Friday, February 26, 2010

The Event Horizon in the Rear View Mirror.

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We’ve heard rumors and seen projections for a world wide financial crash for some time. Economic soothsayers have been tossing around time periods and analysts have been providing the ‘what for’ and how come’. As for the latter it boils down to simple greed but there’s more. There’s always more.

Events and conditions can only happen or exist, dependent on the system they operate in. What the system allows for can happen. Most social; economic and legal systems begin with an intent and presumption toward fairness across the board. This is pretty much unavoidable because those most injured by imbalance in a system make up the largest numbers of the population and they need to be hoodwinked from the gitgo so that the following corruptions can make their way toward a top heavy, total absurdity.

In order to effect this blatant favoritism toward the upper echelon you’ve got to have lawyers. I’ve mentioned this before. You need people versed in manipulation in order to manipulate the system. You also need a corrupt judiciary and a corrupt body of lawmakers. After that it’s a fait accompli as it is today.

The main thrust of the world’s economic system in these times is debt based. Putting someone into debt requires them to make accommodations. Very often these are accommodations they would not make if they were not in debt. The debt is created by loaning out money which is based on nothing and created out of thin air. This is the purpose of The Federal Reserve. Debt translates into political power and political power translates into control. It also translates into profit for those wielding it.

What all of this further translates into is slavery. You don’t see the chains and the whips. You don’t see the hobblings and the rape but they are operative and they are all debt based.

During the Second World War, certain banking families set up a scenario whereby a certain group of people would be able to derive exceptional victim status from a series of manipulated events. One of these banking families was the primary builder of the state of Israel. This group, upon their arrival in Palestine, drove 700,000 people into exile, stole their properties and lands and changed the names of their towns. They also killed thousands and thousands of these native inhabitants of this land they were not native to. This genocide continues to the present day and now includes things like targeted killings of innocent civilians for the purpose of harvesting body parts and the use of banned weapons on women and children.

The banking families and consortiums behind all of what has been mentioned in all respects so far are… the same. Their intention is world domination and global slavery of all the lower echelons. They are willing and devoted servants of an ancient and conscious darkness which is inimical to humanity. They are accomplishing it by fabricating an international terrorist presence which does not exist and by instigating financial extremis around the globe. They then perform these acts of terror and blame them on the boogeyman. The facts in this case, as in all cases already mentioned, ate clear and incontrovertible.

These Satanic interests have gained control of 96% of the world media and this was accomplished by the possession of unlimited resources printed out of thin air by the same villains already mentioned.

The situation in the MiddleEast is presented as an intricate and complicated affair. It is not. Certainly there are rivalries and animosities that go back into the mists of time but these are no more than what is the usual way of things around the world. The present world economic situation is presented as an intricate and complicated affair. It is not. Those with the power of control over what is presented through the engines of information can convey a sense of legitimacy and validity to anything they choose to present but these are all lies. They are all lies.

The world, like the galaxy and the universe are self regulating. There’s only one power that permeates and rules it all. People are in disagreement about the nature and composition of this power but that’s just the way it goes. The more intelligent and informed that people imagine themselves to be, the more likely they are to want to supplant this power with their own insignificant posturings. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s’ arguments are and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. What is is. This is why no one has ever taken over the world and no one ever will.

Life on this planet goes through certain stages that continually repeat themselves over and over. Far back and beyond recorded history it has been the same. Human nature goes through various progressions until critical imbalance occurs. It’s like clockwork and the regulatory periods also appear like clockwork as well. We now approach such a period of adjustment. This adjustment is completely impartial.

If you were to take a clock and set it before you, you could imagine that each hour was an age; a particular cycling of the minute hand around the circumference of the clock. The greater cycle is a complete circling of the hour hand around the clock. We are at such a point now. Not only does an age end and a new age appear …but a grand cycle also ends and begins. It is a momentous time. It is beyond the scope of most minds to comprehend what is before us.

The force employed in bringing these grand changes upon us is unstoppable. What shape it will take is unknown. One of the main attributes of the Age of Aquarius is ‘universal brotherhood’. One can be forgiven an outburst of laughter upon hearing this; given how things presently appear. Don’t worry about that. We shouldn’t judge the capacity of the ineffable by our own limitations. Everyone has a choice here. You can go with this unstoppable force or you can go against it. You have to do one or the other. It is coming down not only in the manifest theater but also in an interior manner within every person on the planet.

The earlier that one seeks alignment with this unstoppable force, the easier it is. There is nowhere outside of it and there is no way around it. Any sane mind would welcome it but we are, for the most part, not sane. This is also a part of the state of critical imbalance in which we find ourselves. The madness without is a reflection of the madness within.

Many of the seemingly powerful and villainous among us are aware of the approach of the unstoppable. They have their own take on what it means and they have made extensive preparations for their own survival and continuance. These efforts ate all vain and will prove terminally ineffective. Even as their inescapable destiny approaches them they are still engaged in seeking to acquire more and more of what they already have too much of. They are certifiably crazy and therefore beyond reason. You cannot reason with the insane.

There are some who feel that revolution is necessary and unavoidable. Ask anyone about it and you will get a different take from the last person you asked. Nobody knows the answer and nobody knows what’s coming or when. It is coming, on that you can rely.

This unstoppable force is resident in every one of us. The awareness of it varies. In some cases there is no awareness of it but it is there all the same. It is judge and jury and it is the creator, preserver and destroyer of all things. It’s more aware of you than you will ever be and it’s got you safe and secured to the degree that you will allow it.

Presently they are giving out a lot of awards for physical accomplishments. The Academy Awards are coming up for the best pretenders among us. What isn’t generally known is that there is another awards ceremony coming. This one includes not only the promotional end but demotions as well. Both awards and censure are scheduled and you don’t have to worry about being present because it will come to you wherever you are. Wiser minds will be employed in seeking a greater intimacy with this unstoppable force. That’s not complicated either.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Up Around the Bending End.

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I haven’t seen or heard or read any news in 3 weeks; no idea what’s going on out there. There’s no internet here because Telecom is browbeating all applicants for internet service into signing up with them and not responding to calls for service from providers. This is a new trick that’s come around lately and should be a warning to all not to switch your provider unless you have to. It might have been foolish of us to attempt to do this just to get a faster speed and a more comprehensive package but you live and learn or you don’t.

I’ve turned my hand to other things that the blog and radio efforts had pushed to the sidelines and am glad for it. In the meantime, the mind speculates about the world beyond the doorstep and it probes at all the information that has passed through it over recent years. What I was and what I knew five years ago are no longer what they were. Some things are far clearer today than they were in former times.

Without the daily input of information, this mind has been sifting and probing and consolidating from the warp and woof of what had come to its attention previously and certain things stand out above all else in the process. What is irrefutably clear to me at this moment is that the governments of the United States, England and Israel are the greatest looming dangers to the welfare of humanity across this round and still spinning planet. Humanity has always had its enemies. Sometimes it’s been rampaging warlords or a tandem of countries enflamed with nationalism and sometimes it’s been organized religion. Sometimes it’s been all of them and more. Most of the time it’s ignorance, no matter how you dress it up. What ‘was’ is useful for what can be learned from the past but... nothing in the past can ever be as much of a concern as what is contained in the present and what that implies for the future.

Here are some of the things I have learned and here are some of the things I can see in front of me...

The City in London is the financial center for the world. Israel is not a nation but a criminal enterprise. America, the land of the free, is now the birthplace of the new tyranny, proving that opposites attract and turn into each other. Of course... a nation claiming to be based on personal liberty and democratic principles that never really was, might only have reached the time to be revealed for what it has always been. Just ask any Native American, African American, Chinese or Japanese immigrant.

Whatever may be the truth of ‘the’ Holocaust, it is now clear that the effort to cause it was set into motion and financed by representatives of the very people now claiming special victimhood due to it. It was engineered in order to gain control of a certain piece of real estate for the purpose of manifesting a criminal operation under the guise of a sovereign nation. Whatever may be the truth of ‘the’ Holocaust, it is an inescapable truth that any time you make it against the law to question something, there is a good reason to question it. Whatever may be the truth about ‘the’ Holocaust, it is clear that it turned into an industry of intimidation and blackmail. It is also clear that there cannot be anywhere from twice as many to ten times as many Holocaust survivors today as there were on the day the camps were liberated. Math doesn’t work like that. It is the most dreadful of ironies that today the same injuries are being performed upon a captive population by the people claiming the same injuries to have been previously practiced on them.

There are no justifications and there are no arguments or excuses that can be applied in the defense of this evil behavior. It is what it is.

Do not trouble your minds as to how it is possible for human beings to behave this way. They are not human beings. The governments of England, the United States and Israel are in the hands of psychopaths and whores. It is true that there are draconian and malicious governments in other places. It is true that there are odious creatures in operation in places all around the world but... they are not threatening the entire world. They are not manipulating the entire world. They are not in a position to finance world wide terror and then blame it on the Muslims in order to systematically exterminate millions of people.

Why are the Muslims targeted? They oppose usury for one thing and... they do not go willingly into the fleshpots and amusement centers being operated by those seeking to destroy them and who use these allurements to stupefy and enslave everyone else. They do not recognize temporal authority as the highest court.

Are there corrupt and violent Muslims? Of course. The same could be said about Hindus and Buddhists. Christianity... as an organized entity, is already hand in glove with the temporal authority. Muslims are dangerous to the corporate and banking interests, employed in the effort toward world domination, because they don’t want to play ball. Besides the fact that The Saudis control Hollywood (snicker, nudge nudge, wink wink)) they pretty much stay out of those areas of sensory magic. They are not marketplace oriented. They are not worshipping the corporate gods. It’s more than that but you all know what the ‘more than that’ is so I don’t have to go into it.

Murdering members of a captive people for their body parts and... attacking your own country and killing the people you were sworn to protect, in an effort to imprison them with fear of a manufactured enemy, for the purpose of personal power and personal gain are just some of the signs and wonders of the time. Then to attack other nations, which were blamed for the acts you committed, in order to not only plunder those nations but to also profit from the fruits of war and the sale of armaments are some other signs and wonders. Controlling the means of food production, while perverting the natural virtue of the food in order to price fix and gouge the consumer is another wonder. Drowning the world in dangerous pharmaceuticals, while controlling the illegal drug industry at the same time, is another wonder ...but the greatest wonder is that it is just business as usual and the protagonists are looked upon as the leaders and shepherds of humanity. These are some of the things I have learned and the things I have seen.

Israel would have attacked Iran already but someone or several someone’s is hampering or hindering them and one suspects Obama may play some part in that. The truth is that though many leaders may be 90% corrupt and 90% blind, the remaining 10% of their character and faculties does have an effect on the way things sort out so... it’s not a wide stretch to expect the Mafioso from the world’s largest crime syndicate (masquerading as a nation) to be plotting his departure. It’s not a stretch to imagine they had this in mind sometime earlier because what else could explain the presence of a dung beetle like Joe Biden in the VP slot? Every day he looks more like LBJ waiting for Mannlicher Carcano to say his name. You might be able to separate unpleasant, sold out opportunists into two particular camps; jerks and assholes but one thing you can say in Biden’s favor is... he’s not a jerk.

Not being exposed to the news every day makes the news you’ve seen before come together with itself and multiply into all sorts of possible, future scenarios through the mind projector throwing the images on the internal screen.

There’s just no telling what’s coming and every single one of us could be wrong about that. It’s altogether possible we are/ but... getting the past and present wrong is as impressive a feat as predicting the future and that gets pulled off by most people every single day.

Why do we go right on believing the same old lies, getting taken in by the same old lures and continue to make the same old mistakes, day after day through the course of a compromised and unfulfilled existence? Why do we punish ourselves and each other so relentlessly? Why do we stand by and let injustice be done in our names or, even worse, applaud it?

Why do we humiliate ourselves in front of each other and compromise the ones we love in the pursuit of useless crap and temporary idylls with strangers who should have remained strangers but result in our becoming one? Neither a person nor a nation becomes enslaved until they cease to be their own master and ‘eternal vigilance’ is an internal thing.

I’ve done some stupid things in this life through being deceived by others or through deceiving myself. A lot of that turned out to be a good thing because I learned from the experience and “the thrill is gone” as my friend BB would say. These days I marvel at those with so much more power, influence and opportunity than I who just don’t get it. They’ve got the benefit of those great educations and all those canny advisors and experts and they just don’t get it. They just don’t get it but... they will. They will.

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