Tuesday, September 1, 2020

"Never Mind the FEAR, DOUBT and CONFUSION. Pray Believing. Pray Believing!!!"

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Well... we've personally seen our share of that. The hardest part of it is knowing what The Truth is to begin with. My position is that The Truth is what is at right angles to everything else and also... that when The Truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears. What I am implying is that you can't tell the truth, not really. You can hint about it. You can frame it and let the listener fill in the blank canvas and SOMETIMES... sometimes, there is an accord... because TRUTH has a resonance. It's something you can feel. Of course, you have to care about that in the first place. As Materialism intensifies, the 'general concern' for The Truth diminishes across the board because... IT'S GONNA COST YOU. If you need this explained further, see the first sentence of the post.

To clearly see anything, you must become it. Only God can see God. Only Truth can see Truth. Only Love can see Love. Think of The Sun and Moon; that great literal and metaphorical message that is broadcasting day and night and which... like all the other enduring profundities, goes right by us because we trivialized it, or misidentified it, or didn't identify it in the first place. There are countless ways to do something wrong and very few ways to do it right.

Here is what we have done to ourselves, buying into the lying appearances and ATTRACTIONS of the Material Plane; WE HAVE KILLED THE MAGIC! The utter delight and wonder of existence has hidden itself from our eyes because we have profaned our minds with prurient desire. The mindset we have created for ourselves differs from our former childlike awareness of wonder and delight for this single reason. It all happened as a result of puberty dividing our world. This is, of course, a necessary event BUT... it DOES NOT have to stay that way. I've said it before and I will say it again BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT; two possibilities await us in the Zone of Aging... SENILITY or REGENERATED INNOCENCE. You would be handsomely repaid for researching the personas of people like Luther Burbank, Jacob Boehme, realized yogis, and other historical figures of similar mien. I will leave you, on this account, with some thoughts by that great mind, Emmanuel Swedenborg. I am NOT referring to the video but to the text below it, which caused me to burst into tears several times; utter profundity and as close to Truth as words can go.

Read more on the thoughts of Emmanuel Swedenborg

If you scroll down this page and look at the mug shots of protesters from the Pacific Northwest, Catch and Release Program, (it's a byproduct of Ted Wheeler Syndrome though there are a lot of names you could insert instead of his) you will note the loss of innocence and good intentions in their countenance.

As someone a little more versed in THE SCIENCE of Phrenology than the novice, I can state... that even a novice should have little difficulty in getting what I am saying. As you study the profiles, it becomes clear that they are not going to be runner-ups in this year's Peephole's Magazine Contest of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World”. Then again... THEN AGAIN! When you're utterly sold out, bent over, and begging for more, you are likely to go to any extreme to demonstrate just how morally bankrupt you are and be proud as a peacock while doing it. I am here referring to the editorial staff of Peephole Magazine, not the ones who, I am certain, cannot pat their heads and chew gum at the same time. Perhaps you have heard about, 'having a face that only a mother could love?'

Here... let me say that I am GENUINELY SORRY that I am not speaking from the ABOVE IT ALL perspective of one, fully illumined with the Inner Light, and Christ-Like in the appreciation of every living thing. I can't speak from a place I do not occupy. This has not restrained many others from pretending to do so but I go in fear of The Purpose of Demonstration. I kid you not. I DO EXPECT to reach such a hallowed state at some point. I REALLY do but it is not upon me yet.

Let us move on to the conditions of the day; the COVID HOAX Mercenaries have cobbled together Virtual Swat Teams to go after any of us who speak out against their Fascist Mask Scam. I've already seen it appear in my operations. It doesn't even qualify as an annoyance but... I do notice it. I also notice they are not very good at it. For those people for whom Information is all-important, BECAUSE their profession is based on distorting it, they aren't very well informed. So it is in this Apocalypse.

Why is it so hard for people to tell the truth and live in a state of fearless integrity during a time of Universal Deceit? When I was younger I got arrested for a crime I didn't commit and it took a total of near 6 years for the process of punishment to end. 3+ years inside and near 3 years on the run. It resulted in a full governmental pardon and involved 2 ounces of Pot, which I was only tangentially connected to. It wasn't about the Pot though. IT WAS ABOUT THE THINGS I WAS SAYING. I was speaking The Truth, as I knew it, callow and jejune as I may have been. Decades later, I was arrested again. Once more, it was not something I did.

BOTH dramas were staged. The second time it was proven so in court, where it had never been proven before and hasn't been since. That time involved a MANDATORY Life Sentence. Once again, IT WAS BECAUSE OF WHAT I HAD BEEN SAYING. What I was saying provoked them. I'm certain they still don't know what happened to them. I know first hand The Power of God. These are only two incidents and there have been many others ♫in my life♫. God used me for The Purpose of Demonstration and regardless of the serious costs involved. I NOW count that expense as NOTHING. I am HONORED that God chose me for a part in his theatrics.

I am not unique in this respect. Many another has experienced such trials and seen miracles occur in their life, courtesy of the Invisible Hand of God. In these times of utter moral destitution, lies have been made into currency, and telling the truth can leave you broke or even ruined. Lies are easy, especially once you have gotten the hang of it and because now, when most people lie without even knowing it, it has become the very atmosphere of Business as Usual. The Survival Imperative has made lying a necessity but, as Sil from The Sopranos says; “What are you gonna do?” “Fuggeddaboutit.”

The CDC just announced that ONLY 6% of the deaths can be DIRECTLY attributed to COVID. Yeah... they did. They said that all the rest were caused by preexisting conditions, compromised immune systems, and Old Age. Now... what do you think the COVID apologists are saying? They are saying all those people who died could have continued for years and even decades because of contemporary treatment methodologies. I'm not going to fill this post with links. You can easily find corroboration to all that I have stated. WE WERE SAYING THIS MONTHS AGO and so were others.

I understand that many of you have to wear masks. You have to because of YOUR JOB or... whatever the reasons are. I sincerely sympathize with your plight. Hey! Has it occurred to anyone how convenient the COVID masking scenario is for the likes of Antifa and assorted GRUDGE DRIVEN personalities while engaged in their barbarisms? Timing is Everything... yeah? I don't believe in coincidence. All of this has been in the planning for a long time. The question I would be asking myself is; 'what is their end game strategy?' Where do 'they' want us to go from here?

Many of us have HAD IT! We're fed up and also getting creative about it; this is WELL WORTH WATCHING.

In Europe, thousands are massing in the streets over this SCAM and it will groundswell exponentially. It is all due to The Awaking taking place, in this segment of this Grand Apocalypse. There are OTHER SEGMENTS coming and I ASSURE you; if you are profiting from lies, if you are a predator upon the fortunes of your fellows, or if you are resisting The Awakening... I don't fancy your chances.

What is happening in the temporal theater of the moment and what those running the tractor-trailers on the Disinformation Highway are up to, is to materialize FEAR, DOUBT, and CONFUSION. It is what they do and they have gotten rich and powerful as a result BUT... there is ONE COMING who has the power of many magnitudes beyond what they possess and he is coming in THE HUMAN HEART. IF you are pressing against that door from within, you are doing yourself a disservice past imagining. FEAR, DOUBT, and CONFUSION cause you to do so.

Those running wild in the streets are the most deluded of our kind and the rich and powerful are throwing money at them BECAUSE... they fear exposure and their survival is on the line. There are very few of them compared to the rest of us BUT if the rest of us can be put into a state of FEAR, DOUBT and CONFUSION well... you do the math. Only a few psychopaths engineered the Communist State in the Soviet Republics.

Let not your hearts be troubled, my friends; “greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” Never before has it been so crucial as it is now, to seek within for that which is greater. I say this because the prize is so great, not only because the negative consequences are as well. PRAY BELIEVING... PRAY BELIEVING.

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It's just great how so many go to Parler and serve to make a chorus of voices. Wait a minute, that's not actually happening. It must have been wishful thinking or something. Parler... a place over there somewhere without an open bar and free buffet.

Pocketnet, an ambitious project by some dedicated souls who believe in what they cannot see. Subsequently, they WILL SEE IT in time.

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Anonymous said...

“A moral creator in no need of gifts, and opposed to lust and mischief, will not help men with love-spells, or with malevolent ‘sending’ of disease by witchcraft; will not favour one man above his neigbour, or one tribe above its rivals, as reward for sacrifice which he does not accept, or as constrained by charms which do not touch his omnipotence. Ghosts and ghost-gods, on the other hand, in need of food and blood, afraid of spells and binding charms, are a corrupt, but, to man, a useful constituency. Man being what he is, man was certain to ‘go a whoring’ after practically useful ghosts, ghost-gods, and fetishes which he could keep in his wallet or medicine bag. For these he was sure, in the long run, first to neglect his idea of his creator; next perhaps, to reckon Him as only one, if the highest, or the venal rabble of spirits or deities, and to sacrifice to him as to them. And this is exactly what happened!”
Andrew Lang, The Making of Religion

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

There is a lot of good news out there today. You don't even have to dig very hard for it. The revolution against the wrong side of history is on, and I posted your twitter thang on the Portland riots independently on Pocketnet.

I send you ten virtual nose pets.

Brian Crossland said...

] "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul"
Seems to me the world currently is at right angles to the truth.
Hoping I can keep a bending the right way.

Thanks Vis.

Anonymous said...

What time is it?...
The clock on the wall says 3 o'clock!
We are all going to move along now.
Pretty sure we've all had enough of their shit.
Keep on writing, more people are waking up every hour.

Visible said...

I'm going to put this comment at each of the blogs. If I get the slightest indication that Anonymous is baiting me, using trigger words and the like, the comment will not go through. The amount of negative commentary is very small but, as far as I am concerned, it's going to be NOT AT ALL in a published form. You're as free to write these things as I am to discard them. They don't affect me but... I'm NOT going to give them a forum. I KNOW where you're coming from and what your intentions are. I'm showing some latitude, even when I know that the reader holds me in contempt. I mostly feel sorry for that/those readers. It's hard to control certain low-end emotions. I thank my fortunate stars that that form of insecurity is not my problem. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'cautionary' column. Thanks!

There are at least three 'modes' which the masks are used for:
(1) Control. "We're giving the orders; you're receiving the orders." Repeat that enough times, and you have a docile population. (And the reverse, actually: You can identify the non-dociles easily, for 'dealing with'.)
(2) Cover. Masks allow for non-identification. If one were doing something not appreciated by the general public, mandatory masking would be a god-send.
(3) Coarsening. When we meet another person, we instinctively 'read' all the non-verbal cues exhibited by them. This is built-in by Nature, and is frequently the reason we are ill-at-ease when verbal and non-verbal do not match up in a person. Facial cues are especially non-verbally read and interpreted. Eliminate half the face from this 'analysis', and psychopaths & sociopaths will have a field day.

The overall situation reeks of hidden motivations. We have to basically ignore the presentation and apply the ancient "Who Benefits?" logic. The benefiters could be several levels deep, depending on how far down the rabbit hole one wishes to venture...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Hereticdrummer said...

Damn VIS, that was mesmerizing. For this hoax, and all major scams, always follow the money. Fauci, Birx, their English counter part Ferguson, and all of their cohorts are criminal scumbags entwined with the tranny monsters, Bill & Melinda Gates and they are in league with the billionaire consortium that owns and controls big pharma. Fauci is a front man for a cabal that actually patented the corona virus some years ago. They possess the means and motivation to turn a pathogen, alleged or not, into a profit. At some point, the velvet glove will come off of the iron fist and they will attempt to mass vaccinate the planet. This will cull the herd by killing countless millions while lining their evil pockets with several trillion dollars. The survivors will be turned into zombie robots by the nano particles embedded in their satanic vaccines. That is their agenda. We must derail it, with a little help from our otherworldly friends. All conspiracy, no theory.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Visible! Thank you so much for all that you do! Please help me out here --which "words underneath the video" were you referring to that moved you to tears? I am having trouble understanding what you were pointing to with that comment.

Grant H said...

On the subject of dead-eyed mugshots, take a look at the photos of these two pieces of subhuman filth:


There are times when it seems we’re living in the John Carpenter movie ‘In The Mouth Of Madness’

Visible said...

Darn, I went to such lengths to point out that I WAS NOT talking about the video but the text below it which was taken from one of Swedenborg's books. I'm sorry you went hunting where there was nothing to find. Well... I don't know about that since I DIDN't see the video, which was done by followers and I stay away from that sort of thing.

Grant; I'll check out the mugshots. It's like in the Lord of the Rings when Sauron got cranking again and before you knew it there were orcs and trolls and all manner of life forms that went missing in large numbers once the ring went into the volcano

KnowThanx said...

I was also puzzled about “the words underneath the video”.

Eventually I realized they appear here:

Swedenborg is amazing and “offTheleftEye” is a great Youtube source for those interested in his works

Anonymous said...

This link is well worth listening to:
The New Colonists
Gives a perspective to current state of affairs you have probably not heard.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Sheer Panic is Going to Thin the Herd in the Places of Greatest Human Concentration."

Dodgy One said...

Hi Les and the choir been a while since you heard for the Dodgy One, but rest assured I read every post and almost every comment since 2004~ always looking for the inspiration to bring me back/keep me on the way, the truth, and the light.
You owe me nothing but I owe you thanks for the ongoing revelations.
However I would ask you all to say a prayer for my wife who is dreadfully ill in ICU these last three weeks, please pray for my Penni's recovery and our combined believing will bring her back to health.
Love & Cheer to All here abouts.

Visible said...

Yes... my Dear Friend... of course.



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