Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Monsters of Irony and the Beasts from the Pit.

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The watchword of these times is irony. It's dripping down the walls of the halls of power. It's running down the faces of the poseurs and pretenders, ♫Oh yes, we're the great pretenders, preeeetending that we have a clue, wah do wah do. We're so full of shit, ('yes sir, yes sir”) three bags full of it♫ If irony were rain, Noah would be out on The National Mall building another ark. If irony were rain, all the government buildings in Washington would be floating away. I know they're mostly made out of stone but the concentration of hot air trapped inside, would cause them to float; much as John McCain's head would waft away on the Ice Age summer air, were it not attached to his ballast. Ironically, Lindsey Graham's would be floating away too, in search of head. His head's so fat that he has head to give; head to spare. Speaking of heads, this is certainly the time when heads should roll. When I think of John Kerry my first thought is that his head should be shrunk; somehow that suits my image of him. He'd be like the guy that freed the genie and she gave him one wish and he said, “How about a little head”? That's probably why he's in a sensitive, diplomatic office, serving the national interest by sliding backwards in estrus, every time the Israeli national anthem is played. Each country has a distinctive instrument that expresses the preferred atmosphere of that nation. In Scotland they have bagpipes. In Israel, they use acoustic cash registers like accordions.

So... speaking of irony, here's the Israeli, Stepin Fetchit in Chief, paying homage to one of his (snicker, loud belly clenching guffaws!!!) heroes. In an example of further trenchant irony, here is the response of the South African public, to the visitation of empty space alien, Obama. You'll note they're not unaware of his ongoing agendas, as he pimp walks through the international corporation's future plunder zones.

You want irony? We got irony. We got irony like Chucky Schumer's impacted colon, doing standup in the occupied territories; better known as Six Flags over Genocide. And... and... just to set the record clear, with more irony, it looks like Ecuador doesn't trust CIA asset Julian Assange any better than most of the rest of us. Irony upon irony. It's not the dew that sparkles on the early morning grass. It's irony. ♫Irony... is such a perfect word. All our leaders are untrue. Irony is hardly ever seen. And mostly cause you're dumb as dirt♫

Irony means doing someone's laundry while they're in it. The irony factor comes in when you consider that there has to be a reason you kill someone and when it comes to this sort of killing, it is infallibly about what they do or did (once). Why did they kill this man? Those of us (in the minority) still possessing the capacity for objective reasoning don't have to reason it out very far, to come up with the inarguable conclusion that they are sending a message. They are sending a message about whistleblowers and cleaning up loose ends at the same time. They're hitting all the angles; not just whistleblowers ...but nosy reporters as well. You'd think Hastings would have learned something by what happened to Danny Casolaro and Senor Breitbart; not to mention so many peripheral and center stage figures they take out, where the cause of death is conveniently other than what it really was. They pretty much mastered the camouflaged murder some time ago.

Anyway, they're slinking through the landscape killing as they go. They're ♫just running scared♫ and they got reason to. They got a crew of troglodytes, closing that barn door, while the horses gallop across the pasture. They are most of all, sending a message ...because Whistleblower Flu is making the rounds. Of course, though their tactics will put the fear of Satan into some number of hearts, it's going to galvanize others to seek safe harbor, while it can still be reached. Expect all varieties of multicolored shit to be hitting the fan real soon.

Of course, we know who's behind all this shit. We know who the Monsters of Irony are. This is why any self respecting blog, should have the Official 'Israel did 9/11' campaign button somewhere on their site.


Grab your own Official 'Israel did 911' button:
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Let's just call it another litmus test. Yeah, let's.

Speaking of ironic, controlled opposition, one has only to look at the amount of Zionist golems among the 26 senators, mealy mouthing outrage about the spying caper. My advice to the reader is, look for an ulterior motive, no matter what gets said or done by any one of the three branches of government. Whatever you are presented with as being true, believe the opposite. If they smile at you, watch your back. If you're getting some ridiculous positive commentary, on anything; like the economy for instance, absolutely believe the opposite.

As Israel presses their death dance, culture war upon the west, in search of ubiquitous Marxism, you have only to take a look at that folk rock band, The Ironic Colonics, over at The Supreme Court. Watch all the little death spiral dances from the gay, anti-nuclear family agenda, to Political Correctness run amok. Insanity is lumbering through the neighborhood like a drunken Tyrannosaurus Rex, searching for greater and greater absurdities AND there are large groups of people, who will tremble with incensed outrage, to hear me speak in disparaging terms about cartoon scenarios like that deprived six year old.

It's coming at you on all fronts. Witness the recent law being passed that gives preferential treatment to amnestied aliens. Last time I mentioned this kind of thing, some virtual, nose ringed and tattooed graduate from one of The Seven Sisters, (who, no doubt, got her degree in Indigenous People's Gender Studies) gave me grief, like only a privileged white liberal can do, for utilizing the word 'illegal', as if there were some kind of an emotional tag to it, instead of it being nothing more than a term of definition. Now words have political and cultural connotations that are fraught with meaning for the benefit of hysterical, sexually frustrated Nimrods for whom 'coming and going' are interchangeable because 'stupid is the new smart'. God save all truly oppressed people from the despicable clutches of those pathologically driven to assist them for personal gain. Social reformers are responsible for more deaths than dictators.

To see the harm done by these serial abuser, Typhoid Marys, look at what they did for the Civil Rights Movement, the Alternative Sexual Movement and any movement they can piggy back on top of, for fraudulent press and financial profit.

Yes, this is one of those cynical and sarcastic postings, brought about because there really is no other appropriate mindset one can have, in the face of the twisted nightmare that Western Culture has become. It's not unlike what happens to a motel swimming pool that sits for months unattended, unshocked, chlorine free and teeming with new and unattractive life forms. When the necessary cleansing rituals, required by any society are done away with, it turns into a hothouse incubator for vermin and parasites. It's never the threats from outside that brings a nation down, it's the rot from within and this rot is cultivated by those who feed off of whatever profit comes available in the looting, raping, pillaging and sacking that attends the process. That's when you see sharks, discount buying companies and then selling off the parts piecemeal; junk bonds, hedge fund werewolves and runaway civil servants, doing their tap dancing with cleats, on the heads of a benumbed public... tasering and imprisoning elementary school children, taking people's children away, giving legal custody of them to pedophiles. Don't tell me it doesn't happen. Don't tell me it doesn't happen. It's an international operation. So, when you get the impression that I am being far too cynical, lacking in compassion and understanding, about the collective permissiveness, granted by the general indifference of the deluded. Remember the contents of those links and keep in mind that there are tractor trailer loads of this sort of thing. Keep in mind that there are abuses and outrages past counting. Meanwhile, the terminally uninformed, bask and wallow, in the hog lagoons of incurable ignorance, shouting down anyone and everyone who disagrees with them; vaccinated and inoculated against truth and every horse it rode in on, beating on their chests, like gorillas overdosing on testosterone; “U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!” They stew in the toxic hatred, drummed up by Satanic Israel, against the Muslim populations, when Israel is singly responsible for every single event being blamed on the Muslims and that is why these sites proudly bear the Official, 'Israel did 9/11' button. Count the days and count the ways that all the big alternative sites find ways not to shine this undeniable light upon the inky darkness of the public mind.

Where's the joy? They have sucked the color from existence. They have plunged us into a maelstrom of fear and confusion. They are laughing in your faces, stealing without penalty, killing with impunity. There is no crime they will not countenance. There is no low to which they will not stoop. Everyone that might have stopped them, is now owned by them, or scared of them, or nicely bought off by them. What does that leave us with? All that leaves us with is you.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Of Ring Pass Nots, Animated Shits and Positive Ends

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Visible will be on John Friend's radio show tonight (if you're in Europe). I am thinking it will be happening at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Here is John Friend's website and just look over at the right hand menu at the top and you will see the announcement. I'll update here if there are any changes.

Ah... well the joint is jumping and... not in a good way. The raptors and cannibal clowns are experiencing a multipronged attack of shingles, haemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome (especially), given that they are such noxious shits; it stands to reason no self-respecting bowels could take it. When you are capable of stinking up the joint, where the joint is already a stinking place, you've hit the nadir of human dissolution and depravity. You have entered the Paul Wolfowitz sector, on the bad side of the Ring Pass Not. You have literally become, animated shit; a shit golem.

If you want to view the slow incremental fall of a culture, you can find no better source to educate yourself or... to educate those in need of education than this site here. These people are to be applauded for their sterling contributions to the human race. Listen up people, in the darkness of the hour, when all the world looks like a gray and lonely moor which, unfortunately is not empty like a real moor but has all the negative qualities of a moor, with none of its beauty, we must remember that there is a small but significant number of us that are at the barricades every day, that slog on like the postman, through rain and hail and sleet and snow, without going postal (we hope).

In my life, I have noticed the power and capacity that is possible when just a few people get together on a common idea and believe in it to a high degree. Three or four people can make an enormous difference in and impact upon their environment. Just imagine what would be possible if a good number of the readers here got together on a common goal. I'm not dealing in hyperbole here. I am not exaggerating. I am telling the truth as I HAVE SEEN IT.

I look forward to my coming migration (wherever that turns out to be- given that mysterious forces are messing with people having a connection to me, in respect of this; making them disappear or rendering them mute.). Anyway... I look forward to this migration because I KNOW among the readers that we have a tremendous collection of capable souls, with many a talent between them. Should you be inclined to go to the most recent Origami you will notice an example of the sort of person I am talking about in the very last of the comments.

I know the world is changing. You know the world is changing. It is a tandem of extreme polarities. One aggregate is going up and a much larger aggregate is going down. We've been given ample warning of a great many unfortunate possibilities; political, cultural, economic, natural and... unnatural. It is an interesting things, when I look at history. I have seen similar advances of horrific conditions, coming over time to various locations in this world and often marveled at how people simply stayed there and awaited their fate. For me, quality of life is job one. If there is no appreciable quality to your life then... where are you? Another thing I cannot fathom is how people can do things, have jobs, where they do not love what they do. They will tell themselves they must do these things because they have a family to support, or there are no other jobs (which the state is very good at making a reality, simply to keep people in desperation mode). We convince ourselves of all sorts of things that are not true. The truth is that you cannot fail to be successful, if you are doing something you love. That is a cosmic law and anyone who is doing that and reading this knows that. I'll say no more on that matter.

The Self Chosen are really going off the rails of late. The problem with them is this superiority thing; being better than the gentiles, or any other life form and it breeds an insufferable arrogance and a criminal perspective, in that it is perfectly okay whatever you do to one who is not of your incestuous demographic. In the end this leads to a guaranteed self destruction, which is a really good thing and can't come too soon. This is a classic example of how far off the radar of sane they have gotten. Along with Brad Pitt, there are any number of other odious examples of celebrity rot. This is when your celebrity becomes a cancer upon your persona and behavior, as is the case with this lovely specimen. You often hear people say; “You have to love yourself”. Okay, I can agree to that within certain parameters but there are those who go way overboard and become embarrassing caricatures of themselves, while at the same time being clueless of that fact. There is nothing I can think of where George W. Bush should receive praise of any kind and the only circumstances where I believe it might be warranted is when he leaves here. That can be seen as a good and praiseworthy thing.

This isn't much of a blog posting. In my defense, I have a guest and am knocking this off with an eye to closing out early and being back in fighting trim come the morrow. Thank you for indulging me in this effort and by all means, think about where you are and where you might be.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Ship of Fools on a River of Darkness.

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'The Ship of Fools on a River of Darkness'

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well... it looks like the administration killed another journalist, just like they did Breitbart and a couple of people with important connections to the case. When you kill the coroner, it's pretty open and shut that the evidence trail is being closed off. If you want to see how extensive the possibilities are, you need only look here. The really telling point about Breitbart, is the so called explosive evidence that didn't appear. Instead, something with no meaning or importance, was presented as that evidence. Word had it that the evidence was concerning Obama's college days. Ah well. Here in the latter days, chaos rules. The hinges are coming off. If you follow scripture, in the final days, a certain entity is running amok, seeking whom to devour and destroy. Make up your own minds.

Even though I went to great lengths yesterday, to assist the reader in a particular perspective, which embraces hope (not the Obama kind of hope) and optimism, some portion are determined to hang on to a negativist viewpoint. My responsibility for that, ends with my providing an avenue of escape, from materialism overload. You're on your own after that. Here's how things are changing but... you don't hear about these things, unless you are really looking. So... back to what I said yesterday, appearances are just that. They are only the way things seem to be and they are manipulated to that end. They are not the way things actually are. THEY ARE NOT THE WAY THINGS ACTUALLY ARE! So please don't write and tell me you don't see certain things because that state is the very condition that some (smaller) portion of us are working to decommission, just like it was some kind of Ship of Fools, sailing on a River of Darkness. That boat has to go to the scrapyard. I'm working on getting a collective crew together, who agrees with me and maybe together, we can convince all the people on that overloaded boat, to disembark at some finer port of call; one and all.

Every reader needs to keep in mind that it is not the damage done by jobs gone south, the economic collapse, the resident police state and a host of other injuries, being visited upon us, by a cabal of devoted Satanists. The greatest damage being done is on the interior of our hearts and minds. When these Satanists, who have been at this for a long time, are able to kill our faith in ourselves; destroy our capacity to dream and make those dreams become a reality, then, then they've got you where they want you. They got you jammed up tight, between a rock, that does not exist and a hard place that does not exist. They have constructed this state in your mind. It's what they do.

Long ago, the inner Satanic circle, composed of the Zionist agenda and certain hideous and disembodied entities, resident on the lower Astral Plane, got together and took control of the most strategic areas of commerce and information. They well knew that the control of these areas, would grant them the control of the majority of the social structure. It would grant them the fealty and operational authority, of the political and religious spectrum. These areas were, The Central Banks, the press and the publishing, entertainment and music sectors. The first one gave them control of the money flow and the rest gave them the programming mechanisms, with which to manipulate the public mind, slowly and surely, bringing it to the point where it believed what it was being told.

All of this planning and effort most likely would have been enough. For many people in these times, it seems it has been enough but... any student of history knows that no one, no one has ever taken over the world. As I never tire of quoting; according to Lao Tzu, “the Earth is a sacred vessel, at the mere touch of the profane, it recedes. He also said, “Those who miss, after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning”. Thankfully, Mr Apocalypse invariably shows up and intensifies and accelerates his particular application of force until what needs to happen, happens.

Many a skeptic might well ask me how I know certain things when, admittedly, I freely state that 'I don't know'. That's a true statement. I myself do not know but... I have an association with someone who does know and I am able to see certain things, at certain times, that are intended to influence and direct the work I do. It is one of the reasons why, with no real, perceivable evidence, I can be so confident and optimistic and operate with 'no fear', given the obvious dangers that attend telling the truth in a culture of lies. If the truth were truly forbidden, history would look a lot different than it does. Of course, these fiends, these monsters, have been revising history for a good long time but... the canny researcher, will eventually find 'occult history', the hidden history of what actually took place.

These days, we live in a culture of political and religious extremism. These are the conditions that come about at every turning of the age, when the stratified and corrupted infrastructure, of all of our institutions, reaches their final absurdity. When that time arrives, when our leaders become cartoons and objects of ridicule and when theft and murder become the ordinary business of international commerce; when one's capacity to engage in these things, is celebrated and held up as savvy business acumen, you know it's all coming to an end. Corruption is a word, whose fullest definitions, need to be explored by the intrepid seeker, especially in respect of what happens to whatever force, or form is corrupted. There is a destiny attendant. It is a certain and sure end. Anyone who believes otherwise, is fooling themselves for the purpose of personal gain. Maybe they think they'll get out in time and maybe they think it isn't happening or... it always happens like this, so there's no likely end, it's just going to go on and on and on. That's untrue. That's a lie.

One of the greatest powers of the darkness and those who serve it, is the continuance of things as they are for long periods of time. It becomes what people come to call, ordinary and commonplace. Things like this are becoming ordinary and commonplace. You can be sure, if those are the correct and defining terms that it's going to get a lot more ordinary and commonplace, for those whose self interest has triumphed over their humanity. Things like this are getting ordinary and commonplace, as are things like this. People are going ballistic all very the place. Youtube is chock full of them. It's nut-job central, in restaurants, in the street, pretty much anywhere a nutjob freakout can take place. Why is this happening? It is happening because people cannot process the stress, generated by living in a dysfunctional climate; a dysfunctional world. Their subconsciousness begins to bubble with toxic venom and sooner or later, the pressures build, which makes the contents of that location expand to where they cannot be contained and then upwells through the most accessible release valve and that proves to be the self conscious mind. A large percentage of people are seething with frustration, panic and unfocused anger. Here's an example but... even more telling is the commentary by the blow-dried, hair spray junkies commenting on it. You'll note the mention of a gun and how they joke about the whole thing. That's how it is. Do you want to be there? Do you believe you have to be there? Has the system trapped you in such a way that you see no exit? This takes us back again to the commentary about your faith and hope (not Yomama's hope) being compromised so that fatalism takes their place.

Just look at all that good healthy food that's being prepared with the latest fad. The twisted reach of contemporary media is something to see. The shit they peddle, is the uninspired offspring of copulating dumpsters. A hack goes into the publisher's office and the publisher tells the hack he wants a certain form of garbage, tailored to the tastes of those who eat garbage and they sell hundreds of thousands and millions of copies to the garbage eaters. Bad diet leads invariably to bad health; probably not when you're young, that's how so many people get deceived into thinking they can eat anything. These days though, a lot of the food is so bad,l it can easily get you when you are quite young; observe the epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other maladies, sweeping the planet. One of the terrible side effects of bad diet is that it can and often does lead to bad mental diet. Every level of a person's being gets compromised and you get shit in and shit out, or garbage in and garbage out, (if you prefer) at every level. These days, magazines, newspapers, books, TV, movies, theater productions and concerts, are mostly geared toward low brow consumption. It's canned beer and greasy burgers for the stomach and the mind, guaranteed to give you a fat head and a big behind. I'm sure there are people who wish I would not call attention to such things but... these things call attention to themselves and they have a cause; genetics being more likely tertiary, quaternary or... even more likely much further down the list.

I'm hoping a greater optimism comes to all who read here. Even if you can't get it here, I hope you get it somewhere. If you can't see the hourglass then you don't know what time it is. The clock won't tell you anything, it just goes around and around, marking off the usually ignored quadrants of life. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and, usually, no one knows the way to San Jose.

No soundbites today, for some reason. Carry on.

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God in Country by Les Visible

Monday, June 17, 2013

Singing and Dancing in a Golden Shower.

Hear Visible read 'Singing and Dancing in a Golden Shower'

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May your noses always be cold and wet, however, the jury is still out on the subject of your nipples. We'll get back to you on that later. I don't know, I was thinking about Senator Feinstein and, you don't want to know.

Okay, people, take a comfortable chair and let's go to the video, shall we? I don't have a video, so use your imagination. I know you have one. You wouldn't come around these here parts unless you did and besides... we check all entrants for their concealed carry permit before they're allowed in. The imagination can be a dangerous thing. It can also be an important thing. Take a look at the world of modern art these days and you will see what I mean.

So, you're seated now. Comfy? Can I freshen your drink? What's that? No, I marinate the olives in 3 in One Oil for a week before I add them to the shaken and stirred martinis. I like schizo martinis. Anyway, you will notice in the video, which you are imagining, that it is about John McCain and Dame Lindsey Graham= the Bobbsie Twins, by way of the Grimm Brothers. Pete 'moss' King is there to. He drives the Zio-Felcher truck. The first thing you'll notice about these, not so gentlemen, is that they all look like their heads are about to explode. It could be due to them having thick Mossad files (with video), waiting for anything other than a false move. These are determined men, whose biggest regret is that they don't get to do the determining. At the nape of their necks is a bar code with a 729 on it. These men are all dancing chickens. If you saw “Pure Country”, you'll know what a dancing chicken is. When Israel wants them to do Gene Kelly, singing and dancing in a golden shower, they just turn up the heat on the griddle.

There's a visibilism, which states that the degree to which any particular elected official is compromised by the Israeli Cartel, is commensurate with how quickly they leap to their feet and start blaming Muslims for whatever atrocity Israel just committed. John's the guy, who thought it was funny to sing, ♫Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Bomb, Bomb Iran♫ Like he was one of the Beach Boys or something. I guess he figured he had the right cause his head looks like a beach ball, so he could be ♫surfing U.S.A♫ We know what Lindsey is being Mossad-mailed about but we don't know John's vile little secret, nor Peter Kings. Someone does though. Someone does. It's not just men though, cause we got... Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Jane Harman, a couple of real Twisted Sisters. In these days of boot with the loot, the men have got nothing on the women, especially when you're talking about West Coast, Brides of Dracula, like the Boxer/Feinstein tandem and Nancy Pelosi. They steal in broad daylight, to facilitate the heist jobs of their husbands. Are they all guilty of that? I don't know but they're all guilty of something.

The withering contempt of Putin is a pleasure to see, as he more or less flat out states that the Americans are lying. Of course, he does it the way a Russian would. I can just imagine how his meeting with Obama is going to go. He strikes me as the kind of guy who'll say what he has to and... make no mistake, these days they all have an ear to the ground, on which each of them are standing, so they'll know ahead of time. It's not hard to assess ahead of time anyway. Most of us here, know what the intention is.

I can't get over how they can kill such large numbers of people and remain immune to the horrific implications of their acts. They seem indifferent to it all.; I could never do these things. I have a conscience, which these men and women lack. They have to check theirs at the door, before they enter the less than illustrious chambers in that building, which most resembles a chamber pot and which mirrors the chafing dish that Paracelsus once set out for the learned academicians of his day. When the top was lifted, there was a turd. He was advertised to reveal the Alchemical First Matter. He did just that. If you lift the top off of the other structure, you'll see somewhere around five hundred turds; talk about the ambiance of a given room (which we weren't). Erred-again, over there in Turkey, is doing what all wannabe dictators do and that is ignoring the evidence of what is taking place right in front of him and doing the very things that are absolutely guaranteed to increase the number of his opposition. Instead of bowing out and going into exile, like, say... someone with intelligence might do, he's going to keep at his antics, until he's stacked up enough crimes to get himself executed for. Some people never learn, until they do. Kevin Boyle strikes to the heart of the matter, nailing the hypocrisy for what it is.

Sensible voices are being raised in outrage; whether it is only for the purpose of garnering political capital, we do not know but... with the amount of outrage coming into the public view, we can only imagine what it's like in the backroom. You have to feel for Cameron and his butt-boy peer group because they are under the whip of the Satanists and Zionists, who are indistinguishable and relentless in their pressure. They need carnage and dead bodies really, really badly, to fill their master's blood stein. You don't want to leave that demon with an empty cup. It really pisses him off. You can hear them muttering in the House of Lords; “Well, whose shout is it anyway”? Hague and Mandelson are screaming at their comrades. The heat is rising on the backs of their necks. It's very tense.

Yes, it must be something to see, no matter which of these back rooms we are talking about. The lawmakers and others, highly placed, are really acting out now. Given the lengths all of them are going to, to look so completely batshit, kind of gives you an idea of how badly compromised they have to be. Nobody, even half sane, would engage in things the way most of them are. They are highly motivated (grin). Oh yeah, it makes me think about that Liberty Bell and the crack in it, which is where the truth leaked out.

A lot of people out there, who are not influential, rich and powerful, want to be influential, rich and powerful. Yet, any intelligent person, who observes the behavior patterns of this select demographic can see, should be able to see, just how high the cost can be, to get and maintain that kind of status. They also don't see the payoff on the back-end. Somewhere over the next several decades, every one of these sick clowns, will be getting golden showers down in Hades, from some serious asparagus eating demons and you can only imagine, with the flames and all, how that's going to smell. Don't blame me, I'm only passing through, just happened to notice and thought I'd point it out. It's not like anyone is going to pay any attention. Nah... they're locked in, locked in and loaded, on something. I don't want any of it, even if it is free.

Okay, my friend, I've run out of pithy things to say. I hope you like the new additions to the blogs, being as they are going to be a regular feature; like it or not. We're also going to have these blog postings in audio now, starting today. That's in case you want to engage in some kind of personal actions, independent of having to read any of this. Don't worry, I don't ask and I don't tell. You will miss the little soundbite accompaniments but you can always catch those later after your shower. Thank you very much!

If you are an early bird here and have read this before Sim gets time to put in the sound bites, please return for our latest feature.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Lowdown, Dirty, Rotten, Filthy Liars.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, here they are again, the same twisted, demented, cold-blooded motherfuckers; the same low down, dirty, rotten, filthy liars. Yes, there they are again folks, one more cabal of mass murdering, Zionist, Central Banker owned, mass murdering thugs; Obama, McCain, Dame Lindsey Graham and assorted shitheads and psychopaths. They claim Assad has been using chemical weapons on the rebels. Typically, the only ones caught with chemical weapons have been the rebels. The rebels were caught red handed with chemical weapons and that is of no importance to these lowdown , dirty, rotten, filthy liars, who are now accusing Assad of doing what the rebels already did and who are now going to arm the rebels, who were caught with chemical weapons. You'll note in one of these links that some sleazy weasel of a government shill, is claiming that the rebel forces are made up of disaffected deserters from the Assad army. This is in direct contradiction to what the 24/7, 'all lies, all the time' Zionist owned, mass media, has been claiming all the way up until now. However, since the new, most outrageous lie of the day, has been minted and put into circulation, suddenly, the rebel army that heretofore had been made up of a local franchise of the mythical (CIA creation) Al Qaeda; Saudi Arabians, Libyans, camouflaged Israelis and assorted mercenaries from anywhere, the rebel army is now made up of deserting Syrian soldiers.

I have a friend, Bud the Birdman, who just gave me a vituperative backhand, insisting that it is Assad who has killed 90,000 of his own people. Bud gets his news from the lame stream media. For 12 years I have been researching all manner of things for hours every day. Bud has made nowhere near this effort but he is an expert on what's going on, like so many other people. When someone tells me something I didn't know before, no matter how silly or over the top it may seem, the first thing I do is to go and look into it and that usually means at least three different sources. There are far too many people who allow their minds to be made up for them, never bother to make an independent investigation and then, should you challenge their position, their face gets red, the cords stand out on their neck ...and they give you the party line. The last thing I didn't thoroughly vet, turned out to be a hoax. So I am more determined than ever to stay alert and be watchful.

It mystifies me. I cannot get my head around that mass of the population, who possess no curiosity and do not thirst for the truth, as if it were the wellspring of existence, which it is. Not infrequently, people presume that I hold the opinions I hold because they are things I want to believe. I assure you, on my life and on my soul, this is not true. I hold the views and opinions I have ...because the overwhelming preponderance of the evidence give me no choice. There is no profit in it for me, to have to publicly state that Israel did 9/11. I make no powerful and influential friends by stating that dual national, Israeli neo-cons, strong-armed the United States and ZATO into decimating Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and nations yet to be named. The Zionist, Satanic network, owns most of the publishing, music, entertainment and media companies and what they don't own, they distribute for, or can close down, or drive out of business, you may be sure. Ergo, I have effectively cut myself off from any hope of commercial success, unless some kind of inexplicable miracle occurs but like those few others who share my pariah status, I find ways to get around the blackout.

No one pays me to say what I do. I have to strategize every day on how I will sustain myself. Although I do have a donations button, you never catch me asking the reader to help me out, like the other 99% of the rest of us do. Except for my request, concerning Kickstarter and investment capital for a business venture (which was ignored), I can't remember ever hitting on the reader for much of anything. I take what integrity I have, seriously. I trust the cosmos, 100%, to look out for me and distribute free advertising to the worthy. That is how committed I am.

I'm not saying any of these things, which I do occasionally bring up, as a way of tooting my own horn, nor am I indirectly, sideways like a crab, looking to garner sympathy or anything else. I don't require that. For whatever my flaws as a human being may be and I do have them, thankfully not so many as before, the creative side of my life is pretty much cosmos owned and operated. I don't do any of this under my own power. The truth is that none of us do; all power is borrowed power. I just happen to be aware of that and so are a good number of the readers. Being aware of it permits you to decide who you're channeling, instead of being hijacked by whatever most closely matches your appetites and desires. I like the same things everyone else does as far as the basics go. I love good food and drink AND I appreciate sex. My intention is to seduce the cosmos into 'doing me'. If you don't stop, you have a solid guarantee.

I am ashamed to share the planet with these sold out whores, speaking of sold out whores and the sold out Johns who patronize them, here's an example of a celebrated low-life who will, hopefully sooner rather than later, be irrefutable proof of that Visiblelism; 'the bigger the funeral, the bigger the asshole'. The same thing applies to limousines. This is one of the hallmarks of The Kali Yuga, the veneration of gutter slime in expensive suits, along with the marginalization of the good and useful people. Another feature, is the deep pockets funding for the opposition of effective medical treatments, innovative shelter technologies and a host of good ideas that are competition to all the bad ideas brought into manifestation by uncaring money junkies, who are cynical enough to produce things that cause health problems, so that they will make more money for the medical/ pharmaceutical supply side of their conglomerate. This is the same mentality that pressures congress and local governments to create more and more laws, in order to route more people into the private prison industry. Don't think they don't do this. Consider the judges who were being paid to sentence people to prison.

How corrupt and brutal is the Israeli-owned American government? They won't even bring these people to trial because they don't have enough evidence to make a case. A veritable police state is emerging in easily observable steps. It is right in front of the noses of the blind being led by the blind. Even though they can't see it, you would think they would smell it. I can come to only one conclusion about the whole affair and that is that whatever is meant to be, is meant to be. It is as if the movie has already been shot and is playing now in theaters of operation everywhere, as the players provide both the actors and the audience. It's got to have something to do with Karma. Indeed, one of the principal elements of Karma are Samsaras. They are likened to scarves of varying opacity. Awareness can burn these scarves away, as can good works and other things. One has to be keenly motivated, in order to persevere until success arrives. The incredible, suffocating force of materialism, militates against awareness and perseverance. It takes a special kind of person to have the commitment and conviction to do what is necessary; some of us have help. Anyone with any sanity remaining, will seek out such help relentlessly and persistently until it arrives, or you are a fool, a tragic fool, who will learn soon enough what the cost of their indifference amounted to.

As much as a part of me despises these men and women without conscience, who engage in engineering and perpetuating the horrors of the day, I pity them as well. They have no idea of the consequences of their actions. It might be that once they took the right number of wrong turns, they are locked into their groove and there's no wakey-wakey till the end of the line. It makes sense. It explains why so very, very few of these miscreants ever do an about face. Their usual course is to do their worst, right up until they can do no more; like Henry Kissinger, like David Rockefeller, like Shimon Peres. There is no way that these men do not know the quality and impact of their deeds. They know and they do these things for the sheer joy of it. They delight in evil. It gets them high and it makes them hard. While the ordinary jerk-off artiste, uses stroke books for orgasm assistance, they use autopsy photos, crime scene photos and scenes from the battlefields. The layman does not understand what these men are. No ordinary person can comprehend the face of the abyss, which hopefully they are not looking overlong upon.

I can find no more to say about these lowdown, dirty, rotten, filthy liars. They are what they are. They are contemptible and damned. Equally contemptible, is the public who supports these monsters in their efforts, who chant “USA! USA! USA!”, who somehow possess the capacity to believe ridiculous lies, who believe that 3 buildings came down at the speed of freefall into their own footprint. The only difference between them and the cattle in the fields, is that they are 'presently' walking on two legs and that the cows, generally, have a better diet. It's not something to get upset about because that does nothing to correct the situation. It's not something to get frustrated about because the situation is not impressed by frustration. It's similar to losing your temper with someone at the motor vehicle department. It is something to be aware of and that awareness should help you plot your own course toward a destination, different than that to which the monsters and their mind slaves are bound.

End Transmission.......

Visible and The Critical List: La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List♫ The Clicking Mandibles ♫
'The Clicking Mandibles' is track no. 4 of 8 on Visible and The Critical List's 1987 album
'La Vierge Sperme Danceur'

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La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Pasto and the Anti-Pasto at the Apocalypse Cafe.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always know when it's time to book.

It's coming. It's definitely on the way. We don't know what it is or what it will look like. We don't know much, that's for sure. We do know more than our leaders however, at least some of us do. Some of us know that the creeps and cretins in (snicker) elected office are full of shit and evil to boot.

When you load the boot image for any one of these clowns, what you see in the text box, instead of text, is a wide ass, superimposed with dancing flames. The ass is speaking, or is it just the sound of the hunger of the flames? You can hear something if you put your ear to the monitor. It's not clear what's being said but it sounds like a cry for help. I would help, if there were a lever somewhere. If there were a lever somewhere, I would pull it to open the trapdoor beneath the dialogue box. I have no lever but I can see, God's head stomper, motorcycle boot; God's big number 16, pulling back, in an exaggerated slow motion warm up, for some kind of coup de gras. I don't know if that's something like foie gras. Come to think of it, John McCain looks a lot like a stuffed duck, who's been force fed a whole lotta something.

The Pasto and the Anti-Pasto are scheduled to meet on the dining fields of The Apocalypse, in the final battle of appetites. Bibs are not just a fashion statement here. Seasoned and savvy participants, knowing the necessities of the venue, as well as the importance of their placement, will mostly be utilizing the Jimmy Choo, Vibrating Butt Plug, endorsed by no less than Lindsey Graham who, “Never leaves home without it”.

It's a rare event at The Apocalypse Cafe; strictly R.S.V.P. Music is provided by Marilyn Manson and the Zionauts who play 'Hava la Gila Monster' over and over again. There's an open bar and all sorts of amenities and, as these sorts of events usually are, it's a costume affair, given that most of the attendees are in camouflage to begin with. Lindsey Graham arrived as J. Edgar Hoover, dressed in a pink tutu and riding on a skateboard, at least that's what he looked like ...but when the reporter from Peephole Magazine asked him about it, he denied the persona and told her that he had come as one of Obama's old white men, from the Man's Country bath house in Chicago. Obama was dressed up in some kind of a full body, lizard suit. When he was asked about his costume, he said he was an African American, velocioraptor. Steven Spielberg gave him the outfit, telling him he was a great front man for the horned one and how he should drop by the underground temple some Saturn-Day night.

McCain, like John Kerry, the two could be called 'John-John' (paranoid schizophrenic, Dead Kennedy's?), is a product of that grand 'Merican tradition of Shake 'n Bake war heroes who, like a slot car, get shuttled into a fast track and then linked up with a fabulously rich heiress, in order to complete the pastiche. It's a kind of 'imitation of life', which I would not call an homage. We find these two turkey buzzards in present time, looking to kill a whole lotta (shakin going on?) Syrians, Iranians and... pretty much whomever the Israelis want dead, which eventually includes them as well. Does it matter if they are mind controlled, due to the implementation of some Tavistock/MK Ultra process, a blackmail scenario or... serious and extended payouts? It doesn't matter to the Syrians, Iranians, video-game drone dead, or numberless others. They don't sit around having philosophical conversations about the motivations of these international criminals; “Habib, what you think? This John's Kerry and McCain. They don't like us or they robots”? They are far more likely to be saying things like, “duck”! Duck again?

Karmically the twin (peaks) Johns are dead ducks, along with the Clintons, the Bush Family, Obama and a huge supporting cast of neo-cons, set in place to manipulate. That's the good news. The bad news is that they're still here, chowing down at The Apocalypse Diner, running their hands up the waitresses skirts, even Hillary's tuned to the moment. There goes Congo-Lisa Rice, whose motto is, “I don't care if they're dead, kill them twice”. She's called Congo-Lisa because it's believed she's an incarnation of the dark side of Nzambi. She's definitely the dark side of something. She needs one of those pianos that The Sultan was playing in 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen'.

The 'end of the world as we know it', is both terrifically frightening and awesomely exciting at the same time. It's one or the other, depending on your personal level of insecurity and... what you rely on for motivation. If your reliance base is shaky well, you're sure to be shaky too. ♫I'm standing on shaky ground♫ It makes me think of, “shaking with fear” and “trembling with excitement”; temperance and tempering, if seen according to secret tradition (the occult meaning of wrath as it applies to vibration), kinda like, ♫stuck in the middle with you♫ but... not really stuck, as much as sticking to.

Life can sure look different, to different people, in the same circumstances. Well, it keeps the psychologists and other people, with invisible leashes quite busy, leading the blind wherever it is they're headed. I suppose if you can't see the leash then you don't really have one or... you know not what you do? Well that would certainly provide that governmental deniability we've all grown accustomed to.

Ain't nothing like a midnight dinner at The Apocalypse Diner. Some people get real hungry ♫round midnight♫ Some people get 'all kinds' of hungry; hungry for this, hungry for that. It's not just ♫the midnight hour♫ is it? It's a pretty steady hunger that can't be satisfied by anything for long so... you keep moving on, looking and... ♫wishing and hoping♫

The Whistleblower Flu is about to become a pandemic. It only takes the one to show up and say all the right things for so many others to get a clue. It should start to get real interesting shortly, especially once the Assad forces get ♫Homs-ward Bound♫. Will Aleppo fall before the creeps do their thing? Is Rosie O’Donnell about to sing? Man... this is serious Pulp (non) Fiction land.

I look down the boulevard and see Evil limping along. This is what happens when Evil shoots itself in the foot. It makes you wonder about Hamlet, or the cat responsible for it; “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. Then there is “nothing is true, everything is permitted”. It's oft referred to as “The Assassin's Creed” because it was reputed to have first been said by Hassan I Sabbah from whose name the word 'assassin' comes. The crocodile swine, who imagine themselves to be in power and who are presently whooping it up at The Apocalypse Diner and Cafe (by this time they've got waitresses and waiters bent over the table, unless they are bent over the table themselves and being serviced by a tattooed and pierced cyborg), operate off the cheat sheet, Cliff Notes of history, whereby; if it worked back then it will probably work now. They have more sophisticated apparati now. They kill in far greater numbers but... let's face it, there are far greater numbers now, aren't there?

It's a lot easier to kill in greater numbers, when the lost generation of the present, is largely dreaming about getting Google Glass; while thumb-fucking their cellphones as they wait; “Oh Brave New World that has such people in it”. Yet, the same tech that has everyone hypnotized, in a masturbatory excess, is also responsible for cluing them in to happenings up close and at a far distance. The very tools engineered to control them, are responsible for making them aware. This, in tandem with the intensifying pressures of the day, are waking a lot of people up.

No matter how the drama winds and wends its way the final hour, I can hear my water buffalo calling. I can see the gates of The Great Wall, there the mist forming. They have been there all along but obscured, their dimensions blurred by... The Dream Fog. The Dream Fog is lifting. The tendrils can be seen,. as they separate from the whole. The paisley carpet dances and the universe unfolds it should.

The Apocalypse Cafe is rocking in its 'eat, drink and be merry' way. Tomorrow seems a long reach off but... tomorrow is today. Some never learn till it's too late. Some do ...but who can say? What seems to be impossible has now become routine. The sovereign truth gets hidden when the dreaming dead convene the Apocalypse Cafe.

Crank up that player piano and bring another round. Like Tyrion Lannister said, “Staying drunk all the time is not easy. If it was, everyone would do it”. Of course, people limit their capacity for perception, when they presume 'being drunk' refers only to alcohol. People get drunk on all sorts of things and really do manage to stay drunk all the time. Anything that can intoxicate you, can make you drunk ...and that goes for the most rarefied of locales, as well as the most dissolute and seedy. So... be careful what you get drunk on. As you can see by the behavior of those partying down at the Apocalypse Cafe/Diner, not everyone is doing so and they'll know that deep and remorseful state, when some bolt of fortuitous lightning, shocks them sober ...and it will. It will.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: The eponymous Les Visible Music Album♫ In That Shape Again ♫
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'Les Visible' Music Album

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The eponymous Les Visible Music Album

Friday, June 7, 2013

Payback and Push Back from the Lip of the Crypt.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The weather here has been delightful and experiences attendant, insightful; except when they are not (grin). The world, this blue planet in green trim, rotates and is rubbed against by large bodies of influence, which counterpoint and oppose, in a prediction dance, of what the commonplace WILL DO and then, of course, there's you. Are you predictable? Going along with the program are we or... not? Aye, there's the rub (grin). In respect of that just said, things just rumble and mumble on. The same, sad efforts to plunge us all into chaos continue. The same presumptuous, mealy mouthed, platitudes continue, to dissemble and fall, into the minds of the left behinds, for whom, a great many books have been written. These sad deluded dupes, mindlessly support those who are gnawing away at the supporting structures of all their cant, dogma and society, like termites with a single purpose; the rape and destruction of the west and... after that? Who knows?

It's still Spring and speaking of a young man's fancy (which we were not) and dupes having their culture and religion morphed into a new twist, on Tales of the Crypt, 'my love's like a black, black hole that's newly sprung in June. My love is like cacophony and does not know the tune (to paraphrase Robert Burns). So we get a deluge of things like this and also like this, which celebrate diversity (rhymes with perversity). Now, this author and many people, aren't all that jacked up about this kind of thing, until... until it becomes the daily fodder, injected into this Wonder Bread culture, of all that is right und richtig (while being nowhere close). It is injected into this culture, through the mass media, which it took control of for that very purpose; the purpose to which it is applied by the day ...and easy to see and diagnose, given that you possess a mind and know how to use it. They gained control of the media and many other things, by first gaining control of the currency printing mechanisms; money to burn baby, your money. Because of this being in place and taking place, things like this have become commonplace. On the one hand, Jason Collins gets his life saving merit badge, while feral pigs, gone native from Animal Farm, prepare to snort and root at will. That brief bio tells you all you want to know about the economic mess, Bwak! Obama and the criminal elite that he serves.

For those of you living in the Zionist Occupied Zones of America, Canada, the UK and sundry, here is a practical guide that may come in handy, as the noose tightens and the red army ants surround the cities.

Over recent years there has been many a voice prophesying doom imminent. This has been going on for years now. This is going to happen. That is going to happen. All that happens is the ever increasing sound of insatiable vermin, crunching upon everything that can be eaten, followed by cartoon misrepresentations of life as they apply to politics, religion, art and various things, of which, most principally in your face, is sex. Besides survival, sex is the most powerful and pronounced power operating in this vale of tears at this time.

For certain occult cabals, presently wielding the appearance of enormous power on the manifest plane, manipulating the various forms of sexual expression, among the populace, is key to the certitude of corruption and control. Of course, the step by step progressions, are composed of baby steps that take place in such a way that most cannot even see it taking place. The words that come to mind are 'insidious' and 'painstaking'. It's been in the works for awhile. The human mind has been perversely massaged and horrifically altered, in relation to its outlook, as that concerns the meaning of things. Step by step, this effort moves from one event to another, in it's relentless passage to perfidy and infamy. Control of The Media, Publishing, Entertainment and Music; with all attendant accessories, allows for a full multimedia presentation of deception. Control of the financial printing presses, has permitted the subversion of the political spectrum and all aspects of law enforcement. It's why the way things are today are today.

If you've been sucked in by this, then the imagery and noise, cancel out the more useful voices. Still, inexplicably, some form of awakening is taking place. It moves as preposterously slow, as does the malefic agendas, we are all being affected by. Lately there has been an uptick in both. We are moving, inevitably toward Crescendo-Land. We're getting to that point where the conductor, at a particular interval in the Ride of The Valkyries, resembles a man who has disturbed a hornet's nest.

We are now all conscious,  unconscious and possibly inadvertent members of PUSH BACK. PUSH BACK is a contagious and spontaneous impetus to movement that is swirling above our heads and precipitating into our minds. It showed up for Monsanto. It's humming along in the ranks of The Oath Keepers and the elected Sheriffs all round. It's in all those grassroots movements. It's showing up here and it's showing up there, as the paper tigers are starting to curl in the flames of a righteous anger that is just around the corner, here but presently out of sight.

The vomit of noisome trivialities is a thunder of input upon the senses. Whenever the banal and superficial ratchet up to such a level, it's that time again. You know what time that is? It's False Flag Time. The dress rehearsals of previous events, like the Boston Marathon and other events abroad, have brought us to the final cusp of madness, in which they (the damned) do their damnedest to usher in the preferred environment for their horned master.

It's all about service in the end. Their service has been easier all around ...because their service is self service and there is no better motivator in 'these time'. Of course, it is not, precisely speaking, self service but rather only a specific form of self service, which can be called 'false self-service'. It's been harder on the other end of the spectrum because too many of us cannot see the payoff and have fallen away from the harness and the yoke. It is because so many of us have lost both our faith and our moorings that concerted evil has managed to gain such significant ground. It's just one more permutation of divide and conquer. Sow chaos and confusion, add in extremity and want and you can pretty much decide who is ruled by what. At least, that's what the game plan looks like to them.

It never works in the end. For reasons that remain mysterious, evil cannot win. It may prosper for a season or two but it ultimately fails. I believe when we know more about math than we do now that the cause of this can be found in concrete numbers. Because of all the things we think we know, we tend to forget the immeasurable vastness of what we do not know. We move through life with ridiculous confidence in our small possessions of knowledge and ability. Many of us subscribe to the philosophy that what you see is all there is. Higher sciences and many terrestrial sciences flat out contradict this but most people are swung by their own persuasive arguments, which have to do with getting what they think they want. We all mold our operational philosophies around this. In the end, a great deal of the time, we wind up without, not only what we want ...but what we need.

Ancient fables, parables and allegory, all tell the story of what happens if you go this way, or that way; what happens if you do this, or you do that. We look upon the rich and powerful, as if their favored lives protect them from all of the problems and injuries of the masses. They are no less vulnerable to all of these things than anyone else. It just appears that way. They experience all sorts of losses, which seldom comes under consideration. They die badly and often unloved or missed, while their offspring tear at each other for whatever inheritances remain. Their friendships were all based on conveniences, or obsequious facades; the ranks of 'yes-men' and 'yes-women' that trail in their wake. They live in unchanging paranoia for their possessions and positions. They live by backstabbing and proactive offenses. They build for themselves an enduring legacy that may take a long, long time to repay in any number of forms. They have no wit or clue about what is out of view. They are the fools of the moments surrounded by an eternity of regret.

PUSH BACK and PAYBACK are coming. They are visibly occurring in places like Turkey and simmering below the surface everywhere else. The bankrupt and Zio-owned, crowd control conglomerate, of various industries, is concealing what is afoot, while pushing and lobbying for whatever will deprive the ordinary citizen the most. The time to PUSH BACK is here. I know this because I see it. It's happening in wider and smaller ways around the planet and when the right planets come into alignment for the right purposes, pretty much nothing is going to be in a position to stop any of it but... once again we'll have to wait and see, if you happen to be waiting that is.

End Transmission.......

Visible and The Critical List: The Pope of Rock and Roll by Visible and The Critical List♫ Shallow Graves ♫
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'The Pope of Rock and Roll'

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The Pope of Rock and Roll by Visible and The Critical List

There will be a radio broadcast this Sunday. Thank you for your patience.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Erdogan and the TrashkeNAZIS at the Department Store of Death.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Today's thought for the day at WRH is “"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent." -- Statement made before the United States Senate on Feb. 7, 1950 by James Paul Warburg (Illuminati, Rothschild Banker & Chairman of the Federal Reserve). The Warburgs and Shiffs are the seldom mentioned, alongside The Rothschilds ...but they are equally culpable and ruthless in execution concerning those acts of mass murder and genocide, upon the hapless Schmoos, who inhabit this benighted planet, in these desperate hours ...and the hours indeed grow desperate. There are others as well.

Sultan 'Ty Yippie Kai Yay' (motherfucker!-cue Bruce Willis) Erdogan, Israeli stooge, seeking local empire status in the region, by facilitating ugliness in Syria, or anywhere else he's told to do so, has finally got his own peopleafter his ass. Let's hope they get their hands on it. Obviously this incredible violence being visited on his own people has TrashkeNazi roots. I can just hear the conversation taking place between Sultan Erdogan (erred again?) and Binnie the rat Shitwityahoo. “Okay Binnie, you can kill a bunch of people on the flotilla but you got to let me be outraged about it when you do, so I can look all strong and courageous to my people”. “Not a problem, Ty Yippie Kai Yay and if you need anything from the Department Store of Death, we can kill them for you wholesale”!

It won't be too much longer now people, Russia is moving a massive aircraft carrier into the Mediterranean. They say it will be later but it could well be sooner. They're sending their nuclear submarines into the Southern Seas. Iran has S-300's now and other weaponry is pouring into Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere, courtesy of that new coalition, “Bombs and Bullets for International Counterfeiting Bankers”.

In related news, Mon(ster)santo Claws (with its toxic, firebreathing reindeer) has clusterfucked the American wheat export industry and countries are already canceling their orders. This will lead to the destruction of the American wheat industry and you know that means war. Well, Hell, pretty much anything means war, when you are an imperialist nation, seeking global hegemony, until all the encroaching lines touch each other. Seeing as this world is Hell and given what the weather is telling us, it looks like we shall see, in the not too distant future, the long awaited, Hell freezing over. Break out your ice-skates!

The next war is already being briskly fought on various fronts. Mon(ster)santo has gotten creamed in Europe and now they're backing away from that market. Meanwhile, 'Corporate' forgot to buy every judge in the catalog and they also got shredded in France. “Holy Batshit, Robin”! You can't tell who's winning or losing anymore. Of course, the rich are still getting richer, at the expense of the poor but that, after all, is what a capitalist economy is for.

We know, we know, there's more than enough for everyone here. There’s more than enough land. There's more than enough food and water. There's definitely enough love, since we're all formed and fueled by it, up until we decide to go over to the dark side, in the vain hope that our chances for survival were better; are you really that stupid? You are? Congratulations! Bankers, corporations, governments and religions, are not unlike hyenas, who are known to bite off the faces of people sleeping out in the open in Africa. Then they jump back and wait for the flies and other elements of Nature to take their course, finally closing in to claim their meal. Of course, there is also the Hyena Man so... maybe there is a way for peace to exist between very different life forms. Uh...NOT! We are talking about once human hyenas. They are very different from the animal variety, which you can probably reason with. You cannot reason with the once human form. An ancient darkness is coiled in the brain of these creatures and they are deaf to reason and laugh at things like mercy and compassion. These qualities are only for the weak, only for that which is meant to be killed and eaten. You're not going to catch Ty Yippie Kay Yay Erdogan or Binnie 'the Rat' Shitwityahoo, embracing such unmanly characteristics because, 'are they not Men'!? No, as a matter of fact they are not. You can't really call them beasts either. Beasts have a great deal more class and restraint and they definitely have better table manners.

Let's quote Mother Medusa, Gutle Schnaper, Rothschild at this juncture, “If my sons did not want wars there would be none”. Think about it. If you are not a billionaire, or blowing one, this means; you to the front, to die in the trenches. One can make a logical argument by this, which pretty much states that; The Rothschilds are making war on you. Why are you permitting this? You do it because you are a coward and because you are immeasurably stupid. Your chances of survival and your capacity to hold on to those virtues that make you more than a beast, are far greater when 'you know and resist'. There seems to be some amount of that, waking up out of the trauma, turmoil and brutality of the Banker armies and international, Israeli trained, Orc police forces, being visited upon the general population.

Lenin once said something like, “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them”. The internet and social networking sites should be seen in this light, in terms of unifying the public against the fiends in power. Here are huge engines 'they' thought to manipulate and have lost control of.

These are fiends and monsters; Obama is such a one, as are the heads of most nations. They are owned by the bankers. They are initiated by the bankers into false doctrines, which they accept as truth and operate according to. The world is faced with a very simple solution. Let me borrow the phrase of Gut Snapper Rothschild; If the people wanted no wars, they would imprison and hang the bankers and there would be none. This means, no bankers and ergo, no wars. You don't need to be a rocket surgeon to comprehend this. Jail the bankers. If you don't want to hang them, put them in animal cages and send them off on a world tour, to all of the towns and cities of the Earth, with detailed plaques in front of the cages and buttons you can push on them, that tell the tale of their crimes. Bring them into the school rooms for 'show and tell'. This is what you need to do. It wouldn't hurt to do the same with most of the CEO's, politicians and high ranking religious figures. You want your children to have a real grasp of history? Expose them to the people whose business it has been to distort and fabricate it AND by all means, employ the Iceland template to every nation on Earth.

Look, all this shit about derivatives and the pending horror of economic collapse is meaningless. The industries are still there. The wealth is still there, once you take back every dime the bankers and corporations have stolen. Everything is still here, still there. All you need is a new system that works and things go on better than they ever have, with usury free banking, corporations owned by those who know that capital punishment awaits should they mess around. The death sentence or permanent exile should hang over the heads of everyone in every position of authority. This new Sword of Damocles should be set to 'automatic'. They mess around, the scales move and... the sword comes down. Sure, what I am giving you here is simplistic, you want complex and detailed, we got that too.

If I personally can solve most of the present problems on this Earth and I am no rocket surgeon, simply a self educated, idiot savant... then certainly, certainly those who can see the moral imperative first, can drive the industry of change, once correctly informed of the inflexible moral imperative, in the right direction. Any argument to the contrary, is either the fruit of the compromised, or an exercise in wanker speak. I don't care how complicated the problem is, the solution is simple. It only becomes complicated when those intending to steal get involved in the process. There should be no billionaires to begin with. There should be an immoveable ceiling for personal profit, after which further profits are directed toward national and global improvements and I don't mean the way charities and scam ops like PETA and Greenpeace are presently run.

Religions should not go untaxed and that tax should be directly, and not through the hands of middle men, sent in the direction they claim it to be intended to go in the first place. In other words, you make sure they do what they said they would do in the first place.

You can't have an equitable and honest world when you, yourself, are not honest and equitable. That is the primary problem and the one that the bankers and all the scum who are owed by them, feast on. It is your dishonesty that opens the door for their massive crimes against you. The game is rigged. The only thing that is going to trickle down to you is their piss on your heads and I believe you can count on it streaming in that respect. You want it going on the way it is going and getting worse? Have at it.

You are being given these precious hours to make the necessary changes before, ...before they have to be made for you. You want to snooze in the sunlight under that tree, until the hyena bites off your face? Be my guest. I'm just passing through here myself.

End Transmission.......

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