is scheduled to arrive in 2016 or 2017, thus giving us a welcome several years for idle speculation and maybe a few business opportunities, depending on your areas of interest and degree of self interest.

I haven't got a clue as to what is coming. If I measure the potential for dreadful possibilities in relation to the degree of materialism, juxtaposed by collective ignorance and indifference, I would say we're looking at a pretty good body count, more or less, probably more. I've no way of knowing how much awakening is going to take place, due to Mr. Apocalypse and the increasing rate of taps from the one handed drum roll of his walking stick. John Bonham ain't got nothing on him. My theory is that Mr. Apocalypse, like most incarnate archetypes, has a pair of invisible arms, with attached hands (of course) and that accounts for the presence of what appears to be an impossible number of percussive hits coming from what might seem to be the action of a single appendage. All this aside, I'm of the opinion that you could hit certain people on the head over a million times without an appreciable change in consciousness. That's just how it works, or should I say, doesn't work.

I don't know. To me it just seems like it's going to go on and on. Maybe that's a personal thing and won't be the same everywhere else. I keep getting the feeling that no matter what happens some places will remain untouched. Now... where those places might be, I wouldn't hazard to guess. Some of them, no doubt, will be in outlying areas and some of them will be more of a “How the fuck did that happen?” variety. It could be that whole areas remain intact while other areas cease to be entirely or... nothing at all might happen and we will simply expire from boredom in the process of waiting for something to happen. What I plan on doing is going on with my life, trying to make each day as productive as possible and hope that makes some small difference at all in the scheme of things. Well, if it even makes a small difference in me, I'll be grateful.

It isn't the easiest thing in the world to have a running commentary on a world I never see except second hand, through media and whatever more esoteric means of observation may be available to me (grin). Seriously though, I can feel it going on out there, out there, wherever out there may be. It shifts around these days. Evil has no single port of call. It goes where the materialism is and also where the materialism wants to be. It goes where it's been going since it first arrived wherever that was and where it got greeted with open arms and it goes where it's never been, in order to see if there's anyone around who might develop a taste for it. It moves in next door and it moves in down the street. It comes in though the front door and goes out the bathroom window, most thoughtfully opened by the last person that flushed the toilet; one might hope they opened it. It doesn't actually arrive anywhere that it's not been invited or being waited on.

All sorts of less attractive characteristics can attract it, even fear can attract it, without having done anything to be frightened about. Fear makes evil in residence very possible because there is small likelihood that evil will be inconvenienced in any way during its stay and also, given the fecund climate of fear, which is very fertile ground for evil, evil can be fruitful and multiply. Evil likes being fruitful and multiplying as much as it likes leaving town once it's done. There are other fields to plow after all and new and localized evils will surely sprout up following evil's departure. You can think of evil as something like a year round touring reggae band, except that would be politically incorrect, so we'll compare it instead to anything you want to compare it to that leaves unwanted progeny in its wake. After awhile it's all a familiar part of the landscape. It's been there long enough to be considered part of the scene, even though there was a time when it's presence was unknown … and gratefully so. Yes, it's the curse of the familiar and evil is well aware of the power of that. What shouldn't be takes the place of what used to be, until what is is a perversion on the power of now (grin) and finally it appears that what you have is what you've always had. That's not true but it looks like that and everyone around you acts as if it is and before you know it there are laws set up all over the place to protect those perversions on the power of now, to legitimize them as it were.

Evil is nothing if not facile and adaptive. It's truly chameleon like. Evil knows how to dress the part. It's social haute couture and celebrated from Paris to New York and Milan to Marrakesh, everywhere that the low life enjoys the high life at the expense of all other life. The legislatures and legal systems are all in line with the program. It's a shame but that's how it goes when you got those Planetary Kali Yuga Blues. Alcohol magnifies it and useful drugs minimize it. Everything is backwards and upside down.

It is a time that takes forever to run out of time. It's a time that land forgot about the people from the land with no people, for the people with no land and that’s less of a problem when you drive away all the inhabitants that used to live there in order for it to be no longer populated. Evil is a fellowship of kindred spirits and families whose genetic predisposition is toward the practice of it. It is composed of everything and everyone whose attraction to the density of matter is greater than their attraction to anything else. Naturally they would seek to control the diamond market because these stones are the only thing that is harder than their hearts. If coal is the last repository of forgotten evil in an archaeological sense and which, just like oil, burns quite nicely for good reason, then diamonds are the most concentrated and compressed expression of evil in a dead material state. Diamonds are a cosmic symbol of glittering indifference. There's nothing beautiful about them. That's all manufactured. All they are is white shiny glass. They don't have anywhere near the allure of other precious stones. They are celebrated for being rare when there is nothing rare about them. What they do is lock up the mass of diamonds in vaults so there will be the perception that they are rare. They are not. They do have practical, technical applications however.

Diamonds are not a girl's best friend and they are certainly not a black man's best friend. That got proven quite well in South Africa when the Tribe members behind the plundering of the mines enslaved and brutalized the natives in order to build their empire. They'd maxed out their investments in the slave trade some time earlier and needed to move on to new and even more profitable horizons in the same general locations. Of course, with the legal and moral constraints taken off of the industry, they're back in a big way with the sex slave traffic of the moment. That's got a big ass United Nations seal of approval decal slapped on it. There's no depravity that the servants of evil will not sink to. There are no limits of conscience because there is no conscience so engaged. It was the victim of a mysterious crib death; ♫Don't you know we're riding on the SIDS Express♫

Oh well, another day, another posting, one more Jeremiad wafting out of the wilderness, some kind of future consciousness bomb, hopefully timed for a world more open to the possibilities. It can't be anything like the world of the moment. There's little room for complex meaning and none at all for simple meaning; meaning what? How would I know?

Well, there’s always tomorrow. As I sit here this evening, I tell myself there is always tomorrow but that's not true. One of these days tomorrow won't come. One of these days tomorrow won't come for each and every one of us. Some rare and infinitesimal amount of us will pass into that place of the eternal tomorrow, into that day where the sun rises forever and never reaches mid heaven. Some greater amount of us will pass into another day where the sun goes down and does not come back up and the rest of us will wander through a gray twilight, coming and going, over and over, through fogs of perpetuating self delusion, in search of light, in search of clarity and an end to confusion. Will it come. We shall see... where that applies.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rack'em and Stack'em, Critical Mass for the Planetary Ass.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Today we shall have another installment upon themes various. I want to talk about the divine feminine. Firstly an example. In The Lord of the Rings, a tome birthed by a very high end muse, there is a part in the book, I think it's Gandalf speaking and he's talking about 'the shadow' and its works. It copied the elves when it made the orcs but it did it in a distorted fashion. That's all it was capable of. We see the same process in our own world. As 'diabolus' means slanderer, one could say that the shadow, this world's shadow is performing slander when it seeks to pervert originals and bend them to profane ways. It is presently engaged in this on many levels. One of them where direct slander is engaged is the ever increasing hysteria against truthtellers, especially when it comes to 9/11 which, by now, many of us know was carried out by Israel and rogue elements in the administration and intelligence services. They really are getting hysterical, as well as suggesting all sorts of Draconian reactions to those of us who see the emperor's tiny penis and flaccid buttocks, which explains his behavior.

If you want to be a covert revolutionary, buy some sticker blanks, white paper with glue on the back, in case you don't know what I'm talking about, Kinkos or any large department store or stationary chain should have something. I haven't been to the U.S. in ten years, so I don't know what you have. Anyway, then you get one of any number of free softwares that does image sizing and you print the image you see here. If you want a smaller or larger size, simply go to the 9/11 link on the main page (right hand side) and you will see selection links there. Now, you have your stickers and boy do you have places you can put them. Can you imagine if some thousands of us got industrious and started putting them up all over the place? Of course, this sort of action would generate companion actions in others who get that V mindset. Freedom is contagious, that's why the powers that suck, work so hard to restrain it and stamp it out. Every day, porcine lawmakers are sitting around, in between frenetic periods of watching porn and calling escort services and hammering out new, offensive laws against humanity. They do this because the crime syndicate known as Israel owns their ass and they can't get into office (they think) without Talmudic backing and financing. This results in the very worst characters occupying the most sensitive positions. Also, active agents of this crime syndicate are also routinely shoehorned into office, like Schumer, Cantor, Boxer, Feinstein and assorted; vastly over represented, according to comparative demographics. They are bolstered by all sorts of vile bureaucrats and weasel minded barristers on the Central Banker tit. They are assisted too by the worldwide Satanic fellowship and a supporting cast of millions who are manipulated by either greed or fear, through the medium of stupidity. Awakening is coming and day by day, day by day, the numbers increase until we got critical mass for the global ass; rackem and stackem! Can I get a shitlist! ♫I've got a little list, there's none of them be missed♫

It's not my job to go after these monsters. There's another department that handles that. I'm in the Department of Exposures and Descriptions. We're just down the hall. Drop in sometime if you happen to be around for official business, not that most people do, or even know our location. They've no trouble finding the temporal counterparts however.

I'm thinking of those stickers, on public toilet seats and just under the plea “for a good time call this number” on the toilet stall wall. I'm thinking of them on the street windows of shops, cabs, buses and official cars, national monuments, even rear ends if they’ll take ...but it's problematic how to attach them in a surreptitious fashion. You probably shouldn't attach them to livestock and neighborhood pets but all manufacturing zones and corporate addresses are fair game. Think of those exclusive business high rises and the toilets in those locations, the walls and what have you. Be inventive, be creative, be ingenious. Be brave, be bold, be sneaky. Be there or be square. Remember, “to know, to will to dare and to be silent”.

Other effective guerrilla actions have to do with using the power of the mind. We've been talking about emptying the mind. One of the reasons to do this is to reclaim your personal power, for you to be the master of your adytum, instead of some force that does not mean you well and if you are not in charge, you can be sure someone is. When you get that empty mind state, you can consciously focus on the entities seeking to harm us all and seriously affect their ability to keep at it, especially if there are some number of us so engaged. As I have oft mentioned, the centers of evil are like conning towers, broadcasting towers that radiate their noxious messages into the telepathic zone of the population masses who are ill equipped to defend themselves against it. They spread confusion, fear and darkness. We are also conning towers, broadcasting unit who can spread confidence, certitude and transforming energies from the central light that automatically go about their business. One light workers efforts can be more than the sum of many agents of the darkness. The higher resonance always mutes or alters the lower resonance, in the same way that those operating from the higher mind automatically command the consciousness of those operating from the lower end. It is simply more powerful and more clear. Agents of both forces move among us every day. It would be a definite global good if more of us became conscious workers as we go about our days.

I was going to talk about the divine feminine. With the arrival of the long, long, long awaited Aquarian Age, the divine feminine is being restored to its rightful place. This is also the age of universal brotherhood and the inner meaning of this seeming contradiction is that brotherhood comes about through correct placement of the divine feminine. Humanity is a family, albeit much larger and more complex than any single family unit. Those who can go about in an awareness of this provide all kinds of help in unifying previous disunity. The age of divide and conquer is on its way out. World leaders, international corporate scam artists and all manner of elite rabble that prey upon the larger mass are coming up against irresistible cosmic change. Dark doings can flourish in the time granted to them but when that period of privilege is done, it's done, you can stick a fork in it.

Unfortunately there are a lot of wack jobs at work, utilizing the influx of new energies for the advancement of self interest or pet agendas, dealing with sexual issues and politically correct nonsense. An awareness of the divine feminine is necessarily internal, though you can see the effect of shakti everywhere, the sweet consciousness of the indwelling is just that, indwelling. Kundalini is a female force and anyone having experienced it's deeper presence, as opposed to the spurious shaking routines commonly seen in certain for profit ashrams, knows this is so. Kundalini can be wild and troublesome and definitely scary both to the one it is happening to and for those in the neighborhood of it but eventually it reaches the more elevated zones and all is well. Part of the problem with having an activated Kundalini at this time is the terrific force of materialism going on virtually everywhere that anyone is.

All your energy of action is shakti energy. Some of us have a guidance factor and some of us don't, meaning that otherwise our drives and our actions are orchestrated by our appetites and acquisitive nature. Once again, Irony rears its freakish head. You already have everything you need and you already are everything you seek to be. It's the awareness of it that is missing. The activation of the interior feminine brings that awareness into manifestation. It's not all roses and rainbows however. At the lower levels this force can be raw and violent if active in the undisciplined. There is a dark side to the whole affair and some number of people (in all times and climes) who seek out this persona for personal gain, leading to bad shit for the halfwit, sooner or later.

Some of us think we are so clever, always seeing 5 steps ahead, filled with the impressions of our superior intellect and material savvy. What all these movers and shakers don't get is that they are being led, step by step toward a fitting conclusion, all the while thinking they are in charge of what is going down, when the whole production is nothing more than a dramatic skit of them going down. Their arrogance and indifference are like large horse blinders. Their ambitions and drives are all manipulated and amplified but not by them as they, no doubt, think them to be. They are mere cyphers in a performance demonstration of what not to do and who not to be. Of course the whole thing looks different to most people who have but a dim understanding of how the cosmos works and those perspectives are being fed to them by the compromised charlatans in the pulpits and before the altars of their houses of worship. They all work for the bank.

This is a regrettable time for the female side of things, with sex trafficking, kidnappings to that end and as has been graphically described in The Dutroux affair at the recent Origami. Around the world in cultures where anachronistic traditions prevail, the female is getting the worst of it. Those perpetrating these vile acts need to keep in mind one of the inflexible tenets of reincarnation. Your doorway of return is 'through a woman', giving a telling meaning to the phrase, 'payback's a bitch'. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Zombie Apocalypse on the Streets of the Great Satan.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Like I've said any number of times. I love irony. It's everywhere these days. I believe I also said that the definition of stupid is being unable to register irony, unable to know what it is or where it is. It's sort of like not being able to see who you are and what you are. Zombie themes have proliferated in recent times, on the big screen, in video games and now on the streets of The Great Satan. You can get into the melee while police stand by, exactly the way the IDF stands by, when settlers abuse Palestinians but you can't film anything.

You can't tell any difference between governments and corporations these days. Government spy agencies and corporate spy agencies- macht nichts, except that the corporates are probably more comprehensive. On the heels of finding Zuckerberg is related to the Rockefellers and world class scumbag Greenberg of AIG, it should come as no surprise what Schmuckerberg is up to in his fiefdom.

It's amazing, the things that are going on. It's amazing, the things that are permitted to go on. So, it's not surprising that a corporation that used to employ hit squads in South America (and probably still do), would also be engaged in pernicious mass murder, via theater concession stands and whatever homes the resident zombies take them into. 44 teaspoons of sugar in one theater drink!!! Is that crazy or what? Imagine putting 44 spoonfuls of sugar into your mouth, one after the other. Meanwhile, celebrity junkies of another sort, with their own idea of sugar, let us know what a man who can afford anything really wants. Yack! There's not much irony more ironic than celebrity irony. No mention was made about how much the donation was from this ambulatory clothes hanger, best known for her charming and personable way with others. We are drowning in irony and hypocrisy. It surrounds us. It sucks all the oxygen out of the room.

How do you manage to hold on to integrity in a world where it is held in contempt and punishable by law, along with generosity and compassion? What a world. What a world! There seems to be no evil that goes unperformed, or under performed. 40,000 criminal cases! Zounds! Now we learn that Barracuda Sotero is, in fact, Joseph from ancient Egypt. He's gwine take you to the promised land which is, in fact, a personalized six foot hole in the ground, unless you wind up part of a crowd and the hole, of necessity much be made larger.

I have my blogs on Google and obviously, Google is a monster. I've been using G-Mail and they've been messing with my emails. They've been cutting off access to my sites. My sites have been labeled as dangerous, which, I suppose they are and I wouldn't have it any other way. They make it impossible for many people to comment. Probably I should migrate my blogs to some neutral location, or to my website. I'm using another email. It stands to reason I shouldn't be associated with this Israeli-CIA owned operation. I generally don't pay much attention to most of this because I know these instruments of the infernal have their hooks into everything these days. It's hard to know what to do.

The internet came along and made it possible for people like me to be heard. They weren't expecting that on their way to world domination. Now they're all dependent on it and can't figure out how to limit or control it. All the corporations are relying on it. It's a sticky wicket and there's yet more irony. Irony is waiting around every corner. As you anticipate running into it the moment you turn the corner, irony also is sneaking up behind you. These days it is probably in your underwear when you wake up in the morning, if you wear underwear, I don't, I prefer to use toilet paper instead. Irony is stacked up over every airport, is backed up on every freeway and lined up around the block at every department store in a permanent Black Friday state of possible chaos breakout at any moment. People can't see it because when you hide the truth from yourself, irony is also simultaneously concealed.

That brings me by mere accident (I think) to the subject of coincidence, which you often see in the company of irony. Many things are most clearly defined by their association with something else. Many things lead from one circumstance to another. We are a composite, not so much of the things we've said and done and the places we've been, as we are of how we feel about them, how we remember them. Few people remember the past as it happened. We color our memories according to our ongoing motives and intentions. It's called justification. There is little hope for a positive future, according to my value system, if one is opposed to a frank analysis of the past. Life is a continuum of error repetition and error correction. The wheel of fire accompanies the first part and the spiral into the light accompanies the second, or the former and the latter if you prefer. Yes, there are purgatories, holding tanks and limbo zones aplenty; astral slums to rival the largest favelas here or elsewhere but there are only two general directions and you're going in one or the other, one or the other. You're going consciously or unconsciously and there are examples of both in both directions; consciously good and unconsciously and consciously evil.

Yes, my friends, there are those who do evil for the sheer joy of it; Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice (both Rices), Schumer, Cantor, Bloomfield, Silverstein. I could go on and on and there's still Israel, England, Canada and Australia, France and what not. These are your Satanists. Some are born into it and others gravitate toward it because it is their life course, as determined by prior actions and intentions. My apologies for leaving out so many of the other dedicated shitbags like Bandar, Daddy Bush, Shitwityahoo and so many more, not to mention epically evil corporations. They come to their zenith in Kali Yuga and are destined 'to fall like Lucifer'.

It is a freakish vision to behold, these driven agents of the darkside, with their appearance of power, their fortunes and command of police forces and armies, coupled with the state of the art technologies, they seem unbeatable. (It was having their technological evolution outstrip their level of moral evolution that led to the downfall of Atlantis.) From an external perspective it might seem so but... from an internal perspective, attended by the inescapable truth that there is only one source of power in the universe, the vision is quite different; “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world.”. Even in my darkest moments and... I've had a generous share of them, beneath the chaos and confusion, the depression and despair, there percolates an irresistible optimism and an unquenchable joy that no shadow or specter can diminish. I catch myself sometimes, infuriated at my impotence to affect existence on behalf of my beloved Poncho, or to alter the course of my pending migration, not to mention the horrorshows I encounter in my virtual journeys every day; the woman who deliberately gave false evidence in so many criminal cases, which is linked in this article, is an example of breathtaking evil. Every day they seem to lower the bar. Every day they give more and more examples of their utter depravity and... what is that, my friend? What is the point and purpose of those examples? It's evidence, evidence.

You can see life as a random happenstance of events, or you can see it as a vast panoramic film, scripted by mysterious force. There are arguments for both positions, although the former position is generally one that suits the pursuit of self interest as well as the preeminence of ego over all competition. There are several questions that are difficult to answer in support of the first position. If there is no ineffable, how come there is a Devil, worshiped and served by some very hard pragmatists? Isn't this phenomenological universe a balance of opposites? Isn't it a balance of opposites going out of balance and coming back into balance, sometimes in a very harsh manner? Also, what are we to make of Karma? How does there come to be Karma without some kind of over mind? How do we interpret, “as above, so below'? If there is only evil with an operative overseer, why does evil always fail in the end? If the deck is stacked in that manner it goes against common sense to simply go by appearances. Also, consider that physicists have scientifically proven that existence is 'thought-born' and that everything is made out of the same mindstuff vibrating at a different frequency... doesn't that tell us something? Doesn't that infer something? For myself I have no argument going. I have conclusively proven what I believe/know to be truth. In any case, the only person I have to convince is myself. Everyone else can make up their own mind- ♫most likely you go your way and I'll go mine♫

I've also convinced myself of why people believe other than I do. The primary reason is religion. For some reason people confuse religion with the nature of the ineffable. They are two separate and distinct things. The other reason is the condition of the world. The usual argument is that there is no way God can exist and permit the things that are permitted. That, of course, is all Karma and this is Kali Yuga where Karma gets sorted and where things are sordid. Things get settled in this time zone that have been back-burnered for many years. This particular segment is The Apocalypse, where all of these considerations get revealed to us, in an ever more insistent fashion, because the greater portion of us do not want to see or hear and that's where the Black Kali Friday comes from and Miley Cyrus, along with all of the other two dimensional cutouts of entertainers, politicians and twisted rich, in unholy love of lucre, that runaway Shekel Flu for which there is no vaccine.

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