Friday, March 29, 2024

"God Speaks in Vibrations. God is A Vibration. God is His Word. His Speech Travels Along The Lines of The Intuition."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I experienced what I can only call a miracle yesterday evening. I still cannot get my head around it. I've seen some wild things in my time and had the reality of God's Power proven to me again, and... I could say... again... and again... more times than there is space in this posting.

All day... the chemtrails, which apparently do not exist... according to official sources... who call it a conspiracy theory, had caused the sky to become completely opaque. Since everything the government says is a lie... that is proof that they are real because everything the government says is a lie.

It's so obvious... it is exactly like the woman walking in on her husband having sex with another woman, and he says; “Nothing happened. I didn't do anything. Who are you going to believe? Me... or your lying eyes?”

All day this chemical attack got thicker and obscured The Sun and sky. I went out at sunset and it was the same, but I treated the moment as if The Sun were there because... for me... it is.

Then I went inside. About fifteen minutes later I saw that there were violet clouds here and there outside my window, so... I went back outside to see, AND... all the chemtrail nonsense was GONE!!! There were a few of the usual clouds... some orange around the departed sun and the violet clouds already mentioned. The Chemtrail effluvia was gone! The milky effect was gone!

Not fifteen minutes earlier, I had prayed with great intensity that The Divine would wash the skies. He told me that... whatever it was... I was to bring it to his attention and leave it there, and he would handle it, no... matter... what, and... for once... I got it. My pestering Heaven works contrary to the prayer's success. Then? All the chemtrail poison is gone!!! There was no wind. It simply dissolved. Hallelujah!!!

I had already decided to write about chemtrails today, and this... this happened. You really had to be here to get the impact of it. Thank you, Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had been told... recently... that big surprises were coming for me. This qualifies, but the amazing thing is that it had been on my mind all day. I was a bit down and depressed. I had felt weighed down by malicious entities. I didn't say anything to anyone. I knew it was just weather, and... in fact... when I mentioned it to the angel... I was told exactly that.

I went outside to celebrate the sunset that wasn't there. I was told to leave it in God's hands, and that my not doing so was what hindered my prayers being answered. I had known this for some time, but my denial and resistance precluded my true surrender... my utter reliance. This time... something let go in me, and I got it... viscerally. I walked back inside, and ten... fifteen minutes later I saw the violent clouds... individualized... through my window. It did not register with me that I shouldn't be seeing this... because the whole sky had been dense milk just that small amount of time before.

Now... it is the next day... the sky is clear, but... not off in the margins it isn't. There are so many unexplained mysteries. Some of them... like the mysteries of timeless allurements... and sexual magnetism... when you unravel them... nothing remains.

I know what I saw last evening. I know... at least... what that means. It means that something that was there... suddenly disappeared... by no identifiable agency. This is not the sort of thing that happens often. I've never seen it before. This was very different. I suspect that very different is going to become commonplace soon. Sooner or later... what you have been waiting for... arrives. In some cases... it never arrives. The person waiting was delusional, and In Times of Material Darkness, you can expect that to be a widespread condition.

Those who wait on The Divine... however... are not disappointed... because... there is nothing delusional about it.

We've made these sites Flat Earth Free Zones. A certain amount of stupid must enter all of our lives on occasion, BUT... Big Stupids... if you can bar the door, that's a public service. In another location where these blog postings are seen, there is a dedicated group of Flat Earth believers in residence.

One of them just went on about how The Pole Star doesn't move. I had to wonder if that person knew why that star... Polaris... is called The Pole Star.

Then I realized it wouldn't matter. People in denial cannot be moved. They are ALSO fixed in some way, and things have to move around them because they are not going to be moved. I call them Rocks in The Stream. Flowing water is the force that handles rocks in The Stream... just as Love... eventually... wears away all resistance.

Bad ideas die out with the people who hold them. Of course, certain superstitions do continue. They are a form of mind parasite. Some people think there are monsters in the woods. Some people carry monsters within them wherever they go.

The biggest question for me is... what is the motivation for believing The Earth is flat? Especially when... observably... none of the other planetary bodies are flat. Why would someone want to believe The Sun was only a few thousand miles away? Here is a forum at The Flat Earth Society arguing about how far away The Sun is. Some people believe The Earth was created 6,000 years ago.

I am certain that what I believe to be true... insofar as it is even possible for me to know... would be considered even more far out to most people than The Earth being flat... The Sun being 3,000 miles away or The Earth being only 6,000 years old. However... I ALWAYS... when possible... prove out what I suspect to be so. I trust but verify. I... most especially... study what The Wise... from the far reaches of time, and from the far corners of The Square Earth have said about anything and everything.

I also know that there are some things I must keep to myself.

Here is the interesting feature. They mostly ALL agree on various things seen and unseen. It doesn't matter whether they were Zoroastrian or Mithraic... Buddhist or Christian or Hindu... Muslim or Jew; be they men and women of wisdom... they all agree on certain things. Whether they are separated by thousands of years... or miles... or the tenets of conflicting beliefs... within their various cultures and religions... they all agree.

Most importantly, I have the benefit of The Intuition. I suspect... that all of those I am referring to... also had the benefit of The Intuition. The Intuition is a line of communication that is open to the vibrations of The Divine. God speaks in vibrations. God is a vibration. God is his word. His speech travels along the lines of The Intuition... where it is then translated... into whatever language a specific mind uses.

There are degrees of clarity and power that move on the communication lines of The Intuition. Some have high-tension lines, and some have rudimentary cup and cord devices. (grin) I have observed... directly and in real-time... the evolution of my own intuition... from a rudimentary and intermittent vehicle; like a used Volkswagen Golf... to a new Audi A8. Step by step we improve in the direction we are going in. Step by step we get closer to that which we are headed toward. Step by step we evolve.

Some of us move faster than others because we are more passionate and driven. Sometimes we are also brighter and that makes a difference as well. This applies to those headed in the direction of Evil just as it does those headed in the direction of Good... or God... because only God is good.

Unfortunately... for most people... they just buzz around in circles because their lives are based on sensation and appetite satisfaction. The truly committed... whether we be evil or good... realize that sacrifices must be made in order to continue to evolve in our chosen direction. The truly good and truly evil are both extremely disciplined. You don't get very far in either direction without it. I know this. I have learned it the hard way. Some are more fortunate in this regard.

There is a line in The Bible that says; ”So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.” The ordinary world has a lot to learn about Good and Evil and I doubt that will ever happen... except in the more light-filled times... just up ahead.

A very happy Easter to you all!!! May this one be special. May Critical Mass arrive. May the dominoes finally begin to tumble. May The Avatar come to life in every waiting heart, and may The Golden Age arrive.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

"It is an Insanity that Drives Those... With Far More than They Need... To Commit Crimes no Conscience Can Long Endure."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It is a general rule of thumb that people with too much money are... by nature... Satanic. Satanism and Materialism are indistinguishable. You could say the one is an acolyte of Satan and the other of Mammon... is there really any great difference there? So... it should come as no surprise that... they only give away money when they have to... when either the government or public opinion forces their cold... tight... clutching... hands.

It should also come as no surprise that when they are compelled one way or another to part with a pittance of their wealth... they will donate it to the most disruptive sorts of agendas; George Soros exemplifies this form of giving.

The rest seek out venues that make them look good in the eyes of other tight-fisted motherfuckers.

I am not saying all rich people are evil. There is a percentage... a much smaller percentage... that seeks to do good... sees themselves as stewards of that wealth. MOST OF THE TIME though... most of the time... there's something in it for them... whatever course the money takes. It is in... the... nature... of... The Beast.

If I were to tell you what awaits the rich... later on down the road... you would never envy them again. They have forged... brick by brick... a hard road to go. I could attempt to illustrate some of the end results... for there are many end results... each tailored to the specific needs of the individual. I will demur. Let me simply say... that your imagination is not equal to the ingenious minds of those whose job it is to choreograph what waits for them... event-wise... in a location they built for themselves... with every step they did... and did not take... to get there.

Being rich is a matter of Karma... it happens according to what you can borrow... or have invested... in the building fund's resources. Some people stay poor for one lifetime after another. Some do this intentionally... because they don't want any part of the Hell that being rich brought them to... the last time they had a season there. That's how bad it can get.

Anyone who has ever wondered how such great cultures... such marvelous collaborations of trade... art... and all kinds of wonders from round The World... could fall from such a bustling and industrious state; look now at those vermin who mean to tear it down and rebuild it in their own toxic image. Look at the murderous insanity that drives those... with more than they could ever need... to commit crimes no conscience could long endure... to bring political and social systems into existence... whose previous history shows only carnage and cruelty... on an unimaginable scale.

Look to the minds that created these systems... who instituted these systems, and who maintained and operated these systems. Their names are known. Their genealogy is known. Their complete failure... at the cost of hundreds of millions of lives... is known.

Now... the very stupid among us, along with the very compromised and corrupted, as well as the completely evil... have joined hands in an effort to bring a horrific bleakness to human life. Their wealth and indifference... to anything other than the satisfaction of their own needs... has made them selfish and arrogant enough that they might be... and have been... possessed by ancient forces who bear no love for humanity, and seek to wreak unspeakable horrors upon all life.

They imagine that they are Gods. Even now... one of the world's smallest and richest demographics... plots to exterminate the poorest demographic on Earth. They intend to do it while The Whole World is watching. Then they intend to spin your understanding of it through the hydra-headed mouthpieces they employ to that end. They are going to fail... Big Time. This is their Waterloo.

Nearly 80 years ago... as invaders... these monsters in human form... began to exterminate and exile this race of Palestinians from their homeland. Over the decades... until now, they have forced them to live in concentration camp settings, after years of hand-wringing, and whining about their own oppression; brought about mostly by their own bad behavior. They seek to visit endless atrocities on a people whose only crime was to be on lands they coveted for themselves.

You see their apologists every day in The Lying Media. They have amassed unbelievable material fortunes through fraud... usury... and theft. They can afford to purchase the most skillful liars to trumpet their causes. Their real intentions are to murder everyone who opposes them and to enslave the entire world. That is no longer in question; not since their Killer Vaccine campaign has taken the lives of so many millions of people.

In Basel... about 130 years ago... a ravening psychopath created something called Zionism. It led to what happened to The Palestinians, BUT it also includes a blueprint for the same thing to happen to the Syrian People... The Iraqi People... and a number of others, and... once they get those locations... they will find they need more than that still. They believe everyone besides themselves is lower than dogs, and they can do what they like to them. It says this in their own holy books.

People who are afraid of them, and people that they have purchased... support whatever they want whenever they want it. The Devil... even though he exists as a distortion of something entirely different than he classically appears to be... is still very real, and he has his people that he has also purchased, and he has empowered them with dark magics that are especially powerful in Times of Material Darkness.

However... I am here to tell you that even one righteous soul... with a working relationship with The Kingdoms of Light... need have no fear of The Devil and all his armies of night.

We are presently upon a large battlefield... which covers much of the formerly civilized world. Though the conflagration blazes in only certain locations at the moment... all it takes is a change in the wind, and the whole world might become engulfed in the horrors of war... directly or... indirectly. Existence is perched on a knife's edge. It could go either way. It could go over the edge or... it could veer away from the brink. I suggest that both will happen in different locations.

Were it not that there is a living divine entity... there would be no hope for humanity, BUT... there is an eternally living... divine being. It is an incomprehensible creature of light. Where duality is the interaction that gives us our material state... light casts a shadow. When carnal pursuits become stronger than spiritual pursuits... The Shadow grows large and looms over the hearts and minds of those who live there... then... those things that take place in the shadows become the common state.

I could write page after page... without end... and never encompass the whole of it. Others have been at it for centuries and still more continue to write in the present day... the tale unwinding never ends, BUT... it does end in certain locations... before migrating to the next locations. You can either see what is going on or... you see what you desire or you fear. Neither of these is real in any enduring fashion, BUT... there you damn well are... if there... you are.

The problem that exists... for those who seek to force their will upon The World... is that they NEVER first get command of themselves... before they set out to command everyone else. This ALWAYS leads to their downfall... and their endless efforts... to control The World... all fail, and occur... ONLY... For The Purpose of Demonstration. You don't have to be a player in these awful moments unless you have decided to be. Mind... how... you... go!!!

Those who have failed to take command of themselves... are about to learn a telling lesson worldwide... when the force of change comes up within them, and... there they were... poised and so ready... for it to happen on the outside of them. Oops!

Certain forces of destiny have been loosed in The World, and They Will Accomplish the intentions of The One who set them loose. Nothing can stop them. Even now... aspects of these forces... squirm like centipedes... in the minds of those seeking to do evil in The World. By turns... they feel the hot breath on the backs of their necks... followed by invisible... chilling... fingers... walking up and down their spines. THEY... ARE... DRIVEN! They are driven to their doom.

I take no pleasure... concerning any of the terrible fates... that are about to befall those who have caused them to happen. It is truly unfortunate. Even now... there is much that they could do... to militate against what is coming for them. They... however... resist every effort of the mercy that is yet available to them. Soon that window will close, and an entirely new world will rise up all around them, and... they will no longer be... here.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, March 21, 2024

"It is So-Called because It Is Unchanging in Meaning and Outcome. This... WILL Get You That, and That... WILL Get You This."

God Poet Transmitting.......

What if it all got taken away... what would you do? Yesterday, I said to my friend, I know time has been speeding up in recent years... decades, BUT... lately it has been moving at a ridiculous clip. I don't know if there is a connection... because suddenly... just today... everything is taking twice as long to take place as it was taking when I said that yesterday.

Today is... traditionally... the first day of Spring, BUT... I heard from some corner... of the speculating world... that it really happened a day and a half... two days ago; can't remember exactly when now, or who said it either.

I don't know what is and is not relevant here. What I know is that I made a comment yesterday, and now... time has slowed down. It has slowed down enough that I can note the difference at regular intervals.

I first noticed it... this morning... when I went out to greet The Sun and exchange pleasantries; that sounds better than performing rituals does. Anyway... rituals are something that are the same... format-wise every time you perform them. What I do is not. There is a spontaneity and a flow going on.

I expected The Sun to appear within a minute or two... no more than that... I wound up standing there for what seemed to be longer than five minutes and might have been longer still. It felt longer. I had a moment where I thought; maybe it's not coming this morning. Yes... that's absurd. Still...

Something very curious is taking place. My first reaction to that is always; is it happening external to me, and something that others might be experiencing too, or... is it completely subjective? If it was just the time, I wouldn't even be bringing it up, and I don't have much of a sample size anyway; do I? It's not just the time. The birds are acting funny too, and that's not all. I don't want to start itemizing weird and out-of-place events. Let's just say... things are not what I had formerly been accommodated to.

Also... I am having this sense that... suddenly... nothing of any note is happening in The World. I couldn't get any real news links over the last couple of days, and most of what I have for today isn't really news. Then... it hit me that this eclipse is only a little more than two weeks away.

It has been noted MANY times that before something of enormous significance takes place, all sorts of anomalies begin to occur; the weather might go funny... one's time sense gets distorted... odd events take place. Now... there hasn't been any chemtrail action for almost a week. Before, I was seeing it nearly every single day.

The World had been getting more and more out-of-wack, and exponentially so... to the same degree that time appeared to be speeding up. Was it actually speeding up? That might be a matter for debate, BUT... The World going out of wack is not. The World has been going sideways by leaps and bounds. Now... it feels like the 80s all of a sudden.

What I suspect is that something is going on behind the scenes, and tremors from it... premonitions... something... something... are in the air. I can feel them. Writing this post... so far... has been similar to swimming in molasses. Normally, I don't even have to think about it. Words appear on the screen and before I am even aware of it, I'm done. Often enough, I have to go back and read it to see what got written down.

Yes... this could all be me, but I have found... through experience... proven out many times over... that I am usually ahead of the curve in such things. Every time I leave somewhere... the place I left turns into a place I am glad I left in time. I can feel certain things happening before they do. This is normal life for me. I am constantly... palpably aware of forces and presences I cannot see. I get a kind of play-by-play through my day, and that has arrived at a point where it is right there all the time now. I check in and I am met with an immediate response. Often I don't have to even check it.

What I have been hearing... at regular intervals now... is that BIG CHANGES are about to occur far and wide. I'm told there's nothing for me to worry about because it has nothing to do with me... since I am already listening. Many are not listening, and WILL... NOT... LISTEN... unless something powerful shakes them to the root of their being. I am told that this is unavoidable.

I have been told that selfish perspectives... self-involvement... self-obsession... looking-glass fever... vanity disorder... infantile regression, Carnal Hunger Syndrome, and a host of similar maladies... are the order of the day at this time. This is because Materialism has advanced to such a state that those caught up in it are completely absorbed in the spectacles external to them, and all sense of objective awareness has been lost in the minds of a vast sea of individuals playing monkey see... monkey do.

It is a common thing now to see large groups of people... wherever groups may gather... pathologically fixated on their cellphone screens. I cannot imagine what they are seeing that is so incredibly hypnotic! I see more people captivated by these tiny screens than people who are not captivated by these tiny screens. I have observed an endless flow of individuals who cannot walk anywhere or do anything without constant recourse to these tiny little screens.

My cellphone sits nearby. It is turned off. It is only turned on once a month or so for a short period of time.

People are recording everything and anything. They don't seem to be doing this consciously. People are itemizing their existence... as if every little trivial act... in their trivial little lives... had some sort of mystical significance. They are texting pictures of their meals, with detailed commentaries. They are huge schools of mesmerized fish... opening and closing their mouths on the other side of a glass enclosure. Then... hundreds of them wink away as if some signal... that only they could hear... had triggered the reaction.

The mind currents... that those of us with telepathic capacities can hear... are filled with whining complaints about nothing at all. There is an undercurrent of incipient terror that seems to be a common subliminal presence. Fear and Agitation are very much in the room... wherever the room may be. The sense of disconnectedness is startling. The Hive Mind is filled with transitory identities that could be formatted in the blink of an eye. Caution! All data will be erased in 20... 15... 10...

...I don't know. I can say these things cause I know... they won't cause any kind of panic. I don't have that kind of reach, and I'm not transmitting that sort of a message, besides... whaddya gonna do anyway? You know... just as I know... without either of us possessing the comprehensive details... that something world-shaking and of a spiritual nature is going to be taking place almost any time. It's going to manifest in both tragic and wonderful circumstances... surgically precise in terms of location and population.

Some will not see it as a spiritual event, and some will not be able to help seeing it as a spiritual event.

It seems to me that The Same Thing is going to look radically different to different groups of people. Where one group will be delighted by what happens, other groups will be driven that last... short... distance... to utter madness. Materialism... it now seems to me... is a mental illness. It divorces you from yourself, and however far afield... your sense of what is real... may depart from what is real... is the distance you must travel to return to your senses... to your reasonable and rational self... allegorically speaking.

I've been told that there is nothing anyone can do about what is in The Event Horizon. It is the culmination of several millennia of minutiae, dutifully recorded, and all of it precisely orchestrated into place for a judgment in situ. Everything will be attended to in the exact nature of what it is. Existence is an investment that has been handled in every manner that one could imagine to be possible.

I was told that those who have been seeking The Indwelling must persist in their efforts because The Indwelling is coming to greet them in kind. Those who are outwardly seeking... will also find it coming to greet them in kind... according to that which they are seeking... in terms of its meaning... its value... and its shelf life.

Everything is an investment, and you have been making investments during your entire tenure here. You will receive the full accounting of it... with interest, and... THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE! However... now it is a whole other order of return... attended by the knowledge and understanding of the one who is so involved. For some, there will be a continuing sameness. For others, The World will be stood upon its head. It will be whatever it needs to be.

Inspired scripture is an enduring tenet of Ageless Wisdom... so-called because it is unchanging in meaning and outcome. This... will get you That, and That... will get you This. What if it all got taken away? What would you do?

End Transmission.......

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Monday, March 18, 2024

"Soon Will Appear a Kaleidoscope of Butterflies, but... from Whence Comes The Butter? Is it from Churning The Air?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was listening to that Fentanyl-laced song “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel and thinking, Hmm... that's actually a mental illness now. I haven't been there in years, BUT... from a distance... yeah, another song started paraphrasing in my mind (happens a lot) ♫ Satan is watching us (but not) from a distance ♫

(Note; I think Billy Joel was one of the better romantic lyricists of the last century. He wasn't usually my cup of tea but he was very good at what he did. I was only referring to the subject matter and the musical arrangement. (grin)

If... by their works, ye shall know them... then The Devil seems to be almost everywhere these days. The greater the concentration of people... the more his presence. Someone is stirring up a war between The Hindus and The Muslims all-of-a-sudden. The Blood Tie Virus is a big deal in Eastern countries; family and religious feuds... blood oaths... horrible treatment of women... anything that exists as a contrast between the way different people do the same thing... in different ways... at different locations.

In one of the greatest films ever made; “The Man Who Would Be King,” Sean Connery and Michael Caine are making their way upstream through villages... getting information and hearing complaints... one thing they hear... in each village they pass through... is that the villagers upstream... are pissing in the stream... to the detriment of the people living downstream.

This is a metaphor for the kinds of uninformed tensions that arise all over The World... between people in some kind of proximity to each other OR... (in these times) at a greater distance. Probably someone is pissing in the stream on occasion, but the reality is... probably... more along the lines of The Truth... not even getting its pants on... before a lie is halfway around The World.

The Devil is The Father of Lies, and you can identify his followers by the lies they tell. Lies are nearly always present to either advance the profit interests of the liars... OR... to militate against bad behavior that it would be inconvenient for them to cop to. Often enough... the lie being told... is in the act of pointing the finger at someone else... to distract from the fact that the liars are the ones actually responsible for that behavior.

The most successful liars... are those who are not restrained... by any hesitations... caused by the possession of a conscience. Usually, the most successful liars have a lot to do with money, and... the movement of money. The best place to find the most productive liars... these days... is in The Media. Simply check to see who owns and operates the greatest amount of media, and... presto! You have found the liars. If they are also engaged in the creation of money as well. Then you have hit the mother lode.

I went in to fix my lunch, and I asked the music box to stream songs by James Taylor. The music can vary widely here; often it is not recorded music; mostly there is none at all, except what is playing in my head. I hadn't heard James in a while. As I listened, I remembered how he ruled the atmosphere of that period of time. It caused memories to flood through my mind, and then... “Shower The People” came on and took me back. It's a beautiful song. He wrote a lot of beautiful songs. He was a troubadour in the sense that his songs were often stories.

That period of time was guided by the messages in the music, as was the time before it... and the time that followed until the music turned to shit. A lot of it is now acts of public masturbation and has no connection to music in any way that I understand it. You would think that chronic masturbators would improve in their technique. You would think anyone would get better at something the more they do it. This is not so in the area of music... for some reason. If it's all in the wrist... then their wrists are retarded.

The music of the times reflects the tenor of the times. One might say that the soundtrack... now that the masturbators have taken over... is artificially formulated to drive the times... rather than to reflect the times. They seek to manipulate the emotional climate of the times. This is observably so. Inspiration has left the room in nearly every area of artistic expression. It won't stay that way. A change is gonna come. The arts are a form of media... to stir the subconscious. The Usual Suspects have turned poetry into pornography.

Oh! The horrific crash... the resounding sound... when the monster... Bill Gates... hits the ground, and the echoing chorus of The Rising Dead... when Rothschild, Soros, and Satanyahu... are stood on their heads. What a day it shall be... when the light of liberty... dawns upon the darkness of these times... when the orcs and their fellows are driven back into the shadows... when all shadows are felled beneath The Sun... that pierces as it shines... when The Avatar has come. When The Avatar has come.

Already... we hear mighty footsteps, but we see no forms. The wind has changed, and Nature has paused. She rises from the intoxication of the spells... that caused her to sleep... while deluded souls tore at her garments and tried to sully what they could never reach. Soon, there will appear a kaleidoscope of butterflies, but... from whence comes the butter. Is it from churning the air?

She is restored in an instant. The Profane can never enter those inner places where the transcendent ones dwell. In her cloistered bowers... the mysteries are revealed... to everyone who wanted them more than the lies... that surround the door that you must discover... in order to enter in... if... you can see through the concealments.

The World is a vale of mystery to the ignorant. It is a place of death for those who are seeking it, and the first step to immortality for those who can find it. It is what your desires and ambitions make it out to be. The Tears of Mary crystallize in... perfect... cubes... of... salt. The Sulfur drives the engines of formation, and Mercury blueprints the shapes that the Sulfur forges into that... which the Salt holds in form for a period of time.

Time is the playground... of the three stages of change... in all that you see. They are the binding forces of a temporary world.

In Times of Material Darkness... weak men and fallen women twist The Manifest into a realm of evil. This is where we are in the present. This is where many of us... wait on The Shores of Promise... to be taken away from here. One thing about fallen women... there is always someone around to pick them up. They were once the beauties of creation... ravaged at the hands of the despoilers. Woe to them who dishonor The Mother of All Things. Woe to them... indeed... who lead her proxies into darkness and bondage... cause... payback is a bitch.

She is The Everything that surrounds us. She is what binds and what liberates. She is The Fall and The Resurrection... in her redemption... within the chambers of The Secret Heart. God help the ones who seek to defile and abuse her. She is life's infinite potential and this! This is what we have made out of her? (Patrick Willis narrates a piece dedicated to her at the end of the posting)

Until the honor of woman is restored... in the minds of men... there will be no peace, and the womb of Plenty will be made barren. The epidemic of pornography did not come by accident, and... WE KNOW WHO brought it forth. These sleaze-merchants of depravity are soon to discover that there really is a God, who can come in any shape it pleases him to appear in. We all get the response from existence that is appropriate to what we have called up from beneath The Valley of The Mechanical Dolls.

Yesterday... for some unknown reason... I was in one of my old files where I had stored a grab bag of things from some earlier computer transfer. I'd probably never have gone there intentionally because I didn't even know it was there. I clicked on it and there were a hundred or more items.

From what I could glean, the file was created while I was in Europe... almost ten years ago now. I scrolled down and saw something called “The Coming Avatar.” It was the oddest thing. I had no memory of ever having read it. I must have seen it and just stored it away. I have many terabytes of external hard drives connected to my computer... filled with things I will... likely... never see again. This appeared... as so many things do... by mysterious agency. It is quite short... too short in fact. The information is very interesting. Perhaps some might find it useful.

The Coming Avatar
Dorje Jinpa

Do not overly concern yourself with the antics of Klaus Schwab and his catamite cabin boy, Harari. Do not be disturbed by the terrible faces of The Lost who dominate the headlines, and force their nightmares of a Brave New World upon your minds. Don't let the drums of war curdle your blood. The sounds of madness... like The pipes of Pan... are only meant for those who can be moved by them. I would have no reaction. Likely you would have no reaction... because what they call forth is not present in us.

The music that moves the heart to war... or to the stables where the 4 Horsemen wait... is only for those who can hear it. Let not your heart be troubled. A golden age is coming on the heels of The Avatar. Notice the dates mentioned in that treatise, “The Coming Avatar.” Why... those are the years we are in... and... the year that is coming. I can't say one way or the other, BUT... I suspect that objects seen through your windshield are closer than they appear.

One final thought of note; The Flat Earth Bullshit Fabrication... along with Men can give birth... there are 99 bottles of gender on the wall... the smart must become like The Stupid so that they don't feel so bad about being stupid; well... they don't know they are stupid, do they? If they did they would not be stupid. All of this inane ordure is the creation of (lacking) intelligence services who serve The Dark Lord, and who are working harder than usual... to bring in an age of fear and superstition... to perpetuate the rule of The Vampire Overlords. We are the populations they feed on... IF we permit it.

They KNOW an awakening is coming. They know it is here, and they are doing everything they can to turn the tide. They will be buried in the shit storm of their own creations for millennia to come. You can count on that!

These blogs are Flat Earth Free Zones. No dialogue on that subject will be permitted here and no conversations will ensue on this unfortunate trail of road apples that lead to the doom house of Hansel und Gretel.

End Transmission.......

Excerpted... from today's reading of Patanjali's Sutras=

Book 4; continuing from Sutra 25

For him who discerns between the Mind and the Spiritual Man
there comes perfect fruition of the longing after the
real being of the Self.

How many times in the long struggle have the Soul's
aspirations seemed but a hopeless, impossible dream,
a mad-man's counsel of perfection.
Yet every finest, most impossible aspiration shall be realized,
and ten times more than realized,
once the long, arduous fight against the "mind,"
and the mind's world-view is won.
And then it will be seen that unfaith and despair
were but weapons of the "mind", to daunt the Soul,
and put off the day when the neck of the "mind"
shall be put under the foot of the Soul.

Have you aspired, well-nigh hopeless, after immortality?
You shall be paid by entering the immortality of God.

Have you aspired, in misery and pain,
after consoling, healing love?
You shall be made a dispenser of the divine love
of God Himself to weary souls.

Have you sought ardently,
in your day of feebleness, after power?
You shall wield power immortal, infinite,
with God working the works of God.

Have you, in lonely darkness,
longed for companionship and consolation?
You shall have angels and archangels for your friends,
and all the immortal hosts of the Dawn.

These are the fruits of victory. Therefore overcome.
These are the prizes of regeneration. Therefore die to self,
that you may rise again to God.

Thereafter, the whole personal being bends toward illumination,
full of the spirit of Eternal Life.
This is part of the secret of the Soul, that salvation means,
not merely that a soul shall be cleansed and raised to heaven,
but that the whole realm of the natural powers
shall be re-deemed, building up, even in this present world,
the kingly figure of the Spiritual Man.

The traditions of the ages are full of his footsteps;
majestic, uncomprehended shadows, myths, demi-gods,
fill the memories of all the nobler peoples.
But the time cometh, when he shall be known,
no longer demi-god, nor myth, nor shadow,
but the ever-present Redeemer,
working amid men for the life and cleansing of all souls.

In the intervals of the battle, other thoughts will arise,
through the impressions of the dynamic mind images.
The battle is long and arduous.
Let there be no mistake as to that.
Go not forth to this battle without counting the cost.
Ages have gone to the strengthening of the foe.
Ages of conflict must be spent, ere the foe, wholly conquered,
be-comes the servant, the Soul's minister to mankind.

And from these long past ages,
in hours when the con-test flags, will come new foes,
mind-born children springing up to fight for mind,
reinforcements coming from forgotten years, forgotten lives.
For once this conflict is begun,
it can be ended only by sweeping victory,
and unconditional, unre-served surrender of the vanquished.

Patrick Willis narrates In Search of Rest.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

"This Involves What... We at Visible Enterprises Call The Possession Game. It's How You Can Really Get Your Freak On."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The good news is that Rebbe Shmuley Boteach is headed to Haiti to sell his daughter's vibrating buttplugs.

The bad news is that they don't have any batteries there. The good news is that soon there won't be any Haitians in Haiti. The bad news is that they will be in American cities. The Biden Junta needs them in specific locations... because... once you put them in a uniform... they will do anything you pay them to do. One of the essential ingredients in urban pacification is to terrify the residents. It's a good start.

♫ Papa-Oom-Mau-Mau... Papa-Oom-Mau-Mau ♫ Jomo Kenyatta in de hous! One of the main gang leaders there is called Barbeque. I'll leave it to your imagination how he wound up with that sobriquet.

Haiti has a massive volume of Iridium.

They got lots and lots of gold, AND... they got lots of oil, and... did I mention they got a lot of copper? The only problem is they got a lot of Haitians, but... that's being taken care of. It's the same thing in GAZA; don't kid yourself. GAZA has offshore energy deposits that are... massive. However... if there are no Gazans... you see the situation? Good. ALWAYS follow The Money.

How do sexual aids become Kosher? You pay someone to say they are... unless you happen to be one of the people who get paid to say they are. Then you pay yourself. Does it matter as long as everyone gets paid?

Another phrase that was minted here is... The Truth is Antisemitic. You can use that as a yardstick at any time... because... as is the case in all Earth marriages... we are gathered here between God and The Devil to make sure it's all on the level. One rules The Unseen, and the other... heh heh... is also ruled by The Unseen. It has something to do with appearances. It has something to do with how the senses report ONLY that which is perceptible within the bandwidth of their operations.

What has that got to do with The Truth being antisemitic? What have sex toys got to do with religious rituals? Ah!!! Right... right. Okay... I get it. It all depends on the religion, AND... what that religion depends on. It's the Vau in Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh. That's kind of where you get Jehovah from. Yahweh? Ring any bells? Anyway... Vau is a hook. Like a nail. It's a something... that something else depends on... to hang where it hangs; how's it hanging?

In higher terms, it implies The Intuition. That which The Unseen uses to inform The Seen about. You'd have to be up on your Tarot- kabbalistic associations to get what I'm talking about, BUT... you don't have to be up on that to see what those who... supposedly... were entrusted with this information have done with it. Let's go to The Eastern Traditions for a little parallel cross-talk understanding. We'll still be dealing with serpents... regardless.

First, you might need a short primer on serpents... esoterically speaking. On The Carnal plane... the serpent is the snake-in-the-grass, also known as The Sex Force. It is a rooting force in every sense of the word. On The Spiritual Plane, the serpent represents Godhead... that state of spiritual illumination that occurs when THAT SAME FORCE... is raised to a higher level of operations. It's still The Sexual Force, it is still a form of sexual congress, but... you are seeking a more permanent form of union.

Are you with me so far??? Does As above so below ring any bells? Well... you see... in that other tradition they have The Kabbalah System... which depends on informational arrangements that Abramelin The Mage put into The Cosmic Excel. This was way before Microsoft. (grin) It's an abacus made for Gematria. I know this may be hard to follow if you don't have the background, but... you can feel it out.

Anyway... that system contained The Code by which Humanity could communicate with angels... since The World is composed of numbers and letters arranged thisaway and that... if you know the arrangements... you can talk to the representatives of The Invisible Hierarchy. UNFORTUNATELY... you can reverse the process and speak to demons instead.

(I should point out that you can talk to representatives of The Invisible Hierarchy regardless of the need for any mumbo-jumbo. It's good to know this before you head down to Target for a red string to tie around your wrist OR... start parsing the lyrics to Madonna's songs and looking for deeper meaning.)

This is what The Kosher Ass-Bandits got up to because... there's a lot of material world out there for the snatching, and... it's a lot easier to possess (and be possessed by it) than are the spiritual riches... which require certain forms of behavior that... PRECLUDE... being able to roll around on dead bodies... while having sex, and... later? It's drinks all around at The Overlook Hotel. Some people prefer this side of the action and Boteach is one of them.

Now... there was a time when some members of The Tribe were more attracted to The Higher Planes, and... much good it did them, BUT... when civilization began to reach a certain level of degeneration and depravity... under the relentless pressure of advancing Materialism... well... shit went sideways or... more accurately... shit went South, due to all the people looking for a hot time in The Old Town... on any given night. Night being when certain of The Lesser Unseen come out to play.

This involves what we here... at Visible Enterprises... call... The Possession Game. In order to REALLY get your freak on... you need to attract, and... open up to those forces... that REALLY know how to get freaky. Conscience... good taste... Ahimsa... these are not part of the package. It gives new meaning to down and dirty.

You know all those myths, and fables... spiritual tales that have a deeper meaning? You know there are stories about someone stealing fire from Heaven or... all sorts of other things? Well... no one EVER steals anything from Heaven. Heaven leaves it lying around in certain locations... just waiting to be found for... The Purpose of Demonstration; let's see what they do with this.

The really good stuff. The really powerful stuff... no one... ever... can steal. They are gifted to those who have earned them, and there is no easy way to become deserving, and... precious little YOU left... when you finally get them. You must first... become the person... who is able to host the ineffable because... ONLY the ineffable can properly exercise these gifts. You have to become The One to whom these gifts belong, because... only The One who can handle these things gets to handle these things. It's like The Sword in The Stone or... Jason's Golden Fleece. It wasn't called Frank's Golden Fleece.

Stop thinking there is any way for you to get your hands on anything worth having... without first becoming the person worthy of having it. All of this is monitored... there is serious inventory control. ONLY those with the keys to The Larder can get into The Larder, and those are the ones who don't care... one way or the other... about taking anything from The Larder because... they are The Larder.

Let me clarify that. You... are The Larder. EVERYTHING is contained within you. Locating it is the difficult part, and that's not going to happen when everything you are looking for is... somewhere outside of you. Oh! You'll find all kinds of things, BUT... all of them turn to dust sooner or later... either before or after you turn to dust... if that's who you think you are... that temporary conveyance you are presently motoring around in.

It's a suit of clothes, my friends, that's all it is. It is a material container that provides you with the opportunity to have a spiritual experience. You have to accomplish The Work here. You don't accomplish it somewhere else. That's why you have to keep coming back here... until... you do accomplish it. Plenty of people run around in circles... for millions and millions of years, always mistaking what they are really after... for what they think they are after. Suffering is their permanent companion.

It doesn't have to be that way. How can I impress that upon everyone still confused about The Matter; the matter of WHY you are here, and... WHO you are, and... what it all means? Ramana Maharshi used to tell people to simply repeat... who am I? Do it for long enough... with the necessary focus and intensity, and... you'll find out. There are all kinds of ways to go about it. I found one. If a fuck-up like me can find it, it shouldn't really be a problem for you.

It's simple. You have to want it more than anything else. From there it is pretty self-explanatory, and... you have to be consistent cause... half-measure avail nothing. You don't have to know Gematria... or what group of letters add up to which number(s), and... what that number means. You don't have to possess any knowledge at all. You ONLY have to love The Divine BECAUSE... those who do this... get everything else added on.

If you walk The Path of Knowledge... it doesn't matter how much you eventually come to know. You still have to come back here and walk The Path of Love. If you walk The Path of Love, to begin with, all the rest comes with it as part of the package deal.

Everything that was mentioned here really does connect to the point being made. I wasn't just humming nonsense rhymes in my head that found their way to this screen. The point is... everything is connected... everything you can see, and... everything you can't see, and it all hums at a specific vibration that causes it to manifest in a specific form for a specific time, AND... it is forever manifesting out of... and returning to... The Everlasting OM... AUM... AMEN... AMON, and so on.

This is why you want to make your way to The Causal Plane. It all makes sense from there.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, March 8, 2024

"The Divine Psithurism Whispers The Word thru Time and Space. First it speaks, then... by God's Grace... it Arrives."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Israel is living proof that Poetic Justice is a real thing. They hoodwinked much of The Sleeping World into believing that they were the archetypal victim... the picked-on, and put-upon villain... who cries out in pain when he hits you, and all those 109 times they got thrown out of countries... for doing the same thing over and over again... was really someone else's fault.

They said... if only we had our own country... then you would see... what fine neighbors we would be for the rest of The World. Well... they got their own country... a country that was already occupied by THE ORIGINAL INHABITANTS, and they were told to play nice, BUT... instead of being one of those State Farm Good Neighbor types... they began a sustained genocide... against the original inhabitants, and then... after countless demonstrations of their psychopathy, which The Sleeping World kept missing... they got cocky.

So they went for the full boatload of every injustice imaginable... performed on the original inhabitants, BUT this time... with ironic... cosmic timing... they are doing it in front of The Waking World, which has The Internet, AND... Mr. Apocalypse. Now... how about that!!!

So... they have permanently fouled their nest, ruined themselves in the eyes of The World, and... have... only... themselves... to... blame. Yowsah! Now... to add insult to injury... their connections to The Killer Vaccines... The Slave Trade... 9/11... The Bolshevik Holocaust... The Armenian Holocaust, The Holomodor, and a whole lot of other offenses against everyone else... are coming home to roost. Soon... it's going to be a hot time... in whatever old town... they may find themselves in at the time.

I recommend you open your eyes and watch for what this next... last but not least... in the series of eclipses... brings for them. Oh! It's bringing punishments and gifts galore across the board, as everything gets neat and tidy, and in order for... ta-da! The Avatar to arrive.

The Divine Psithurism... whispers The Word through Time and Space. First, it speaks, then... by God's Grace... it arrives. Everything happens IN Time and ON Time, but you wouldn't know that if you weren't holding the stopwatch. From the moment something happens, it has a reason for being. No matter how unreasonable or insane it may appear... there's a reason for it... that is implicit... in the thought... that motivated The Fire... that fueled the industry... that drove the vision... into a material object.

The question is not; why is it there? The question is; what are you going to do about it, and... what has it got to do with you in the first place? We seem compelled to make external conditions our business when they may have nothing to do with us, BUT... more importantly... we set about changing things on the material plane... when they can be much more easily dealt with on The Causal Plane. Of course... you need to know how to access that location, and how to accomplish it in the first place.

How can you access The Causal Plane? You get there by not being already caught up in and blinded by the planes below it; harassed by your thoughts... spun around by your emotions... made into a bitch by your body, ♫ these are a few of my least favorite things ♫

If we can get the people we know... to talk to the people they know... to talk to the people they know; because... pretty soon you're talking about the whole world here; if we can get only a few of us to concentrate our minds on the nasty business in GAZA... we can cross the wires of The Morlocks and short-circuit their psychopathy. The Christ shared an important metaphysical... and enduring truth... when he said; “wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”

Those who imagine... because they are insane... that they are controlling The World... should take a moment to see if that is... indeed... a factual appraisal of the situation. Anyone who thinks they are in control of The World... is a piece on The Gameboard that is being used for The Purpose of Demonstrating that... that... is... not... the... case.

I'm only trying to bring to your attention something that is already in hand... though you can't see it yet, BUT... it's good to know... regardless... cause a time will surely come... when you will need to know this for your own good. We can accomplish ANYTHING... that we can get together on long enough... to bring it into being. It is not holding God's attention that is the point. It is done by you... being still long enough... so that God can hold your attention.

Everything that is happening in Palestine... is part of The Dance of The Archetypes... bringing about an enduring solution, and delivering a wake-up call... to the people who need it the most. Now... understood... you can't appeal to the conscience of someone who doesn't possess one, BUT... nothing beats the appearance of Fear in the heart... where escaping it... is not so easily accomplished as negotiating external circumstances. You can't run or hide from yourself.

Everywhere you go, and no matter where you go... you are still there. It is why you cannot run from your problems. Eventually... your problems catch up with you! People... generally... do not see the remarkable precision with which this world is constructed.

There is a rule of law for every... single... condition, and event... there ever was... or ever will be. You may think otherwise... because The World does not behave according to your will, BUT... The Principles of Existence... though they are invisible... are no less present, just because you can't see them.

The collective outrage of The World... is growing by the day. Even though The Media skirts the issue at every turn... giving only cursory notice; the same as it does with the farmers revolting in Europe... or any number of other international changes... presently in motion... that outrage is an actual force that... by precipitation... eventually arrives on The Material Plane. It simmers where you can't see it. It runs in channels... the way streams run into rivers, and rivers run into the sea.

As the hideous snipers shoot women and children for sport... or... panic The Palestinians into running for cover, and then bombing them as they go; these and many other sordid events are being imprinted on The Hive Mind, and... are generating a response. The Mind is Magic! Focus it... Concentrate it, and depending on your ability to drive all other influences from The Mind... you can materialize anything! That is... if you had the faith of a mustard seed, BUT... there are people, and entities... that are even more evolved who have that faith... and more.

Add to that... if you can get more people besides yourself working on it... it gets exponentially easier. I am talking practical metaphysics here. This is how the power of prayer works... for those who know how to pray EFFECTIVELY.

Israel is toast. For this and many other reasons. Their time has come, and not all the shekels and twisted arms... not all the damning videos that have ever been, are going to delay its coming, not even a little bit.

It is not just Zionist Israel that Inevitable Fate is coming for. It is coming for The Deep State. It is coming for the cynical self-involved celebrities... for the insulated billionaires, and for... every... single... one... of... us... who is in a state of resistance to irresistible change... who has set their ambitions in opposition to The Greater Good.

People have lost their faith. All of this has gone on for so damn long! History is filled with bad behavior, and it leaves the impression that scoundrels can just walk free any time they like... depending on who they know. I see that. I see that it's taken a long time, and you can start to believe there is no good in this world... that this is a poison planet... where evil monsters ride roughshod over the rest of us.

Well, my friends, such is not the case, and the whole matter has been designed from the get-go... to see what you are made of... to see where you stand, and what you stand on. In the blink of an eye... and to your great wonder and surprise... it can and will... all change (snap!) just... like... that.

Here is something all of us can do. Arrange the words in a way most pleasing to the most profound transmission of your deepest sincerity.

Lord God Almighty... Beloved Divine Mother... our dearest friends in The Devic and Angelic Realms. We pray with certitude and faith... we pray Believing... that you will show mercy to The Palestinian People, and that you will bring Divine Justice down upon The Zionist Israelis... who torment and murder them. Make it so that they will be rendered impotent and incapable of tormenting and murdering anyone again.

For too long... dear God... this horror has continued, and in the name of all that is righteous and good... we ask that you bring an end to it, and an end to the abilities of those who perform it.

With the certainty that you have heard this prayer... Dear God... Divine Mother... and all of our dearest friends in the ever-luminous worlds of light... we thank you for your positive action to this end.

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you!!!

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

"The Truth is a Combustible Agent... if Agent Can Be Used as a Descriptor... for What Cannot be Shown or Described."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Good Vibes... Bad Vibes... No Vibes. People talk about things... as if... they were external to them OR... as if they weren't real because they aren't concrete; something that exists in some further undefined state. However... everything is concrete that you can perceive through the senses. It's a matter of subtle and gross. This is how we can say that thoughts are things... feelings are too. This is a part of the principle that allows us to heal or harm people... up close... or at a distance.

It's a common thing for people to send out bad vibes over a distance. They travel on a medium that is similar to a conversation on a cellphone or... a telegraph... be it coconut or otherwise enabled. You have to be careful with unconscious... and especially... conscious transmissions of a negative kind toward any living thing. It can often rebound on you... if your target has any one... of a number of various protections in operation.

Sometimes... the target has invisible friends. Sometimes... the target is in a relationship with invisible forces that are good or evil, but... powerful enough on their own plane of operation. Sometimes Karma is the medium of protection... regardless of whether the target is good or evil... their destiny does not include your meddling with it.

Oh! It is a complex area of enterprise. You never know who or what you will encounter... if you go monkeying around in places... where you don't have the necessary credentials... to keep certain forces at bay. Let us imagine that we are talking about life underwater... in the ocean... or any large body of water that is home to both predators and prey, I should mention that even the smallest body of water contains both of these, BUT... let's stay with the oceanic construct.

Here's a curious dynamic. In the ocean you have Tuna. These are not one of the most plentiful of the species, like Mackerel or the Cyclothone Bristlemouth, but... there are plenty of them around. Tuna are prey on one hand and predator on another. This is the case with every living thing. They are prey when you factor in sharks. However... Tuna have overseers... friends of a sort... called Dolphins. Dolphins are like shepherds.

Dolphins have very hard noses and they can travel at high rates of speed. If they are in the neighborhood of groups of Tuna (and they often are) and sharks come around, Dolphins are known to broadside sharks and ruin their day... and maybe their life. Why would Dolphins protect Tuna? It's a mystery. They don't know why Dolphins travel with Tuna or why they protect them. When scientists don't know something it is... USUALLY... a metaphysical thing. You can substitute the word Spiritual if you prefer.

There are so many things going on in The World that scientists don't know jack-shit about. These days... most scientists are no different than common prostitutes... they discover what they are paid to discover... even when it's not there. Even when it is... demonstrably... not there. Occult scientists... some occult scientists... figured out how things work a long time ago.

Unfortunately for those... who mostly don't care anyway... occult scientists communicate what they know in code because... traditionally... their lives could be in danger, given that what they discover USUALLY goes contrary to the official narrative. In these times their lives and reputations are still in danger. The Truth is a combustible agent... if agent can be used... as a descriptor... for what cannot be described.

Occult scientists represent the best and worst of humanity... much as do priests and public servants, and... the more that civilization is swept up in materialism... more and more you see the worst of us in positions of influence. It goes with the territory. Materialism... inevitably... trends toward corruption. It is the nature of The Beast.

It's just the way it is. It is why none of these civilizations last. Strong men and women struggle against hostile forces and build a world... often at the expense of others... and they bring a certain degree of comfort and security into their lives... to make a better life for their children... so that they don't have to struggle, and... as a result... they take from them the very things they need to survive, and... progressively... the people get lazy... weak... fat... and stupid, which opens the door to sexual perversities that doom the culture.

Nothing destroys a nation and a people more effectively than sexual perversity. Few people read Tacitus and Gibbon and learn anything useful, and those who read them otherwise... are weak and degenerate intellectuals living in Miniver Cheevy-Land. Fewer still know about Babylon... what it was like before Cyrus came, or afterward either, and all the yadda dadda of bullshit... that the revisionists made out of it, so... unless you have access to occult history, you are reading what someone wants you to believe.

There is a reason that Babylon became a metaphor for corruption and perversity, but you'll have to hunt to get anywhere near the mystery of Mystery Babylon. Mostly what you will get is a bunch of lies about The Usual Suspects who are the real professionals... when it comes to torturing and stretching history on the rack of self-interest.

The Ghost of Torquemada was around long before Torquemada was. Babylon was the prototype for Berlin in the early part of the 20th Century. It's been a long... long wind-up for what is coming... I... kid... you... not. We are about to see the relationship between The Wheel of Justice grinding exceedingly small, and... the necessary patience required... to be present... long enough... to witness it happen. There's another mystery for you.

In these times... we are seeing the culmination and resolution... of destinies written large... over the course of millennia. It really has been a... long... time... coming. The names have been changed to conceal the wicked, but their acts continue, and... finally... the stage is being set... for The Arbiter of Punishment and Reward to demonstrate his acumen... his wisdom in action. He is giving to no one... and visiting on no one... anything more than each of us arranged to visit upon ourselves.

I hear people cursing God because he doesn't do anything about The Genocide of The Palestinians... by the psychopathic nation of Israel. I wouldn't speak too soon if I were you, and I wouldn't be depending on a God... that doesn't exist... in the forms that the ignorant imagine him to exist in. God can be as distant and cold as a mountain crowned in ever-present snow, AND... as warm and intimate... and more... much closer to you... than the deepest sense of union, that you have ever experienced... or ever will experience... otherwise.

Justice is done all the time... we... most of us... just don't see it in connection with the events long past... appearing in the present... for that very purpose. Now... events have occurred... that have raised the outrage and anger of The World... against the nastiest den of villains seen in recorded history, and it's not just about The Palestinians. Well... it had to come about in this fashion... to generate what is already a reality in The Mind of God. Wait and see. That is the best I can tell you for now.

Recently... they killed a great many more of us than all The Palestinians anywhere in The World with their Killer Vaccines.

Everything happens for a reason. You may not like it. You might not like the reason, BUT... whaddya gonna do about it? Eh? The Shining One is coming and he's going to make every adjustment needed... like the most precise of surgeons that ever there was. He'll shave Occam's razor until it becomes a confetti that passes through everything and never leaves a mark. He won't miss a beat. He will be everywhere all at once.

I keep trying to find a way to explain how remarkable a thing it is for a World Avatar... to arrive on the set here... and wave his wand over the material dreamland we are presently resident in, and Presto! Set everything in order.

He's going to liberate all of the people who are ready for it, and set the procedures in place for the rest of the folk in line for it... over the centuries to come. The rest of The World will go on chasing the myriad shapes... of the object of desire... that lures them hither and yon, and... they never even see the hook. People might ask why it is that everything goes on the way it does... why is there all this suffering...war, and calamity?

Hard as it may be to believe... that is the way the participants want it to be. No one has to be involved in anything they don't want to be involved in. The causes of all of these effects; some of them go way... way back. Most of the fish... in this big ocean of constant change... where everything is eating everything else... jump about, or stand still and motionless... until something startles them. They move alone... or in large groups, and never give a thought to anything outside the endlessly repeating dramas they are engaged in.

Love is the medium of The Wise. It is the vehicle in which they travel from point to point... always bringing unity and leaving it in their wake. These are the little avatars that are the shepherds for all these fish. They are seldom seen, and few remember they were even there at all, but they do their job.

Existence is a self-managed industry that is managed by The Self... in situ... who is resident in every living thing. When it is closer to the marrow of itself... there is a harmonic glide... that lives in resonance with itself. When it is further away... there are more shadows and difficulties to pass through. It all comes right eventually.

Nothing is lost. Nothing ever dies or is born. These are just the appearances of material change... just weather moving by on the other side of the window. It is always at some stage in the act of becoming. You just need Faith... Certitude... and Determination. Help is always on the way. Why keep leaving town like you expect to find it somewhere else? Rely on The Indwelling to manage your every need, and it will be done. Otherwise... tinker with the matter... whatever the matter might be, and... you will be permitted to do that too.

End Transmission.......

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