Saturday, May 16, 2009

To Dream or not to Dream. What was the Question?

The best thing about my sites is the quality of the readers who show up. These days I would say there is as much to gain, or more, from the comments section than from whatever I might have to say to begin with; not to imply that there’s anything to gain by coming around here but we certainly have some remarkable exchanges which spans the gamut from the scientifically precise to the potentially lunatic. Lately I have noticed a certain trend toward the fantastic. This is not to say that the fantastic is not as much a reality as the crap we are sold as real. It’s just that... in the end... it comes down to speculation. I’m going to talk about some of that today.

There are people who believe we might have been bio-engineered and people who believe that star travelers might have intermarried with humanoids. There are people who think that the evil elite have absolute control over life on Earth and that there’s nothing any of us can do about it. You name it and there’s someone who has mentioned it. I’ve seen some interesting takes on how we got to this moment from the places for which there is no longer any evidence or records of our presence in the past...wherever and whatever that may have been. You can read through the comments from the last several postings if you want some idea of what I am talking about or you can just use your imagination.

First off, let’s talk about these evil elite who are presently meeting in Greece at one of their occasional Bilderberger get togethers and who also tend to show up at the CFR “chop me out another line” dancing seminars, as well as at The Club of Rome, the Committee of 300 and sundry plunder fests where they decide what to take from whom and who to kill in the process.

They’ve probably got their informal as well as special moments for which we possess no known calendar. I’m sure at some of those they sacrifice small children on some kind of an altar in order to win the favor of that Old Testament cat with the burnt offerings jones. I suspect that the people running the show and manifesting the rituals think it’s all a bunch of hooey but it works for the purpose. I know that some of them are members of elite pedophilia clubs because we hear about them every now and then and it results in Jack and shit being brought together in close juxtaposition. This is because they’ve got a whole lot of Jack and because they control a whole lot of shit.

Yeah, I hear a lot about the evil guys and smaller portion of women like Elizabeth Bathory’s latest incarnation as Condoleezza Rice or maybe it’s Zippy Livni. It’s funny she had the word ‘bath’ in her name considering the kind of baths she used to take. She and Giles De Rais would have made a nice couple. Digressing... digressing. Where was I? Right... the evil guys and girls. So we hear about them and we can definitely see what they do. All you have to do is look at any situation that is screwed up on the planet and sooner or later it tracks back to them either in a torturous ‘all water eventually finds the sea’ kind of a way or through one or another of ‘the little people’ who seek to emulate them, given what they’ve acquired for themselves and given how they get away with doing it... or seem to. They are role models after all.

But... not much gets said about the good guys and girls and if this world is a study in opposites and polarities; given that this is a world of duality as far as the purposes of this argument goes then... there must be a cabal of good elites too and regardless of appearances they would tend to have the edge because the essential nature of evil is that it destroys itself. I’m not going to diagram why this is because of space considerations but since I have probably the best collection of readers on the internet that I have so far seen, I don’t think I have to diagram it. People... we need to use our common sense and we need to look at the symmetry of the universe and the incredible balance of tensions that manifests the awesome beauty of our surrounding... except in the places where we, as the resident planetary virus, have screwed it up.

We need to remember that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Nor should we assume just because we think we can see something that it necessarily is there. In this context let me add that people often see things and identify them as something other than what they are. This happens a lot.

I’ve gotten a few comments from people who take me to task over my optimism. They can’t see it... why I might feel that way, based on where we are collectively at this time. This is a world where war is a constant simply because it is composed of four elements at war with each other and we are made out of them too. These interact within the fifth element of aether. Ergo... this is a place where bad shit happens. That does not mean that due to the ignorant combination of elements put together by bad magicians that we are doomed as a result. We’re all temporary as far as ‘here’ is concerned. For me that means you spend your time doing what you do with all of your heart and never mind about things like winning and losing battles; empires, fortunes, your life, your loved ones because... every single one of these things will be moving on before or after you.

Now, I know that there are other worlds than this one because I have been there now and again. I also have it on the testimony of those whose integrity is- for me- beyond question However... it shouldn’t matter whether there are other worlds or not. We should do our best regardless. It shouldn’t matter if the bad guys have awesome weapons and endless cash as well as police forces and prisons. Some are willing to bend the knee at this spectacle but I’m not one of them and I’m not alone.

I know that the bad guys are going to get it like neither you nor I can imagine. I realize they cause a great deal of mayhem in the meantime and I realize that the wheels of justice grind slowly just as I realize they grind exceedingly small. I realize that sometimes it can seem overwhelming and these days are some of those times. But... as I have said many times before, this is a movie. This is a series of movies within a much larger movie which is itself only another movie in an even larger series.

I’ve heard it said that the distance between the atoms in our bodies is relative to the distance between the planets. I’ve heard and seen so many things that all prove to interact within such a profound harmony of being and action that I am past questioning whether or not the system is conscious of itself. That still doesn’t matter as far as whatever is required of you. Some people are true to themselves and some are not. Some people have made themselves the proper study of their lives and others (most people) study everything but.

Maybe aliens did interbreed with humans. I do not doubt the presence of extra-terrestrial life forms. I’ve had direct experience of this WITH witnesses present. Maybe there has been some bio-engineering of human life and there’s no doubt that there is an evil elite but my take is that their power is the power of appearances and that in reality they are just a bunch of jumped up little punks who are going to find themselves in something more than a little hot water sooner than they think. You’re free to believe what you like. This is what I believe.

Do your best. You’re not getting out of here in this body and it is an interesting mystery how people will hold so tight to what they cannot maintain their grip on. People’s inability to come to terms with their own mortality is one of the main causes of a great deal of mischief and misery.

I like to ask myself how I am likely to feel at the end of this particular trip IF... I go this way or that way. I ask myself what it would be like to reflect back on my life and what I would like to see there when I do. I don’t think it matters how much power a handful of low to the ground shit-weasels seem to possess. You can step in front of a truck one day while you are thinking about it so it seems to me that just paying attention and hooking up with the right cosmic energy is the way to go. The jury’s out on what’s coming. The best thing to remember is that Boy Scout motto. If you don’t know what that is then look it up.

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Anonymous said...

You know Les, when I visit your site what always seems to impress me is seeing the various flags indicating the location of the readers to this site. Again that does say something as to the nature of this site and Kudos to you for all your efforts.
Just another faithful reader....


Unknown said...

Bravo, Sir, a thousand times BRAVO! Hang on to the optimism and keep on sharing it--with as many hits as you're getting, surely you can bring some light to the dark corners and their inhabitants without being eclipsed by their dimness...


Randall said...

Holas, los Les.

psychegram said...

I've been reminding myself recently that this is all one great drama, the world is a stage and we're all actors, following scripts. We can write our own lines but the plot isn't in our hands ... all we can do is give the best damn performances we can.

My brother's going over to Afghanistan in several months. He'll be leading a group of ANA troops and that means he'll be seeing action and lots of it. He's convinced of the justice of the cause, knows the Arabs Are the Enemy and so far as Geneva, well, they didn't sign it so fuck 'em. In many ways he represents everything I try not to but, that's his role in the drama, isn't it? Whether he chose it or it was assigned, I can't very well ask him to try and change it. Only that he does the best damn job at it he can do.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that all those servants of the great world-eating Machine, the corporate managers and the cops and the prison guards and the Monsanto scientists and yeah, even the Alien Elite themselves (who regardless of what they might have deluded themselves into believing are just as much servants as anyone), all the great Villains of History ... all serve. All serve, in fact, the same master. Of course we know who we serve and they just think they do but then, that's sort of the point. Without conflict there could be no drama, and thus some amongst our number must take antagonistic roles, must indeed lose themselves in those roles, in order for the drama to proceed.

That doesn't make it a lot easier. Bringing it back to home, my brother might well not come home and he knows it. He's no dumb grunt: he's got a university degree, he's a student of military history and he knows exactly what he's stepping into (which is to say, the main act of World War III.) Worse yet if he dies, he'll die one of the bad guys ... and if he survives, he'll carry the shame of that with him the rest of his life, like a retired soldier of the Waffen SS who fought honorably himself but knows the world spits in his every footstep for the crimes of the regime he fought for.

Murphy151 said...

Hello world,

My middle initial begins with 'F' and I think it stands for 'fuck-up' because if I was paid a buck for every time I have engineered a fuck-up, I would be right up there with David 'either with me or serving me' Rockefeller. About six months ago, I made a conscious decision to do something different, something out of character, something right. This week, I was paid back in spades for my effort. Now this has nothing to do with smoking mirrors or any other blog, it is essentially a private matter but I wanted to share it because although I am still prone to engineering fuck-ups, I also wanted you to know that even imperfection can make positive changes and make good seemingly impossible situations.

Les has touched on some of the deeper aspects of this from time to time and that side of things is more eloquently said by him and I think it is fair to say, many people here recognise that to be the case as well.

I am just a face in the crowd, seemingly invisible in the teeming masses but I know the truth and it is with me forever.


Anonymous said...

The truth stands plain to see. All one has to do is open ones mind to see it.

kikz said...


Ivan de Coward said...


I do not know if you had a chance to read Master and Margarita by M.A.Bulgakov, but I am almost certain that you are a kind of fellow who could enjoy it very much. I believe there are a few English translations and it should not be a problem to locate them on the Internet. A TV series based on this novel was a sensational social event in Russia a couple years ago.

hANOVER fIST said...

I can be a part of the problem, or I can choose to be part of the solution.

I choose the latter.

Those who select to be complacent while evil minds peddle their scumbaggery about them will share their fate.

pot said...

"The best thing to remember is that Boy Scout motto"

Didn't I just read an article in the NYT where boy scouts are being trained to take down terrorists (and you know who they mean)?

Nobody knows anything for sure, and you want to avoid those who say they know the truth.

And if you really believe the "power is the power of appearances and that in reality they are just a bunch of jumped up little punks", then I don't know what to say to you. Hope you are right.

But the power just got handed several trillion dollars that we must borrow from them as they create the money, and we must pay them back with interest, and they did so with ease and without so much as a whimper outside the blogosphere. Obama is doing his best Bush Lite impersonation and has a favorable opinion rating in the polls.

If you think our keyboards has them piddling themselves in fear, you are mistaken.

There may well have been a Good elite at war with an Evil elite. Thats pretty much a certainty based on our history. The synthesis of this battle is a ruling elite which uses evil to do good, and they are the judge and jury over what is good, and what is the end that justifies the means. They all agree on the final destination, although they may disagree on some aspects of the plan, such as the path and speed in which to get there.

Anonymous said...

If this is a stage and we all are actors, I'll do just one line. And it will be ad lib.

Truthman said...

Row, row, row, your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.
Life is but a dream.
Life is but a dream.

What if that is true? What if you and I are creating our own realities?
Les, you mention this concept from time to time, and it is a concept that I delved in to many years ago. A reasoned man could agree or disagree, but the fact is that in reality, there would be absolutely no way to prove it. As the premise itself is a circular one, any "proof" would only satisfy the theory, therby making it unprovable.

I, too, believe that given the missing particles of history, we are creations of an alien race from long ago. All organized religion is a control mechanism, and all things are not as they seem. I don't trust history from 40 years ago, let alone 400 or 4000. How could any human being with a grain of sense, really? Here is a letter I recently wrote to my local editor knowing, of course, that it would never be published. But I believe, that it could hold some grains of truth. At least it does for me from my perspective...

Dear Letters to the Editor:

The recent incursion of patriotic "tea baggers" in to the political spectrum of disillusioned Americans is refreshing to see. Dissent is patriotic and shows that you're paying attention. Unfortunately, your attention seems not so much being paid to what is transpiring with your country as it is to what's transpiring in your media.

OK, so the right wing TV talking heads are rallying their troops to protest outrageous government spending. Where were you guys when Bush ran up his 4 trillion dollar deficit? You supported illegal wars and fascist policies like the ironically name "Patriot Act," plus illegal wiretapping of citizens and abhorrent abuse of the US Treasury like private armies (Blackwater) and private contractors (Haliburton) to supply our troops overseas with overpayments and obscene overcharges for services well "documented" beyond any sane argument. Where were your "tea parties" then? You've supported the outright murder of Iraqi and Afghanistan women and children with your tax dollars for years. And to protect you from what, precisely? Iraq has nor had an airforce, navy, or standing army. Afghanistan has (or had) even less. Who made you so fearful?

And more importantly, why?

The implicit warnings of past leaders now comes in to focus. The military/industrial/media complex plan of taking over America has come to pass. All humanity needs to unite against this foe, for it is a formidable one. However, that requires the focus of an informed populace. Unfortunately, we cannot and will not be informed by the corporately controlled media, all of whom are the very same corporations that benefit financially from "shocking and awing" us in to the fear and darkness of their hateful rhetoric and lies. They have spent trillions and trillions of dollars to make us feel that our differences require safety mechanisms that "they" happen to sell. And they foment and fan the flames of those differences from the vantage point of being able to completely control and manipulate them as they are created.


I don't blame the on air "talent" and/or producers of this dis-info. They are "bubbled" workers doing their jobs. They believe what they're saying is good, solid information I am sure. Their insulation from the truth is the same as yours and mine if we don't step outside and see the chemtrails. Or the cancer cures. Or the wind energy or solar energy alternatives. Or the magnetic motors. Or the numerous ways that the "hemp plant" could save the world. They just couldn't PROFIT FROM IT!

So here is your chance to PROFIT FROM IT!

Find alternate sources for your news and information. Turn OFF your television. It is crap. And for god's sake, do not listen to talk radio. It is below crap.

Understand that socialism, communism, fascism, and capitalism are ALL forms of control. And they all have good and bad, equally. Understand that christianity, hinduism, catholicism, judaism, and atheism are ALL systems of control with equal parts both good and bad.

But for the survival of the planet, understand that ZIONISM is only bad. It is a racist ideology that promotes hatred, deceit, coercion, bribery, murder, infiltration, lying, the "noble lie," assassination, deception, war, and virtually all things contrary to humankind co-existence. And then realize that ZIONISM is in the process of taking over the world. Yes, 'tis true.

If that makes me a racist... than I accept that moniker. However, I am firmly and with honest conscious of the belief that Zionism is a political movement and NOT a race of humanity. It is a political movement by a group of elitists that firmly feel they "know what is best" for the future of humankind and eff you if you do not agree. Profit, is their motive, and your life and your existence is totally secondary to their goal of world domination. You represent a "tradable commodity" to them and your family and happiness are directly related to their "bottom line." You are the "goy" which means "cattle" and they are the "chosen people." A heart warming story, huh? Unless you're a "goy!"

Do you know the meaning of "reprehensible?"

Zionism is a belief system that needs to be disappeared from the "human belief system." I am not sure that it is possible sans removing all of those humans from earth. And that is a task that cannot be undertaken lightly or without serious repercussions. Why?

All of our belief systems as inhabitants of earth are both and at once ours, and the conscript of generations of passed knowledge and experience. "At once" because we simultaneously experience the feelings of our own humanity and the humanity of our ancestors, without prejudice. That, in a nutshell, is "life" on planet earth. Hence, we are given little choice to discern, nor a roadmap to make, our own way through the maze of what we think of as "humanity." The model of organized religion certainly has it's misgivings, and the model of "civility" has even more built in dichotomy.

A person with a "brain" is a misguided rocket that could hit any target any where any time without warning. And, save the few unfortunate ones, we are pretty much all armed with a brain. This "brain" is also loaded with concepts and ideas, some with merit and some without, but loaded nonetheless. Ideas that are compassionate seem to seek compassionate replication and ideas that are not, seem to seek the same.

So what is really going on here? Allow me to ramble a bit more...

Thousands of years ago, and at the beginning of human intelligence, there was a group of humans who discovered as humans are want to do, that the species was a "trusting and easily manipulated crowd" if properly indoctrinated. Yes, they were smarter than the herd. They used that knowledge to make themselves the "leaders" of the herd. The more they led, the more they learned. Even the few who had moral principles soon became enamored with their ability to control and even distract the "herd." With their newfound power, they began to inflict their opinions and politics on their "flock" sometimes as an experiment, and sometimes with prudence. Nonetheless, they learned that the "flock" could be contained and manipulated by leaking and inventing from whole cloth, information. And this information could be ANYTHING. ANYTHING AT ALL. And because the information was "controlled and contrived", these leaders soon learned that their "flocks" were precisely that; and easily and conveniently manipulated herd of humans that followed almost precisely the direction that they were given. The "power" of that was intoxicating to these few who knew. They soon declared themselves KINGS and QUEENS and declared that anyone who disavowed their proclamation was a heretic and/or a witch. The easily cowed and extremely malleable populace was enamored with their new found and exalted leaders and the oligarchy was born. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

Soon, like in a couple of thousand years or so, the "crowned and blue-blooded oligarchs" discovered that they were grossly outnumbered by the peasants. Though they had ruled and controlled comfortably for thousands of years, the peasants had grown weary and some were unfortunately becoming "educated" in the ways of their conscription. The oligarchs needed a plan to avoid their sure death sentences and hangings at the stake.

WAR! "What? and How?" "Well," says Simeon Rothchild, "If we can just use our considerable influence with the information networks to the goy, we can convince them that they are being threatened. Ahem, we all know how they respond to that, do not we?"

"Go on." responds the Queen.

"If we simply use our money and influence through existing communication channels, we can have them fighting each other instead of us!"

"Tell us more," pleads the Queen.

"We can hire agents of discontent to convince the goy that their differences are the very seeds of their problems. And that they must fight each other to quell the uprisings of their discontent."

"Aha...brilliant!" says the Queen. "More..."

"And, because the goy are so ignorant of the money system, we can loan money to both sides to fund their folly and profit in either case, using our agents to direct and focus their hatreds and fears, which are so obviously inherent, but to us alone."

"Genious. Plus, we still hold the seat of power and control the entire race without the goy having the slightest clue," exalts the Queen.

"At your cervix, my lord."

'Make it so," replies the Queen.

And thousands upon thousands of years later, here we are expecting GOD (Santa Claus) or JESUS (The Easter Bunny) or some divine intervention (which they alone have created and do not believe themselves, quite obviously) to save us from ...THEM!

Do you believe that George W. Bush is a "Christian" after he sanctioned the murder of over 1.5 Million innocent human beings in Iraq and Afghanistan?

C'mon now! And do you feel that you have MORE information than the President of the United States regarding the afterlife and it's implications?

Are you still afraid of your religion? Relax, because HE knows more than you, and if HE isn't going to hell, NOBODY IS!

And my point is, somewhat obviously, there is no hell and there is no heaven. This is it. When you're done you're done.

Don't live for the "afterlife." Live for the present life and leave no regrets. There are no guarantees. Period.

You are what you are and who you are you have very little to do with that. That's a fact. Your GOD or your FEAR of death and desire for some "afterlife" is an illusion promoted by aforementioned controlling influences that desire to make a profit from your short and beautiful time on planet earth. They are not deserving and you are not imperiled to that meager existence. Make your way. Resist. They are not the boss of you.

Question everything. Keep your eyes and ears open. Live each day to the fullest. Resist authority at every turn. Do all you can to NOT pay income taxes in America.

Keep a gun or four and do NOT register them. Fight tyranny. Stay focused on freedom and the US Constitution. The Constitution is YOUR prime protection.

Fight all attempts to alter the US Constitution. Don't fall for the "its outdated, it doesn't apply, its a piece of paper" condemnations. The US Constitution is a work of art,
a timeless, living and breathing document for any time or place in history. Such brilliance and such understanding. Really.

So remember this, no leader should ever pretend that his job is to "protect America." EVERY elected leader of America should "Protect the US CONSTITUTION!"

That document, alone, protects the people of America. Any change to it or "signing statement" or subversion of it constitutes a violation
that nullifies it and makes any citizen living under it, a "free" citizen.

To be continued....

D-unit said...

Not sure if I am posting at the correct site, as this post has more of a meta-physical slant. It does seem like the Origami site and the Smoking Mirrors site are beginning to inter mesh more often, as has my life in the same manner (spiritual with "real world").
I Hope that you find this to be relevant.

I recently returned from Peru after doing work with Ayahuasca shamans. It was the most intense experience of my life. Here's the lesson, of many, from that experience that stuck out the most:

You, and everyone and everything that you know will inevitably cease to exist in this plane. Parents, siblings, spouse, children, even the dog. The organic nature of our existence was shown in a very concrete and indescribable way. This is an inescapable fact. There is no getting around this for anybody. We will all die.

It is one thing to know this on an intellectual level, but the experience carried so much weight.
Although this may seem counter-intuitive, it was very freeing.

Before my trip, I was very wrapped up in the New World Order/Israel/CIA/FED/everybody is full of shit conspiracy issues. I still am to some extent, as the facts of these matters are overwhelming. However, during my experience, I tried to inquire about these issues, and the presence that was guiding my trip just ignored my queries. It just kept doing what it was doing. Because in the end, it is not important.

These issues and the people associated with the issues only have as much power as we give them, and although the issues are real, they cannot dominate unless permitted. And this sucks because it feels like others are allowing this bullshit to persist into our collective reality through their ignorance.

If you are fearful of being controlled by big brother, don't let it control you.

If you are fearful of the posibility of an econimic collapse, you add fuel to the fire.

Some people may be afraid of loss of material possession. Some may fear that at some point they will not be able to put food into their mouths. These may be rational fears, but they are projections of fear into a future that does not exist, yet. This is a waste.

It is a bit ironic that the system that created such a huge disparity between rich nations and the poor nations (corporate control and imperialism) will be the same systems that balances that out by shipping jobs to the lowest bidder. We all lose and "they" will win, temporarily, becuase "they" hold all the cards, but this cannot last. And "they" cannot take any of their material with them. It will not protect them.

Tyler Durden once said, "the things you own end up owning you." There is much truth in that statement. "They" want to own the world, but you can bet you ass that it will end up owning them.

I too have trouble finding the "shit happens" button, and can get very worked up over "shit" when it is repeatedly thrown into my face. But I can assure you that this cannot keep going at its current pace, it is doomed to implode (already is), and it ultimately does not matter.

So what can I do. I do the best I can with those around me, because most have a lot of goodness once you claw your way though the bullshit. Many may be ignorant or misguided, but people are generally good. Fearful, yes. But good.
And be prepared (scouts motto) or don't prepare.

Because it is all bullshit, and you know it.

PS - The Jane Harman saga is beautiful in a way, as is the current predicament in which Ms. Pelosi finds herself. I expect to see many instances of this type of poetic justice going forward.

ZZZ said...

Psychegram your brother doesn't even know who he is fighting. Afghans are not Arabs. Afghans are Persians, Pushtuns, Uzbeks, and the descendants of Ghenghiz Khan (the Hazaras). Sad how many Americans don't even know or care and lump everyone together.

G said...

when you look at a picture like this-> it becomes quite obvious that we are not the only life forms.
The earth is but a speck of dust in the solar system. The solar system is but a speck of dust in the galaxy. The galaxy is but a speck of dust in the universe. We are nothing, but from our perspective we are everything.
I strongly believe that we were bio engineered from an alien race 10's of thousands of years ago. Just looking at the ancient structures like the Giza pyramids, that we could probably not even remake with today's technology shows that there was some advanced technology being used in the past. Also when you look at the animals, and how they all live in harmony with nature... all but us homo-sapiens... we are definitely not like other the species that inhabit this planet. Its almost like we are not of this earth.
Any who great post Les don't stop writing these blogs. I always look forward to reading them

Anonymous said...

I doubt there is a cabal of good elites anywhere in the world to act as a effective counterbalance to the evil ones. If you discover one let us know. Jeb Bush's words come to mind, "people shouldn't worry about what their government is doing because they can't do anything about it. They don't have any money and people with money make the decisions." (not an exact quote) Anyhow we are in the mess we're in because the bad actors are in control, and the prince of darkness is at the helm. I hear about white knights who are working with the celestials to turn the table on the dark crowd. They say many of the dark would change their ways but fear the top echelons of the controllers. We are always reading about these weird suicides. These entities say once the dark cabal in Washington is removed we will experience rapid worldwide change.

Didn't Bush once describe the axis of evil as the US UK and some other country in the Middle East I forgot it's name. That was a very astute observation because 90% of the trouble we are witnessing originates there. Are any of the European countries attacking anyone, how about China? The Bear was provoked in Georgia. Who was the provocateur? How long has it been since a Latin American country attacked its neighbor? Lots of trouble in Africa but last I heard they don't have large arms manufacturing firms. And then there is that scourge of humanity Iran who hasn't attacked anyone in two hundred years. You never know when they might launch one of the nukes they don't have on some US city. Yep, if they did have a nuke that would be a great move. Destroy a US city and in thirty minutes their entire country would be reduced to radioactive dust. How could any American support an attack on Iran? How could our government even consider such a proposition? Our government! I forgot we the people don't have a government. It is all about the corporations and AIPAC.

Hey Les, it is "fantastic". I can't believe the shit that is going on. I agree it is right out of the movies, like Angels and Demons or Matrix. It is all coming to a climax. Faster and faster we go, more nonsense, cruelty, degeneracy, perversion, lies, wars and rumors of wars, starvation, homelessness..... They are coming to take me away ha ha!


Anonymous said...

......thats right..thats probably what it all comes down to....let me see,it goes....." On my honor,I will do my best to do my duty ,to God and my country"....why cant I remember the rest...maybe it gets a little off the mark after that...i dunno,,,
I lasted about a month in boy a little bored with the process of the adults ....'shaping my mind'....but learning how to tie special knots from behind my back was cool....

greg said...

As usual for me this is a bit off topic but as Les' column says, we have here on this blog NOT the "usual gang of idiots"
I have a real life situation here I'd appreciatee any helpful comments on , especially from a lawyer.
I have found myself living in a small town (pop.<3000) in West Texas, a state that I had thought would be a bit more "conservative" than most. However....
A couple weeks ago my 12 year old daughter came home from school (6th grade) and told me that the Principal, a policeman(armed), and a guy with a dog came into the classroom and the policeman told the class to remove their shoes, empty their pockets and turn them out, and remove any jackets and sweaters. They were then led into the hall while the dog sniffed around the classroom and the cop did I don't know what.
I was so pissed I zoomed over to the school but the principal already left.
To make the story shorter ,I've filed a grievance with the Princial and Superintendant, talked to both of them and waiting for a written response. I also submitted a request over the internet a couple days ago to the ACLU for assistance.
I don't think that any other parent has complained.
The Schol board policy is based on the law that reads that students shall be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. But that school officials can search students based on "reasonable cause" ( the criterion for the police to search is "probable cause") or consent. I pointed out that the officials had neither grounds to search students en masse and these searches (though minimal) were illegal. He didn't seem to realize that, somehow, and would check with a lawyer. He said that he was just doing everything possible to keep the children safe and that some time in the dim past a gun was found on a student (the usual excuse for opression).
I'm supposed to get a written response in 10 days, but my neighbor who was on the school board until a couple weeks ago, and who was just as incensed about this practice as I was, told me, after talking to the Superintendent and to the school board that they saw nothing wrong with this bullshit and would probably play hardball.
As a side note, this little dying town has one traffic light that is about as necessary as an overpass, upon which appeared recently, video cameras!!
I thought about going to the county Prosecutor to see if he would look into this criminal policy but I'm not sure about jurisdiction.
Any thoughts or ideas (that don't require ammunition)?
This has really brought home to me just how far down the slippery slope we've slid. BTW, my daughter hasn't been taught anything yet about the Constitution or the Bill of rights,BUT, has been given a class about the holocaust.
I have no idea how much shit this will stir up but my attitude is- what the hell. I'm going to stand up to these assholes but I don't want to go broke doing it, so if it winds up in court, I'll do it myself (I've done it several times in Family court and won).
So... if anyone can offer any info or advice on this I'd appreciate it

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your latest attempts to get people looking and seeing for themselves. It is an art, a craft I would say, to see something for yourself and then attempt to share it with the world, even if they arn't ready. Thanks Les.

eileen H.

simon said...

A dark shadow is only cast by a bright light.

Nayon said...

Please alow me to put together some of your words, for the sake of a request. Forgive me if I'm distorting some of your thoughts, it's for the cause.

''This world is a study in opposites and polarities. We need to remember that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Nor should we assume just because we think we can see something that it necessarily is there.

This is a world where war is a constant simply because it is composed of four elements at war with each other and we are made out of them too. These interact within the fifth element of aether. Ergo… this is a place where bad shit happens. We’re all temporary as far as ‘here’ is concerned.

Now, I know that there are other worlds than this one because I have been there now and again. I do not doubt the presence of extra-terrestrial life forms. I’ve had direct experience of this WITH witnesses present. As I have said many times before, this is a movie. This is a series of movies within a much larger movie which is itself only another movie in an even larger series. Some people have made themselves the proper study of their lives and others (most people) study everything but. Do your best. You’re not getting out of here in this body.''

Most of us don't remember other worlds from past lives or had the opportunity to cross dimensions or meet Mr. ET. I might have met him once. He came to sit beside me on a park bench, and for half an hour, bragged about his past life on Venus and his healer qualities. To test him, I asked his opinion about that fat chemtrail that was being sprayed above our head. He told me those were trash and that we would suffer severe heat because of those. Then, for a second, I thought he might be for real. I looked him streight in the eyes and asked him : What's in it? Then he paused and smiled, as if he was realising this was the line he was not to cross. Then he stood up and walk away, only to turn around 20 ft away yelling at the top of his lungs that he loved me.

Sometimes Les, you remind me of this guy. The reason I put together that text is because I believe that we are in a holographic simulation designed to teach us the nature of good and evil and that guys like you are teachers from beyond. I know that Roger Waters said that God wants his secret never to be told, but, you know, and I speak from most of your readers here, we would appreciate as much reality as we can get. You know how hard it is to sail across the sea of desinfo, trying to make sense of things. I think there are great gifts of knowledge you could give us if you want, if you can. Am I still very far from it Les?

Anonymous said...

"...they are just a bunch of jumped up little punks who are going to find themselves in something more than a little hot water sooner than they think."

I love that line, Les! And won't the little punks cry when they get the spanking they deserve?

nina said...

Boy Scout Oath ...Scout Motto
Be Prepared

Dadnerd said...

Agree, a lot of these elaborate theories are entertaining, but is it just speculation?

We can all observe human nature. We all see how hard it is to get two people to agree about anything. So it's a stretch to imagine a conspiracy where people throughout the ages have a master plan, and are somehow working it out. Humans are just too confounded stubborn to cooperate! And we all know plans go wrong, even the best of them.

Ask any General in the military. As soon as the bullets start flying, the whole strategy goes to hell.

I'm thinking of two things that didn't seem to go according to plan. Oklahoma bombing, and that last plane on 9/11. Bombs don't always explode the way they are supposed to, and events don't always go the way they are planned.

Most people in the airforce know that an F16 took off with two sidewinder missiles, and came back with one. We all know that when a plane crashes in the ground we are expected to see...uh ...something! I don't think that was the plan, but I could be wrong.

I think the key ingredient here is skepticism. Lets not all get carried away with crazy ideas, but look at things rationally. Our survival may be in the balance here.

Question your priests, and your politicians. Your financial advisers too, most of them are criminals I'm afraid.

Visible said...

Great commentary... I wrote about this not to cast doubt upon the different concepts- because I could entertain any of them as being true- but just to throw them out there.

Anyone who has read from Gurdjieff, The Urantia Book and has an understanding of Scientology has come across these things. However, my feeling is that existence moves on a double spiral which is joined in a certain way and consciousness moves according to disposition in either direction. There are also states outside of this dynamic. This is just what the universe has shown me. Buddhas are an example of a particular state of being that... well... hmmm... words fail... I'll just throw 'mindfulness' out there and what the heck, 'mindlessness' as well.

The thing is that the elite is on a track to a particular destination and we are a part of their modality only to the point that we recognize their sway in any regard. I look at them as cartoon characters... a more sophisticated Tom and Jerry kind of a thing. They're not real either.

There's something to be said for the Buddhas inscrutable smile and what it indicates.

I've been in more danger than most people and have personal experience of inexplicable serendipity as well as certain available protections. You have to seek these protections out. You already have some measure of it simply because destiny is inclined to see itself fulfilled so that even if you are being a dumbass on occasion, Destiny wants you on the other end of your stupid behavior.

There are some things that I personally can't talk about that reassure me near entirely. It's not that I am forbidden to talk about them or don't want to talk about them. I can't talk about them because I wouldn't know how. I try over at Visible Origami but always fall short.

There's a quote from the Bible which goes, "Greater is that that is within you than that which is in the world." For me that's true. So also the quote, "faith is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen" or not yet apparent.

My experience, which has been directed toward more spiritual understandings as opposed to temporal theorems has put me in a particular position in relation to the world and I rely on that. It seems to work so I'm going to stick with that. I know how it looks right now but there's another quote for that. "Appearances are deceiving."

Dadnerd said...


Your spiritual background is why we read your stuff. Lots of people all over the internet, go off on how horrible the current political situation is here in the good ole USofA, and abroad. Any simple materialist can see that Gaza is an abomination. How many of those observers feel the pain of those young children, watching their mothers get blown apart? Who here has a seven year old child, and can imagine two bullet holes through their chest?

Watch the main stream media personalities try to look sad when they report it, for a few seconds, then on to the financial report, and the weather.

Anyway I think what we collectively love about your comments here is that other aspect of your observations. And I for one don't need to know where it comes from, or whether you have scrutinized you own experiences in that regard.

Look at all the great responses coming from this. "Truthman" writing a book, but what a book!

And all the other people here who read and don't comment. What a great bunch of people here. You add the other element that is lacking in most people, and that we do appreciate most. Not to mention your great command of the English language, in a colorful way you hammer home the ....what should be obvious, but apparently is not... truth.

Anonymous said...

"Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the Weather." — Bill Hicks

Anonymous said...

Les, i see you have cited from the Bible. Do read the bible, at least a little part a day (maybe a new testamet, which is shother). You will find the countenance you are so much looking for. I wish you and all the others the best.

Pax et Bonum brother

Peter Löffler

Anonymous said...

Love ya Les! Great post as ever. I share your optimism and kinda feel sorry for the Bilderbuggas - they sure lost their way despite having the leisure to read history.

Benjamin Fulford is Fulminating on that aspect right now - guess you've seen this ultimatum?

"Special message to the Bilderbergers: It is over, you have no place to hide on this planet

To the self-appointed world rulers at the Bilderberg meeting: you must by now realize it is over. Your final attempt to betray the world to a nasty Chinese faction has been rejected both by the Chinese and the rest of the world. You will soon lose the remnants of your US power base. As you know, there is a group with a legal license to kill that has been getting busy working on your underlings as they approach the center of your power base. The yakuza are also gearing up for something big, according to my own high level sources. So are the US special forces. You have been made an offer that it would be very wise to accept. We expect to hear from you soon.

The six media barons in your group are also hereby kindly asked to start reporting the real truth to the sheeple. Zionism has run its course, the offspring of David must heed the word of their patriarch Abraham. No true Jew would have ever contemplated massacring 4 billion people."


on a positive note, where you say:-

"Now, I know that there are other worlds than this one because I have been there now and again."

So many of us now... ;-)

In peace


Hank said...

Dadnerd wrote this,

I think the key ingredient here is skepticism. Lets not all get carried away with crazy ideas, but look at things rationally. Our survival may be in the balance here.

Les wrote this,

People’s inability to come to terms with their own mortality is one of the main causes of a great deal of mischief and misery.

For me there is something very essential in these two statements. The kind of thing you get when you boil all the water out of the pot. One is a statement of or concerning survival. The other is, to me, profundity itself. The second not only realizes that survival is not possible, but puts it's metaphorical finger right on the pulse, the very raw nerve itself, peoples inability to come to terms with their own mortality.

In the final tally, it all comes down to that doesn't it. The inability to realize that this is just a show, a play where we come on, say our lines, do our act and then exit stage left.

There are those of us, who in our searches for meaning in this life, have come to believe certain things that give us an understanding, or is it that we understand certain things that lead us to a belief, that we are the reason we are here. That is to say, we have come to see this life as a journey, not a home. We have reached that simplest of understandings that we were never meant to stay here. We cannot keep this life. There is no survival.

So if life is temporary and you cannot take your material wealth and physical power with you when you go, what is the purpose of this life. Why were we put in this show?

I have come to believe that the reason for my being here is me. I believe that it is me I was put here to understand, and I was put HERE, or chose to be HERE because there is something about THIS life I am supposed to learn. I have no idea whether I will take what I learn in this life with me, but I do not seem to be able to quell my desire to know.

What is it that separates those of us that have come to grips with our mortality, and those that have not, or cannot. Humans have created a whole body of language and behavior to try and hide reality from themselves. We come up with words like inhuman, as if anything you could describe with this word is perpetrated by any other species. I saved your life, is another one that tickles me. No you didn't save my life, you postponed my death. There are too many to list, but you catch my drift.

There is no escape from the inevitable, yet we tear ourselves, each other and the planet apart because of our simple inability to accept THE defining element about this life.

Is there evil afoot on planet earth? Is pot correct in his analysis of the conspiracy? I believe he is, but so what. I am coming to understand that it is not about them. They are part of the deception, part of the never ending show, that mirror that we call life. They act out those "evil" elements that we all have inside, showing us what we are, and either we choose to see, and work to eliminate those evils from ourselves, knowing that that is the only place they can be fought and defeated, or we get lost in the deception and try the impossible, that is to defeat evil in the world.

I am still learning. I feel like intellectually I am strong, but that strength has led me to a place where I feel like a spiritual infant. When one reaches a place where they genuinely accept the possibility of anything, they HAVE nothing. They no longer have any bedrock belief to tie their little lifeboat to. One finds themselves adrift on an ocean of possibilities, and for most, the fear of being adrift is too great. They do not seem to be able to see that regardless of whether one is adrift, under sail or being powered by big engines, all boats end up in the same marina at the end of the journey.

I am reaching a point where I no longer believe we can change the world, and am starting to think that it is the worlds job to change us. To teach us by example what is truly important. To show us the futility of pursuing what makes sense, but doesn't work. I am learning that many of the things in life that work, don't make sense. On it's face, creating abundance in your life by giving away, doesn't make sense, but it works.

Humans have built their physical world on all the things that don't work, and until they collectively learn that, by being willing to see it, all we can do is try and plant some seeds in some minds by playing our part in this show for all we are worth, before it is our turn to exit, stage left. Peace to you all my friends.

Stefan said...

Goodday Les,

Thank you for all the nice postings you make, I still seem to be in doubt whether they are "up-lifting" or "drawing-up" something inside.
Many a times they seem to be touching on something profound, which somehow resonates, and therewith neglects the barriers that perception imaginatively builds.
It seems to me sometimes those other worlds are a thing visited with an Magonian Passport dispensed by Vallee, leaving the obstructed and at the hand of Betty White being taken to an Unobstructed Universe to get instructed by The Invisibles, a letting go of fragmented Scientism and getting re-acquainted with an one-force-universe of Boskovic essentially grounded more in Being than partial manifestation. A turning away of narsissistic chasing after shadows and echos, and daring to musically confront the Gods like Marsyas and as consequence getting flayed by Apollo.

Thanks once more and to all good luck on your path.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les,best.
The day is hopefully soon where people will no longer be oppressed by those claiming to act on behalf of third parties. Those who can commit harm and then hide behind a legal, un-living, inhuman structure. Those who rationalize treating other humans as inferior and crap because they are just "following orders" or "carrying out policies". Those who get a weird sexual or mental gratification by treating others in a brutal, nonsensical, cruel and capricious fashion then think there is any way effectively to hide from their conscience.

Anonymous said...

Superb blog, Sir

Miscaleneous thought-doodles:

Evil is in the eye of the beholder
or perhaps the beholden? The wanting? The wanton? The jealous? The good?

The only good would be the good that could see and admit and conquer it's own evil

A cabal of good elites? Only to the extent that elites will perceive themselves as good... nay better!

Divine alien intervention or not, human nature includes a concept of good and evil - good being the hardest to do as it is a discipline in refraining from what comes naturally.

Corruption goes hand in hand with creation, and the first law of thermodynamics is pretty zen on all occaisions.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

First time poster here but have been following these threads for the past few months. It's been very thought provoking and I'm greatful for having found this site. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you end up here and find you just barely scratched the surface. So I'll just dig in and hopefully offer something of value.

What can one person do to change this world we live in? Talk about it, discuss it, raise people's awareness and thus the collective conciousness? Of course! It's what the media has been doing to us for years except they sell us shit until we think it's good. Rap might be a good example of that:). Turn on the tv and it's gay guys freaking out over beer or doing the river dance or women practicing yoga to a hamster on screen and these are just crap we be fed...

I honestly believe this shit paradigm will soon come to an end. It won't happen if people just say no or just turn off the tv or radio etc... It is a start though and it will help but, the programing is still there. It will happen when we decide to take a new path altogether and abandon the old ways and associated baggage.

Les has made many allusions to the science of magic. Something which was always taboo to myself because of religious dogma as well as a family member with a very bad experience. Nevertheless, it did lead here
. The implications are astonishing! Magic once explained isn't so "magic" after all :) It's no wonder this has been hidden knowledge for so many years as it can be used as a great tool to help change this paradigm we're in. It's obviously being used with negative intent now but this doesn't mean it can't be used for good.

It seems our "time" is quickly coming to an end. We have the opportunity to change our future with knowledge from the past. This might seem ironic but not so much when you see time is cyclical and we're on one tiny section of the wheel. We can access the past, know the present and see into the future. We have the ability to change it all :). Thanks for the listen.

Phil R

(Les, please edit, post, don't post as you see fit)

Visible said...

Greetings and welcome Phil;

I don't edit peoples's comments.

As far as magic goes you have found the nature of what I am referring to when I use that word. For me it's not so much about making things happen as allowing them to happen. We are a medium between God and Nature. All that is necessary is to focus with intention to bring better things into being. I stay away from specific and operate more from 'Thy will be done." aspect.

In the sense meditation is a form of practical magic and one of the better ones because the focus for manifestation and change is ones own personality. As a result the entire world changes around you; the world being plastic and malleable and susceptible to suggestion and eager and willing as all get out.

Of course, everyone changes the greater world infinitesimally with everything they do but our personal world is something that can be altered in remarkable fashion; love being the magic potion. You just pour it on everything and it sorts it all out according to it's miraculous nature.

We hear these things all our lives but carry a disconnect of lacking the faith necessary for it to come into being.

Anonymous said...

Living inside da House, rubbing shoulders with reflections, man's in the middle pulling tricks from the hat box of dreams, makes you a corner of naked and wet, still suckling when naked and dry ?
they's a nuttin outside da house.

Edrick Treewick of kissing swift

Mouser said...

"Some are willing to bend the knee at this spectacle but I’m not one of them and I’m not alone."

True, very true.

"Whoever has the most toys when he dies wins!"

Not true.

"Remember, nobody gets out alive."


"You be the change you want to see in the world"

Right on Mr. Ghandi!

"Life is beautiful and complicated enough without drugs."

Food for thought.

Thank you Les for keeping on keeping on.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought

In this mind-field it would appear that the essential nature of evil is to juxtapose or prop up the equally mythical notion of good.

A posteriori; results are invariable whether they are inflicted through kindness, noble intent, sympathy, ignorance, negligence or malice.

have a nice one,
Humpy Grumpy

Murphy151 said...

Occupation 101 - watched it tonight for the first time. If you have not seen this, I would recommend spending 90 minutes of your time on it.

Reading about this stuff is one thing, seeing and listening to people tell the story in their own words is very moving and heartrending.


Anonymous said...

Les i agree with your analysis. The evil elite have been able to strangle the masses and cause havok due to their ability to create intangible asset called money and its deceptive fractional banking reserve that has spread like cancer over the last 300 years. They are able to create, purchase, bankrole or bankrupt every human being out of thin air. The 5th dimention your talking about is very true the Eather is fast approaching and by 2016 our Third Eye will be opened. The illuminati are far behind the scheduled prophecy and havent been able to fulfill the plans e.g. destruction of the golden mosque and creation of anti-christ tower heralding the NWO in Jeruslem. Nabiru/Planet X is visible from South Pole and soon will be visible to the naked eye all accross the southern hemesphere. They are not masters of our destiny and are fast loosing grip which is why they require the world government and world life tax which is another cruel hoax. Life tax is another means of creating an intangible stream of income while enslaving the masses. The era of fractional banking is coming to an end as their derivative scam has left shit stains all over the face of the earth many times over and these bastard elite need a new stream of income which is why we're working on the carbon emission tax. This is essential a life tax on all facets of life even farting and breathing will be taxed and the argument is totally contradictory were earth and all planets and moon in this solar system are cooling they are forcing everyone to beleive that instead its warming up. The rothchild and co will not succeed as they are unable to enter the 5th dimension (Eather) and they will be trapped in their own filth which we now know as this world (current dimension). The awakening has began and everyone's thrid eye is opening. As a 24 year old i am very happy the penny dropped for me a couple of years ago after studying finance and economics and learning about their deception through academic studies before being trapped in this vicious cycle of money, debt and a massive mortgage on my head with a family to feed. Les keep up the great work and your so called insanity will prevail and good will shine through so called luciferian light, the dark filth that has supressed the human race.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Les, I am married to a wonderful man whose honesty and integrity is far above par, I know, I've been with him for almost 15 years. He's a geologist and tends to look at things in the VERY long term. Mining is his specialty and gold mines his main target. I know about gold, it is mixed in ore that can be very difficult to trace, sometimes 1/100 of an ounce per ton of rock. But that ore is processed and processed until it is as pure as can be. It is a lot of work and can take years and years to get through one deposit. I see people the same way, gold being purified, put through the fire, refined until it is so pure and shining you can hardly bare to look upon it. We are going there, the ones who seek refining. I know them when I come across them, and I have found them here among a few other places. You were shining to me 5 years ago. Thank you for what you do. It is not going unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

I would like to believe the saying is true.....
What goes around, comes around.

Truthman said...

There IS Truth (Capital 'T') and I will share it.










#10. WE WILL.

psychegram said...


I'm Canadian. As to the difference between the various Afghan tribes and Arabs, my apologies, I should have been more accurate. Both I and my brother is very aware of all that. There's more than enough to hold against him without adding ignorance of basic cultural geography to the mix.


My sister (who's an entirely different sort from my brother) recently introduced me to this fantastic site:

The news section is basically an aggregator of sources I imagine you're all familiar with, but they have a video archive of underground documentaries that is simply without par. Including of course 'Occupation 101' mentioned by Jim above (which I haven't gotten around to watching yet.) I just saw We with Arundhati Roy and that, my friends, was an hour very well spent indeed.

Masher1 said...

The wonderful thing about the dual path is the walking of it. Once you take the good route you quickly learn the path is far harder and on a much longer time frame. Evil is near instant. Good is not. We are almost through the evil instants of the fall and now the weird and protracted recovery of the good is poised to have a turn or two on the merry-go-round. Don't expect any quick fixes for they will elude you, Hard work and the rewards of DOING it are sure to come eventually.

The easy path to evil will be counter to the long hard hike up that mountain with all the pains along the way to hold your attention and steady your footfalls. The contrast is the education, Contrasts that if recognized and acted on will prevent pain if you chose the right option.

Heavy work leads to ample rewards. Casual disregard for the work of human development is a easy and pain filled path.

Real physical pain is everyone's canary in a cage if they would just react to it. Learn from it.

I chose to take the hard paths with many thorns because i can see the reward is worth the work. My days become as they should in a time frame of My creation to a place I chose to arrive. All else is prattle.

Free your mind and your ass will follow as it were. I was if nothing else surprised how incorrect i was at the start of the fresh path how bad the walk would be,At the end i usually have far more steps left in my stride as a reserve for the paths yet un-walked.

Walk HARD and you will be Ok.

pot said...

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" (a line from Hindu scripture quoted by Robert Oppenheimer when he observed the test.)

In a subsequent interview, Oppenheimer described the test as the first atomic explosion in "modern history". As a confirmed elite Communist, Oppenheimer certainly knew mans past history.

According to the Vedic literature, mans history is much longer than the consensus science admits. Archaelogical evidence has been suppressed which suggests homo sapiens may have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps more than a million (from "Forbidden Archeology", printed in India).

The GIZA pyramids and the Sphinx are also great puzzles. The new theory on the pyramids is they were built with cement using chemicals first discovered in the 20th century. Even if true, it suggests knowledge and engineering skills much more advanced than you expect 5000 years ago. The Sphinx itself shows weathering consistent with being in a climate much wetter than has existed in Egypt over the last 6000 years.

Virtually every ancient religion has accounts of great floods causing much destruction of life. We know great floods occur at the end of every ice age due to melting glaciers and rising sea levels (as much as 200 meters). Over the last 600,000 years, we have had 5 periods of ice ages lasting 100,000 years or so followed by brief periods of warming such as the present. These interglacial periods last on average 12,000 years. The last ice age ended 12,000 years ago.

Plato made mention of the Lost City of Atlantis. Could it have been lost as a result of the floods caused by the ending of the last ice age?

The Hindu Vedic religion is among the most ancient religions and it's teachings originate from Tibet. Is it any coincidence that Tibet is the highest location in the world and that this region has the worlds highest population density? Texts dating to the Vedic period, composed in a language closely related to Avestan, the oldest preserved Persian language

The Vedic religion has many demi-gods, although one supreme being, kind of like the Illuminati structure where the 13 bloodlines have divided amongst themselves reponsibilities among different specialties - Military, Government, Religion, Education, Science and Economics(Money) with Lucifer as their God. We don't worship them or him, yet.

Then you have what some tell us are these 5,200 year cycles within a great 26,000 cycle. Each cycle ends in a harvest of life, while at the end of the 26,000 year cycle there is a great harvest, and a New Age begins. This is supposed to be 2012.

Perhaps the last Great Harvest had to do with a nuclear holocaust 26,000 years ago, which was why Oppenheimer qualified the atomic test as being the first in modern history? But what happened to the knowledge that must have been acquired from this ancient civilization and how did Oppenheimer know about it.

Consider that 2,600 years ago the Chaldeans whom were Babylonian magicians and astrologers mixed with a heretical sect of the Persian Magi of Zoroaster who conquered Babylon, along with a heretical sect of Jews exiled in Babylon. This mix led to a truth known as the Kabbalah (not really Jewish, thats just a cover), which was then spread to various parts of the world such as India, Egypt and Greece, and then to Euroasia.

It taught that it's secrets were given to humanity by the Sons of God before the floods. The Sons of God intermarried with the daughters of man, descendents of Cain who had killed his brother Abel, giving birth to a race of Giants (good for builing pyramids).

Following the flood which took care of most of the Giants and many humans, the descendents of Cain continued through Noahs son Ham, also cursed but an improved human model, smaller and smarter than the Giants, and were the keepers of the Ancient Wisdom which has been kept via secret organizations and not so secret organizations such as Egyptian Free Masonry.

But in essence, the belief teaches that certain sub-races of humanity, descendants of Cain, are more important than others. Much of this is from David Livingstones book called The Dying God, and he has a later book out as well called Terrorism and the Illuminati.

And of course the knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation through various secret societies and perhaps even organized religion which they control. Only a small number at the highest degrees or at the highest level of any institution are given this knowledge, the others are simply useful tools duped into doing their bidding.

It is said the Bible contains a code that computers may discern even more knowledge that those living 2000 years ago did not need. Perhaps this is the manner in which all planets with intelligent life are colonized, having been tested many times.

If a group of people with intelligence 3-5 standard deviations above average intelligence and a common cause, not to mention secret knowledge, and given enough time, then is it so hard to imagine them being able to acquire enough power and money that can be used to control the human herd with as much ease as a rancher controls his herd of cattle. I believe this is where we are today.

Signs point to it being time to cull the herd, and then make another go at the evolution of man. Mans population has passed the 6.66 billion mark. Rinse, Wash, Repeat. After enough cycles, man may evolve to be one with his creator, whom our ruling elite call Lucifer.

And whats with this deal about calling out CO2 as a pollutant and Man does fine with CO2 levels as high as 5000 ppm in public buildings, plants use it as food, warm is better than ice. Could it be there are those among us, or those who will visit, who like it cool and to whom CO2 is an irritant, or maybe it's just another means of control, a new green religion worshipping Gaia for the few remaining humans surviving the culling.

Lowering CO2 would likely bring us into another ice age from which we can begin again in those areas where the glaciers will not reach, such as Africa the Middle East and southern parts of Eurasia. Maybe Lucifer wants to come back and visit?

Perhaps Lucifer is simply the name of the alien race that controls our controllers and harvests us. Don't know. I wouldn't bet the farm on it, but I won't be surprised if something like this is true.

Most folks today believe in the CIA version of history, and consider what happened in the past is of no interest. Everything that happens that is bad is due to Coincidence, Incompetance and Accident. Ignorance is bliss.

Food for thought anyways, or is thinking such throughts going to get one put on the menu (grin).

Billy said...

Great reading, Les you have left plenty of food for thought, keep shining the light and keep the cogs ticking over.

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 7.15

na māḿ duṣkṛtino mūḍhāḥ

prapadyante narādhamāḥ


āsuraḿ bhāvam āśritāḥ


Those miscreants who are grossly foolish, who are lowest among mankind, whose knowledge is stolen by illusion, and who partake of the atheistic nature of demons do not surrender unto Me.


It is said in Bhagavad-gītā that simply by surrendering oneself unto the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality Kṛṣṇa(God), one can surmount the stringent laws of material nature. At this point a question arises: How is it that educated philosophers, scientists, businessmen, administrators and all the leaders of ordinary men do not surrender to the lotus feet of Śrī Kṛṣṇa, the all-powerful Personality of Godhead? Mukti, or liberation from the laws of material nature, is sought by the leaders of mankind in different ways and with great plans and perseverance for a great many years and births. But if that liberation is possible by simply surrendering unto the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, then why don't these intelligent and hard-working leaders adopt this simple method?

The Gītā answers this question very frankly. Those really learned leaders of society like Brahmā, Śiva, Kapila, the Kumāras, Manu, Vyāsa, Devala, Asita, Janaka, Prahlāda, Bali, and later on Madhvācārya, Rāmānujācārya, Śrī Caitanya and many others — who are faithful philosophers, politicians, educators, scientists, etc. — surrender to the lotus feet of the Supreme Person, the all-powerful authority. Those who are not actually philosophers, scientists, educators, administrators, etc., but who pose themselves as such for material gain, do not accept the plan or path of the Supreme Lord. They have no idea of God; they simply manufacture their own worldly plans and consequently complicate the problems of material existence in their vain attempts to solve them. Because material energy (nature) is so powerful, it can resist the unauthorized plans of the atheists and baffle the knowledge of "planning commissions."

The atheistic plan makers are described herein by the word duṣkṛtinaḥ, or "miscreants." Kṛtī means one who has performed meritorious work. The atheist plan maker is sometimes very intelligent and meritorious also, because any gigantic plan, good or bad, must take intelligence to execute. But because the atheist's brain is improperly utilized in opposing the plan of the Supreme Lord, the atheistic plan maker is called duṣkṛtī. which indicates that his intelligence and efforts are misdirected.

Anonymous said...

"Some people are true to themselves and some are not. Some people have made themselves the proper study of their lives and others (most people) study everything but." Thanks

Yes, I like to put it this way, if you dont what you're talking about, be positive.

Le Mat

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, I sent my brother in law a graphic on the mainstream media , one that poked fun at it-and so he sent me back a link to childrens drawings of atrocitiesin Darfur. His point? That "these are the kinds of things 'your comrades'(his term) do"
In other words, because I sympathize with the Muslims in the Middle East, somehow that means I approve of any or every atrocity a Muslim side in a conflict does.
Or, because I think justice is on the side of arabs in the arab/israeli conflict, this somehow means I automatically hold females in less regard.
Its just annoying, thats all.

Anonymous said...

Just using your magic here. You want a good math lesson?

"As far as magic goes you have found the nature of what I am referring to when I use that word. For me it's not so much about making things happen as allowing them to happen."
"In the sense meditation is a form of practical magic and one of the better ones because the focus for manifestation and change is ones own personality. As a result the entire world changes around you"

= our true nature and given tools in this plane!!!!

Le Mat

sounder said...

Les wrote…

“…their power is the power of appearances”

Why do we fall for the semantic trap of calling ‘them’ the PTB?

How about PTMB instead, that is; the powers that make believe?

Good stuff masher1, and thanks too All

Still alive said...

Too bad someone didn`t lob one or two of those good old American WMD`s on that get together in Greece.

Want a real "war on terror"?

There you go!

Anonymous said...

Your readers, present company included, are the best b/c they're here to read you, literally & cosmically.

The older I get, the more I believe, ALL SHIT FLOATS TO THE TOP - the crimes, lies, hate, lust for power, all that is negative energy.

All the handiwork of the bad girls and boys. All the deeds that are incomprehensible at times to the good people. It is quite simple, in a complicated world.

Anonymous said...

Here. Here. my 4th attempt @ a brilliant comment - keep getting kicked off. Well said as always. I hear ya. Debra from Philly.

Anonymous said...

WTF Now it says "Operation Aborted" - maybe my other attempts to comment (encourage you) did go thru? Sucks. Debra from Philly



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