Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mr Dutroux to the White Courtesy Phone.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The behavior of the American police has gone beyond absurd and ridiculous. It is now in a place where there are no words sufficient to the description. This is unacceptable. The police are out of control. The daily killing of pet dogs for no more than barking, or not even barking, just being present has reached the point where I have to assume it is some kind of symbolic act. Is it something to do with The Dog Star and transmissions coming down? I know how out there that sounds but... the mass killing of dogs has got to be more than it appears. Many things are more than they appear.

Lately certain posters are coming around my comments section and working a particular passive aggressive number. They'll say various acceptable things about whatever and then they will insert personal digs at me, attack my appearance, use the word toilet in regard to body parts. Either it's all the same person or it's a team because the methods are too alike and, of course, they are all anonymous. I'm pointing this out because I suspect I'm not the Lone Ranger. There are concerted efforts out there that seek to disrupt the operation of certain bloggers. We need to remember this and just knowing it will serve to make it manageable. In the future, should I spot any comments resembling these tactics, they'll go south to the internet equivalent of the Okefenokee Swamp and serve as gator nibblets. Be advised, these trolls are adaptive and change their tactics

As per usual in the 'Christmas' season (by the way- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!), stress is tightening up everywhere. Money is tighter. Life is more uncertain and Fear has a permanent seat at the Insecurity Council. Of course, there's stress and then there's stress. Then there's dumb and dumber. If you have ever wondered how far out of touch and clueless some people are, then wonder no more. Those enclosed in their own bubble are not mindful about what is soon to be going on in the streets below. Revolution is being actively fomented by the usual creeps. They have some kind of an end game in mind.

No matter what perspective you observe all of this from, it's out of control. It's like ten thousand off kilter gyroscopes, accompanied by zombie clowns lurching to and fro. One of them says to an associate, “You know what's the hardest part about making love to an eight year old boy?”, “Nah, what?” “Getting the bloodstains out of the clown suit.” Some may see that as a joke and others as an example of poor taste but what it is is a direct expression of where 'they' are at.

For most people, evil is a relative thing and it's been the case for some time (not recently) that for most people evil was something far off, like the shadow in Mordor, or it happened in a nearby neighborhood or to a friend of a friend in a distant city. It was something off to the side, like rumors of wars and the vague threat of an economic collapse, a hurricane, an earthquake but it never happened anywhere around you, that is, until fracking came into the picture. Now, America is a profit driven experiment, accelerating profits, ever diminishing costs which usually have to do with a reduction in salaries and benefits for the workers, not having to provide health care and a reduction in the quality of the components used in the construction of whatever item is being sold. As the marketplace becomes more and more an engine driven by sociopaths, less and less looks acts and works like it ought to.

The ordinary layman which includes at least 90% of the public, has no real concept of evil. I like to use the example of headhunters in the Amazon being introduced to a lawnmower, or how about nuclear physics? Most people think evil is the thugs on the street corner, the outlaws in the newspaper, what's personified as villains on TV and in the movies. Sometimes it's foreign countries or strange religions. These things are evil to many. Sometimes it's the idea of The Devil and those who work for him but all of it comes across in their minds like a formulaic plot that they can work out in their heads. Yes, it's bad and here's what it looks like. Real evil is more unknown and mysterious to the hoi poloi than they are to themselves, if that's possible. That's how deep and iniquitous real evil is, Like Real Love, it can't be measured or defined. Real Evil, like Real Love is very dependent on the level of the one experiencing it. They both have unfathomable depths. So it isn't a good idea to assume how malefic certain people can be once the force channeling it has taken possession of them. It could be off the charts. They don't take it as possession. For them it feel like being inspired to ever more grotesque expressions of the inhuman kind.

Some of them are coerced into it. They got led down the garden pathway by the lure of power, position and wealth. It's intoxicating. It is very much like a drug. At first it can appear innocuous. Everything looks copacetic and on the up and up and the little corruptions aren't noticed much or even seen as such. They're the price of doing business. Unfortunately they have no idea of who they are doing business with. Confidence is established by a new influx of more money than they were accustomed to. There's more power and a greater sense of exclusivity. Trust develops. They think it's happening because they are liked, needed and appreciated. Everything goes sweet and smooth until that night in a strange city when the liquor flows and the drugs come out or are surreptitiously inserted and, according to your tastes, already established by inquiry and observation, the live boys or dead girls are there in the aftermath, on video for the rest of that compromised lifetime. Whether they be alive or dead, they are evidence in any case.

Evil runs from the perimeter to its core. It's all shades of gray, shadowlands and the like on the outskirts. You got your nickel and dime operators, numbers runners and all the morally defective like the peep show addicts, upskirt photographers and porno junkies. This is the area where they cut in and out of the margins. It might be a little dodgy. It might be a little illegal or just socially questionable but in these days? Bob's your uncle and the little girl by his side is not his niece. It's all a wink and a nod these days, eh? A little of that, 'old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher' and none's the wiser. What might have brought a gasp once doesn't even raise an eyebrow now. Of course, there are those on the outer circle who are bound for the deeper and darker center. They're not satisfied with milk chocolate, they want that dark Belgian. We know what they get up to in Belgium don't we? “Mr. Dutroux to the white courtesy phone, Mr. Dutroux?”

And so... the intrepid, hardy and conscienceless entity makes his way down the ranks into the reverse spiral. Pieces of yourself fall away on the way. Many don't start out without a conscience but no one 'arrives' with one. They are mutually exclusive. They start hand sanding it away in those schools where they teach you to knife each other in the back. It's the same place where they teach you that you are better and different from the rest and deserving of more. You learn to look at the rest as the lower classes and some large part of them are (these days). It's always these days though.

It's a system, like any system and it pulls toward the core. Most of what gets pulled also gets devoured on the way in. It lacks the tensile strength and resistance necessary to process the dark electrics. You don't get into certain doors without being seriously vetted or seriously coveted...vetted? Co-veted? Natch. Just as you'll get hit with a price of admission at any club, or else you are a member and you have already paid a fee, the same way you will be expected to pay an entrance fee. It could be the life of another, either through death or ruin. It could be the lives of many. It could be any number of things. There are various gangs active now where in order to get into the inner circle you have to kill one of your parents or sometimes it's just a stranger. Violation of some kind is a requirement and that's how we get to the murder and mutilation of innocents. The ravaging of the innocent is a required ritual. It's a sort of ring pass not. You can't actually go back from there can you?

These people who actively and consciously plot the deaths of millions are of another order of creature. You can't consider them human. They are far more dangerous than a mad dog, more dangerous than a tidal wave or an earthquake. Much of the time those are one and done. Certainly if they return it's with inconsistency. These creatures are at it every day. They get up in the morning thinking about it. Before they fall asleep some aspect of it is certainly on their minds. They're just players though, conduits, mediums for evil. The real evil is ancient and it sees all of them coming from a long way off. It encourages certain behavior. It sets lures. It orchestrates situations and little by little, the off the wayfarer is shaped and transformed into something that can be used in the war against the human race and it is a war. Earth and these lives are it's battlegrounds and they keep score. Bets even get made on us, or so I've been told.

It goes on and on from the struggle to civilize after a preceding cataclysm, all the way up to the technological wonderland, such as we presently have, prior to the next cataclysm. There are many a civilization under the sands of the sea, forgotten by everyone but Lady Memory and only seen by those who have attained to the ability to read the Akashic Records. Oh... there are all kinds of marvels that are there for the having, if you are having something other than what everyone else is having. They are mutually exclusive.

What is really going on is known by few. Everyone else sees what is going on through the lens of their desire. It's what real looks like to them. First we deceive ourselves and then we deceive others. How do we come to be deceived? That's for those who possess the necessary drive and acumen to find out. There's nothing new going on here. It's been going on for a long time. All these baubles and superficial attractions, they glitter like the freshness of morning for the eyes inflamed by false dawns and trivial objectives. If people, if anyone would only see that it's been like it is, except for the technical progressions and environments, that the same old stale attractions are just that, one would have a very different perspective. One's values and priorities would be in order and one would be spending their time in profitable pursuits, instead of what they imagine to be profitable pursuits due to everyone else going all out for them. If you're going to have wealth, or anything, you will. So it serves to have one's focus on self inquiry because that is where the real wealth and everything else lies and always has.

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Anonymous said...

First random,

Anonymous said...
death of the euro
a financial cloud
corporate clowns
dumbfounded actions
defeated of sense
failure consumes
the war it invents
empires broken
colonialist split
the withering features
of falsehoods last grip
the caves and the dungeons
where tyrants drown
at the feet of all peace
the heartand the crown


Thursday, December 22, 2011 2:04:00 PM

picked and posted by walking hawk

Thanks Neil.

Thanks Vis.

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful read. Hope all is well where you are.


Anonymous said...

Had to scoll down and find the next poem from Neil and put this one in to.

Good Positive Vibes
Anonymous said...
mountain flower
rainbow streak
clap of instance
union sweep
chord of essence
note of mind
chasing river
earth divine
flying bird
opened course
piercing cloud
living force
spark of paradise
feild of sense
potent truths
crush lies intent


Friday, December 23, 2011 12:12:00 PM

maya seri said...

Wow what can one say you have been on a tear of late you are good and God bless you as I have been blessed by your relentless effort.
Man you are good.


Anonymous said...

Right on it once again Vis, thanks.

SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

Responding to your first paragraph here, I'm not sure it has to be symbolic; the literal effect is enough. What better way to cause demoralization - and some soul loss too while they're at it - than to violently kill an animal friend in full sight of its family? I know what that does to anyone who can feel. I lived through it as a child.

missingarib said...

Love is begun by time, And time qualifies the spark and fire of it.--Hamlet – Act 4, Scene 7

Vis, after reading the stories in your links and beyond about spooks and spoilers,as they slither and slide ,your words are like a tonic that evens out the tears and anger this life in fifteen minute headlines roller coaster ride was designed to evoke.
live long

Visible said...

This is correct and it is a hallmark of Satanic mind control programming to do things just like that. I wasn't really inferring it was symbolic, actually, my saying what I did was symbolic; of my not knowing literally (grin).

To stomp a woman's parakeet and say what he said? That's malevolence of the highest and hassling the guy for ID in the beginning of the thing was totally unnecessary. Everything about the event was unnecessary,l unless the intent was to instill fear in the neighborhood.

Flecker's Magick said...

With the Ukraine situation increasingly precarious, and now even the US state department getting involved with the occasional unexpected harsh warning...


... into what Putin has made very clear is his brand new sphere of influence (it is unclear just why the US is responding in such a way: did the pro-Europe protesters not use Made in the US tear gas or chemical weapons?), Russia casually threw it out there earlier today that it would use nuclear weapons if it comes under an attack. As vice prime minister and defense industry chief made clear, "One can experiment as long as one wishes by deploying non-nuclear warheads on strategic missile carriers. But one should keep in mind that if there is an attack against us, we will certainly resort to using nuclear weapons in certain situations to defend our territory and state interests." Just in case it wasn't quite clear...let me writ that again, "....we will certainly resort to using nuclear weapons..."

Link is here:

They're Revealing the Methods said...

Frank Zappa predicted:

"The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way, and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theatre."

Pete said...

Dude, the parakeet want that out of my consciousness..Destruction of innocence

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The brutal cops and the brutal others of teeming multitude fame are just being honest and normal. This is odd and most unsettling.
It throws people off.

Shucks, it's not like they all had to take a course on how to kill and participate in killing. They and the big bragging and bold (haha) 95% have and are doing this killing thing since as far back as any might choose to remember.

Every year after year after year tens of billions of animals are tortured, killed and eaten on this Kali yuga horror show planet of blood and guts hidden in plain sight by and for consenting adults.

The ironic crux is no mirage or imagination and neither is the karma.

Better to get off the crooked path than pretend it isn't there, under foot..

"To be nonviolent to human beings and to be a killer or enemy of the poor animals is Satan's philosophy. In this age there is enmity towards poor animals, and therefore the poor creatures are always anxious. The reaction of the poor animals is being forced on human society, and therefore there is always the strain of cold or hot war between men, individually, collectively or nationally." (Srimad Bhagavatam 1.10.6)

messianicdruid said...

"You can't consider them human."

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

I just think, in regards to what's become of "what people know" inferentially, has gotten, potentially, rather insane. I mean, the same people who "know" the official stories of all the psy-ops that went on in the past decade are true, use "a hell" of a lot of intuitive deductions to really try to undermine their biases about what they really "know" to be the truth, which may be, I strongly intuit, A BIG BUNCH OF BIG LIES, as what the hive-minded mow mows "know" as a series of "inferences". <-------SARDONIC SARCASM. I just don't get it at all. Crapping all over the only two types of logic and reason available might not be a good idea in the "end", which it won't be, but the idiots are destined to see through the lens, as Les said, of what's popularly "true" amongst the hive mind. It just sounded like my Homer's Odyssey, sea hags and eye ball analogy. It's not the intent to be a dupe in most circumstances for most people, given that once they find out, they're not too happy about that, but when it comes to hardcore, evil, authoritative lies that come from their well-trusted authorities, damn, nevermind! As to the problem with trolls trolling away, I take a "hardline approach" or whatever, because the bastards and bastardettes exist in large, well paid numbers. On facebook, I was looking into a Sandy Hook Hoax site and the main moderator was complaining about a certain John Blue, who had many satanic symbols, ranging from babylonian cult symbols to geo masonic ones. At any rate, as a ruse of sorts, I asked him in german: Wollt ihr (plural), ja, ein Gespäch über okkulte Geschehnisse haben? Do you want to have a conversation about occult ongoings? (Had some personal, scary stories to tell them about their dumb dumb operation) Then,the other "person" responded: Ihr deutsch könnte manche Arbeit. That meant, "your german could use some work". (Immer wird, sogar wie Englisch). Well, the odds of that being anything other than a call center, perhaps ran right from Langley, which is where "this guy's" profile said he was located, are, well, who knows, but "the guy", upon me continuing in german and insisting that he/they will be in major karmic straights one day, that did make sure that he/they erased the profile from facebook. These idiots are world class, coward ninnies, only ever deigning to take people down utilizing large numbers with their abusive authority, and these "self-reliant", literal satanists are kind of poo pooing on their own, beyond idiotic tenet of "self-reliance" every damn day with their gangster idiocy. It's all going to go to crap for both the hive-minded, self-professed "sane, normal" people in regards to believing a still, quite extant, hitlerian BIG LIE, along with the villains whom they're running, often enough quite wittingly, interference for. I can feel the anger, educed from much sadness about not being able to get more involved with operation NO HELL ON EARTH, getting stronger by the nanosecond from certain cosmic types in enormous numbers, who were and ARE always about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It's how they roll, as to what I strongly intuit along with some beyond coincidental, direct signs from above sent my way. At any rate, and in closing, the disabusing/vindication session we may just be in for will leave very little to equivocate about thereafter. A good thing! Uh, one more thing: the offworld, interplaner, negative Kingdom D.U.M.B. members aren't going to be much of any HELLp for their onworld "counterparts". Well, we'll see/experience...

est said...

the only thing that outweighs the ill that we inflict on each other
is the light and the love we share

why would you want to spend eternity [oh yeah, it exists]
in such a place as hell ? why ?

but if you 'come on over to the bright side'
what you'll 'see in the mirror,
is really a door'

meaning the only way to the father
is through the son incarnated [us]

Farmer said...

Snort! Snort!

Run for your lives we are all going to die!!!!!!

zepheri said...

Right on Vis. Was recently served a foreclosure notice due to the negligence of a land lord. Seven in the morning a coward on the porch with his hand on his gun. Ol lady fresh out the shower in a robe getting ready for an honest days work. Needless to say not a fun situation. In a better place now and really happy that I sleep like a rock. Kinda funny that their was no such posturing when I caught them serving the neighbors. Sick fucker used his job to treat my ol lady how he wished he could treat his.

Anonymous said...

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." -- Edmund Burke

Your mention of coercion is highly appropriate and it is also greatly applied to the 90% of the ordinary public that, "has no real concept of evil". The abuse and victimization of the 90% towards each other will eventually appear as "copacetic and on the up and up and the little corruptions aren't noticed much or even seen as such".

Even good men are capable to advance from little to much greater corruptions. Civility is easily compromised and society ends up looking much like it does today and with few questioning its total perversity. Going along to getting along and it doesn't take long to arrive.

Incremental progression (for good or evil) is a powerful force that requires appropriate respect and recognition.

Thousands of miles of ground to walk but hopes of awakening remains with each step that you take with your writings. There's a desperate need that more good men will realize that doing nothing will only secure the evil they seek to avoid while also being just plain ignorant of its true depth and nature.

Smyrna said...

I was at a family party last Saturday, and one of my nephews was saying how he reckons Michelle Obama is really a bloke.

Then I see the story on the truthseeker website. Interesting.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Zio Claws and the Imperial War Bank Machine

Anonymous said...

To echo a comment on a recent blog, don't just donate, buy a book or half-a-dozen CDs.

Unknown said...

I'm a huge fan, love the way you write. You are a poet. I think you should check this out, btw I am no religious nut. I watched this video with an open mind the other day and found it genuinely fascinating.

Would love to get your opinion of it if you get the time to watch it. Take care, Chris. :)

questioning said...

We have a race war, slow but steady and up
SBPDL is not "false" but it is setting the trend
Thomas Sowell weakly admits the game is up
the Globalist's dreams of robotics come to an end.
The modified bacteriophages,
will not destroy Mankind's Rage,
The truly "Human"
will quail at God's Man.

As God gave the rattlesnake Tis Rattling,
He gave the TWCNBN their boasting....
Kine to kine, Man regards "Human"
and takes His last stand.
Will God fortify his sword and shield
Or will They of the West finally yield?

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Love and Fear and the Heart of the Populace.



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