Monday, August 28, 2006

The Hydra-Headed Bitch Media and The Shitstorm Machine.

Alright peoples of the world- grab a chair and let’s look at the flow chart. This flow chart is in your mind. We already know that shit flows downhill; hard shit more likely rolls downhill. We also know that shit can be piped in any direction. Liquefied shit, the kind of shit that comes out over the airwaves in a diarrhea tidal wave gives the impression there must be some cosmic hog lagoon somewhere because they never run out of it.

Recently I noted a headline at which stated that a US Sailor, one Ariel Weinmann was charged with spying. It’s pretty clear he was spying for Israel but of course the Navy denies this and there are a lot of fancy shit-murals being painted that depict him really spying for Russia. Regardless of any of this, no mention of Israel was made at MSNBC. According to them he was spying for an ‘unknown’ government. I guess eventually Pollard will have a new cellmate but let’s not concern ourselves with spying trivia. In light of ‘known’ AIPAC spying and ‘known’ Mossad connections to the 9/11 attacks and ‘known’ roving bands of Israeli art students wandering through government offices and mysterious Israeli moving vans in many countries around the world, I think we can take it for granted that Israel is spying all the time everywhere and we don’t need to wonder about that. To be fair, let’s point out that probably every government is spying on somebody. This article isn’t about spying though. I’m just setting a stage before we do a little dance and then head over the punch bowl to bob for turds. Believe me, there are turds a plenty in the punch bowl.

What I want to do is talk about who and what is the biggest enemy of truth and freedom and general, overall well-being in the world today. Who is it that shapes world thought? What is it that forms our impressions of events in the world and our individual neighborhoods? What permits and censors comment? What defines what happened and what didn’t happen? Who says who speaks and who is silenced? Who determines what is real and what is not? Who labels everyman or everywoman in terms determined by them to whatever effect or definition they decide? Who lets Popular Mechanics bumble fact-less and tactless and witless as chief defense witness for the 9/11 shit smear of a retarded cover-up?

We’re talking about a creature every bit as mythic as The Kraken, The Gorgon and- if we want to get object-specific; The Golden Fleece, or if you prefer, The Golden Goose. We’re talking about a creature with a speaking part in The Book of Revelations and something that lives under children’s beds, in their closets and makes moving gestures at the corner of your eye until you turn around to look at it and then it disappears. It’s also right in front of you doing the same thing; dancing in the leaves of the forest while they tremble from the wind, marching in massive ranks of words across countless pages, talking from air-brushed fantasylands on a billion TV’s and radios. Unless you walk a hundred miles into the desert or the jungle you can hear it and see it and even there it is moving through the air even if you don’t have a medium to capture and relay it.

I am talking about the million-headed death goddess, Bitch Media; wielder of the Shitstorm Machine and shape shifter of all that you see and hear; the shake and bake Madam of the world’s biggest whorehouse and attention vampire on the neck of the world. She feasts on hope and fear. She primps in the universal mirror. Her perfumes are mind altering gases. Her body is composed of thousands of hungry mouths that tear and rip at universal balance. Balance is no good for the bottom line. Imbalance is good for the bottom line. Peace and harmony and brotherhood are bad investments. War and catastrophe and every disagreeable thing that can’t be fixed by the product they just sold you are good for the bottom line.

Is there any enemy of humanity greater than Bitch Media in all the world? You might say ignorance is right up there, but ignorance is just a convenient agency through which she works. Ignorance is one of her biggest by-products and it’s a growth industry.

So class... are you listening? Class? I’m going to talk about your homework assignment for this next week. Here’s what I want. I want you to find out who owns Bitch Media. I want to know who pulls the strings; the actual strings. I don’t want to hear about stockholders or a company’s commitment to their investors or any gobbledy-gook about anything other than who is behind the 24/7 magnetic disinfo cloud of shit that is manufacturing false realities and superimposing them upon whatever was there originally. I forget right now what that was as I suppose do you.

I’m going to give you a little starting hint and provide the name Rupert Murdoch. Of all of the anal warts that line the rectal highway of Bitch Media’s output flow port he stands (squats) supreme among his fellows. Does someone control him? Does he have a play group? Is he in a club? I’m going to throw out the names Viacom, Time Warner and The Hearst Corporation. This gives you a general idea of some of the viral agencies that live in the fissures of the rectal canal of Bitch Media.

What I want to know is who tells these people and these agencies what to say and when to say it? I want to know if they have interests besides information and whether they are overly represented by individuals with loyalties to any government or nation; in other words to things beyond their own personal profit- even though of course anything would be geared to serve that.

I want you to tell me why they do the things they do. I want to know why it is cost effective for millions to die because someone said something was real when it was not. I want to know why all of the major viral life forms and life form collectives that live in the fissures in the ass of Bitch Media agree on making what is not so appear to be so. I realize that lies and misinformation are money making machines and I realize that you couldn’t, or wouldn’t buy that brand of car or stereo or house or politician or toilet paper unless someone told you a convincing lie about it- sexed it up- made it blow you in your mind- left you weak in the knees and trembling right up until it happened and then you realized you had gotten fucked and you wanted your money back but it was too late and all the lines are busy.

I want to know why we can’t be told the truth and why when we find it out on our own they say it isn’t true even though we are looking dead at it and did everything we could to make sure we had weighed all the evidence and touched it and put our hands in the hole in it’s side and have seen it rise over and over from the dead because you can’t kill the truth... you can only cover it up with ill-fitting clothes and try to bury it in an unmarked grave which, as I said, doesn’t work.

I don’t want to know WHY they do it. I know why they do it- even if it doesn’t make sense to me considering the implications of mortality and legacy; wait a minute- they can revise the legacy... which is hopefully some good when you’re gone, along with all the power and wealth and whatever there was.

What I want to know is WHO is pulling the strings. I want to know WHAT they have in common. I want to know which company owns whatever else and I want to know WHERE they come from and I want names and hard cold facts about all of Bitch Media’s little elves and whether there is a common similarity between them that explains why some things which are true are not true and some things which are lies become true. I want to know what the answer is to this strange world blanketing phenomena that are the cause of so much suffering and slander and debasement and dumbing down and what seems to be pure evil intent.

When you get this list together I want you to study it. What you hold in your hands- if you’ve done your homework- are the names of humanities most dreadful enemies. Not all the terrorists and serial killers and mass murderers in the world are as awful and as dangerous as these names. These are the ones who make the political marionettes dance. These are the ones who with fountain pens set off bloodbaths the world wide. These are the cancer among us. There are the ones.

There’ll be a test come Friday.


Anonymous said...

Ask Sollie Liebowitz and Rabbi Hashem.... I'll bet they have an idea who 'rules' the media...
Ask Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson -- even Tom Skyintology loses out to Sumner Redstone & Big Pharma!
I got a kick out of Wikipedia's entry for Les Visible... seems they can't decide whether u r "Important" enough! The "google error" garnered for hours trying to read this blog yest. was also very unusual...
Popular Mechanics has put their debunking of 911 into book form now; I opted for David Ray Griffin's book instead, "Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11" Excellent! Esp. the chapter on Jesus and the Roman Empire and JC's anti-imperial ministry.

Anonymous said...

absolutely superb!

Dr. George Ryan

Eugene said...

Rupert's daddy was a "sir" as in knighthood. This of course leads to the Queen and this leads to Crown Temple. And this leads to 'the Empire never ended'. What do you do with this? Shell resistes seed till seed cataclysmically steps through the shell on its way to unfolding itself.

Anonymous said...

just some thoughts Visible

humans don't like to be told what they can and cannot do

the 'powers that be' (The Hydra-Headed Bitch Media and The Shitstorm Machine) tell us we are free

('they hate us because we are free')

they tell us we can do what we like

they give us a perceived freedom with their lies

we are given many things to choose from to encourage this belief

and we believe we are free to choose for ourselves

lining 'their' pockets as we 'freely' choose

relinquishing our power and 'freely' giving it to 'them'

(in the form of wealth (power, opportunity, blind faith, etc.))

and we love to believe them, it's imperative for us to believe them or this all wouldn't work

we don't like to be told what we can and cannot do

it is only a perceived freedom

they tell us 'you don't need to be accountable, do as you please, you are 'free''

this is why we let 'them' do as they please

because if we make them accountable, we must also be accountable

there can be no true freedom without accountability


beautiful work, by the way, Visible

Anonymous said...

Ooooh yeah. slice dice slice dice and I just love it when their names go up.

I don't know how they got that way. I sometimes think they hi-jack peoples bodies.

They should be publically executed.

name withheld for the obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh. That's a good thing these days. I'm surprised I laughed but I did.


Anonymous said...

That Beast hates most what is meant to protct us from it.And that s why it Hates ISLAM and demonize it so much.That s my humble conclusion after all these years.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy? Conspiracy!! Mister Visible, what conspiracy? Any fool can see what we (Israeli people) are doing. We will become the world ruling government. It's written in the bible. G-d gave us this job, how can we refuse. AIPAC are doing the shuffling, PNAC are making sure it’s all organized and your wonderful Mister George W Bush is running the foil. Can’t you people see this? Why won’t you accept the inevitable?
’Lay back and think of England.’
How more plain can things be?
I’ll have to get Rabbi Hasham to fill you in. He and your Mister Richard Cheney can tell you what’s happening but I don’t think ‘you all’ will believe them. And your wonderful Ms Condoleezza Rice, G-d bless her little black heart, she knows. We have a nickname for Mister Cheney, we call him Biff - ol’ Biff Cheney – we love him! (and we frown on anyone who may call him Richard Head, we would much prefer Biff)
And those silly Christian people are helping too; G-d is a good provider. Imagine anyone believing that someone is going to come down from the heavens and rescue them from the mouth of Hell. Silly people. Isn’t ignorance wonderful Mister Visible? My dear old Yiddish grandmother used to say ‘ignorance is bliss’. So very true.
May the Lord bless your every waking moment.
Sollie Leberwitcz
ps. My good friend Rabbi Hashem has promised me he will write and explain everything.

Anonymous said...

I suggest we all practice astral travel on a daily basis to get an accurate global overview of all news worthy current events.

This way 'AT's* will avoid a certain head on collision with the shitstorm media machine. Or in the alternative, contact your local media - busting shaman for permanent banishment of the hydra-headed bitch polluting your local air waves. Do not attempt to neutralize the hydra's global evil power of tower in your hometown alone!

Furthermore, to see through the dense fog of manufactured media appearances you will need to purchase a pair of anti-deception high definition Xray binoculars. The binoculars are designed with a special infra ultra violet astral light that targets and pierces the heart of the visible reproting hydra bitch you see on every channel. And, if you intensely focus the UVL* directly on any of her multi heads -- her electronic brain cells will immediately go into a apoptosis or media cell suicide.

Journey well in your individual search for truth and accurate reporting.
* Astral Travelors
* Ultra Violet Light

Anonymous said...

I'll send this again, not sure if it made it the first time:

Here are my homework answers.

(1) The first answer, I did copy out of a book:

"All the joy that there is in the world is the result of the same one cause: wishing happiness for others. All the misery that there is in the world is the result of the same one cause: wishing pleasure for oneself only."

(2) I'm responding to this question: "Who is it that shapes world thought? What is it that forms our impressions of events in the world and our individual neighborhoods? What permits and censors comment? What defines what happened and what didn’t happen? Who says who speaks and who is silenced? Who determines what is real and what is not? Who labels everyman or everywoman in terms determined by them to whatever effect or definition they decide?"

In my own inner world, all of those very things are done by my automatic-thinking-and-labeling machine. And when (i.e. most of the time) I forget that I'm not my machine, and thereby BECOME my machine, then "I am" actually the one that shapes world thought. (100% of the thoughts I experience having, regarding the world, are thoughts broadcasting from my own "media source," my automatic thinking-and-labeling machine.) I'm also the one who forms impressions of global and neighborhood events (but here I have still been clinging to the excuse that the impression-creating process is partly "from out there," hence I have been collecting the shitty payoff of believing I'm a guiltless victim with no responsibility for the events). Permitting and censoring comment is what my automatic-thinking-and-labeling machine excels at. In addition it also MAKES all the comments that it comments on and censors, in the first place! My machine is also what defines what happens and didn't happen, and it does this by generating endless biased interlocking stories, replacing the actual facts of what happened in the past, with an elaborate, painful novel/movie of "what happened to me and/or what was done to me." The machine also "says who speaks and who is silenced" in this 100% effective manner: It secretly validates and secretly remembers anything that it hears from someone else, if it thinks that the info is "good for me," and it secretly invalidates anyone whose information it thinks isn't "good for me." The machine also determines what is real and what is not, and the whole point of it's making these determinations is to prepetuate its own automatic functioning at all cost, regardless of the damage and painful drama that results. (Actually the machine considers damage and painful drama to be the best evidence that the machine is succeeding in surviving and protecting itself.) Its main determination of what is real and what is not appears to be that things, matter, and "the world out there" are utterly separate from "the experience in here," and that those things and matter are the unchangeable bedrock reality (including what it calls science, the laws of nature, and the rule of logic). And finally, "Who labels everyman or everywoman in terms determined by them to whatever?" Yes, that would be the automatic-thinking-and-labeling machine yet again. I once played a game where you pick someone nearby, and without letting them know that they're the subject of the game, you very neutrally accept the visual impression you have of them, and then you deliberately label them: "Crack addict." Observe them. "Swedish diplomat." Observe them. "Recently divorced." Observe them. "Recently married." In playing this game I experienced that people would appear to be giving moments (sometimes rather extended moments) of perfect confirmation of the labels that I put on them! And I could see that this is how my thinking-and-labeling machine, running on autopilot, sets up the "meaning(s)" that I am (supposedly) experiencing in my life. The neutral, label-free impression is the real thing, and I almost never just consciously let that be as-is without interfering, because the thinking-and-labeling machine is sticking labels on EVERYTHING and the resulting (fictitious) "meanings" that show up are the substitute reality that I call my life, which has in the past had the total feel of being a painful unescapable trap, being interlinked with all of the machine's thoughts and labels about physical reality.

(3) PARADOX: There IS a world "out there," right? Consisting mainly of other people, right??

(4) According to the formula quoted in Answer No. 1 (above), the people "out there" constitute an unimaginably huge opportunity for creating play, joy, and well-being, by focusing on THEM, with the intention for THEM to have that. By analogy, people say one's life is a mirror of what the person IS. Which may be a just way of seeing it, but in this picture of reality I might think I'm stuck with that justice, with no hope of a reprieve. I are what I made myself, and I see that in the mirror. Now, to get the full picture, what if we change the analogy so that this is a MAGICAL type of mirror we're dealing with here. In a real glass mirror, you are what you are, and you see what you see. In this magical analogy mirror, there's still nothing much I can do with what's on my side of the mirror. But the magic is, if I take my experience right now as I'm sitting here in this office supposedly working and looking at the computer screen, and the room, and listening to the sounds of people outside, and thinking of Les and the people who post on this blog, and the people who read it, and all the people who are listening to and being touched by all of THOSE people, and then all of the people included in THOSE people's lives, till I'm intending on including everyone, no matter what the current condition of their consciousness is (human, inhuman, non-human, animal, bright devas if there are such, hell-sufferers if there are such), then I can take all of those as my addressees and send them my real wish for THEM to actually and consciously and deliberately have happiness and all of the causes that can produce happiness, for THEM to have clean free water, clean free media, vibrant homes with effortlesslly perfect feng shwi, beautiful clothes and amazing style, skill in relating, total certified-effective karma cleanup, love, forgiveness, total free expression, simultaneous community and freedom, natural beauty of the world(s), adventure, deliberate creative drama, deliberate creative stories, and endless blessings that I can't imagine and THEY will make up for themselves, and: Skill in wishing good for others.

I'm saying, as I type this, may all that actually happen in my and our reality.

(5) ANOTHER PARADOX: Something about justice. I'm out of time for writing any more, but it does appear to me that naming names may be needed, as an aspect of taking responsibility for our current situation. This is the whole topic about actually discovering and naming the people who are choosing to be serious obstructive troublemakers on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Ethnically Cleansing the Entire Middle East
US Army Contemplates Redrawing Middle East Map to Stave-off Looming Global Meltdown

By Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

In a little-noted article printed in early August in the Armed Forces Journal, a monthly magazine for officers and leaders in the United States military community, early retired Major Ralph Peters sets out the latest ideas in current US strategic thinking. And they are extremely disturbing.

Ethnically Cleansing the Entire Middle East

Maj. Peters, formerly assigned to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence where he was responsible for future warfare, candidly outlines how the map of the Middle East should be fundamentally re-drawn, in a new imperial endeavour designed to correct past errors. "Without such major boundary revisions, we shall never see a more peaceful Middle East," he observes, but then adds wryly: "Oh, and one other dirty little secret from 5,000 years of history: Ethnic cleansing works."

Thus, acknowledging that the sweeping reconfiguration of borders he proposes would necessarily involve massive ethnic cleansing and accompanying bloodshed on perhaps a genocidal scale, he insists that unless it is implemented, "we may take it as an article of faith that a portion of the bloodshed in the region will continue to be our own." Among his proposals are the need to establish "an independent Kurdish state" to guarantee the long-denied right to Kurdish self-determination. But behind the humanitarian sentiments, Maj. Peters declares that: "A Free Kurdistan, stretching from Diyarbakir through Tabriz, would be the most pro-Western state between Bulgaria and Japan."

Justoffal said...

Well I've use about every expletive I can think of to describe the way you out the truth of a matter...just plum out of em at this point but WOW!! anyway!!

"Peace and harmony are a bad investment" yes, I think that about says it all and how sadly truthful that is for the Bechtels and the Wrathsmelters of this world who absolutely do pull the strings and play games with millions of lives. I say up with the High thin Whine!!! and death to the multi headed hydra.

Anonymous said...

You at one point asked, "I don’t want to know WHY they do it. I know why they do it- even if it doesn’t make sense to me considering the implications of mortality and legacy..." Instead, you wanted us to consider who is in charge of what's going on.

I am reluctant to point to some rich and powerful dude like Rupert Murdock as one of a small number who pull the strings, not that we couldn't make a fair list, and then blame them for the mess that you have suggested we're in. I am reluctant because it seems to me this would just be to pick out some scapegoats. The elimination of this that or the other guy, without taking care of what I take to be deeper corruption, won't really solve our problems. Take out the head guy and he gets replaced tomorrow without any change in policy, so to speak.

I think the problem is not who is in charge and what peculiar sociopathy they can be charged with. I think, instead, we should be looking for something we all have some sympathy for or commitment to.

So, for example, I think most people believe they stand a better chance at surviving if they rely on a gun, or guys who own some, than if they try to talk their way out of a jamb, or argue their way "to the top." The image I have is Alexander the Great solving the puzzle of the Gourdian knot with his sword. I think most people think all issues are solved eventually by a thug pulling a gun.

We have not thought enough about what is wrong with using force, deception, or fear to solve problems that should otherwise be dealt with by negotiation.

So, yes, you can point out the bad things that Murdoch may be doing, or has already done, and how all of his buddies are doing the same. The problem is that most people believe, so it's argued, that anyone would do the same in their position.

I think the question is how we should undermine that presumption.

Anonymous said...

The Rabbi Hasham asked me to forward this email to you Mister Visible

----- Original Message -----
From: Rabbi Ezekiel Hashem
Sent: Friday,September 1,2006 8:03AM
Subject: NWO

To whom it may concern
One of my parishioners has asked me to explain the (current) Israeli Plan
1. Using false flag smoking gun technology draw USA into conflict with Arab world
2. Engage US war machine in distraction via deceit, chicanery and subterfuge
3. With finance and lobbying from Jewish contingent in USA highlight vital importance of Israel/Jewish world dominance (G-d’s chosen people, etc.)
4. Draw western world into world conflict with Islamic nations
5. While conflict rages, set up HQ for New World Order in Jerusalem
6. Using finances and support from worldwide dupes, destroy United Nations
7. Establish Jerusalem as New World Order World Government Capital
Please note G-d’s favourite number (7) in our deception – a guaranteed winner.
Also please note: Solomon Leberwitcz is not my friend, he is merely a number in my congregation.
Rabbi Ezekiel Hashem (Dip. All Things Kosher – Jerusalem University)
NB. There should be an (8) but we were told to make seven points only (G-d’s favourite number, yada, yada, ...).
(8.) Instigate a judicial system similar to the ayatollah’s only using the Talmud and Old Testament as the basis for all law – worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Here is the answer

Now go get them!

jomama said...

I think you may have it a bit twisted.

A news reporter friend tells me reporters go to interview some pol or bureaucrat and just acts as the dumb mouthpiece he is, without questioning.

Having read my fill of that crap, I don't doubt it.



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