Tuesday, November 29, 2022

"It is Like Sitting at The Outer Edge of A Spinning Disk... Centrifugal Force is One of Inertia's Dance Partners."

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What say we look a little deeper into this Balenciaga thing? I know that most readers are probably unaware of the details, BUT... since I am a relative of Mr. Apocalypse... in the way that a planet rotates around a central sun... I come across much that I have no actual interest in... as I am passing by... in the act of forgetting all about it. What concern does The Sun have with dirty windows? Do they affect The Sun? Not at all. They affect whoever is living in that house.

Ba len ci aga translates into; do what you want in Latin. You can extrapolate from that into Aleister Crowley's, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of The Law.” If you go behind the scenes at this company, and... the fashion industry in general, you will see that it has been a hot-bed of Satanic activity since before Babylon kissed The Frog and it turned into Nosferatu. Everyone is going to have their 'come-to-Jesus moment'. In some cases... The Moment walks away before they get there.

Something that many people do not get, especially of The Fundie Mindset, is that God uses the Good AND the Evil among us to accomplish his will. There is NO TELLING what sort of masquerade he might get up to at... any... time; coming like a wolf in the night as he does, and no man knowing the hour thereof and so on... and so on.

In the case of Evil, God leads it to the ends he intends through the use of The Attractive Force. In the case of Good, well... Good is along for The Ride already. God is up the road apiece in another place that is forever beyond Good and Evil. Evil is personified by the job applicants in Good's waiting room. Look! God has a seamstress.. a weaver of worlds... the radiant... unreachable star from which Beauty gets her credentials. That's... how... it... all... gets... here.

You can look, BUT... something different happens when you touch.

When you depart from your center, the weather conditions get worse the further you go until you are swept away entirely. It is like sitting at the outer edge of a spinning disk... centrifugal force is one of Inertia's dance partners. If you are close to the center of the edge of the disk or... next to it, you'll have no trouble being stable through the whole ride. You won't get thrown off.

Look at what is acting out on The World's stage. Look at the very public war over Free Speech, which is a skirmish in the war to do away with The Constitution and... The... Bill... of... Rights. Well... you pull down to bring the calf to the ground and... you get a stampede somewhere else. Observe what is taking place in China! It is an impossible game for those trying to control The World. If you take your eye off one place to subdue another... they rise up again somewhere that you weren't even looking.

Then there is the matter of Lady Nature and whatever she might be inspired to do. God loves to play these games. Imagine him studying a multidimensional gameboard of a complexity beyond your imagination. He's like a child prodigy that never gets old and the whole universe is his playground, both the seen and the unseen of it.

Meanwhile... he is walking through The World in many different personalities. He had ambassadors aplenty. They are the opposite of bankers, but... they most definitely, work... for... a... bank. He has angels spiraling down from The Sun and blanketing the planet with his blessings, BUT... something is wrong with this picture because... because... The Kingdom of God is not yet established on Earth.

This is a work-in-progress. We are here to play our part. In Times of Material Darkness, when The Personal Self and its desires overwhelm the focus of The Hive Mind; when every man is set against his brother in a war of competition for mere and unnecessary accessories of life... there is little peace.

I'm not saying Capitalism is wrong or that Communism has a potential we haven't discovered yet. Both of these are ways of organizing society. UNFORTUNATELY... the one's manipulating the rules do so to serve their own interests. This is especially... ironically... hypocritical of Communism. (heh heh). Capitalism can accomplish great things, BUT... everyone should get a fair shake. Listen up! Everybody does get a fair shake. See... we are ALL performing in a reality that is absolutely controlled by the automatic reactions to our actions. They... are... what... puts... us... where... we... are, AND... keeps doing so.

Certain people argue about this construct BECAUSE the situation is not what they want it to be OR... they never heard of Reincarnation OR... they didn't understand it when they did hear about it OR... the concept did not serve their purposes because they... want... it... to... be... their... way. It NEVER WILL BE and... it ALWAYS WILL BE because it is already the way they wanted it to be... only... it didn't look like it does now... back when they arranged for it to become what contains them now.

It is... PROBABLY... unless Divine Providence steps in... going to be really bad in places. This seems to be a theme that many people... millions of people have collectively agreed on. Every day... in politics... in The Media... in the street... you see people singly and in crowds... going along with The Program. You see people arguing the most preposterous lies. The President is a criminal sociopath. The Big Dogs are eating the small dogs. All kinds of mayhem is looking to go haywire.

What this means... for you... if you are paying attention... is to mind what you think... and say... and do... and it will gravitate, and tractor-pull you into the best location for someone like you BECAUSE... results will vary.

Well... Visible... how can people make something better for themselves by simply watching what they think... and say... and do? How... especially... can they do this when they still have The Karma that got them to where they are in... the... moment? As soon as a person takes their foot off the throttle... and puts their turn signal on... and turns; however they turn... a new course has been set, AND... The Mysterious Benefactor who is moving among us at all times could well take note and put a benevolent wind at your back... as is often the case when the client is sincere.

He certainly will not do this if you are persisting in the errors that got you into a state of error in the first place. It all comes down to you returning to your center and you can do this through the good offices of... The Sun! Yes!!! The Sun is the center of our solar system and is circled by those planetary archetypes that express through Humanity on Earth and give us the endless dramas that you see here.

When you center on The Sun as being the central source of life on The Manifest Plane... a change will take place within you, AND... you will be drawn into resonance with your interior sun by the grace of coming into resonance with your exterior sun. It's just one approach, BUT... it is one that I happen to know does work to that end. If you do it the other way you still get to the same result.

The job of The World is to pull the wool over your eyes... and to tie you up AND tie you down through your attractions. There's no point in getting angry with The World about this. The World is just doing its job. You can walk away from The World at any time, BUT... what about my obligations? Oh... you fulfill your obligations... you simply cut them loose in your mind, AND... your balloon will rise above The Earth and sail away on the winds of your good fortune. It is the things you have filled your basket with that keeps your balloon tethered.

As you have probably gathered, there are not many people saying what you are reading... here. There are other agendas at work, cause people only see what they see from the level of the stair landing they are standing on. They can't see over the rim of the floor above. HOWEVER... there is one who sees through all of us, and who can open our inner eye to possibilities well beyond anything The World has to offer.

As Chaos takes its last gasp to turn The World into a free-fall bacchanalia and full-time prison camp... of what will not be teddy bears in bondage outfits... The Light will be streaming through and around every barrier and only those... who... choose... to... be... will be hidden from its light. Don't sit at the edge of the spinning platter... move back to The Central Point. Once everything unhinged and unsuitable has been swept off, it will be a... nice... smooth... ride.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

"If You Merely and Simply Love God, Sincerely and Consistently, ALL Your Troubles Will End, Sooner Than Later."

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Today is Thanksgiving. As I wandered through the virtual Shit & Tinsel World of The Internet, I saw crap for sale... the 'make it all about food' people... the PR appearances from D&C List celebrities feeding the poor, and The Thanksgiving is racist and genocidal, shrieking-harpy people who were bad white people in their last life and now want to take it out on all the white people who were black in their last life; except for those who were Chinese or Indian.

I'm not sure I am absolutely correct about that particular reincarnation factor, BUT... what little I do know, does... make... it... a... good... fit. None of those windows into seasonal lunacy apply to me. Thanksgiving... for me... is about being GRATEFUL... PERIOD. It has nothing to do with Pilgrims (who were Indians in their last life) or Indians (who were Puritans in their last life). It has to do with being GRATEFUL... PERIOD.

I lived a wild life of extreme want and temporary safe harbors. The Kundalini experiences that I had... made all thought of a balanced existence an impossible dream for many years. I bounced in and out of wild excesses to monk-like austerities, as I tried to get a handle on this extraordinarily powerful force that only God can control. It is The God Force after all. It is feminine in nature, AND... from its beginnings it sets out on an irresistible path to Godhead in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara, AND nothing can contain it for long.

Nothing anyone can do... other than a spiritual master... can direct or channel this force. I have lived with its unpredictable whimsy for over 50 years. Forget anything you ever thought you knew, as you are completely emptied of everything else... by gentle means and by harsher measures... whatever the needs of the moment are, there... you... are.

Yet... inexplicably... I am fit as a fiddle with no chronic health conditions of any kind, except for being mad as a hatter, and delighted thereby. I should have been dead many times over, and there were even more times that I wished I were. Yet... here I am... on a daily rapture-ride with The Sun King as my best friend, and... there... being... no... doubt... about... that. The proof being in the sunbeams, and the pudding too.

So... what have I on this day... set aside for thanks-giving, AND every other day that follows? I have GRATITUDE. I found THE... ONLY... THING... WORTH... HAVING. I found it in Real Time. There is nothing indirect about it. It is not off-to-the-side somewhere. It is not occasional. It is not variable (except for getting better and better), AND... it most certainly is not... temporary. I walk through a world where there is nothing... NOTHING that I want. I am in the consistent and perpetual company of the one who brought it about... who maintains it... and who dissolves it back into itself when it pleases him to. Let me say here, in... no... uncertain... terms... when it happens, you are left with no doubt in your mind as to whether it is The Real Thing or not.

It strips you to the ground, over... and over... and over, and then rebuilds you from the top down. It is painstaking and it takes its time. It uses the sledgehammer of time to hew you to a consistency of mind... so that there can be no doubt about who is doing it, and why they are doing it.

It has amused me for a really long time, how The New Age practitioners will attend 3 (or only 2) weekend seminars, and a 4 day intensive, and receive a certificate of Mastery. Some of them have an entire wall of these certificates. We live in an Instant Breakfast World. If you can't get it immediately, you go somewhere else. People go to collitch for years to be a doctor... or a lawyer... or any of the other high-end professionals, and wind up knowing less than you or I about how to take care of ourselves.

I am certainly in far better shape than any high-end professionals I see in life's slipstreams. LOVE... GOD!!! Love God and you don't have to do ANYTHING else. You can be a woeful miscreant and general loser. You can be a tosser of the last rank, BUT... if... you... love...God, it will all go well for you. Mark what I say here!!! If you merely and simply love God... sincerely and consistently... your troubles will be at an end... sooner or later. I am living proof of this.

So... on this day of thanks-giving, this day of giving thanks, I have a very large amount of thanks that need to be recognized and testified to the limits of the sky, and to the heart... of the center... of the density... of matter... which is not really matter at all... is it? I am a master of mind over matter; I don't mind... and it don't matter.

I am so PROFOUNDLY GRATEFUL... from the bottom of my heart... that I feel as I do. That alone surpasses the riches of any king or financier who... has... ever... lived. I am so grateful that I can be grateful for no visible reason, as pertains to possessions... position... and personal power; however temporary is the form that wields it. None of these things gets any interest from me for a moment. I possess ALL that is worth having. I am in the finest position in transit to ever finer positions, and my best friend... my very best friend... has limitless power, AND... an immeasurable reservoir of Love.

My Gratitude is well beyond the obvious limitations of my words. My Gratitude is for cause and for no cause at all. My Joy leaps like a flying fish in an ocean of bliss. This is no exaggeration. It's even more of what it is than my lurid prose can tell. I've no shame or hesitation framing this in seeming hyperbole, cause... it is true, and true again, and again, and again... through every day and following night... more times than I can count.

There is no object of desire. There is no golden fleece or cities of gold that can match The Presence of The Living God. When you have this, you possess everything of value.

Look at The World around you. Look at the suffering that abounds... and yet... everyone has gotten what they have asked for or created up out of their imagination... by way of The Personal Will... via The Separated Mind. Be... careful... what... you... wish... for, be careful what you ask for, and NEVER... NEVER... ask for wealth... or a handsome counterpart to love only you... or revenge... or high honors that turn to ashes in your mouth.

People just do not know the cost of what they seek... in empty titles... fame and shiny shit that can't love them back... adamantine jewels that glitter with a cold light... all the loneliness of THINGS that are the hallmark of an unlived life and unexamined life. FIND GOD!

The Divine WILL and DOES give you everything you ask for. It's all due to The Purpose of Demonstration. What is the purpose of my demonstration? It is Gratitude... and thanks... and recognition of the source of all my good fortune... and the heartfelt and sincere wish that it come to everyone... and it will... as soon as they let go of everything else. May The Kingdom of Heaven descend upon Earth... and it has... and it will... in every life that kindles the flame of its enduring presence in The Secret Chambers of The Heart.

Real Love does not leap upon us full-blown. Yes... I am aware of the experience of being hit by lightning in the appearance of a star-struck love. It... does... not... last. The ardor cools. In only one instance does the ardor not cool... but grows in intensity as it is expressed... until one day you shine like The Sun... with your selfless and impersonal love that grew, and grew... and grew from a tiny awakening of love for something greater than yourself.

There is no need for suffering. It is self-inflicted. I suggest a study of The Field and The Knower of The Field... if... you are having trouble understanding this. One thing will do much to alleviate your suffering and that is Gratitude. All of The Qualities of God have the capacity to diminish personal suffering, but Gratitude is close to self-forgetting, and self-forgetting is the death knell of suffering.

Suffering is the offspring of The Separated Mind. In Unity, there is no suffering, and Love is the origin of Unity. True Unity is residence in The God-Mind, where there is no self left to suffer. I am so very... very... very grateful that I can know these truths, and that these truths can resonate so perfectly with all that I have come to believe.

All this day and in all the days to follow, I will be reminded over... and over... and over again of all the reasons I have to be thankful. Sometimes it astonishes me when the full awareness of it descends on me, as it does with some frequency in these times. May The Lord God awaken His Joy and Laughter in your heart, and may your gratitude grow beyond the efforts of every limitation that seeks to contain it. May it run like a mighty river from your heart to the foundation stones of The Eternal Kingdom of God.

I do not know when The Avatar will come. I do not know where The Avatar will come, BUT... I do know that The Avatar... will... come... because IT... IS... WHAT... HE... DOES. I wait upon that unspeakably transcendent moment in which he will appear, and I remind you that he can appear... well before he does... in any heart-manger that has provided a place for him.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, November 21, 2022

"You Can Easily Remove Yourself from The China Shop Life, No Longer Waving or Chasing The Red Flag of Desire."

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Yes... it has always been the case... that famous and seemingly powerful people are not what they present themselves as, BUT... some of the characters running around at the moment have the atmosphere of archetypal force about them. It could make you feel that we are in the time of Revelations. It is something that comes around in regular rotation, AND... it is also called... Apocalypse. It is a... time... of... awakening and revealing.

It streams through and around all of the roles being played here... on the stage of manifest life, so... you're always going to have those archetypes around anyway. Sometimes... some of them are not very nice. I want to talk about something, but... I don't want to say what is not true. I also don't feel like stirring the shit either. I'm tired of raging Shakespearean diatribes that don't reach the intended target with the force to change their character. Some people don't change their character. They are present for whatever the reasons are... as they are. The trick is to... not... have... to... be... around... them.

There are thousands of bulls in The China Shop Life, where things get broken by broken people. Around the world are thousands of cities with their specific atmosphere and climate. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions are acting out the dramas they called up out of themselves, and for some reason, needed to happen there... more than anywhere else... and with those people... generally and specifically... more than anyone else. They are all in The China Shop Life.

You cannot see it unless a certain eye within you has opened out of its slumbers and become aware of the timeless dance taking place externally. Several forces move like wide, colorful ribbons in the brisk winds of desire that circle the Earth in their own jet-streams. They move in and out of each other, as they move in and out of us. They are The Gunas of The East... and the Mercury... Sulfur... and Salt of The West.

You have to become aware of these forces moving through you, so you can let them pass without causing injury to yourself and others in The China Shop Life... where valued possessions are all fragile and precious. You can immediately remove yourself from The China Shop Life, no longer waving or chasing The Red Flag of Desire. Mars will ALWAYS be a constant on this plane. It's possible to put him on a music box and get him to dance instead of destroy; not that I care about anything in The China Shop Life, cause... I... don't...

Material life is like trying to do the tango with a cactus, a very real... dance... of... a... thousand... pricks. When you realize with sheer and utter delight that you have no interests here... and you want nothing... you understand that you are free. What makes you unfree... what confines you... is attachment. As soon as you can cut it loose, it's zipitty do dah, and an ease on up The Road.

There is a problem with that construct, and it has to be accommodated. We have duties and responsibilities. We have Dharma. I am a man bound by my engagements. That is the definition of The Hanged Man trump, BUT... you can detach yourself from the expectation of particular outcomes and results. You can detach yourself from fear-of-loss and concern for your investment. This is what makes you free... care-free... free of cares.

You cannot ignore or evade your dharma. It will... find... you... no... matter... what.

Impersonal Love is love without possession or attachment. It is love freely given... not conditionally given... freely given. It is the love of The Sun. Take a moment and walk up to The Sun; metaphorically speaking in a very literal way, and take a reading on what it is that The Sun does, and how that might affect you. Say hello as if you were talking to someone you know. The Sun is more real than you are in The Dream Confusion. The Sun is... not... confused.

It's easier at other times of the year for those living with four distinct seasons. Since The Sun is a personal friend of mine, even a direct family member, I prefer to get as much of The Sun as I can... in warm... and loving embrace. If it is not shining outside, then it should be shining inside. It should be shining inside... regardless.

These people who are living out archetypal roles are tragic figures, in... the... long... run. Several major players on The World stage are not quite themselves, if... you... know... what... I... mean. They have given themselves over to the uncontrollable forces of Power... Pride... Arrogance... Greed... Dark Hungers, and all things Satanic. It's understandable. Satan is the ruler of The... exterior... World, at... a... certain... level... and... frequency. You have to be playing on his field of enterprise to come into contact with him.

HOWEVER... One God... One Will... rules all things. It is you who determines The Face of God as it appears to you.

If you want what The Lord of The Carnal Mind has... you have to go to him, and... many do. You can see any number of deluded unfortunates... dreaming in The China Life Shop... looking for attention from The Bulls.

A certain group of very wealthy types are singly responsible for searching out the most criminal locations on Earth and then arranging for mass migration into the peaceful heartlands of other countries with the intent to rule over them. They seek to engineer fear and chaos. They believe that it will provide them the opportunity for a greater control over The World and the people they allow to remain in it. They'll have their own on-call army, just as The American Left now has Antifa, which qualifies as one of the biggest oxymorons of our times.

The best-laid plans very often get mislaid.

We operate here (we TRY to operate here) with Spiritual Steganography. Not with the idea of concealing anything, but more with the idea of saying what can't be said, but... saying it anyway and hoping you don't get double-vision.

Certain cultural forms and sexual behaviors only appear when a culture is in decline. Any student of history can see where this is true. Certain behaviors are suppressed when a culture is young and emergent. As time passes... the termites get into the infrastructure. The density of Materialism... determines the bandwidth of perversity at large.

What am I trying to say with all this innuendo and allusion? Let me see if I can express it in a direct manner; clumsy though it may be.

Some version of The Antichrist is always with us. Sometimes it is a mere shadow, and sometimes humanity materializes it into concrete form. Some version of what Christians call Jesus Christ is always around us. For some it is palpable, and for some... it is less than a rumor. Sometimes... life just goes on bio-rhythmically... undulating in horizontal rotation like... a... snake... dancing. Sometimes it all comes to a head in an apocalypse.

If you are reading this, you are in The China Shop Life. Have you made it real to you OR... is it just empty phenomena passing in a dream stream? How much does it matter to you? There was a time when you had none of what you think you have now, and that time is now approaching again. Why does it all have such an insane importance to you when it will soon be gone? THERE... IS... A... FORCE... AT... WORK... WITH... THIS. It is the force of attachment.

It comes about through The Attractive Force, SO... it is Love that binds you and Love that frees you. These are caused by Lower Love (Carnal Love) and Higher Love. If you turn your love to The Divine, he will melt away your bonds of Lower Love. If you are seduced into the lower theaters of enterprise, you will be hung and twisting on The Wire until death releases you... until gravity and time cause your temporary particles to melt back into the reservoir of unformed mind-stuff.

What you have made valuable to yourself is what imprisons you OR... SETS... YOU... FREE. Only when Higher Love rules supreme are you released. So long as pedestrian attractions rule the day, you will be bound to the wheel... yoked to the wagon. There is another yoke you can take upon you and it runs all the way up Freedom Road. As the passage intensifies, you will pull other souls into your slipstream. It is what Jesus the Christ and all the continuing Christed souls accomplish.

He is The Sun King. All The Avatars come from The Sun. They are The Spirit expressing in Tiphereth. The Son... as the first emanation of The Father.

There are other roads that lead the lost into a deeper perdition, and those holding the torch of the false light lead the way. They have nightmares in The China Shop Dream. Rouse yourself! The hour is late, BUT... where there is life... there is hope.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

"The Critical Need to Recognize The Temporary Presence of Your Temporary Being in a Place of Constant Change."

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For many years now. I have been reading the completely fabricated news, the mostly fabricated news, and the slightly fabricated news. In this, I also include religious and metaphysical writings. I've found some sources to be full of shit, and some less so. I ALMOST NEVER find something I believe to be as true as can be put into words, and... even... then... there are sometimes 20 or more versions via translations, like... The Way of Life... The Bhagavad Gita... The New Testament... sometimes the problem is me... too; if I should be conflicted in my mind about something... or other. (grin)

Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening are very real. The recent FTX scandal... which I will try to put at the bottom of the posting... is a good example, and yet more from The Usual Suspects. How come IT... IS... ALWAYS... THE... SAME... SCOUNDRELS? Well... there is no more playing Wack a Mole by the reavers and deceivers. There are not enough fingers and too many holes in The Dike. That dike has been a wall of ignorance that has kept the Hive Mind stupid and The World on Uneasy Street.

It's all coming by diver's means and in ways inexplicable to the ones involved. Consider the Paul Pelosi Midnight Hammerthon. I can see them on electric skateboards in bright, neon taffeta tutus doing wheelies in the kitchen, over by the ice cream freezer. It's a big kitchen. It's a new twist on, “nothing to see here. Move along now.”

Now... as it so happens... the news, be it the daily glueboards of the mind or religious scriptures written in tiny hieroglyphic characters... the real news of the times, and the timeless good news, is now coming on invisible radio frequencies into The Hive Mind. There's nothing the external controllers (who think they are) can do about it.

It used to be that THEY THOUGHT they were controlling the outer world, and then by extension, the inner lives of the populace. Then they got into those technologies, and created the dark conning towers, and got into people's heads invisibly, and they began to convince themselves that it was all real. They extended their diabolical machinations into the schoolrooms and started doing bad things to children. They offended Heaven.

Sometimes The Judgment of Heaven is swift. Sometimes it comes in a glacial creep. It always comes at an inconvenient time for those experiencing it. It is coming now. I don't know how it works... what the technology is. I do know that it is comprehensive and often ironic. One might be very advantaged, if... they... cared... to... be... by reading the Greek and Roman myths... fairy tales of an allegorical nature... Sufi stories and the legendary interplays of ancient India or... as I sometimes say... in my James Earl Jones voice; Muthah India!

If you bother to travel back in time and visit in the minds of those recording the thoughts being passed down over the generations, you would see a startling commonality, across cultures... and landscapes... and periods of time. There is a DEEP AND ABIDING mystery that interlaces itself through human history. The same stories are told in living flesh, over... and over, and over. The same triumphs and ignominy dance in the shadows of the haunted hotel. This is a world of shadows.

There is a world of shadows. There is a world of light, and... there is a world of darkness. Each of these has many variations of hue and intensity. Souls common to a particular desire or appetite find themselves in the same playpens or corridors of torment.

Dante is a good example of looking at something through a particular metaphorical or allegorical window... and giving it shape in your mind. Something very like. AND unlike... happens to be the truth. In reality, it is not so everlasting dreadful. In some ages, the tales are cautionary and people are ruled by fear. So you get a lot of the Hellfire and Damnation thing... burning forever and ever in a flaming lake.

As... it... so... happens... it is a burning lake of desire. It is the playground of The Carnal Mind, and people do burn themselves out there. You see it in a time-lapse sense all around you, here in this world of sensation. EVERYTHING comes down to Desire. Desire is the agent of God's Will.

I don't know about the rulers in The Temporal World. I don't know about the rulers in The West or the rulers in The East. I do know about rulers in general. I do know about the mindset they have and the possible range over which it expresses, from Draconian totalitarianism to men like King Janaka. Rulers come and go.

I've been reading The News... and day-by-day it ALL seems to be created by people desiring to shape my mind. I am... fortunately... mostly immune to that. Unfortunately for a few of us, the mass of us are not immune to it... and... you get The World you see before you at this time. Oh... it spans a wide gamut between wretched suffering and the palaces of the rich, and are sometimes both the same... BUT... what most people definitely... do... not... get... is that this world is a classroom and a proving ground, and- you...can... go... anywhere... from... here. You can ALSO... bring everything to where you are.

The News of this world is manufactured by the central agency of The Carnal Mind. Its intention is to snare you into a perspective, to play off your hopes and fears, and to feed off of you through what they sell... the endless commodities of perishable matter... shaped in all ways to delight the superficial mind... and to reflexively disappoint in times thereafter.

There is a German word for world-weariness; weltschmerz. The French also have a word; ennui. I am sure there are similar words in every language, but sometimes... one country gets the spirit of it and the word finds its way all around. I am guessing they are also the ones who got the fullest expression of it.

Now... we are going to see... all around The World... groups of people experiencing the effects of cosmic transformation in many different ways. There is sure to be weeping and lamentation. There is certain to be unspeakable delight. One might say that such conditions already prevail, and... they... do...BUT, not like they are going to.

A couple of stray missiles hit a borderland location in Poland. There was the usual screeching hysteria of the neo-cons that it must be Russia... Russia...Russia!!! Then the doddering fool in The White House said, “No... it was probably not the Russians.” This is an extreme departure from the usual trumped-up bullshit. Something seems to have changed in the backrooms, and I suspect that FTX is only a part of it.

The Awakening is coming in stages. Some of them are hardly noticeable. And some of them are going to rock The World. It won't be long before many of the major players start to lose it in public view. The pressure of Heaven upon the deceiving minions is becoming greater and greater all the time. The World is becoming more and more outrageous and absurd. It is hardly being held together anymore. It has gone freakishly out of balance...

For reasons best known to those keeping silent, all that was twisted, and bent... perverse and degenerate... dark and dangerous... has been unleashed in these times, and the celebration of Babylon Rising has commenced in earnest. Such conditions cannot continue for long. Balance WILL be restored. It is certain to come as a calamity of some kind; be it natural or of human malfeasance. It's coming. I don't know when, but I do know it is closer than before; BOTH... the good and the bad of it.

It is of critical importance to recognize the temporary presence of your temporary being in a place of constant change. Of far greater importance is to recognize the eternal presence of The Living God within.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, November 11, 2022

"You Can Shine Like The Sun in Your Own Spiraling Solar System... as a Microcosm of The Great Sun Deva."

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The World is in a very muddled and secretive space right now. Awful sausage-making is going on in the background. You should never go to the same illegal well too often, and never twice in a row. It spawns complications. We can't see those complications because they haven't happened yet, BUT... they are In Development.

Because there is so much hurry-up, and because more people are carefully watching... the potential for grievous error is considerably increased. In the meantime... there is a great, and steadily intensifying tension going on... on The World stage... between nations. There is also the problem of a blown economy that is like a massive... chain-reaction, industrial explosion. There will... be... collateral... damage. Usually... the bankers go to war in times like these, BUT... like I said... more people are watching.

Then... there is the problem of Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening. They are joined at the hip, so... you could see them as a single, dual-purpose mechanism which... happens to be conscious.

It so happens that I don't want to talk about what's going on in the great sausage-making plants of The World, at... this... time. It's very murky at the moment; probably hard to tell an enemy from a friend, and... lots of these people have no friends, just associates of convenience. So... I thought I would talk about certain features of Nature/Prakriti BECAUSE... these factor directly into what is going on in The World at the moment, whether... they... see... it... or... not.

We've got heads of state and rulers of all kinds in various fields of enterprise. If there is a ruler over all of them... he/she is invisible OR... shows up in any and all of the personalities of these heads of state and rulers of all kinds, when... it... suits... him/her/it.

In Nature, we have (drum roll) The Sun. The Sun is the regent of the phenomenal world, insofar as it encompasses this solar system... in various states of visibility AND invisibility. You wouldn't go far wrong saying that The Sun is God, insofar as anything could be recognized as such.

The truth is that it is God Impersonal that flows through The Sun. The Sun has a regent, which is kind of a hands-on ceremonial office he occupies for a... really... really... long... time. Actual God shines through every star in the incomprehensible heavens... AND is resident... in some stage of awareness... in all life. What that might be is totally according to his whim. Like it or not... He is ALL POWERFUL. So... The Sun is the life force in us and the ruler of our fate and destiny, which is ENTIRELY in his hands...

People want to go their own way. Some of them are ruthless about it. However... oppose God and you oppose your own best interests. All of creation is set up to see... what... you... will... do. You have a vast, unseen audience watching everything you do. Opposing God is a fool's gambit, you... cannot... win.

Come into resonance with God and that is what you get. You can shine like The Sun in your own ambient solar system, as a microcosm of The Great Sun Deva. Everyone models themselves on someone or another. It is unavoidable. I went to God, who has a considerable wardrobe department, and got him to suit me up with a life. It was no cruise and I didn't expect it to be, BUT... the rewards are equal to the demonstrations of Faith... Certitude... and Determination exhibited... demonstrated... performed. It is measured according to degree-of-difficulty, AND... the resistance that is attendant.

It is important to know that God does not see you the way you see you... in most cases. He does not see you the way you see others either. So... we tend to judge God the way we judge ourselves and others... via anthropomorphic projection. That is one of the dumber perspectives EVER. God... with all his power and wisdom, has a childlike persona. It is one of his more favorite roles to play. He gets to frolic with other children, AND... he very much does that where he can, AND... if... you... let... him.

Something tragic happens during puberty. The World divides. Yes... there is all the insecurity of youth and the reckless disregard for consequences... and you lose something precious; all at once or in stages. If your love is not directed toward God, and to the God in others, it will produce some permutation of what you see everywhere in The World; the brief raptures and intoxication of romantic passion... followed by a sequence of diminishing returns because what gave it value and magic... has fled.

When the magic goes, you are suddenly in a room with a different lighting scheme. This is why you must be watchful because people often have no idea what they are doing or where it might take them. There's no point in blaming them. They are already mercilessly tormenting themselves. You can swerve around them. You don't have to run into them, BUT... human nature, right?

Puberty is one of the signal moments of damaged expectations. It is fraught with the suddenly dawning realization that you have lost a good portion of yourself while swimming in the common ocean, filled with the usual perils one finds in such places.

When the magic goes, you get that tarot card (I've never seen it but there must be one like it (grin)) of someone marooned on a desert island. It implies you will find all that is within you personified in what you encounter, meaning whatever Good or Evil you bring with you, you will encounter. In the Impersonal Aspect, you are a mirror reflecting the same image to everything at all times. It is the image of Impersonal Love. It is exactly what The Sun does, and... you... can... emulate... The... Sun.

What you aspire to... what you hunger after... what obsesses and possesses you... what you desire, IS... WHAT... YOU... BECOME! That gave me a real turnabout in The Mind when I realized the implications of my very strong attraction to feminine beauty, which is hard enough to avoid as a poet; meaning it comes with the territory. I realized that I did not want to become female in aspect. Yet... I must come to an accommodation with the matter because it would weigh heavily on my future conditions so... focus on the feminine beauty... became focus on the Divine Feminine beauty... of The Divine Mother.

That leaves me with no real alternative than to be her child. This offsets the ravages of Puberty and heals the appearance of division, and... The World comes into unity... for... me, or anyone who so desires it MORE... THAN... ANYTHING... ELSE. That is the deal-breaker. God's not interested in part-time lovers. If you come looking you had better be in for the whole package. Otherwise... you will fall away soon enough and be left with a haunting disappointment.

In some ways I am talking in code; not because I want to. It is unavoidable. There are variations of meaning that can be associated with practically anything. Here's a good example. A dreamer reads scripture and it is pertinent in the areas of understanding that are possible in the dream. Then there are stages of awakening that can completely alter the meaning OR... expand it exponentially.

We have little realizations all the time. Whenever we say, “Wow!” having made some connection in our minds, BUT... there are realizations that impact upon you like an earthquake or the sudden appearance of a low hum that precedes all sensation but seems to communicate through every sense, and especially through The Intuition which is a higher sense, AND... THERE... ARE... OTHERS.

One can't speak directly about certain issues because they are beyond the medium. They have to come at you with that unforgettable, “Wow” that vibrates with that persistent sound that precedes all sensation. In that sound are ALL sounds and all meanings of sound, and meanings that cannot be understood apart from that sound. I'm doing it again.

If you go to God... in sincere fashion and tell him you want to attend his School of Higher Learning. He WILL take you on as a student. You had better not go into it thinking you know anything at all. The experiences that one gets from being in this School of Higher Learning, exceed every pleasure that is achieved in carnal amusements.

The scrabbling and scrimmaging that is going on down here looks like some chaotic water ballet, where the performers are pushed in all directions by invisible waves that make it look like one is wrestling with ghosts. Heaven is not in the least disturbed by what goes on here and neither is The Sun. Heaven helps and heals when opportunity is given. If you don't want it. It goes somewhere else.

End Transmission.......

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Patrick Willis put up a recording of the last Petri Dish and it was very quickly banned by YouTube. It could be the title, BUT... they are working to shut down free... unbridled expression for any number of reasons. oops!!!

He just sent me a new link, so... here you go.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

"AND... On The High End, AND On The Low End, They ALL fulfill The Will of God... PERIOD... No Exceptions."

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I heard someone say, “expect the unexpected.” I am not so wise or... maybe I'm just more cautious, so... I say, “expect the unexpected, but... prepare for the same old same old.” Today is election day and... since there was no October or November surprise, the people who stole the elections two years ago must be confident that they can do it again. I'm pretty sure that no matter what they do, it's... not... going... to... turn... out... the... same.

Let me be positive, no matter the appearances otherwise. Change... BIG CHANGE is coming and it doesn't matter who thinks they are running things. The force behind the variations of force... as they appear to affect material conditions... are all getting their marching orders from the invisible, AND... on the high end, AND on the low end, they ALL fulfill The Will of God... PERIOD... No exceptions.

Yes... horrible events and conditions are present in select locations, involving select individuals, AND collectives as well. That is also The Will of God, as... it... expresses... according to the level of resistance being presented to... The Will of God. Life... as you see it acting out all around you... is some permutation of resistance or surrender to the same force. It is some demonstration of Harmony or Disharmony. It is being in Resonance or Dissonance.

I don't know where you tumble out in respect to your polarities... in The Realm of Duality, but... whether you get it or not, whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not... there it is, and you are going to have to deal with it one way or the other. Why not take The High Road? Now... that's a good question. The answer is that most of the things people want in Times of Material Darkness are... on... The... Low... Road.

Before the Temporary Times of Convenience come around... people are longing for them and dreaming of them... aspiring and working toward them. Finally... once they get here, it's too much for a lot of people to handle. They succumb to it... and find out later down the road that all of its promises and allurements are lies and window dressing that conceals a hideous suffering.

Due to my areas of interest, and residing... most of the time... on the other side of The Doors of Perception, and especially due to my particular nature, I saw this coming decades ago. Every time some new device came around, and people swooned over it and had to have it, I... didn't... get... it; in every sense of the words.

It's not been easy being here, BUT... I should not complain. I discovered the power of God's Love in every circumstance, as a universal palliative for all injuries of any and every kind. The most compelling evidence... radiates down upon us, every... single... day. It exudes Life, Warmth, and Positivity, and is a living example of immortality by example in the very thing it does. I am talking about The Sun. There it is... shining as if everything were poetry and joy, AND... as a matter of fact, this is true... if you are on the same wavelength.

Too many people are looking down at the ground, maybe for something shiny or... cause they lost something or... are looking for something that can't be found there, which accounts for the look of disappointment that gets etched into their features after a while.

People tell you all you need to know about them through what they say and do. The rest of it can be picked up by tuning into them. People selling negative commentary, snarling and sneering at others, trying to cut others down for doing what they didn't have the desire or ability to accomplish... display these very characteristics for all The World to see, should... it... be... looking. No one can hide anything for long. Yes... there are many who pretend they do not see, BUT... unspoken truth radiates on the sounding board of the aether all around them.

People make themselves dull and stupid by closing their eyes to the people and conditions around them, and hoping they will close their eyes to them, BUT... it is not The World one should be concerned about in this regard. It is the invisible beings of The Supernal and Infernal Realms, who take full note of all we think... and say... and do. Nothing goes unseen.

I haven't got to concern myself with Justice or anything else. I see these forces at work in The World EVERY DAY... near and close, and far and wide. I have only the one concern... to stand guard at The Gateway of The Mind... to rein in my thoughts, to be an air traffic controller of thoughts, departing and landing... and the same could be said for speech and action. You can be built into the image of The Divine by simply, and ACTUALLY... minding your own affairs.

Now the midterm elections are upon us. A great deal is riding here or... it seems to be. It could be that everyone takes their orders from the same place ultimately so... sometimes neither side is the answer, BUT... it is what we got, and we already know what the one side is up to. We've had a front-row seat for the last two years, and well before that. God willing, the ship will right its course BECAUSE... to continue as we have is the death knell of The Republic.

Once they let the Halloween darkness of sexual perversity loose, once they wrote it into law... all the rest of it was dragged after and turned The World into murk. Now... you may disagree with me on my perceptions, BUT... the truth of it is self-evident all around. Mess with human plumbing and you are going to have problems. Disorder is everywhere, and a collective rage is attendant because... by now... people have discovered that everything they thought they were going to get with all that sexual liberation turned out to be a big, and disappointing bust. So now they are angry at everyone else.

They think... they tell themselves... that the problem is they didn't get enough freedom and liberty in their unbridled license. They need more... and more... and more, and the more they get? The more it continues to prove out that it was all a mirage, and now they are even more hungry... even more thirsty... and a great deal more lost. How the Hell did that happen? It ALWAYS happens this way. You push the boundaries, AND... the boundaries will push back at you.

Every time I hit myself in the face it hurts. Why is that? The real question should be; why are you hitting yourself in the face? People don't like what they get. It enrages them that what they thought would make them happy, does... not... make... them... happy. More stuff was supposed to make them happy. More and more exceedingly varied sex was supposed to make them happy. More and more food to eat. More places to go. More... more... MORE!!! It just made them unhappy, and here's a clue. IT IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU UNHAPPY!!!

It is supposed to make you unhappy so that you go in search of what... really... does... make... you... happy. That is achieved by learning to harness The Personality to The Higher Self. Animal behavior is fine for animals, but you are not an animal. Those driven crazy by this dichotomy are now dressing up in animal suits to legitimize their passions. Heh heh... they revert in order to reverse their evolutionary imperative, good... luck... with... that. Implanting cat whiskers in your face does not make you a cat. Simulated reality is not reality.

Reality isn't even where you are presently contained. You are contained in a dream. Reality is when you wake up from The Dream. When you can weave your passions into a single cable and direct it to a single goal, WHICH... is a certainty if you do so; You are GUARANTEED to succeed. Just think of it!!! Hmm... but then why are so many people doing everything else they can think of, but... that? Aye... it's a conundrum.

Why is it a conundrum or a dichotomy? Because you are traveling on a spiraling helix and one of the loops is invisible. If you could see both sides at the same time, then... perhaps... you have awakened OR... maybe that's not it either. This is why Humility is all-important. You will go nowhere good without it.

I don't mind when boorish people get snarky with me OR have to get their little digs in. I'm not coming from that place, so... I get it. I get why they do it, and I am not the one harmed by it. I sincerely wish I could ease their pain, BUT... they are the ones hitting themselves in the face. Eventually... someone gets tired of it (grin) and throws the switch. We do live in the atmosphere of a supremely benevolent God. The beauty and wonder of all creation is always on the horizon. We are moving toward it or... we are moving away.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, November 3, 2022

"Don't Worry about Anything. Live from Your True Center Without Artifice, and Life Will Know You are Genuine."

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The shrill desperation is a keening whine... as irresistible change comes upon our portion of The World. Players are jockeying for position. They got fast horses and stinging whips. They will force The Subconscious to do their will. It's the same way they approach lumberjacking... mining... fishing... all those things that have to do with how man treats Lady Nature. The idea is to rip her treasures from her body like some kind of pathological cesarean; clear cutting... strip mining... trawl and trammel net fishing, and so forth.

There are those who stride The World like a colossus, writ large upon the canvas of their time. They are favored above the rest or, so... it... would... seem... at the moment. They do what they like with impunity, and the cost in lives is a matter of no consequence to them. They believe it is their due. God has seen to it... in his Lila... that they think like this, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

If you want to understand Life, and how it works, one good way is to see it as a field of dreams, where dreamers are as plentiful as the leaves of grass... and dreams even more so. The dreams rise and fall. They rise and fall over, and over, and over, and over again. The seeds of their karma blow in the winds and land in that soil which is conducive to them. Certain dreams grow longer in this field that is not only a meadow. Yet all of them are dreams... tales spun out of dream-stuff, that once completed... melts back into the dream stuff. It's some law of Visibledynamics that may only be a rumor in my mind.

It looks like these ruthless monsters will continue to have their way, regardless of superficial change. Yuval Harari is the latest of The Skullmeisters, in the tradition of Michael Chertoff and Nosferatu. He's on a tour of late-night talk shows at the moment. He wrote a children's book for the budding trans-humanist sexual deviants of tomorrow's young leadership corps.

It only looks like this. Like they will have their way. Change can be slower than we wish, and great change can be glacial... HOWEVER... in times of apocalypse, the same old same old is no longer the same old same old.

Times of apocalypse are routine in the long reaches of human history. They come at distances much greater than the USUAL human life span, so... we probably are not familiar with how intense they can get. As we were saying yesterday... apocalypses come in categories like hurricanes. This is a big one. It's going to dig down to the bedrock. It's going to drill new passages into The Dark Matter below and wake up the atmospheres of what has been long past. Everything repeats; mind the heartburn.

What I'm trying to say is... hmm... heh heh... it's not easy. I want to say; don't worry about anything. Live from your true center without artifice, and Life will know you are genuine. Even animals that have an aggressive nature will give you a pass. You're not transporting the things that piss them off, and you don't attract the invisible entities that provoke misfortune.

Human society also has all sorts of NATURAL caste systems. People of similar temperaments are drawn together. People with similar antipathies are drawn together. Intelligence creates levels and has its own languages, as does the lack of it. There are different types of cultures... primitive... tribal... political... religious.. what is euphemistically called... civilized. Yeah... you can tell yourself all sorts of nonsense... as you run around trying to improve The World you messed up the last time you were here.

People reveal all kinds of details by what they say and how they behave. You can conceal the evidence for periods of time, long enough to deceive others, BUT... sooner or later it comes out. There are hidden laws in Life, and... they... are... inflexible. You break the law and you create a reaction. It's like a car alarm system going off. It alerts The Neighborhood, and HOPEFULLY, it alerts you. We get warnings... many warnings sometimes... before the hammer falls.

So... I see these people like Harari and Schwab, and all the other political and entertainment figures about whom mention is made... repeatedly... to keep them in the public eye. This is how Influencers make their money, and the big dogs use the same tactics. It amuses me that people watch Reality TV... wrestling and all the other carny acts, and think they are real. THEY NEED THEM TO BE REAL!!!

They are no more real than any of the rest of it... more dreams and more nightmares.

Life without God's Presence is EMPTY. People try to fill the void with sensation and distraction. That works for a while until one or the other kills or disables them. People are DRIVEN! They are not driving. They are DRIVEN! It's a form of Possession. Some of the troubles come from Bad Science. Bad Science is when the research is DRIVEN solely for profit, and not for altruistic intent.

Bad Science is part of the day-to-day, the old fillings in your teeth are like the asbestos in the buildings... back when they didn't know or... didn't care or did know and didn't care. Fluoride... and Pesticide... and GMO... Bad Science is Bad Santa; ho! Ho! Ho! It's been going on for a long time. Crazy people are doing all kinds of crazy things because... someone is paying them to.

This is all coming out... what Bad Science, Bad Religion, AND Bad Leaders have done, and are doing. Mr. Apocalypse is exposing it, and The Awakening is identifying it, and both of them are The Really Big Dogs. The pretend big dogs are soon to be reduced to all bark and no bite. As... they... move... to... harm... others, they suddenly forget who they are, and wander off like someone who got hit by Al's Hammer.

The impetus and force they previously used is being rerouted. They went to The Well one too many times and The Well is empty and the cupboard is bare. The Invisible has been at work all this time. People get what they deserve. They are the ones who permit despots to rule over them because they cannot rule over themselves. When you lack self-control, someone or something will fill the position. What is left unattended is often stolen or hijacked... refurbished and repurposed.

This is how Heaven changes things and conditions. They are changed from within before they appear. The power to do this lies in all of us, but we resist and rebel, and fall... into... bad... company, and become the prey of those who use us for their own entertainment or as cannon fodder. It's not possible to bribe or seduce someone who doesn't want anything. You can't deceive someone who is not a liar, and that is why the wise believe even a liar if they are true enough.

Elon Musk is using the ADL to school him on what passes for Hate Speech. Heh heh... that's like asking NAMBLA to babysit your son. It's kinda like Chucky with a Beanie Baby mask, asking you if you want to dance at a Southern Poverty Law mixer. Some Roofies last a really long time.

They did their best to make the whole world stupid. They never factored in that it was not in their hands for any length of time. Sooner or later, people wake up. The very mediums they have been using to put The World to sleep are being used against them now. It may not be that apparent just yet, cause it always takes longer to happen than we expected it to. Change has to occur at the deeper levels. Then it has to process and precipitate into being. This doesn't happen overnight... unless you are on The Road to Damascus. There's a learning curve.

They are committed to the new boss being the same as the old boss and they never tumbled to the truth that they... are... not... the... boss. They were ONLY allowed to believe they were, for The Purpose of Demonstration, and you are seeing that going on all around you because it is a... permanent... feature... of... Change. It has been hidden from the eyes of many for a specific period of time. That is no longer the case. The larger body of souls may have become quite dense due to Materialism, BUT... the force of awakening is irresistible... IRRESISTIBLE!!!

The drama and the spectacle are destined to be OFF THE CHARTS. I imagine that some people are really going to have their minds blown when the long-hidden truths of existence are revealed, at... the... level... of... what... is... possible, on a case-by-case basis. (grin)

Tick... tick... tick... tock... Kaboom! There's nothing like that little light going on in your head, and then continuing to stay lit.

End Transmission.......

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