Wednesday, June 30, 2021

"It's a Simple Concept, that The Thought is The Author of The Word and The Deed."

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It's a simple concept, that the thought is the author of the word and deed. It seems not to have taken root in that many minds when it comes to True Self Interest. The Dark Side is aware of it and that is why they take such pains with long-range programming. Some of us are immune to this, and always will be; those of us on The Golden Mean, or The Middle Path, or resident beyond the extremes. The Mind explains it differently to different personality types. If you are on a certain Ray, everything is going to be colored in some way by that radiant hue, in terms of the attractions and characteristics of the Ray. I'm sure it can get pretty involved, but I won't. I simply notice it in passing.

There are items and parallels of relative importance, such as The Things of the World. Then there are items of a less transitory nature, and if you identify with them you will be of a less transitory nature. All this life, coming and going here, is like random particles in a wind blown by an invisible bellows. Out they come and up they go and down they go. Nursery rhymes, fables, and fairy tales go into this in allegorical fashion. For some reason, it seems there are those things we can only see indirectly, or only understand by allusion. You can't look directly at them, like The Sun.

There is a big difference between intellectual and visceral experience, like jnana and vijnana. The latter is a vast improvement over the former. It makes the former Worth Having. A luxurious car is not worth much if you can't drive it. There is a difference between having knowledge and having the insight that tells how to best employ it, and to ENJOY it.

There is all sorts of static on the subtler airwaves. It, convincingly... looks like a few deranged souls convinced an alliance of the disenfranchised and disenchanted with promises of a better world because they were going to make everything fair for everyone, which it already is. Everybody got to where they got behind their own intentions and appetites in previous times. Everyone was, and is, writing the script for their next appearance, while living through the script they wrote in times before. There are those who will disagree with what I say here because their intentions and aspiration are of a truly noble order and they are going to Save the World, like so many Social Reformers said they would do, and did not do, in times past. A great many people died each time, to serve as evidence of efficacy, which is not the same as Proof of Life.

If you look deeper into the present gender-bending trend, you will see what is really taking place. The Divine Feminine is coming into her rightful place in the cosmos of human understanding. Because, due to Materialism, most of us are of a carnal persuasion, this intensifying presence of The Divine Feminine is causing people to act out at the level of their understanding, which is not all that far above the beasts of the field, and who do things that even beasts won't do. Sometimes, I think it is only the hands that make them look different. Certainly, many of them act like particular farm animals would who can open refrigerators with their hands.

The Separated Mind is not inherently moral. It can convince itself of anything it wishes to. This is why The Mind is either your best friend or your worst enemy. These things can get said over and over and over, and they do here, BUT... once again, there is a big difference between intellectual and visceral. I liken it to stepping from one world into another. That is how big the difference is. Vijnana is not just another step after Jnana. It is exponential in the progression. It is a whole other world. Knowledge is not much good (and potentially VERY dangerous) unless you know how to use it. That requires Wisdom, which itself implies previous knowledge, correctly interpreted.

It doesn't matter how many books a person might read. It doesn't matter how many books a person may have written. Nearly all the time people do not know what they are talking about because all they are doing is cataloging and comparing temporary material things, according to personal taste, that have very little to do with Eternity and the awareness of it, which lies outside the parameters of time, which measures the coming and going of material things. You can't get it from a book or catch it off of a toilet seat. It has to be transmitted from one to another. Someone has to Ignite you. This puts a little light on in your head, like a reversed miner's lamp. EVERYTHING seen in this light is greatly different from how it looked in the previous light. This... is why the books and conversations, and whatever other paraphernalia there may be... for all the argument-making constructs of children, playing with toy construction machines, is of no real or lasting value.

I realize that my sentence structure is often imaginative and maybe even wrong, according to the strict constructionists of the forms. Actually... I don't care. It's also not possible to put it into words anyway, in the first place, but we can't stop trying because we are in love and helpless before the force of it.

If you could get it in books then only a certain class of us would benefit. The truth is that simple and even illiterate people can GET IT. Look at Sri Ramakrishna!!!

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Or Jacob Boehme! Consider Guru Bawa, who they found sitting in a tree in the jungle in what was then, Ceylon. I was around him for a couple of years and words don't work here either. He was incandescent. He was lit up. He was also about 4'10” and 80 pounds. I watched him in every fashion that the mind would permit, or that I was familiar with. I was in states of extreme subjectivity and objectivity. Nothing changed. He was a true spiritual force, and I was fortunate to have met him. You pretty much had to be there.

Such beings move about through the human currents. We are in an ocean of air, just as the fish are in an an ocean of water. You are familiar with schools of fish in a tank, who all turn and look at you as they work their mouths in that peculiar fashion of theirs. Then, as one body, they start off in another direction. Humans are more like that than they imagine. These beings are LOOKING for those who radiate certain qualities. They are like shepherds, and they are VERY MUCH here, just as are their more visible counterparts, who sway the attention of the masses like the fishes in the tanks.

There are levels to existence, just as there are planes. At each station of awareness, we are radiating that which we are into the environment. Think of it like a school of fishes, or a field of corn, or a herd of cattle... or... a field of flowers. Angels move among the flowers and when they see a particular quality of beauty, they bring it to the attention of Heaven. You HAVE TO attract Heaven's Attention. It is easy to do. You simply behave as a citizen of Heaven would behave and Heaven will recognize you. Maybe it is not that easy to do. It depends on what it means to you.

I OFTEN say “I don't know.” here, and it is the truest statement I will EVER make. Then I set off with confidence to rattle on extemporaneously as if I did, in fact, know. This is a riddle and the sort of thing that can only be explained in a Zen Koan, which means not at all most of the time. What it means is that what I say is the best I can come up with, EVEN THOUGH I still don't know. It is hoped, at my end, that all this verbiage will occasionally serve someone's spiritual interest.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do I wish to give the impression that I do know because I don't. There are a few things that I do know, however. So... when I say, “I don't know” that would be the case at that time. At another time, it might be something that I do know. The POINT is that whatever TINY little fragment of knowledge or wisdom I might possess, is infinitesimal by comparison to The Sun, which itself is a TINY little fragment of knowledge or wisdom, by comparison with The Spiritual Sun that shines through every star. It might even continue from there, as in Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur. There are ever deeper densities of light within light and which are black to our blinded sight.

None of that matters if you have Love. Love is the cosmic passport to anywhere and everywhere, and to anyone and everyone. You either have it or you don't and you either do it or you don't do it.

A friend of mine went to a shopping mall yesterday and this friend had one of those moments where you see more deeply into the situation than usual. It was as if people were in a hypnotic state and not conscious of anything outside the area of whatever attractions brought them there. I imagine it was a disturbing vision. I understand it because it looks that way to me all the time. People have this glazed opacity upon their eyes, like those fish in the tanks, and you CANNOT tell them about it. You cannot reach them. You can ONLY love them. Social Reformers think you can tell people and you can reach them and also lead them to their own destruction, which history already shows us is what happens. If you are not a social reformer, but rather a self reformer, you radiate and hope it will precipitate, and it will.

Some of us are deeply asleep. Some of us are in Fat City, or uneasy dreams and some of us are, occasionally, partially awake. It takes different levels of severity to awaken certain people. This is the unfortunate truth about trauma, and life CAN BE traumatic. We are presently looking at a near inevitability of mass trauma occurring in the near future. I had hoped to have a community together by that time. Now... I realize that community is Virtual. We are, Wired, so to speak. We have spiritual Bluetooth (grin). I now know what I did not previously know and that is that communities are best arranged when they are arranged themselves by a divine fiat. Even though I KNOW that Everything is Under Control, I still have to remind myself, because the dreamscape can be intoxicating and intimidating. You can forget that you are watching a movie and begin participating in it.

Ah well... if it is all under control then there is nothing to worry about. Certainly, Worry is not the equal of Preparation. May God light your way through these times!

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Friday, June 25, 2021

"The POWER Within is ALWAYS Greater than the Power Without, IF... One Knows This."

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Summer is here, but... already, you can smell the burning of infrastructure, like piles of dead leaves in a False Flag Fall. This sort of thing makes you think of Halloween; witches, and goblins, and vampires and Ghosts... oh my. Show me a culture where sexual license and the pursuit of mindless convenience are the disorder of the day, and I will show you a culture where these creatures rule.

Humanity DOES NOT understand who and what it is that keeps the forces of darkness at bay. They don't SEE it happening, even while it is happening. Every now and then though... something... someone... opens the Gates of Hell and a few, or a great many regiments slip out upon the landscape like barbarians through the portcullis of the castle. Your body is a castle. You don't see castles that aren't built for defensive purposes, just like your body, though we don't see the defense mechanisms that inhabit us. Bad lifestyle will destroy a castle even more effectively than cannon fire or siege engines.

When you look at what's what in the countries of The West, perhaps you may wonder where so many strange and undesirable trends are coming from. Why should anyone care about the gender-bending fantasies of a very small collection of the mentally ill? Why should the world care about the sexual practices of a small fragment of humanity whose lifestyle will kill them off in a generation or two? What caused all the rage and hate, all the chaos and confusion of recent times? Who... is fomenting race wars, wars between the sexes, wars between political perspectives and WHO... is making war on Christianity? Most importantly, who is making war on Thought and Speech and has taken over the shaping of the minds of the young?

The same people are behind EVERY ONE OF THESE strange and undesirable trends. We know them as The Usual Suspects. They've had a good long run... or is it a long bad run? Of course, the polarity between the relative poles of Good and Evil is necessary for the world to be. Perhaps that doesn't make sense but... we wouldn't get very far without Night and Day, Hot and Cold, Lawmen and outlaws, and all the other colorful characters that dance across the stage in their respective times. The key to freedom is to be indifferent to either extreme, to not care at all about Attractions and Aversions.

Why... we've had The Enlightenment (which was not an enlightenment). We've had The Age of Reason, which proved to be very unreasonable, especially in France, which, if I remember aright, was the closing chapter in The Age of Reason. It might help to know that The Age of Reason and The Enlightenment were in the same time frame. We ALSO had the Age of Faith, ironically it happened in one of the darker periods. No question it was a time that needed a great deal of Faith if they were going to make it to The Age of Reason and The Enlightenment. There was too, The Renaissance. There were subsections in various ages, like that period of Feudalism. It gets confusing when you try to stick all those images onto the whiteboard and talk about chains of custody; chains seen and unseen.

We don't usually see things as they are. Everyone's world view is colored and shaped according to their desires, while imagination feeds the fire, and The Mind goes ballistic, thinking it might have missed it, whatever it was. The Dog of Desire has its nose in the garbage. The Monkey Mind is riding on its back, indicating points of interest in the garbage, as if the nose wasn't telling the dog everything it needed to know already.

Think of the scavengers and the vermin that follow the tracks of the lions and other predators. Lobsters and Crocodiles serve similar purposes in the water, as do buzzards and vultures (no... they are not the same) in the air. In this world, people wish for it to be different than it is. Sometimes they wish for it to be very, very different. Sometimes, the most twisted and deranged among us wind up setting policy, and you know it won't be much longer before some major adjustment in the balance of things occurs. Things can only go so wrong for so long and cosmic force intrudes.

I love the smell of False Flags burning in the morning (to paraphrase the risible Robert Duval). They smell like an apocalypse. Lightly... lightly they move. There are eyes everywhere; unfriendly eyes. They have competition. All sorts of scavengers have banded together in packs. They are expecting to feast shortly. Will there be enough corpses to go around? One has to ask this question in light of the understanding that someone is messing with the human reproductive function.

No NORMAL person cares about 63 genders, or is curious about anal sex. Fascination with one's body is supposed to pass in one's infancy until puberty sets sail in a high wind. White supremacy is a straw dog. Racial hate is something you have to feed like the coal furnace on an old train. These are ALL artificial constructs and their Single Purpose is to CONFUSE and INTIMIDATE. Yet again, ♫ what's puzzlin you is the nature of my game ♫ We have devil and angel both within and our lives are a struggle between them. You can say they are representative of our Lower Nature and our Higher Nature. OR... there is The Intellect and The Spirit, and The Heart and The Soul. The Intellect is the lower nature of The Spirit and The Heart is the Lower nature of The Soul.

Consider yourself. The whole of your days is a response to the urgings of The Mind and The Heart, who require guidance or they will perish. You can EASILY tell which of them is influencing you by what they want. When The Spirit and The Soul are in charge you are sailing across the Ocean of Birth and Death. Otherwise, you are attempting to swim in stormy seas. God help you.

So... we look out at what is taking place in the wider world and it becomes EVIDENT that the worst of us has muscled aside the best of us. This is a temporary affair. They have to mess it up good before those appointed to fix it appear. It is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to get your mind focused on THE FACT that EVERYTHING is UNDER CONTROL, no matter what appearances may say. This has to be a visceral awareness. An intellectual awareness is not going to do the job. God PERMEATES the whole of existence, every single particle is a part of the composition of The Body of God, which is The Universe itself. All consciousness is BORROWED consciousness. It is the same with all force as well. Both the good and the evil get their ability to act from a SINGLE SOURCE. In other words, 'God has you surrounded.'

God surrounds and suffuses you. What is the difference between one who is awakened and one who is asleep? It is the awareness or lack of awareness of this understanding. God is ALL IN ALL. Your being unaware of him has NO impact on the reality of His Presence.

Everywhere I look, I see CHAINS. I see chains in every shape and color draped like shawls around the shoulders of humanity. The World is enslaved by the chains of the senses, and a good portion of the culture is constructed for the whims of appetite. Where is our nobility? Where is our dignity? Where is our honor? These are all connected to our Integrity, and their presence or absence accounts for our character. IT is NOT because of the governments, or the religions, or any external construct that we suffer so. Yes... they play a role, but it is we who put ourselves at the mercy of these systems because of our hostages to fortune, and because we REFUSE to engage in Self-Inquiry. It is much easier to root around in the business of others than to take personal inventory of ourselves.

We have NOTHING to fear from The World unless we are inattentive. The POWER within is ALWAYS greater than the power without IF one Knows THIS. “If God is for me, who can be against me?” “Greater is that which is within you than that which is in The World.” We get hamstrung by fear of The Unknown, when we, ourselves, in fact, are that undiscovered country. All that is said here are only words unless the meaning accompanies them, and it is our Understanding that accounts for that.

I was once troubled by the directions taken by The World. I now know that it's none of my business. I have Cold Creek to sleep by, and its endless, running waters to comfort my soul. It IS possible to fly over the cuckoo's nest. Stop trying to make sense out of nonsense! Stop trying to fit in. When you come to a REAL accommodation with yourself, you won't have to worry about any of that. The True Self is SUPREME. The False Self is not. You do not speak to the False Self. You do not even acknowledge it. The whole of your attention is on the True Self. If you are standing IN the light, no shadow can touch you.

It is very simple. Either God is in charge of everything (one way or another) or he is not. This is something one must prove to themselves. Some don't care. Some refuse to be bothered. Some are utterly clueless but... you do not have to be. You WILL know when you are on the right road. The road itself will tell you this. If you cannot find it, but you are sincere in your quest, the guide ALREADY appointed to you, WILL STEP IN.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

"It seems like Eternal Vigilance got a Rohypnol Cocktail."

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Our government is, by turns, fearful and corrupt. The agencies empowered to make AND ENFORCE the laws have become the worst examples of breaking the law, for career advancement, for personal power, due to a compulsion that attends becoming possessed of negative forces, for spite and vindictiveness, while in the commission of treasonous acts, and indifferent to the cost to others.

What were they thinking? This is an apocalypse. Of course, it is going to be discovered, as it is uncovered and revealed. This is what is known, in Heavenly terms (grin) as shooting fish in a barrel. It's not very sporting but it is a cosmic necessity.

These are VERY DRIVEN souls. Most recently, intelligence services and federal law enforcement, orchestrated a riot at The Capitol in order to pin it on supporters of the outgoing president. This president was removed from office by provable voter fraud, AND AS THIS IS WRITTEN, it is being made public in many places at once.

Now they are trying to force through a voting law, which will make the tactics used in the last election... LEGAL. They have trotted out delusional celebrities from every theater of deception in which they strut and prance, to do an obfuscation dance. From Hollywood to Broadway, from newscast to podcast, from local stages, national stages, and international stages, they have come to spin the tales of a darker Don Quixote, a mass-murdering Baron Munchhausen, with assorted Fagin's and Shylock's to attend each brief hour as it passes. Dim the lights, as they steal your rights! It seems like Eternal Vigilance got a Rohypnol Cocktail.

A lot of people are doing bad things because they seek an outcome so important to them that they care not what means they use to obtain it. Some are unaware of what they do. They are the ones who do what they are told. What is most interesting, is that nearly everyone carries a camera with them these days, not to mention the one their eyes connect to. There are times when the force of the Dreamscape is very powerful and other times (like now) when it starts to fray at the edges and light passes the Mind-Brain Barrier and people begin to wake up. THEY know about this. That is how they came up with, “Woke.”

In the same way that the Ashkenazim are erasing the presence of The Palestinians from the land where they lived and who are the true inheritors of; driving them off of it, changing street signs and town names, and performing genocidal outrages upon them at regular intervals, our language is being twisted into a vehicle that is used to reinforce lies and obscure The Truth. Our culture is being bestialized and dumbed down. Children are being programmed to recognize and report thought crimes in their homes, and to snitch on their fellow classmates. It's basically the same mindset between both of these atrocities, and result in the same material outcomes EVENTUALLY.

Listen up world! In the beginning, arguments and persuasions of all kinds are employed. When they do not bring the desired result, other means are engaged and the methods become more forceful with threats, blackmail, and assorted intimidations. If those are not comprehensive enough, even more serious efforts are made. They get from one place to the other by changing customs and laws, and they do this incrementally, one step at a time.

You have to soften up the players first. You have to give them convenience and bad food. Sex and Kink have to be normalized as simple, basic rights that everyone (including children) can exercise in whatever way they please. You have to destroy the education system by forcing everyone to be equal in every way, which is IMPOSSIBLE. Some will ALWAYS be smarter and more gifted at one thing or another. Even entire races are better at certain forms of expression than other races. This is Self-Evident! Just to say... or even imply this, is now Racist, and probably several other ists as well. The Truth is out of favor. Life has gone sideways. There is going to be lasting grief and regret soon enough.

You can tell people that the bridge is out but you can't make them believe it.

Let's take a big sweeping segue here, across the arc of belief and doubt. We do things every day, unconsciously, without even thinking about them. Breathing is one of these things. One might say it is the MOST CRITICAL because you cannot go more than a few minutes without needing to breathe. What most people do not realize is that Needing is Feeding. In other words, when you are breathing you are also eating, but in a different fashion. Your lungs are also a stomach. IF you can learn to consciously breathe, you can absorb every nutrient you require or desire. You have specialized, conscious cells that see to it... IF you activate them.

I am NOT espousing becoming a Breatharian in the same way you might decide to be Vegan. Steps are involved and you won't get them here. There are many westerners who have compromised their health by engaging in techniques they don't understand, taught to them by people who did not understand them either, down at The Yoga World Emporium on Ventura. Angels there are who WILL instruct you in these things when you are ready; keeping always in mind that “success is speedy for the energetic.” One might also add that the MOST CRITICAL feature is Love. If you possess Love (and you do) of the sufficient grade of Love (this is accessible) then ANYTHING you might need to know or achieve is available.

Breathing is like making love or let us say that the most successful breathing is performed in this manner. The KEY THING here is that you must believe it is happening, that when you are breathing in deeply, and holding it briefly, that you are feeding on material, and etheric, and spiritual energy that can TRANSFORM YOUR WORLD. Conscious breathing can do this. It 'can' restore your youth and pretty much accomplish anything when Properly Performed. I assure you on my soul that what I say is true on this matter. Whether you can achieve it is another thing. The good news is that YOU don't do it. It is done in and through you and you simply have to attain the hook-up between you and the you within you.

Let us say that EVERYTHING is making love. It is being done badly, in most cases, or it is being done with some refinements, in a few cases. The whole universe is making love to you, but it is meaningless unless you reciprocate. Hate... and there is much of it in such times, is Love Suppressed. Love is the currency and the blood that runs through the body of God in which each of us is a single cell. This cell is either vibrating in concert with the body it is in, or it is at war with it. When your breathing comes into union with The Great Breath of God, then God comes in an awakened resonance within you.

It is a very simple act. Breathe from the diaphragm deeply and then chew the air as if it were life itself, which, in fact, it is. Then you release the breath slowly and repeat. It becomes much easier if you think of it as making love. The mindset is CRITICAL. You can become positively orgasmic when you are in tune with the timeless expressing through you. Joy and Bliss will run through your form. This is how it SHOULD BE, but... because of wider and greater complications and conditions, it is not.

The Universe is The Body of God and we are an infinitesimal particle in that body. We can be singing in harmony or crying in misery, and this all comes about due to the Attraction-Aversion Dynamic. Let it all go and you are free as a bird. This is a specialty of angels to assist in the process. Though it is only a movie, “Jacob's Ladder” is potently instructive of the power of our mindsets to control our sense of reality. It's in the last ten minutes of the film that it is explained about angels and devils. The film is shocking and filled with jump scares but you've seen worse, I'm sure.

That whole world I was talking about, in the beginning of this posting, is breathing wrong and making love badly. The peer pressure to do likewise is palpable. Look at what is happening to the people who let the bad breathers control their respiration! IF you learn to breathe properly, you will have inviolable protections from that world. Keep in mind that it is simple, flowing, and natural and that it is like making love in an effortless and unresistant manner.

That world has a destiny that it is writing for itself for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION, as a life lesson for us and those to come. All this time you have been carrying powerful spiritual possibilities around and not exercising them. A world of light magic and freedom is on the doorstep and it is knocking to get in.

We decide who it is that we are talking to by what our intentions are. Our intentions determine our audience and their degree of attention, and the quality of our love determines what that intention is. So we should deeply consider who it is that we are talking to, AND...You are ALWAYS talking to God, so be polite.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

"Wanting Breeds Attachment. Attachment Breeds Confinement. Confinement is Suffering."

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I've been watching it come and go for some time now. Twenty years and the face of existence has changed dramatically. Everybody's got an answer for everything now, which means that no one knows what they are talking about. Usually, this means it descends into a shouting match, or a shooting match, depending on where you are.

It is a very short article, but VERY difficult or impossible to find online. It came out in a Tom Wolfe book and it is titled, “Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink.” (I've mentioned it before). Here is a good article on it. It dealt with a lab experiment on overcrowding and it used rats as its subjects. The one thing I remember most vividly from the article is that when the rat population reaches a certain point, the alpha rats lose interest in the females and rape the young males. The human parallel is 'life in the city'.

Nature does an automatic culling of the human race when certain behavior traits become more pervasive than... (God wants it to be?) It is really about a mechanical adjustment in the way life traffics with itself. When things go out of balance, they are brought back into balance, by whatever force is necessary. We can see the imbalance easily these days, though some would call it progress, and maybe that is why they are called Progressives?

As I said, I've been watching for a while and what HAD BEEN a slow slide into entropy is now nearing the pace of a free-fall. Along the way, I have heard wild and sensationalized tales about one boogeyman after another. Certain writers jump on certain bandwagons because it might gain them a greater notoriety. Most of these wild claims have yet to come into manifestation and now we are being told, by experts, that a huge portion of humanity is going to be dead in less than 3 years. The narrative is coming from doctors and researchers around the world, including Nobel Prize recipients. I don't know what to think. If it proves true it will be the first time I have seen predictions meet their specifications.

The implications of this are startling because, just like the rats in the experiment, one thing led to another until cannibalism becomes the order of the day. We know what happens when conditions descend into anarchy. We know what happens when blind panic hits. Humanities present state of being and its supportive technology are VERY vulnerable, especially now that computers have taken over so many areas of operation. When one thing leads to another, if events are heading in the wrong direction, then the toilet flush will simply circle the drain until it disappears.

I can see the threats of Sturm und Drang and global want... conditions... conditions... one thing leads to another. Well... that is true in the spiritual dimension as well. I've mentioned the Conning Towers of Darkness a few times here. They are REAL centers of transmission for negativity in the human mind. The unaware are constantly influenced by them. There are other conning towers as well. These transmit Light, and Hope, and Reassurance, as well as reinforcing any number of positive traits in the human mind.

The Sun and Moon are conning towers. So are the stars and systems. EVERYTHING is vibration and all differences in form are the results of Adaptation in vibration. Everything has an aura of some kind. Everything vibrates so... everything radiates. We affect life at a distance from ourselves. Something said in Sydney can find its way to Cairo through the vibrationary currents of invisible mail. Thoughts, like those wrapped in imagery, which are radiated out from the conning towers, find their way into minds worldwide. If you are resident in The One Mind, this would not trouble you, but if you are resident in a separated mind it might. Surely you are aware of waves of Optimism and waves of Pessimism that moves about like giant winds?

Ever wonder why The Wilderness and wide barren stretches of Earth are uninhabited? Entities live there that can be hostile to human presence; depending on the humans. Yes... some of these areas are wastelands where not much grows, BUT... the desert itself has been made to flower. There are even some ridiculous examples of this, like Las Vegas. Other places can prove VERY resistant as these are the provinces of Djinns and other beings. Large storms are the work of certain forces drawn together for the performance of them. They do require being inspired, however... if that makes any sense. All action is inspired or instinctive, proactive or reactive, or some kind of Guna-inspired active.

You might be very surprised at what is going on here out of sight. There are subterranean residents here. There are elementals everywhere. One of the greatest teaching films on this matter that I have ever seen is “Time Bandits”.

I have seen this film 20 or more times. It stands alone as a comedic triumph, but there is more going on than that. The Cosmic allegory weaving its way through the plot dynamics is remarkable. There are personalized elementals in the film. “Oh the poor are going to be thrilled with these. Have you met the poor? They're delightful people but they haven't two pennies to rub together because... well, they're poor.” The film is so filled with bon mots and inferences, and obscure references that even seeing it multiple times you still discover new occurrences that you previously missed.

That's kind of how life is and why people keep coming back again, and again, and again. Each time they see things they missed and now they want them. It truly is a vicious cycle. My advice... don't want anything. What is meant for you will not miss you. Wanting breeds attachment. Attachment breeds confinement. Confinement is Suffering. The primary human urge is to Freedom. That is why illumination is often called, Liberation. Liberation from what? Liberation from attachment and confinement.

I don't want to harp too much on what I brought up yesterday, but it needs repeating. I will illustrate it in a different manner. There is a pervasive climate of insanity in The World at this time. It is intensifying. When it gets stronger, the aspects of Fear, Paranoia, and impending panic increase, and people begin to turn upon each other. There are sections of the government and private industry. There are also dedicated and well-funded psychopaths and each of them attends to the theater of public opinion, seeking to shape the drama to their ends. They seek to stamp out truthful voices by getting them to turn on themselves. When you can put people in conflict with themselves you can then appear as a savior. You can also influence them to destroy themselves.

This is no time to be falsely representing yourself if there is nothing of substance behind you. Mr. Apocalypse deals with this, upsetting apple carts and melting the concealments that some have built to protect themselves and to deceive others. I fear one thing only and that is to displease my author. Fear and insecurity compel people to do awful things. One MUST free themselves of Attractions AND Aversions. One cannot, of course, do this on their own and only a fool would think otherwise as they will assuredly find out.

It is so difficult to awaken people to the CERTAINTY that they are monitored AT ALL TIMES. There is a tiny center in you that records EVERYTHING that happens. “Everywhere you go, the chicken sees.” This SHOULD give great confidence to anyone who grasps the true meaning in this. You can write the perfect account of yourself by permitting the light in you to express itself. People are doing one of two things continuously. They are allowing the flow of The Light through them, or they are hindering it, and this we do in every thought, word, and deed.

I want to include the first meditation from The Way to the Kingdom, and I will put the relevant portion into Bold Type. He says it better than I do. I have memorized this and used to repeat it every morning, along with The Emerald Tablet and The Pattern on the Trestleboard. This I would do when driving to work in the morning. There is MUCH of sustenance in this meditation.



“Do you truly want to come speedily and eternally into your own—that which you came here into manifestation to express? Then meditate earnestly and persistently day after day on the below—ten minutes or more on the first part, until you realize its Truth:

In the ONE MIND there is the consciousness only of wholeness, completion, and perfection. In it there are no ideas of lack or limitation of supply of any kind. To every center of that Mind—and every human mind is such a center—there flows naturally every needed idea, even as air rushes into a vacuum, or as the blood carries to every cell of the body everything needed for their growth and sustenance.

Remember, that One Mind is in You—Is YOUR MIND—as there is only One Mind. Also remember, by your realization of this great Truth, and making it the dominant fact in your consciousness, are you and your Father truly One. For it unites your consciousness with His Consciousness, He who is your REAL SELF, and Whose Mind is the ONLY Mind (of course it does for you are then in His Consciousness); and therefore You ARE all that He is and ALL THAT HE HAS IS YOURS. Once believe this—once KNOW it, and you will be free from ALL lack and limitation FOREVER. * * * *

Then after trying to realize intensely the Truth of the above by thus meditating and letting it soak into your subconsciousness, let the following flood your consciousness for ten minutes more:

Be still, my child, and know I am your Life, your Health, your Strength, your Understanding, your Supply, your Power, your Love. I am all these things—all these ideals you are seeking to be and to have. Oh, my child, can you not see you can have none of these apart from Me—can get none without getting Me,—can get them nowhere else but from Me, your Real, your ONLY Self, who am all these things Now—and therefore You also are these things Now, AND FOREVER MORE. SEE this, beloved, and know the Truth of your Self.

Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Can you not realize that this life in you, any portion of health or strength or power or love or understanding that you have, is not of yourself, but is of ME , who am all these things IN you. Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious striving to be that which you are now, always were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and perfection? Why not then let go completely and let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein you know are not My thoughts? That is all You need to do—I will do the rest. Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this My Word abide in you, everything your heart seeketh will surely come to pass, in blessed richness and abundance.”

End Transmission.......

And... some links;

Friday, June 11, 2021

"When Hell Breaks Loose, it Happens Where Hell is Present. The Kingdom of Heaven is Here Too."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Things are getting worse in Portland. Yes... they are getting much worse. Remember Antifa and BLM? They aren't the problem anymore. Yes... they are probably still around, but they now also have more to contend with than just the collateral damage they were causing. Now they could well be in competition for The Streets with organized gangs.

If you don't keep your house clean, you attract vermin. If you don't deal with the vermin, their numbers increase. The KINDS of vermin increase as well. They are all in competition with one another for the same decomposing foods left on the plates in the sink and the litter on the floor. When you LITERALLY feed the vermin and allow it to live in your house, it is possible some form of symbiosis may occur, perhaps even inter-species breeding, given the present laxity in moral restraint.

Gee... did I just label them as vermin? Are termites vermin? Will they, LITERALLY, eat your house if you don't do anything about it, or can't afford cedar or redwood when you build or buy?

For thousands of years, residents in every country in The World, have had to be aware of threats to their stability and peace of mind. Laws were passed. Police and other enforcement authorities were hired or contracted with. Armies were raised for when Bankers wanted a war in order to maximize their profits. Intelligent city planners arranged for Vice to be in neighborhoods away from the Bürgermeisters and their offspring and associates. In Dodge City, they arranged for communities that extended back in opposite directions from the railroad tracks. On one side was Vice and on the other a supposed Virtue. The curious and the driven who ventured over to what was probably called The Wrong Side of the Tracks after a while, found that law enforcement did not pay much attention to what happened there. The profiteers and predators who ran the show in the Vice section were expected to police themselves and their establishments, which they did in ruthless fashion.

There are those now who will say that my commentary here is racist. They now have many more labels they affix to those they seek to marginalize or punish. Some of them are hilarious, though not funny at all. I suggest that people of every color, the larger amount of them, agree with me and would prefer that those who act without concern for the welfare of others be kept at a distance... somehow.

This 'somehow' has taken a variety of shapes over the years. At this time, it is not the free-ranging street predators that are the problem. The problem is those who are financing and orchestrating it all. The problem is the growing population who have soup in their heads instead of brains and who think that everyone should have an equal share of everything. This... of course, NEVER happens, but it does provide avenues through which the top predators can gain control of the whole enchilada.

Absolutely, without a doubt, a cabal of well-heeled psychopaths intends to bring a Marxist system of government to the 'relatively' free countries, and America stands as the icon of this... freedom. What we are seeing is a classic decline and fall of a culture, with the vermin chewing at the infrastructure. Meanwhile, those in control (who think they are in control) have opened the floodgates for the barbarians to have free access to the sacking of Rome. Within all the hungry hordes yearning to be free, are criminals of every stripe, and those who also intend to CONTROL the other immigrants once they get located somewhere. Of this, you can be CERTAIN!

I learn from watching Trends and Patterns. I watch what repeats, and how often. I watch what they turn into. I watch to see if this is a predictable outcome. I watch to see who is influenced and by... what. I watch human behavior, and its REACTIONS to the Trends and Patterns. I especially watch the morphing of human sexuality, because that is a ubiquitous performance of endless couplings of every kind, occurring non-stop, here, there, and everywhere. I watch to see what is permitted and what is resisted. I watch to see how this dynamic changes... if it does, and... I watch most carefully the impact of it all on the FAMILY STRUCTURE. The Family Unit IS the building block of society. What happens with that determines the levels of peace and harmony that exist in the culture.

Life in Africa is often a dismal process. Colonialism had MANY drawbacks. One needs only to study what King Leopold did in The Congo. Many things have changed in Africa in recent decades. One thing that has not changed is the welfare of the people who live there. This is because Black Despots took over from White Despots, with no net improvement whatsoever. You can say that with the colonists at least the trains ran on time, in most places, at most times, if they happened to even have trains. That, of course, is not a righteous justification. It didn't work out for Mussolini either. Despots are usually toppled with the same tactics they used themselves. One merely waits until they are obese and corrupted, and then the competition garners the loyalty of the people with promises they won't fulfill either.

I am not an apologist for colonists, nor for those who replace them. Politics, in a world supplied with the promise of Gain, is USUALLY used for the profit of those engaged in it. It would APPEAR that we are in serious trouble here... at this time. That is what it LOOKS LIKE. That is not how it is, except where it applies.

I lived my whole life without priviledge of any kind. I seldom had any money and I was often harassed and even imprisoned for speaking out of turn. That's what it came down to and it's easily confirmed. Therefore I have NO GUILT in these matters concerning events and conditions I wasn't even present for. No one is going to talk me into feeling bad about crimes I never committed. My life has changed in the last couple of decades and now it is like moonlight traveling across a still lake. That needs no further elaboration.

I recommend that you do not let appearances intimidate you. I recommend that you do the best that you can and stay away from troublesome enterprises. I recommend that you seek The Divine in every moment you can manage to think about it. That is all I can say, bereft of any details about your life, your Karma, and your perspectives and moods. All is not grim and threatening. The Light that is resident in you is superior to ANYTHING The World can throw at you.

Things have definitely gotten out of wack. Here is a TELLING example and worth it for the comments alone. This is the kind of delusion one has to contend with... if... one contends. The mad will surely extinguish themselves. This sort of crazy is everywhere that people are pressed together in tight confines. At the same time, the vaccine fallout is getting worse. This is NOT being reported on in The Crass Media.

When all Hell breaks loose, it breaks out where Hell is present. The Kingdom of Heaven is here too. If you carry yourself as a citizen of Heaven you will be in Heaven. This is how it is. There are two sides to this coin and you are defined by the side you are present in. Are you right side up or are you upside down? Are you heads, or tails? To which are you drawn, to the head or the tail? For MANY the question does not arise because the appetites and desires create such a dead-leaf smoke screen that one cannot see and does not inquire. Karma accounts for that. All that is coming is about waking you up. If you awaken ahead of time it is not necessary for you to be shaken out of sleep AGAIN. I am NOT talking about Woke, which involves a suppression of all your finer and nobler instincts.

The Avatar IS a REALITY. He has come before. We have records of his appearance at different times and in different lands. According to his previous schedule, he is due around now. I do not know the hour of his coming. No one does except Himself, and don't kid yourself, he is not constrained by any schedule that he created in the first place. He could be here instantly at ANY TIME. He comes when it pleases him to do so. He ALSO arrives ahead of Himself in the hearts of those who have prepared a place for him. He appears in the lives of those who bear him Love.

You are going to hear all sorts of convoluted arguments from negative minds, who paint a dreary picture of The World and what awaits. Dismiss them out of hand. All the deniers, and naysayers, all the arguers, and complainers, all those selling one form of snake oil or another, all those who pretend that they know what they do not know, are also going to encounter The Avatar, in a fashion appropriate to them, in order to wake them up. Have Faith, and don't engage the footsoldiers from The Legions of Doubt. There is a campaign taking place whose intention is to befuddle and intimidate you. Leave them to their meager pottage. The Avatar is coming.

End Transmission.......

I know that I have mentioned, in times past, that there are paid insurgents who infiltrate blogs that address world conditions. They insert themselves and then, over time they become part of the community of those who visit. They wait, like sleeper cells, like Manchurian candidates in some locations, primed to be set off when their employers deem conditions are right. Then they get up to all kinds of disturbances if permitted to. Sometimes it is only a matter of someone drinking too much and whose bitterness can no longer be contained, BUT... trust me on this, they are around. They are around here. I will be attentive to the matter. We don't sleep much in that regard.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

"Heaven is ONLY Heaven because God lives there. Hell is the Absence of God."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings of the day! May you find yourself with no smoke on your mirrors. I have new missives from Mr. Apocalypse. On the one hand, the news is not good. On the other hand, it's being publicized is very good news. Here is a revealing that fits nicely into the age-old motive. It would not surprise me whatsoever. There is ALWAYS more to the story, so we have this as well.

Then we have the Official word from the professionals in their field. All of this is the hand of Mr. Apocalypse.

Perhaps you have been noticing an acceleration in the revelations, concerning what has been hidden? The pace of this apocalypse has not yet reached its cruising speed. I am not sure the plane has even left the runway yet. What I am noticing is the presence of a particular force coming MORE and MORE into view. It is operating in the human mind and this is getting two basic results. It is either extremely agitating, like an itch you cannot scratch with all these people around. The other result is of a rising awareness and sense of confirmation.

In the first case, this itch continues to intensify. The person experiencing it becomes so involved in what is happening to them that they start having 'accidents'. They speak and act out of character. Then again, that may be their real character, surfacing out of the formerly tight constraints that held it restrained. Oops!!!

In the second case, the person is willing to embrace what is being shown to them and their real self comes more and more into play. Both of these are expressions of what we maintain here concerning Free Will.

In the first case, the individual is resisting the force with the strategies of the Personality. They are woefully and ludicrously out of their depth at that, and so the pressure blows through the weakest porthole in the ship, or it washes them off the deck, or... or...

In the second case, the person lets their false perceptions go, and a series of realizations occur. One is either blocking The Light or stepping out of the way of The Light. Blocking The Light leaves you in shadows. Stepping out of the way of The Light causes The Light to light you up on its way thru.

This has been the case for a long time. It accounts for the righteous and the malefactor's presence here. These are two time-honored ways of dealing with this eternal force. The problem for The Malefactors, at this time, is The Advent of the Avatar. The Avatar brings many implements and elements with him. Some of them are to REWARD and some of them are to PUNISH. Above all, The Avatar brings one contrivance with him out of which all the others are fashioned and that is... LIGHT!

Here I MUST point out that Darkness DOES NOT banish Light. Light ALWAYS banishes Darkness. It might be a small banishment when a candle is employed, or it might be like The Sun= ♫ here comes The Sun ♫ Literally, this is what happens. The Avatar comes from The Sun. Therefore one can say that with the coming of The Avatar, The Sun also comes. There is one major caveat here. This is The Spiritual Sun that comes with/as The Avatar. The Spiritual Sun is the source of the luminosity in EVERY star. What needs to be understood is that The Avatar is God HIMSELF! The Avatar is God in the Flesh, though his flesh is a bit different than our present time corporeal state.

We have a particle of God's luminous being within us right now. We COULD NOT be living otherwise. When that goes, our corporeal form DROPS. Mikhail Aivanhov says we have two atoms within us. One of the atoms records EVERY event in our lives. This is the Recording Atom. The other atom is the Prayer Atom. Its presence is Living Evidence of The POWER of Prayer. It is our direct line to God, though... of course, there are step-down transformers. Still... if you come to God through that atom, you are certain of the prayer reaching The Throne of God. Master Aivanhov did not say these things. I have added my understanding of what he said to the points being addressed here. His words on this matter are to be found in the second segment of the chapter, “Prayer”, which is in Volume 2 of the book, “Know Thyself- Jnana Yoga”

He said that the Recording Atom is set to reverse when one is dying and that is why people who have survived see their whole life flashing before their eyes. For whatever the reason, now and then, people are pulled back from The Brink and they give evidence of this same phenomenon in different times and in different countries. There is a lot of empirical data on this happening. What it is though, is not empirical, EXCEPT for the person experiencing it. Material Science is USUALLY lacking the necessary measuring spoons for what is metaphysical. This is now changing as new understandings come into play. This is all caused by The Light approaching.

Heaven is ONLY Heaven because God lives there. Hell is the Absence of God in his positive aspect. All of the chaos that you see in The World at this time, is being caused by The Coming of the Avatar. If you are wicked then The Light is anathema, and you Act Out with more and more intensity. If you are righteous, The Light is PURE JOY and... Liberation... to the degree you are capable of receiving it.

Those who are used to doing their business in Darkness, Literally and Metaphorically, are now becoming more and more hampered in their industries. The Light makes everything seem different. For those whose long time venue is that of a Predator, there is also a problem. The Prey are becoming more and more aware of what has been going on. Keep in mind that The Avatar is sweeping down through the planes and clearing out all of the nests of Darkness. This is sending the former residents into a panicked flight to the nearest portals underground. Those who have been in the sway of these invisible entities are no longer being monitored and attended to. As a result, they are losing their minds.

The resistant are experiencing one thing and the acquiescent are experiencing another. It's the same force but it is having two very different outcomes. The futility of the personal will can be compared to using a flashlight to duel with The Sun. The end result is fully predictable; The Light is triumphant and the battle already won.

If you find yourself going back and forth over all of this, the vacillation is an unfortunate state of affairs for you, in this Pull-me Push-you dynamic of Sisyphean pointlessness. The outcome of this global trial results in either an awakening or a greater nightmare that INEVITABLY leads to another form of awakening ♫ what would you do if the people you knew, were the plastic that melted and the chromium too. Who... are... the brain police ♫ Thank you for the alliterations, visible. Wait a minute; what alliterations? Moving right along. Moving right along.

I believe I will bring this portion to a close and provide some links with attending remarks and anecdotal meanderings.

Something from The Mass Media=

Ben Domenech: US 'Ruling class used the threat of disease to consolidate its power'; used censorship, riots

This is just too precious! He was experimented on as a child by evil Nazi scientists, BUT... they didn't tell him about it until later. It won't be long until the only survivors were still in the womb, or being perpetually Backdated. The next big marketing device will be the Children of Holocaust Survivors. I highly recommend for you the documentary film, “Capturing the Friedmans” This is a CLASSIC (and probably unintended) example of the forensic study of bullshit cooking under a hot August sun.

Holocaust survivor speaks out against rising hate crimes, says BLM anti-Semitic

Mike has always got a great take on things;

Here is another Mike who just can't help himself, due to a bad case of Tabloid Fever. I'm not saying he's wrong, cause I wouldn't put anything past these people, but he can make a plate of French Fires seem like a roadmap to Jimmy Hoffa's grave;

I don't know what to make of this;

I had some other articles but... hmm... I don't know what happened to them. Okay, here is another from Mike #1

Via The Real History Channel
Mike King: The Return of Trump

I've come back to add this.

...and especially to add this.

It seemed to me that the major players in the video were not that comfortable for whatever the reason.

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Saturday, June 5, 2021

"The Lies of This World are The Shadows Cast by The Light of The Truth when Apart from It."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

From what I see in the world around me, rarely in person, and through the lying eyes of The Media who can't keep the truth from leaking through anyway... is... a shape-shifting shadow show of all the old, atavistic fears looking for somewhere to materialize. No doubt, in some places, they will. If you do not carry it with you, you are much less likely to find it out there, and in any case, it's all there in the Accounts Due Department. I cannot stress how important The Grace of God is in these... and... ALL matters.

What I am trying to say is that no matter how things may look, or the larger and more common perspectives that are being bandied about by those seeking to control the human mind, conditions ARE NOT what they appear to be, unless you buy into them, and feed them with your attention and negative emotions. Yes... The World looks pretty out of control and alarming, but this surface struggle for control of the perception of appearances in our minds is rapidly diminishing under the force of Awakening. The best way to fight, or to handle Ignorance, is with Intelligence, given that the tool is in the hands of The Higher Nature. That is what The Intelligence is, a tool. So is The Mind, which is a tool of The Intelligence, or SHOULD BE, just as Intelligence SHOULD BE a tool of The Higher Nature. Many people are on the same level as the tool they are employing. I don't need to go into all of the ways that is not a good thing. All tools should be handled by a consciousness that is more informed than the tool.

I realize that the last few sentences are less than clear, but that is as far as my talents extend, to characterize or define the idea. On a positive note, other minds often are capable of developing images and blueprints of an idea, and discovering more than the original picture contained.

Our world, which is really a superimposition of an infinite amount of worlds, overlaying the original theme, gives the atmosphere and conditions of their world their unique character through the perspective of the one who created it. That would be... You. There is one author to it all and in THAT perspective is Reality, Truth... and all the sterling archetypes that radiate through time. The lies of this world are the shadows cast by the light of The Truth. The Truth has no lies in it, BUT... just as the heat of our sun at its best setting, accounts for life here; a greater intensity or a lesser intensity accounts for the lack of life, at least in a similar state of abundance at the other planets. The same happens when one, or anything, moves away from The Light. The Darkness increases. That's just how it works and it works on every level, as above so below.

I should add that there are incorporeal, at least to our senses, spirits, and entities that are to be found on all the planets. Some planets contain Heavens and some Hells. Some contain both, like our planet. Irrespective of all that, you carry the propensity for both with you, and how that sorts out determines your exteriors, AND interiors. In other words, you are never in danger from anything else unless you are in conflict with it. Your greatest danger is your Personality. Observe in your own life and the life of everyone you know, how this happens to be true; and all the times we ignored our good sense and better judgment, and got the predictable results, at least in terms of hindsight.

Thinking we know is our biggest error. It sets us up to discover whether we know or not. Life demonstrates. Life demonstrates through you, in you, and all around you. A CAREFUL and FOCUSED inquiry into the world around you will provide endless insights. The same applied to yourself, opens whole worlds of being. Most of us miss this completely and mostly only learn when life comes upside our heads. This is because our appetites and our negative emotions have captured our thoughts and colored our world. There is a master painter. There are capable students, and then there is a large mass of clumsy incompetents, some of whom will improve, others... less so, BUT... there is ONLY ONE master painter.

This master painter is all about his students. Unfortunately, in times of material darkness, most of the students cut class, or sleep in class, or don't come to school in the first place. They are attending OTHER institutions of learning (grin). Well... you can CLEARLY see this in the world around you. Take an afternoon and go sit in a park, at a sidewalk cafe, at some source of public amusement, or all of them and just watch. Watch carefully. I used to take psychedelics and do this. I used to take psychedelics for various reasons. All of them were about learning more, concerning the world I was in and about myself.

You WILL... if you pay attention, see all kinds of things. You can learn to spot criminal enterprise and watch humanity on its fantasy cruises. You can study the patterns of human facial expressions and learn all kinds of things. Once again, MOST PEOPLE don't do this because it gets in the way of what they desire. When you take the time to THINK ABOUT what you are getting up to, you find that there is very little worth doing, and all of it costs.

One can say that there is no free lunch. Lady Nature thinks otherwise and provides endlessly for so many of our needs. Do we thank her? Not often, from what I observe. The important point here is that Lady Nature is a living being. She is MORE REAL than most of us, and any of us that are real are those who have learned to live in Harmony with her. She is REAL. This means she CAN HEAR YOU! Nature is very attentive and she has MANY ears. It is possible to develop a personal relationship with her and perhaps be permitted to read her book of Living Nature. It happens. Luther Burbank and others have discovered and demonstrated this.

There are people here who can do astounding works, but generally, and almost always, NOT in the public view. You will not see them in Las Vegas. You SELDOM see The Exceptional Ones in the public thoroughfares.

Here are a couple of selections from Gary Snyder's translation of Han Shan's Cold Mountain Poems;

“I spur my horse through the wrecked town,

The wrecked town sinks my spirit.

High, low, old parapet walls

Big, small, the aging tombs.

I waggle my shadow, all alone;

Not even the crack of a shrinking coffin is heard.

I pity all those ordinary bones,

In the books of the Immortals they are nameless”

“In my first thirty years of life

I roamed hundreds and thousands of miles.

Walked by rivers through deep green grass

Entered cities of boiling red dust.

Tried drugs, but couldn't make Immortal;

Read books and wrote poems on history.

Today I'm back at Cold Mountain:

I'll sleep by the creek and purify my ears.”

I am much attracted to The Asian Perspective in my appreciation of Lady Nature and her timeless suitor of light, clothed in light. It's just a different style of the same thing. Informed minds KNOW that God is SINGULAR. He does express in multiple personalities for the benefit of the cultures where he appears. He shows up as Buddha in one place, Lao Tzu in another, Krishna in the same area as Buddha but at a different time. He appears as Mohammad. He appears as Jesus Christ. He has (and will appear) appeared MANY TIMES in MANY PLACES and is present in some form RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE.

In Times of Material Darkness, we become so possessed by the senses and the Monkey Mind, and their interpretations of The External that we lose our awareness of The Internal and The Supernal. That DOES NOT MEAN it is not here. It is all around us and as we rise in consciousness, into a more refined awareness, we come into direct contact with Heaven. It's like trying to get into a fancy restaurant or club. There is a Dress Code. You have to present as one who has the credentials. Fake ID might work down here, but it doesn't work up there, which is both inside and outside of you.

I wasn't supposed to write this, or anything today. I had committed to posting on the weekdays and doing other things on the weekend, like the next album, and some other projects, BUT... God had other plans and I was literally compelled to write this. There isn't as much traffic on the weekends, especially in good weather, and far fewer comments, so... yeah. That didn't work this week (grin).

May this serve where the need was present.

End Transmission.......

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

"It is a Sham and a Sad Masquerade of Doomed Fools, Passing Through the Wheel of Fire, Again and Again."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Prophecy comes out of a supersensory, visceral connection to the plane of revelation. It is transmitted on the angelic wavelength and the accuracy and exactitude of prophecy are based on this cyclic wonder of endless reoccurrence. Usually, that which prophecy speaks of warns against and informs us of takes place in an apocalypse. Ergo, we are presently present in the times of the fulfillment of Prophecy. Please take note.

Before anything happens here, on the manifest, it is an idea in the Mind of God, and it instantaneously becomes a reality on that plane. It hums across the angelic network in a kind of Divine Hive Mind concert of Joy and Heavenly ecstasy. That is the routine in Heaven. God speaks and the Akasha trembles. In times of great change, it can be compared to the rolling thunder of AUM, coming off of Shiva's Drum. This might be a tad esoteric (ya think?) but it is so. It is a cosmic verity. God speaks and the world is transformed. Since decadence and decay are a certainty in material affairs, God speaks at regular intervals. One can scarcely hear God with mortal ears, and not at all unless one is attuned to hear by Grace.

The closest material thought can come in the appreciation of The Divine Presence is to be found in The Lightning. Within, it comes as the flash of inspiration, which is also a thunderbolt at a higher level.

Heavenly time and material time are not synchronized. The commands of Heaven must descend through planes of consciousness until they wind up here at the Motor Vehicle Department of Earth. You have heard that “the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” This is something to ALWAYS bear in mind when thinking of Heaven. One must also leave off with reasoning and logic. Sometimes they apply and sometimes they do not. There are states of awareness far beyond Reason and Logic. Better, perhaps, it is to say that, though Reason and Logic may exist in the finer realms, they bear little resemblance to the forms taken here.

It is due to this that the books and censers crowd are able to logically and reasonably justify their offenses upon others. Apparently, God told them to do it by the grace of THEIR INTERPRETATION of what has been written. Churches spring up in no time it seems. The priests and such are the interfaces between God and humanity. A man named Diderot is reputed to have said, “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” It was a timely statement, coming as it did before the French Revolution. The problem is, is that what he said? Something similar can be found in one of his poems, which reads, “And its hands would weave the entrails of the priest, for the lack of a cord with which to strangle kings.”

I included that in order to show what can happen to scripture in the hands of those self-empowered to interpret it. That quote is only a few hundred years old. The quotes from scripture are MUCH OLDER, in all cases. Some scripture is thousands of years older, and the most recent of them is thirteen hundred years, give or take. Of course, Ageless Wisdom is... ageless, but that DOES NOT MEAN that what is commonly available is representative of that, once it has been manipulated by those who have a Material Interest in how it is interpreted. This MUST BE understood. The Truth is a reality, but where is it? It has been secreted within you. This is why, on those rare occasions, when you hear something it rings, or resonates with you. What has happened is that the statement pings off of the Inner Truth resident within.

The same happens when you are in the presence of a realized master.

One could say that you are ALWAYS in the presence of a realized master, should you take note of it. Guru Bawa once said that when you are caught up in the pursuit of material pastimes you are no longer on God's TV screen. He can't see you. I am guessing that, certainly, he can see you should he choose to, but you, voluntarily went off his radar.

Our souls and particle of spirit are always with God. One might say this and find it to be true, but a part of us is cut off because of The Separated Mind. There is ONE MIND and there is the separated mind and that is explanation enough for everything you encounter in this dreaming life. Fallen Angels are the inspiration for and in The Separated Mind.

As long as one is in the separated mind, one imagines themselves to be an independent entity, free to act as they please. This includes a large portion of humanity, and it is especially large, at this point in time, given the incredible power of present Material Culture. In Arcane History, there is evidence of previous cultures, now... remarkably vanished from our pedestrian history that has been written by the seeming victors. Before those cultures were other cultures. There have been so many variations upon the theme that it would astonish most people. NOTHING material lasts in its present form, but these forms are repeated endlessly over time. Fashions and mores come and go, ONLY the ineffable and his angels continue as they are.

For so long as one exists in a fascination dance with the material world, one will continue to dance in and out of physical life for incredible reaches of time. Fortunate are those who have developed a Divine Discontent with the things of this world. It might seem that they are fools, and the world holds no great admiration for them. They are shunned and scorned for their lack of shared enthusiasm for the common appetites and hungers. They bring the others down, as a constant reminder of otherness. This is why they learn to pass as if they were like everyone else and they keep their own counsel close. It accounts for The Mysterious Stranger that comes and goes, here and there.

This whole world is nothing but Hocus Pocus. It is a sham and a sad masquerade of doomed fools, passing through the wheel of fire again, and again, and again. The true sorrow of the whole affair is that a brighter, more wonderful, and enduring world is to be found... yonder. One does not lightly pass into the Elysian spheres. It takes True Grit and relentless effort. It is not for the weak, the timid, nor the fearful. It's the great unknown, in there and out there. It is the Land of the Undiscovered Self. If there is danger to be found then you have brought it with you. It could also be that you have ventured forth unprepared, without sufficient virtue. There are many horrors in those regions below the surface mind. One is advised not to consider a visit unprepared.

This is why it is said that one must secure a guide. Someone who has been there before, and who can show you the way. This is an ancient and honored tradition and it comes with an admonishment; Pride of self cannot come with you, and you CANNOT succeed on your own, as many have come to discover. This is a big play on a grand scale. The separated human mind cannot imagine the power of the heavenly archetypes. It is beyond comprehension. The power of God Almighty is of another magnitude beyond those who serve him and resonate with His Will. Abject humility is the ONLY appropriate response, and he is CONSCIOUSLY RESIDENT in every master and initiate. Every realized soul hosts THE SAME INNER and OVER Lord. There is no particle of difference.

You have to get your mind around the scope and range of this. That one power interpenetrates EVERYTHING. It originates everything and it calls everything back into its original state. Not only this, but ALL the power that is manifest in the representative universe is but a fragment of the power of The Divine. Try to imagine it and you cannot.

I call this entity my friend, as could anyone who behaves like one. That is all that it takes. However, it is no easy task to be the friend of The Almighty, and not be a friend of The World. The mind of The World holds such folks as enemies of the realm. They don't fare well in reputation. Even when one is held up as an icon, they then set about a meticulous tearing apart of that icon, as we see in present time. To be Anonymous is best. To not stand out above your fellows is a sane posture. One learns soon enough, or one does not learn or learns in the fashion of their personal preferences. There is no place for personal preferences in The Kingdom of Heaven.

You might think that means an end to your freedom. It is the beginning of your freedom. Whether they think so or not, all members of The World in acceptable standing are ENSLAVED, or have hostages to fortune. So it is that they are ALL compromised in one way or another. There is no fortune here but the fruit of moths and rust. The way things are seen here is upside down from the way they are. This is why one should NEVER lie to themselves. That is the genesis of all your troubles.

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