Thursday, September 24, 2020

"There Goes The No Longer Functioning Framework from a Now Disappearing Age."


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The World is changing. It is transforming into what is yet to be seen or experienced. At the moment, it is a construction site. What is there and which has been there for a long time is the no longer functioning framework from a now disappearing age. It has to come down and it is coming down. The Big wrecking ball is swinging too and fro. Why they decided against Controlled Demolition I couldn't tell you. I'm not one of the people that get THAT memo. There is a crowd of barbarians who are possessed of a long-simmering hatred for the old structure and they have been TEMPORARILY permitted to take out their aggression on everything in reach, including each other. They'll be gone once the building is gone but, for the moment, they are around. In cosmic terms, the destroyers are not employed in replacing what they had a hand in bringing down.

Heaven's ways are mysterious to those not consciously resident there. In Heaven, there is no Fear. In Middle Earth there is plenty of Fear. Dramatic change ALWAYS brings that out in people and when they see everything they once believed in being dismantled before their eyes, they get REALLY nervous BECAUSE they have yet to see what is replacing it. For all they know, nothing is replacing it and that is a scary thing, no question.

Construction hasn't begun on the new structure (duh), which is still on the blueprints in the architect's office. What is happening now, is the tearing down of the old structure. This is why we don't know what is coming and why we haven't seen or experienced it yet because it isn't here yet. We are in the demolition and planning stage.

Fundamentalist Christians and Muslims, whose religions were supposed to be an improvement on the 'buy low, sell high' usury and ancestor worship systems that existed previously (and still exist), are not going to be happy about what is coming and the cash register faiths are also not going to be pleased. EVERYTHING is due to change into new forms; LIKE IT OR NOT. In the old, old system, which became reference points for the old systems, there was a splendid fellow called Joshua. Joshua (the name) was a precursor for Jesus. Joshua translates as 'Jah Liberates'. This is a TELL from the cosmogonal headquarters as evidence that the basic impulse of ALL LIFE is toward FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

It is the NATURAL reaction out of the human breast, to pay fealty to what exists as the universal ideal to which we all subscribe, WHETHER WE KNOW IT OR NOT. This is why scripture tells us that, “at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow.” What that means is that before the altar of our most basic and compelling drive we shall give homage. It's the same thing with that long contested and inflexible comment;

“I am the way, the Truth and the life and NO MAN cometh unto the Father but by me.”

It's another way of saying, “My way or the highway.” The statement is true. Jesus is an avatar and the first emanation of the source, personalized so that we can relate to it. It is more difficult to relate to a Cloud of Unknowing.

The Christ is not going anywhere. It is the same yesterday, today and forever BUT the Jesus side is going to be reconstituted.

Jesus the Christ was a spokesman for Ageless Wisdom. He was/is also a Wayshower but Fundie Think demands that EVERYTHING be by the book, according to their interpretation of it. The Christian Church is now crumbling because a NEW AND IMPROVED version is coming. If you asked me what that is going to be, well... I have an idea or two about that (grin) and I'm pretty sure I am close to the mark. I don't have all the details but I have a screen capture of the Big Picture. What is coming is Universal Brotherhood. The age of Highest Love expressed in Sacrifice, is going out with the age it was representative of. This doesn't mean that sacrifice, as the highest expression of love, is going to be redacted. It is simply being tailored to resonate with the Zeitgeist persona of what will be the essence of our makeup in this new term.

We will be seeing “and thou shalt love thy neighbor (brother) as thyself.” becoming the new pattern of interaction. Jesus said to love your brother as yourself because, HE IS YOURSELF. Yes, he is. Our temporary false constructs of ourselves, our personalities in conflict with other personalities, are not real, BUT The Self behind it is and it is the SAME SELF of each of us. This will probably freak a lot of people out, given their major investment in their personality but... what are ya gonna do? You can scream and stamp your feet all you like, it changes nothing. The Truth, like The Cheese, stands alone.

Remember how Jesus had one message for the masses and another for the disciples-apostles-initiates? Well... courtesy of the coming avatar, the same method will apply. On the mass side, you will get Universal Brotherhood and love your neighbor as yourself. On the initiated side you are going to have THE AWARENESS of the INDWELLING. This indicates a state of consciousness where some number of us are to be linked telepathically in a common understanding of unity with The Source. That is what the First Church of the Presence of God is all about. NO... I am not going to be The Pope. I'm just a common parishioner and I had BETTER NOT FORGET THAT! I do happen to be a bit ahead of the curve however and have been granted some degree of insight into what is happening and what is coming. All and sundry are free to object to that and argue it to their heart's content; absent my presence, of course.

I do get daily updates, just like anyone involved in any network or business does, if they happen to be in the REQUIRED position that puts them on the memo feed. I don't get a lot of memos like I said. I'm not interested in being informed about anything else. I am ONLY interested in what the Supernal Realm transmits. Of course, I don't get the whole story. That's above my pay grade and my 'need to know' status. I don't get paid anyway, not in the coin of the realm that is. I get paid in metaphysical cryptocurrency, as anyone who has had the opportunity to investigate my 'no means of visible support' template has discovered. This is not to say that they have figured it out. This is another kind of 'need to know' thing and if you do know then you are probably engaging in it, same as me. IF you don't, then... well, what can I say?

So... there are a lot of people who are going to strenuously object to the hamburgerization of their sacred cows; not just religiously but socially and in almost every way, because what is coming is not designed to serve selfish interests, raging megalomania, entitlement, or elitism. This DOES NOT MEAN that all the fun is going to go out of life; anything but. Have you ever been joined in a group effort... say... in a restaurant, or... gee, any sort of cooperative effort where everyone involved depends on everyone else and a kind of gestalt emerges and even... dare I say, a sense of brotherhood? Maybe you get the picture. If you don't, you are probably going to be working somewhere else.

By now I can hear an undercurrent of muttering about, the sisters. What about the sisters? How do they fit into this brotherhood thing? I'm glad you asked. In the Aquarian Age, the Divine Feminine is in the ascendant. This means that parity and fairness are about to be restored... after a REALLY LONG TIME and the female aspect is going to be celebrated like it hasn't been in a long time, except, perhaps in those cooperative efforts I mentioned a moment ago. I've been involved in some form of that for most of my life so I know it's real. I use the word, Brotherhood, as a general catchall. Maybe a new word will come up in time. That's fine with me as long as it's not Personhood and 'they and their' doesn't predominate, cause that is real fringe stuff. So is 'comrade 4216' and similar. Sisters are brothers. There is a big misunderstanding that has been in place for far too long and it would take me far too long to go into all that at the moment.

Let me give you a couple of FACTS that are not in the general mindset. Unless one has a 'special dispensation' otherwise, like some of us do... and let me add here that ANY OF US could have such a dispensation; unless you have this dispensation, USUALLY if you are male in one life, you are female in the next. That puts a whole new light on how you treat your significant other, doesn't it? Best give some thought as to how significant that other is.

There is a reason why KARMA and REINCARNATION were intentionally left out of the Christian faith. I've treated with that briefly at other times and don't have remaining space to treat with it now. Anyway... since you will likely be one or the other in each succeeding life you will, at THE VERY LEAST, reap the benefits of the Divine Feminine Ascendancy. If you want to get ahead of the curve as a man, I suggest getting in touch with your female nature and I don't mean sexually. That implies missing the point. Although everyone is going to have at least one life like that to see what it's about. The whole point of being here is EXPERIENCE and finding your way out of here.

Before some people get all hot and bothered about what I said, ALL of this can be worked out during those regular interim times when you go before The Lords of Karma, which... whether you like it or not, I ASSURE you IS GOING TO HAPPEN. It is SELDOM hard and fast, without choices, in these sessions. You get an array of choices, depending on what kind of a hurry you are in and what you're after. Not everyone wants to get out of here, or is interested in Liberation or Salvation, in fact, that number is SURPRISINGLY small. Most people want to get DEEPER into it and have more of it. Regardless, it ALL has to be earned. You want to be Tom Cruise? Take a number. Same rules apply, no matter what your preferences are. Of course, you surely realize... that some roles have a much longer waiting period and involve a great deal of preparation and PREPAYMENT or... Promissory Notes. That's it for today.

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As I mentioned yesterday, there's a great deal of interesting and compelling information to be had at Pocketnet these days; stuff on Hunter Biden that YOU WON'T GET in the Crass Media. Do yourself a favor, if you are curious and drop by Pocketnet. There are more cool and caring people there than I have found ANYWHERE else (except at these blogs, of course)

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Monday, September 21, 2020

"Tomorrow it All Begins FOR SOME and... FOR SOME, Tomorrow is the Beginning of the End."


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My dear friends; Welcome to The Fall Equinox and let me begin with a synopsis from the teachings of Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov. I'm going to paraphrase for the sake of Brevity.

There are four demarcations of the year, which also herald the arrival of one of the four seasons. There are two solstices and two equinoxes. They also match up with the four Cardinal Feasts; Christmas... Easter... The Feast of St. John the Baptist and The Feast of St Michael Archangel. Each of these points in time is a Nexus for VERY powerful forces. The whole process is controlled by The Sun. Out of the Nexus of each solstice and equinox are distributed the force that powers the pending changes set to occur within that time frame.

The Spring Equinox is under the purview of the Archangel Raphael. He lives in the Sphere of Mercury and his name means, “God the Healer” or “Divine Physician.” He brings Nature back to life and the feast of that season is Easter, to commemorate the RESURRECTION of Jesus the Christ.

The Summer Solstice is under the guidance of Archangel Uriel. He is the Archangel of Light. The church does not mention him as it does the others. Curious. The relative feast is The Feast of St. John.

The Fall Equinox is commanded by Archangel Michael, coincidentally (grin) this contains the Feast of St Michael.

The Winter Solstice is orchestrated by the Archangel Gabriel. Christmas falls within this sector of time.

Raphael is the Angel of Air. Uriel is the angel of Earth. Michael is the angel of fire. Gabriel is the angel of Water. How does the angel of Earth also qualify as the angel of light? It's complicated and requires explanations beyond the dimensions of a post. I would have to go on and on and on. If you want further details, a search engine will bring more than you can ever read before you. The problem is knowing who to trust. I have solved that consideration for myself and each of us has to work that out for themselves. Knowing who to trust is made easy when your primary trust is INFLEXIBLY invested in the Supreme Lord of Hosts.

Once you have surrendered yourself UTTERLY to The One and there is ONLY one, you are good to go. Following that, you RELY COMPLETELY upon the instruction given to you through the Intuition. That is what it is there for. A GOOD exercise is to call upon the angel who is in charge of each element and ASK for assistance and insight, concerning the QUALITIES OF GOD, which they embody in respect of that particular element. Stability would be a quality of Earth. Give it some thought and you will be able to identify who is associated with which quality and then ask, in a sincere and focused manner, that you may be informed by what means you can acquire that quality. Believe me, there is NOTHING so valuable as the Qualities of God.

Returning to the matter of Trust, one whom I trust is Master Aivanhov and if you want further details on some of the matters discussed here today, I recommend you get a copy of, “The Fruits of the Tree of Life.” Purchase it from the publisher, unless you find a deal somewhere because IRONICALLY... those selling used copies often want ridiculous sums for them. Goes hand in hand with all the things they didn't learn reading it; if, in fact, they ever did read any of it.

Why do I bring this up? Well... let us go back to each of these moments in time; the day of the solstice or equinox. Let us consider that these are inception points for the following 90 days or so, in which certain events are set to occur and at which point, the hand of Heaven, personified by the particular archangel, puts the imprimatur of Heaven upon that period of time. In other words... the one thing that must be kept in mind is “Thy will be done on Earth as IT IS IN HEAVEN.” Everyone has their plans and agendas concerning the coming times. These vary widely. None of them matter UNLESS they are IN ACCORD with Heaven. Otherwise, you can forget about it because it will come to naught.

You might then ask, “Well, visible, how come evil plans often come to fruition? Doesn't, I mean, wouldn't that mean that God sponsors and supports evil doings?” Yeah, he does... for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Just because something happens in a particular way at a given moment DOES NOT MEAN that is the end of it. Give it time. And... he doesn't support evil plans, he permits them so that they might arrive at their destined end, for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

For instance, this COVID scam was set up for several reasons, but one of the MOST important reasons was to pave the way for mail-in voting, so that those who have hijacked the Democratic Party can steal, or give the appearance of winning this coming election.

Back to the NEXUS POINT which is TOMORROW. On that day, certain events are set in motion, to take place within the framework of that solstice or equinox. Natural occurrences are scheduled to take place and sometimes do take place, on that day. Nothing is left to chance. There IS some amount of leeway that has to do with individual and collective soul progressions and the results WILL vary widely, depending on who they are happening to and why. There are some pretty twisted individuals present at this time. Oh... I could give you plenty more. They come to my attention; I don't know why. Perhaps it is because I enjoy God's Laughter. He is quite an amusing fellow when he is personalized. We don't hear much from the impersonal side, given the motionless aspect.

Not only are there many people like this but there are MANY MANY more who support this kind of behavior and even think it's cool. The fellow engaged in this activity said something like, “If this is the future of masturbation, I'm all for it.” Here is an example of child abuse and the instantaneous responses of wackos from all over. Note the pose of the child with the designer handbag. This is the day to day inventory of an alarmingly large segment of the population. Great reaches of time are extended for people to come to their senses, which is hard... if your spiritual senses are not activated.

Huge swatches of virtual ink are devoted to the most inane and mindless enterprises. There is far more of these screen captures than I have time, patience, or space for AND... if you go to the British Press, the numbers are exponentially astronomical; or would that be astronomically exponential? Unreal. That's actually what is all is... unreal, and you can only stretch the rubber band 'of aggressively reaching beyond the bounds of all sense of reason and balance' so far before it is snapped back to center WITH FORCE.

The Initiates of the Great Brotherhood are working tirelessly behind the scenes, in concert with the archangels and other angels, as well as all of the illumined entities, and servants of Heaven. You don't hear about them in the press but THEY ARE A FACTOR. They are not working for their own gain. They aren't even thinking about that. Selfless Service precludes that form of consideration. There is a Higher Calling and it is difficult to describe it. Imagine anyone so filled with LOVE that all they are able to do is give themselves away without respite. They have tapped the hidden wellsprings of the heart and NOTHING makes sense except to serve and to hope and pray for an eternity to follow in which they can continue to do the same; anonymously and with no thought of their own reward. They are the gleaming pearls around the neck of God. They are literally the stars shining in the sky.

If one is still trapped in their vain and frightened false sense of self, it is hard to understand how such activity makes sense. “Hey! Who's going to pay the bills?” and always.... always... 'what about me? What about me?' Losing that sense of me is the gateway to freedom but... you can't tell most people about this. They don't want to hear it. They don't know that they are dreaming. They don't know that everything they want is not worth having; that it turns into a handful of thorns.

Here is the latest from Satanic Catamite, Georgie Porgie Soros. 'They' are VERY SERIOUS about plunging the world into chaos, confusion and DISPAIR. This is the power of money on the minds of those hungry beyond reason for it. Where is this money REALLY coming from? I'll give you one guess.

Such circumstances in this time of tumultuous change can be disheartening to many whose hearts are in the right place and fear for what might come upon them and their Hostages to Fortune. Think about it. Take a moment and think about it. WHY would all of this be going on at this time and what is the single basic consideration at work here? It is all about what you have put your faith in and a test to see how committed that faith is. The sheer power of appearances is/can be INTIMIDATING. Of course, you can see and hear all of that at any time and all the time. You can't hear or see (except in exceptional cases) The Invisible; the Realm of the Ineffable. “Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN." Ponder that AND... if it reveals the deeper meanings, it will amplify your faith considerably.

Fear and Love CANNOT occupy the same space at the same time. They are mutually exclusive. The Key is to possess enough Love so that Fear cannot even approach. Once again, it is a matter of FAITH. Get Faith, Certitude, and Determination. Don't leave home without them.

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Come to that website where you can post your work and where those who run the place make you invisible to the visitors to that site. It's a good place to work on your humility; Parler... where what you do can only be seen by you.

If you're in the mood to scroll forever and ever Amen, then Pocketnet is the place you are looking for and it's not short on entertainment or information.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

"The Mobocracy is in a Zombie Apocalypse, under the Rule of Bedlam LLC. Time to Change the Station!"

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Well... time for the September Earthquake, all up and down the West Coast. I hope not BUT... there are rumblings ...and given everything else, it would be a fitting monogram for Divine Irony. I DO NOT want this to happen but I can feel it percolating on that plane of the planetary subconscious from which emerge the actual manifest events. We're at the halfway point of the month. In August, I started to get VERY STRONG sensations appearing in the mind and all of the social events on The Left Coast seemed to be indicators and warnings. There are ALWAYS warnings about MAJOR EVENTS in the realm of Nature. You may not hear them but they are broadcasting. You don't hear them because you are listening to another channel. One channel, in particular, is broadcasting worldwide all day and all night long and that is WWME. I have been turning my interior broadcasting system to WGOD for some time now and it's been a wonder; a true wonder.

(Yeah... I could be a month early or more but... what do I know?)

WGOD is commercial-free and the announcers deal with real issues of great importance. I listen to it all through my days and all through my nights. A lot of people are listening to WSHT and WPRN, usually bathing in the sound-waves of the former, or getting their freak on with the Frottage Fever, while listening to the latter. It's a matter of personal taste. I am cutting back on Personal Taste. It is a real spiritual limiter. It seems that as long as I am being guided, or DRIVEN by Personal Taste, they won't let me into the Heaven on Earth Club. Personal Taste confines the taster in an envelope, with room for only one person, and this puts the resident into an Envelope Slam Dance with all the other envelopes. Eventually, through friction, the envelope wears thin and pain begins to seep through the weak portions of the envelope. There are various patches and plasters one can use that are either alcohol or drug-infused and one applies them to the weak points on the surface of the envelope. Unfortunately, this does not affect the degree of bruising and contusing and once the effect of the patch wears off, IT HURTS.

Something Earthshaking (pun intended) is inevitable, if you are paying any attention to what is going on. We've mentioned that the Earth is a living thing. So is The Sun. They are also Conscious Living Things. They are aware. They are more aware than nearly every one of us and they are aware of every one of us. If you are RESONANT with them, which can happen if you have set your dial to WGOD, or are listening on similar wavelengths, you have access to those 'real issues of great importance'. Let me digress just a bit here, for a moment and it will flow right back into where we were because what I am going to say is DIRECTLY RELATED:

There were TWO MESSAGES... TWO GOSPELS of Jesus Christ. One was for the general public and one was for the disciples-apostles-initiates. The same is true of the Earth-Song and the Sun-Song. There are the common reverberations of the Earth and then there is the more intimate singing of The Mother to her attendant children. There are the usual heat and light of The Sun and then there are those Rays of Awakening that are the occult commentary of The Angels of the Sun, singing through the rays to whoever has their inner ear attuned to it. I KNOW this is so because I have experienced it.

The personal self is the separated self and the self in opposition to whatever may seek to interfere with Personal Taste. Then there is the Impersonal Self and that is the eternal and enduring persona of the awakened Son of God, which is resident in every man, woman, and child on Earth. Most of the time this self is watching and witnessing all of the activities of thought, speech, and action on the part of the personal self. Most of the time the personal self is completely unaware of this PRESENCE. WHEN... not IF but... WHEN one becomes aware of this indwelling PRESENCE, there is a process that is set into motion. It is a process of personal self diminishment and it is a natural and automatic process. The Personal Self gives way before the Impersonal Self and this PERMITS the Impersonal Self to take an increasingly larger and larger role in the life of the one permitting it.

One of the by-products is that all of the features and events in the personal life are monitored, mediated , and managed by the impersonal self and since the impersonal self KNOWS EVERYTHING, it will bring about the best possible result in every situation because of that Alpha and Omega mindset. It is already resident in the place it takes you to. WGOD is a real radio station. It's frequencies are picked up through your internal radio, which is also called The Intuition. I said frequencie(s) because there is more than one INFORMED and ILLUMINATED entity that works as an announcer on that station. Of course, it is true that there is ONLY ONE source for the information BUT... there are various rays and colorations of tone that exist in the spectrum of Heavenly broadcasting.

Sure... Love is the be-all and end-all of the never-ending or beginning eternity of Love. It is itself and unique unto itself as THE ATTRACTIVE FORCE of the universe. Still... it has many permutations and will adapt itself to the particular needs and capacities of each and every individual fortunate enough to desire to put themselves IN THE WAY OF IT.

These days there are quite a few of the NOT SO Clear Channel kind of radio station, like WFKU and WKMA, as well as the same and sundry of communication devices of The Father of Lies. It is not so hard to understand what is going on so long as you are able to differentiate between what is based on appearances and what is representative of that which lies behind and beyond appearances. If appearances are a lie then it is no feat of intelligence to grasp what the Father of Lies deals in and this accounts for the presence of Fear as well; for those of you capable of EXTRAPOLATION.

What has been going on for the last 2200 years is now being reconstituted from the atomic level and EVERYTHING we have formerly known as governmental and religious templates are being redesigned AUTOMATICALLY, according to the vibrationary impact of the force of the incoming next 2200 years. Fundamentalists and strict doctrinarians, as well as every representative of the same old same old, are going to be shocked, shaken (not stirred) and terrified as all that was familiar... waves its hanky from the boat as it all sails away. There is NOTHING anyone can do about any of this; NOTHING. Well... yeah... you can resist it, or you can accommodate it. For those of you who understand what I am talking about, you can imagine what the result of each of those will be.

What you are PRESENTLY seeing is the stormtroopers of CHAOS, doing their UNCONSCIOUS part in tearing it all down. They won't be so employed for very long. You have to consider THE MATH of the situation. There is ONE MIND and the much larger majority of us do not want a persistent state of anarchy and disorder to prevail. One of the reasons that no single force- other than GOD ALMIGHTY- has EVER been able to control the whole world is... because THEY CAN'T CONTROL THE WHOLE WORLD. The Earth is a sacred vessel. Once again, it is also a living thing and a conscious entity and the time will come when it has had enough of the low-jinks taking place on terra-not-so-firma. Then, the Earth is going to SHAKE, RATTLE, and ROLL. You can count on this. You can bank on this.

God resides in a state of ABSOLUTE STILLNESS. It is God's ceaseless meditation on life that maintains existence in corporate form AND it is ONLY THIS that does so. The other (positive) side of God is a source of Ceaseless and Energetic Action. In blunt and simple terms. He lays there and SHE dances. It's never entirely so and words fail and words will ALWAYS fail, so... there is also that Shiva Nataraja aspect and it presents differently, according to the Time and Culture it appears in. Trying to get the whole schematic into a comprehensive state is IMPOSSIBLE and it's not our area of enterprise to begin (or end) with. We have our jobs, which few of us are actually employed at and God has his job. Certainly, there are cooperative interactions that take place with God and those who are not fast asleep.

This is... absolutely... not the time to lie sleeping. As has been pointed out here on numerous occasions; when God wants to wake us up, he will first come and gently shake our shoulder. If we do not awaken, then he will shake us a good deal harder, and IF WE STILL DON'T WAKE UP? Then God picks up a baseball bat.

Presently, the mobocracy is in a Zombie Apocalypse, under the rule of Bedlam LLC. The executives at Bedlam LLC have been convinced by The Father of Lies that there is a degree of certainty of success in the offing. There IS NOT. What there is is The Purpose of Demonstration. Of course, whatever you may be thinking, is directly tied to whoever it is you are listening to. You can always change the station.

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(a song about one who took themselves too seriously and served as a karmic example for the rest of us-

Uh... yeah... for those of you not intending to go there, here is the link to Parler.

And here is the link to that decentralized site that they haven't been able to fold, spindle, or mutilate... YET.

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Monday, September 7, 2020

"That Blessed Assurance and the Atmosphere of Something Good, Coming Soon."

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Triggering... what is it that triggers you and WHY? Certain subjects, that send some people into a spiraling rage, leave me completely unmoved. Rage doesn't apply to me, in any case, because IN MY MIND... EVERYTHING is in God's hands, so what have I got to be outraged about? Whatever it is, it is either something on its way to being resolved or it is being resolved. It came and it went, whatever it was. Only that which does not come or go holds any interest for me. I couldn't begin to explain what it means on a personal level, BECAUSE... our understanding of ANYTHING is based on the level we experience it at. That is why Good and Evil are no more than temporary constructs in a person's mind and DON'T GET ME STARTED about The Masquerade (cue George Benson)

Hold your hands out, face up before you. Move them up and down. That is balance. Hold them still. That is not balance, that is stasis and all that Stasis implies. I wonder if there is a connection between Stasis and The Stasi? Stagnation is one of the products of Stasis and the mosquito is the totem life form therein.

Global warming is a natural thing. What are you going to do about it? Of course, we shouldn't pollute but... the ones running around and shouting about it, engaged in efforts to clean up the effects of previous pollution... they are the ones who caused the pollution previously. Most lifetimes for the uninformed and unaware, are a reaction to the... or... a- lifetime previous. The Cosmos can't always set up the conditions for every lifetime in the one directly following but... regardless... it will set them up when it can. Oh yes, it will.

The people in the streets screaming about racism and inequality, are the people who formerly were practicing racists and elitists. You are ALWAYS sent back to deal with what you caused or got up to formerly. There are two major considerations in the evolution of consciousness and the incremental progressions of existence; the striving for Freedom and the adjustments that are made to bring things back into balance. This is the whole basis for Cause and Effect and the production of Karma; pull anything, push anything and you get an equal and opposite reaction. You want to get an idea where anyone is headed? Look at what they are up to.

Remember when I mentioned one of my encounters with Mr. Apocalypse? It came down during a Kundalini reoccurrence and was in some time and space relation to a recent Ayahuasca engagement. I was lying on a futon in the couch position and as Mr. Apocalypse was making his points, with force, my right knee and leg would slam into the couch-back. One of the things he said, more than once, was that he was, “going to show up, right in the middle of them and pull their pants down in front of everyone.” He was going to appear out of nowhere and expose them and their crimes and hypocrisies. He went on to ask me if I knew how ingenious he was capable of being. He told me that he was going to do these things literally AND metaphorically.

He told me the same things in detail, several times, over the hours of that engagement and at all other engagements as well. He wanted me to UNDERSTAND that all of this was REALLY going to happen and that even though I had been informed ahead of time, on any number of occasions, it was still going to be startling for me BECAUSE... in some cases, it involved events, the like of which, had not occurred quite like that, EVER BEFORE. I'm seeing some amount of it most days now. Nancy Pelosi's beauty shop fiasco would qualify as one of these, even though... by comparison with what is coming, it was pretty pedestrian. Now people are showing up at her house and hanging curlers on her fence... heh heh; You go, girl!!!

Support from the Black Community for President Trump is going through the roof. The rank and sociopathic hypocrisy of Joe Biden is a thing of AWE. In 1994 (or so) he sponsored the bill that brought the PRIVATE PRISON SYSTEM into being. He was instrumental in the 3-Strikes legislation and a host of other Draconian measures that came into play. I remember seeing him in the late 70s and early 80s before the hair plugs took and saying to myself, “Man! That is one completely sold-out and corrupt politician.” He's continued on from there. I'm going to go on record here and state that THERE IS NO WAY that he becomes the president of the United States.

Many other events may take place and chaos might engulf some amount of locales BUT ONE THING FOR SURE... There will be NO PRESIDENT BIDEN. Whoever arranges these situations, or whoever arranges the people who think they arrange these situations, knew what they were doing when they collated (yes... I know what the word means) the competition to President Trump. This spares us from having to see Shaun King as Secretary of Cancel Culture, or Rachel Dolenzal as Color Commentator for Funk and WAP-It.

Mr. Apocalypse does not deal only with individuals being brought Front and Center for the Purpose of Humiliation and Exposure. He deals in events that manifest the same in the context of groups of particular persuasions.

A smoke generating pyrotechnic device used at a gender-reveal party ignited one of the 23 major fires burning in California, fire officials announced on Sunday evening.

You can't fix Stupid but you can laugh at it. Maybe that's not a good idea, given that it might lead to your own unfortunate moment in the spotlight BUT... sometimes it is hard not to laugh, even when it is equally as tragic as it is funny. Sometimes it is a spontaneous up-welling and it can take a minute to cap the well.

Speaking of Mr. Apocalypse AND... we were speaking of Mr. Apocalypse... I KNOW it HAS TO BE COMING... well... I don't really know BUT... doesn't it seem like this is one of the biggies that some of us have been waiting on for a LONG TIME? What I mean is... WHEN is George Soros and his ILK going to get their moment under The Lights of Heavenly Notice? Here is this psychopathic MENACE TO HUMANITY that is behind NEARLY every bad thing going down in these times and ONLY RARELY does his name surface in connection to them, in the mass media (that one I understand) and on the lips of politicians, except indirectly when President Trump made a reference to deluded rich men financing the chaos and you KNOW he meant Soros and others.

They got HEAVY JUJU. This is patently obvious. They are forcefully being kept out of the limelight. Sooner or later, the Eyes of Heaven and the Angels of God's Wrath are going to turn in his and their direction. If you've ever had a hesitation about allocating a large degree of power in Temporal Affairs to THE DEVIL, here is your telling evidence. George Soros is EVIL PERSONIFIED. There are only a few names that come to my mind when I consider public figures in this way. Generally, I think of names you don't and haven't heard about; at least, yet. Segway George comes to mind, as does Obama, The Clinton's and Bill Gates, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney and OF COURSE, Nitwityahoo. There are others that I identify as 'tools', like Pelosi and Newsom, Cuomo, and De Blasio. Probably Segway George should be in the Tool Category as well BUT the level of his actions rises to epic standards while he was in a position to commit them.

Okay... why did I go off on this particular ramble today? It is because I FULLY expect coming events to escalate dramatically in the near field. I suspect what is going to happen is going to unsettle many. I know of entire segments of society that are in a Panic of Armageddon Looming, state of mind, and they are buying generators and food supplies; no doubt ammunition and delivery systems as well and they are aggressively exhorting me to do the same. I just can't go there. Maybe I am a fool in this respect BUT I feel... I feel this confidence; call it FAITH... or... something as yet unidentified.

I got this premonitory sense that there is... lurking out of sight... a BIG wave of righteous GOOD and the WILL to back it up. It's not there to be seen, like the negative waves of madness, ORCHESTRATED violence, and Ill-WILL that are dominating the headlines of the media, BUT... for some reason, not even clear to me... I feel Confident and Assured. I feel that Blessed Assurance and the atmosphere of it is increasing and intensifying in my heart and mind. Am I equally as deluded as the rioting insane by having this sense of Something Good, Coming Soon? If it isn't coming soon, it is coming. I could argue this in a rational fashion, by pointing out that you can't have the one without the other and how LIFE is a FORCE that is constantly adjusting to conditions created for The Purpose of Demonstration and setting future stages for counterpoints.

I get the distinct impression that whatever all of this is; what is presently acting out on the world's stage is going to wear itself out before it gets to where you and I and most of the rest of us reading these words at present are resident.

The Powers that Be have ALLOWED much of this to occur, simply for the evidence it provides and the TIME WILL COME when altogether different reactions are going to take place, such as happened when they tried to shut down The Freeway outside Seattle a couple of days ago and how the police chief is handling the matter in Detroit.

Detroit police Chief James Craig says police have never used force against peaceful protesters.

It's only going to be permitted to go so far; AND THEN? Whoa.

For all of you vacillating between Faith and Fear, between Apprehension and Certitude, let me state UNEQUIVOCALLY- GOD and His Angels are in total and absolute control of EVERYTHING and always will be, UNLESS... unless you don't think so and then... just maybe it works out according to the imperatives of your state of mind.

End Transmission.......

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Skip the link that is about to be inserted here. You don't want any part of it. That has already been proven with emphasis. You shouldn't even be reading these words. For purely personal reasons and much to my shame, I am going to place a link to Parler here. Avert your eyes! Lest ye be cast into Utter Darkness. You have been warned.

When it does get Hot and Heavy, which could be any time now, Pocketnet is ONE OF THE PLACES you want to go to find out about it because every perspective and point of view is going to be scrolling down the page. I agree, some of it plays the banjo in Dipshit County BUT... there are going to be unique moments available ONLY to those intrepid enough to visit Pocketnet.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

"Never Mind the FEAR, DOUBT and CONFUSION. Pray Believing. Pray Believing!!!"

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Well... we've personally seen our share of that. The hardest part of it is knowing what The Truth is to begin with. My position is that The Truth is what is at right angles to everything else and also... that when The Truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears. What I am implying is that you can't tell the truth, not really. You can hint about it. You can frame it and let the listener fill in the blank canvas and SOMETIMES... sometimes, there is an accord... because TRUTH has a resonance. It's something you can feel. Of course, you have to care about that in the first place. As Materialism intensifies, the 'general concern' for The Truth diminishes across the board because... IT'S GONNA COST YOU. If you need this explained further, see the first sentence of the post.

To clearly see anything, you must become it. Only God can see God. Only Truth can see Truth. Only Love can see Love. Think of The Sun and Moon; that great literal and metaphorical message that is broadcasting day and night and which... like all the other enduring profundities, goes right by us because we trivialized it, or misidentified it, or didn't identify it in the first place. There are countless ways to do something wrong and very few ways to do it right.

Here is what we have done to ourselves, buying into the lying appearances and ATTRACTIONS of the Material Plane; WE HAVE KILLED THE MAGIC! The utter delight and wonder of existence has hidden itself from our eyes because we have profaned our minds with prurient desire. The mindset we have created for ourselves differs from our former childlike awareness of wonder and delight for this single reason. It all happened as a result of puberty dividing our world. This is, of course, a necessary event BUT... it DOES NOT have to stay that way. I've said it before and I will say it again BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT; two possibilities await us in the Zone of Aging... SENILITY or REGENERATED INNOCENCE. You would be handsomely repaid for researching the personas of people like Luther Burbank, Jacob Boehme, realized yogis, and other historical figures of similar mien. I will leave you, on this account, with some thoughts by that great mind, Emmanuel Swedenborg. I am NOT referring to the video but to the text below it, which caused me to burst into tears several times; utter profundity and as close to Truth as words can go.

Read more on the thoughts of Emmanuel Swedenborg

If you scroll down this page and look at the mug shots of protesters from the Pacific Northwest, Catch and Release Program, (it's a byproduct of Ted Wheeler Syndrome though there are a lot of names you could insert instead of his) you will note the loss of innocence and good intentions in their countenance.

As someone a little more versed in THE SCIENCE of Phrenology than the novice, I can state... that even a novice should have little difficulty in getting what I am saying. As you study the profiles, it becomes clear that they are not going to be runner-ups in this year's Peephole's Magazine Contest of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World”. Then again... THEN AGAIN! When you're utterly sold out, bent over, and begging for more, you are likely to go to any extreme to demonstrate just how morally bankrupt you are and be proud as a peacock while doing it. I am here referring to the editorial staff of Peephole Magazine, not the ones who, I am certain, cannot pat their heads and chew gum at the same time. Perhaps you have heard about, 'having a face that only a mother could love?'

Here... let me say that I am GENUINELY SORRY that I am not speaking from the ABOVE IT ALL perspective of one, fully illumined with the Inner Light, and Christ-Like in the appreciation of every living thing. I can't speak from a place I do not occupy. This has not restrained many others from pretending to do so but I go in fear of The Purpose of Demonstration. I kid you not. I DO EXPECT to reach such a hallowed state at some point. I REALLY do but it is not upon me yet.

Let us move on to the conditions of the day; the COVID HOAX Mercenaries have cobbled together Virtual Swat Teams to go after any of us who speak out against their Fascist Mask Scam. I've already seen it appear in my operations. It doesn't even qualify as an annoyance but... I do notice it. I also notice they are not very good at it. For those people for whom Information is all-important, BECAUSE their profession is based on distorting it, they aren't very well informed. So it is in this Apocalypse.

Why is it so hard for people to tell the truth and live in a state of fearless integrity during a time of Universal Deceit? When I was younger I got arrested for a crime I didn't commit and it took a total of near 6 years for the process of punishment to end. 3+ years inside and near 3 years on the run. It resulted in a full governmental pardon and involved 2 ounces of Pot, which I was only tangentially connected to. It wasn't about the Pot though. IT WAS ABOUT THE THINGS I WAS SAYING. I was speaking The Truth, as I knew it, callow and jejune as I may have been. Decades later, I was arrested again. Once more, it was not something I did.

BOTH dramas were staged. The second time it was proven so in court, where it had never been proven before and hasn't been since. That time involved a MANDATORY Life Sentence. Once again, IT WAS BECAUSE OF WHAT I HAD BEEN SAYING. What I was saying provoked them. I'm certain they still don't know what happened to them. I know first hand The Power of God. These are only two incidents and there have been many others ♫in my life♫. God used me for The Purpose of Demonstration and regardless of the serious costs involved. I NOW count that expense as NOTHING. I am HONORED that God chose me for a part in his theatrics.

I am not unique in this respect. Many another has experienced such trials and seen miracles occur in their life, courtesy of the Invisible Hand of God. In these times of utter moral destitution, lies have been made into currency, and telling the truth can leave you broke or even ruined. Lies are easy, especially once you have gotten the hang of it and because now, when most people lie without even knowing it, it has become the very atmosphere of Business as Usual. The Survival Imperative has made lying a necessity but, as Sil from The Sopranos says; “What are you gonna do?” “Fuggeddaboutit.”

The CDC just announced that ONLY 6% of the deaths can be DIRECTLY attributed to COVID. Yeah... they did. They said that all the rest were caused by preexisting conditions, compromised immune systems, and Old Age. Now... what do you think the COVID apologists are saying? They are saying all those people who died could have continued for years and even decades because of contemporary treatment methodologies. I'm not going to fill this post with links. You can easily find corroboration to all that I have stated. WE WERE SAYING THIS MONTHS AGO and so were others.

I understand that many of you have to wear masks. You have to because of YOUR JOB or... whatever the reasons are. I sincerely sympathize with your plight. Hey! Has it occurred to anyone how convenient the COVID masking scenario is for the likes of Antifa and assorted GRUDGE DRIVEN personalities while engaged in their barbarisms? Timing is Everything... yeah? I don't believe in coincidence. All of this has been in the planning for a long time. The question I would be asking myself is; 'what is their end game strategy?' Where do 'they' want us to go from here?

Many of us have HAD IT! We're fed up and also getting creative about it; this is WELL WORTH WATCHING.

In Europe, thousands are massing in the streets over this SCAM and it will groundswell exponentially. It is all due to The Awaking taking place, in this segment of this Grand Apocalypse. There are OTHER SEGMENTS coming and I ASSURE you; if you are profiting from lies, if you are a predator upon the fortunes of your fellows, or if you are resisting The Awakening... I don't fancy your chances.

What is happening in the temporal theater of the moment and what those running the tractor-trailers on the Disinformation Highway are up to, is to materialize FEAR, DOUBT, and CONFUSION. It is what they do and they have gotten rich and powerful as a result BUT... there is ONE COMING who has the power of many magnitudes beyond what they possess and he is coming in THE HUMAN HEART. IF you are pressing against that door from within, you are doing yourself a disservice past imagining. FEAR, DOUBT, and CONFUSION cause you to do so.

Those running wild in the streets are the most deluded of our kind and the rich and powerful are throwing money at them BECAUSE... they fear exposure and their survival is on the line. There are very few of them compared to the rest of us BUT if the rest of us can be put into a state of FEAR, DOUBT and CONFUSION well... you do the math. Only a few psychopaths engineered the Communist State in the Soviet Republics.

Let not your hearts be troubled, my friends; “greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” Never before has it been so crucial as it is now, to seek within for that which is greater. I say this because the prize is so great, not only because the negative consequences are as well. PRAY BELIEVING... PRAY BELIEVING.

End Transmission.......

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