Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Pasto and the Anti-Pasto at the Apocalypse Cafe.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always know when it's time to book.

It's coming. It's definitely on the way. We don't know what it is or what it will look like. We don't know much, that's for sure. We do know more than our leaders however, at least some of us do. Some of us know that the creeps and cretins in (snicker) elected office are full of shit and evil to boot.

When you load the boot image for any one of these clowns, what you see in the text box, instead of text, is a wide ass, superimposed with dancing flames. The ass is speaking, or is it just the sound of the hunger of the flames? You can hear something if you put your ear to the monitor. It's not clear what's being said but it sounds like a cry for help. I would help, if there were a lever somewhere. If there were a lever somewhere, I would pull it to open the trapdoor beneath the dialogue box. I have no lever but I can see, God's head stomper, motorcycle boot; God's big number 16, pulling back, in an exaggerated slow motion warm up, for some kind of coup de gras. I don't know if that's something like foie gras. Come to think of it, John McCain looks a lot like a stuffed duck, who's been force fed a whole lotta something.

The Pasto and the Anti-Pasto are scheduled to meet on the dining fields of The Apocalypse, in the final battle of appetites. Bibs are not just a fashion statement here. Seasoned and savvy participants, knowing the necessities of the venue, as well as the importance of their placement, will mostly be utilizing the Jimmy Choo, Vibrating Butt Plug, endorsed by no less than Lindsey Graham who, “Never leaves home without it”.

It's a rare event at The Apocalypse Cafe; strictly R.S.V.P. Music is provided by Marilyn Manson and the Zionauts who play 'Hava la Gila Monster' over and over again. There's an open bar and all sorts of amenities and, as these sorts of events usually are, it's a costume affair, given that most of the attendees are in camouflage to begin with. Lindsey Graham arrived as J. Edgar Hoover, dressed in a pink tutu and riding on a skateboard, at least that's what he looked like ...but when the reporter from Peephole Magazine asked him about it, he denied the persona and told her that he had come as one of Obama's old white men, from the Man's Country bath house in Chicago. Obama was dressed up in some kind of a full body, lizard suit. When he was asked about his costume, he said he was an African American, velocioraptor. Steven Spielberg gave him the outfit, telling him he was a great front man for the horned one and how he should drop by the underground temple some Saturn-Day night.

McCain, like John Kerry, the two could be called 'John-John' (paranoid schizophrenic, Dead Kennedy's?), is a product of that grand 'Merican tradition of Shake 'n Bake war heroes who, like a slot car, get shuttled into a fast track and then linked up with a fabulously rich heiress, in order to complete the pastiche. It's a kind of 'imitation of life', which I would not call an homage. We find these two turkey buzzards in present time, looking to kill a whole lotta (shakin going on?) Syrians, Iranians and... pretty much whomever the Israelis want dead, which eventually includes them as well. Does it matter if they are mind controlled, due to the implementation of some Tavistock/MK Ultra process, a blackmail scenario or... serious and extended payouts? It doesn't matter to the Syrians, Iranians, video-game drone dead, or numberless others. They don't sit around having philosophical conversations about the motivations of these international criminals; “Habib, what you think? This John's Kerry and McCain. They don't like us or they robots”? They are far more likely to be saying things like, “duck”! Duck again?

Karmically the twin (peaks) Johns are dead ducks, along with the Clintons, the Bush Family, Obama and a huge supporting cast of neo-cons, set in place to manipulate. That's the good news. The bad news is that they're still here, chowing down at The Apocalypse Diner, running their hands up the waitresses skirts, even Hillary's tuned to the moment. There goes Congo-Lisa Rice, whose motto is, “I don't care if they're dead, kill them twice”. She's called Congo-Lisa because it's believed she's an incarnation of the dark side of Nzambi. She's definitely the dark side of something. She needs one of those pianos that The Sultan was playing in 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen'.

The 'end of the world as we know it', is both terrifically frightening and awesomely exciting at the same time. It's one or the other, depending on your personal level of insecurity and... what you rely on for motivation. If your reliance base is shaky well, you're sure to be shaky too. ♫I'm standing on shaky ground♫ It makes me think of, “shaking with fear” and “trembling with excitement”; temperance and tempering, if seen according to secret tradition (the occult meaning of wrath as it applies to vibration), kinda like, ♫stuck in the middle with you♫ but... not really stuck, as much as sticking to.

Life can sure look different, to different people, in the same circumstances. Well, it keeps the psychologists and other people, with invisible leashes quite busy, leading the blind wherever it is they're headed. I suppose if you can't see the leash then you don't really have one or... you know not what you do? Well that would certainly provide that governmental deniability we've all grown accustomed to.

Ain't nothing like a midnight dinner at The Apocalypse Diner. Some people get real hungry ♫round midnight♫ Some people get 'all kinds' of hungry; hungry for this, hungry for that. It's not just ♫the midnight hour♫ is it? It's a pretty steady hunger that can't be satisfied by anything for long so... you keep moving on, looking and... ♫wishing and hoping♫

The Whistleblower Flu is about to become a pandemic. It only takes the one to show up and say all the right things for so many others to get a clue. It should start to get real interesting shortly, especially once the Assad forces get ♫Homs-ward Bound♫. Will Aleppo fall before the creeps do their thing? Is Rosie O’Donnell about to sing? Man... this is serious Pulp (non) Fiction land.

I look down the boulevard and see Evil limping along. This is what happens when Evil shoots itself in the foot. It makes you wonder about Hamlet, or the cat responsible for it; “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. Then there is “nothing is true, everything is permitted”. It's oft referred to as “The Assassin's Creed” because it was reputed to have first been said by Hassan I Sabbah from whose name the word 'assassin' comes. The crocodile swine, who imagine themselves to be in power and who are presently whooping it up at The Apocalypse Diner and Cafe (by this time they've got waitresses and waiters bent over the table, unless they are bent over the table themselves and being serviced by a tattooed and pierced cyborg), operate off the cheat sheet, Cliff Notes of history, whereby; if it worked back then it will probably work now. They have more sophisticated apparati now. They kill in far greater numbers but... let's face it, there are far greater numbers now, aren't there?

It's a lot easier to kill in greater numbers, when the lost generation of the present, is largely dreaming about getting Google Glass; while thumb-fucking their cellphones as they wait; “Oh Brave New World that has such people in it”. Yet, the same tech that has everyone hypnotized, in a masturbatory excess, is also responsible for cluing them in to happenings up close and at a far distance. The very tools engineered to control them, are responsible for making them aware. This, in tandem with the intensifying pressures of the day, are waking a lot of people up.

No matter how the drama winds and wends its way ...to the final hour, I can hear my water buffalo calling. I can see the gates of The Great Wall, there ...in the mist forming. They have been there all along but obscured, their dimensions blurred by... The Dream Fog. The Dream Fog is lifting. The tendrils can be seen,. as they separate from the whole. The paisley carpet dances and the universe unfolds ...as it should.

The Apocalypse Cafe is rocking in its 'eat, drink and be merry' way. Tomorrow seems a long reach off but... tomorrow is today. Some never learn till it's too late. Some do ...but who can say? What seems to be impossible has now become routine. The sovereign truth gets hidden when the dreaming dead convene ...at the Apocalypse Cafe.

Crank up that player piano and bring another round. Like Tyrion Lannister said, “Staying drunk all the time is not easy. If it was, everyone would do it”. Of course, people limit their capacity for perception, when they presume 'being drunk' refers only to alcohol. People get drunk on all sorts of things and really do manage to stay drunk all the time. Anything that can intoxicate you, can make you drunk ...and that goes for the most rarefied of locales, as well as the most dissolute and seedy. So... be careful what you get drunk on. As you can see by the behavior of those partying down at the Apocalypse Cafe/Diner, not everyone is doing so and they'll know that deep and remorseful state, when some bolt of fortuitous lightning, shocks them sober ...and it will. It will.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

you suffer from the same handicap that afflicts me...

getting drunk on too much truth, consumed in mass quantities...{alone again, naturally}

cue Dan Akroyd..conehead sixpak


like stupid was such a good idea

roflmao . . .

carpe diem


dirtykid© said...

Are people really waking? Maybe I am not seeing that from my perspective, or maybe my perspective was clouded over by the odd request I received yesterday while thumb-fucking my cell phone (aka writing my most recent blog entry).

I was asked by a facebook friend who is an Administrator of a group not to post links to my blog in his group so it could remain focused on being "Tired of getting our taxes raised while it's being mis-used."

Curious, because that is what I focus on, except that my scope of 'our' taxes doesn't always contain my taxes... Sometimes it contains Japan's taxes or Turkey's taxes or Greece's taxes which are not taxes I've been asked to pay (yet), but if I think about what 'our' means, it implies a unity which incorporates everyone whose taxes are misused, which would appear to be just about every of the 7 billion people presently alive (minus the few thousand tyrants, zionists, and usurers who are the beneficiaries)... Maybe this is 'too outside the box' for some minds to handle, but I can't even see this mystical box that seems to contain human thought from where I sit. Maybe I simply need to stand up more often.

Needless to say this put me on a bit of a bender which changed the blog entry completely... I feel somewhat betrayed by this friend who I knew before facebook, but mostly I feel saddened by just how narrow-minded some people seem to view the problems plaguing the world. So I hope you are right that people are waking up, because I just saw people choosing to go back to sleep.



the gardener said...

"Thumb fucking their phones..." *slaps knee*


I was happily drunken tapping the universe and then 'reality' got in my way.

I got drunkenly tapped in about 1989... full on immersion by 1991... drunk tank immersion-not over my head, just up to my chin (if I kept my head cocked back)

Hard to breathe air that way so I was breathing just enough to maintain.

Pages and pages of astro data surrounded me waist high. Full immersion into... the numbers.

Number world is a different one from here, somehow connected by the... now don't laugh this off... the birds.

Natural flying things rather than specifically birds, but mainly birds.

And there I was when the time shifting manifested aspect of the Neptune/Uranus conjunction hit at 19 degrees Capricorn in the years of 1991/93ish.

ALL the children born from late 80s through mid/late 90s have this aspect built into their born into data bases.

Along with their Pluto in Scorpio (and some of them with their Saturns in Scorpio as well) I've long chuckled at the thought of 'what a DRAFT of them would look like'.

They look a lot like that Snowden character (though I believe 'he' is a construct)... sociopathic by nature-nobody 'owns' them. Nobody can trust them to be oath keepers if it doesn't benefit them 100%.

Interesting (to me) this Snowden (like Princess Margaret's consort Snowden? unusual name) is a made man with his first Saturn return having already hit him.

They can be relied upon to make markers on the time sheet of radical changes in ones life.

Just one of many aspects that can cause radical changes in ones life.

I've known many drunks (alcohol) who 'loved being drunk' or in the drunken state. "wtf? you LIKE that feeling?" has been my leery response to that issue.

Ones who've stopped drinking have told me 'they don't miss the drinking as much as they miss the drunk' ... hmmmm

the gardener on this June 11, 2013

PS. I noticed last night at sunset that the colors were seeming more vivid than usual. Greens almost neon. The pink tones of the sky complementing the green so well as to making up their own color. Perhaps the aurora energies having impact out of the range of the eye/brain? Because, of COURSE, the Sun is discharging at heavy rates right now too. Yay Sun!

Visible said...

What I read from that is his fear that you will stray into an area that disturbs his comfort zone. I'd just tell him, "Adios" and that I need more latitude so I can keep my good attitude and that he should get in touch with me when the training wheels on his bicycle are ready to come off.

People in the process of waking up do not also generally become illumined, or possessing of that luminous wisdom that lights up whatever it falls on and which then compels the object of focus, to reveal it's intrinsic being. People waking up can continue to be all fucked up, having only come to see that they are getting hosed, or abused in ways they were formerly unaware of.

It is unfortunate that people equate awakening with some form of companion, or attending enlightenment. This, of course, can happen and certainly a wider perspective ensures but... there's no guarantee one doesn't then simply look for a way to profit from the same tactics that were previously applied to them, or any number of other possible, wrong moves.

Some people do not have a good heart, for whatever the reason (this is not to say that they cannot obtain to that state, only that they are inclined in selfish directions at present). This is one of the reasons that life often will traumatically rip people off for everything they have, for the sole purpose of showing them what has value and what does not, except in relative terms.

Yadda yadda yadda (he said).

You don't have to be hosted over at wherever. We could put your blog in the blogroll here if you like. Never make arrangements or compromises with anyone for the purpose of exposure because it will taint and/or restrain the message and at the very least, make one have to watch what they say, lest they lose that exposure, which means what? It means that there you are with a forum to express yourself, except you can't.

Visible said...

Heh heh... They just don't know when to quit do they?

JerseyCynic said...

I'll get down to it.

I said are you gonna get crazy?

I get down too.

I said are you hoobadegobadygoobadoobadeboogade gonna get it all down get it all night get it all right get it out of sight and get it down baby?


WHAMMER JAMMER let me hear you!

"This is the End" ....... for hollywood?

The "messages" are coming fast and furiously from all directions. Can you hear me now??? oh yes we can! We're the ONLY government agency that listens to you! We're turning you EVERY which way but loose....

*611 Send



Thank you again, Sir, for this "truth with a side order of critical thinking"

Mazel Tov!

JerseyCynic said...

To/From Russia With Love?

dirtykid© said...

Thanks Vis,

I am aware that awakening and enlightening are in slightly different heirarchies, if not different realms altogether. Enlightenment often brings with it awakening, but awakening does not have any equated inverse effect towards enlightenment whatsoever. I accept this to be true until it beggars itself to be unproven, which I doubt will happen.

I did ultimately decide not to post to that group, and to detach myself from it because it would ultimately lead to compromise for the sake of companionship and comradery, which I know will still find me (though at a much slower pace) in a much more fulfilling way should I remain uncomprimised. If I was determined in my vigil to remain uncomprimised before, this has served to strengthen that resolve.

Some exposure couldn't hurt, so long as you understand that I am irratic... I am often blissfully unaware of what my blog will say until I have finished typing, and frequently have no idea what I am going to talk about when I start typing, I just know I feel like typing, and it begins... I am not even sure I can explain my creative process as it sometimes seems to work an an unconscious level... But, then again, I've followed your blogs for quite a while (long enough that it was a smoking-mirrors that led me to begin writing mine), and sometimes wonder if, you too, read news until your brain simply spits something into the keyboard (at least part of the time).

I still have the support of my close friends, I simply have one less close friend than I thought I did. It isn't unexpected, but it is the first time it has happened after over 250 blog posts, and I am more saddened than I thought I would be by it. I suppose I should expect to be equally saddened the next time it happens, though maybe I will be able to provide myself a bit better 'there-there' comforting tap on my own shoulder having already lived it once.


JerseyCynic said...

way to get the coup coup cachu going - eh?
what a riot!

Visible said...

DirtyKid; that's pretty much how I do it.

jodypaulson@bluebottle.com said...

gardener, here's an article I immediately thought of when you spoke of the colors pink and green (also both are associated with the heart chakra).

Citizen Elle said...

Vis, rock on, like a duck? : )

jersey cynic, you are rockin' all over, babe (here, there, everywhere) - love it! if you ever feel like driving down to Cape May County, we could go see the ducks at the park.

dirtykid, i like your thinkin'

gardener "Full immersion into... the numbers." + + THANK YOU for your efforts/contributions (here/there/everywhere)

ooh kooka chew

too deep or not deep enough?
not sure these days
~~~ elle ~~~

wiggins said...

I'm not sure people are awakening at all. Most of the people I meet in my everyday life are completely oblivious to what goes on in the real world, doubt if any of them care either way. Sad, but inevitable.

mike m said...


the gardener said...

I was on the road when Stuart Wilde passed over... I really loved that man and his work. I remembered he had written about 'safe' browsers/emails etc and did a looksee today and here is his article.


every time I wash up with lavender soap I think of him ...

thank you jodypaulsen... I did this one other time back in '98 but then it was "I'd look at a splash of color and its exact complement would pop up in a side screen' is what I told the eye doctor as I was having an exam during that time. He couldn't find anything physically wrong so suggested to me 'maybe God is telling you to paint!'

I disabled my FB account today-tired of the shuck and jive... depresses me in ways I don't need. I've got my email for anyone who wants to keep in touch that way. I'm also getting rid of my temp cell phone. Tired of that too.

I'll be working on my telepathy skills instead of yakking on the appliances. *GRINS*

the gardener

Anonymous said...

"Never make arrangements or compromises with anyone for the purpose of exposure because it will taint and/or restrain the message and at the very least, make one have to watch what they say, lest they lose that exposure, which means what? It means that there you are with a forum to express yourself, except you can't."

Oh, the irony...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laughs and throwaway culture references it has added the cherry on top to a beautiful summer day. I used to fear this apocalypse stuff and the novo ordus seclorum when they tried to kick me out of the fourth grade for talking about it now I realize what a cleansing and castor oil enema it will be.

the gardener said...

PS-back to that "Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn" of the early 90s aspect.

19 degrees. I remember it so well because that aspect which, coming and going in direct and retrograde three strikes, exactly squared my Venus in Aries.

This aspect was supposed to usher in the 'spiritual revolution' as it had ushered in the last 'revolution' affecting the entire world-the Industrial Revolution.

Not having a computer or 'AOL' (hah) until '98, I was eager to peruse all things astro then to see if anyone else was picking up on that aspect being such a game changer for humanity or to see any results of that happening yet (spiritual revolution) ...

keeping eyes open for that 'number 19' to be played out in the open. Keeping all senses open with the changes of planets since then-the big planets... Pluto in Capricorn (now) will hit that 19 degrees in Capricorn in 2017... Uranus of the two conjoined---is in Aries now so maybe when it rolls through '19' that will get the razzle dazzle started?

I noticed little birds this morning-playing in a large puddle. Oh, they were having such fun.

the gardener

JerseyCynic said...

Elle, I'm there! I haven't been to cape may in years. now I've got a reason, but will have to wait until off season. I can't handle going bumper to bumper 80 mph anymore! I used to be able to do it no problem -- even with a cup of coffee and a cig AND putting my make up on -- all at the same time (which is pretty darn amazing for a pollock!).

Citizen Elle said...

okay JC - yahoo, something to look forward to! to bad there isn't a (chain of) visible cafe(s) with visible hour or something... gettin so tired of goin solo on the truth down here. We'll manifest something fine, I'm sure... to be continued.

Gardener, may your FB account rest in peace. Congrats!

Telepathy and teleportation are both kick ass super skills that I've been longing to develop further the last few years.

and yet another random:
John Lennon's secret Daughter

love to you all
wv: honest eichmpa

Anonymous said...

'Hava la Gila Monster'.....brings to mind my favorite movie of all time, The Giant Gila Monster(1959). The movie trailer narration (on YouTube) is oddly, absurdly appropriate in this present moment--

"...What is this black menace that kills everything it sees and hears...No human mind could imagine the enormous destructive power of this maddened,killing thing...Never in the history of the United States, a monster of such size and power, and horrifying hatred of man..."


Anaughty Mouser said...

Hoo-hah! Great read - still chucklimg as I write this.

The Apocalypse cafe is here to stay until...

Anonymous said...

The TRUTH is in Here AND out There!
1. The wheel is come full circle.
William Shakespeare
2. Tiger the dog had a showdown with a fast moving flower truck in the middle of the street and lost.
Barry Williams
3. You're in pretty good shape for the shape you are in.
Dr. Seuss

4. Every dog has his day, unless he loses his tail, then he has a weak-end.
June Carter
5. The dog is almost human in its demand for living interest, yet fatally less than human in its inability to foresee.
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Steve Jobs
29. I shall follow my own advice.
Les Visible
30. I can't connect the dots for you, no one can, but if you do the digging, like Les, you can't deny what it seems to point at.
Les Visible, Smoking Mirrors

I love Dogs, I love Catz, I love Jobs

Jackson Holly said...

Les ...

... this post eminds me of when I was a kid in rural Alabama in the '50s ... sloppin' the hogs ... shoveling horseshit ... braying, stupid sheep ...

.... and this: http://www.alchemylab.com/chemical_wedding_rosenkruetz.htm

of Christian Rosenkruetz


Joe Dead Horse said...

If you add anti-pasta to pasta, do they both disappear in a great big huge explosion?

I've often wondered about this. Not that I would be foolish enough to try to personally find out.

Sometimes, there are just things better left undone. Or at least by me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Vis and all contributors!
word verification
archdeacon nsidasc

Visible said...

The alchemical wedding/ Rosicrucians. There in the beginning sounded like a Kundalini upwelling. I'll read the rest as time goes by.

thanks for the link.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Sewerhead Harper and the Martini Soaked Monsters.



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