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The Riddle of the Sphincter. Here in the Desert of Promise, Hard by the Oasis of The Tranquil Mind.

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It's a fine very late Spring morning, here in the desert of Promise, hard by the Oasis of The Tranquil Mind. Holographic camels invisibly suckle at the teats of irony. The voices in the wind are harmonizing with the sympathetic strings of an awakening world. We certainly hope that this becomes like unto a tsunami of choral flowers of a desert in bloom, given that it rained a couple of days ago and in no time at all a floral display is the amazing reaction. We can only hope that this becomes viral and that the atmosphere is filled with a Zika-like mosquitoes, who gives love and takes nothing back ...because that automatically races from pole to pole like falling dominoes. We have seen far too much of this in our time. The Huffington Post is one of the darkest propaganda zones on the planet.

The Satanists are running roughshod through the fabricated media. They are going nova about caged children sleeping on concrete floors with Mylar space blankets for warmth. Strangely enough I couldn't find any photos of this. They tell us that mean old Mr. American Government is separating parents from their children; or was it children from their parents? The deal is that the immigrants purposely engage in efforts to have their children taken in and then work from that angle to piggy back themselves in as well. I've nothing against aiding people in need at whatever opportunity presents itself as I walk my prodigal way back home but... just like the dysfunctional sex movement and the destruction of the Ukraine and the genocide of the Palestinians, the story they are telling is not the same as the story they are redacting.

In every case, those sailing down the river of darkness, led by Judas Goats in three piece suits are arranging controversial circumstances, in which to accuse the rest of us of a lack of compassion and an indifference to human suffering. On the other hand, when these people; government officials, religious sophists with big funny hats and entertainment and sports figures are asked why they don't take these people in themselves, they get all coy and inform us that that is ridiculous. Is it?

The bottom line at all times with these various riddles of the Sphincter is the destruction of the family unit, which is the essential building block of any society or culture. Removing the family unit as the crucial underpinning of a balanced world, leads to chaos and confusion and we know who the author of that is. They like to work the dramatics like a shell game, or some variant on Three Card Monte, where whatever you are looking for has been sleight of handed elsewhere, or you are shown points A-C to E, explaining that if we are missing something it is because we were not paying attention. Uh huh... Along with the other critical things they have left out, it's pretty certain we are also not paying attention.

Here is where one must have a capacity for unshakable faith because it is our faith more than anything else that is tried and challenged to the extent that we do not have what we need when we need it. You have to be playing the long game ...because the short game is reserved for those playing gangster in the market madness of buy and sell, where timing is everything, as well as the lies needed to defend the indefensible. Nothing provides the necessary faith like a belief in the ineffable and who is personified as the Logos in the times where 'the word' is needed to burn away the always gathering darkness. That burning away of the gathering darkness is an inner action and that is why faith is the stairway for 'people get ready'. “You don't need no ticket you just thank the Lord.”

Part of the problem, it seems to me, is that people attribute weakness and indifference to the ineffable, as if he really were Jared Leto, poncing about in his mockery of the divine; “God is not mocked” and everywhere you go; and there can be nowhere that you do or do not go... God is watching. God sees. God is the actual life in you and your lack of awareness of this truth is the interceding separation of self from self. God is the actual life in you; the consciousness in you, the emotions within you at the higher end. We like to point out that there is no manifest life on this planet without the sun. It would be dead and lifeless otherwise. Ergo there is a higher hierarchy, governed by the spiritual sun, where life goes on forever and is not limited like terrestrial life that moves from one life to the next and to the next and to the next, on and on, in search of a more permanent location beneath the spiritual sun; regardless of whether the entity is aware of this or not. We all seek to be replete and satiated and that is not possible on a plane where every element is at war with each other. Of course, one cannot get to that spiritual sun except by being victorious over all and sundry on this plane but... given that, one is transported to the realm of the spiritual sun.

At all costs and regardless of the cost to our temporary hungers, one must seek out the divine at every opportunity. It sets up a ritual and routine that gets fixed and becomes stronger than your ability to compromise it. Anyone who has studied T'ai Chi knows that after having gone through the motions to a particular point, one finds when one arises in the morning that one unconsciously goes into the motions one has learned as if that were a natural thing.

The same holds true of meditation as a constant practice. You find yourself compelled beyond your resistance to engage in it. You also find that if you do not do it, your day goes haywire and when you do, you move out of the meditation into existence at a higher level of interaction and that your needs and necessities are all handled in automatic fashion. Let us say that meditation is not attractive to you or you imagine you are too busy to engage in it; simply repeat, “be still and know that I am God” and you will get to the same place and beyond by 'praying without ceasing'. Saying, “thank you Lord. Thank you, with fulsome gratitude resonating in your chest, brings the abundant cornucopia of God's love and generosity into play in your life.

When you show and demonstrate your gratitude to the ineffable, god will increasingly give you reasons to be grateful. On that you may depend. In God we trust! Amen!!!

We tell ourselves that God is real. If that is true and- I assure you it is... then why, when we know this is so, why do we not live it as an absolute, continuously manifest? For some reason we have convinced ourselves that we are guilty of improper demands, or that God, although real, is not actually involved in our mundane moments? God is engaged in every moment and there is nothing that God will not give you, even if it is injurious because... the lesson attendant to wanting what is not good for us, will bring us more speedily to the divine if that was our intention all along. I confirm that this is true of me and certainly for the majority of you as well.

In the manifest world, God as the sun, is the regent over all things material in our system of planets, orchestrated for the dramas played out in god's game of hide and seek. In the spiritual realm it is obvious beyond any argument to the contrary so... who is arguing? It is a mind divided against itself. Who is it that divides the mind? “Satan, get thee behind me.” I have often wondered if that “get thee behind me” does not indicate that the force we call Satanic is the motive force that pushes us in whatever direction 'our intentions' dictate. This would, perforce, tell one that we are the authors of Heaven and Hell within; “I sent my soul into the invisible. Some letter of that after life to spell. And by and by my soul returned to me. And answered, I myself am heaven and hell” There is a riddle wrapped in a mystery in that quatrain from Khayyam.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.” Anyone who has studied the life of Jonah and others know that God both gives and takes. What stymies and dumbfounds us is that we cannot see the long game, Appetite is not assuaged by the patience necessary to choose well. It wants the world and it wants it now!! NOW!!! That sort of puts you in the same pecking order as pigs at the trough.

I do not know at what level of spiritual accomplishment I am resident in. What I do know is that no challenge or catastrophe is capable of plunging me into despair or defeat. I wake up in the sunshine of God's love, regardless of whatever pain and suffering has taken place. It is automatic, just like the T'ai Chi movements that the inner self has remembered to the point that it performs itself.

Let us consider Pascal's Wager; probably not the best idea to use Princeton University as the location for speculation or confirmation ...but I think you will get the point regardless. Give god an inch and he will give you back a foot. Cast your bread on the waters, wherever you go and God will give you tenfold back; probably more. Casting your bread upon the waters does not mean giving money whenever you are asked, because discrimination is one of the more serious qualities of God. Casting your bread upon the waters means, giving at every opportunity in whatever manner serves best. A smile or words of encouragement can often be far more rewarding than simple coin of the realm. What it does mean is that one lets the inspiration of the divine sing through them at every meet and greet, be it ever so close or ever so far.

I don't know about you but... ♫ I need more light!!! ♫

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

Vis, my friend you totally knocked this one outta the park! I got answers here through your writing that I have been seeking for a very, very long time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Indeed, God won’t be mocked. When we start taking responsibility and accountability for our own thoughts and ignorance, with s little grace and a sense of humor, I think I might actually make it!

Ray B. said...

Just a small heads-up/warning:

When a person does meditation (or any similar practice), it raises a person's vibe/energy. That is the good side; it feels mild to intoxicating. However, raising one's energy level also means that anything not of that new level cannot exist within one's energy field; it comes out. If there is 'held stuff' (not-felt-through emotions and pain), it 'boils out' of one's system - in a way unique to that person. This is actually a good thing, and one's "through a mirror darkly" becomes more transparent. There is less garbage (painful experiences) between you and your Higher Self (here, choose a word of your liking).

The key is to know that this may happen, and to take it in stride. It is only 'scary' out-of-the-blue, so to speak. And like all incidents of this nature, the emotion/pain begins, rises to a peak, and subsides. And when felt-through, it is done - never to return.

(Those go into one's soul, where the soul 'checks off' that experience-class as being completed. Before that, the soul does not know that experience happened. In sonar-speak, it never got the return 'ping'. So, it arranges for yet-another experience of that nature to manifest. It is just easier to feel the original-experience through, as it precipitates-out of your energy field. Make sure to feel-through not only the negative-emotions but the pain that caused the emotions. And more rarely, one may have 'disconnected' because of unprepared-for, over-the-top pleasure and the resultant positive-emotions. In which case, one has to 'suffer' through allowing major Ecstasy to be felt. *grin*)

Many people stop meditation because they instinctively-know 'something' is about to break through. And, they are right. It is stuff that feels scary. It is emotions and pain we were not equipped to handle at that time of our life. However, we have all grown since then. Stuff that was over-the-top then is well-handle-able now. Only the fear of it is real; not the ability to handle-it one has now grown-into. Stand firm and feel...

(A small addition, for those whose 'held stuff' is in other lifetimes; whether you believe in other lifetimes or not: When that stuff comes out, you will - temporarily - not 'be yourself'. It will feel strange, and you may have accompanying images, sounds, or symbols which you have not experienced in this lifetime. If you are ignorant of this aspect, you may panic. If you can 'step aside' and let it flow-through while monitoring it, the experience can be really cool.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Frog said...

Amen. Thanks Visible.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Visible, this post is overflowing with beauty and guidance! Thank You RayB, I read your comment 3x!

Visible said...

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Anonymous said...

fences +


Visible said...

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Visible said...

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