Monday, March 18, 2024

"Soon Will Appear a Kaleidoscope of Butterflies, but... from Whence Comes The Butter? Is it from Churning The Air?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was listening to that Fentanyl-laced song “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel and thinking, Hmm... that's actually a mental illness now. I haven't been there in years, BUT... from a distance... yeah, another song started paraphrasing in my mind (happens a lot) ♫ Satan is watching us (but not) from a distance ♫

(Note; I think Billy Joel was one of the better romantic lyricists of the last century. He wasn't usually my cup of tea but he was very good at what he did. I was only referring to the subject matter and the musical arrangement. (grin)

If... by their works, ye shall know them... then The Devil seems to be almost everywhere these days. The greater the concentration of people... the more his presence. Someone is stirring up a war between The Hindus and The Muslims all-of-a-sudden. The Blood Tie Virus is a big deal in Eastern countries; family and religious feuds... blood oaths... horrible treatment of women... anything that exists as a contrast between the way different people do the same thing... in different ways... at different locations.

In one of the greatest films ever made; “The Man Who Would Be King,” Sean Connery and Michael Caine are making their way upstream through villages... getting information and hearing complaints... one thing they hear... in each village they pass through... is that the villagers upstream... are pissing in the stream... to the detriment of the people living downstream.

This is a metaphor for the kinds of uninformed tensions that arise all over The World... between people in some kind of proximity to each other OR... (in these times) at a greater distance. Probably someone is pissing in the stream on occasion, but the reality is... probably... more along the lines of The Truth... not even getting its pants on... before a lie is halfway around The World.

The Devil is The Father of Lies, and you can identify his followers by the lies they tell. Lies are nearly always present to either advance the profit interests of the liars... OR... to militate against bad behavior that it would be inconvenient for them to cop to. Often enough... the lie being told... is in the act of pointing the finger at someone else... to distract from the fact that the liars are the ones actually responsible for that behavior.

The most successful liars... are those who are not restrained... by any hesitations... caused by the possession of a conscience. Usually, the most successful liars have a lot to do with money, and... the movement of money. The best place to find the most productive liars... these days... is in The Media. Simply check to see who owns and operates the greatest amount of media, and... presto! You have found the liars. If they are also engaged in the creation of money as well. Then you have hit the mother lode.

I went in to fix my lunch, and I asked the music box to stream songs by James Taylor. The music can vary widely here; often it is not recorded music; mostly there is none at all, except what is playing in my head. I hadn't heard James in a while. As I listened, I remembered how he ruled the atmosphere of that period of time. It caused memories to flood through my mind, and then... “Shower The People” came on and took me back. It's a beautiful song. He wrote a lot of beautiful songs. He was a troubadour in the sense that his songs were often stories.

That period of time was guided by the messages in the music, as was the time before it... and the time that followed until the music turned to shit. A lot of it is now acts of public masturbation and has no connection to music in any way that I understand it. You would think that chronic masturbators would improve in their technique. You would think anyone would get better at something the more they do it. This is not so in the area of music... for some reason. If it's all in the wrist... then their wrists are retarded.

The music of the times reflects the tenor of the times. One might say that the soundtrack... now that the masturbators have taken over... is artificially formulated to drive the times... rather than to reflect the times. They seek to manipulate the emotional climate of the times. This is observably so. Inspiration has left the room in nearly every area of artistic expression. It won't stay that way. A change is gonna come. The arts are a form of media... to stir the subconscious. The Usual Suspects have turned poetry into pornography.

Oh! The horrific crash... the resounding sound... when the monster... Bill Gates... hits the ground, and the echoing chorus of The Rising Dead... when Rothschild, Soros, and Satanyahu... are stood on their heads. What a day it shall be... when the light of liberty... dawns upon the darkness of these times... when the orcs and their fellows are driven back into the shadows... when all shadows are felled beneath The Sun... that pierces as it shines... when The Avatar has come. When The Avatar has come.

Already... we hear mighty footsteps, but we see no forms. The wind has changed, and Nature has paused. She rises from the intoxication of the spells... that caused her to sleep... while deluded souls tore at her garments and tried to sully what they could never reach. Soon, there will appear a kaleidoscope of butterflies, but... from whence comes the butter. Is it from churning the air?

She is restored in an instant. The Profane can never enter those inner places where the transcendent ones dwell. In her cloistered bowers... the mysteries are revealed... to everyone who wanted them more than the lies... that surround the door that you must discover... in order to enter in... if... you can see through the concealments.

The World is a vale of mystery to the ignorant. It is a place of death for those who are seeking it, and the first step to immortality for those who can find it. It is what your desires and ambitions make it out to be. The Tears of Mary crystallize in... perfect... cubes... of... salt. The Sulfur drives the engines of formation, and Mercury blueprints the shapes that the Sulfur forges into that... which the Salt holds in form for a period of time.

Time is the playground... of the three stages of change... in all that you see. They are the binding forces of a temporary world.

In Times of Material Darkness... weak men and fallen women twist The Manifest into a realm of evil. This is where we are in the present. This is where many of us... wait on The Shores of Promise... to be taken away from here. One thing about fallen women... there is always someone around to pick them up. They were once the beauties of creation... ravaged at the hands of the despoilers. Woe to them who dishonor The Mother of All Things. Woe to them... indeed... who lead her proxies into darkness and bondage... cause... payback is a bitch.

She is The Everything that surrounds us. She is what binds and what liberates. She is The Fall and The Resurrection... in her redemption... within the chambers of The Secret Heart. God help the ones who seek to defile and abuse her. She is life's infinite potential and this! This is what we have made out of her? (Patrick Willis narrates a piece dedicated to her at the end of the posting)

Until the honor of woman is restored... in the minds of men... there will be no peace, and the womb of Plenty will be made barren. The epidemic of pornography did not come by accident, and... WE KNOW WHO brought it forth. These sleaze-merchants of depravity are soon to discover that there really is a God, who can come in any shape it pleases him to appear in. We all get the response from existence that is appropriate to what we have called up from beneath The Valley of The Mechanical Dolls.

Yesterday... for some unknown reason... I was in one of my old files where I had stored a grab bag of things from some earlier computer transfer. I'd probably never have gone there intentionally because I didn't even know it was there. I clicked on it and there were a hundred or more items.

From what I could glean, the file was created while I was in Europe... almost ten years ago now. I scrolled down and saw something called “The Coming Avatar.” It was the oddest thing. I had no memory of ever having read it. I must have seen it and just stored it away. I have many terabytes of external hard drives connected to my computer... filled with things I will... likely... never see again. This appeared... as so many things do... by mysterious agency. It is quite short... too short in fact. The information is very interesting. Perhaps some might find it useful.

The Coming Avatar
Dorje Jinpa

Do not overly concern yourself with the antics of Klaus Schwab and his catamite cabin boy, Harari. Do not be disturbed by the terrible faces of The Lost who dominate the headlines, and force their nightmares of a Brave New World upon your minds. Don't let the drums of war curdle your blood. The sounds of madness... like The pipes of Pan... are only meant for those who can be moved by them. I would have no reaction. Likely you would have no reaction... because what they call forth is not present in us.

The music that moves the heart to war... or to the stables where the 4 Horsemen wait... is only for those who can hear it. Let not your heart be troubled. A golden age is coming on the heels of The Avatar. Notice the dates mentioned in that treatise, “The Coming Avatar.” Why... those are the years we are in... and... the year that is coming. I can't say one way or the other, BUT... I suspect that objects seen through your windshield are closer than they appear.

One final thought of note; The Flat Earth Bullshit Fabrication... along with Men can give birth... there are 99 bottles of gender on the wall... the smart must become like The Stupid so that they don't feel so bad about being stupid; well... they don't know they are stupid, do they? If they did they would not be stupid. All of this inane ordure is the creation of (lacking) intelligence services who serve The Dark Lord, and who are working harder than usual... to bring in an age of fear and superstition... to perpetuate the rule of The Vampire Overlords. We are the populations they feed on... IF we permit it.

They KNOW an awakening is coming. They know it is here, and they are doing everything they can to turn the tide. They will be buried in the shit storm of their own creations for millennia to come. You can count on that!

These blogs are Flat Earth Free Zones. No dialogue on that subject will be permitted here and no conversations will ensue on this unfortunate trail of road apples that lead to the doom house of Hansel und Gretel.

End Transmission.......

Excerpted... from today's reading of Patanjali's Sutras=

Book 4; continuing from Sutra 25

For him who discerns between the Mind and the Spiritual Man
there comes perfect fruition of the longing after the
real being of the Self.

How many times in the long struggle have the Soul's
aspirations seemed but a hopeless, impossible dream,
a mad-man's counsel of perfection.
Yet every finest, most impossible aspiration shall be realized,
and ten times more than realized,
once the long, arduous fight against the "mind,"
and the mind's world-view is won.
And then it will be seen that unfaith and despair
were but weapons of the "mind", to daunt the Soul,
and put off the day when the neck of the "mind"
shall be put under the foot of the Soul.

Have you aspired, well-nigh hopeless, after immortality?
You shall be paid by entering the immortality of God.

Have you aspired, in misery and pain,
after consoling, healing love?
You shall be made a dispenser of the divine love
of God Himself to weary souls.

Have you sought ardently,
in your day of feebleness, after power?
You shall wield power immortal, infinite,
with God working the works of God.

Have you, in lonely darkness,
longed for companionship and consolation?
You shall have angels and archangels for your friends,
and all the immortal hosts of the Dawn.

These are the fruits of victory. Therefore overcome.
These are the prizes of regeneration. Therefore die to self,
that you may rise again to God.

Thereafter, the whole personal being bends toward illumination,
full of the spirit of Eternal Life.
This is part of the secret of the Soul, that salvation means,
not merely that a soul shall be cleansed and raised to heaven,
but that the whole realm of the natural powers
shall be re-deemed, building up, even in this present world,
the kingly figure of the Spiritual Man.

The traditions of the ages are full of his footsteps;
majestic, uncomprehended shadows, myths, demi-gods,
fill the memories of all the nobler peoples.
But the time cometh, when he shall be known,
no longer demi-god, nor myth, nor shadow,
but the ever-present Redeemer,
working amid men for the life and cleansing of all souls.

In the intervals of the battle, other thoughts will arise,
through the impressions of the dynamic mind images.
The battle is long and arduous.
Let there be no mistake as to that.
Go not forth to this battle without counting the cost.
Ages have gone to the strengthening of the foe.
Ages of conflict must be spent, ere the foe, wholly conquered,
be-comes the servant, the Soul's minister to mankind.

And from these long past ages,
in hours when the con-test flags, will come new foes,
mind-born children springing up to fight for mind,
reinforcements coming from forgotten years, forgotten lives.
For once this conflict is begun,
it can be ended only by sweeping victory,
and unconditional, unre-served surrender of the vanquished.

Patrick Willis narrates In Search of Rest.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

'I Saw what Jesus Did When He Chased The Moneychangers out of The Temple. The Stink of Money was Everywhere."

0 said...

" A very ancient Hindu prophecy from the Vishnu Purana states that before the ‘Formless One’ will appear, “Wealth will be decreasing day by day until nearly the whole world will be deprived. Property alone will confer rank. Devotion will be given to wealth alone. Passion will be the sole bond between the sexes. Falsehood will be the only successful means of litigation. Women will be merely objects of sensual gratification. The Earth will be venerated only for its mineral treasures.”"

Quoted from the "The Coming Avatar" book.

We appear to be There!


Striderhorn said...

LV! The baters are getting too wristy with it.
They need to slow down before immolation.
Esmerelda is hot but don't go overboard with it.
The degradation and decay is just too mondo.
Breaking here is my cellphone for the John Cena (?) Taylor Swift report, one farted and the other scratched its ass and it was so historic.
What a golden time of comedy and purposeful demonstrations.
I do love that part where Jesus flipped the tables of the money changer scum and Lord Acton was right about one day the battle will have to be humanity versus banksters.



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