Tuesday, June 22, 2021

"It seems like Eternal Vigilance got a Rohypnol Cocktail."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Our government is, by turns, fearful and corrupt. The agencies empowered to make AND ENFORCE the laws have become the worst examples of breaking the law, for career advancement, for personal power, due to a compulsion that attends becoming possessed of negative forces, for spite and vindictiveness, while in the commission of treasonous acts, and indifferent to the cost to others.

What were they thinking? This is an apocalypse. Of course, it is going to be discovered, as it is uncovered and revealed. This is what is known, in Heavenly terms (grin) as shooting fish in a barrel. It's not very sporting but it is a cosmic necessity.

These are VERY DRIVEN souls. Most recently, intelligence services and federal law enforcement, orchestrated a riot at The Capitol in order to pin it on supporters of the outgoing president. This president was removed from office by provable voter fraud, AND AS THIS IS WRITTEN, it is being made public in many places at once.

Now they are trying to force through a voting law, which will make the tactics used in the last election... LEGAL. They have trotted out delusional celebrities from every theater of deception in which they strut and prance, to do an obfuscation dance. From Hollywood to Broadway, from newscast to podcast, from local stages, national stages, and international stages, they have come to spin the tales of a darker Don Quixote, a mass-murdering Baron Munchhausen, with assorted Fagin's and Shylock's to attend each brief hour as it passes. Dim the lights, as they steal your rights! It seems like Eternal Vigilance got a Rohypnol Cocktail.

A lot of people are doing bad things because they seek an outcome so important to them that they care not what means they use to obtain it. Some are unaware of what they do. They are the ones who do what they are told. What is most interesting, is that nearly everyone carries a camera with them these days, not to mention the one their eyes connect to. There are times when the force of the Dreamscape is very powerful and other times (like now) when it starts to fray at the edges and light passes the Mind-Brain Barrier and people begin to wake up. THEY know about this. That is how they came up with, “Woke.”

In the same way that the Ashkenazim are erasing the presence of The Palestinians from the land where they lived and who are the true inheritors of; driving them off of it, changing street signs and town names, and performing genocidal outrages upon them at regular intervals, our language is being twisted into a vehicle that is used to reinforce lies and obscure The Truth. Our culture is being bestialized and dumbed down. Children are being programmed to recognize and report thought crimes in their homes, and to snitch on their fellow classmates. It's basically the same mindset between both of these atrocities, and result in the same material outcomes EVENTUALLY.

Listen up world! In the beginning, arguments and persuasions of all kinds are employed. When they do not bring the desired result, other means are engaged and the methods become more forceful with threats, blackmail, and assorted intimidations. If those are not comprehensive enough, even more serious efforts are made. They get from one place to the other by changing customs and laws, and they do this incrementally, one step at a time.

You have to soften up the players first. You have to give them convenience and bad food. Sex and Kink have to be normalized as simple, basic rights that everyone (including children) can exercise in whatever way they please. You have to destroy the education system by forcing everyone to be equal in every way, which is IMPOSSIBLE. Some will ALWAYS be smarter and more gifted at one thing or another. Even entire races are better at certain forms of expression than other races. This is Self-Evident! Just to say... or even imply this, is now Racist, and probably several other ists as well. The Truth is out of favor. Life has gone sideways. There is going to be lasting grief and regret soon enough.

You can tell people that the bridge is out but you can't make them believe it.

Let's take a big sweeping segue here, across the arc of belief and doubt. We do things every day, unconsciously, without even thinking about them. Breathing is one of these things. One might say it is the MOST CRITICAL because you cannot go more than a few minutes without needing to breathe. What most people do not realize is that Needing is Feeding. In other words, when you are breathing you are also eating, but in a different fashion. Your lungs are also a stomach. IF you can learn to consciously breathe, you can absorb every nutrient you require or desire. You have specialized, conscious cells that see to it... IF you activate them.

I am NOT espousing becoming a Breatharian in the same way you might decide to be Vegan. Steps are involved and you won't get them here. There are many westerners who have compromised their health by engaging in techniques they don't understand, taught to them by people who did not understand them either, down at The Yoga World Emporium on Ventura. Angels there are who WILL instruct you in these things when you are ready; keeping always in mind that “success is speedy for the energetic.” One might also add that the MOST CRITICAL feature is Love. If you possess Love (and you do) of the sufficient grade of Love (this is accessible) then ANYTHING you might need to know or achieve is available.

Breathing is like making love or let us say that the most successful breathing is performed in this manner. The KEY THING here is that you must believe it is happening, that when you are breathing in deeply, and holding it briefly, that you are feeding on material, and etheric, and spiritual energy that can TRANSFORM YOUR WORLD. Conscious breathing can do this. It 'can' restore your youth and pretty much accomplish anything when Properly Performed. I assure you on my soul that what I say is true on this matter. Whether you can achieve it is another thing. The good news is that YOU don't do it. It is done in and through you and you simply have to attain the hook-up between you and the you within you.

Let us say that EVERYTHING is making love. It is being done badly, in most cases, or it is being done with some refinements, in a few cases. The whole universe is making love to you, but it is meaningless unless you reciprocate. Hate... and there is much of it in such times, is Love Suppressed. Love is the currency and the blood that runs through the body of God in which each of us is a single cell. This cell is either vibrating in concert with the body it is in, or it is at war with it. When your breathing comes into union with The Great Breath of God, then God comes in an awakened resonance within you.

It is a very simple act. Breathe from the diaphragm deeply and then chew the air as if it were life itself, which, in fact, it is. Then you release the breath slowly and repeat. It becomes much easier if you think of it as making love. The mindset is CRITICAL. You can become positively orgasmic when you are in tune with the timeless expressing through you. Joy and Bliss will run through your form. This is how it SHOULD BE, but... because of wider and greater complications and conditions, it is not.

The Universe is The Body of God and we are an infinitesimal particle in that body. We can be singing in harmony or crying in misery, and this all comes about due to the Attraction-Aversion Dynamic. Let it all go and you are free as a bird. This is a specialty of angels to assist in the process. Though it is only a movie, “Jacob's Ladder” is potently instructive of the power of our mindsets to control our sense of reality. It's in the last ten minutes of the film that it is explained about angels and devils. The film is shocking and filled with jump scares but you've seen worse, I'm sure.

That whole world I was talking about, in the beginning of this posting, is breathing wrong and making love badly. The peer pressure to do likewise is palpable. Look at what is happening to the people who let the bad breathers control their respiration! IF you learn to breathe properly, you will have inviolable protections from that world. Keep in mind that it is simple, flowing, and natural and that it is like making love in an effortless and unresistant manner.

That world has a destiny that it is writing for itself for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION, as a life lesson for us and those to come. All this time you have been carrying powerful spiritual possibilities around and not exercising them. A world of light magic and freedom is on the doorstep and it is knocking to get in.

We decide who it is that we are talking to by what our intentions are. Our intentions determine our audience and their degree of attention, and the quality of our love determines what that intention is. So we should deeply consider who it is that we are talking to, AND...You are ALWAYS talking to God, so be polite.

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Thomas said...

The posts of the last 14 days have been outstandingly good, Vis. And really fine comments, too!!! Buttons, you rock, somehow ;)

One thing I thought to say, reading through them, was about sacrifice of oneself - in regard to selfless service. There's an Indian story about a renowned devotee who came to a village to see his master, who, when the devotee had shown up, complained of heart-ache - "I need a new heart", he said. The devotee, stricken with anxiety, went into the village, searching for someone who could possibly donate a heart to his master. In an alley-way, he saw a dirty aghori, who called to him: "let your master take *my* heart! But why, why did you not give him *yours*, if you are such a good devotee?!". One can have free aghori practice these days, if one cares to! But I think it wise to economize both time and energy - not exactly pearls before swine, although that is of course also a consideration that sometimes applies. Free will, at least in my understanding, also allows us to have *some* influence on how we serve, and how we shape our expressions of service.

I don't know if you've seen this one, but... if you haven't, it's worth that minute of your time. It will probably not surprise you, but it's still worth seeing. To me, it looks like scenography for the "Whore- of-Babylon-section" of the fake Anti-Christ show:



A Scandinavian missive, a short comment about Germany, one for Linda, and some musings:

I've been in the Swedish woods for a week, sleeping out. Sound sleep except for the last night - too warm for covers, and without covers -> mosquitoes and gnats galore ;P - no mask mandate in Sweden, and no requirement for Corona-test upon entry (at least from Denmark), few seemingly taking social distancing measures very seriously. No extra mortality, I heard today - am not up to date on the numbers myself. The loathsome mask mandate was removed in Denmark last week - only a very few still wear them, with terror in their eyes. They will soon calm down, one can hope. It is connected with the proliferation of vaccines, they say... So far, no real vax problems here with Pfizer - Astra-Zeneca has been banned because 5 people got very serious blood clotting - for once in this charade, our mealy twat of a "Director of the National Health Agency" has shown a bit of grit. His next job is with the increasingly untrustworthy and un-trusted WHO.

Government in one shitty case after another - our conceited, egomanical doll of a prime-minister facing it all with a stony face and tangential comments when she does not keep a sour silence. The media is not really holding back in regards to viciousness - although they of course lack depth, as usual. The national television just now had a really rotten case break, about sitting on knowledge about sexual exploitation in their own girl's choir. Yuck. Some of those sexual allegations are real enough. And the people see it.


Continues (1/2)

Thomas said...

- continued (2/2)

A German told me today that the biggest German newspaper just heavily berated their government, and that the German media are actually (seemingly) starting to put their claws in, saying such things as that the Corona-tests are meaningless and that the new "Delta" mutation is not worth fearmongering about. Same person told me that most Germans believe the narrative about Corona, estimated that 2-5% Germans (so far) are on to what is going on.



Dear Linda -

I do not think that you need to worry about the End suddenly jumping up on you, and you not making the grade. God does not condemn to eternal punishment for finite transgressions, and you even seem to be on the right side anyways :) - He is Merciful and Compassionate beyond our understanding - there are none of His Children that He does not Love, and will not rescue from their own missteps! It will take long in some cases, but it will happen nonetheless.

All the best!



Seems to me that despite the inertia of the population, the plans of the "elites", and the "elites" themselves are going through something like a slow-motion capsize. I do not grieve for this.

God is peaceful - sincere prayer is wonderful, excellent, always useful, always good, but to go to the inner chambers, one has to be at peace. Patanjali also says this - it is necessary to still the chitta, the "mind stuff". Let go of the world. All, love, pleasure, grief, worry, fear, lust, longing, doubt, dreams, hopes, all, throw it unto God, and be at peace. And wait, patiently. He is there. Impatience is not peaceful. Gentle, calm, concentrated focus on 3rd eye (forehead/"tip of the nose") - also with the light of the eyes - very, very useful. Faith, peace, patience. He is there.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Thank you Thomas, though I am a package deal. Great comments, by the way. I swear the Aghori must be the most ascetic individuals around. I couldn't handle their lifestyle. Gods, I couldn't even handle the lifestyle of the Cathar Elect, though I must say I do prefer their diet to that of the Aghori.
Nostrils up for the post.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Thomas.
I am beginning to see the Light breaking through. Little by little it will fracture the darkness.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"The Shroud of Appearances is Thinning Due to the Intensity of The Light."

Graham Hook said...

I was reminded of Jacobs Ladder again recently when reading an Anthony Peake book (Is There Life After Death). He was writing about how NDE studies have found that the people who were terrified of dying had a horrendous near-death experience with darkness, emptiness and nasty figures featuring very prominently. The people who were accepting and curious of the process had the exact opposite experience....shining, loving beings and gently instructive life reviews which changed the way they lived their lives when they were brought back.



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