Tuesday, November 8, 2022

"AND... On The High End, AND On The Low End, They ALL fulfill The Will of God... PERIOD... No Exceptions."

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I heard someone say, “expect the unexpected.” I am not so wise or... maybe I'm just more cautious, so... I say, “expect the unexpected, but... prepare for the same old same old.” Today is election day and... since there was no October or November surprise, the people who stole the elections two years ago must be confident that they can do it again. I'm pretty sure that no matter what they do, it's... not... going... to... turn... out... the... same.

Let me be positive, no matter the appearances otherwise. Change... BIG CHANGE is coming and it doesn't matter who thinks they are running things. The force behind the variations of force... as they appear to affect material conditions... are all getting their marching orders from the invisible, AND... on the high end, AND on the low end, they ALL fulfill The Will of God... PERIOD... No exceptions.

Yes... horrible events and conditions are present in select locations, involving select individuals, AND collectives as well. That is also The Will of God, as... it... expresses... according to the level of resistance being presented to... The Will of God. Life... as you see it acting out all around you... is some permutation of resistance or surrender to the same force. It is some demonstration of Harmony or Disharmony. It is being in Resonance or Dissonance.

I don't know where you tumble out in respect to your polarities... in The Realm of Duality, but... whether you get it or not, whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not... there it is, and you are going to have to deal with it one way or the other. Why not take The High Road? Now... that's a good question. The answer is that most of the things people want in Times of Material Darkness are... on... The... Low... Road.

Before the Temporary Times of Convenience come around... people are longing for them and dreaming of them... aspiring and working toward them. Finally... once they get here, it's too much for a lot of people to handle. They succumb to it... and find out later down the road that all of its promises and allurements are lies and window dressing that conceals a hideous suffering.

Due to my areas of interest, and residing... most of the time... on the other side of The Doors of Perception, and especially due to my particular nature, I saw this coming decades ago. Every time some new device came around, and people swooned over it and had to have it, I... didn't... get... it; in every sense of the words.

It's not been easy being here, BUT... I should not complain. I discovered the power of God's Love in every circumstance, as a universal palliative for all injuries of any and every kind. The most compelling evidence... radiates down upon us, every... single... day. It exudes Life, Warmth, and Positivity, and is a living example of immortality by example in the very thing it does. I am talking about The Sun. There it is... shining as if everything were poetry and joy, AND... as a matter of fact, this is true... if you are on the same wavelength.

Too many people are looking down at the ground, maybe for something shiny or... cause they lost something or... are looking for something that can't be found there, which accounts for the look of disappointment that gets etched into their features after a while.

People tell you all you need to know about them through what they say and do. The rest of it can be picked up by tuning into them. People selling negative commentary, snarling and sneering at others, trying to cut others down for doing what they didn't have the desire or ability to accomplish... display these very characteristics for all The World to see, should... it... be... looking. No one can hide anything for long. Yes... there are many who pretend they do not see, BUT... unspoken truth radiates on the sounding board of the aether all around them.

People make themselves dull and stupid by closing their eyes to the people and conditions around them, and hoping they will close their eyes to them, BUT... it is not The World one should be concerned about in this regard. It is the invisible beings of The Supernal and Infernal Realms, who take full note of all we think... and say... and do. Nothing goes unseen.

I haven't got to concern myself with Justice or anything else. I see these forces at work in The World EVERY DAY... near and close, and far and wide. I have only the one concern... to stand guard at The Gateway of The Mind... to rein in my thoughts, to be an air traffic controller of thoughts, departing and landing... and the same could be said for speech and action. You can be built into the image of The Divine by simply, and ACTUALLY... minding your own affairs.

Now the midterm elections are upon us. A great deal is riding here or... it seems to be. It could be that everyone takes their orders from the same place ultimately so... sometimes neither side is the answer, BUT... it is what we got, and we already know what the one side is up to. We've had a front-row seat for the last two years, and well before that. God willing, the ship will right its course BECAUSE... to continue as we have is the death knell of The Republic.

Once they let the Halloween darkness of sexual perversity loose, once they wrote it into law... all the rest of it was dragged after and turned The World into murk. Now... you may disagree with me on my perceptions, BUT... the truth of it is self-evident all around. Mess with human plumbing and you are going to have problems. Disorder is everywhere, and a collective rage is attendant because... by now... people have discovered that everything they thought they were going to get with all that sexual liberation turned out to be a big, and disappointing bust. So now they are angry at everyone else.

They think... they tell themselves... that the problem is they didn't get enough freedom and liberty in their unbridled license. They need more... and more... and more, and the more they get? The more it continues to prove out that it was all a mirage, and now they are even more hungry... even more thirsty... and a great deal more lost. How the Hell did that happen? It ALWAYS happens this way. You push the boundaries, AND... the boundaries will push back at you.

Every time I hit myself in the face it hurts. Why is that? The real question should be; why are you hitting yourself in the face? People don't like what they get. It enrages them that what they thought would make them happy, does... not... make... them... happy. More stuff was supposed to make them happy. More and more exceedingly varied sex was supposed to make them happy. More and more food to eat. More places to go. More... more... MORE!!! It just made them unhappy, and here's a clue. IT IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU UNHAPPY!!!

It is supposed to make you unhappy so that you go in search of what... really... does... make... you... happy. That is achieved by learning to harness The Personality to The Higher Self. Animal behavior is fine for animals, but you are not an animal. Those driven crazy by this dichotomy are now dressing up in animal suits to legitimize their passions. Heh heh... they revert in order to reverse their evolutionary imperative, good... luck... with... that. Implanting cat whiskers in your face does not make you a cat. Simulated reality is not reality.

Reality isn't even where you are presently contained. You are contained in a dream. Reality is when you wake up from The Dream. When you can weave your passions into a single cable and direct it to a single goal, WHICH... is a certainty if you do so; You are GUARANTEED to succeed. Just think of it!!! Hmm... but then why are so many people doing everything else they can think of, but... that? Aye... it's a conundrum.

Why is it a conundrum or a dichotomy? Because you are traveling on a spiraling helix and one of the loops is invisible. If you could see both sides at the same time, then... perhaps... you have awakened OR... maybe that's not it either. This is why Humility is all-important. You will go nowhere good without it.

I don't mind when boorish people get snarky with me OR have to get their little digs in. I'm not coming from that place, so... I get it. I get why they do it, and I am not the one harmed by it. I sincerely wish I could ease their pain, BUT... they are the ones hitting themselves in the face. Eventually... someone gets tired of it (grin) and throws the switch. We do live in the atmosphere of a supremely benevolent God. The beauty and wonder of all creation is always on the horizon. We are moving toward it or... we are moving away.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Existence, fine. Physical existence? Meh. Feckin' roller coaster, and I'm sick of amusement parks.

Nostrils to the sky, of course!

robert said...

khawp jai, Visible!

You create a room we can all fit into while we await the unfolding of universal mystery

I don't know where you tumble out in respect to your polarities... in The Realm of Duality, but... whether you get it or not, whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not... there it is, and you are going to have to deal with it one way or the other. Why not take The High Road?

Peak duality, the slicer and dicer of our indecisive willessness!

Who will we be?
Where will we see more?
What will take us closer to the central caster?

The time when we run out of ways to avoid the present, the only door to the infinite, so awe-inspiring it takes our breath away with possibility, we sense with all our senses that we cannot remain a tiny dust mote being blown inside our mind, when our mind connects to One Mind.

The spark flows to touch us and we cannot stand to be apart from All-That-is. In our rebounding reaction, we know we can no longer stay a mere mundanely myopic mortal playing with our glamorized mud pies.

Expand or contract, be or try, live or die

It is supposed to make you unhappy so that you go in search of what... really... does... make... you... happy. That is achieved by learning to harness The Personality to The Higher Self. Animal behavior is fine for animals, but you are not an animal.

Ah, the humanimal, that being poised between worlds, wavering in loyalty to eons of learned survival embedded in genetic helices or to the wind which blows us into living and has plans beyond mere survival plays.

Without painful experience, we would be trapped in a limbo of low contrast heart murmurs. Without the impossible intensity of caring beyond our mean, we would never know which way to go to get out of our amazement, into the folds of our maker's habit of motion.

When the mist of our miasma falls to clear skies, how can we kid ourselves into another corner office? When we see all the way through every pretending experience offering us the world, who is there left to love?

A tireless lover wreaths our every breath with wonderful will to be with us.
Can we shed our straitjacketted mind to free our heart to swell out of sight?
Growing out of timely fashions into a raiment of pure intention, the ultimate life boat we take with us wherever we stay still unto being here

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Stage 6 Cancer on a Peloton Bike to Nowhere, AND... It's Right Around The Corner from Ships Passing in The Night.

Jim said...

Thank you

oengus said...

can we see that looking for something that isn't here isn't fruitful?
how about just plain looking around?

is what we have at hand not interesting enough?
1% of whatever we have, anytime, is fascinating enough to keep one going, and forks out to more and more fascinating leads

what in the world are folks chasing?

is it chomsky who came up with 'manufacturing of consent'?
whatever the case, it appears many have found there lives manufactured toward a kind of dissent
that nothing is ok, never good enough

if what is doesn't suit,
what are the odds that what isn't will be better?

yet somehow, folks step on their own toes, without troubling themselves to try something different
but not everyone, heh heh

thanks for publishing



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