Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Defining Ourselves and Being Defined

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As per an internet exchange, where I was branded as making false accusations, I submit this. I also submit this. On this second matter, there is a large body of associated truths, just as there is for the first matter, which runs many search engine pages deep. Of course, if you want deep detail, then you need to see things like this. Probably most of the readers here have not read this article and certainly all of the people who brand me as making false accusations have not read it. The first two parts are linked in the beginning of the article. It is the nature of the curmudgeon to have abrasive reactions to various things on the basis that they do not want them to be true.

There are people who do not believe that Israel was behind 9/11. It's not convenient and it's potentially injurious to them socially and possibly in any number of other ways. My constant mention of the sort of things I mention at these blogs, is directly responsible for the dissolution of my domestic situation. That is some of the cost to me. The readers are generally unaware of the various costs that I bear, including the impact on my career, which is blocked in nearly every direction and... were it not for the internet, would be blocked in all directions. When I have to go, I won't be able to see my beloved Poncho again, in this life, probably and the reader can't know the degree to which this tears me up. The reader doesn't know how many times a day I turn and look at him and am reminded of this. The reader doesn't know how close the two of us are, or the level of love shared between us.

I have made a request of the readers before and that is, when there is a question as to the veracity of claims made by myself, about any subject, I request, no, I insist, I demand, that they provide published, posted refutations, from legitimate sources, just as do I; just as do I. I have stated on many occasions that I welcome proof that I may be wide of the truth. I believe that once I am shown to be wrong, I am no longer wrong, I am right, because I change my mind according to the facts as and when they are presented to me.

There are all kinds of people I do not mention as being disinfo because I do not know for sure that they are. Sometimes I suspect that they are and I will say 'suspect'.

These blogs exist for the purpose of presenting arguments and points of view, which are designed to garner reactions. Usually, overwhelmingly, the reactions are positive. Very often when the reactions are not positive, they are anonymous and declarative without detail. What that tells me is that the person wants only to contend with me and sometimes dislikes me for reasons other than anything that goes on here.

I comment on and write on socio-political matters, cultural matters and metaphysical matters. I'm relatively well informed on most of these, though I am an expert on nothing. The cardinal point of my endeavors here is to spark commentary. Between us we often arrive at more comprehensive understandings than any of us arrive at alone. Doing these blogs and attending to matters related to them; answering emails and my various projects, takes up the majority of my every day, seven days a week. It is, in fact, overwhelming to the point that I still have at least a couple of weeks of work left to do on my book because so many things keep coming up and all of the domestic necessaries have fallen upon me for the span of these past weeks. That should change in a couple of days and I will be more freed up (hopefully).

I am often amazed at the number of people who do not use search engines, or maybe don't know how to use them, who do not do comprehensive searches, so as to compare the varieties of information, in order to have a wider awareness of any given subject. People write me and ask me to look things up for them, which would take them ten seconds to find on their own. I am not a free research service. I am already operating as a free counseling service and reassurance service, at odd times with a certain consistency.

Over the course of recent years, I have lost some amount of readers; those who expect me to behave the way they want me to behave, by their standards, as if my own freedom of expression and action were not actually mine. Some portion of these people are anal retentives and hypocrites. In the first case they want me to be what they want me to be, in the second instance, they demand that I be what they themselves are not. As I've stated many times, people would know little about me, were I not to inform them. This can be costly. So some people think I am erratic and potentially a crazy and dangerous actor. In every case so far, the concern of the people who were concerned, was about something they feared would happen but never did. I'm pretty good at walking the tightrope and my track record says so.

In many cases, I have not defended myself and in some cases I have offered corroborative truth, which was and is totally lacking on the other side of the story. When people have to fabricate lies in order to bolster their case, the fact is that they don't have a case. It's always been my position that time will tell and that the truth of what I am and am not, would reveal itself over the course of time. I have always felt that the body of my work, what has been expressed in “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World”, in my first novel and the coming novel and the years of Visible Origamis, give a deep and detailed view of what motivates me and what goes on inside me. If these evidences are not enough, then there can never be enough. If my having laid out the motivations for some of the things I do for the purpose of demonstration, which were presented long before there were any events to speak of, then what could ever be proof enough of anything?

It is hard to know the contents and capacities of anyone's heart, especially at a distance, especially when so many of us remain a mystery to ourselves. Then we would certainly be a mystery to others.

I have labored for 13 years in this room, where I presently sit, an exile from my own country, which, these days, would be dangerous ground for me, as I am the antithesis of most of everything going on there. Occasionally some old friends will fly over to see me but those visits are rare and few. I have a commonality with a particular segment of the American public and a great disaffinity with another part of the American public. I've never really connected with Europeans. I know a few people and count them as friends but I seldom see them more than once or twice a year. Until not that long ago, months and years could go by without anyone coming by to see me from the surrounding neighborhood and now that doesn't happen anymore for no reason given.

Well... I hope I've cleared up a few things, though it is unlikely I have cleared anything up for the people who do not want them cleared up. I've mentioned some number of times that the meaning of the name, Adam is, 'namer of things'. This is a very important detail that should penetrate into the well of our deepest understanding. It explains something about ourselves that we very often are unaware of. What we label things as is what they become for us. What we label ourselves as is what we become in our own minds and often in the minds of others as well. There are people who call themselves conservatives and people who call themselves liberals. If they are connected to the government then they are not conservative and they are not liberal in any way. They are not this or that, they just play one on TV. Some people call themselves Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians. There are all kinds of labels that people affix to themselves and each other and they limit themselves within the interpretation of terms that they often don't even know the meaning of, or which have all kinds of meanings that are irrelevant to the actual definition.

In the cases of polarities, such as conservative (often also neo-con) and liberal, they call each other names and hold each other in contempt and this is just as the ruling class would have it. We are perpetually set at odds against each other for the purpose of control. We are routinely reduced to economic extremity for the purpose of manipulation. Our distress puts us at the mercy of the people causing it. Bankers are your enemy and there is no possibility of reasoning or negotiating with them. We are maintained in a state of perpetual war in foreign countries, where we murder millions for the purpose of stealing their resources and in order to please our Satanic masters, the Israelis, who are determined to destroy these countries and your own country. The bankers and the Israelis are more or less one and the same. The only active and effective terrorists, are the state of Israel and the intelligence services of various western cultures.

I do not know who I am but I have a good idea of what I am and that is why I am content to let time and circumstance bear the responsibility for whatever my legacy may be. There is a mysterious power in the universe that defines us over the course of time. We define ourselves, others define us. Time and the river defines us and this mysterious force, brings to the surface most of what we seek to conceal, eventually. I have previously stated that we all have at least 3 faces. The first face is the one we present to people when we first meet them. It is the face we want them to believe in. Then there is the second face that reveals itself over time. Very few of us are able to prevent this face from coming into view. Then there is the third face that is revealed when danger or serious trouble presents itself. It is my usual intention to cause these last two faces to reveal themselves early on. I've got good reasons for doing this, given what I have been subjected to by various individuals in the past. My methods are not ideal and often not desirable but they are effective. They are also costly. They are also, no longer necessary, or so I've been told.

I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful day, not only today but for all of your days to come.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hog Lagoon Heaven in the Late Great American States.

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Some while ago, whatever that adds up to in real time ...AND before matters were as clear as they are today, I mentioned that Alex Jones was a Disinfo Agent and in the employ of The Rothschilds, who have their taloned fingers in every shit pie being baked, or sun dried, on the planet. When I mentioned that Jones was a completely sold out, hysterical toilet paper roll; horny for the nasty and redolent asses of his employers, I was informed by some number of people that, “Oh come on, he wakes up some amount of the general population that the rest of us don't have the reach to accomplish. Various defenders, often unnamed, came out of the woodwork, the same way cockroaches used to come out of the bamboo wallpaper in my apartment in Philadelphia. I've never seen a cockroach in Europe and I've never seen a rat; a few mice here and there but... no rats. That's probably a hangover from the days of The Pied Piper of Hamlin. Did he take all the cockroaches too? It's to be presumed that cockroaches simply like the political climate in North America better than here. There does seem to be a lot more cockroaches and rats in that location than this one.

There's quite a few Disinfo Agents scampering about the stys and wallows of Hog Lagoon Heaven, also known as The Late Great American States. I am glad to see that I am not on that list but I am probably just not important enough. Gordon Duff is an interesting writer AND a Disinfo Agent, as well as a Tribe member.

Now, it is patently clear that Alex Jones is a Disinfo Agent, as well as an overblown caricature of himself, a helium headed windbag and an embarrassment to the human race. In that last department he has a lot of company.; a whole lot of company and most of that is in the same demographic as the rats and cockroaches. Is there anyone out there left to argue on the behalf of Tweedledum Jones? No doubt there is. There is no vaccine for stupid.

When I mentioned that Julian Assange (who has admitted that he is a stooge for Israel) was a disinfo agent, I got more curious commentaries from unknown sectors. One lady from Australia was incensed because I was demeaning an Australian. That was her only concern and no amount of getting her verifiable intel was of any help. Well, you get those Justin Bieber moments now and again; “But I like his hair! Look at his hair! What difference could anything else possibly make next to that hair”? Here is something, now lost in space, that this low-cal Andy Warhol had to say more than six months ago “There are 3,700 files related to Israel and the source of 2,700 files is Israel. In the next six months we intend to publish more files depending on our sources.” Uh huh.

Because the mass of the American public is so fantastically and immeasurably stupid, there is no telling, there is no telling how deep down below the oxygen line of the outhouse portal they might be. It is a safe bet that the outhouse is enormous, or possibly some ancient wormhole that runs all the way to the shit-hole center of the universe. There are a few reasons for this level of moronic parity. One is the incremental, near freefall dumbing down (interesting phrase) of the populace. Another is the pervasive and suffocating, near planetary wide blanketing of materialism and ubiquitous, anal suppository cellphones. Want to guess how many are set to 'vibrate' as opposed to a ringtone? Strangely, or not so strangely, some number of them are set to 'stun'. The most impressive and densely populated area of enforced stupid, is the Zionist created and maintained Christian, 'fundie' ...Zionist maggot farm that is feeding on the corpse of a totally bent republic. There are tens of millions of these sightless larvae, with swivel necks that turn at the sound of the voices of command. “Remain clam”. “Move along, nothing to see here”. “Bend over and Wait”.

There's a lot that people don't know because they mostly only know what they have been told and do not know what they have not been told. They have no burbling curiosity to look past what they are told. They just want to know the way to the 'all you can eat buffet', followed by a six pack of Bud, some internet porn and a pumping right hand that is now prone to carpal tunnel syndrome and cramping. Well, there's always a down side when you get too entranced with the old up and down.

Let us consider Hollywood. Of course, there are poisonous, human centipedes like James Wood, Joan Rivers (“bomb the shit out of Iran”) and Adam Sandler but few people know that Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman were both big Bush supporters. Opportunism and self interest lead to all sorts of unfortunate choices. No doubt they have the usual disingenuous excuses for this and quite possibly they have moved away from their former views by now but... once upon a time. There is no higher concentration of atheists than in the Zio-Ogre Cotillion. I call it a cotillion because it is a measured dance around kiddie eating monsters like Baal ...and sundry; atavistic creatures from the regions of nightmare. Blood and Fear are the main lubricants for the appearance of these fiends. In the temporal realm, such calculated sacrifices lead to material results in abundance. One might say that those who worship Baal, Asmodeus, Abbadon, Lucifer and Satan are not strictly atheists. I'll concede that, just as I will concede that dialectical materialism is a Jewish creation and tens of millions were sacrificed on the altar thereof.

The control of the media, music, publishing and entertainment industries has given fecally obsessed, reversed Kundalini sex addicts and kiddie blood junkies, control over what we take for reality, what we dance to and what we escape into. That they nearly totally control The Empire of Pornography is a toxic, salmonella laced gravy, upon the rotting, cannibal meats arrayed on their feasting tables. One will note that all of their holidays are celebrations of massacres and murder and they routinely engage in new versions of the same. Could it be any more fucking clear? In tandem with all of these consistent and continuing outrages, THEY DID 9/11 and most of the rest of the terror attacks. (I haven't seen this video but some of you might now see it. Does it clear anything up?). Only a craven coward, a total fool, or one who is an accessory to these things can entertain any doubt at this point. I have to beat this drum!” My life is pointless and has no meaning otherwise. That would make it very much like so many of the rest of you, with your unexamined lives. So many of you are simply tubes. You put things in one opening and then turn them into waste products that vacate the premises at a further location. This is similar to putting garbage into your minds and then transforming that into speech and conversation.

Unless some greater, massive awakening takes place in quick order, The Invisible and Lady Nature are going to unleash what is necessary to enforce awakening, while also processing a large percentage of you into another location. It's what happens when what is supposed to happen doesn't happen.

Ah well, how many times can I say the same thing in another way? Recently some former colleagues of mine have shown themselves to be something-someone I never took them for and lack even the wit to come up with a decent excuse. One of them objects to my 'world view' but... there is no clarification given. Usually that is because that is not the reason. My purview is that some great and invisible change has taken place behind the scenes (recently) and we haven't seen it yet but it has totally turned around the minds of some who had no real grasp on it to begin with. Some are affected and being put to sleep because of an inability to face dramatic change and some of us continue to move forward because change is what we are all about, save for those things that should not and need not be changed.

My longstanding relationship with my consort will end (amicably) in a few months, all because I write about and talk about the things I do and that vibrates into the fear zone of someone (like so many of you out there) who does not want to know. Should I cease to be who I am in order to preserve a semblance of domestic tranquility? Should I 'go along to get along'? These are hard choices in hard times. I'll now have to relocate to a more primitive zone. New companions will come. Some think they know where this location is. They don't. I'm not making it public information.

I expect, one day, that all mysteries will be cleared up; maybe not all (grin) but most of them. I suspect that until that appointed time, I should just concentrate on what it is that I do and not concern myself with strange behavior on the parts of those who have become a mystery to me...

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Janus Anus, Self Sodomizing Hiatus

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(Since it appears I will be incommunicado, (which is a small tourist town at the south end of Cozumel) for at least another week, though it may be only ten days, if I really get into gear, I'm tossing in a mid-term Smoking Mirrors, for my latest hiatus ...as a kind of an extended Post-it (don't get me started on the Janus Anus side of the equation), just to let you know I'm still around. This will no doubt please some and dismay others but... that's how it is for the moment. The book gets done before I come back. That should light a fire under me (grin).)

Well, there he sits beneath a Muslim cap, speaking in that 'let's all go back to sleep' voice; without a single piece of evidence. He's kind of a cross between Eckhart Tolle and Noam Chomsky. I'm sorry if I disappointed any fans of this kind of thing. I am not a fan of this kind of thing. It's the curse of my existence to see through this kind of thing and be unable to go back to sleep. I've got this thing about evidence. If you are going to claim something, back it up; even if it is only your own experience. I add this in as a bit of a disclaimer, given that I am absolutely certain of the existence of the ineffable but I will support my claim with the testimony of great men and women across the span of millennium, some of whom outdistance me, certainly by this time, by a considerable distance.

I expect corroboration and verifiable detail when claims are made. Telling me that nothing gets into the media unless they let it through and using that as some kind of proof that Anonymous is completely bogus does not impress me. I am more than prepared to accept that this is the case ...when I am given convincing proof.

I'm getting pretty tired of this defeatist bullshit that wants to make us believe that we're all fucked. You may be. I am not. I'm getting tired of being hammered by double agents, witting or unwitting, who want me to believe that every organization, every fellowship, every secret society, are corrupt from top to bottom.. When the 'occupy' movement came around, all kinds of people were hot to trot about how it was all yet one more setup ...but I know there are legitimate people in that mix and I know there are legitimate people in the Anonymous movement. I know this, so attempting to convince me otherwise is a waste of time.

I am NOT going to operate under the premise that we are doomed backwards and sideways, top to bottom and facing a raging river of boiling, roiling shit in front. I don't buy it and I'm not going to buy it, you can take that defeatist attitude and stick it where the sun don't shine, which in your case, pretty much covers every area of your being; your world in darkness.

If you are looking for the real Cointel Pro and Disinfo, look no further than those who try to sell you on the invincible power of The Scumbag brigade. No one in touch with the real, refers to the generative power of the universe as scum? Why do they control the world of pornography in order to debase a sacred process and identify it as so in your mind in order to pervert your perception of yourself? I guess I answered my own question. Why do they seek to diminish your perspective of humanity with the intent of setting you at odds with one another? I guess I answered my own question. Why did they steal your money in order to buy up the media, so as to make make you into a debt slave, through controlling the medium of their hideous massage? I guess I answered my own question. Have I answered any of yours?

You see, when you are not inclined to seek after the truth, you hide it from yourself, in order to collaborate with those who oppress you. How did you become so invested in your own destruction? Was it the fear of the terrible shame and embarrassment you would experience once The Truth revealed itself to you? You see, some part of you does know and that is why you are so angry. That is why the focus of your hatred is turned upon those who work on your behalf ...because you are too committed to assisting the soulless monsters who have enslaved you. ♫Darkness, Darkness be your pillow♫ ...with apologies to Jesse Colin Young for the paraphrase. I can't sing that song to myself. It doesn't apply.

You know who the enemies of humanity are; those with no semblance of humanity. It is those who have practiced their dark arts upon the rest of us. Their greatest victory was to make you fear and admire them... to want to be like them, to be incrementally corrupted by them because, since they appear to be successful at what they do, it must be okay somehow. It is not any kind of okay. It is despicable. They grafted their lack of values upon your lack of comprehension, of what real values are. They made you want worthless shit and then they manufactured it to sell to you.

They made you hate yourself for engaging in what, to them, was business as usual. They are not affected by the effects of conscience. They have no conscience. They have no souls. They traded it for the temporary gains of this sphere. It's the price of doing business here and many people pay that price. This is why the majority of them believe in nothing and the rest figure they'll be protected by the one they made the arrangement with.

I realize it is easy to get deceived down here and it's a short skip and a jump from that into fatalism and despair. They count on that. They work it. The general impression making the rounds is that the captive minds are locked down tight, because they control the public’s perception of itself. This is why Mr. Apocalypse has shown up. Nobody messes with Mr. Apocalypse. You might call him 'a force of Nature', His impact increases by the hour. As for the tools of the adversary, let's look at what's right in front of us. They have exposed themselves, They are acting out in a very public way. They have made themselves vulnerable in the court of world opinion and there is a long record historically that will begin to emerge as Mr. Apocalypse goes tap... tap... tap...upping the volume, increasing their insanity and driving them to ever greater excesses. Even now, the power that has held them up, is lowering them down and they can't see it. A transfer of power is taking place. They are not allowed to see it. They are as blind as the dupes they manipulate. It is amazing to watch it, from an 'objective' standpoint. This means, to me, that the observer has no investment in the outcome, except for the truth. Such a person knows that such a perspective can only benefit them. Many people see the truth as a liability because they are, themselves, false. Of course, the moment you cease to be false, you become real and the truth will protect you instead of hounding you and putting you in ever more difficult circumstances, or even worse, putting you in favorable circumstances, so that you can be made an object lesson; for the purpose of demonstration.

It is the vanity of the species, ♫I am so beautiful to me. Why can't they see? I'm everything I ever hoped for. I'm everything I need, cause I am so beeeyoutiful to meeeeeee♫...with apologies to Dennis Wilson and Billy Preston for the paraphrasing. Of course, I'm not saying anything new. These things have been said by any number of people ...over the course of time. The opposite has been said by everyone who needs to justify what they say and do, to the degree of the severity of the offense, against the good of humanity and the laws of Nature. There is a timeless system in place. It follows cycles. It repeats. What goes around comes around and ...just because you can't see it in operation, over the long stretch, doesn't mean it isn't in place and going about its timeless business and why it isn't seen by the majority of the public, is because that is concealed 'for the purpose of demonstration (heh heh).

You can only see the truth if you are truthful. Given that this is Kali Yuga, most are false- for the purpose of demonstration but... the alarm is ringing and the opportunity to awaken is there and one can be certain that the point will be made. Then it is simply a matter of what you value that puts a value upon you. You become emblematic of that. Simple logic will prove the truth of this to any and all who have the truth as a factor of value in their existence. No one is making the choices for us. We make the choices ourselves. We might say that various pressures are the determining factors, in what we say and do. Those pressures only exist in terms of the importance we place on things and what those things are that we place an importance on. Sure, there's more to it but... that comes through in any number of ways, dependent on the objective that is being considered and one's motivation in the exercise of logic. Logic is a tool. It's up to you how you use it. We've used that example here concerning a hammer. It's meant for driving nails, that's its optimum employment. There are all sorts of darker uses it can be put to, depending on how one has twisted their logic, in the support of unreasonable things that go against what is true and real because they allowed themselves to be convinced that the untrue is true and the unreal is real. The truth is not your enemy. It is your best friend, unless you are an enemy to the truth.

There are those who give the orders and there are those who follow the orders and there are those who take their direction from another place. Probably the most important thing anyone can realize is what the ultimate authority is. Who's in charge? Who's really in charge?

I know, in these times, one can be easily swayed by 'appearances', or can be intimidated by fear or manipulated by appetite but... you don't have to be. You don't have to be.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Michael Rivero is running for President. I mentioned to him that it would be a good idea to have me as the VP. One of the most important things on a presidential ticket is balance. We have that. Michael is sane and I am insane. Michael is rational and I am intuitive. Michael doesn't believe in God, I do. Michael is handsome and engaging. I am not. I could go on and on and... Michael would probably like me to but I'm planning on seeing Croupier in a few minutes, so I must demure. I'll be back in about ten days or, if the book takes longer, for some reason, it might be as much as a week before I return.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Watching Sick City Disappear in my Rear View Mirror

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I am a little dismayed and a tad disturbed that there are some readers who actually thought I was serious about entering into a relationship with that psycho-slut, who was illustrated in the most recent Petri Dish. I now no longer find it all that hard to believe that some people accept everything they are told, especially if it reflects badly on me (grin). Ah well...)

The key feature to look for and be aware of in these hours is, 'reckless and unbridled insanity'. This can come in different forms from ridiculous and embarrassing, to malicious and threatening. Here's an example of the first kind. I'd like to add that regardless of both of these men being overblown caricatures of themselves, a bet is a bet. You don't later say you were joking. Random shootings, the murders of 'connected' employees of various agencies and the insane public theft of public monies from anyone and everyone by those who have already stolen more than they could ever spend, is an example of the other.

Here's an example of truly twisted insanity. If you click on the guy's photo, you get a nice blowup and you can look into his eyes. Remember the Nietzsche quote about looking overlong into the abyss. Then there is that enduring cesspit in America, whose members wear t-shirts that says, “8 is too late”. This kind of thing is a routine Fantasy Island for Central Bankers and their ilk, in many fields of endeavor. You see, once you get to a certain level of doing evil, you start to do it for the sheer joy of it. You seek out ways in order to vilify your soul and destroy any remaining personal qualities that might have some taint of goodness upon them; Kissinger, Rockefeller, the Rothschilds, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and sundry, are all examples of this, along with their tools like David Cameron, false front Hollande, Madame LeGarde, which almost rhymes with Dufarge, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Bwak! Obama, the Clintons and many others. They're all residents of Sick City.

Then there are the ironically insane, like these characters, who go under the title of ethicists. In these times people, conditions and events are all identified and labeled as their opposites, just like in the novel 1984; 'war is peace', 'freedom is slavery'. You get the idea.

There's also the sad and pathetic form of insanity, like that exampled by Alex Jones. Anyone who was still on the fence about him shouldn't be anymore after this*:

*Related: The Man with the Bullhorn is a Lying Sack of Shit

Some upcoming declarations by Alex might be that the Native Americans control the music business and the publishing market is in the hands of some mean assed Maldivians. It's not going to be too long before Alex's head explodes, or simply unscrews itself and floats away like a Mylar balloon. Let's not overlook a few of the other vultures in the Gatekeeper camp, like Chomsky and Greg Palast, both of them are 9/11 truth deniers who want to stay on the right side of their Israeli paymasters. Chomsky even goes so far as to say that it doesn't matter who did 9/11. There needs to be a highly trafficked blog called “The Wall of Shame”, where a bio and litany of the crimes of such men and women are listed, next to a picture of them.

It's rare when you see the other side of the equation such as in the case of Philip Giraldi, who by some strange twist of fate, managed to hold on to his integrity and honor. The names of these exceptions are all too few. For some reason, the possession of real courage, conviction, honor and integrity, are considered to be liabilities for the upwardly mobile, who are actually on an Escher like conveyance where, though they appear to be going up, are actually going down. It's some kind of weird trick of vision. First the perceptions are compromised and then the senses fall into line. When one scans the tabloids (which I seldom do) one sees a large population of pawns, cavorting in toxic pools of vanity and self adulation. They've got the sweet life on a string, ♫sitting on a rainbow, got the string around their fingers♫ They live their oh so public lives, from within their private shells, dancing under the influence of poisonous intoxications. They are mad. They are all mad and... because they are the norm and because the pornographic Zionist press owns the mediums of information, the general public accepts it all as being reality.

The Zionists also own the pornography empire, juxtaposed with their control of all alternative sexual organizations, control of the largest and most powerful atheist society and the art world where they own over 90% of the galleries, so they can determine what sort of offensive and puerile efforts constitute art in this age of depravity; that would be the sort of age they would flourish in. They control all kinds of things. Now all of this is provably true and one doesn't have to go to any great lengths to prove it. Of course, there needs to be a motivation to know the truth; few want that heavy liability.

Remember how it works, first you lie to yourself in order to pursue the path of self-interest and then you lie to others in order to facilitate it. This puts you at the mercy of those who feed off of the industry of self interest. The money changers rule most everyone's access to the fulfillment of the dreams of self-interest, so both your ambitions and your moral compass, are hijacked somewhere along the way. For most this is perfectly acceptable. As long as you have a place at the trough and can stand behind the velvet ropes, with the rest of the privileged and doomed, it's all good. Later will take care of later; you bet it will. You bet it will.

Things are turning about in various circles because the runaway freaks can't seem to stop themselves. For the moment, the boys in the back are simply throwing the little fish under the bus. The thing is, that's not going to satisfy the cosmic imperative. What the long entrenched vampires and parasites don't get is that eventually there comes a time when they get dealt with and that time is here. In the past, all they had to do was mess up the economic system, such as happened in the 30's in the US. They could also cause a major war and feed on the chaos, while the populations died in them.

I have certainly given you much to study and ponder over. You can argue over the details presented here but it won't do you any good. These things are all true, just as some of the biggest and universally accepted lies in the world are not true. People come to an impasse in their minds, trying to comprehend how there could be such monsters in our midst. They can't get their heads around how anyone could come to be like these fiends and casually slaughter millions, without a flicker of conscience anywhere along the way. You're not dealing with human beings here. You are dealing with demons from the pit, who have taken over these human forms, often at the invitation of the original owner, in exchange for a share in the dark delights of such accomplishments.

You don't get to the place where you can countenance such considerations in one lifetime. You have to be determined and persistent, just as are those headed in the opposite direction. They have their guides, just as do the others. It comes down to what you value and what you are willing to give up in order to achieve it; whatever it may be. Sometimes you come into a life with such a drive to a particular end that you are incapable of taking any alternative route. Every event in your life is turned toward the object of this drive. No other options succeed to any degree. One is always forced back on to the original path. Such is the case with myself and, no doubt, with some of the readers as well. For a time we look at the inconsistencies of our existence and our failure to accomplish very much in terms of distinguishing ourselves one way or another. This can depress and confuse us but... sooner or later, we realize, due to the descent of a greater awareness, that real success was something entirely different from what we might have imagined it to be at another time.

This is why I hammer on 'for the purpose of demonstration' and 'everything is under control'. These are the real bookends of existence. Acknowledging the reality of these statements, composing the parameters of our state, leads us much more quickly to our ultimate goal. There is a great deal more to realize and achieve than the tawdry trinkets and tin-horn titles of plastic Ken and Barbie World. For some reason, massive crowds flock to the entryways of treacle land. They all want to be dipped in caramel and displayed in some toney shop window. Unfortunately, that's not caramel but there's no accounting for taste or the degree of deception that operates down here.

The possession of tranquility and serenity, so far outclass the possession of most everything else, that you can't even see everything else from there. That might well be one of the things that tranquility and serenity rely on for residence within you. We live and move in a perfect orchestration. If we can’t see that then there is something we are not amenable to and we had better acquire amendable before something else acquires us. These are very, very important times. A certain gravitas in our awareness would not be unwelcome.

End Transmission.......

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Songwriter by Les Visible

There will be a radio broadcast Sunday night.

I'd like to introduce you to a colorful character, a gifted artist named Vladimir Kato. If you go into his photos and click on 'albums' you will see some of his work. I dined with him in Romania when I was there and he was most hospitable, engaging and entertaining in a really old school way.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Step on the Gas and Save your Ass!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always smell the Plumeria, even if you are in Norway.

I know a place (it is the highest note above the keening of the wind-grin). I wonder if there's a rule against quoting yourself? Or if, technically, it's okay for a question mark to go after that last sentence (grin again)? End digression...

I know a place; several some-wheres actually, where the living is cheap and ♫the living is easy♫ I don't know about jumping fish, although I do have a passing familiarity with being high. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I haven't engaged those gears in awhile. I wonder what's going on up there at the moment? I wonder because... there's a lot going on down here at the moment. This is guaranteed to piss some people off and make everyone else very uneasy and “I'll guaran-damn-t it” (bonus points if you know the film that came from).

I know a place where you can live free and not die, not right away that is. I know a place where life is in bloom and where you are in the bud but... short of good water and benevolent sunlight and... you can take that to the bank; yes, even in times like this. I know a place where, for an investment of 100,000 dollars, in some business or what have you, or, by purchasing a house or land in excess of 200,000 dollars in value, you get automatic residency.

I understand that few of you have either amount, though I KNOW some of you do. However 20 of us can come up with that no sweat and then work out the details of how to get everyone cleared on residency; that always works out if you know the right people and- as a failsafe- you have a port for back and forth in a nearby country, until it all gets worked out; visible has done the research so...

I am writing this today as part of my six month program, “Save your Ass”. Now, of course, the reader knows that I am less concerned with that portion of myself than I am with a more rarefied portion of my being but... sometimes, saving the party of the first part, grants the time to make conversation with the party of the second part and... I assure you that is definitely on the menu in this place I know.

This place is directly aligned with the Kundalini of the planet and certain august personages have already declared it to be” The New Tibet”. Rumors and legends abound, concerning an order of beings of high consciousness to be resident in these environs. Spanish is the easiest language of all to learn. Night time ear-buds grant subliminal programming, which enhances ones daytime investments.

The reason for the “Save your Ass” program is due to an increasing sense of fatalism on the part of a growing number of readers and... skilled as I am in demographics, I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of worrying about Goldberg and his minions, along with all of his kept and neutered servants and pets. I am not in despair. I'm brimming with optimism and enthusiasm and you should be too but... what is it that those of you in despair do not possess that I do possess (along with a certain number of the rest of you)? We possess a certitude of destination, along with a security of way stations, filled with all needed transitions that insure a hearty welcome at the final port of call; not that any port of call is final because that takes away all kinds of things that make existence worthwhile and enjoyable. Since you can never plumb the depths, or scale the heights of what I like to call Love; which is the primary motive engine of existence, both its source and its goal, you are not likely to get bored or ever come to the end of it because it is infinite and limitless.

Environment has a lot to do with people's state of mind. This is one reason a large portion of those able to do so, take vacations to sunny climes in order to recharge their batteries, reflect on their lives or ♫party like it's 1999♫ That's the year I migrated and it will be right close to the time of year as that when I migrate again.

Okay, let's investigate the uncertainty principle; not you Heisenberg. What's Visible's angle on this? It's nothing more than giving your ass peace of mind. I don't need any of you to do this. It's already a fait accompli for me and less hassle overall anyway; possibly even much less hassle. Over time some number of people have lost faith in me. This is as it should be and the means used to achieve this were intentional. Some have stayed the course. This is as it should be too. Continuing...

I and others are already brainstorming forms of economic solvency and not in a small way. Am I a deranged individual? People who have spent any time around me in the long term would dispute that and I don't know how many times I have to say, “for the purpose of demonstration”. Some might think that's a convenient out for me but the lion's share of information that anyone possesses about the life and times of Visible, you got from me. My job at this juncture is not to attempt to disabuse you of anything. You will think what you like until that changes or doesn't. I rest my case with unshakeable permanence on; “We shall see” and on that account we can be certain. Okay, that's out of the way. Details will be sorted when the need appears.

Let us consider your own level of economic solvency, or lack thereof. Those in lack are not using their Creative Imagination and I suggest you see...


The Empress

...about that.

I am convinced of this power and exercise it now and again with palpable results. You can begin to make serious coin commensurate with your abilities at any time. I'll just provide one example and a small philosophical tailer. Ebay provides you a medium that many others are using, with various levels of success. In some cases this is huge. To prove this out you need only explore the site and any search engine will give you more examples than you can read. You can sell anything on Ebay just about, except for Tribe inspired memorabilia and a few other things. This is where the Creative Imagination comes into play (for some reason her dress is not green). If you're not making bucks, you're not applying yourself. You got six months on my clock. I don't know what it says on the watch of the cosmos. I can't provide anything in the way of anything for you upon arrival, so far as I know at this point, except encouragement and certain techniques. Some of you already have these.

If you want an out and a whole new situation, in which to explore what you came here for, that's feasible. I will do this and you can too. We all know that critical mass is approaching and we know that one of the most violent battlefields will be the United States. They intend this. It's a given that the dynamics can change at any time. The miraculous can occur. There could be a coup. For all I know, flying saucers will appear in the sky and dispense galactic justice on the more viral aspects of the Tribe and those who work for them. They worship a God who hungers for blood and... providing that, they gain certain occult powers. It's how it works. Those who serve and/or curry favor with the infernal regions, know what the coin of the realm is. One might profit from studying the martyring process of Avatars by contrast. All kinds of information is readily available for those with the stones and industry to look into the well and into the mirror.

Anyway, the “Save your Ass” program begins today and encompasses all sorts of choices, not necessarily my own. Encouragement is here for whatever ideal you begin to focus upon, 'with a will'. “Avast ye scum, (whack! Sounds of whips falling) put yer backs into it”! I can proffer no invite from my own source but I can definitely work on options as I go. I suggest if you want to come along that you get a TEFL certificate and probe the various universities that offer a degree for life experience. Given a passable acquaintance with Spanish (and the aforementioned) you can make upwards of 20,000 Euro a year (not paid in Euro but researched in that currency from my end). You can live very well on half that and perks are usually included.

The internet is flush with money making opportunities, not all of them are bogus and you can read impartial reviews about any of them. There are books for sale and for free, that diagram how to go about the process of making money through Ebay ...and other options exist as well. Plenty of people are doing these things and doing plenty well as a result. You can read all about it if you want to. You can do your own searches; prove it out or refute it!I suggest that each of you reading my pitch, observe and analyze their hesitation, resistance and enthusiasm for what has been said here. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. You don't have to come where I am. You can even find a place in your own country. You can find communities looking for able and willing hearts and hands. Don't be a dullard who lets their light go out. Don't buy into the atmosphere of despair that is being broadcast through the ethers and airwaves. Recognizing the existence of these is the first step toward counteracting them. You have access to a power that is far greater than that which oppresses you. Make contact. Open a channel! I am speaking from verified experience on these matters and so have many another through time.

The only difference between yourself and a truly exceptional person is their belief in their abilities and their willingness to act on and with them. They also have vision. They can see it in their minds. Anything you can clearly visualize is already a reality on the plane it precipitates down from. We're talking about cosmic law here and many have proven it. This you can research as well. I recommend the works of Ernest Holmes (don't go ordering books from this location, I think that feature of the site is down) if you are having trouble revving your engine, or can't find where you would like to think you are headed on the map, because it is blurry or lacking in detail. At this site are some number of articles from Holmes that are very useful in bringing certain practices clearly into your mind. This fellow walked the talk. I am somewhat familiar with his life. Step on the Gas and Get it in gear and get out of there to anywhere you can imagine yourself to be.

End Transmission.......

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Google and Blogger are seriously messing with me lately, just so you know. I'm going to look into transferring the blogs to a neutral location; possibly as pages added to my website.

This weekends radio show is now available for streaming.