Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Times They Seem... Electrify me Lord!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I keep trying to make sense out of the venal lies that surround the prevarication zone, where you wind up being left alone... waiting for something with some integrity to arrive but you are left kissing a Zombie Apocalypse Retard in a thirsty mountain slide. There's always the passion that fakes it in on the available false notes, thinking you will buy into the insubstantial, in hope of the usual BS with MS, jerking and twerking while the spine goes numb. I have no desire to mock those suffering from such things. I am merely calling attention to the cynical indifference of those working it to their own benefit. And they do... oh my they do

To say that something is wrong with this world and going wronger is an understatement. There is a force at work that seeks to destroy the family unit and that force, courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse, those responsible are turning on themselves because evil destroys itself.

As I understand it we must simply endure and continue because the ineffable expresses through everyone according to their intentions. You have a will. You take direction from what? Yourself? Someone or something is driving you. There is an objective that you desire to possess. What is the moral order of it? What does your objective represent? This is the critical and serious concern... or live and learn ...through suffering. There are choices always before you. You will rise or fall dependent on whether or not you have put on the full armor. Were I to seek to be succinct, I would say one MUST acquire Faith, Certitude and Discrimination. Determination is a big help too and so is Integrity; without which you will go the wrong way at a hard pace with the Hound's of Heaven running away from you.

This world is a slippery slope and there are all too few of us who can make it through. You need conviction. This is a strange place. Things happen here that most of the residents do not notice. Because most people go round and round, collecting karma. Good Karma is great. Bad Karma is not great.

I don't know what to tell you. I don't know what to say but I wonder if you have seen the Scientology advertisements on your cable TV? It's channel 320 at Direct TV. If you haven't seen what they are putting out... uh... uh...that's not what I am talking about; today. Hey! Hey! After I had my kundalini experience; probably a short period of time after that, people would come around to hear me extemporaneously riff- off the cuff... Whatever. So, I was sitting on a bench and two 16 year old girls, who had been coming to the park to hear me talk came over to me and asked if I knew of Scientology because they were approached by some Scientologists. I said something to the effect that it would be good to avoid it. Next thing I know one of the girls come back and say that they want to see me at The Scientology Center.

I walked on over. It wasn't far from DuPont Circle. I think that was their first location. I was taken to an office where there was a severe woman in her late forties; somewhere around there. We greeted and she asked me if I had read Dianetics. The book L. Ron Hubbard wrote that launched Scientology. She asked me if I had read it (keep in mind I am 19 years old then and I don't know anything). I said, “Yes” because I had been going to the library and reading everything I wanted to know about. I read Freud, Nietzsche and a whole lot of others. Kant lost me with his Critique of Pure Reason yadda yadda to me. I had scanned the book and I said that's not for me and I might have said it was a bunch of streamlined horseshit. Those were not my actual words. But somehow I had offended her and she literally jumped out of her chair and screamed at me, “You are a suppressive! You must leave immediately! So I did and later that day and into the next day about a dozen people came to me and handed me a note saying that I am a suppressive and they can no longer talk to me. Strange? Uh Huh... It was later I found that they had told the police I was a drug dealer, which I wasn't. Readers who have been around here have probably heard this story.

Anyway, they set me up for a Federal Ticket by way of the Marijuana Tax Act (20 years in jail was what they were looking for) getting me to go out of the district and into Virginia; setting me up is what happened. During this caper I was with John Hall, from the band, Orleans who wrote “Still the One” and sold it to Burger King for a million bucks but probably more. We were brothers and very close. He was my best friend over the time we were together. Then the Kundalini experience happened and I saw little devils holographic red and with their backs bent before me on the floor but I wrote about this before already. Crazy things happened that night that I don't think any of them will forget; a half a dozen musicians, guitars, drummers and LSD. Everybody was completely freaked. We got in the car and it was about sixty miles back to DC, nobody said a word the whole way. Came upon Dupont Circle and they dropped me off there like I was some kind of to much to get any handle on. I had appeared in John Hall's mind and it was at that point that I realized there is only one mind. John freaked. They all freaked. They couldn't handle me. I saw John here and there. There was now a void between us. My whole life was changed beyond rhyme and reason.

The point of this post is that, I have not had a life that was not controlled by forces beyond my control. I expect that I will laugh about this one day not too far away. Actually the real point is the pressures of materialism and what that is creating and I expect a cultural meltdown in some places and others not as much but most assuredly the nature of what has been created has been perverted to the extent that Lady Nature and The Lord are much concerned. Because of this we might find ourselves in jeopardy. I have nothing against Scientologists. Some of their systems really work. Like using sauna technique for extended. Sauna has been a wonder for me for many years. I never wanted to run afoul of Scientology but even after it causing me three years in those prisons. I don't know. ..well I'll leave it to you to make up your own. I'm on God's dime and where is my Buffalo nickel.\Time will tell and we shall see. I did not throw up on myself. I did not shit my pants. The world is the world is the world. Chaos and disorder lead to more and more. This is not what I came here for. Sometimes some things seem wrong to me and is all got say about Scientology.

Moving right along... sometimes a great commotion brings out a singularity. Will it? Won't it? We will just have to wait and see. My advice is to go with God. Some say there is no God. Some blame this shit they don't believe on God, no God, themselves ans everybody else or on me. I do not care about Pagans or Atheists or schisms or religions. I just want some more God. Devotion is the answer. Faith is the answer. Work is the answer. Knowledge or Wisdom is the answer. Something is the answer. For me Love is the answer and it includes everything else. This for me is that breath of fresh air. This for me is what I came here for. Stand and deliver. Semper Fi. It's my way or the highway if you are coming with me. I've seen all the movies and heard all the songs. I've superfragilisticesperalidociously investigated art in all its forms. I will witness the apocalypse that is already over and God won. God always wins. I take no prisoners. I will mow them down where they stand... or not. That's all I got.

Everybody will have their come to Jesus moment, bye in the bye, I de I (winks, nods, rotates his head back and forth, side to side. It is what is is and it is what it is not, for those that believe such things. Whatever is right, that is what I am here for. I hope so that you are too. We have a universe to explore and we shall find our selves saying, “What a wonder. What a wonder (thank you Guru Bawa.)

That's all I got for this time around. You people keep your papoose's happy and beware of scary clowns. There are things out there in the darkness and some of them have teeth and claws. Yeah? It's an adventure. That is what you came here for.

Mark my words. Some day you will get all of this and that will make me happy, safe, and sound. We will leave no hearts unbroken when we hit the ground. Is it a fairy tale? Is it true? Pretty much that is up to you. I've been in Middle Earth the whole time. Pick your person. Pick your spot. Give it your best shot and we will fix it in the mix, cause the Debil is in the details and OI don't give a rat's ass of which is which. I'll see you in the morning, Fuck two doctors and bring on the nurses. I'll see you in the aftermath of this hallelujah morning. I hope this wasn't boring. Hay Cisco! Hey Poncho! Robot-Cisco-Detroit! Catch you later... and so it goes.

End Transmission.......

"We are standing on an endless horizon
With our faces turned into the blazing sun
And we have come all this way to Armageddon
Just to find that the battle has been won"

Spread Your Wings


Anonymous said...

Electrocute me even, Lord! Please..

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Dianetics was a wasted read, and Scientology can be deadly. I know someone who was in the org. Another nice post. Have a nose-acious day.

Brian Crossland said...

Definitely not boring . Thanks for the fix.

Anonymous said...

We don’t need to boycott the state of Israel, we need to boycott the global satanic elite who created the state of Israel, and the poor mislead fools who worship them instead of God. Any fools who think they can find God outside of their self (scientology, and all the rest of the incorporated institutions that make money from misleading people) will kindly be provided with one of the devil’s mystery tours to suffering incorporated, where they can immerse their self in all their lusts, desires, and excesses, but what’s that, you didn’t read the small print that states you have to sell your soul to get all that wealth, stardom, or whatever ill begotten manifestation you used to fill the gap that turning your back on God created. I guess the Indians weren’t the only ones who got ripped off by selling what became Manhattan Island for a few beads and blankets. At least they weren’t unknowledgeable and ignorant enough to sell their soul!

Ginnie said...

A big slap in the face to your pseudo followers! I’m still here. They don’t have a clue what being tested is... I do!
They like woo woo... and talking the talk... neverwalkers! Sucking off your knowledge and calling it theirs...
Shit like that is always around... sucking up the glam and saying it’s all about them!
Welcome to the end of life... it has been like this for everyone! Alone... with God!
And everyone of us is always amazed that they are staring at your watch and taking the rings off your fingers while no one else is in the room... and you can’t defend yourself from them... and they think God doesn’t see them!!!!

And, no.. I don’t forgive them... they know what they do! I only forgive myself for not seeing them for what they truly are!
Heaven will not be overcrowded. Conditions very conducive to heavenliness.

Asil said...

A bit of history on Ron L. Hubbard . . .

In 1945 solid propellant formulated by Jack Parsons becomes widely used by the U.S. Navy with great success. Jack Parsons then becomes involved with one "Frater H" who claimed he was Naval Intelligence or FBI. Frater H is aligned with Aleister Crowley, the OTO and occult They become involved in various rituals of sex-magick and angelic invocations. Parsons now thinks he has contacted higher powers. Parson becomes a victim of some type of confidence trick and Frater H abscons with his money from a joint account he held with Parsons and ends up marrying Parson's girlfriend.

Parsons later declares himself the Antichrist and continues to descend into madness eventually blowing himself up in a failed science experiment.

Frater H the man most responsible for leading Parsons into madness, by among other things stealing his money and his girlfriend -- was none other than science fiction author and Scientology creator L. Ron Hubbard.

Anonymous said...

No comments on your last post? I hope all is well with you, Les. Please let us know how you're doing.

Dodgy One said...

Here I sit windows parted, thinking about an answer when my brain only farted.

To be an atheist is butt a challenge for others to prove the existence of what the creator has hidden from the fools that would tread such under.

This be life, a billion reporting sensors is what informs us and we the sensor informs that body we exist within.

We of the sensor tribe are tasked by the creator body to help define a simple explanation for how and why this existence of us, creation and the creator came to be.

When a sensor functions to its merit, the next connection and input realm it is connected to has a more aware existence that senses more of what advanced consciousnesses need to flourish, expand and enjoy in loving creativity.

Never will the les visible sensor fall into boredom ;)

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Whatever doesn't Kill You- Makes you Stronger than you Were Before.

Visible said...

Had to change the link at Visible Origami which is at "when the truth comes to town" Still being messed with because I had it right to start with. Oh well...



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