Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Convenient Media Rope-a-Dope with The Pope.

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I had written something yesterday and I just couldn’t put it up. It was all true- so far as I know what the truth is- but it was a hard, hammering diatribe and I’m getting sick of that. Hopefully I will be more successful today, at least on my own terms.

The thing that hits my mind, over and over, and... is the inescapable reality of our present day, is that perceptions and events are being manipulated for the benefit of the people manipulating them and... nothing is going to change until their power to do so has ended... by whatever means necessary. This seems obvious and hardly needs to be said. The thing is, it’s obvious to you and me but not to the people who really need to catch on if there is any hope of change (we can believe in... snicker).

Yes, the Pope is a perverse and ironic cartoon but all this information we are hearing has been out there for a long, long time. Is it breaking now because cosmic forces (for those of you who believe in such things) have demanded it? Is it breaking because certain vested interests who control the media (big hint) want the church destroyed so that they can continue in their efforts to destroy Christianity and to bestialize and enslave humanity? Is it a combination of both, without the latter knowing this, because it doesn’t believe in the former... unless you count the ancient demon they worship?

This isn’t accidental. What you should be thinking about is why? Those controlling the media and all the pornographic empires that have the dual purpose of making money and destroying humanity; they are also in control of every gay movement; most human rights movements and god knows what else and all of these are being used to drive the world toward a global pre-war cabaret society only... much, much worse and with a higher percentage of whores and serving staff with the rest either dead or in camps.

The health care bill was written by the insurance companies so that now, you not only still don’t have health care but you have to pay for it too. The Republicans are touting this tea party horror that will accomplish nothing but allow people too stupid to think, a way to channel their rage. The terrible irony in all of this is that the AMA-Pharmaceutical combine is invested in making you sick instead of healing you so that you can now pay to be made worse off than when you went in to be healed.

Think about the mentality of the kind of people who are doing the manipulating. Would they stop short of anything if they could profit from it? No.

As it stands now, the system has to come down. They know what they are up against and that is why they are starting to arrest so-called militias and why they did 9/11 in the first place. They have arranged the laws so that anyone can be declared a terrorist for just about any reason and the kicker is that one has no choice; if they are at all still human, except to become a freedom fighter, which automatically makes you a terrorist.

The purpose of showcasing The Pope is to create a target for public outrage. The purpose of this Tea Party scam is to create a channel for outrage and there will be other targets and other channels because this is just the prelude to something else and they have to stay at it or else you might even realize that they are the one’s doing it all.

They have been dumbing down the population for some time to militate against any kind of mass catching on and it’s worked. Most people are now watching a 3 Card Monte Game all day long and they just can’t figure out why they never can pick the queen. The queen isn’t there dummy, no matter which card you pick. The shills in the game; the people who show up and appear to be winning- so that you will be sucked in to playing- and the people cheering and encouraging from the sidelines are all part of the scam. Now you can just transpose this analogy into real life and see who we are talking about in present terms.

Stop looking at what is in front of you as if that’s what’s happening. That is not what’s happening. What is happening is going on behind what you are looking at and something is going on behind that too.

As it stands now, there is no way for humanity to climb out of this torture porn without eliminating what has the upper hand over all that they experience. Therefore, this is going to happen in some way and with some degree of severity. The good news is that evil will destroy itself but... you don’t want to be standing too close when that happens. A lot of people are going to be because they are just too confused and invested to be able to step back.

Has anyone made Pope Soap on a Rope yet? Some of you who need money out there might think about making this and selling it on EBay. Now is the time to capitalize on this sad affair. Hold it a moment... some people already are.

I’ve no desire to defend this pope. I could see the cut of his gown from the beginning and a number of us knew about his previous duties. It could well be what he learned in that office that led to his being voted pope. I suspect they had no choice. Whatever you think you know about this affair, it is much bigger than that. Furthermore, no matter what is going on in the various churches, since they threw everything meaningful out of the window, while keeping the cash register, the Zio-Nazis are exponentially worse. The danger of the Zio-Nazis is, far and away, beyond these other things and just about anything bad that is happening, they have a hand in. They are joined by opportunists of every stripe and the motivation is to be one of those who are behind the right side of the wire.

Most of what is going on at the moment is a distraction. When it is not a distraction, it is a prelude. The key to what is intended can be discovered by studying changes in the laws. There are the evidences of intent. We know that 9/11 was done by Israel in concert with willing elements in the US and UK governments. All the changes they made in the laws to protect us from foreign and domestic enemies [which they happen to be] have been geared toward where they have brought you and where they are taking you. Anyone who claims to be informed and is in the public eye and does not acknowledge what is true is working for them in some capacity or too scared to be honest and then... should probably shut up because they are doing more harm than good.

When someone comes along and tells you that the Saudis control Hollywood and points your attention to ‘everyone but’ Zionist Israel, then that person is in their employ. That person is making a whole lot of money by telling you lies. The United States has no greater enemy than Israel and the solution is to remove from government everyone who supports Rothschildlandia and to cut off ties with Israel and toss everyone who is from that criminal organization out of the country and forbid their return.

People keep showing up who are now going to lead you out of the wilderness like this Peter Schiff who is guaranteed to turn into another Chuckie Schumer as soon as the clock strikes 12. Anyone who is not telling you the truth is lying to you. Is this not so?

Rothschildlandia is who is actually after the pope, whatever their reasons are and probably having to do with money, power or revenge. Nothing else motivates them unless it’s to get their house demon put on the money they print out of thin air and maybe have his image tattooed on your wrist so that you can live on your knees instead of dying on your feet like the real human being that you may once have been.

The absolutely great news is that there is a cosmic power and it is motivating the evil through the necessary paces that lead to its destruction. This should be your main focus even while you seek to see behind appearances. At this time it is a rare, rare thing indeed for anyone in the public eye to be telling the truth or to even give a shit about it, unless there’s money in it for them by spinning it into something that serves their self interest.

There is no left and right and there is no alternative media that is not suspect if it sidesteps the inescapable truth. You can measure everyone against this simple fact.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Going Mad or Becoming Sane is the Nature of the Game.

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For a few years, I was generally believing that all the negative events predicted at the far corners of the internet were pretty much going to happen. It’s never been hard in these times to see a great many negative things occurring by the hour. What I don’t know is whether these things were always happening and we’re just able to hear about them now. It seems like that might be true. Lately I am coming to see more and more that I don’t have a clue about the shape which conditions and events may take in these critical times we are in ...on our way to the official opening day festivities and/or tragedies of the Aquarian Age. The Aquarian Age, according to mystics, astrologers and various visionaries is supposed to usher in an age of universal brotherhood and that’s slated for 2012.

My sources (many of them across the spectrum of the last century or so and others much further back) say that there is supposed to be a pretty long period (according to the length of a human life) of greater light manifesting in human affairs with the entrance of The Aquarian Age. This is a very short period of time considering the length of other things. After that, everything is supposed to sink into relative degrees of darkness for the remaining portion of the Kali Yuga.

We are moving through a time of extreme stupidity and shameful belief in stupid things such as the universe being only six thousand years old. Other irrational beliefs are walking like hand-holding simpletons through cosmic minefields; sooner or later stupid meets reality even though it is likely not to recognize it as such. The banal trivia that plays non stop through most mediums of print and electronic media has permeated into every area of life. Objective reasoning has a Formica veneer. The increasing presence of religious, political and social fascism dovetails nicely with the trivia. Now we have Christmas spectacles with angels flying on rope harnesses from the ceilings of mega-churches.

The big hair ministers with the gold bling are all employed in the Zionist version of scripture. This reflexively excuses and justifies terrible mass murder and wide spread torment. Although, for me, reincarnation is a visible cause of the conditions on Planet Earth, it doesn’t justify the mindset of less awakened Hindus who laugh at the unfortunate while stating it’s their Karma. Certain factions of the Muslim religion work sexual repression with even more force than their Christian counterparts. What this means is that the religions of the past 2000 years have crystallized to the maximum and insanity of belief has become the norm. Normal has become insane. Meanwhile there is a certain amount of believers in each of these religions who are trying to live according to the example of compassion and understanding set down by the founders.

When religions crystallize and become temples of redundant cant and dogma, you should know that their end is near and that the new word is on its way. When political and social systems become dens of complete corruption, you should know that they are soon to shatter. Think of it as similar to something that has lost its sap, hardened and become brittle. It can be a difficult time for the true seeker because the old has not yet passed and the new has not yet arrived. Consider the condition of the snake shedding his skin.

Because of the availability of uncountable, watered down explanations for everything and anything, we now have a plague of experts who most resemble psychotic parrots drunk on the illusion of their own power to discourse on everything they don’t know. They’ve read the Cliff Notes and they’ve got calligraphy inscribed documents that make them doctors of hogwash and the more off the wall their belief systems are, the more proud they are of what they think they know. It’s now possible for tens of thousands of experts to appear every day on TV screens around the world. Only occasionally do they agree with each other and it often looks like intoxicated chimpanzees throwing shit at each other or baboons exposing their shiny red asses.

Manners and civil discourse have disappeared from the stage and you get people like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter. The left has its own talking heads and both sides bow down to the God of Stupid, addressing the mutant intellect audiences that nod their heads in agreement to xenophobic speech as if it were their mother’s voice. It’s not always easy to walk through the world these days. You have to bob and weave in the opposite direction and not collide with the people going the other way. You have to know better than to tell them the bridge is out up ahead because at least you get the finger and maybe a beer can in the head.

It’s quite natural for people to be feeling a crushing weight of disappointment and uncertainty for the future. I hear about it every day from people. My emails have greatly increased and there’s a constant theme to the majority of it. People are in despair and not sure where to go or how to proceed there. On all sides there is a batshit lunatic institution where political correctness and other malevolent intents have blown the doors off the areas that once protected the ordinary mind from lurking madness. When you consider what’s in the water supply and in the air it’s not hard to understand how it happened. It didn’t just happen. It’s been coming for a long time.

I started out talking about how I no longer have any idea of what’s coming but there is something I am seeing, though I’m not sure how extreme it may become. I notice that people are losing their internal compass. In the highest halls of temporal power and on the meanest streets, people are getting buggy. The reason for this is that reality is shifting and people (most people) with a blind belief in the system are losing their rudders. I sense that this is going to go exponential. It’s the one thing I can see that is halfway predictable; maybe because I understand why.

As people lose their balance with the departure of the familiar and the entrance of the unfamiliar, they get wilder and are more prone to the trembles of fear and anger. Some would say this is being engineered by whatever version of organized bad guys they think are seeking to enslave the world but I tend not to believe that. It is much harder to rule the world when the citizens are all going mad in their own way and it makes them much more difficult to herd. Generally the bad guys prefer a lockstep collective belief in whatever snake oil they are selling.

A person’s core beliefs are responsible for their state of mind and the way they perceive the world around them and go about their business. My core belief is that the divine is in control of everything and using everyone who thinks they are in control for his own purposes. When you are crazy with the lust for power, acquisition and the unbridled expression of personal license, there is no way that you can succeed. Eventually you fall victim to your own internal conflicts and are hardly in a position to manage others at the same time. You will note that in former times in the countries of Soviet Russia, China and Cambodia- as well as other places, people were contained in a pervasive envelope of collective belief. For those who did not believe, fear would do and for those without enough fear, detention and death were available. That’s not as easy as it used to be and there are far more people these days who do not believe the bullshit than you might think.

I expect a certain amount of earthquakes and tsunamis. Mother Earth is not happy either and looking to make changes. I expect a certain amount of terrible war because the reptiles that are causing them have no moral constraints upon their behavior but... I do not think that this is the key element; even the falling away of long enduring belief systems and structures is not the key element. I think the key element is personal madness and sanity. Some of us are getting saner and some of us are getting crazier and it’s either one or the other, except for the exceptional few who have already come into the new ahead of its appearance.

To avoid going mad one has only to let go of the ridiculous nonsense and noise polluting the airways of the time and embrace the living light at their core. There is no life without it so that should be confidence building. If you are alive it’s there. It might be behind something or covered over with an old tarp but it’s there. The other stuff is not there, which is why it causes insanity (grin).

I don’t want to be a fearmonger but I will say that in the places where the concentration of the population is greatest, are the places where the madness is more likely to manifest in larger spontaneous outbreaks and also the places where necessary goods can suddenly go wanting. That’s simple math. Take it for what it’s worth.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Watch Closely... at no Time does the Hand leave the Wrist.

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All is not well in Rothschildlandia and that is good news for the human race... or is it? I’m going to try to not use the word Israel anymore since there is no such creature; get used to the new and difficult to type moniker. It’s more truthful anyway. It’s a business concern only. It’s Wal-Mart with guns and viruses; white phosphorous, stolen body parts and 24 hour rapine intent.

Now we hear that the military knows that the Rothschildlandians did 9/11. Wow! They just found out. That’s impressive. Now we see spokes-cretins from major powers condemning settlement activity. Wussup with that?

Certain forces want a protest starting on April 15th. Someone tell me this isn’t a Republican funded effort to spur a grass roots presidential run so that Palin can perform felatio on Netanyahu on the White House Lawn... “♫cover that girl in chocolate syrup and make her do a nasty on the white house lawn ♫” Did you know that Frank didn’t do drugs? Hard to believe isn’t it (grin)? Well, you can read those Laurel Canyon stories where that gets said. I think www.sott.net has them on their site.

Here’s an idea... ignore the people organizing this camouflaging same old same old government takeover and do some ingenious protesting of your own. Now might be the time to visit Visible in Italy but you’ll have to bring a tent. It’s late Spring weather here so no problem with that. I’ll bet Peter Schiff is going to make a speech or two, given that this isn’t an obvious Republican maneuver but a mere frottage through the curtains. Are you hard yet? I’m feeling it.

So tell me... what do you notice about all of this? Doesn’t it look like other forces are at work? Doesn’t it look like the people who think they are in charge are getting the message that they are not? I love The Apocalypse! I’ve never been a voyeuristic upskirt kind of a guy, even though I do consider myself a hands on specialist... usually my hands are not on myself or anyone else. Walk with me a moment while I do a little Parade Bloque, I have to be aware of the possibility of a Fouette Median. It helps to have good peripheral vision and you are going to need that to understand what I’m talking about because the mind is quicker than the hand or the eye and the mind isn’t as quick as it thinks it is; not hardly or you wouldn’t have been getting fooled so often that you are now a regular customer at The Secret Policeman’s Ball.

I watched the latest Ultimate Fighting Challenge or whatever it’s called, but it should be called, the Royce Gracie Show because that’s all it is and I was struck by something that has been nagging at me for awhile. How do competent martial artists allow themselves to be ‘grappled’ in the first place? Isn’t the point of the training to stay out of the other person’s hands? And... how could anyone who knows anything about Hapkido get rendered so quickly? I’ve seen guys who can backspin a kick almost too fast to see that would knock your head off and standing wrist locks that will immobilize anyone and I haven't seen a single move applied to counteract this grab and pin scenario. Something isn’t right and that brings me back to my point. Caution... show business in process ahead.

I am getting the distinct feeling that we are being set up. I think this whole protest is micro-managed before it even hits the streets and the reason is to re-route the natural protest that is already festering like a boil on the ass of The Republic that might have been. It is a republic isn’t it? You get reminded enough about that from the usual... oh right... never mind.

Yes... this protest is a gratuitous feint to take your heart and your eyes off of the outrage that you feel and place it in the hands of the same people who caused it so they can use it against you. Right now I trust no one. Well, that’s not entirely true. I trust Jim Corr and I trust Rixon Stewart and I trust you; depending on ‘whom’ you are. I would ordinarily trust myself but I don’t know who that is anymore; just kidding.

Yeah... I get it now. They screwed the pooch so badly that they’ve brought in the PR people to send your rage in another direction. By this time next Monday you’ll be kicking Palestinians too. Once again it’s all Irelands fault and I’ll bet you everything in my pocket that those Palestinians came from Ireland in the first place. It is clear as mud that all our problems are caused by the people who can’t afford to pay for their dinner.

Watch out people. Watch out. They know you’re pissed and they know that what they haven’t stolen you can’t even find. They know what they’ve done and they now know that the people they work for aren’t nearly as powerful or able as they thought. It looks like that rough slouching beast does not have the proper ID. It looks like they are about to be dipped in dog shit and turned into tempura. Heh heh.. sometimes I hate myself but it doesn’t last. Surely... what goes around comes around even if it takes forever to do it. Pass the Wasabi...

I haven’t felt this good in a long time and that doesn’t mean things are getting better. It just means that I can see they are absolutely going to lose and the best part is that they know it and I know they know it, even though I don’t know (had to say it... always have to say it). This doesn’t mean we all get off scott-free because each of us has some relative attachment to results and that’s the degree of pain we will experience.

The thing to look out for is not the usual threat. The thing to look out for is the thing masquerading as the thing, but which is not the thing. It’s what is presenting itself as freedom with chains in its hands. It’s the apparent smiling comfort of the home welcoming hearth that is a prison cell in reality. It’s that Peter Schiff kind of thing where Chuckie Schumer looks like he got a face lift so that now he’s so attractive that you might let him (expletive deleted) you.

How many times have they hijacked the protests and become the new government that is no different than the one they replaced? How many times has the ideal become the opposite? How many times has precedence become the preface for pretense; that makes no sense but I thought I would stick it in for comic relief and also to show you how people play with words that don’t mean anything. I also stuck it in because a lot of people will shake their head as if that means something. It doesn’t.

You want to protest and have an effect? Protest the protest. There’s only one way to topple the system and that is to live outside it. If enough people stop spending their time, money and attention on the apparatus, the apparatus will stop running for lack of fuel. By all means do not pay your taxes because they can’t put you all in jail but also do not contribute to the corporations and that isn’t easy. Support your local farmers. Buy from smaller operations. Get off the grid if you can and by all means pay no attention to their media and cry “bullshit!” every time they open their mouths.

If enough people just simply walk away from the system it will fall and no good is coming until it does. It might be less convenient and harder on your muscles but you will be glad you did it.

I’m guessing that .0000000000000000000001% percent of the population is reading this so heh heh... I think I’ll get all worked up about my importance and exposure while I have a moment. Do what you gotta do or do what they tell you to do. It’s up to you.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crime Families, Buggery and Boat Riding Dreams.

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A certain segment of the readership is leaving this site in droves because I’ve become too nice and stopped (for the moment) breathing fire and giving voice to outrage. Yes, there’s plenty to feel outraged about but I’m not feeling it. I’m not feeling any anger about anything at all; don’t know why that is, it just is. I’ll be saying a few things today with an added disclaimer and maybe even a few caveats that might get the blood up; if so- it’s accidental to my state of the mind at the moment.

This thing with The Pope is a major event in our times. At the moment it just looks like another dustup in a long line of dustups but I suspect this one is going to get legs. I was more than a little surprised that Ratsinger got the position of the world’s richest drag queen. He doesn’t even look right besides not being right. He’s bent, as my English friends might say. Deals got done in the back room and up he popped or is that poped?

Here’s the disclaimer; I’ve nothing against Catholics or anyone in the rank and file of that particular tradition. I’m quite certain you can reach the divinity through that particular tradition, just like you can reach divinity through any tradition, depending on the state of your heart and your intentions. I’ve nothing against people who consider themselves Democrats or Republicans but... their leadership is something else and so it is for the leadership of the Catholic Church and the history of its operations on this planet. I don’t think I need mention the conquistadores, the inquisitions, or any of the other murder operations that have evolved out of forced conversion by the sword (in any religion)... and the looting and enslavement of primitive cultures. That’s all in the record.

The thing with people who don’t want things to be the way they are or the way they were is that they either rewrite history (as the Zionists have been doing) or they say, “That’s all in the past now and has nothing to do with us; we’re different (as the Catholic hierarchy implies). It’s become painfully obvious that the victors do write the history and history is a lie.

I happen to mention this debacle with The Pope because it fits in with a few other alarming events that aren’t on the hilltops with ten foot horns but which are going to be making a lot of noise sooner or later. One of these is the capture of someone reputed to be the Taliban’s #2 guy. Apparently the Afghan government is very angry about this because this Talibani had a promise of safe passage and was engaged in strategic talks; please forgive my linking to a Zionist manufactured news site. It’s what I could find handy and sometimes they tell the truth just to keep the borderline mentalities guessing.

Another thing is the tug of war between the US and the Rothschild Crime Family; also known as Israel. The Rothschild Crime Syndicate has been expanding their housing programs in order to take physical control of Jerusalem and also gain some strategic advantage in the area when they ‘go to the mattresses’ during the later stages of their present ethnic cleansing operation.

The Crime Family doesn’t need this housing. They are scrambling all over the planet to find anyone who has some amount of Jewish blood in order to displace Palestinians and justify the hegemony and genocide in which they are engaged. The result has been importing thug mentalities from Eastern European countries with money paid by the United States. But Crime Families need foot soldiers and they aren’t’ expected to be humane or intelligent. It’s also easy to convince them of the wildest fantasies and get them to operate in defense of them.

The backroom US policy makers have retarded Israel’s desire to accomplish in Iran what they have so far accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan. They’re real unhappy about this. Like a spoiled child who is used to getting its own way at all times, the Crime Family is showboating with spiteful behavior (the settlement building) to show that, “I can to do whatever I want to and you can’t stop me”. They need somewhere to put the overflow of the population burst in holocaust survivors. No one knows where they are coming from but there are more and more of them every day. Some of them don’t look old enough to shave.

The papal brushfire... the kidnapping of the Taliban leader and the Crime Family settlement issue are all precursors of big possibilities to come. The future is an uncertain thing. It’s modified each day by both predictable and surprising behavior on the part of humanity and Nature, not to mention the Joker and unseen motivations of the ineffable. Some of it is set and some of it is liquid.

The Taliban is not going to roll over for what just happened in this act of treachery. The Pope’s hangnail is showing all the signs of a systemic infection and The Crime Family is extremely pissed off about not being able to kill countless thousands of Iranians who are presently occupying a portion of Ersatz Rothschildlandia. They’ve been there for millennium and the Kosher Nostra doesn’t like that one bit so... it’s past time for a little false flag activity but... they have to be careful. They are being watched.

The Crime Family has orchestrated a financial holocaust among the residents of a certain super power which they took control of some time ago and, contrary to their intentions, a lot of the citizens of that country actually think they are responsible. That’s gaining credibility all around the world. Even the Chinese know about it and are publishing best selling books about how to take advantage of some of The Crime Family’s strategies.

One thing generally leads to another and all three of these scenarios are going to do just that. The relentless surfacing of united interests for having a deeper investigation into the 9/11 false flag is also having a telling impact on human consciousness and though it is still mostly below the wider surface, it’s breaking out here and there in ways unpleasant to the greater intentions of the Crime Collective, which is an association of various crime families around the world.

As the good weather- or whatever is standing in for it- takes over for the previous bad weather we are going to see all sorts of unusual happenings.

I had a dream last night that was pretty interesting. The meaning has been coming together in my mind over the last couple of hours. It’s not like most dreams which can mean any number of different things.

I was at a party near the docks somewhere. Someone suggested we go out in a boat. One of us commented on the state of the weather, which was stormy. We got into this boat which resembled a houseboat but which was much bigger than most houseboats and had only one room. It was operated by foot pedals like those plastic jobbies you can get at most resorts. Since this was a dream, it didn’t matter that it would have been impossible to power something this size with just a small amount of leg action.

We got out on the water and everything seemed fine. For whatever reason, I went to a window and saw that there was a pretty furious storm on the waters outside. I also noticed one fellow in a corner, energetically bailing and crying out that the boat was sinking. It was only sinking in his part of the boat. There wasn’t any water anywhere else. I said to someone that we should probably head for shore because the storm was getting worse. This person said that he didn’t think there was a problem but, “sure, we can go back”. We went back and docked and when we got off the boat it was a bright and sunny day and there hadn’t ever been a problem.

Well... that’s pretty clear to me. I’ll let you have your own conclusions about the matter. In any case, keep your eye on these particular matters that we’ve been discussing this morning and let’s see what happens out there on that great sea of life.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Expatriate Life in Europe, neither Shaken nor Stirred.

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The other day the Virginia state troopers went out and issued just under 7,000 traffic tickets because of a budget shortfall. I remember a few years ago they came up with a stupendous $2500.00 charge for driving a few miles over the speed limit. They’re pretty serious in Virginia because that’s where most of the DC lawmakers and former intelligence operatives live. It’s a seriously conservative state and I am painfully familiar with it. I got arrested there for violation of the Marijuana Tax Act awhile back and had a few years of ‘the old in and out’. What that means is that when I wasn’t in prison, I was on the run because I refused to cooperate with the law enforcement process when I hadn’t done anything wrong. It just so happened I was in the wrong segment of history, which was- and still is- controlled by alcoholics whose only real contact with the illegal drug industry is in being paid for facilitating the transport of said items across various borders.

Recently I drove around a thousand miles, often at over a hundred miles an hour, while being routinely passed by other cars. I might have seen a cop car or two. I remember passing one at a high rate of speed but that didn’t come to anything. It’s only in Switzerland where you have to watch out for the cameras and a good GPS system takes care of that.

In either of my two regular locations here in Europe, which are about 1400 kilometers apart, I seldom ever see the police. In the northern location, I have seen police in my town under a dozen times in nine years. I’ve had one or two interactions with the police concerning things other than myself and they were... friendly, cheerful and generally in possession of a certain amount of bonhomie. There’s no fear in either location as far as the police go. There’s one exception and that is the Guardia Financia here in Italy. Their story is a complex one and that will be bypassed due to space considerations. You can look them up. I don’t do any business in Italy though so it’s macht nichts to me.

It’s seems pretty simple to me. America is a rich country with, presumably, plenty for all. It has been called, The Land of Opportunity. What happened is that the super rich destroyed the manufacturing base because they could make greater profits by outsourcing just about everything. The super rich, who are the corporations, the banks and the people who run them, sucked the life out of the American Dream in order to get more and more of what they never have enough of. They employed armies of lobbyists and lawyers to subvert the legal system and then systematically gang-raped the American public while also spreading torment and Hellfire abroad. That’s simplistic but it will serve.

Although I seldom go to doctors or dentists, I have full and comprehensive coverage of both for about 80 Euro a month. I don’t pay for anything, except ten Euro if haven’t been to someone in 3 months. When I had my kidney stone(s) last year, it cost me nothing for all the pricey checks and scans along with 3 days in a hospital bed on a painkiller drip. They wanted to operate so I said “Sayonara” and went home and treated it myself successfully; with attendant pain management, of course. I now have an Ayurvedic solution to further occurrences so... onward and upward. People also have savings in Europe. They’re not living on their credit cards.

Not only haven’t I been the victim of any criminal behavior anywhere in Europe at any time but I haven’t even seen any. I saw one altercation (drunks) in a club, which I helped sort out and they were arm in arm shortly after.

I’m not saying you can’t find plenty of trouble if you are stupid or looking for it. I know about the soccer yobs and so forth and so on. That’s almost all UK stuff. The UK is more like the US in terms of crime and violence. Europe is a big place. There’s something for everyone, whether it is to be found in a cathedral or on the Reeperbahn. Nobody thinks twice about how you find your religion; whether it be on a pew or up against the skin. Drugs are dealt with in an entirely different manner. Until last year there was a store in Switzerland (probably a number of them) where you could buy anything except Heroin or Cocaine and where much of the product was displayed in attractive counters behind glass. Not everything was out in the open but it was nearby. Pressure from the US has weighed down upon that Swiss policy of tolerance and is now weighing down upon Holland and Denmark as well.

You seldom see homeless people in Europe and most neighborhoods are clean and attractive because most people are of a libertarian bent. Food is surprisingly cheap. It’s sold by the kilo which compare very favorably with American pound prices. There are places you can pay a lot for food but if you don’t have a lot of money you can get food at very reasonable cost. Food prices here remind me of what they were like decades ago in the US. There are farmer’s markets everywhere and truck farmers by the sides of the road with oranges for 25 to 50 cents a kilo and all sorts of things like artichokes for 50 cents a kilo and broccoli for 70 cents a kilo. I’m primarily a rice and vegetables kind of a guy with an Asian/Indian slant to it.

You seldom see hitch-hikers or people on the road. Just about everyone has a bicycle (even me). Trains and trolleys run everywhere and they are reasonable. You can take a train anywhere in Germany on a Sunday all day long and bring four people with you for 20 Euro. You buy your ticket for city travel from machines and it all works on the honor system. Occasionally they have people checking on the conveyances and if you get caught it’s an ‘on the spot’ 40 Euro fine for ‘riding black’ or Schwartz Fahren. If you mostly ride black, you probably make out in the long run but most people don’t do it.

You weigh your own produce at the grocery stores and are trusted not to scam. If you make a mistake (intentionally or accidentally) it’s just politely adjusted. They don’t presume that you are of criminal intent. It’s treated as a mistake. I don’t have the inclination to break laws here because they are generally reasonable and as for driving at high speed, it’s just safer and handled with a wink and a nod. There are some places where you do have to watch how you drive (Portugal) so be aware.

Italy is a country with an epidemic red tape problem and nothing gets done if it can’t be done in the most time consuming and expensive manner but... that doesn’t seem to involve me somehow and no one ever comes around. If you know the right people and don’t make problems; if you handle people and situations with care you aren’t going to have problems... usually. I can’t account for individual karma.

Border customs people smile at me and wave me through and that’s just how it’s been. It was never so in the US. Even at the airports it is nothing like the US. After my last visit to the land of the free, I decided not to return again and I generally stay out of airports altogether now. Trains and boats are fine and I’m not in a hurry. I have no schedule.

I don’t drink usually. I don’t care for alcohol but beer is seriously cheap and remarkably good. In the supermarkets you can get the best beer for about 50 to 60 cents the half liter.

When I was in Muenchen (Munich) you could see people sunbathing nude on the banks of the Isar. You could see many nude sunbathers at the English Gardens there; no one paid any attention. Children ran around and played and parents were not concerned about exposed genitals. This isn’t to say that there aren’t freaks of various orders around but I didn’t see much of that. People just aren’t all that psychologically messed up over here and people are also not uniformly stupid either. They are bright, well educated and competent.

Maybe I’ve painted it all sunnier than it is. I notice a lot of depression in various places but that is a part of the nature of certain peoples. I notice this and that but overall... it’s not so bad and the same can be said of many lands besides the land of the free and their collation of the unwilling. Most of the problems that I notice have to do with behind the scenes crap exported from the US through their subsidiary reps. People are basically okay if you leave them alone and don’t try to squeeze them like grapes.

...A little something different for Smoking Mirrors.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Unholy Wars and the Disinfo Age.

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I broke down and went to one of the alternative news gathering sites this morning, while at the internet café. I can’t mention the name of the site because although they used to publish my work on a regular basis, they stopped doing it altogether and never said why. Weird shit (possible profanity alert!) happens in this world. Today I got out of my car to deliver some olive oil to a friend who is the main sound and lighting guy for the musical concerts in this area of the world. When I left his office, I found my dog Poncho outside the door. What the Hell? I went down to the car and it was shut up just like I left it. This kind of thing is becoming routine.

Yesterday I was in the same town and I had stuck my parking ticket in the well beneath the entertainment module and in front of the gear shift. When I went to exit the parking area, I could not find the ticket. I searched all through the well. There hadn’t been anything in there but the ticket and a lighter and not much else. I searched the car and couldn’t find it anywhere. I didn’t get angry (I think that was the point or purpose of the exercise). Then I looked down at the well again and the ticket was very prominently sitting there. I’ve got a lot of similar stories like this. I was told a couple of months ago that strange things were going to start happening and that I should just take it in stride. This came from an unimpeachable, internal source; not surprising that it has proven to be true. Along with this has come the warnings about various things that- when not heeded- go ahead and happen.

What’s all that got to do with anything? I don’t know. Let’s go back to my visit at the alternative newsgathering site. I scanned a weeks worth of headlines to get a feel for how things have been going. I didn’t read any of the articles, except to skim the one about Israel’s Murder Inc working out of Dubai and how they insist that the Dubai police chief is anti-Semitic for presenting evidence that Mossad murdered some guy from Hamas. It’s comforting to see Israel’s true nature revealed to the world. There’s a lot more to come on that score.

My apprehensions about February seem to have been amiss. I’ve noted that nothing is moving at the speed I expected it to. I ascribe this to influences that are retarding particular psychopathic behavior on the part of the obvious scoundrels. I also attribute it to the increase of eyes and the expanding awareness around the globe as to who is actually committing all of the mayhem originally attributed to the Muslims.

Before I lost in-home internet capacity, I had been watching the world from the various perspectives of the different agendas, whose reportage and analysis varies depending on who is paying for the particular slants being presented. I see where some say the problems of the world are due to massive disparities of wealth between the people peddling the debt and the people being forced to purchase it. I see where they say it’s caused by global warming. I see where it’s all caused by people who hate our freedoms. That one should be dying out now, commensurate with the disappearance of those freedoms at the hands of the ones supposedly defending them. I’ve seen all sorts of explanations and detailing of the root causes but I think it’s religious in nature. I think it’s all about Unholy Wars.

You see evidence of this in the hidden side of Blackwater activity; bible slogans on automatic weapons and the twisted ideology of Erik Prince, the co-opting of the fundamentalist, Christian mind by Zionist propagandists pushing the ‘chosen people’ myth, the false flags taking place in order to pit Muslims against Hindus, the relentless hegemony of land and Biblical identity theft and so on and so forth. Religion is about controlling the mind of the believer and certain religions don’t want their control impinged on. It cuts down on available canon fodder as well as compromising the explanations of why the oppressed are really being oppressed. It’s not profitable for the gullible to find that Jesus didn’t tell them to be a doormat. The meek inheriting the Earth is a cash cow and a labor pool. We’re getting that Gospel of Wealth redux that’s proof positive that God loves the rich and hates the poor.

One of the things about the information age is that control of the information is a hi-profit industry. If a manufacturer can get you to believe the commercial, then he can sell you his goods. If an information operation can sell you a line of bullshit (possible profanity alert) you will go around with that information in your head and it will influence what you believe to be true. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. What matters is if you believe it. People kill and engage in all sorts of nasty behavior based on what they believe to be true.

Not long ago, The Vatican was the biggest landlord in the world. They owned the most real estate. I say, “not long ago” because that might have changed but probably not. I think they used to own The Watergate too. It’s the people who manipulate scripture to reveal calculated interpretations that set the members of different religions at each other’s throats. This is intentional. It’s a hi-profit industry. Control of one’s sexual behavior has nothing to do with the cultivation of virtue, as the aforementioned church has shown in the behavior of their clergy.

Killing for Christ and his kingdom is a hi-profit industry for Blackwater, or Xe as it is now known. It’s hi-profit for Carlyle and Halliburton and many another corporation. Whenever some monster has a funeral, like Nelson Rockefeller and… now on deck, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, George H. Bush… it’s always held in some large religious institution and proof positive that the bigger the asshole (possible profanity alert!), the bigger the funeral and the larger the limousines that carry the crocodile mourners.

As the redoubtable Smedley Butler stated, “War is a racket”. The same can be said for religion. All readers of this blog are encouraged to see that great documentary film, “What would Jesus Buy?” I think it was Diderot who stated that there would be no peace until the last politician was strangled with the entrails of the last priest. Religion, like politics, is a playground for psychopaths. There’s big money in both of them. They both employ assassins and they both have private planes. They’re both tax exempt but they access that feature through different wormholes.

These religious wars are not about the protection of creeds or the defense of the church. They are about the control of the flow of information, which manipulates human behavior for the purpose of cash register activity. The established church is The Whore of Babylon. It is because people believe what they’ve been told about what scripture means that the world is as it is. The established Church, like Goldman Sachs, is doing God’s work. That is, if God happens to have two horns and scarlet skin.

How do they get like this, those who control the religious institutions? One of the devil’s names is Old Scratch. It has to do with a certain kind of itch. Give any ideal a manifest, temporal base and a certain degree of power and it’s no different than heroin. I guess that means, ‘the fix is in’, has more than one interpretation.

I’ve got no more use for religion that I do politics, banking and sundry. That said… I try to seek God every day in everything and have absolute confirmation of his /her presence; God operates as both, depending on the department and activity. Sometimes it helps to know something about history. For instance, one might profit in this respect by investigating who actually martyred so many of the alleged saints, as well as those who had the temerity to speak the truth in times of pervasive and concentrated lies.

A person who is capable of thinking for themselves has first to throw out everything they were taught by the usual indoctrinations we all passed through. Something is or it is not real… true… enduring and you can prove the case through persistent self-inquiry. Anything you want to know about the world outside can be found within, including all of the qualities of those mentioned in this piece. Feed something and it grows. Starve it and it dies. When we are duped into making war on ourselves it’s not too long after that we are engaged in making war on others.

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