Friday, May 29, 2009

Evil Riding Shotgun with the Apocalypse.

Before I say whatever it is that I’m going to say, I want the reader to know that I am well aware of your inability to post comments or even visit this page lately because the 729 Gang has been busy with their antics. This is why I have a Wordpress Mirror. If you can’t comment here, just click on the link at the end of the article and if it starts happening there, I will create another mirror and another... so... clear enough? Great!

I go away for a few days where there’s no news, only people, sand and water. I come back and look at the news and I see where Israel keeps ratcheting up the hate speech against Palestinians which may be why they like to finance all those hate speech laws so that they can control everyone else’s attempts to tell the truth while they take high profile public dumps on what they intend to destroy and tell you right to your face that they didn’t say what they said when they said it and that’s probably against the law too.

Across the pampas of the world, I hear cows bellowing, Sheep baa...inggg... watch Madonna-Kabala distraction and all the superficial forces of the Media Nation captivate the world with just how high stepping fine it is to live in a Salvation Army clothing container; might not be a bad thing because you are looking finer in the past than you will be looking in the future and the present is all you got anyway so... how about that?

Now... where do I start? Tamil Tigers will not be relocating to Detroit? No, that happens all the time somewhere or other; like Western Papua or what used to be called Burma. That’s a regional difficulties, collateral damage, happens all the time kind of thing. How about the Obama, Michael Jackson thing where he eases up on some issue or policy that he felt one way about and... look at that, the President is moon-walking? You already know about that too.

“Searching, I been searching... I been searching every way yay, yay.” Well look at that. It appears that Senator Lautenberg is saying that America won’t do anything but wag her tail if Israel attacks Iran. Well, that’s comforting. How could I imagine that Franky Boy is doing anything other than defending America’s right to applaud yet another Israeli inspired attack against yet another enemy? Dude, you know his heart belongs to New Jersey and you know that the Arabs want Secaucus and East Rutherford really, really bad. Frank’s just looking out for his constituency.

I took a stroll through my favorite news gathering sites and from what I can see, I get the palpable sense that evil is showing it’s hand in many ways and is too stupid to realize it. Evil can be wickedly clever about a lot of things, especially when it come to presenting itself as good. However, there’s one thing that evil isn’t very good at and that is long term survival because it always over-steps and shoots itself in the foot. I realize that evil is now the province of what was formerly known as the good guys and I realize that it looks like evil has enough weapons on hand to exterminate the competition but... for some reason, when it comes to controlling the whole world, evil always winds up going down.

Certain evils, that were responsible for setting up the other evils that went down last time, have now shown their hand as the new and improved evils which used to look like the good guys until they publicly demonstrated in some very convincing ways that they are not good guys. This puts them in the position to experience what they visited upon previous evils because they are now in the driver’s seat of the evil car which always runs into problems when it tries to do what has never been done and that is, take over the world.

It will even look like they might do it but they won’t do it. Evil always makes the wrong friends and the wrong enemies. It even arms the ones who destroy them. That’s how evil works. Evil also spends a lot of ink and elbow grease making themselves look good to the cows and the sheep but... for some reason, evil never seems to be able to really convince anyone for long enough to get their total cooperation.

There’s an interesting phenomena that I have noted on occasion and that is when a stray dog comes on to a property where another smaller dog lives. That smaller dog always chases the big dog off. There’s some kind of cosmic rule about that and I suspect it relates to the human theater of operations as well. I’m not going to go into my take on why nobody ever took over the world. The fact is that no one has and... no one ever will.

It’s also interesting to note the degree of over confidence and indolence on the part of the populations of the countries where evil has been living for awhile. For some reason, evil always compromises the populations that they take control of. For some reason they think that turning them into walking, donut robots is going to give them some kind of lockstep, reaction force but instead, what they have done is turned their soldiers into people who aren’t really sure about anything anymore and that is why so many of them are killing themselves or escaping in ways that make them not as well tuned as they ought to be.

Evil also loots the resources of the population and takes away their homes and their incomes by fraudulent means and that is also a bad mistake because sometimes evil will wind up with a revolution while it is trying to destroy other possible evils and you can’t fight both of these battles at the same timeI’m looking forward to seeing evil get it’s ass kicked, though I am not so happy about what will probably happen to all those people who went along with the program because they didn’t know any better but... maybe that’s a form of education in real time.

I have very convincing reasons for believing as I do but I’m not going to go into them here. I will say that this is the perfect time for anyone who has serious questions about what they’ve been involved in to step back or find some other form of employment. I realize a lot of people won’t do this but there is some number who might be catching on and I suggest you trust your gut instinct.

You see, there’s another thing that evil does and that is that it can’t help but expose itself and it always does it too soon. Evil gets away with a lot and that’s all it takes to inflate the over confidence and make it hunger for that big score. It never sees Waterloo. It doesn’t realize that death is waiting in Samara. Evil loses because, being evil, it does not take into account certain features. It always thinks that it can destroy all of the good things in life and all of the good people but... certain human characteristics are just a lot stronger than other characteristics or we would never have gotten as far as we have. Things only work a certain way and even then, only for so long and one of the reasons for that is that when good things go wrong it is usually because evil has taken over and... the good news is that it won’t be all that long before evil is gone again too. Sure it comes back. Heck, one of these days, people might even recognize the certainty of certain things. The Founding Fathers knew. They said all sorts of things to this effect.

I know you’re worried about the state of the world but you’re just in a certain stage and it will find its way back to a new beginning. It always does. There won’t be as many of us but that’s just how it goes. Keep in mind all of the revelations that keep coming out about all of the formerly known as good guys. That’s a big part of it too. People who are in the wrong know they are in the wrong on some level and that really compromises their ability to proceed with the necessary intensity.

The one thing to remember is that when evil is destroying itself you should make a point of not standing too close to the action.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Official 24-7 Nakba Virtual Celebration Site.

I will honor and celebrate The Nakba whenever I can remember to do so. I will especially do so on May 15th of every year that follows, so long as I am here and so long as the Zio-Nazi regime continues to destroy Palestinian land; burn their crops, bulldoze their homes, rape and torture their people and kill them for sport and hegemonic enterprise. One with a conscience must ask themselves; when does the madness reach its limit?

I’m going to ask someone out there with connections to Palestinian Think Tank or any other bonafide Palestinian site to locate someone with graphic abilities... or it could be one of the readers here who would come up with a symbol or crest for The Nakba that can be put on thousands; tens of thousands of sites around the virtual world which states that, “This site supports and celebrates the legitimacy of The Nakba.”

I’m going to honor The Nakba today and I would like to invite Avigdor Lieberman to kiss my ass. Truth be told, I would not let that man’s foul lips anywhere near my pristine posterior, lest he dishonor that upon which I sit. He and the rest of his genocidal, maniac associates with their decades of false flag operations, including 9/11, have long since lost the ability to convince any thinking person still in possession of their minds and hearts of anything whatsoever. They are liars and psychopathic murderers and I am calling it as I see it and I can see it... the glaring evidence of their every footprint on their collective journey into darkness.

Their holocaust has long since been reduced to a tawdry business operation, including a Division of Lies and a Division of Blackmail. It’s just one more runaway corporation whose product is bullshit in colorful packaging... sugar and shit spun together in a monstrous confection for those lacking both intelligence and taste. It no longer matters to me that there are so many inconsistencies in the official story that is constantly contradicted by other official sources and just as often by their own sources. I am tired of hearing about it at all. I have holocaust fatigue and am seriously considering suing the nation of Israel for their responsibility in giving me this condition.

Henceforth there will be only one event that is to be legitimately celebrated on May 15th and that is The Nakba. The date of the establishment of the state of Israel is no longer to be celebrated because the nation is illegal as it presently exists. You cannot form a nation where a nation already exists and killing the former occupants and driving the rest into exile is not sufficient grounds to declare yourself a nation and this happening is what The Nabka stands for.

Israel has been a murdering, genocidal mad-dog since the day it began and has been at the cause of just about every incident of unrest throughout the Middle East. Let me further state that the two major wars that Israel engaged in were... neither of them... in response to an attack but were both preemptive assaults upon their neighbors. In one of these instances they attacked an American ship with the intention of causing a war between Russia and the U.S. They are also the primary force behind the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the sole instigator of war against Iran. They are a demonic entity with no justification for existence.

It’s now becoming clear that they were behind the murder of Prime Minister Hariri. It’s acceptable to assume they are engaged in a war against the rest of humanity and that Israel was created solely to give a certain group of people a sovereign nation whose purpose was to loot the wealth of the nations of the world and to build an enormous military presence to destroy their neighbors and anyone else they don’t like which is anyone else but them.

The world has had enough of Israel’s cynical behavior from the extermination of the Palestinian People; to their blackmailing the world’s food industry for Kosher Nostra Tax, their roving death squads, their torture teams in Iraq and elsewhere, their meddling in the governments of every other nation, their involvement in Sudan and with the Somali Pirates as well as their presence in illegal drug and human trafficking... the list is long.

The boycotting of Israeli goods is making its presence felt and we have to make it our business to look for the 729 in the bar codes of every product that we do not buy; buying only the products that do not bear this number and remaining alert to when they change this number to something else or create an alternative number with which to evade the righteous distaste of the public for anything and everything they make.

The vast majority of Israelis are not Semitic at all whereas the Palestinians most certainly are. Therefore the term anti-Semitic is a bogus slander that is used as a blind by Zionist, Israeli interests to disenfranchise the original Semitic people of Palestine and to give the impression that they are them. They are not and wiping out the people and changing the names of the towns does not make what is not so, so.Tangentially and in defense of my own self-interest, let me link to the original source of the phrases, “The Truth is Anti-Semitic” and “9/11 is the Litmus Test”. This slight digression is made necessary due to circumstances I won’t go into at the moment.

We all realize that the 24 hour, false propaganda, spin system of the main stream media is nearly entirely owned by Zionist interests as is the entertainment industry and that they are a mouthpiece for murder and disinformation to be justified by all possible means. They are becoming increasingly bankrupt in the eyes of the peoples of the world which is evidenced by the collapse of the newspaper industry and associated enterprises. They are going down. The Apocalypse has lifted the skirts of these shameless whores and revealed the agendas beneath.

Many people these days talk about the Illuminati and the Zionist control of the manifest world via the larger vehicles of the formerly great nations of the Earth. All power comes from a single source and they only have what power they have for as long as it is allowed to them. Once it is cut off, they will have none. Their armies will turn upon them and each other. Their fortunes will disappear, their control will vanish and they will be destroyed or scattered to the winds. Let those who are fearful or complacent continue for their brief hour because it is all coming to an end.

I celebrate The Nakba and no one can change this. The opportunity to re-write this piece of history has expired. The reality of what happened is there to be seen in all of its gruesome behavior from the beginning to the present hour. Scramble like demented fools to control the information and change the perception of the world but Gaza has put that beyond your reach. You exposed yourself once and for all with that heinous action.

The Nakba is real. The Nakba will be celebrated. My heart embraces the people of Palestine and all of the people who suffer under the yoke of these psychopathic scoundrels. Their hour of judgment is coming and nothing will delay or deter it.Let all who are willing, join with me in a constant, virtual, candlelight procession across the internet in honor and defense of those tormented people who had to misfortune of being on a piece of land that somebody else wanted and took by force.

The time is here for everyone with some remaining thread of conscience to stand forth in solidarity with The Nakba... lest that thread break and you become separated from your own honor, integrity and conscience, should any still remain with you.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Apocalypse and the Looming Abyss.

The Apocalypse continues. The ‘revealing’ goes on. Tangentially, we note indications that those who thought they were pulling the strings are dancing on strings of their own. Things long hidden are crawling out of hibernation and it is the public rather than the emerging sleepers who are rubbing their eyes. A new revolution based on an awaking conscience is making itself felt in the strangest places. As the good within us begins to glow in the embers of what we used to be, ever more toxic evils display themselves. This evil cannot see its downfall made certain in the boundless arrogance of its behavior. The Apocalypse is a time of madness and we are seeing it on all sides.

This article, in all its damning irony, would be funny had we not just seen the last decade in action. Then again... without so much evidence to the contrary one might miss the humor entirely. No conscious, thinking person can doubt that great forces are loose upon the wind and the shape to be taken is as unpredictable as coursing the track of the wind.

Open your eyes.

Consider what has been said about the innocence of those detained at Gitmo in relation to Obama’s resurrecting the military tribunals. It’s Milo Minderbinder having lunch with Dr. Strangelove as Dr. Pangloss does the voice over. The tape loops with, “the best of all possible worlds” over and over and over again.

It’s Obama campaigning on a platform of hope and change and an end to illegal conflicts and finding daily, casual extermination of Pakistani civilians in a new war; tens of thousands more troops for Afghanistan in a conflict that CANNOT be won, rubber stamp support for Israel in her genocide of the Palestinians... it goes on and on. Not a day passes that Howdy Doody doesn’t institute some new insanity while maintaining all of the former administrations anti-constitutional edicts. Edict would be the operative word as it tries to find its place in a democratic process. You might as well go looking for the democratic process. Good luck with that.

People ask me how I can be hopeful with this latest blow to our faith and credulity, that being Obama as ‘new and improved’ or is it, “The same thing only different”? Maybe it’s “the real thing in the back of your mind”? I’m hopeful and maybe more than that because of all the revelations that are undressing in the public eye. Such disclosure implies still further disclosure. All these pathetic, self important fools who put themselves on stage, insisting on their right to be there as ‘the deciders’ empowered to fix the problems caused by the people they serve... now find themselves in a different spotlight than the one they imagined would be there and the heat of that light is going to increase and increase. Bank on it.

It goes without saying that they will have to manifest some terrible distractions and those are on the way as you read these words. There is one thing they’ve overlooked in their certitude that they can forever control the perspective of the people they deceive and that is the unavoidable reality which has to do with putting all of those genies back in the lamp. The truth is coming out and the truth is strapped. Another consideration is the means taken to maintain control over indefensible, destructive action. Eventually you set fire to the stage you are standing on and that is a part of the timeless certainty that evil destroys itself. The operative wisdom would be, for each and every one of us, don’t stand to close to the evil while it does this.

When you are locked into a bankrupt process and when you give your fealty to things that are the antithesis of what they present themselves to be, you are standing too close. When you continue in your actions toward an abyss, thinking that there are safeguards built into a system that will protect you at the edge, you are a fool. It was the removal of the safeguards for the purpose of reckless profit which made the abyss a reality in the first place. First there is no abyss and then there is.

A wise ruler understands the importance of balance. Laws and all of the other trappings of a culture exist for the purpose of balance. Make your laws too soft or too hard and the abyss looms. The moment balance goes wanting, the abyss appears. The depth of the abyss is the measure of our fear. Depending on the extent of ones fear one could, in some cases, simply step over the abyss. In other cases you cannot even see the other side. The motive force of those betraying and deceiving you is fear. The handmaidens of fear are confusion on one side and base desire on the other.

Any ruler whose reach exceeds his grasp; who takes his eye off of the supply wagons, who thinks that foreign adventurism is a sage enterprise, who embraces debt as a highway out of debt, is driving toward the abyss with whomever imagines they will share in the gold at the rainbows end. In times of madness one is likely to be without a sane leader. Madness is a period of culling brought about by Nature returning the balance. How many former empires destroyed themselves by the same process we are observing now? Take a look. The history is still there for your perusal.

We know these things. We have seen these things before. Now we are treated to speeches by the seemingly sane. Their teleprompter enhanced performances are dressed in wealth and finery. Their power attends them on all sides. They are mad as hatters. The sympathetic inmates gibber among themselves and applaud each following banality as they march to the abyss, accompanied by marching bands and klieg lights on rollers. There is enough light to require sunglasses at midnight but not nearly enough light to see the abyss.

Some walk along with them for a time. Some call out to them and tell them about the abyss. They mock and throw stones. Their eyes are fixed upon “the most fabulous object in the world” and they will not be dissuaded by you and they will kill you if you try too hard. In Buddhism there is something called, ‘unbearable compassion’. This is when you look around you at the suffering that surrounds you and realize that there are so many things you can do nothing about. People have to learn on their own. Not only will they not listen, they will become very angry with you for telling them what they do not what to hear about what they refuse to see.

We are in a time of summing up. Everything is being sorted. These periods occur like clockwork. They are a part of the process of existence. It is historical fact that these periods come and go. It can be assumed that certain times of ‘summing up’ are of a greater magnitude than others. Let those who must persist in the industry of evil continue as they will. My advice is not to stand to close to them while they cull themselves out of the picture. There will be world enough for us left in the aftermath. We may be without a few things but we will not be without each other or that mysterious something which has always guided the best of us to their just rewards.

Those who ruined and plundered at will are not unaware of their state and of the times in which they find themselves. For all their polished ease and control of the engines of war and information, they are troubled right down to the soles of their shoes. They can feel the breath of fire at the napes of their necks; be that metaphorical or otherwise. The part of their minds that has led them to this pass, urges them onward and they will hear only this voice, until the moment they step off the cliff. Another part of them is fearful in ways we cannot imagine... still, they do believe that they will once again find the reins of control over whatever is left in the wake of their passage. We shall see about that.

It is for each of us to choose who we follow and what we believe at this point. If you see a bunch of drunks playing with fireworks, you have to decide if you’ve had enough beers to want to join them or whether there might not be some other way to occupy your time.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

To Dream or not to Dream. What was the Question?

The best thing about my sites is the quality of the readers who show up. These days I would say there is as much to gain, or more, from the comments section than from whatever I might have to say to begin with; not to imply that there’s anything to gain by coming around here but we certainly have some remarkable exchanges which spans the gamut from the scientifically precise to the potentially lunatic. Lately I have noticed a certain trend toward the fantastic. This is not to say that the fantastic is not as much a reality as the crap we are sold as real. It’s just that... in the end... it comes down to speculation. I’m going to talk about some of that today.

There are people who believe we might have been bio-engineered and people who believe that star travelers might have intermarried with humanoids. There are people who think that the evil elite have absolute control over life on Earth and that there’s nothing any of us can do about it. You name it and there’s someone who has mentioned it. I’ve seen some interesting takes on how we got to this moment from the places for which there is no longer any evidence or records of our presence in the past...wherever and whatever that may have been. You can read through the comments from the last several postings if you want some idea of what I am talking about or you can just use your imagination.

First off, let’s talk about these evil elite who are presently meeting in Greece at one of their occasional Bilderberger get togethers and who also tend to show up at the CFR “chop me out another line” dancing seminars, as well as at The Club of Rome, the Committee of 300 and sundry plunder fests where they decide what to take from whom and who to kill in the process.

They’ve probably got their informal as well as special moments for which we possess no known calendar. I’m sure at some of those they sacrifice small children on some kind of an altar in order to win the favor of that Old Testament cat with the burnt offerings jones. I suspect that the people running the show and manifesting the rituals think it’s all a bunch of hooey but it works for the purpose. I know that some of them are members of elite pedophilia clubs because we hear about them every now and then and it results in Jack and shit being brought together in close juxtaposition. This is because they’ve got a whole lot of Jack and because they control a whole lot of shit.

Yeah, I hear a lot about the evil guys and smaller portion of women like Elizabeth Bathory’s latest incarnation as Condoleezza Rice or maybe it’s Zippy Livni. It’s funny she had the word ‘bath’ in her name considering the kind of baths she used to take. She and Giles De Rais would have made a nice couple. Digressing... digressing. Where was I? Right... the evil guys and girls. So we hear about them and we can definitely see what they do. All you have to do is look at any situation that is screwed up on the planet and sooner or later it tracks back to them either in a torturous ‘all water eventually finds the sea’ kind of a way or through one or another of ‘the little people’ who seek to emulate them, given what they’ve acquired for themselves and given how they get away with doing it... or seem to. They are role models after all.

But... not much gets said about the good guys and girls and if this world is a study in opposites and polarities; given that this is a world of duality as far as the purposes of this argument goes then... there must be a cabal of good elites too and regardless of appearances they would tend to have the edge because the essential nature of evil is that it destroys itself. I’m not going to diagram why this is because of space considerations but since I have probably the best collection of readers on the internet that I have so far seen, I don’t think I have to diagram it. People... we need to use our common sense and we need to look at the symmetry of the universe and the incredible balance of tensions that manifests the awesome beauty of our surrounding... except in the places where we, as the resident planetary virus, have screwed it up.

We need to remember that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Nor should we assume just because we think we can see something that it necessarily is there. In this context let me add that people often see things and identify them as something other than what they are. This happens a lot.

I’ve gotten a few comments from people who take me to task over my optimism. They can’t see it... why I might feel that way, based on where we are collectively at this time. This is a world where war is a constant simply because it is composed of four elements at war with each other and we are made out of them too. These interact within the fifth element of aether. Ergo... this is a place where bad shit happens. That does not mean that due to the ignorant combination of elements put together by bad magicians that we are doomed as a result. We’re all temporary as far as ‘here’ is concerned. For me that means you spend your time doing what you do with all of your heart and never mind about things like winning and losing battles; empires, fortunes, your life, your loved ones because... every single one of these things will be moving on before or after you.

Now, I know that there are other worlds than this one because I have been there now and again. I also have it on the testimony of those whose integrity is- for me- beyond question However... it shouldn’t matter whether there are other worlds or not. We should do our best regardless. It shouldn’t matter if the bad guys have awesome weapons and endless cash as well as police forces and prisons. Some are willing to bend the knee at this spectacle but I’m not one of them and I’m not alone.

I know that the bad guys are going to get it like neither you nor I can imagine. I realize they cause a great deal of mayhem in the meantime and I realize that the wheels of justice grind slowly just as I realize they grind exceedingly small. I realize that sometimes it can seem overwhelming and these days are some of those times. But... as I have said many times before, this is a movie. This is a series of movies within a much larger movie which is itself only another movie in an even larger series.

I’ve heard it said that the distance between the atoms in our bodies is relative to the distance between the planets. I’ve heard and seen so many things that all prove to interact within such a profound harmony of being and action that I am past questioning whether or not the system is conscious of itself. That still doesn’t matter as far as whatever is required of you. Some people are true to themselves and some are not. Some people have made themselves the proper study of their lives and others (most people) study everything but.

Maybe aliens did interbreed with humans. I do not doubt the presence of extra-terrestrial life forms. I’ve had direct experience of this WITH witnesses present. Maybe there has been some bio-engineering of human life and there’s no doubt that there is an evil elite but my take is that their power is the power of appearances and that in reality they are just a bunch of jumped up little punks who are going to find themselves in something more than a little hot water sooner than they think. You’re free to believe what you like. This is what I believe.

Do your best. You’re not getting out of here in this body and it is an interesting mystery how people will hold so tight to what they cannot maintain their grip on. People’s inability to come to terms with their own mortality is one of the main causes of a great deal of mischief and misery.

I like to ask myself how I am likely to feel at the end of this particular trip IF... I go this way or that way. I ask myself what it would be like to reflect back on my life and what I would like to see there when I do. I don’t think it matters how much power a handful of low to the ground shit-weasels seem to possess. You can step in front of a truck one day while you are thinking about it so it seems to me that just paying attention and hooking up with the right cosmic energy is the way to go. The jury’s out on what’s coming. The best thing to remember is that Boy Scout motto. If you don’t know what that is then look it up.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stuff World and the Great Deception Machine.

For me... freedom is a state of mind. If you aren’t free in your mind then you’re not free anywhere else because all motives for thought, speech and action comes out of the mind. There is another key and that is the possession of true discrimination. If you can’t discriminate between what liberates and what binds you, you will also not be free. A lot of people wind up in a serious tangle, caught like an animal in wire, because of inattentive and speedy pursuit of the freedom to do whatever they think they have a right to, regardless of the risks that more careful observation would reveal.

If you want the truth then you have to be able to adjust to it when you hear or see it. The truth does not adjust to you. The attempt to achieve that adjusting is how lies are created. This is why you should approach the main stream media with the conscious awareness that they are lying to you all the time. The biggest hurdle... even for those who know better is... how could something so big and prosperous, so ubiquitous; successful and routine in its operations be one great big lie machine? Looking right at it, it tricks us and... it wears us down.

We see well dressed men and women telling us what they want us to hear. They meet and speak with important people. They drive expensive cars and live well. How could they all be serial liars who behave like sidewalk whores for the money? How could it be that these people who went to all the good schools and get all the valued invites are pathological, lying sacks of shit with zero integrity and honor? It’s true though. They lied about 9/11. They lied about Afghanistan. They lied about Iraq and they are lying about Iran. When they don’t lie... they avoid or suppress. So it is that you have to approach the media with a certain perspective. Why are they telling ‘this lie’ now? You flat out assume it’s a lie because it’s all a lie, so the next step is... why?

Obama is opposed to releasing the torture graphics because he says the generals say it would harm the troops in the field and American interests abroad. This has to be a lie because all they do is lie; not just the media but the elected officials, the religious leaders and anyone with any position whatsoever in The Great Deception Machine. Why is deception necessary? It is necessary because due to profit or expediency someone is doing the wrong thing and breaking the very laws they were elected or appointed to enforce. It is also necessary in order to maintain control over what the public sees and how the public responds. Most of the time when they lie, which is all of the time, it is to protect the interests of the present group of criminals who replaced the last bunch of criminals and who will, at some point be replaced by another pack of criminals.

The newscasters lie. The commercials lie. The characters in all of the temporary fantasies are lies and the reality shows are present because reality contradicts everything that is happening, so a reality has to be fashioned to distract from Reality, which is reflected in the ‘nowhere near bottom’ economic free fall; the gratuitous wars abroad, all the missing money, the high rate of unemployment, the foreclosures, the closing stores, the panic on Fear Street which used to be called Main Street and which, curiously, is populated by an enormous mob of people who are laughing their way through the whole thing because the fear makes them do it.

I’m going to have to get a little metaphysical here and I hope if you are not metaphysically inclined that you will be able to translate this into your own schematic for understanding.

Lies are like foliage. They conceal what is behind it. Predators use it for camouflage and prey uses it for a place to hide. In certain cases they camouflage themselves. In our present civilization (snicker) we have all become chameleons. We are not criminals ourselves but the vast, incessant searching for criminal behavior; which can also be called eliminating the competition, or corralling, branding and controlling the consuming masses, forces us to pretend that we aren’t doing anything wrong as more and more new laws make that an impossibility so... we camouflage ourselves in normal colors although no one knows what normal is any more.

Wherever we came from we are now delivered into a world of property and ‘stuff’. Since some people have stuff and some people want stuff, stuff and property have to be protected. The people with the most stuff are the beneficiaries of what used to be public law enforcement and used to operate according to a court system that was autonomous until it was purchased by corporations... just like the prison system and so many other things like toll roads and bridges and who know what now.

There is a prevailing philosophy in the world of stuff and that is materialism. Materialism is the mother of all the lies being told because as even physicists will tell you, material isn’t real. It just appears to be real. Political correctness and fascism; indistinguishable from one another, also come out of materialism. In a philosophical and in a very real sense it all goes back to The Golden Calf. Whosoever is most involved in the operations of the material is also the power of the realm which... explains just about everything that is happening. Corporations are the Gods of the material realm and those who control them are the agents of the imprisoning deception that is making war on our humanity.

The Pope goes to The Holy Land (snicker) and ignores everything upon which his religion is based and has to make all kinds of comments about The Holocaust. The purpose of this is to take the attention off of a holocaust taking place in present time in that very place courtesy of the victims of the former. Now The Holy Land is not a holy land. It is The Cursed Land and that is obvious according to what takes place there. The fact is that everything is upside down, backwards and insane so, it stands to reason that so are most of the people everywhere who are forced to accept something other than what they seem unable to allow their eyes to see.

The brilliance, power and beauty of the internet, in terms of what it represents, is an awesome thing. It’s like some kind of magical world where the truth can circulate and breathe. It is the breeding ground of various revolutions that are moving through a virtual landscape and manifesting whole communities in a commonality of thought. The thing is, given the chance... most people can spot the truth, if they get a chance to see it. Most people are good people, even if... in many cases in this time, they are not as bright as they might have been because a cloak of lies like woven crows, incessantly covers over the light of their perceptions.

At this time you are either going along to get along or... you operate according to another modality. Going along to get along is basically submitting to the will of the imprisoning lies. It can’t end well and it hasn’t been. You will note the millions that worked all their life for an ease of existence in their twilight years. Now they find it is gone.

I want to personally thank all of you who have worked so hard to make the truth be heard and who have been unflagging in your efforts. I want to ask you to consider the strange miracle of the internet in our hour of greatest need and to consider that we may have unknown assistance at our side should we be engaged on behalf of humanity and... I can’t shake this feeling that the cavalry is on the way. I keep hearing the hoof beats. They increase and recede like the waves upon the shore. They seem to come from all directions. I can’t interpret it but for some reason, I feel better today and in recent days than I have in some time.

It’s the sort of thing where something happens that you haven’t heard about yet but its good news for you. I’d like to leave you with that for the moment and hope that... though all I did was imply a lot of things while I was walking through the foliage, you can make some sense out of my footprints and the landscape I was walking through when I made them. The Sun is shining pretty brightly here right now on all kinds of levels.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Silence and the Evil that Men do.

There can be no question about the satanic intent of the previous administration. This article says all you will ever need to know about what we apparently don’t want to know. It is things like this that make me want to be louder and more direct than I already am. And then... then when you find out who some of the torturers were and what country they came from... then... then well... they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes it is worth a thousand screams.

How long will it go on? How long will the wall of silence stand? The first article is five years old. I’ve been told you have to talk around things. I’ve been told that I will get further if I am diplomatic. The truth is offensive apparently. You know how this makes me feel? It makes me feel as if someone is beating a child in an adjoining room. I am in the next room with a group of people who are concerned with child abuse. We are discussing how to make the world safer for children. We are also discussing who is abusing the children. Meanwhile a child is crying out in the next room. We can all hear him but we can’t talk about it because a certain group of people cannot be connected to this particular crime or... any crime.

We will make various efforts to protect the children but we can only protect them from specific dangers from specific people. We cannot protect them from certain people. Soon it may well be against the law to even talk about it.

This is the case with 9/11 and this is the case with torture and this is the case with ‘in your face’ genocide. Some people seem to think that we can build some kind of a house without supporting walls; that we can build a civilization which includes casual savagery, that we can have a nation of laws run by men and women that are criminals, that we can manifest truth if we just accept a certain amount of lies.

Someone please explain to me what the purpose of sodomizing a child is. Explain to me how this assists in the spread of democracy. Someone explain to me why certain weapons are necessary. Why would an army need to use white phosphorous? I would especially like to know why certain hideous armaments are necessary against a captive people who aren’t even armed. I would really like to know what the purpose of denying these same people basic medical treatment is... prohibiting them food and other essentials... randomly kidnapping and shooting them without any provocation at all. This is a daily affair which has been going on for sixty years. Sixty years and I am expected to be accommodating and polite. I am expected to put makeup on sarcoma as if it were a cure.

No... I am not a Palestinian. I am not an Iraqi. I am not a Pakistani. There is something else that I am not, though I used to be... I am no longer an American. Why should I care what happens to these people? I don’t know these people. There must be something wrong with me because I am troubled by these things. I am offended by these things. These things make me angry and make me want to cry out like the child being beaten in the next room; being sodomized in the next room but... no one is beating me... someone must be beating me and I just can’t see them. Perhaps I am mad. I have difficulty controlling myself. I am afraid to speak because of what I might say so I have to hide in small, rural farming communities where I don’t speak the language. At least this way no one will understand what I am talking about.

I suppose I should just shut up. People are trying to have a party or talk on their cell phone and I am a persistent annoyance. If I would just stay within the lines then perhaps I would become acceptable. I might even receive the occasional award for playing the game. People appreciate it when you play the game. You’re likely to get offered a glass of white wine and a canapé. Maybe someone will have sex with me because I’m safe to be around, especially since I got back from the Veterinarian and have had a couple of items removed. It doesn’t look like I’ll be clawing the sofa anymore or spraying the plants around the house but... I probably won’t be having sex either now, come to think of it.

To be perfectly honest I really wish I were the yogi I am always trying to be. It would be great if I could achieve that detachment that I hear about. It would be great if I could just accept that this life is but a dream. I happen to know that that is the truth. Why can’t I just write my books and record my music and be at peace with myself? For some reason I have this condition and no way to treat it. There are certain medication like alcohol and drugs which provide me the opportunity to release certain amounts of steam but that’s no cure. Regardless of what I do the pressure just builds back up.

I killed an enormous hornet today. It was trying to build a nest in my consort’s coat. It was determined to have its way. I would have liked to co-exist with the hornet but I know from previous experience that that isn’t possible. I tend to be expedient about this sort of thing. I realize that a lot of people seem to have found a solution other than the one I chose to make. People seem to have found a way to live with all sorts of things and even pretend they aren’t there. I just haven’t been able to discover how to do that. When I hear about someone sodomizing a child or when I hear about a 12 year old girl’s head going up in flames from a chemical weapon or... when I see that a young teenage girl was shot and killed while gathering laundry on her rooftop and... when I discover there was no logical reason for any of this I have trouble finding the ‘shit happens’ button.

What am I supposed to do when I hear a presidential candidate make a series of promises and then ignores them? ...not just ignores them but does the opposite of what he promised and actually expands certain of the operations of his predecessor? Should I just accept that this is the way it goes? When I see one military mistake follow another, resulting in the deaths of 20 or 40 or a hundred people who weren’t doing anything to deserve it why does this bother me? It’s always been like this so what difference does it make if I say anything or not?

I’ve had this problem all of my life and I have never been able to master it. It’s gotten me into all kinds of trouble. It landed me in prisons and the maximum security wards of mental institutions. It’s gotten me into physical conflicts. It has cost me various successes that I might have had. I might be a normal person if I knew what that was but that’s something else I can’t figure out.

Sometimes I lay awake at night and imagine that I have a small flying saucer with all sorts of cool gadgets and incredible weapons. I fly all over the Earth and dispense specific justice. I break into network TV and address the world and say all kinds of things. Obviously I’m nuts. Sometimes I find myself weeping uncontrollably about some conditions that I am helpless to do anything about. Maybe it’s an emotional disorder. Sometimes I imagine that I’m alone with Donald Rumsfield or one of the other psychopathic shitheels for a little one on one therapy. I know that Condoleezza Rice is playing the piano in the room next to the one where the young boy is being sodomized and I know that she’s going to be getting some white wine and canapés because, unlike me, she’s not going to say the wrong thing.

I couldn’t be in the same room with Netanyahoo or Rupert Murdoch. I would probably urinate on them or do something creative. Something is wrong with me and I don’t know how to fix it. I hope it doesn’t end badly... at least for the few people who really care about me but... I honestly don’t know what to do. I don’t know what I’m likely to say at any given moment and I don’t know where to go for help. The best I can manage is to stay far away from people; play with my dogs, watch movies, surf the internet with the world inside my head but at a safe distance... for the world and for me. I hope it turns out well for all of us and that not seeing things and not saying anything will someday prove to be the answer to all these problems that won’t go away.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When Hubris Pushes itself off the Cliff.

We could have had a better world a long time ago. Along the way a lot of people have worked for a better world. It’s clear that ‘civilization’, whatever that word is supposed to mean, hasn’t been all that helpful. It’s clear that the level of civilization in Ancient Greece and other locations have not been improved on since their time. One might say that things have gotten worse. Certainly the comfort level has gone up and existence is more convenient for those who can afford it but... there’s an argument for believing that we have actually been going down hill since more primitive times. The only positive note seems to be that time has sped up so that you don’t have to be here as long as in the past. It certainly feels like it’s going faster and that’s not good news either considering the general direction that civilization ‘appears’ to be headed in.

I have always had the highest admiration for men like Buckminster Fuller and Jacque Fresco. Throughout the course of history there have been men and women who have shown us a vision of what we could be like but they have been uniformly marginalized and typed as kooks and eccentrics. We’ve been told that ideas like theirs are not practical and couldn’t be applied in any wider sense among the world’s people. In the movie, “Who Killed the Electric Car”, we were treated to the images of new cars, which had never been driven, being crushed into scrap by gigantic presses. There’s no point in my loading this entry with examples of what happens when corporations and banks dictate the course of human evolution AND there’s a reason why fascism is always the end result of this process.

Some people are evolutionary and some people are de-evolutionary. You could say that some people are good and some people are evil and that would mean the same thing. I don’t know if these people are born this way or if opportunity and circumstance mold them into what they become. All I know is that it happens and that usually, in a society driven by money and products, good comes to be defined as evil and evil as good. Then we get things like this.

AIPAC is engaged in their usual scheming and strong-arming at the moment and we are getting first hand evidence of how fascism comes about and how... no matter how much some people have, it is never enough. It appears they are not satisfied with the case being dropped against their spies. They want an investigation into how this was allowed to happen in the first place. Part of their logic is that the charges were brought “under a law that had barely been used in more than 90 years.” Wow... do I really need to perform an autopsy on that? Some things have been against the law for centuries but they do get used on occasion; unless you are well placed on the pyramid. Then, even the ancient laws about murder and theft don’t really apply. And if you kill some truly large amount of people then it becomes something performed in the national interest.

Former Senator Abourezk lays it out pretty well. It’s not hard to see what’s going on here or... to see the other end of the spectrum where the target doesn’t have the ‘juice’ because he’s a member of a suspect group which was made suspicious due to an act of terrorism carried out by agents of the group in power, for the purpose of making this group suspect in the first place. Regardless of the injured howling on the part of the real villains in the picture, we don’t need to argue further about who did 9/11 and why they did it. All you have to do is look at what has resulted since.

You don’t need all that other evidence but that’s there too. That’s there too... ignored and hanging in the air along with the iron ions and whispering thermite. There’s Larry Silverstein doing the old soft shoe and singing, “Pull it... pull it for me baby.” There’s Michael Chertoff in the role of a demented Jim Henson. There are flash forwards and flashbacks. In one of the flash forwards we see Henry Kissinger whispering into Obama’s ear like Grima Wormtongue. There’s the entire U.S. Congress performing felatio at the AIPAC convention while Handel’s Messiah is played backwards. Money is dropping, pants are dropping, names are dropping and people are even smearing droppings under their eyes to cut the glare of the sun which stands for something allegorical in this life play but ...we’ve forgotten what that was.

Pete Seeger turned 90 the other day. He wrote a song called, “Where have all the Flowers Gone?” There are a lot of new versions needed, “Where have all the Humanity gone?” is one of them. Honor... awareness... these are but a few of the virtues that have been whored out for things no sane person would want to possess in the first place and I have to ask... why would you give away qualities that protect you and make your life worth living for... things that endanger you and steal all of the joy from your existence? It’s a dark marvel to witness.

There’s some reason that so many powerful rent boys and girls are performing so many demeaning acts for the benefit of a tiny ruling elite. Sure, they’ve always been whores but, in the past, there’s at least been a certain amount of pretense otherwise. The veil of illusion was a lot more intact. They only did certain things on camera. Now they will do anything on camera. They compete with each other to see who can be more degrading than their fellows.

I don’t think they can be doing it for money and power but maybe I am wrong. Maybe it just has to do with denying the position to everyone who has any integrity or principles and making sure that only the most dishonorable among us can be elected. You know... like when Rahm Emanuel (who certainly hadn’t attained the seniority for the position) was in charge of making sure that only pro-war democrats were allowed to run for office in 2006. Maybe that is all it is... making sure that only the most corrupt of the crew is allowed to line up behind each other and kiss Baphomet’s ass.

I’m traveling some distance tonight to meet with some of the more well known individuals on “The Truth Circuit”. It was a curious invite that came out of nowhere and maybe it will prove illuminating for me. Then again... it could be Borat; out to punk some anti-Zionist nobody. We’ll see and you’ll hear about it in the next installment here this weekend.

Those of you who visit regularly know that I’ve mentioned the apocalypse theme often over recent time. You’ve heard me talk about large shifts in our collective state of being. I’ve mentioned the approach of great and possibly grave events upon the horizon. I can’t shake this. It accompanies me through my every day. I’m generally much more hopeful than appearances warrant. I really do think there is going to be a universal hoisting upon petards. I see deep darkness infiltrated with light. I see powerful structures collapsing to the ground much as those mysterious free falling towers did. I see transformation and wide awakening, simultaneously terrible and wonderful... all dependent on the state in which we find ourselves at its occurrence.

There’s no question that there is more pressure than there are places for it to go. There’s no question that corruption and imbalance have moved beyond the point where they can sustain themselves. Laws of Nature are now due to come into play. We do not understand these laws but we know they exist and we are going to get first hand demonstration of them. My take was... and is... those in whom hubris has become uncontrollable shall soon be meeting the unexpected.

I have often premised that life is a reality play. Life is that stage of which The Bard has spoken. We are going to be getting a lesson about the wrong way of living and doing things and the principal players have been thrust forth into the limelight for better viewing. Remember... no one will be seated during the last ten minutes of our feature presentation.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Abe Foxman is one of the Devil's Inflamed Hemorrhoids.

Let’s face it (with averted, horrified eyes) Abe Foxman is a major player in the infernal kingdom. I toyed with some other illustrations; dead skunk in the middle of the road. The idea had promise. Abe smells at least that bad and he is dead. He’s dead to all human qualities, which makes him sort of like the undead that you see in those zombie films except, he would have to be a dung golem wouldn’t he? Then I considered he might be one of the devil’s butt hairs but I can’t see the devil wasting the kind of nasty talent he has invested in Abe on something as pedestrian as a butt hair.

No... when I thought about hemorrhoids, something just clicked. My understanding of hemorrhoids, I don’t have any but... my understanding is that they itch and burn and are really annoying and no one really wants one in their private places. All that dovetailed perfectly with how I understand Abe Foxman. As I read on, I realized that this is what Abe is but... not just any hemorrhoid; One of the devil’s hemorrhoids.

Now the Zionist Occupied Government of America has dropped their case against the AIPAC spies. Larry Franklin went to prison for this but you can’t put AIPAC members in jail. You can’t even take them to court. If you try, Abe Foxman is going to go nova and The Devil is going to start squirming on his throne and getting really annoyed and pull some strings in the places where he has the most sway on the planet. Those places would be most governments, most legal systems and certainly all of the ones in America and especially the legislative and administrative branches too. Once the Devil takes care of this, Abe will move on to something else which will lead to something like this or maybe something like this and the Devil can cut back on those Preparation H applications.

In America and Great Britain where people like Abe hold the greatest sway, the world is becoming a replica of George Orwell’s, 1984. They’ve got the German government sewed up pretty tight too and the same is true about the rest of Europe. Very few of the people in any of these countries support what Flaming Abe is up to but the will and opinion of the people isn’t worth anything at all in those places any more. Let’s not leave out Canada and Australia where the psychopathic Zionistas are making life difficult for anyone who isn’t bending over for them. This is the sort of thing that is going on all over the place now and this article barely scratches the surface.

Let’s go back to the first link where we see that Professor William Robinson from the University of Santa Barbara has compared the Israelis to Nazis and apparently he’s going to be prosecuted for this. I thought the First Amendment was a protection against this sort of thing but, most likely there are no more Constitutional protections. The strange thing is that what the professor says is absolutely true. In fact, the Israelis and The Zionists (wherever they may be) are worse than the Nazis. It’s no wonder the devil is in such a bad mood all the time, given how many hemorrhoids he has. AIPAC holds their conventions there; Congress holds its sessions there. The Devil’s Rectum is like the world’s biggest soccer stadium. It’s no wonder that everything we hear from the governments and the press well as the Zionist Israelis who control them... It’s no wonder that everything they say and do stinks of something we learned the smell of as children because they form their words and actions out of the substance found in the Devil’s rear end.

Flaming Abe says that the professor’s curriculum intimidated a couple of Jewish students who complained about the professors take. Of course, hypocrisy is one of Flaming Abe’s main characteristics but you do have to wonder whether the Palestinians feel intimidated by the Nazi tactics of the Israelis. You have to wonder if Charles Freeman or Walt and Mearsheimer have felt intimidated. You have to wonder if all the people being intimidated by Flaming Abe and his legion of dung golems feel intimidated. I know what Abe would say. He would say that feeling intimidated by ADL-Zionist-Israeli pressure amounts to anti-Semitism. I believe he would say that Palestinians crying out in their death agonies is anti-Semitism. I am sure he would say that every time a Palestinian draws a breath that it is an anti-Semitic act.

I’d wanted to make Flaming Abe the Hemorrhoid one of my first entries in my new blog, Profiles in Evil but I’m not ready with that yet and Abe really needs to hear this now. He needs to hear from all of us. Abe... the Israelis and their Zionist supporters are worse than the Nazis. I’m never going to recant or change my tune on this. I wouldn’t let the threat of jail or anything else keep me from letting you know that I know that you are an inflamed hemorrhoid in the devil’s rear end. Even if I did have to go to jail for telling the truth, I would have written a thousand essays to be published while I was away. I wouldn’t stop. I would go right back to saying what I am saying... no matter what. That’s how I am Abe... just like you are what you are... a vicious Nazi who crucifies the truth every day and who has no morals, no scruples, no honor and no soul.

I know you can ‘waddle in’ to Blogger and have them shut me down but I have blog locations all over. It takes five extra minutes to set up a new location and less than that to let everyone know where it is.

Maybe you can’t help yourself Abe. I realize that living where you do might give you a distorted view on life. I realize that the only substance you come across in your day is something most people are repelled by. Of course in your case, you’ve got that coprophagia thing happening so you think its pate. Even so, given the position you see the world from, it can’t be an asset to a wider perspective AND, given the sort of people you are likely to meet, well... you have my understanding. I’ve got compassion for a mad dog Abe but there’s no treatment for it.

Let me sum it up for you Abe. Zionism and it’s weapon of ‘Anti-Semitism’ were created to give the impression that the people who took Palestine by force and evicted what inhabitants they didn’t kill and who imprisoned the rest in Warsaw-like ghettos are Biblical inheritors of that land. Actually, the real Semitic inhabitants were already there. This presented a public relations problem so you and your reptile, hemorrhoid associates needed to pretend that you were the people you replaced. This is why you changed the names of all of the towns so as to blot out the former presence of those you disenfranchised and murdered. It’s as simple as that and there is nothing more to it than that.

Now you’re using this hate crime legislation, which you and your proxies are behind, to stifle any and all opposition to your relentless assault on the freedom of human thought, speech and action. It’s right there to be seen. It’s right there. We can all see you the same way the Devil can feel you. And... speaking of the Devil, he’s not happy, not even a little bit, with what you’ve been putting him through and he’s going to be settling your account at some point along with the overdue accounts of the rest of your odious, psychopathic crew.

I’ve been taught to have compassion Abe. I know that I must acquire compassion for everyone to achieve my goal in this life. You don’t need compassion, of course, but we are headed in different directions. In any case, you provide me with quite a conundrum. Is one required to feel compassion for a hemorrhoid? I’ve never had to think about that Abe. Should one have compassion for the Ebola virus as it is attacked by antibodies? It’s a difficult call.

Given what I see these days it really looks like the hemorrhoids have taken over the world. That could have the tendency to depress a person. Still... I’ve got the feeling that something is going to happen some way, somehow and that there’s going to be the kind of shrinking that happened to the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. Maybe then we won’t be hearing any more from the shrieking violets that trigger all of the witch hunts we have seen in recent times. I don’t know what’s going to put an end to your mischief but I can tell you this... it’s going to happen and you aren’t going to shut me up any more than you will shut up the rest of us. My advice to you is to go into a kind of remission and just enjoy the amenities of your natural home. For a man like yourself there is probably no sweeter place to be. Why not kick back and enjoy it?

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