Monday, August 28, 2006

The Hydra-Headed Bitch Media and The Shitstorm Machine.

Alright peoples of the world- grab a chair and let’s look at the flow chart. This flow chart is in your mind. We already know that shit flows downhill; hard shit more likely rolls downhill. We also know that shit can be piped in any direction. Liquefied shit, the kind of shit that comes out over the airwaves in a diarrhea tidal wave gives the impression there must be some cosmic hog lagoon somewhere because they never run out of it.

Recently I noted a headline at which stated that a US Sailor, one Ariel Weinmann was charged with spying. It’s pretty clear he was spying for Israel but of course the Navy denies this and there are a lot of fancy shit-murals being painted that depict him really spying for Russia. Regardless of any of this, no mention of Israel was made at MSNBC. According to them he was spying for an ‘unknown’ government. I guess eventually Pollard will have a new cellmate but let’s not concern ourselves with spying trivia. In light of ‘known’ AIPAC spying and ‘known’ Mossad connections to the 9/11 attacks and ‘known’ roving bands of Israeli art students wandering through government offices and mysterious Israeli moving vans in many countries around the world, I think we can take it for granted that Israel is spying all the time everywhere and we don’t need to wonder about that. To be fair, let’s point out that probably every government is spying on somebody. This article isn’t about spying though. I’m just setting a stage before we do a little dance and then head over the punch bowl to bob for turds. Believe me, there are turds a plenty in the punch bowl.

What I want to do is talk about who and what is the biggest enemy of truth and freedom and general, overall well-being in the world today. Who is it that shapes world thought? What is it that forms our impressions of events in the world and our individual neighborhoods? What permits and censors comment? What defines what happened and what didn’t happen? Who says who speaks and who is silenced? Who determines what is real and what is not? Who labels everyman or everywoman in terms determined by them to whatever effect or definition they decide? Who lets Popular Mechanics bumble fact-less and tactless and witless as chief defense witness for the 9/11 shit smear of a retarded cover-up?

We’re talking about a creature every bit as mythic as The Kraken, The Gorgon and- if we want to get object-specific; The Golden Fleece, or if you prefer, The Golden Goose. We’re talking about a creature with a speaking part in The Book of Revelations and something that lives under children’s beds, in their closets and makes moving gestures at the corner of your eye until you turn around to look at it and then it disappears. It’s also right in front of you doing the same thing; dancing in the leaves of the forest while they tremble from the wind, marching in massive ranks of words across countless pages, talking from air-brushed fantasylands on a billion TV’s and radios. Unless you walk a hundred miles into the desert or the jungle you can hear it and see it and even there it is moving through the air even if you don’t have a medium to capture and relay it.

I am talking about the million-headed death goddess, Bitch Media; wielder of the Shitstorm Machine and shape shifter of all that you see and hear; the shake and bake Madam of the world’s biggest whorehouse and attention vampire on the neck of the world. She feasts on hope and fear. She primps in the universal mirror. Her perfumes are mind altering gases. Her body is composed of thousands of hungry mouths that tear and rip at universal balance. Balance is no good for the bottom line. Imbalance is good for the bottom line. Peace and harmony and brotherhood are bad investments. War and catastrophe and every disagreeable thing that can’t be fixed by the product they just sold you are good for the bottom line.

Is there any enemy of humanity greater than Bitch Media in all the world? You might say ignorance is right up there, but ignorance is just a convenient agency through which she works. Ignorance is one of her biggest by-products and it’s a growth industry.

So class... are you listening? Class? I’m going to talk about your homework assignment for this next week. Here’s what I want. I want you to find out who owns Bitch Media. I want to know who pulls the strings; the actual strings. I don’t want to hear about stockholders or a company’s commitment to their investors or any gobbledy-gook about anything other than who is behind the 24/7 magnetic disinfo cloud of shit that is manufacturing false realities and superimposing them upon whatever was there originally. I forget right now what that was as I suppose do you.

I’m going to give you a little starting hint and provide the name Rupert Murdoch. Of all of the anal warts that line the rectal highway of Bitch Media’s output flow port he stands (squats) supreme among his fellows. Does someone control him? Does he have a play group? Is he in a club? I’m going to throw out the names Viacom, Time Warner and The Hearst Corporation. This gives you a general idea of some of the viral agencies that live in the fissures of the rectal canal of Bitch Media.

What I want to know is who tells these people and these agencies what to say and when to say it? I want to know if they have interests besides information and whether they are overly represented by individuals with loyalties to any government or nation; in other words to things beyond their own personal profit- even though of course anything would be geared to serve that.

I want you to tell me why they do the things they do. I want to know why it is cost effective for millions to die because someone said something was real when it was not. I want to know why all of the major viral life forms and life form collectives that live in the fissures in the ass of Bitch Media agree on making what is not so appear to be so. I realize that lies and misinformation are money making machines and I realize that you couldn’t, or wouldn’t buy that brand of car or stereo or house or politician or toilet paper unless someone told you a convincing lie about it- sexed it up- made it blow you in your mind- left you weak in the knees and trembling right up until it happened and then you realized you had gotten fucked and you wanted your money back but it was too late and all the lines are busy.

I want to know why we can’t be told the truth and why when we find it out on our own they say it isn’t true even though we are looking dead at it and did everything we could to make sure we had weighed all the evidence and touched it and put our hands in the hole in it’s side and have seen it rise over and over from the dead because you can’t kill the truth... you can only cover it up with ill-fitting clothes and try to bury it in an unmarked grave which, as I said, doesn’t work.

I don’t want to know WHY they do it. I know why they do it- even if it doesn’t make sense to me considering the implications of mortality and legacy; wait a minute- they can revise the legacy... which is hopefully some good when you’re gone, along with all the power and wealth and whatever there was.

What I want to know is WHO is pulling the strings. I want to know WHAT they have in common. I want to know which company owns whatever else and I want to know WHERE they come from and I want names and hard cold facts about all of Bitch Media’s little elves and whether there is a common similarity between them that explains why some things which are true are not true and some things which are lies become true. I want to know what the answer is to this strange world blanketing phenomena that are the cause of so much suffering and slander and debasement and dumbing down and what seems to be pure evil intent.

When you get this list together I want you to study it. What you hold in your hands- if you’ve done your homework- are the names of humanities most dreadful enemies. Not all the terrorists and serial killers and mass murderers in the world are as awful and as dangerous as these names. These are the ones who make the political marionettes dance. These are the ones who with fountain pens set off bloodbaths the world wide. These are the cancer among us. There are the ones.

There’ll be a test come Friday.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Stop, Look and Listen.

So here we are, about 70 days before the mid-term elections in the former free republic of the United States of America; not quite so free any more and not quite so united. In today’s USA the rules have changed from the appearance of justice done occasionally to selective application and enforcement. If you don’t know where you are anymore that’s understandable. Where you were is gone and where you are is being constantly redefined. You might say that, “what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.”

It’s a no-brainer to say that for some time the Zionist Empire has been in control of American foreign policy. What doesn’t get mentioned is to what degree it has controlled and does control domestic policy. It’s sort of like the chorus to that old song, “Love and Marriage.” “You can’t have one, you can’t have one, you can’t have one without the other.” Of course the premise is stupid and doesn’t apply in real time any way. However, what I’m talking about doesn’t resemble Love or marriage in any way that sane people might understand the terms. So just work the analogy angle and stay away from the sausage making under-view.

Well, it took a long time to get this way and many efforts and conditions went into it. You don’t go from the world’s most successful democracy to a fascist empire overnight. What most people don’t credit nearly enough is that being a little fascist is like being a little pregnant; in more ways than one. In this case it’s a little like waiting on Rosemary’s Baby.

70 days and counting; or is that ‘70’s days and a wakeup’? heh heh. I’m not laughing, not really. And you shouldn’t be laughing either.

The more I study the thing- and the more it reminds me of sausage making- the more I am convinced that no matter how fucked up things get, religion can always fuck them up more. You’ve heard about the separation of church and state. More divides are called for. There should be a separation between God and religion. Well, there is actually... actually. Think of religion as the clothes someone once wore and then discarded and then they wound up on an elevated dais being worshipped by the progeny of people whose ancestors used to put out bowls of fruit and virgins every time there was thunder. We’ve got electricity now but we still don’t understand it. We just use it.

Some things you can’t understand and then it comes down to a personal code. The personal code comes down to the things it comes up against and whether and how much it is changed by the contact. No matter what your personal code may be it will be tested and most often found wanting. Compromise is a big part of sausage making.

Let me run it by you in the simplest terms. God is Love and Love is Wisdom. You don’t need to know any more than that. It stands to reason that what you love you emulate and you grow into it. Personal code turns into personal vision; not that vision is a strong suit in today’s former land of the free.

Anyone who tells you that God is something more than this; that it’s complicated and requires the translation facilities of a priesthood is full of shit and looking to pick your pocket. There’s little difference between the majority of the priesthoods everywhere and three card monte operators except in the way that there is a difference between dice and roulette. The one thing dice and roulette have in common is that you lose money regardless of which one you play. Maybe not tonight but certainly tomorrow night; that’s why they call it a game.

The reason the highest wisdom is love is so that the simplest among us can understand it. I’m not going to go into why God is love. If you don’t get that you still need to bruise the fruit and be bruised until you do. Well, grapes get pressed don’t they?

Are there good Christians and Muslims and Jews among us? Of course. These would be the souls who know that God is Love and exercise it as an applied science. Unfortunately for all of us in these days there are the luddites who have that chapter and verse thing. You see it in the fundies. You see it in the Wahabis and you see it in the Zionists. It’s the difference between honey bees and flies. If you put out a plate of honey and a plate of shit you don’t need a PHD to know where the flies are going to land.

Is George Bush a good Christian? Is Mullah Omar a good Muslim? Is Paul Wolfowitz a good Jew? Are any of those who follow these versions of those creeds? These people are hypocrites, liars and thieves. There isn’t any argument possible in defense of them otherwise. When you get to the point that these men and their colleagues are at you are in a world where anything goes. Anything is justified. Anything is possible.

Love is reasonable. There are many who would dispute that. They would not be talking about Love however but about some personal construct. Love is just as misunderstood by the human heart as reality is misperceived by the human mind. Both of these facilities are affected by clouds and vapors and as chemically transformative as a mind and emotion altering drug.

You can tell what someone is about by what they say and do. It doesn’t take more analysis than that. This process is much simpler than it is made out to be. The complexity is there for the confusion it provides to justify bad intentions.

Most of us are good people, regardless of the presence or absence of religion. Were it not for confusion and fear and those who manipulate them, this world would be a far more beautiful landscape. How it manages to get so fucked up is beyond the scope of this brief essay. My solution to every ill is to increase the love we feel and act upon; to realize that the best self-interest is that which includes the objective of the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

Why am I talking like this today? We are at 70 days and counting and you are now going to see some surprising things that shouldn’t be that surprising. Surprises are in store for you and in store for those manufacturing the surprises. All the chips are on the table. I should add that there are ‘the players’ and there is ‘the house’. The house always wins. Don’t confuse the democrats and the republicans at the table with The House.

I’m reminded of the sign at the railway crossing, “Stop, Look and Listen.” You need to be paying a lot of attention right now so that you don’t miss the operation of the smaller wheels due to the distracting lights flashing on the bigger wheels. Ask yourself how come when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there?

Maybe you can’t do much about the world but you can do a great deal about your position in it and your relationship to it. Not all the armies of the world have any power so great as love. People often forget the protective aspects of love. As Lao Tzu once said, “compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.” Swimming away from a large boat going down in the water is not likely to contain the impetus necessary to escape the suck factor.

I’m riddling something here because it can’t be said straight out. Fear of powerful liars is just as much a liability as fellow traveling. I suspect that anyone who is paying careful attention these next 70 days is going to learn a great deal about the world they live in. The good news is that God is Love and everything is under control. This entire drama exists for no other reason than as an object lesson on the result of certain behavior. It’s like a Shakespearean play. Enjoy the show.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla in the Room.

They’ve got him sedated at the moment. It’s all they can do. They’ve got a large number of the people outside the room sedated too. Then there’s another impressive number of people who are confused by all the colored lights and crowd noises as well as those who are hiding under the bed, literally or metaphorically and... those who just don’t care. Add to this the hard core contingent who support the clowns who sedated the gorilla and you’ve got a whole lot of people. Then there is a fairly large group of people outside the room who can smell gorilla shit in varying degrees of intensity.

Things are happening in each of these groups. Compare it to CB intrusions on your TV set. Compare it to waking up in the middle of the night from a dream you can’t remember. Compare it to falling out of love with your spouse. Compare it to becoming disillusioned with your friends or your job. Compare it to anything that jars your sense of reality and appears to come from a source besides yourself. Shit happens and change occurs. For some people it doesn’t take a whole lot to inform them that things aren’t what they should be or what they want them to be. For some people their house has to catch on fire.

There was a man who came out of Bulgaria. Some called him a spiritual master. He was a brilliant metaphysician and said a number of things that stayed with me over the years. One thing he said that always stuck with me was- and I’ll have to paraphrase here- “When God comes to wake you, he gives you a gentle nudge. If you don’t respond then he shakes you harder. If you still don’t respond then God picks up a two by four.” His name was Mikhail Aivanhov. You don’t have to think of it in terms of ‘God’. Some of you don’t believe in God, though I suspect that what most of you don’t believe in is the fantasy God-construct of organized religion. Transpose the terms; Nature, Rumplestilskin, Kismet or Truth for the word ‘God’ if that works for you. As Shakespeare noted, “There is a destiny that shapes our ends.”

This gorilla has been sedated for going on 6 years now. This gorilla has to be sedated or it will destroy the room and everything and everybody in it. This gorilla is attended to 24 hours a day by a team of specialists called The Media and sometimes The Administration and sometimes something else. There are various ancillary support teams that have a hand in sedating the gorilla. They are the different government agencies, religions, corporations, other nations and business interests whose survival depends on the gorilla being sedated. It’s hard to know who the main hands-on team is. Only the gorilla knows that and the gorilla is sedated.

In less than three months, all of the people from all of the groups mentioned in the first paragraph are going to have an opportunity to vote on the future care of the gorilla. For the last six years the numbers of people in the first groups mentioned vastly outnumbered the people who could smell gorilla shit. So it was easy for the various support teams in charge of the gorilla to manipulate previous votes on gorilla care in order to maintain their position. They were able to control the votes and manipulate the vote totals because of a particular margin. That margin no longer exists today and further manipulation is very problematic according to previous techniques.

If the next vote coming should facilitate a switch in the teams responsible for the gorilla then the sedation of the gorilla is going to come to an end. You know what happens when a gorilla goes off his medication. At that time there will be a wild-assed flight of technicians and groups of aforementioned people heading for the hills because one very pissed off gorilla is going to be unleashed and the room will contain him for only so long.

The present sedation team cannot afford this. The walls of the room that contained the gorilla will be gone. The room will be open on all sides and whatever instruments and records that room contained will be visible to everyone.

Some of the things done while the gorilla was under sedation include terrible crimes. There are crimes that were committed during this period that exceed anything ever done before in the history of the nation that contained the room that contained the gorilla. These are crimes that carry capital murder charges and thousands of other Class A felonies and uncountable misdemeanors.

You can readily imagine that those presently sedating the gorilla are not of a mind for anyone to discover what has taken place over the last six years.

One of the things that will happen if the gorilla stops being sedated is that a lot of people who previously had some part in gorilla sedation- no matter how small- are immediately going to step over the other side and start pointing at everyone else and talking so fast and so exhaustively that six hundred monkeys with tape recorders won’t catch it all. So many people will be jumping off the ship that contained the room that contained the gorilla, in such numbers and with such speed, that the ship could well go flying right up into the air and require a team of specialists to pull it back down to Earth; unless, quite possibly, gravity interferes first and then the usual, “look out below!” would apply.

So it stands to reason that the team presently involved in sedating the gorilla will do ANYTHING... ANYTHING to stay in charge of the gorilla. What might that entail? Well, it might entail ANYTHING.

There hasn’t ever been a time when a similar situation existed. Sure, you could mention the Civil War or the Vietnam War or even the Revolutionary War way back in the beginning when they were still trying to build a room that might contain a gorilla but... the degree of excess and bad intentions never got to this point. Things could wind up just about anywhere. Nobody wants that gorilla turned loose; well, let me take that back. I do. I want that gorilla to go apeshit. I think it would prove to be a cathartic thing and I think no small number of people agree with me. It would clear the air, once all the gorilla shit had been cleaned up.

Those of us unlucky enough to have encountered a force of Nature while it was going about its work; we know how awesome a spectacle that can be. We also know that there is a freshness in the air afterwards before the bodies begin to stink. But that gets cleaned up too and there’s a sense of new beginnings that carries an awesome perception of freedom and freshly minted initiative that makes us committed to rebuilding the world nearer to the hearts true desire.

I know that gorilla wants to get up off the table and I know it’s going to be rowdy for awhile. However, I suspect all that gorilla wants to do is head back to its natural habitat soon enough and you aren’t likely to see it afterwards unless you go looking for it.

I suspect that whatever damage the gorilla might do in it’s early moments of liberty is not nearly so potentially destructive as what will occur if the team presently in charge of the gorilla is allowed to continue in it’s work so... won’t you help me cut this gorilla loose?

This gorilla, though sedated, is very aware of the members of the team into whose care it has been entrusted this long. I believe it's time this gorilla got some payback. Please give what effort you can to see that this comes to pass. Remember, it isn’t only the gorilla that has been lying on the table all this long while. You have all been lying there too; strapped down, hooked up with probes, shot up with drugs and sexually molested at night by the graveyard shift. You have every right to be just as angry as the gorilla.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Heah Cum De Boogeyman

Yeah, it was back in 2004 when the terror alert epidemic lit up the American scene like Las Vegas in the Sky with Demons. Sparks were shooting off a thousand feet into the air and Al Qaeda was shuffling all round the Homeland Security Dyke like Mau Mau’s in Booga Booga paint. Then Bush the Unelected got shoehorned back into the White House and the Terror Alert Industry went into the toilet.

The Terror Alert Industry was only a backup system; something designed to add a few percentage points to the Fear Index of the common voter. Diebold had the game in hand but that game only works when there’s a workable margin. They did what they had to do in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere and they stole another election. The last three elections were stolen and the success of those affairs has begun to spark an international growth industry in rigged elections from Mexico to wherever they are needed by the few at the expense of the many.

This year, terror alerts won’t do it. It’s time for another big bang and the people that brought you 9/11; the bush administration, assorted neo-cons, British Intelligence and Mossad are ready to take this years blueprint and hand it to the independent contractors. It’s not if, it’s when. So, in the primary stages we get to know that they are ‘Johnny on the spot’ and looking out for our safety and well being- even though, unfortunately, they will be unable to prevent what is going to occur.

As stupid and indulgent as the general American population is, and something less than half of them are ‘to the marrow’ bone deep stupid; according to Scripps Howard 36% of the American public believe that bush and co. were involved in the perpetration of 9/11. Over half the public believes they had prior knowledge. I don’t think Diebold can pull it off again this time.

So what’s the likely option? It’s a given that the Democrats will very likely take back Congress otherwise. If they do, the bush impeachment is a fait accompli. More importantly, things are going to come out that Cheney and his lap dancing little marionette of a POTUS can ill afford the exposure from. The only option I can see that avoids this, for however long they can make it last, is an event that allows for the declaration of a martial law and the suspension of the elections.

Yes, there are variables that work in concert with the continued possession of the power to govern and legislate. There’s the imminent assault against Syria and Iran, which may well be loosed by the phonied up intel about whomever they brand as the perpetrator of the coming 9/11 redux; natch, it’s got to be Iran. There are all sorts of things dovetailing toward the fascist putsch. Meanwhile things are not going well for the fascists.

Iraq has degenerated into civil war. Hezbollah kicked Israel’s butt. Israel war-crimed the Lebanese landscape on world TV. Prime Minister Blair has made it crystal clear that he is a lying sack of shit. So you have the architects of 9/11 all in trouble together and back to working the same old same old on the same confused electorate and; will it really work again? Will it work one more time? Can Lucy hold the football for Charlie Brown one more time and convince him that, this time, she won’t pull the ball away at the last minute? Is America that fucking stupid ...and afraid?

It’s a thrill a minute now. David Ray Griffin’s book is being published by the Presbyterian Church and that’s going to blow some big holes into the bullshit that lines the inside of the middle class American mind. Day by day, hundreds and thousands of people are waking up to the fact that the Bad Guys R Us.

What’s it like behind closed doors at this most evil and debauched administration in American history? What’s it like in the lapdog media newsrooms and newspapers? What’s it like at right wing radio these days as the shit spills out into the virtual streets of Main Street, U.S.A.? God help you.

These are the times you read about. These are the times you heard about. These are the times the movies are about but this is no movie you are in.

Why hasn’t a single American senator come forth to speak out against the lies and intimidation; the voter fraud, 9/11, Israel and Katrina? Why is there no voice(s) of fire? Is it the lesson of Cynthia McKinney? ...was there a lesson in Paul Wellstone? Oh, I’m not suggesting anything here. I don’t know. What I do know is that ‘they’ can and would.

Is this intimidation and mind-numbing power something that whispers into the ears of the powerful in government and media? Is it something that wheedles and threatens audibly from a recognizable source? Is it something more telepathic that moves like a magnetic cloud across the national landscape? Is it the logical outcome of all that ESP and paranormal research? Is bush as he seems; an inept puppet for corporate interests or does he really have 666 tattooed under his hairline? He does look like a poor man’s Paul Newman. He resembles his character in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. But he never was a football player, not even a bad one, just a drunk.

This is a big year my friends. You will be able to look back on this year- provided you are still here and be able to say, “That was when it all went south.” Or, this is when it all started to unravel.”

It is comically ironic that politicians can just go on campaigning, all the while knowing (and they do) that bush and co. orchestrated 9/11 and that powerful assistants compromised the national vote. It amazes me that people just go on with their ordinary events while their world, by increments, assumes the proportions of a giant concentration camp. “Step by step, inch by inch...”

Who is “the man who squats behind the man that works the soft machine.”? Somewhere behind the government are the corporations and behind the corporations is what? We know that fascism is defined by a condition in which the corporations control the government. Observing bushco policies in regard to tax breaks and loosened controls and the general looting of the public tills and trust, why, you can watch it happen right in front of your eyes.

They’re getting ready for the big one right now ladies and gentlemen. They’re setting you up one more time. Will they trust to your continued fascination with the three card monte routine, or will they have to clamp down now? They got to do something. They cannot afford to lose and they don’t care what it costs to implement. You can see the evidence every day in the headlines. You can turn around and look back over the last six years. It’s right there.

So what are you going to do? The unity that made the country strong; that process of joining together remains just as viable today as it was at any time. In unity there is strength. You are stronger than your taskmaster. Try to distinguish between the shadow and the body casting it. There is a real difference in size and appearance. Booga booga!!!

Monday, August 7, 2006

Deep Water Wolves in Shark Skin Suits.

I feel compelled to very specifically state why I am opposed to Zionism. I feel I should also mention I am equally opposed to Wahabi Islam and all applications of Sharia. It would be remiss of me not to add that I have a corresponding dislike for Christian Fundamentalism as well. I think the point you can take from this is that I’m not dining with the Luddites of any branch or stripe.

You’ll hear more about Zionism here than you will about the others because Zionism is a more pervasive threat with wider reaching tentacles. Zionism is the Kraken of deep water intrigue.

It’s ironic that the main weapon of Zionism; the club of anti-Semitism, is wielded against those who don’t believe they’re just regular folks like us and that they don’t control the press or exert such enormous influence on world governments that they can do whatever they please, including being caught spying on friendly nations and then receive apologies for being caught. As often as we see the wide power of Zionism at work in every area of world affairs we are assured that what we see is bullshit. After all; “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

The uproar and outrage about the Mearsheimer and Walt report is a classic example of Zionistas having enormous power to deny that they have any power. I’m not sure if we’re in Oceania or Eastasia anymore. Yesterday I learned that, under pressure from Israel, India closed down all of its Arab TV channels. Yowsah!

Everywhere in the mainstream media you read that Hizbollah went into Israel to capture their soldiers. The actual truth is that the Israeli soldiers went into Lebanon. Everywhere you are given the impression that Israel attacked Lebanon because of this event when the truth shows that they had planned this incursion long before; were all ready to go and went. Everywhere you hear one thing and then the truth reveals another.

Israel was caught red-handed in the AIPAC spying scandal via Richard Perle’s buttboy, (“1970 While working for Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, Richard Perle is caught by the FBI giving classified information to Israel. Nothing is done.”) Larry Franklin. You can get a list of some of the major ‘known’ Israeli spying activities against friendly nations here-

Spy Me a River

The more you look at the actions of Israel in the world theater, from South Africa to New Zealand. The more you hear about mysterious moving companies and Dancing Israelis

Raise Your Hands!

the more you study PNAC and Odigo and 9/11 stock activity and Larry Silverman and WTC7 and the architects of foreign policy in the Bush Administration and roving hordes of Israeli art students and throw in a little cui bono along with hundreds of incidents I haven’t listed but which you could find in a cross referencing Google-fest that might take you your next 10,000 lifetimes well... ah well.

The more you look at the plight of the Palestinians and the indifference of world powers to that sad, stinking mess of apartheid and cold blooded murder; they caught a couple of guys in Phoenix the other day who were shooting people at random and I guess they arrested them. But IDF soldiers can routinely do this with Palestinian school children and count on exoneration after the fact; even if they casually walk across the way to a little girl that they shot and then empty the clip into her body; a real event oft repeated.

I object to these things. If Israeli Zionists would stop doing these things I would stop objecting.

Now, you might ask me, “Visible, aren’t there other bad guys and girls in the world?” Thank you, I’ll take that question. Yes, there are. There’s Bush and Cheney’s buddy in Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov. “And aren’t there other countries that do bad things, Mr. Visible?” Yes, China raped Tibet and is looking to do the same to Nepal. The British and many others have distinguished themselves at bad behavior for centuries. America, in the grip of a fascist administration is right down there at the bottom of the hog wallow with the rest of the red-eyed pigs- but America goes back a long way too, across the corpses of the Native Americans and Africans and Chinese coolies and let’s not forget United Fruit. As a sage general once said; “every ship of state sails on a river of darkness.”

I’m about balance and fair play and from where I stand it looks, clear and crystal, that Israeli Zionist bully boys are controlling the American government and the world press. That should be obvious. Why it isn’t as obvious as it should be is because many people are cowards and a large portion of the rest are incurious and stupid cattle- much like America’s glorious leader.

Ahmadinejad said that “the Zionist Regime must be destroyed.” The next day the headlines screamed, “Ahmadinejad calls for the destruction of Israel.” This came from some flack in the French government. This is not what the man said. If the Zionists don’t control the world press then how come everything always tilts to their benefit? Chance? Coincidence? How come they are favorably portrayed no matter what they do and everyone else is unfavorably portrayed no matter what they do? It’s a mystery, that’s what it is.

There was a UN resolution that defined Zionism as racism. That ‘sweetheart of the rodeo’ and stanch defender of all that is good in the human heart, John Bolton managed to get that removed. In a way that’s good, because Zionism isn’t racism. Zionism is racism AND fascism AND chicken pox.

It’s not just Israel and it’s not just “the jooooo’s”, it’s a cabal of blood-sucking low to the ground weasels that feed on human misery and enrich themselves off of the suffering of others. They move among the schools of human fish like wolves in shark skin. They are a strange hybrid of genetic mutation; the heart of a pig, the eyes of a snake, the skin of a shark and the hunger of a wolf; yes, I demean these animals by comparison.

It’s willing hands and hearts at all levels who are motivated by self-interest to the detriment of everyone in their way. Some are phony Christians like Bush. Some are black like Rice. Some are Jewish, like Wolfowitz. They move in the human slipstream and when you call attention to them they define that as an attack upon all of the people of their race or creed. However, upon the world stage at this time, Israel and America and Britain are the worst of the lot because they are the most powerful of the lot. For the good of the human race, those who are at the reins of power must be reigned in. Israel can stay, Zionism must go. Democracy can remain; the neo-cons must go. England can stay, but the corporations and the bankers and Rupert Murdoch must be held to account.

It’s not about Jews, or blacks, or white men in suits or Arab terrorists- so defined. It’s about a collection of bad apples that would knit the world entire to their prison planet schemes. They hide in the protective coloration and then scream like the stuck pigs that they are when you reveal their intent. They call upon all the animals in the forest to witness the collective slander against them ‘all’. This slander is not collective, it’s specific and it ain’t slander. It’s the truth. It’s a sad commentary upon the peoples of this world that so few can recognize it and that even fewer have the sand to call it as it is.

Well people, they’re not just going to pack up their tents and go away; recent events in ‘world’ government policy following the neo-con orchestrated attack of 9/11 reveals their long range intent and it continues apace. Sooner or later you are going to have to deal with it. Live on your feet or bow down to the shadow.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

The Great Israeli- Mariel Boat Lift and Murder Show.

The more I watch Israel, level Lebanon, pound Lebanon into the sand and punt little children through the goal posts of ruined buildings from 8 inch canon shots; scoring three more points in a game that never ends. The more I watch them flame-broiled with phosphorous in an authentic sand oven; the more I think about how very much the emigration to The Great Israeli-Elite Armageddon Theme Park resembles the Mariel Boat Lift from Cuba. At the time, in 1980, when Castro sent 125,000 ‘Marielitos’ to Miami; a fifth of these were criminals and mental patients who served to create a major social and bureaucratic uproar in centers all along the east coast where they were detained. Both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton got some major grief from this. Well, you’ve probably seen the movie Scarface.

It looks like the net result in Israel today, as a result of immigration from Europe to the Middle East after the end of World War 11, is that many criminals and mental patients were also included in the mix. The only difference is that the percentages appear to be much higher. There are other mitigating factors. The Cuban’s didn’t control the world press. The Cuban’s didn’t have anything like AIPAC and the JDL and assorted lobbies. The Cuban’s didn’t poison the residents wells and swimming pools and the Miami water supply or rampage through suburban neighborhoods, indiscriminately murdering the residents and driving everyone else into the Everglades. Well, the Cuban’s didn’t speak Yiddish. In all fairness we should point out that the Israelis didn’t speak Spanish either.

Now that I think about it, the Cuban’s didn’t dress up like Egyptians and sink Coast Guard boats in the Atlantic, or blow up a major Miami hotel while dressed as Seminoles or Mennonites. The Cuban’s didn’t herd the blacks into ghettos and use them for sniper practice but that would have come later after all the other things that the Cuban’s didn’t do. The Cuban’s never had it together to create an international industry out of their years of oppression in Cuba. They just didn’t have the PR firms and metaphorical arm strength to blackmail the world into agreeing that no one else in history had ever suffered at the hands of anyone else.

So far, the Cuban community has been unable to erect enormous walls inside original Miami resident’s property lines to establish boundaries between those of pure and impure blood. I haven’t heard that Cuba negotiated with South Africa to assist them in the efforts at apartheid but that is probably because the Israelis already had the contract. And, as yet, no Cuban’s have gone across the border in Georgia and begun to kidnap Georgia residents in case- just in case- Georgia might... I don’t know... maybe decide to do something like that later over fruit tariffs or something. It’s unfortunate they haven’t had something like this going on because then, when Georgia authorities caught them they could say that the Georgia authorities were actually in Florida when they did it.

You’ve got to hand it to Israel. Here we have the smallest group of people on the planet with the biggest influence going. We’ve got a country that was fabricated right on top of the lives of 700,000 people who got the boot and that new country is a religious based country with extra-special rights for the world’s smallest minority; okay... okay... there are tribes of headhunters in Brazil and through the Amazon who probably have smaller numbers and I agree there are fewer Seminoles than Israelis. All of this isn’t the biggest achievement though. There are so many big achievements that I can’t list them all. One of them is taking control of the foreign policy of the most powerful nation on Earth; "I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it." Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

Out of that achievement have come other huge achievements; creating phony intel through Michael Ledeen about Niger yellow cake and lying America into a war against the nation of Iraq. But that’s not the biggest biggie; the biggest biggie was in their neo-con organization of PNAC which in tandem with other right wing thugs in American government and British intelligence, along with Mossad, were able to assist and participate in the 9/11 attacks that led to the invasion of Afghanistan and THEN to Iraq and then to foment civil war while holding Iran in a pincher grip. Wow!

And they achieved all of this while crushing the Palestinians in front of the world for decades. Their spy network throughout the world and their arm-twisting of governments has no equal. Hassan I Sabah is turning in his grave somewhere and screaming, “I am a piker!”

The deception continually practiced by this small country has no equal in the history of the world. You’ve got to take your hats off to them, all the while knowing that this will make it even easier to hand you your heads. Do you think King Bulan anticipated this? Well, you can read all about the Ashka-Nazi Khazar history here

Bring it On!

The more peaceful Sephardic Jews were and are no match for this bloodline of reavers and warriors.

Let’s move into the present timeline- after all, these are the days, come full upon us that smack of prophecy and dire doings, impending dooms and conflagrations unrivaled. In today’s press- everywhere we note the ceaseless repetition of how the Israeli prisoners of war were taken on the Israeli side of the border. That’s a lie. We see the entire government of Palestine arrested and put into jail. We see a U.N post bombed into dust- “Yeah, so what?”. Women and children’s battered and burned bodies are pulled from smoking rubble. Ambulances and relief trucks are blown to bits and people fleeing at the command of the invaders are cherry picked from the highways as they flee. We see... we see... and what ‘will’ we see? Coming soon, dear hearts, on the heels of the pending false flag operation, we see the assault on Syria and Iran. Hell is kicking at the door and Hell is going to break loose.

In America, the dumbest, most deluded and incompetent leader in history- unelected- broods like a deranged baboon on the golden throne of modern Rome; ruling over the greatest war machine ever constructed. Thousands of fundies weep tears of joy for some coming rapture in the sky. Vile demagogues fill the nation’s airwaves with lies and exhortations in a fool’s paradise. In the government, dissent is silent. The culpable and the cowardly sit on their hands. Step by step the darkness approaches and the band plays on.

“Wassup? Bitch, get me another beer and put that 2LiveCrew CD on the box.” I’ll bet when you grow up you want to be just like Paris Hilton don’t you? The generation of vipers is in place. They wander through the malls and entertainment complexes and see nothing but asses and crotches winking at them. Their hunger for the world has blinded them to the condition of the world. Storms form across the water; storms in the political sea and storms upon the physical sea. One great nation has lost its mooring. One small nation screams for the blood of the world and blood comes. Blood pours upon the sand. How much blood can the sand drink? Its thirst is endless.

Here and there, solitary voices cry out in the wilderness. Here and there, questions are asked but the whirlwind spins the sound beyond the range of hearing. Business as usual goes on apace while the fabric of the world pulls and tears at itself in the throes of a terrible breech birth of unknown phenomena and transformation that no one can see until it is upon them. There was a time when it all might have been different; had you possessed more clarity of vision and less appetite, had you possessed more courage and conviction. They say where there is life there is hope but you... are running out of time.