Friday, February 26, 2010

The Event Horizon in the Rear View Mirror.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We’ve heard rumors and seen projections for a world wide financial crash for some time. Economic soothsayers have been tossing around time periods and analysts have been providing the ‘what for’ and how come’. As for the latter it boils down to simple greed but there’s more. There’s always more.

Events and conditions can only happen or exist, dependent on the system they operate in. What the system allows for can happen. Most social; economic and legal systems begin with an intent and presumption toward fairness across the board. This is pretty much unavoidable because those most injured by imbalance in a system make up the largest numbers of the population and they need to be hoodwinked from the gitgo so that the following corruptions can make their way toward a top heavy, total absurdity.

In order to effect this blatant favoritism toward the upper echelon you’ve got to have lawyers. I’ve mentioned this before. You need people versed in manipulation in order to manipulate the system. You also need a corrupt judiciary and a corrupt body of lawmakers. After that it’s a fait accompli as it is today.

The main thrust of the world’s economic system in these times is debt based. Putting someone into debt requires them to make accommodations. Very often these are accommodations they would not make if they were not in debt. The debt is created by loaning out money which is based on nothing and created out of thin air. This is the purpose of The Federal Reserve. Debt translates into political power and political power translates into control. It also translates into profit for those wielding it.

What all of this further translates into is slavery. You don’t see the chains and the whips. You don’t see the hobblings and the rape but they are operative and they are all debt based.

During the Second World War, certain banking families set up a scenario whereby a certain group of people would be able to derive exceptional victim status from a series of manipulated events. One of these banking families was the primary builder of the state of Israel. This group, upon their arrival in Palestine, drove 700,000 people into exile, stole their properties and lands and changed the names of their towns. They also killed thousands and thousands of these native inhabitants of this land they were not native to. This genocide continues to the present day and now includes things like targeted killings of innocent civilians for the purpose of harvesting body parts and the use of banned weapons on women and children.

The banking families and consortiums behind all of what has been mentioned in all respects so far are… the same. Their intention is world domination and global slavery of all the lower echelons. They are willing and devoted servants of an ancient and conscious darkness which is inimical to humanity. They are accomplishing it by fabricating an international terrorist presence which does not exist and by instigating financial extremis around the globe. They then perform these acts of terror and blame them on the boogeyman. The facts in this case, as in all cases already mentioned, ate clear and incontrovertible.

These Satanic interests have gained control of 96% of the world media and this was accomplished by the possession of unlimited resources printed out of thin air by the same villains already mentioned.

The situation in the MiddleEast is presented as an intricate and complicated affair. It is not. Certainly there are rivalries and animosities that go back into the mists of time but these are no more than what is the usual way of things around the world. The present world economic situation is presented as an intricate and complicated affair. It is not. Those with the power of control over what is presented through the engines of information can convey a sense of legitimacy and validity to anything they choose to present but these are all lies. They are all lies.

The world, like the galaxy and the universe are self regulating. There’s only one power that permeates and rules it all. People are in disagreement about the nature and composition of this power but that’s just the way it goes. The more intelligent and informed that people imagine themselves to be, the more likely they are to want to supplant this power with their own insignificant posturings. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s’ arguments are and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. What is is. This is why no one has ever taken over the world and no one ever will.

Life on this planet goes through certain stages that continually repeat themselves over and over. Far back and beyond recorded history it has been the same. Human nature goes through various progressions until critical imbalance occurs. It’s like clockwork and the regulatory periods also appear like clockwork as well. We now approach such a period of adjustment. This adjustment is completely impartial.

If you were to take a clock and set it before you, you could imagine that each hour was an age; a particular cycling of the minute hand around the circumference of the clock. The greater cycle is a complete circling of the hour hand around the clock. We are at such a point now. Not only does an age end and a new age appear …but a grand cycle also ends and begins. It is a momentous time. It is beyond the scope of most minds to comprehend what is before us.

The force employed in bringing these grand changes upon us is unstoppable. What shape it will take is unknown. One of the main attributes of the Age of Aquarius is ‘universal brotherhood’. One can be forgiven an outburst of laughter upon hearing this; given how things presently appear. Don’t worry about that. We shouldn’t judge the capacity of the ineffable by our own limitations. Everyone has a choice here. You can go with this unstoppable force or you can go against it. You have to do one or the other. It is coming down not only in the manifest theater but also in an interior manner within every person on the planet.

The earlier that one seeks alignment with this unstoppable force, the easier it is. There is nowhere outside of it and there is no way around it. Any sane mind would welcome it but we are, for the most part, not sane. This is also a part of the state of critical imbalance in which we find ourselves. The madness without is a reflection of the madness within.

Many of the seemingly powerful and villainous among us are aware of the approach of the unstoppable. They have their own take on what it means and they have made extensive preparations for their own survival and continuance. These efforts ate all vain and will prove terminally ineffective. Even as their inescapable destiny approaches them they are still engaged in seeking to acquire more and more of what they already have too much of. They are certifiably crazy and therefore beyond reason. You cannot reason with the insane.

There are some who feel that revolution is necessary and unavoidable. Ask anyone about it and you will get a different take from the last person you asked. Nobody knows the answer and nobody knows what’s coming or when. It is coming, on that you can rely.

This unstoppable force is resident in every one of us. The awareness of it varies. In some cases there is no awareness of it but it is there all the same. It is judge and jury and it is the creator, preserver and destroyer of all things. It’s more aware of you than you will ever be and it’s got you safe and secured to the degree that you will allow it.

Presently they are giving out a lot of awards for physical accomplishments. The Academy Awards are coming up for the best pretenders among us. What isn’t generally known is that there is another awards ceremony coming. This one includes not only the promotional end but demotions as well. Both awards and censure are scheduled and you don’t have to worry about being present because it will come to you wherever you are. Wiser minds will be employed in seeking a greater intimacy with this unstoppable force. That’s not complicated either.

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As it so happens I will be extending my stay for a couple more weeks so things will limp along as they have until then.

There will be a radio show this Sunday night.


Zoner said...

Thank you, V. I look forward to the awards ceremony. What will your medal look like? Gold seems inappropriate in this case (smirking).

The world has crashed already, it just happens in small bits and pieces at this time. It is remarkable what losing big on the temporal level can show as one attempts to sort out any kind of "value" that remains in a life that most here in my country would call a failure.

An insane failure is what the judges have posted for a score. Why then do I feel sorry for them and fail to give a rat's ass about the judgment given?

Still smiling in spite of it all,


Anonymous said...

A fine article again, Les.

Thank you.

It will of course flush the hordes of trolls (currently in the employ of above mentioned villains) out of their cyber sewers, to attempt to create doubt, disinfo and discord on any website that has the temerity to publish long-suppressed Truth.

A rule of thumb would be – the more of them you attract, and the more vituperative their scatological invective, the better you are doing.

Your efforts are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

"The more intelligent and informed that people imagine themselves to be, the more likely they are to want to supplant this power with their own insignificant posturings"

Damm you hit the mark on that one!!! So true is the need to see within too.

Thanks Les, Im thinkin your work is getting pretty darn close to what you intend these days? Maybe the break between posting is helping?

The Fool

Eugene said...

Les is more, so much more!

As tight and concise as it could ever be, barring merely drawing a circle with a cross in it!

Im still working my own spider-web as the great one inside pushes the edges.

Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

Anonymous said...

a pitilessly correct dissertation, Ahem!? It is here recommended and I advise the reader to follow this guideline of survival{or not}...Do the work, just do it. No excuse slip honored on dark sunday, so do it now. Materialize the adytum. Do it. commentary by alpha love.

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les,

Its already happening. Goldman Sachs execs are arming themselves. Because anybody with a brain (and not employed by GS) hates their guts. When the shit hits the fan, Mr. Blankfein et al will be ripped to shreds by the little people. And I mean literally. This will eventually happen, and like your cycle it will happen. Because of human nature ... these arrogant pricks cannot stop their insatiable and ruthless greed, not even to throw the masses a bone like public healthcare. It is always been their own undoing. The way I see it, what caused the rise of the nazi party in the thirties, has been outdone by what is going on now. And I am not condoning or promoting any of this.. I am just making sure I have a lot of popcorn on hand for the show... along with lots of drygoods and bottled water.

chuckyman said...

Hi Les. It’s always good to hear from you.

I have been trying to see what is coming for a long time now. The more I understand the plainer it seems that we need to surrender our inner spirit to the plans of the supreme power. That doesn’t excuse us from looking after ourselves and our families but it helps to free us from the spell of fear we have lived under for so long.

Keep well Les

V word = calyth

Joe Bloggs said...

Goodness Gracious Great Blog On Fire - yowOuch! Major well written, Les.

I'm having a wordseizure... a Literal Balsamic Elixir overdose perhaps? Feels great.

Anonymous said...

are you in the country for the release of EZ?

laws632 said...

too much new age stuff. I appreciate that profanity is gone : )

ps some interesting stuff on scalar weaponry and Tesla on my page. google > laws632 at scribd

Pstonie said...

Talk about rewards. How about the recent image the media is trying to plant in our heads that Olympic athletes have so much sex that they've run out of condoms?

Somewhere I missed where this reality took a turn for the absurd, but the view sure is interesting.

Though not nearly as interesting, I feel, as the one that's just ahead. I get the feeling that none of us will know what hit us when it comes. Like jumping in a pool of water so cold it takes your breath away no matter how hard you try to breathe.

Anonymous said...

The Human Race is coming to the end of an era, but what is going to follow has no possibility of a happy ending. The Human race has somehow filled the oceans with plastic, and continues to do so at an accelerated rate. Plastic has a half life of at least 10000 years while floating in the ocean.

Most fish today is farmed raised, and the amount of chemicals and hormones, and what they feed them is creating toxic seafood. The farming of crops on land involves chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and strip farming which greatly depletes the top soil. Fresh water is now mostly contaminated and is dwindling as well.

Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine are covered with Depleted Uranium dust, which is blowing all around the world causing lung cancer, and it has a half life of several billion years. The atmosphere is saturated with electromagnetic radiation from the 50 or 60 hertz from the wall socket to the microwaves of cell phone towers and phones to the x-rays of the TVs, medical devices and scanners. It is safe to say that Human damage to the ecological environment that sustains it is beyond recovery and quickly getting worse.

If that is not bad enough, the world is awaiting the inevitable attack upon Iran, which will no doubt usher in full scale nuclear warfare. It is very difficult to imagine how the Human Race will survive another twenty years, much less the two thousand years of the Aquarian Age. Salvation is an individual reality, as following the lemmings over the cliff is the group order.

As a last note, the formless and timeless Infinite Creator does not care what happens to the Human Race. The Human Race were given Free Will and clearly did not use it properly. Waiting for some Savior to come down upon Earth and pull Humanity out of its death throes is delusional.

Anonymous said...

The universe is female,
eluding the signs of men...

Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts Les.

I was in Malaysia a few weeks ago and had dinner with some friends - Muslim and Hindu and Christian and then myself. There is very much an awareness of something pending - everyone is feeling it, and people are beginning to speak to one another about it. The evils you recount are obvious to most, but patently obvious to those of us not locked inside the US and the media stream there.

Bang the gong and...

Keep the faith!!

"Embracing life means letting it go...."

Jim in Houston

ice-ice-bacon said...

There is no coincidence in events. All of this is planned. Fabian socialists, Rothschild money changers are at war with nature itself. No collateral damage is too much they couldn't care less if we all go down in a nuclear ashtray. The plasma screen will not save you, the land barge to haul your fat ass around will not save you. Your brain and your heart might save you use em before it's illegal.

Anonymous said...

Never commented before but enjoy reading your articles.

I think you'll find some like-minded folks at:

thanks for your work.

abe said...

Many greetings in person and spirit Les.
A brief bit of advice for the "readers":
1. Get "religion". The following is a short scribble on how to get started for those not of a spiritual mindset:
a. Practice simple gratitude to the common source of all creation, this is as simple as saying a generic thank-you before every meal, morning, and evening.
b. Be aware of the fact that you WILL be held responsible for everything you do or fail to do in this life. Don't procrastinate in any area.
c. Be good to others; Confucius, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Quetzal Coatl, St. Francis, Al Hallaj, and Les Visible can't ALL be wrong! Can they?

2. Buy at least 5 troy ounces of 99.9% pure silver bullion. It can be used with distilled water to make colloidal silver, the world's most effective medicine.

3. Stock up on or learn how to make your own hydrogen peroxide- the world's best, and cheapest, topical medication and disinfectant.

4. Learn to grow organic potatoes. These things are keeping TENS OF MILLIONS of Chinese, African, Indian, and Caribbean victims of grain speculators from starving to death as we speak. The internet has info on how to grow them year round in trash cans or bags.

5. Start a Cilantro garden. This Puerto Rican/ Central American herb has high amounts of chlorophyll and other phyto-chemicals known to strip cancer radiating heavy metals from the body.

Anonymous said...

Great post. When I pray, one of the major things I ask for is the knowledge and ability to be in the right place so I can do what I am here for... when the time comes.

I don't know what or how yet, but it is getting closer.

Hei Hu Quan said...

Absolutely brilliant analysis and reality amplification Les. The 'Unstoppable Force' is what it's all truly about and it resides in us all. It is the resident dynamo, the divine conduit and receptor of limitless, unfathomable power of which the majority of owners fear and/or dismiss outright. The infernal control-freaks, with the God-complex and associated repressed inferiority realise this untapped reserve, even if those amongst us don't. That's why we have a hell-world infested with surveillance, with every aspect of our lives examined and monitored, a world of spies, agent provocateurs, and other deployed social saboteurs. These are the instruments of the fearful who recognise your innate capabilities, while running every engineered and refined PSYOPS that can be manufactured to ensure that you never actualise this power within yourself. Every diversion advertised, every deception sold and propagated, every hour of your time occupied and channelled towards life-squandered, fruitless, profit-oriented endeavours. Why else would this much effort, time and expense be generated and specifically targeted upon the masses, if there wasn't the abject fear of them and the potentiality of their unified power.

Ultimately, the manner of our survival must be taken into our hands and our destiny secured fully. Our power both individual and collective manifested into reality, as we are all power receptors of this universal force which acts as a conduit. Turning each of us into an active, living component of a complete and unified whole. The completed whole that is the embodiment of a living justice, a fearsome righteousness and a vast unstoppable force for the restoration of the natural equilibrium.

Unknown said...

I am fairly new to this site, i find your writing and observations
very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, just wonderful

Steve B

Anonymous said...

Hi Les i was at my qigong class where we were doing an energy meditation and we were away this chopper came and sat above the hall we were in my question is in a country where the majority are sitting slack jawed and drooling in front of their wide screen tvs do they have some way of pinpointing people who are awake?anyway always a pleasure to read your thoughts

Anonymous said...

"Wiser minds will be employed in seeking a greater intimacy with this unstoppable force. That’s not complicated either."

"That’s not complicated either."

It sure ain't.

Good news after all..

mf said...

Hello Jim in Houston

Nice to know someone from somewhere else following Les who had visited Malaysia, where I lived and also following Les.

Malaysian political, social and religious environment is also going through some weird, er happening. It is very nauseating to us (at least to me and quite many others too) the way some events are taking place and unfolding this very moment.

First off, there is no decency in the justice system, the government is bend over to justified the rule of the dominant political party even though they have slightly 50% of the majority in the legislature (they want more, two third or more), and then there is the curious case of the obsession with the penetration of the "rear hole ". Sickening for us living in this country.

I don't know about you guys living in the United States of America or that of the member states of the superstate of European Union. You probably have your share of daily nausea, (not forgetting all that is going on in Palestine).

Can only have faith that God has reasons for what is happening now.

Cheers and best regards.


Lukiftian said...

That's quite the colonic you took before breakfast, Les. You're contradicting yourself, but that's fine, it's the nature of the times and I'm going to do it too, because I believe we can move with the unstoppable force, AND move against it.
What is happening, all of it, ALL OF IT, is part of the natural order of things, and the natural articulation and flow of the organism we call humanity. Everything.
Whether you or I approve of the relatively minor permutations or not.
When it comes to the enjoyment of the fine meal that once was our civilization, there is no need to examine it as it passes through the alimentary canal of time and the colon of histiry, nor to resample it like the confectionary of certain Japanese monks. And holding onto it in a misplaced nostalgia could be dangerous, and complaining about the gaseous ordure of certain segments as it moves though its inevitable process is pointless.
All of this will pass.

Gotta Go!


Anonymous said...

economic soothsayers
and evaluators
manipulations from
financial speculators
with law papers
for war makers
who create hate
then send
your kids off to chaos
I can tell
soon all 'll dwell
deceived by wickedness
where man fell
by not watching his back
over taken by acts
you can see the cracks
its close too collapse
the system
only serves as a prison
for the false driven
who're overcome
with materialism
misled and false fed
lies,a dread
the path man tread
in his head
like a withered flower
thats dieing broken
tricked of its power
locked in the tower
with the fowl winds of hate
that deceive every hour
that passes
so learn internal classes
align with your masters
become one with truth
make advances.


grassapelli said...

I like your hint of focusing Universal Brotherhood in our own life right now. Made me think of the other members is my band, the Crystal Beach String Band, and how things have been going better since I decided to be a good team player. The prima donna virtuoso thing didn't work out so well!

Anonymous said...

Another absolutely wonderful summation of the way things are dog poet. As always you simply reiterating what all of us should know anyway should we stop and reflect upon it long enough.

The creative force I am convinced doesn't care too much about the physical world, it is the world of spirit that counts. It is only while trapped in the physical body the finite takes on such importance to us all.

The first thing I heard this morning with coffee was news about the giant earthquake in Chile and the approaching tsunamis world wide. My first thought was, here it comes. I don't think most of us around here will be at all surprised if these type instances are suddenly on the increase.

By the way it is good to see you back. You are like a breathe of fresh air.

Hope you are doing well also Chucky.

sambhava said...

Abe 1:58 AM
Could you please elaborate on what you mean by being held responsible for what we do and what we fail to do in this life, because quite frankly I'm damned if I know what I "should" or "shouldn't" be doing as each day passes...
Also, regarding the "generic thankyou" before every meal, I've often seen various people praying before their meals, even though what they were about to eat was toxic, carcinogenic garbage. Does this make any sense?
I can understand the question that haunted the late Scottish psychologist for most of his life: "What is the correct way to live?". You tell me...

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Les. Another great post.

I find alot of comfort in the words you speak. I have to visit here to get my 'Les fix' or I would probably go insane.

This world is currently nauseus at best and the pursuits of senseless materialism drive me mad, day in day out.

Chuckyman, thankyou for excusing us for the necessity of having to look after our family. My guilts for having accepted another role of slavery to enable me to continue to spread the light and simply exist in this living paradox.

I feel so guilty having to pay the income tax which wreaks havoc and furthers the agenda.

Surely I am not the only person of whom reads this blog and wonders how the heck else can I get by for the timebeing. Any suggestions my friends?

I am growing weary.


Anonymous said...

so I sit alone
rain falling through
the roof of my home
out side grim
so I find my zone
that place inside
where the light shone
where alls alright
where peace has flown
to higher plains
where I grow
and atone
where I learn the unknown
with love for the people
who suffer weariness
and have been misguided
by material interference
by fools in charge
who lost their hearts
selling facade's
but I still care
cos when peace goes their
the illness taken
nature's always prepared
with medicine's
thats free to share
and that will repair
all sickness and despair.


Erin said...

Hi Les,

I haven't commented in a couple of years but I read right along. Thought I might have a say here though. Splendid work as always.

Luftikian or whoever you are. It wouldn't hurt for you to explain what you mean instead of your ususal wildassed ambushes. Your self righteous self important bullshit tends to stink up the joint when you are around. You couldn't see Les on the road ahead on his worst day. I invite you to go fuck yourself along with that sanctimonius poufta who thinks its too new age and is grateful theirs no profanity. You can go fuck yourself too. Like Lenny Bruce said, There are no dirty words only dirty minds.

Did I say Go fuck yourself? Please go fuck yourself you twerp, both of you.

Tolstoy's Smile said...

Specifically: in the rear-view mirror:

(for those interested--this was written in 1986, to explain to people what had just happened to them after experiencing the Great Illumination of the Soul)


Has not the same enlightenment been accorded to us all in The Warning? The grace once granted to an individual has finally penetrated every human heart in a single, sudden burst of divine light.

The Warning made us aware of God. Everyone, unbeliever as well as believer, now can declare that God has touched us with His immeasurable power. He has intervened in an unprecedented manner to make all people aware of His existence, His mercy, His sovereign rulership, His love for us and His concern for our salvation. There is a God, and He is good. No one can now any longer deny Him unless he chooses to fling the truth back in God's face. The Warning has made God evident. We have felt His power in our bones.

It was predicted as a "correction of the conscience of the world." If we did not fully understand before what that meant, we do now, by the power of The Warning. Sin, our resistance to becoming the loving kind of person God is, results in many unloving deeds, decisions and attitudes. These were all vividly clear in the brilliant light God shone in our souls. Our consciences were thoroughly illuminated at that moment, exposing all the self-deception we are so clever at, pulling out the dead memories that have never been leavened with love, uncovering the lies we told ourselves, the compromises we made. We saw so blatantly the many harsh, stubborn, and unkind decisions we have made, the times we cruelly trod on the feelings of other people, coveted their possessions, envied their good fortune and rejoiced at their failures. Then we groaned with anguish when God revealed to us the neglect, the refusal to help, the undone deeds and the unfulfilled plans.

Tolstoy's Smile said...

The Warning was a taste of eternity. Time stopped for a moment during The Warning, and the truth of timeless existence tumbled in on all of us. It was no longer possible, because of The Warning, to hide from ourselves. All we ever did was before our eyes, seen all at once, in a single glance. We knew then how God's gaze crosses all barriers and grasps the uttermost secrets. He shared with us, for our conversion, how He sees us, and we beheld, in an instant mercifully brief, whatever in us was displeasing to Him. What we understood was our eternal state, should we have died at that time. God let us see it all, in The Warning.

The Warning was a mercy from God. By The Warning we became aware that we are not yet what He wants us to be. We felt the pain of being unlike Him, far from Him. His will is for us to become like Himself, happy in all that He is, and to become close to Him. Sin is the only impediment to that. It prevents us from achieving perfect, even eternal happiness. God unveiled our sinfulness to us in The Warning, not out of revenge, for vengefulness is foreign to His heart, but rather out of love and mercy. He wants us to never have to suffer again the pain we felt in The Warning. His mercy allowed us to sample the pain that sin bequeaths to us. The Warning was truly a mercy from God.

Second son of Edmund said...

If everyone is my brother, then I have no brothers.

The difficult times ahead will allow brothers to rediscover who their brothers are.

Zurdo said...


Les I've been reading your blogs for sometime and get the impression your message is getting through to many people. I put together a simple muse of what I felt and you can edit as you see fit.

Best to you and yours,

Within these hallowed muses I embrace the truth of finding one's humanity.
It gives comfort to read the words of enlightened souls setting out for a Sunday stroll.
They give their essence to help shed some wisdom and understanding in days of despair and tribulations.
For not this gift of Visible and his ensemble to enlighten mankind to awaken from their slumber,
one could stay asleep and not witness humanity going asunder.

Editor said...

Thank God you are back!! It is not your responsibility, but you do help others, including myself, keep our eyes open to the truth with your enlightened words. The best of luck finishing all your projects. I am sure they will be wonderful creations of your will and/or manifestations of God (or something like that)!!

Amnesias Goldmen

abe said...

sambhava said...

Abe 1:58 AM
Could you please elaborate

Sure. If you do good, you get rewarded for it in some way not known to us scientifically. If you do evil you get punished for that as well. Resisting evil actions and failing to perform necessary ones also bring their respective rewards and punishments.

Judgment is only a scary word for the evil or those sitting judgment of others. I can't wait for mine! Hoka hey brother...

sambhava said...

Abe: 4:28 AM
I wish life was that simple. Could we possibly exchange the words "punishment" and "reward" with "cause" and "effect" in order that I don't feel like an experimental rat in God's laboratory? Then at least I'd only have to decide on what I either "should" or "shouldn't" be doing each day and whether or not it's "good" or "evil". Some people might consider killing our enemies "good", while others of course would consider it "evil". I can only assume that it all depends upon how much love and compassion we cultivate within ourselves, and to what extent we identify with the material world.

Visible said...

Eventually I am back online. Thanks for your patience. Hoepfully there will be some interesting surprises coming besides the novel which will soon be available once I find an editor to proof the text and have a chance to talk to Nina about possibly doing the cover.

Love all round.

Dammerung said...

This is the best post you've ever made.

You're still a butthole for censoring my comments.

Visible said...

Heres a clue Dammerung. you send in comments like this and it's no wonder if you don't get posted. On the other hand, I am unaware of censoring any of your comments recently. As I have mentioned here many times, comments do not come through on a regular basis and this is why I have repeatedly encouraged the reader to EMAIL ME if they find their comment does not go up.

I have to censor a comment about every three hundred or so; its rare for it to happen.

On the whole you're not a very nice person and I've taken more trouble with you than I should but that's just how I am. It's some kind of shortcoming of mine.

Dammerung said...

To be honest, Les, I find that being a jerkass is a very effective interpersonal policy.

Being a nice person is like holding up a big poster, "Chew me up and spit me out world!" On the other hand, open hostility is an exceptional tool for finding out about peoples' true characters and weeding out the dross.

Once you get rid of all of the ignorant, the easily offended, the highly religious, the spineless wimps, and the losers...

you occasionally, OCCASIONALLY...

meet people worth knowing.

Anonymous said...

LV, Thank you. It's good to have you back here and in the Visible Origami post.
I just tuned in to your 1 March broadcast since I needed to fortify hope. It helped me. It was bracing, a mental tonic.
I hope that you have had a satisfactory break and that you will be back to your regular posts.
All good wishes to you and yours, and to your canine companions.

New Reader said...

I apologize for being the bearer of sad news.

Martha Rose Crow died March 1st.

Unknown said...

Just got out of jail for Not BEING ABLE to pay Child support! It all started with the economy, went to Suspension of my Driver Lic. and I was a self employed truck driver, boy that made since. so i tried defending my self, because the lawyer said, "there was no defense for FELONY NON-Payment"! Not even if I was missing three limbs and had two strokes. so I got out my work boots and dragged the CONSTITUTION into the court room, THAT pissed them off! I was found guilty because of a procedure error, they couldn't beat me head to head. They had to play Slick Dick. lol. But the shitter to this whole Nightmare was...... The kids are not even mine. Now I get out to see everything is crashing in slow motion. I thought well buy the time I get out of jail things should be bottomed out. Not for a long shot.

Love your writing thank you.

Their is a book in this story, I have only out lined the last year.

Thanks for your work J. Rogers

Anonymous said...

You stupid MFU, you hide behind anti-zionism and playing a Plestine friendly game ,just to start al of a sudden talking jibberish about the Age of Aquarius is 'universal brotherhood' ,ofcours people will outburst in laughter upon hearing this,but hey that what you want,is it not? peopel will laugh about anti-zionism and palestine frindly

Carol N. said...

Thank you very much for this message, it resonates as truth to me personally and that is what really matters. I have seen many things in my dreams that I share with no-one because......who would believe it until they see it?

Unknown said...

brillient and exactly how the universe works, a self correcting system of energy that is stable over geologic time, interactive and illusory, but this post...dang man it changed my life. I am so happy now. You should watch this video, its also 'so' what you are saying. in fact everyone should view it.



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