Friday, November 30, 2007

Ron Paul and the Seven Dwarfs.

I could feel the little wheels spinning in my head as I watched the Republican debate Thursday morning. It came on at 2:00 AM here.

They said they got 5,000 Youtube entries; two thousand more than for the Democratic debate and there was the implication that this meant something. I know what it meant; a huge number of people sent in questions that had to do with Ron Paul. That’s what happened. It must have been something for the people scripting the event. Surely Anderson Cooper; separated at birth from Paula White, knew this.

It was interesting to see the first Ron Paul question be something from a headphone wearing Gen X rottweiler wanting to know about whether Ron Paul was a conspiracy nut. Dr. Paul handled that one beautifully and then for the next two hours, Cooper pretty much stayed away from Ron Paul except for the opportunity to paint him as an unpatriotic loony for not supporting the dupes dying for Israel and the oil cartels. Enter John McCain- pull string in center of back; batteries included.

They played Doctor Paul’s commercial last and they got back to him with a final question in the end which he knocked out of the park. I loved the applause and cheers that washed out from the crowd whenever he spoke. No one else got the same kind of response. They weren’t able to keep his supporters out of the crowd (which was loaded with neo-con Schmoos) and who drowned out the boos whenever the fundarellas started in. Ron Paul supporters can’t be ID’d the way many others can; they come in all ages, sizes and colors. Mostly Anderson kept away from Doctor Paul. Dr. Paul is a real annoyance for the sleep machine, bagmen and dinosaurs

Every time I hear Dr. Paul speak I am more impressed with his passion and sincerity. He’s the real deal. You may quarrel with some of his positions but you can’t quarrel with his obvious humanity, his savvy and ‘let’s cut the bullshit’ style. He stood out the way Snow White would stand out from the seven dwarves.

At another time I said something to the effect that Ron Paul is the sort of man who might be made great by the power of the office. I’m convinced of that now. I do believe he would impact on the American political system in a way that no one has since JFK. He makes you want to believe him because he is saying the things you know to be true and because he understands priorities.

What did I think of the other candidates? Giuliani is a reptile and he definitely was involved in the 9/11 inside job. Romney is a glossy magazine guy who will say whatever he thinks he has to say and doesn’t actually believe anything except that he’s the man. Winning is more important than serving is for him. The job isn’t as important as the position. Giuliani was far more skilled at dealing with smack-downs than he. Romney’s not going to make it.

Hunter and Tancredo; ...are just glad to be contestants on American Idol. Wave goodbye and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

Fred Thompson is Mr. Folksy charm. He’s another reptile who’s deep into the dark shit and has a hard layer of mean beneath the surface charm. He wants to wear the Reagan-suit but Reagan he ain’t; to be fair, neither was Reagan. Say... what about a Hunter-Thompson ticket? Fred would probably bring the most entertainment factor to the position; not because he’s an actor but because he’s married to Lady Macbeth.

John McCain came across as the sad man in denial who just can’t let his delusions go. I don’t know which is more embarrassing; McCain playing up his war experience or Giuliani with the 9/11 fandango- Rudy-boy is as slippery as an eel. He knew better than to mention 9/11; didn’t do any good though.

Huckabee was the most impressive- besides Paul of course; whom we hardly saw- and I’d say he might grab the nomination. CNN seemed to sense this too. I had to keep reminding myself that he wasn’t ‘my’ Uncle Mike. He’s really got that Kevin Spacey thing down and I like Kevin Spacey. Huckabee definitely gets the biggest bump of the dwarves.

Whose idea was it to trot out the old gay general? Some compassionate junior producer shut off his mike during the meltdown, the same way your relatives might tell the nurse to pull the plug, but then... you just know this happened... somebody higher up said, “No! No! This won’t look good.” And so they got him another mic (like there was something wrong with the one he had) and let him go on and make an incredible fool of himself and it wasn’t pretty... no... not pretty at all. The gay media caucus got their scripted moment and uh... boy did that backfire. They ought to knock it off about that angle anyway. Why not just buy the uniform and wear it to one of the clubs? Sorry... really... I just couldn’t help myself. The point is... you want to be gay and in the military? Go ahead, just don’t tell anybody. Here’s a clue, they REALLY don’t want to know. That’s how it works and that’s all you’re going to get. What’s wrong with that?

CNN knows they were inundated with Paul videos and they know that Ron Paul is the people’s choice of the people who are sick and tired of Scamelot. Their numbers grow every day. And who picked the Confederate flag video? What were they thinking? I know it was supposed to mean something. It was nice to see the whole Islamic terrorist thing flame up after the woman in Muslim garb made her pitch. When you think about who was actually behind 9/11, well... [The writer shakes his head and coughs.]

And then the Holy Order of the Blessed Gun thing went into action and everything got real serious, sweaty and tumescent. I take my beloved shotgun named Jesus to bed with me every night. And then... What would Jesus do? Snicker... Huckabee nailed that one. I suspect the guy is a hardliner but he had the moves; give him that.

I’d catch Ron Paul looking at his notes... writing something down... generally keeping his face unreadable and patiently waiting out this sorry affair. Afterwards he walked purposely right off of the podium. I liked that. Well, my favorite American of the founding genre is Thomas Jefferson so there are reasons why I like Ron Paul. I never thought I’d be saying more nice things about a Republican than a Democrat.

I suppose of all of the Democrats, I dislike John Edwards the least. I suspect he’d be a good president by comparison with a lot of what we’ve had. I like Kucinich’s positions but that Shirley McLane connection and the flying saucer sighting makes me a little uneasy. Now, I have seen a flying saucer or two myself and in much more dramatic fashion that Kucinich is supposed to have ...AND with witnesses ...but I don’t think I’d mention that if I were ‘seriously’ running for president.

I know that Israel is none too happy with Ron Paul and that’s yet another reason to love him. There are a whole lot of reasons to like Ron Paul, not the least of these is the presence of ‘the dwarves’. He is just what America needs right now. He’s just what the doctor ordered but things being what they are it’s unlikely that enough Americans will get their heads out of their asses and pick up on this. BUT... you never know.

I believe there is such a majority of Americans who are so dissatisfied and disgusted right now that Ron Paul could well have a much better opportunity for the office than anyone suspects. I don’t think- as the youtube commenter said- that they’ll (the Republicans) give him the nomination. I know he said that he wasn’t planning on an independent candidacy. However... a lot can happen between now and whenever.

It sure would be nice to see him get elected. I imagine there would be a sort of Panic in Needle Park kind of a thing on the one hand and a national sigh of relief on the other. In any case, it would be just the kind of fairy tale ending that I like. Remember, whoever does get into the White House is going to find out more than they ever wanted to know about 9/11. I’m sure Hillary knows, as does Rudy and probably a few of the others. This is the biggest thing that no one talks about; the need to transfer the power so as to guarantee that nothing gets said about what happened on that day... ever. Just imagine...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Everything that wasn't Nailed Down.

Nothing says more about the unbridled rapacity of contemporary business practice than the sub-prime, mortgage lending scam. The world over, banking houses leapt into the breech to get their own piece of soft candy to stick in their teeth; such is the nature of banking and it doesn’t matter where you go... eeeeeezzzzzzy money... or so it often seems. It’s the same kind of pig in the headlights of the buffet table thing that has parted many a sucker from the gold in their pockets.

At Wharton and Harvard and all the other places where they teach you to steal according to the manipulated laws of the time, adjusted to the capacity to snatch and grab according to the needs of those who pay the people who make the laws in order to so on and so on ad vomitus; you get the picture... the idea is to make the most money with the least risk while cutting back on service and quality just short of the point where actual flesh is being cut off of the client and that’s okay too if the screaming doesn’t bring too much heat. You may think I’m being overly cynical but in fact I am being too kind. One thing further is the hammered in point to screw the competition whenever and wherever possible. It’s a hard world baby... the weak are killed and eaten. Word up.

There isn’t any question that the mortgage houses and banks and all of the other reptiles in suits knew what was involved in giving these loans to those who couldn’t actually ever pay them off unless every one of them won the lottery or a rich relative died. They knew going in that the whole thing was dodgy. “Yeah, baby... you just pay the interest and two three years from now you’ll be fat and the property will have increased in value and you can leverage this and then leverage that and everybody including the junkies on the street are going to ‘get well’”. Gee, too bad the other factors didn’t play along.

This is the climate that got ushered in with the clown prince of incompetence, George ‘turtle on a fencepost’ Bush as a Reagan redux. This is what shoehorned the media into a few grasping hands and back-doored the all too willing and lubricated up the Michael Powell FCC; panting and gasping for penetration... even though the actual thrusting violation went direct to the American people. Of course, with the media under control, you can then spin anything and when the shit begins to stink you point at somebody else and the media will duly report them as responsible.

Now you hear about banks all over the world having to swallow billions in losses but you should know that the banks are never the ones to lose; just like with that other Bush scam the S&L debacle that took place under the stewardship of that great American hero Ronald ‘McDonald’ Reagan.

You don’t need a Federal Reserve. You never needed a Federal Reserve and there is no ‘federal’ in Federal Reserve. The private banks that run your life under the false innuendo- implying name of the “I can’t believe it isn’t butter.” -Federal Reserve needed the Federal Reserve so that they could be the world’s biggest counterfeiters. I love the idea of printing your own money out of thin air whenever you like and then lending out this ghost money at interest and then just collecting money and what? Maybe you lend that out too? Gee, sooner or later you’re talking about ‘real money’.

This post isn’t the place for getting into the details of this CRIME. I don’t have the time or space... this is just a badly drawn boy; sort of a shadow of Sasquatch disappearing into the tree line; grainy photo kind of thing with huge footprints in the snow.

Basically what it comes down to is that some gangsters got together and used money that they printed on their own and then handed it out to their captains and capos to ‘put on the street’ and then everybody who ever wanted a house could go live in one for a little while until they came out of it worse than they went into it- sans house- and then with a little doe-see-doe here and a little doe-see-doe there, some somebodys wound up with a lot more than they started out with, while giving the impression of losing a whole lot but then that get paid off by the public via government fiat with a little more doe-see-doe here and a little more doe-see-doe there. The usual people got screwed and the usual people got richer than they were before.

GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED is good. Nobody is going to do anything. How long will the ship stay on the water? This is what impresses me; the magic of duct tape and bailing wire and bullshit... jury-rigging as art.

Make the most money with the least expense. Operate without a conscience. Steal, lie and cheat; kill if you have to and plant the knife in another man’s hand. This is what they teach you. This is what it takes. Then they slip out of town while a few ignorant front men go to jail.

How do you go after these people? They own the people who make the laws. They own the people who give the army and the police their marching orders and as long as the mouth-breathing thugs are willing to march, it will go on. It’s better to be swinging a lath or a club than to be the one getting clubbed. It is better to be the one closing the cell door than to be the one on the other side of the door. It is safer to do what you are told and feed your family than to oppose the crime boss and have your family starve.

I’m not telling you anything new. There’s always been some version of this at work. There’s always been the cosmetic job of making the villains into air-brushed heroes and then killing and slandering the real heroes. As long as people are content to go along and as long as enough of them are stupid and uniformed you can go right on doing as you please.

At Wharton and Harvard they have these phony ethics classes. The professors snicker... the students snicker... nudge, nudge, wink, wink.... and “Bob’s your uncle.” “Hey sport, how’s it going?” As long as they’ve been balling Charity they’ve been having charity balls and charity is an industry all of its own. As long as they’ve been merchandizing disease as a product they’ve been filling the shelves with placebos and sick-making drugs to combat it. The people who make the food and drink that destroys your health are the same people who run the hospitals and insurance agencies and health carriers (‘health carriers’...laughter) that feed off the guaranteed, life-style assured pathologies; one end... at the other end... and at every point along the way.

So you think this housing crisis and the falling dollar and all the scary faces popping into the window was just an accident? Did someone miscalculate? Wanna buy a bridge? Gee, maybe they’ll explain it on the news...

Banks don’t really lose money. The dollar falls for the same reason the dollar rises. People make money from it at either end. The only people who ever lose is you, John Q.
Your candidates are promising you solutions while their backers and handlers are getting ready for the next wave of assaults against you. You are the food.

It’s possible to have an ethical system. Some countries in Europe and elsewhere do strive to maintain the system so that people at all ends can manage. Nothing works perfectly but certainly they work better in some places and those are the places that take the needs of everyone into consideration. There will always be crime and vice and terrorism. These are things you manage. These are things that you keep in their section of town or control as you go. Most people want to get along and most people are honest if they are allowed to be. This is what you count on and it works when you make it possible.

But when the people at the top are all thieves it means you live in a crime zone 24/7 and... it’s the law pilgrim. It’s what you get, without exception, in those systems where you get it without exception... sooner or later because that’s how it works.

These are some things that are worth thinking about BEFORE you have to worry about them; before they steal everything that isn’t nailed down and then come back with crowbars for the rest.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Nuke the Hollywood Holy Land.

Step right up for the Glow in the Dark Jesus ride. Get your tickets for Moses and the Red Sea Aquarium Tour and don’t forget The Secret of Mohammed’s Cave. It’s a thrill a minute and its fun for the whole family. It’s the Holy Land folks. It’s the spiritual heart of the world. You’re bound to be transformed, kissing holy rocks and dancing in the dark to the ageless hallelujahs echoing from the sacred hills of Jerusalem.

I guess it’s to be expected, everything eventually turns into a travesty of itself. In most cases it never was what it was billed as and it only turned out as some coin operated wonderland celebrating the needs of imagination and commerce.

How did that nasty piece of blood thirsty dust and sand ever get called the Holy Land? It’s a mystery. Well, it makes perfect sense if mass murder, slavery, black magic and artifact trafficking equate as holy. But if this is not the prototypical definition of holy then somebody in the Division of World Labeling got it wrong. Why not call it Insane Religious Murder Land?

It’s not the Holy Land, it’s one of the worst places on Earth and the likelihood is that the spiritual forces chose it because, like they say about New York in the song. “If you can make it here you can make it anywhere.”

I’m perplexed about the way most people approach religion; a devotion to something unseen is what it appears to represent but that’s not what I see. I see people devoted to the things they can see and touch and want more of. The earliest department stores were the Catholic Churches and that kitsch industry is still booming today. The first banks were the Hebrew synagogues; didn’t Jesus chase the moneychangers out of one? History shows us that religion has nothing to do with God; is in fact the enemy of all things spiritual. It’s a cabal of control freaks who interpose a priesthood between you and your own heart in order to interpret what you are feeling, what you should be feeling and charging you a fee to put you in touch with it.

In the interest of humanity, one of the best things any nation interested in world peace could carry out is to nuke the Holy Land into a sheet of fused glass, give it that Bonneville Salt Flats look with a nice reflecting sheen. This would accomplish several things that are impossible by any other means. It would end the fighting over who has the right to be there since the people who did have the right to be there got forced out. It would also accomplish what no religion represented there has ever accomplished or ever will accomplish; it will make them all ONE. Instantly they will be merged and unified into an inseparable singleness of being and not being which would also give it a Zen effect as well. It would be kind of like Schrödinger’s Cat sitting in Heisenberg’s lap after they drank the Kool-Aid.

All of the other outrages taking place in the surrounding countries and countries neighboring upon those countries etc. are engaged in their little parts of the great mob riots of blind men in the dark because of what’s happening in the Holy Land today. Give them a tabla rasa and be done with it.

Some people may think that I’m being satirical or something of the kind but I’m quite sincere. I can go into the religious texts of each of these present day commercial operations and find scriptural basis for nuking the Holy Land. I can get into Mohammed’s raps about idols... moving right along to graven images and thereunto the Golden Calf.

Now, I know what some of you know and what most of you don’t and that is that there most certainly is a mysterious, incomprehensible force that, although it does not move, is the mover of all things. I know this the way anyone could who was capable of the honesty required to recognize it; incomprehensible though it may be. I don’t speak for it and I have no illusions about influencing it. I’m just aware of it.

Religions whose daily business is raping children, abusing women and or relentless genocide are not reflective of what I understand the intentions of this mysterious force to be. I think I’m one hundred percent correct here. One of the things this mysterious force has been active in the last several decades is letting you know what Catholic priests are up to; what the Protestant fundies have been up to, what Wahabi Islam is up to and what the Zionist Jews have been up to. Go to the video-tape of the last thirty years and look at what their reps have been caught at and watch the clueless keep right on asking for salvation stamps with their purchases.

These are all bankrupt religions and they need to be done away with. Since they are all sitting on huge collections of cash and antiquities as well as a sort of “Inside John Malkovitch” crowd control of the zombie population kind of thing they are not going to go gentle into that good night. Nuking the Holy Land is a good start. I’m not suggesting we replace it with anything. There’s always Scientology but that would be sort of like saying, “Well, look what little Georgie Bush did, now why don’t we bring in Darth Vader to finish the job?

Jews sell the ‘look at me’ seats in their synagogues for major cash. Recently they auctioned off some temple seating in Florida for about 1.5 million, now that... that’s spiritual. Fundies are pleading for cash via their patented Hunger Porn which features Rolex wearing missionaries in Banana Republic Safari suits holding little black kids with distended bellies; they paint sugar water under their eyes to attract flies for the photo-op. Wahabi Muslims want to whip women bloody for being raped? I’m not sure of the details on that one but I do know that a few years ago when a school caught on fire in Saudi Arabia the female teachers came running out of the building without their headscarves and some men outside the building drove them back inside to burn to death. Sweet...

Religion is Wal-Mart without the shopping carts. You get to dream about and wish for a heaven that seems to resemble an ‘everything is free’ strip mall for the double-wide set. Something is ass-backwards and it’s not the words in this post.

Well, to be honest, I have no suggestions for you and I have no answers. This is just how it is down here. This is the world of “new and improved’. This is the land of “it’s the same thing only different.” You’re going to have to make your way as best you can.

It just seems to me that since so many of you like to blow shit up... or support the people who do or cheer on the sidelines or just nod your head and turn away and say, “It ain’t got nothing to do with me.” I just thought we might want to turn to the one solution that will really go a long way to solving this chronic problem of competing, hegemonic interests between rival industries. Nuke the Holy Land.

Make this year the year that all of these annual celebrations actually mean something. Let’s light the Holy Land up for real. Let’s make them all ONE. You want Rapture? We got Rapture. We got incandescent Rapture. There is no need to engineer an Armageddon through all of these tedious, false-flag assaults. Bring on a mini-Armageddon for everyone that wants one. By the same token, let’s set aside a part of the world where everyone who wants to fight and kill can go and do it and win valuable prizes. And any time someone gets caught doing it somewhere else they can be sent there. Let’s use some common sense and do it right for once. Happy Holidays... in advance.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Diamonds and Pearls and... Ron Paul.

At the recent farce of a democratic debate- in an obviously scripted moment- a cosmeticized and coiffed twit of a contemporary, bimbo extraordinaire stepped up and asked candidate Clinton which she preferred, “diamonds or pearls?” then Clinton, in mock surprise, as fabricated as her over-the-top threats against Iran and sundry, did a little Cosmo-magazine dance of parity concerning the relative value of these shiny stones. This little tidbit has been replayed ad nauseum in the succeeding days and it perfectly sums up the bankrupt state of the culture; what those promoting such banality would have us understand the culture to be. It was a Kodak moment.

Quite accidentally, I am ‘so totally sure’; the in house crowd was stacked with Clinton backers who made strange animal noises of disapproval every time Obama and Edwards chose to attack inconsistencies in Clinton’s positions. The whole affair was tailored like a cheap suit. Consistent with the taste of the whole, the suit was assumed to be Armani; a fraud in mufti in the same way that CNN pretends to be a news channel instead of an unintentional lampoon of the same; when it is not perniciously serving the interests of its masters.

Except for Kucinich- who mixes strange with truth and makes me wonder- all of the candidates looked about as genuine as a Miss America contestant. The fix is in and it goes down like Jello Pudding with the same end effect. Once something becomes a total joke all you need is the looping laugh track and a runaway pig’s bladder. More and more it all seems as if Rupert Murdoch’s vision of life has become reality. It’s like dressing up Baron Samedi in the clothes Jon Benet used to wear... one size fits all. One news channel, all the same channel... all the same lies; “one ring to bind them all and in the darkness find them.”

Can something that has become such an absurdity ever regain any authenticity again? Was it always bullshit? Shouldn’t somebody put red noses on the clowns at Mount Rushmore? “Not with a bang but a whimper.” Does the actual meaning of that phrase apply to sex and does the translation work out to the promise of a desired union culminating in the laying on of a lash upon the trembling collective ass desensitized to anything but the revelation of pain promising a pay per view relief? They certainly seem immune to what they’ve supported, allowed and turned a blind eye to all along the way.

A good friend of mine in Hawaii said to me on the phone yesterday, in relation to the ‘spontaneous’ diamonds and pearls exchange, that it sets up a strange counterpoint to the millions who are starving and dying and wracked in innumerable ways; this loathsome and cloying fascination with baubles. This is the sum of the American Dream... an obsession with cosmetic trivia... the fascination of a people with cold gems that are coveted by cold hearts... by people who cannot feel.

I listen to Ron Paul speak and the difference between he and they in gravitas and honesty is instant satire. What are they going to do about Ron Paul? My friend said that they are going to have to kill him. I hope that isn’t true but it does look like they won’t be able to discredit him. He’s surrounded by psychopaths in his own party and vaudeville clowns in the other. It’s turning into a combination American Idol B-slasher flick.

I don’t agree with everything Ron Paul says but I don’t expect to. I’m not an expert when it comes to governing a nation; much less the most powerful and ridiculous nation on Earth. Everything I know about government I learned from Lao Tzu and I’ve never bothered to learn more. He says it all. However, Lao Tzu’s solutions to the needs of government are diametrically opposed to the bombastic, self interest of the present collection of pandering clowns. I guess I’ve used ‘clowns’ a few times already but I can’t think of a more appropriate term. Every one of them looks to me like they should be running around with a seltzer bottle chasing Clarabelle. It’s no surprise that the present resident of the White House is also a clown of the John Wayne Gacy variety. Sometimes I close my eyes and I see a chimpanzee dressed in a summer party dress being chased around the Lincoln bedroom by a tumescent James Gannon in lederhosen; Karl Rove in the corner with a feather duster up his ass. What are we to expect from those seeking to replace him who never had the courage to stand forth and say what needed to be said?

I keep thinking of that line from Apocalypse Now; “The horror! The horror!” I can’t see where any of this is headed but I know that I don’t want to go there. It astonishes me; this ‘business as usual’ motif that threads it’s way through the increasingly more intense warning signs of wildfires, cyclones, floods, riots, murderous assaults, tazerings, lying disinfo and do I really have to go on? Where am I going with this? The evidence shows a world in upheaval undergoing massive transformation... politically, socially, in the natural world... no one seems to have a handle on anything and the present leaders of much of the so-called free world are waving the tired specter of terrorism and pushing corporate inspired fascism as a solution, while whatever small- disorganized terrorism there may be is caused by and often engineered by the very forces declaiming it. It’s a shell game. Meanwhile Mother Earth doesn’t seem too happy; whatever the reasons may be. Think about it.

Bad writers are on strike, as if anyone would miss the septic flow of their input and the industry says that it will get by on ‘reality’ (snicker) shows... it is to weep. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands are dying in real reality shows but no one is watching. The price of oil is shooting through the roof and impacting every area of the world’s economies. Transit unions are striking... Pakistanis are revolting... thousands of Buddhist monks are buried in the Myanmar jungles and for some reason... you have to laugh... Chinese manufacturers are soaking children’s toys in GHB... and its business as usual.

Ron Paul is the only sane voice I hear that is also uncompromising. I don’t generally support political candidates but I know the difference between seeking balance and deliberately seeking imbalance. I know the difference between reasonable perspective in pursuit of the common good and ruthless efforts for the benefit of the few. Ron Paul is saying a lot of the right things and his history seems to indicate that he is sincere and informed. He actually appears to be human. Dr. No? More people should be saying “No.” instead of being Yes-men for any and every oppressor of human good; every profiteer on the backs of the people. More people should be saying, “I don’t know.” rather than having answers for every question they get and all of those answers tailored to the fears of the largest interest group they could poll, or the richest minority group whose desires they anticipate

Diamonds and pearls... Vampires prefer diamonds and pigs trample pearls, so what have you got? ...Blood-sucking swine?

From what I can see, Ron Paul represents those still capable of reason in this most unreasonable and selfish culture. Does he actually represent this in essence? How would I know? I can see the road he walked to get here and whatever he may truly be he’s a lot more viable than any of the rest. He’s possibility and the promise of hope. He’s the sort of man who might well be made great by the power of office. I think it unlikely that would be true of the others; the others are bought and sold long ago.

As much as I am impressed with Ron Paul; if only by comparison with the competition, I am easily as impressed by his supporters... I like the sort of people who talk about him. I like their intensity and intelligence. I like their independence and I like their dreams as seen reflected in their candidate of choice. It’s an unlikely event but stranger things have happened. If by some miracle of circumstance and fate, Ron Paul were to be elected then I think that speaks well for humanity and for the future. I’d be very impressed.

As far as diamonds and pearls go, I hope in my life that I continue to spend as little time with those who love them as I do now. I hope one day the value mistakenly given to lifeless trinkets gets put back on the most valuable of life’s creations... one another.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

We've Got To Drive These Steers to Kansas City.

I’ve been in a rural location in southern Europe for about a month now. Getting internet has been a problem but I have finally found an external location that should permit me to post on a regular basis again. I’ve even got someone coming to the house today so that, possibly, I might even soon have it in my house. All in all, the signs are good but I’ve dealt with disappointments here before. I do know that sooner or later it’s going to work out; technology, like fascism are relentlessly moving forward... even in a backwater like this. In any case, my internet difficulties are not the point of this posting. The point of this posting is what I have seen on TV in the month I have been away.

I don’t usually watch TV ... at all. I might just as well sit here and stab the back of my hand with a fork. Both of these activities give me about the same general sense of pleasure. So I watched World News on CNN once in the morning and once at night for as long as I could stand it and sometimes it was my misfortune to encounter Larry King sniffing the hind-end of one prancing chimpanzee or another as he sat upon his throne in Tabloid Hell dispensing the fairy dust of plastic celebrity. It had that fascination which you only get from lurid crime stories and bad machinery accidents; trains crashes, car crashes and natural disasters. If you’re not careful you wind up watching it as it sucks you down into the septic tank like an amusement park ride.

I can’t take more than a few minutes but I always do try to find out what the point of the interview is about; trouser trout and fly fishermen- with a constant changing of position in the kind of obscene kiss-fest that could only take place in this banal age; but I digress.

This isn’t about those things either. I’ve never fancied dumpster diving or reading oracles in shit. This is about the- between the lines, trickle down truth experience that you can get if you are watching carefully. Some things are self-explanatory and come as no surprise for those of us savvy enough to get our news from truth sites and, some of these things one intuits... though intuition is not always required; just common sense and an objective reasoning capacity.

The cause of the rising price of oil... though not mentioned at all, can only have to do with an impending attack on Iran. Indeed, there was the fear that an attack on Iran would drive the price of oil up to a hundred dollars a barrel and there you go. It’s already there, like it had eyes.... they haven’t done it yet but market forces know all about it already. They know it’s coming up fast. Or... you tell me... what else could be the reason for such a thing? Yes, there’s rising tensions in Kurdistan (where the Kurds are being referred to as ‘rebels’- though I have no idea why). Turkey is Israel’s big buddy in the Middle East, primarily because a great many of the present day Israelis are Turks, more or less; if you want to do the ashka-Nazi math.

And there’s the looming crisis in Pakistan; Musharraf is on the ropes and handling things in a way guaranteed to guarantee his fall in the same way that most tin horn dictators usually accomplish it. There’s the ongoing conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan which is now costing about 1.3 trillion dollars. There are all of these conditions but it’s about Iran. Israel is engineering their sneak attack on Iran’s nuclear energy program and the pigs at the trough want to bleed every bloody dime they can manage from the profits to come.

That’s all it is. But not a word is said about this as the newscasters segue into speculation on how truffles taste by comparison with something else.

I was struck by the huge difference between what is and what is being said. I haven’t been able to get to my ‘truth sites’ and I never tire of mentioning them;

Signs of the Times
What Really Happened
The Truthseeker

So this is what the genus ordinarius watches every day. These are the news vehicles that inform the public; the news vehicles that take the wretched and uneducated with camera crew and sleazy news personnel out for the first look at their burned to the ground homesteads and then milk the onsite tears and tragedy for tabloid effect. These are the news organs that ignore the Ron Paul phenomenon. These are the news organs that make shit up and form the shit into crude shapes as if they were in Pottery 101 and then display these twisted pots, ashtrays and candle-holders as if Leonardo Da Vinci were responsible for them.

I’m not going to flood this piece with examples of the lies and inferences that make up the daily efforts of these venal weasels. You see it or you don’t.

It explains a lot. It explains the busted elevator fall of intelligence. It explains the dumbing down. You have to make people stupid enough to believe it and be entertained by it. It explains that the long term goal of fascism is to make people docile and deluded enough that they will gladly eat offal if you bake it with a meringue topping.

Television is the lidless red-eye of Sauron. Contemporary music is the stupidity massage soundtrack to the daily life. Newspapers and magazines are the snack food. Sex is the carrot on the stick. The fatter and dumber the people get the more they imagine themselves rolling in the hay with Murdoch’s Baskin and Robbins flavors of the moment as presented in all their silicone glory through the mediums he created for the sole purpose of inflaming the minds and desires of those too stupid to think and for whom taste is just another bad product.

They don’t have to make all of us stupid. They don’t care that some of us know. We’re unimportant overall. They just need the herd to behave and react according to stimulus. We can say whatever we want to say and we can have all the rock hard evidence anyone might need to come to the obvious conclusions but it doesn’t matter at all.

This is why history repeats itself. This is why it first comes as tragedy and then as farce. This is how and why the world is Cain- rampant on a field of blood and bones. This is why there is no irony in the neo-con cabal’s murder of over a million Iraqis and Saddam’s pitiful comparative numbers. This is why no one gives a shit about four million displaced Iraqis or the genocide in Palestine. It isn’t real. It’s not really happening unless you happen to be one of them. This is why when they discovered that there were no large plastic shredding machines into which human bodies were being fed by Saddamites that nobody bothered to report it. Once you make up the news and you’ve got the hook in the fish’s mouth you can move on to the next lie and the next fish and the next lie and the next fish.

On and on it goes; pointless debates between candidates who are sworn to do the bidding of Israel. The greater world twists in an agony of indefinable hunger and unfulfilled desires. Massive shadows of imaginary fear loom up on the landscape and the herd of steers merges to the left or merges to the right or continues forward just as if the fantastic mirages of fabricated fear were sheepdogs barking at their heels. Their guts spread and their brains shrink and there is only the trail ahead. Quo vadis? Who the Hell knows? The Shadow knows.

“No time to understand them, just dope and rope and brand them, death’s waiting at the end of the ride... head ‘em up, move ‘em out... RAWHIDE.....”

It doesn’t matter what we say; how cogent our argument may be or how true and damning the facts may be. But we go on saying it. Every now and then some of the steers peel away from the herd. Every now and then some few get their shit together and move away from the fan. We’re not going to get on Clear Channel and Larry King but we may get somewhere they aren’t going and that is all the reward anyone could ask.