Sunday, June 24, 2018

Flooding the Heart of this Empty House that Echos the Statements of Invisible Voices.

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Where there's smoke there's mirrors. At least that is the case here. Our job is to hold mirrors up to the smoke, at which time, the smoke will self autopsy, as it fades away to reveal the sky and the traffic of clouds across it; keeping in mind that clouds may well be another form of smoke (?).

Yesterday we wrote a post at Visible Origami, titled; “To Reside Eternally in The Adytum; the House not Built with Hands”. An Adytum is defined as the innermost sanctuary of a Greek temple. Visible could probably be described as somewhat Neoplatonic; principally because of this maxim- “the Absolute has its center everywhere but its circumference nowhere." That seems to ring in harmony with the mind of the writer of this blog. The only potential deviance from that would be found in what visible has to say about anything proffered as the be all end all or part all of anything- “ah... sure... maybe, maybe not, it's hard to say; no! Wait! It is impossible to say” That I believe sums him up.

Anyway, we wrote this treatise yesterday at Origami and 'we thought' “Wow! That felt good to say that. Surely the readers will be moved by visible speaking from the deepest chambers of his heart. Well... hours went by. Finally a commentator came by to mention that he couldn't believe that no one had commented on the post yet. After following hours and leading to this moment that we are in, there were 3 more comments and at Facebook there were 8 readers who acknowledged the essay and no one who said anything about it. The aggregate of response would be considered about as low as it gets for responses from the traffic of these blogs.

In NO WAY is the writer of these various perspectives complaining or disappointed. Puzzled is the most we will admit to and not in a negative sense. It is not possible to be negative when talking about the ineffable, nor is it possible when Love for the ineffable routinely floods the heart of this empty house that echos the statements of invisible voices. Of course, the house is not empty. It only seems to be.

For a long reach of time now, we have noticed that on those occasions, where we feel we have poured our heart out there is, by comparison with other posts, the fewest responses. On other occasions, when we have written what we consider to be relatively pedestrian, there is a surfeit of responses and it has been happening this way for a good while. Once again (and please imagine that this is being said over and over through this posting) the writer is not complaining, nor upset in any way. It simply seems odd and the writer is fine if that never even gets explained to him. The joy of being free to expound upon the sacred and creative heart of the cosmos is all the writer shall ever ask.

Alright... I've said it. Let's move on. The sludge of sewage that composes contemporary news media and entertainment is an embarrassment upon the human race and bespeaks a lack of inspiration, truth, creative force, morality and pretty much everything that makes us kin to the higher reservoirs of consciousness. We have become a habitation of demons who (given that they should have some ability in their fields) are fortunate if they can even spell their own names. Here are some of the articles that compose the majority of sump awareness that exemplifies the state of art and communication in these times. Here is one example of detritus, scooped from a flaming dumpster. Here is another example scraped from a lavatory floor. Here is yet another. AND here is yet another. All of these are solitary examples of hundreds of the same that appear every day.

In between this particular tsunami of filth and disorder, comes the high brow apologias from the genociding Satanists, whose relatives and fellow travelers dominate the wires of false news, all the time, as well at all the shit that fits. Were it not that they routinely change their names you would be astonished at the degree to which they control the airwaves with lies, lies, lies and justification for killing the actual people of the Bible who are the Palestinians. I do not care how glib they are or how convoluted their arguments. They are serial killers and mass murderers who, in this time of the rise of the Dark Lord to a seat at the dinner table, have been pasteurized and homogenized for (un)safe consumption by everyone and don't forget to pay your Kosher tax. Looked at any recipes lately? In books? On line? Notice how they will infallibly tell you to use Kosher Salt? I won't have it in the house and assuredly I will not cook with it.

To be called an Anti-Semite is a badge of honor that says, “I got those ♫ Sunglasses ♫. I can see and I am not afraid of you!” Sometimes the most disheartening thing is to fight and struggle for the sake of the souls of humanity and find that those you are defending are enslaved or employed by the ones who are feeding on them and will fight you to the death to defend their right to be tortured and destroyed by the ones they are defending.

If you investigate the source of sexual perversity and the intent to flood the country with tens of millions of immigrants and every other evil advertised like it was Coca Cola (which you can clean your battery terminals with) you will find that these same Satanic emissaries are behind every one of them!

Okay... you have had enough links and believe me, I could give you more than you can imagine. What is, or was, can be proved to be what was and is. However, if the media, the publishing industry, the entertainment industry and every industry whereby information finds its way to you, other than by objective reasoning, or observation, by intuition, or divers means, as might transpire for those of us that have a relationship with archetypes or enduring echoes- is under the control of those who for millennia have been perversely preying upon us, then those of us with marginal intellects and even less curiosity, you will find are unknowing conscripts in the war against human salvation and the exercise and experience of liberty, especially... including their own!!!

I've had little to say about this for some while now. For me... the battle is won and of no real and enduring concern to me. It is and should be to so many others who, due to the impact of dark desires and fell appetites are not concerned ...because like lab monkeys, they know if they keep hitting the same button they will get Cocaine, or the electrodes will activate the pleasure centers, or they can fall asleep in front of transitory entertainments, until death claims them and they go back into the recycling system to be given another name and another stretch of time, until death claims them, yet again ...and again ...and again.

An old friend and lover of mine came to visit me a short while ago. I didn't know what to think. She was so sweet and kind and knowing in a way that was near frightening; in that she knew me better than I did and who has said things to me recently that were like the Balm of Gilead upon ancient wounds and places of agonizing emptiness. There are, I know, those who will say; “visible, stay away from all of that but... part of my being here is to assist in helping East and West to meet and merge and love and enjoy one another like siblings, who finally understand that except for appearances, we are all the same.

Those who fear Kali, fear their own darkness, or are temporary cowards against the bravery necessary to be the one who walks through the Valley of the Shadow because, for reasons that escape me, they think they are the one doing the walking. Only the ineffable can walk that road and one of the ineffable's greatest gifts to us is to let us share in the dominion over every fearsome shape and thing. The more we defer, the more the divine enters in and a time comes when a balance is struck and we hang suspended sweet harmonics beyond the reach of time; triumphant forever because we have mastered ourselves under the tutelage of the one who rules all things and ever shall... for everlasting!

Once you realize that which you seek and love is unassailable and cannot be challenged by anything because NOTHING comes into being that it does not permit to temporarily come forth, as secondary to the singularity of its incomprehensible self, shrouded in light that is hidden in light, which at the center is more than light. It is what it is!

I will close with something to think about. One of the stupidest and most arrogant men ever- George W. Bush ruled Armageddonville for two agonizing terms and then; Dr Slick the Psychopath came in to prove that THEY could give you a black man with an Islamic name after Islamist actually attacked us (It was Israel that did that but it does not change the appearance of it). This they did to show how stupid and malleable we are. Then they brought in a buffoon cartoon to further show how pathetically controllable we are. Think about it, cause you are going to remember I said this when it comes round again.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Riddle of the Sphincter. Here in the Desert of Promise, Hard by the Oasis of The Tranquil Mind.

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It's a fine very late Spring morning, here in the desert of Promise, hard by the Oasis of The Tranquil Mind. Holographic camels invisibly suckle at the teats of irony. The voices in the wind are harmonizing with the sympathetic strings of an awakening world. We certainly hope that this becomes like unto a tsunami of choral flowers of a desert in bloom, given that it rained a couple of days ago and in no time at all a floral display is the amazing reaction. We can only hope that this becomes viral and that the atmosphere is filled with a Zika-like mosquitoes, who gives love and takes nothing back ...because that automatically races from pole to pole like falling dominoes. We have seen far too much of this in our time. The Huffington Post is one of the darkest propaganda zones on the planet.

The Satanists are running roughshod through the fabricated media. They are going nova about caged children sleeping on concrete floors with Mylar space blankets for warmth. Strangely enough I couldn't find any photos of this. They tell us that mean old Mr. American Government is separating parents from their children; or was it children from their parents? The deal is that the immigrants purposely engage in efforts to have their children taken in and then work from that angle to piggy back themselves in as well. I've nothing against aiding people in need at whatever opportunity presents itself as I walk my prodigal way back home but... just like the dysfunctional sex movement and the destruction of the Ukraine and the genocide of the Palestinians, the story they are telling is not the same as the story they are redacting.

In every case, those sailing down the river of darkness, led by Judas Goats in three piece suits are arranging controversial circumstances, in which to accuse the rest of us of a lack of compassion and an indifference to human suffering. On the other hand, when these people; government officials, religious sophists with big funny hats and entertainment and sports figures are asked why they don't take these people in themselves, they get all coy and inform us that that is ridiculous. Is it?

The bottom line at all times with these various riddles of the Sphincter is the destruction of the family unit, which is the essential building block of any society or culture. Removing the family unit as the crucial underpinning of a balanced world, leads to chaos and confusion and we know who the author of that is. They like to work the dramatics like a shell game, or some variant on Three Card Monte, where whatever you are looking for has been sleight of handed elsewhere, or you are shown points A-C to E, explaining that if we are missing something it is because we were not paying attention. Uh huh... Along with the other critical things they have left out, it's pretty certain we are also not paying attention.

Here is where one must have a capacity for unshakable faith because it is our faith more than anything else that is tried and challenged to the extent that we do not have what we need when we need it. You have to be playing the long game ...because the short game is reserved for those playing gangster in the market madness of buy and sell, where timing is everything, as well as the lies needed to defend the indefensible. Nothing provides the necessary faith like a belief in the ineffable and who is personified as the Logos in the times where 'the word' is needed to burn away the always gathering darkness. That burning away of the gathering darkness is an inner action and that is why faith is the stairway for 'people get ready'. “You don't need no ticket you just thank the Lord.”

Part of the problem, it seems to me, is that people attribute weakness and indifference to the ineffable, as if he really were Jared Leto, poncing about in his mockery of the divine; “God is not mocked” and everywhere you go; and there can be nowhere that you do or do not go... God is watching. God sees. God is the actual life in you and your lack of awareness of this truth is the interceding separation of self from self. God is the actual life in you; the consciousness in you, the emotions within you at the higher end. We like to point out that there is no manifest life on this planet without the sun. It would be dead and lifeless otherwise. Ergo there is a higher hierarchy, governed by the spiritual sun, where life goes on forever and is not limited like terrestrial life that moves from one life to the next and to the next and to the next, on and on, in search of a more permanent location beneath the spiritual sun; regardless of whether the entity is aware of this or not. We all seek to be replete and satiated and that is not possible on a plane where every element is at war with each other. Of course, one cannot get to that spiritual sun except by being victorious over all and sundry on this plane but... given that, one is transported to the realm of the spiritual sun.

At all costs and regardless of the cost to our temporary hungers, one must seek out the divine at every opportunity. It sets up a ritual and routine that gets fixed and becomes stronger than your ability to compromise it. Anyone who has studied T'ai Chi knows that after having gone through the motions to a particular point, one finds when one arises in the morning that one unconsciously goes into the motions one has learned as if that were a natural thing.

The same holds true of meditation as a constant practice. You find yourself compelled beyond your resistance to engage in it. You also find that if you do not do it, your day goes haywire and when you do, you move out of the meditation into existence at a higher level of interaction and that your needs and necessities are all handled in automatic fashion. Let us say that meditation is not attractive to you or you imagine you are too busy to engage in it; simply repeat, “be still and know that I am God” and you will get to the same place and beyond by 'praying without ceasing'. Saying, “thank you Lord. Thank you, with fulsome gratitude resonating in your chest, brings the abundant cornucopia of God's love and generosity into play in your life.

When you show and demonstrate your gratitude to the ineffable, god will increasingly give you reasons to be grateful. On that you may depend. In God we trust! Amen!!!

We tell ourselves that God is real. If that is true and- I assure you it is... then why, when we know this is so, why do we not live it as an absolute, continuously manifest? For some reason we have convinced ourselves that we are guilty of improper demands, or that God, although real, is not actually involved in our mundane moments? God is engaged in every moment and there is nothing that God will not give you, even if it is injurious because... the lesson attendant to wanting what is not good for us, will bring us more speedily to the divine if that was our intention all along. I confirm that this is true of me and certainly for the majority of you as well.

In the manifest world, God as the sun, is the regent over all things material in our system of planets, orchestrated for the dramas played out in god's game of hide and seek. In the spiritual realm it is obvious beyond any argument to the contrary so... who is arguing? It is a mind divided against itself. Who is it that divides the mind? “Satan, get thee behind me.” I have often wondered if that “get thee behind me” does not indicate that the force we call Satanic is the motive force that pushes us in whatever direction 'our intentions' dictate. This would, perforce, tell one that we are the authors of Heaven and Hell within; “I sent my soul into the invisible. Some letter of that after life to spell. And by and by my soul returned to me. And answered, I myself am heaven and hell” There is a riddle wrapped in a mystery in that quatrain from Khayyam.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.” Anyone who has studied the life of Jonah and others know that God both gives and takes. What stymies and dumbfounds us is that we cannot see the long game, Appetite is not assuaged by the patience necessary to choose well. It wants the world and it wants it now!! NOW!!! That sort of puts you in the same pecking order as pigs at the trough.

I do not know at what level of spiritual accomplishment I am resident in. What I do know is that no challenge or catastrophe is capable of plunging me into despair or defeat. I wake up in the sunshine of God's love, regardless of whatever pain and suffering has taken place. It is automatic, just like the T'ai Chi movements that the inner self has remembered to the point that it performs itself.

Let us consider Pascal's Wager; probably not the best idea to use Princeton University as the location for speculation or confirmation ...but I think you will get the point regardless. Give god an inch and he will give you back a foot. Cast your bread on the waters, wherever you go and God will give you tenfold back; probably more. Casting your bread upon the waters does not mean giving money whenever you are asked, because discrimination is one of the more serious qualities of God. Casting your bread upon the waters means, giving at every opportunity in whatever manner serves best. A smile or words of encouragement can often be far more rewarding than simple coin of the realm. What it does mean is that one lets the inspiration of the divine sing through them at every meet and greet, be it ever so close or ever so far.

I don't know about you but... ♫ I need more light!!! ♫

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Burning of the Library of Alexandria, Hypatia and the Tarot

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Wow!!!! What are the odds that this would happen shortly after the way they treated me and I told them that misfortune was going to rain down on them?

Bankruptcy of Gilbert Hospital, Florence Hospital at Anthem
Source: azcentral

Talk about stunned. I'm not going to say if, or whatever may be said. I'm going to thank the Lord with no qualifications or presumptions; mainly because I thank the Lord all the time and I am also going to thank the Lord for all the wonderful readers and friends who support the work here; the work we all do in concert, the inner work and the outer work.

I de I Lord; shakin it here Boss! I woke up this morning in a splendid mood; don't know how or from where the feeling comes. My friend is also experiencing the same emotional rise, up from the valley of despair to the golden mesa of 'who knows where'. I am so grateful this morning. There are no real details, unless some of what's just been said, or thought or felt is relevant. There's something going on of which I am unaware. It feels like something from the long ago or something timed in relation to particular gates passed through or mountains passed over. Obviously from what just got said, I've no clue except for vague premonitions but... it is deep and liberating; something like a 'get out of jail free' card that is tattooed on the back of the hand.

If you ever find yourself in the area of that hospital you've got a 'sleepover with fine dining' card at Casa Visible. In the interim you've got access to some mighty works of Sufi mysticism from someone who was very much around in the early days.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

“... who can answer this demand? He alone who is sent from above, who is appointed by God to deliver His Message, who is empowered by the Almighty to stand by them in their struggles, and who is made compassionate by the most Merciful to heal their wounds. Man wants something he cannot get, man wishes to believe in something he cannot understand, man wishes to touch something he cannot reach. It is the continual struggle for the unattainable that blinds man, and he forms such high ideas even of the prophet who is only a Messenger, a human being, one like every one else, and who is subject to death and destruction and all the limitations of life, that the prophet does not seem to come up to man's ideal until he has left the world, leaving behind the memory which again rises as a resurrection of the prophet, spreading the influence of all he brought to the world and pouring from above that blessing which arose as vapor and came back from above as a rainfall.”

Then again, how about another?

“The central theme of the Sufi Message is one simple thing, and yet most difficult, and that is to bring about in the world the realization of the divinity of the human soul, which hitherto has been overlooked, for the reason that the time had not come. The principal thing that the Message has to accomplish in this era is to create the realization of the divine spark in every soul, that every soul according to its progress may begin to realize for itself the spark of divinity within. This is the task that is before us.

Now you may ask, what is the Message? The Message is this: that the whole humanity is as one single body, and all nations and communities and races as the different organs, and the happiness and well-being of each of them is the happiness and well-being of the whole body. If there is one organ of the body in pain, the whole body has to sustain a share of the strain of it. That by this Message mankind may begin to think that his welfare and his well-being is not in looking after himself, but it is in looking after others, and when in all there will be reciprocity, love and goodness towards another, the better time will come.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

In those words I see so many similar and in some cases, exact statements, like unto what is said here. The Lord of Light is closer to us than we are to ourselves. All legitimate religions are each the same but only differ in the presentation. What a joy it must be to proclaim one God, author of all, destination of all; the reservoir of Love eternal and not dying but elevating all to the common plane of unity, within every heart within all hearts, as one heart, beating to the rhythm of the Om Drum. We dance, we spin and whirl, dervish-like beneath the glow of God's single eye, set in the Heavens and from which all manifest life is brought into being, nurtured and sustained, with the living evidence, hiding in plain sight. God's not dead, he's merely hiding. You can see him in the morning when the sun is rising. Amen and back again; riding the spiral into the luminous reach and out of the darkness from below, we release all our attachments and burdens as we go.

My friends, I do not know what the cause of the unpublished comments is but it bears some resemblance to enemy action. Remember to continue to try to post or otherwise to send your comments to me- so I can put them up. Only one person is doing that at the moment. I should mention that The Elf sees them all as they wait in limbo for some action. Ergo, if you just send it in that might clear the decks as well. It helps with the cycling of the process for the writer to hear from the readers. I'd appreciate it. In the last week I have heard from a dozen people that I never heard from before. Okay, enough subjective commentary. It's possible that one or more atheist news gatherers are engaged in some silent observation (grin).

What a glorious wonder it is to have the living and limitless divine, resident within our being and drawing ever closer with each thought, word and deed that we commit. Sometimes I will step back and study the mystery of the long past that stretches behind us, until it disappears into a kind of blurring fog. I ponder the riddles of Atlantis and Lemuria. There is enough evidence, even with the second hand circumstantial, to indicate that they were in existence but with little record of that fact since some madmen burned the Library at Alexandria. It is reputed that soldiers of Julius Caesar burned it down by accident. This is odd because I remember (or maybe I'm not right in my mind) seeing that a Muslim ruler was responsible and now I can find no evidence of that. Quite strange... of course, I could have imagined what I thought I saw.

According to several historians that I read, there was a great deal of information about Atlantis at the Library of Alexandria and also much information about other ancient cultures. How very different our world would be today if that never happened. A few hundred years before this Hypatia was murdered by a mob. She was one of the greatest women who ever walked on 'this sweet swinging sphere'. She was a mathematician, an astronomer and a philosopher. She taught at the Neo-Platonic school in Alexandria. She was, allegedly the first female philosopher and also a student of the works of Apollonius, who was one of the most mysterious personages from the long ago and far away. Some have said that he was the man known as Jesus Christ. He was brought up on charges by accusations of a cabal of jealous and envious men. While in the courtroom, the bailiff of those times, was reading the charges off of a scroll when the charges all disappeared from the scroll. He then stood up and said something to the effect that he didn't have to put up with this bullshit. He then turned into his cloak and disappeared. There is a lot to be gleaned about him here.

We have lost a great deal, being corrupted by the darkness of contemporary materialism; consider Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Galen, Agrippa, Anaximander and so many others. It was said about the period where Socrates was in residence that you could go to any river and find on one bank a man perambulating and weeping about the state of the world. Meanwhile you could go to the other bank and find someone laughing about it (grin).

We have often recommended the book penned by Manly Palmer Hall; “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”. I have possessed it over decades, coming and going and read at length many of the contents of that book but... I have never read the entirety of it. There is so much there but should you possess more diligence and determination than I, should you read it you would be marvelously informed.

Click here if your browser does not support embedded PDFs.

Eliphas Levi once said about the Tarot; “A prisoner devoid of books, had he only a Tarot of which he knew how to make use, could in a few years acquire a universal science, and converse with an unequalled doctrine and inexhaustible eloquence”.

I have remembered that quote for decades now. It is said that the Tarot was designed at Fez, Morocco in the 13th Century when some number of wise men gathered to discuss what might be done to keep the sacred mysteries unforgotten and concealed from the vicious hands of those who would seek to destroy it.

Click here if your browser does not support embedded PDFs.

These men knew that a time of great darkness was coming and they argued for a long time as to how to protect the timeless wisdom. It is said that one of them took a stick and began to draw images in the sand and it then occurred to them that they might hide it in pictorial form. They then gave it to the gypsies, who were nomadic and who, given their general inclinations, would use them for divination. Heh heh... slick. There are a great many powerful mysteries hidden in plain sight here and there.

Well... I've been all over the map today and I pray that you will forgive me for moments of bad writing and a general state of confusion. Something has happened to me between now and last night and my overall sense of well being is quite prominent in my mind at this time. I will therefore leave you to your own devices. That said... “and away we go.”

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Times They Seem... Electrify me Lord!

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I keep trying to make sense out of the venal lies that surround the prevarication zone, where you wind up being left alone... waiting for something with some integrity to arrive but you are left kissing a Zombie Apocalypse Retard in a thirsty mountain slide. There's always the passion that fakes it in on the available false notes, thinking you will buy into the insubstantial, in hope of the usual BS with MS, jerking and twerking while the spine goes numb. I have no desire to mock those suffering from such things. I am merely calling attention to the cynical indifference of those working it to their own benefit. And they do... oh my they do

To say that something is wrong with this world and going wronger is an understatement. There is a force at work that seeks to destroy the family unit and that force, courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse, those responsible are turning on themselves because evil destroys itself.

As I understand it we must simply endure and continue because the ineffable expresses through everyone according to their intentions. You have a will. You take direction from what? Yourself? Someone or something is driving you. There is an objective that you desire to possess. What is the moral order of it? What does your objective represent? This is the critical and serious concern... or live and learn ...through suffering. There are choices always before you. You will rise or fall dependent on whether or not you have put on the full armor. Were I to seek to be succinct, I would say one MUST acquire Faith, Certitude and Discrimination. Determination is a big help too and so is Integrity; without which you will go the wrong way at a hard pace with the Hound's of Heaven running away from you.

This world is a slippery slope and there are all too few of us who can make it through. You need conviction. This is a strange place. Things happen here that most of the residents do not notice. Because most people go round and round, collecting karma. Good Karma is great. Bad Karma is not great.

I don't know what to tell you. I don't know what to say but I wonder if you have seen the Scientology advertisements on your cable TV? It's channel 320 at Direct TV. If you haven't seen what they are putting out... uh... uh...that's not what I am talking about; today. Hey! Hey! After I had my kundalini experience; probably a short period of time after that, people would come around to hear me extemporaneously riff- off the cuff... Whatever. So, I was sitting on a bench and two 16 year old girls, who had been coming to the park to hear me talk came over to me and asked if I knew of Scientology because they were approached by some Scientologists. I said something to the effect that it would be good to avoid it. Next thing I know one of the girls come back and say that they want to see me at The Scientology Center.

I walked on over. It wasn't far from DuPont Circle. I think that was their first location. I was taken to an office where there was a severe woman in her late forties; somewhere around there. We greeted and she asked me if I had read Dianetics. The book L. Ron Hubbard wrote that launched Scientology. She asked me if I had read it (keep in mind I am 19 years old then and I don't know anything). I said, “Yes” because I had been going to the library and reading everything I wanted to know about. I read Freud, Nietzsche and a whole lot of others. Kant lost me with his Critique of Pure Reason yadda yadda to me. I had scanned the book and I said that's not for me and I might have said it was a bunch of streamlined horseshit. Those were not my actual words. But somehow I had offended her and she literally jumped out of her chair and screamed at me, “You are a suppressive! You must leave immediately! So I did and later that day and into the next day about a dozen people came to me and handed me a note saying that I am a suppressive and they can no longer talk to me. Strange? Uh Huh... It was later I found that they had told the police I was a drug dealer, which I wasn't. Readers who have been around here have probably heard this story.

Anyway, they set me up for a Federal Ticket by way of the Marijuana Tax Act (20 years in jail was what they were looking for) getting me to go out of the district and into Virginia; setting me up is what happened. During this caper I was with John Hall, from the band, Orleans who wrote “Still the One” and sold it to Burger King for a million bucks but probably more. We were brothers and very close. He was my best friend over the time we were together. Then the Kundalini experience happened and I saw little devils holographic red and with their backs bent before me on the floor but I wrote about this before already. Crazy things happened that night that I don't think any of them will forget; a half a dozen musicians, guitars, drummers and LSD. Everybody was completely freaked. We got in the car and it was about sixty miles back to DC, nobody said a word the whole way. Came upon Dupont Circle and they dropped me off there like I was some kind of to much to get any handle on. I had appeared in John Hall's mind and it was at that point that I realized there is only one mind. John freaked. They all freaked. They couldn't handle me. I saw John here and there. There was now a void between us. My whole life was changed beyond rhyme and reason.

The point of this post is that, I have not had a life that was not controlled by forces beyond my control. I expect that I will laugh about this one day not too far away. Actually the real point is the pressures of materialism and what that is creating and I expect a cultural meltdown in some places and others not as much but most assuredly the nature of what has been created has been perverted to the extent that Lady Nature and The Lord are much concerned. Because of this we might find ourselves in jeopardy. I have nothing against Scientologists. Some of their systems really work. Like using sauna technique for extended. Sauna has been a wonder for me for many years. I never wanted to run afoul of Scientology but even after it causing me three years in those prisons. I don't know. ..well I'll leave it to you to make up your own. I'm on God's dime and where is my Buffalo nickel.\Time will tell and we shall see. I did not throw up on myself. I did not shit my pants. The world is the world is the world. Chaos and disorder lead to more and more. This is not what I came here for. Sometimes some things seem wrong to me and is all got say about Scientology.

Moving right along... sometimes a great commotion brings out a singularity. Will it? Won't it? We will just have to wait and see. My advice is to go with God. Some say there is no God. Some blame this shit they don't believe on God, no God, themselves ans everybody else or on me. I do not care about Pagans or Atheists or schisms or religions. I just want some more God. Devotion is the answer. Faith is the answer. Work is the answer. Knowledge or Wisdom is the answer. Something is the answer. For me Love is the answer and it includes everything else. This for me is that breath of fresh air. This for me is what I came here for. Stand and deliver. Semper Fi. It's my way or the highway if you are coming with me. I've seen all the movies and heard all the songs. I've superfragilisticesperalidociously investigated art in all its forms. I will witness the apocalypse that is already over and God won. God always wins. I take no prisoners. I will mow them down where they stand... or not. That's all I got.

Everybody will have their come to Jesus moment, bye in the bye, I de I (winks, nods, rotates his head back and forth, side to side. It is what is is and it is what it is not, for those that believe such things. Whatever is right, that is what I am here for. I hope so that you are too. We have a universe to explore and we shall find our selves saying, “What a wonder. What a wonder (thank you Guru Bawa.)

That's all I got for this time around. You people keep your papoose's happy and beware of scary clowns. There are things out there in the darkness and some of them have teeth and claws. Yeah? It's an adventure. That is what you came here for.

Mark my words. Some day you will get all of this and that will make me happy, safe, and sound. We will leave no hearts unbroken when we hit the ground. Is it a fairy tale? Is it true? Pretty much that is up to you. I've been in Middle Earth the whole time. Pick your person. Pick your spot. Give it your best shot and we will fix it in the mix, cause the Debil is in the details and OI don't give a rat's ass of which is which. I'll see you in the morning, Fuck two doctors and bring on the nurses. I'll see you in the aftermath of this hallelujah morning. I hope this wasn't boring. Hay Cisco! Hey Poncho! Robot-Cisco-Detroit! Catch you later... and so it goes.

End Transmission.......

"We are standing on an endless horizon
With our faces turned into the blazing sun
And we have come all this way to Armageddon
Just to find that the battle has been won"

Spread Your Wings

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The World and Ourselves. That which we Cannot Yet Remember and the Sweetness and Wonder of Mother Kali.

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May the eternal Ineffable, rock you forever in the sweet cradle of his deathless and enduring Love!!!

Everywhere you look, Mr. Apocalypse is walking around in his black cape, lace up Doc Martens and with the cobra headed walking stick. The cobra has those glittering ruby eyes and it hisses every time the metal toe cap touches the pavement of the highway to everywhere. He's got plastic skinned Kardashians. They got rhinoplasty and hippoplasty. They got Big Apple worms in a serpentine spiral around a rotten core. They got “what is this?” They got “we want more.” They got the Jenner queen of Babylon and the Babylon Whore. They got the weasel in the willows and hyena fewmet smores. They got the nameless, anonymous, darkness at noon and old man scratch, the vampire toothed buffoon, with “one day Alice straight to the moon!” He's got all of it and wants none of it but he's going to put the spotlight on it at center stage and launder their suits while they're still in them. You know what this is about because you've been here before.

You may wonder about it and all the broken hearts of the Sweethearts of the Rodeo, with the doseee doe and the left foot in and the right foot out' is it prestidigitation when they shake it all about?' One thing for sure, visible mentioned this some years ago. A lot of people didn't want to hear about it but it turned out to be true. Drugs can be therapeutic if you don't get them at the pharmacy or spinning like a dervish in the twisting tornado wind, going round in circles till it builds a head of steam. The pressure escapes at the weakest point, which is the most likely personal perversion that will put you in a cage. You just don't know what to think but they'll come up with something. They'll come up with something to embarrass everyone, while every new thing is the same as the old thing and like the hypocrites proclaiming their virtue in the streets, they have their reward. It just gets sadder and sicker while you come down from your throne because you can't leave your body alone.

The time comes when you simply have to shut your mouth and let Mr. Apocalypse work it all out. It is a sad and tawdry affair, with all those tits in the ringer, hanging on the line, like used prophylactics in a Serbian laundromat and Victoria Neuland and her marching zombie army. It's been years since I've seen Incogman. He was never very friendly to me but I think is goes with the territory. Although I am capable of saying anything, I usually don't. You can't say the same for him. I don't know if that is refreshing or what but as I said, I haven't seen him in a long time. Maybe he got taken off the search engines. I don't mean to criticize him, I'm just pointing out the intensity of the things that he says, cause he really has no filters and makes my eyes go wide, I have no idea what his effect is on others. I imagine it is pretty powerful, as they try to get a grip on all those loose lips that sink all those ships.

What can I say? Up... up and away. A lot of the old guard is going to die in coming times (objects in the mirror are closer than they appear), from Soros to Buffet and Little Miss Muffet, whose curds and whey are well past their sell by date, while childhood went thataway. That is the essence of Satanism, to despoil innocence, put Alice in Wonderland in a window on the Reeperbahn. Fifteen years in Germany and I never got there. Now they say they're closing it down but more likely only moving to another part of town, because the Tribe having put Germany into the human trafficking wind, are sure to be bringing back the cabaret society to the darkness at the edge of town, because if you can't get it up you will surely bring it down. That's how it works, all those twerks and herky jerks. If you can't make it better, you will surely make it worse.

I had no intention of rhyming all of this, I suspect it is pretty annoying at this point. I don't know how it happened. It just did; the same as this and yet nothing gets said. On and on it goes, they murder Palestinians. They do as they please and please no one but themselves. These nasty little demons are not Santa's Elves. Every holiday is a Murder Incorporated facsimile of St. Valentines Day. Look at the history. This is so far beyond coincidence; that they have attacked other nations on their religious holidays. If you go looking for corroboration, you wind up instead with this. It is by turns, pathetic and amazing. They take each example of their hideous weaknesses and accuse their victims of their own behavior, just as the naked truth shows how that cartoon holocaust came directly on the heels of their Bolshevik mass murder across decades of horror. All you got to do is to follow the money.

They strategized for centuries to take over the world banks. Then they took the media and entertainment industries so they could fabricate the news and orchestrate the dream. Step by step they put it all in place. It is glaring and obvious and in your face. Right in the middle of the forest where you can't see the trees, it is everywhere to be seen. How is it that so few can see it? It is a wonder of fossilized, atavistic fears. That cold wind at the nape of your neck, a timeless bloody blueprint from a deranged architect. Stop it Visible!!! Oh what the Hell. I don't know why this is happening but I hope I don't upset too many people. I never have much control over what I say here, sometimes I have to can a whole post as I did about half an hour ago. I was writing about a paragraph a day and then two weeks went by and it read subjective and self indulgent so I find myself with this. I hope you can forgive me. I have to put something up... or do I? Let us bow our heads and pray.

A few nights ago I had one of the most unbelievable experiences of my life. This coming in the tail wind of a life nearing transition, I was sitting here when a voice came into my head and said, “Good morning Visible, do you know who this is?” I did not. It was a woman's voice which I cannot remember if I have ever heard in this manner. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she said, “This is Mother Kali.” I felt a wave of fear shuddering up my spine and she said,”Don't be afraid. I know I scare a lot of people but I should not scare you. Remember how you had my Hindu posters on your bedroom doors and walls. Remember how you used to talk to me; how deeply you were into me and then it went away and you were talking to Amitabha and Ganesh and others. Did you know how much I loved you for that? I was hearing from practically no one in the West in those times."

I am not frightening except to those who break my laws. I am here to observe the people who punish themselves and am but a witness to it all. I am actually merciful and kind.” She spoke so softly and with such an intimacy that it made in tremble at the center. I found it so very hard to believe. Then she would say things like, “You don't believe this is me, do you?” I did not know what to say so I said, “I don't know. This is so surprising.” She replied, “It is, isn't it? But I assure you this is me. I always meant to come by and see you in the later days. The same as when the ineffable told you that he would come in the Winter because you had sought him in the Spring. We are the same, only different aspects of course. I am the time lapse capture of the moment at hand. I am the Mother of Summing up". Then as the last few days have passed. I began to see that it was not my own mind talking back to myself. You see the authenticity in the uniqueness of the syntax. This was a whole different entity that had an original and singular personality. She was so sweet! This of all that passed was the most surprising thing. I couldn't get over it and I still can't.

She comes right out of nowhere as I am falling asleep, or walking through the house, standing at the window and watching the birds eat, reading a book, playing the guitar. I can't get over it as I wonder who I are (c'mon Visible! That really is enough!- sorry, grin). Never in a hundred years would I have expected something like this and the personality... to be so utterly itself. She is so very kind. It is as opposite expectations as it can get. And I know with sureness and certitude that 'I have not seen the best times yet' “take your wings, no longer frayed and fallen. Let us rise and soar as if no one has ever gone this way before.”

The rush of memories and forgotten times; a stretch of time and events that was put away, out of sight and now vibrates before me. I do not know what to think, most especially as it is Mother Kali. I remember all those periods, those momentary snapshots. There she is!!! Every episode now is so startlingly real! It happens in such a way that I cannot deceive myself into thinking that it is only my own mind playing tricks on me. So that is how it is with me as I am today and will be tonight and tomorrow; waterfalls of joy and a deep and bubbling gratitude... a lake of recurrent and continuous gratitude. I never imagined her to be like this and that is what is so... so... I don't know.

I realize how strange this might seem to some of you. She was saying to me, “you are going to write about this aren't you?” I said, “yes”. She laughed and said, “This is how it is supposed to be. You are a good son and you may ask anything of me and I keep thinking of Ramakrishna. It was, as I recall, when he was 16 that he had his profound experience with her. I remember that enormous two volume biography by his disciple 'M'. Oh... that's just his sayings, here is the biography. I don't think many of you have read it but the story of Ramakrishna is so mindblowing!!! He was the greatest of the Hindu Saints. I love him dearly. My great friend Michael Green was very, very much into Ramakrishna.

This is all so new to me that I have not much to say. We shall see what comes to me in coming days. I am so glad and grateful that you can be with me on this incredible journey. Life is such a wonder; such a wonder!

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Mr. Apocalypse is Coming