Thursday, July 28, 2005

Let's Leviate the White House

Yes, I have been either lazy or busy. It so happens that I still am but I will try to sneak this in here. Many of you who read here and who follow certain internet news organs like I do; find that your greatest challenge is the act of sifting bullshit. The more mainstream the news organ the larger the shovel required. In some cases a backhoe is needed. Ernest workers that we are, many of us have to strip naked on the mud porch after work before we enter the bathroom for hosing down. It’s not a pretty business.

Back in the days of anti-Vietnam protests there came a day when certain penetrating minds decided to gather together enough people to surround the Pentagon while holding hands. The idea was to chant in unison and raise the Pentagon from the ground; to levitate it. One of the main participants was Tuli Kuperferberg. Tuli played with an eclectic 60’s band called “The Fugs”. Tuli was a man of several parts and held the distinction of being one of the only people ever arrested for masturbating outside the Pentagon as well as being one of very few people to ever jump off the Brooklyn Bridge and survive.

What happened when the Pentagon got wind of this effort is telling; they pulled out all stops to prevent it. They absolutely and unequivocally would not allow it. Why? Surely you do not believe that these people could actually lift the Pentagon from the ground by sheer force of a joined, collective will? However, the thing is that individuals in The Pentagon, in the C.I.A., in The Grey House (it’s not really ‘white’ anymore because of the slime trails of the present administration. These days the former ‘White’ House resembles the main prop from The Amityville Horror) and in the executive chambers of large corporations and anywhere where large amounts of money and power congregate in strange acts of ritual devoted to their ongoing perpetuation; Bohemian Grove comes to mind as does Bilderberger… they do believe in the power of an organized vox populi.

Many of you are familiar with the research done by the C.I.A. in the area of ‘remote viewing’. Of course you have heard about the Russian efforts in the areas of telepathy and mind control; also the Chinese and others have their agencies probing around in areas of human potential.

If you have studied in the realm of the occult and the arcane as I have, you come across all sorts of interesting- and sometimes –frightening things. You may have heard about the ongoing war by certain Christian groups against Proctor and Gamble as being a satanic operation; it’s got something to do with their logo, but that’s not all. You may have counted the stars in the Paramount logo as they come swirling onto the screen. If so, you noted that there are 22 of them. That’s the same number of cards in the Major Arcana of The Tarot; 22 archetypes. You’ve seen the eye on the pyramid. Being conscious of the use of symbols to control and manipulate the unconscious drives of aggregate humanity will bring you to a number of interesting examples; then there are all the religious symbols. Certainly ‘the cross’ has a great deal of power. You might say, “C’mon. It’s just a picture, an image.” But everyone would quickly agree that millions have died because of it and that it exerts a compelling power and fascination upon the minds of many. You would also have to admit that it exerts a great deal of control over the behavior of millions in present time.

Symbols and rituals have magical applications. Rather than address whether this is real or a trick of the mind, let us address the obvious truth that many people believe they are real. Many, many people believe in the power of symbols and rituals and that is enough.

It’s been said that there are two basic divisions of magic; black and white. One is performed for personal gain and the other is thought to be a selfless channeling for the benefit of others. ‘One is certainly dangerous and the other may be merely foolish’; I believe Arthur Waite may have said these very words.

When the people around you are lost at sea in the mass of disinformation that streams like sewage from large municipal pipes, they are being influenced by a kind of ‘magic’. When people are driven by fear to support laws designed to be applied against them and their families, that is also a form of ‘magic’. When huge amounts of money are siphoned off for the special interest of a small group of bag men; that is also a form of ‘magic’.

Somehow we think magic has to include men in capes and naked women jumping over fires. It’s got to have colored lights and strange music and various other special effects. Well, they’ve got all of that in Las Vegas. All of the wars of this world have been, ‘magical wars’. You may believe it was for such and such a reason but really, there are two groups of people on the planet; those who seek to enslave their fellows and those who seek to liberate them. It is as simple as that. Some of you, the larger number of people here, (certainly not readers of this blog) exist in an area of ‘grey magic’. You don’t know what’s happening and you are influenced in one of these directions by more encompassing minds. Generally this is in the direction of the enslavers.

There’s a whole hierarchy in both camps. To keep it simple we will call them; The Infernal Kingdom and The Heavenly Kingdom. That may seem a little fanciful for some but it is accurate in definition. One camp has the real symbols of power and one camp has perverted copies of them. One camp is the custodian and stewards of the secret mysteries and one is always looking to get their hands on them. Everything that happens in the arena of human experience is influenced by the interplay between the realms of darkness and light. One camp can ALWAYS kick the other camps ass. There are certain complicated features that keep this from happening every time it needs to happen and such are not the focus of this limited piece. I’ve said too much already (grin).

So what I am suggesting is, let’s go after these people from the magical end. Let’s get a few thousand people together and circle the ‘former’ White House and levitate the sucker. Let’s use our creative ingenuity to go after them in a way that will have maximum result. Let’s use humor and theatrics and, yes, magic and especially, the one thing they can’t abide… scorn. Can we levitate the ‘former’ White House? Does it matter? Given the airheads in residence I am surprised it hasn’t levitated already. No, it doesn’t matter if we actually levitate it. What matters is that we try. They don’t want this. Trust me on this. This is the one way they don’t want to populace to come for them.

Large drumming circles to ‘drum out the demons’ in the White House and the Pentagon and Congress are also really good ideas. Weekly exorcisms in Lafayette Park are also guaranteed to not only make the horned ones in the ‘former’ White House tremble but just think of what it will do for the demons in the ‘hijacked’ Christian Right? Five thousand people joined together in Lafayette Park chanting “Out, demons, out” would be a real coup; think of how it would look on the Evening News?

Some will say, “Visible, these men aren’t demons. That’s comic-book shit.” If I walk and talk and act like it, doesn’t that make me one? We miss subtle features that render us impotent. It’s like with werewolves and vampires. People think because their ideas of a werewolf and a vampire include certain fanciful and atavistic presentations that therefore they don’t exist. Maybe those renditions don’t exist, maybe they do but… I can take you to LA and New York and show you vampires and werewolves on any given night… and they have the same net result in the end.

Let’s fight magic with magic. I’d look foolish doing this all by myself. I need for you to tell your friends and for them to do the same. A National Drumming Congress will do a lot more toward effecting change than mailings that no one reads from large focus groups that probably are only waiting for their own turn to rob the till. Use your imagination. It is far more powerful than you have yet imagined.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Dung Also Rises

That’s what they’re up to. You can sort of see it forming in the air. You can see the rhetoric and the images condensing down, precipitating down through the atmosphere into corporeal reality. It might happen the same way they say God originally clothed himself by breathing life into animate earth. Maybe the bad guys, our resident Sarumans, do the same thing in perverse; like making Orcs from Elves or whatever it was that he made. I’m not that clear yet this morning.

I saw Mick Jagger do it at Altamont. I saw him do it. I didn’t hear about it and I was crystal clear that day. I saw him pound the stage with his belt during Midnight Rambler. The crowd was already freaked and the Hell’s Angels were getting into a groove with the pool cues. I was right up front. I know someone punched him on his way to the stage. You could argue that was what set him off. It didn’t look like that though. It looked methodical and deliberate. It looked like what he wanted to do. Then, whatever the song, when the crowd would surge and the Angel’s would lay into them with a will, he’d go, “Peace brothers and sisters, Peace.” He was unctuous and diabolical. Then he’d wail into the hard shit and they’d be at it again. I watched his mock alarm. The Walrus and Carpenter act was transparent.

Readers of this blog, or whatever this is, know that I predicted this would come about; have been predicting it would come about this summer. I’m not psychic. You can see the groundwork had been laid. Careful observers could easily reason out the intention and direction. The first time I heard of bushligula and could see the money trail, the big money trail that fishtailed in his wake, I knew. It wasn’t long after that that I got it together to leave the country. I’d have stayed and fought. The times I stayed and fought before I went to jails and prisons, or faced life in prison, or went to the John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I’ve had the Richard Lovelace virus most of my life; the vaccine is worse that the condition and anyway, I will “live free or die” and I would rather “be a traitor to my country than to the human race.” You could say it wasn’t smart but I’ve got long range plans just like them and that means not intending to hang with ‘them’ in the dark aftermath of their inevitable judgment.

I’ve studied these national hysterias. I’ve seen the films of Joe McCarthy with Cohn and Kennedy in a weasel smile duet behind him. I know about The Reichstag Fire. I saw it burning again in New York on 9/11. I watched what happened in Cambodia and China during one of Mao’s little experiments. The men and women who initiate these programs and pogroms and dinner parties of death are all cut from the same cloth. They’re always coming and going, looking to happen here or happen there. It’s a particular crop; something that grows when you sow the fields with salt.

There are those who think things like The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and The Furies and The Harpies are just so much myth or unruly voices from the unconscious; well they may be some portion of the latter but the question of whether they are real or not is evident in the tracks of history. It’s a rose by any other name but we’re not talking about roses.

What’s the final intent of these stolen cars? These vehicles that might once have been human but are now demolition derby cars for the Kingdom of Hell; what’s their ultimate purpose? What are they after? Do they know? Is it a prison planet or is it wild screaming chaos? There are devotees of both. At every point where the inquisitors and tormentors have risen, in every time when the Stalins and The Hitlers have come upon the scene there has been that dull acquiescence; the confusion of events, the disinformation and sleight of hand, the manufactured scenarios. They have come about because the public was uninformed, often incurious and caught up in sensation and excess, or sometimes gripped with religious fervors and fevers that manifested in reaction to the sensation seekers and decadents. Often you get both streams as counterpart to each other.

So it is with 9/11 and these London bombings. So it is with the Bin Laden under the bed. So it is with the phony terror alerts that come and go depending on need. Seemingly intelligent people can’t seem to get the picture that this is orchestrated. Evidence spills out in all directions but the connections aren’t made. Of course Fox News is telling the truth. How could they have that big network and all those talking heads; all that money, unless they were telling the truth? Of course the president is doing his best. Come on Visible! There are terrorists out there!!! I’m sure there are but they aren’t your problem. Your government is your problem. Your governments are the terrorists and just like Jagger on stage at Altamont they press the crowd toward panic while urging calm.

I never see any police where I live; oh, now and then, doing seatbelt checks or just riding by but it could be months between sightings. There’s no crime. Even in big cities where I have lived in Europe, excepting The UK where I won't go, I see little evidence. Of course, over here, the poor are allowed a basic living. You may not be rich but you get by. There are reasons for social unrest.

I live in a fair sized house. I could take in a few guests and probably feed a few more but… I can’t help the crowd that needs shelter and sanctuary. Will this all just calm down soon? Ask yourself, have the people who are manufacturing this gotten what they want yet? Be real with yourself. Look at what is happening; look at the sort of people who are running the show. Do you think these people, given their other agendas; tax cuts for the wealthy, corporate giveaways, bombing their own cities, media consolidation and blackout of the truth and a good THOUSAND other things- do you think they have your best interests in mind?

Look at Halliburton and the billions missing from Iraq during Bremer's tenure. Look at the terrific resistance to a 9/11 inquiry and the white-washing that followed. Look at the proven lies that caused the war in Iraq. Look at the new lies emerging about Iran. Look at the hundreds of pieces of evidence that clearly indicate malfeasance and bad intent and tell me; what sort of people are these? They’re common criminals on a large scale, that’s evident, that’s obvious. So, are they suddenly going to find Jesus? They’re already talking about Jesus. Does the Jesus they are talking about match up with the Jesus you’ve heard about?

Bush and all of his co-conspirators are lying, murdering thugs… and I’m being kind. These are the people you need to look out for, not a bunch of rag tag Arabs.

Back to my suggestive beginning at the beginning of this piece; I’ve seen it all before. Here’s what’s up. Hatred is being whipped up against the Muslims- against the Muslims in America and Britain. They’re going to let the coming war in the streets, the rage of the common man against a perceived enemy set the stage for everything they desire and they’re fanning the flames right now. Look at some of the suggestive headlines at The Drudge Report this morning. Meanwhile they are going to superficially pacify the mob with “Be calm brothers and sisters. Peace” They’re going to push the riots and then step in as an agency for domestic control and remain ineffectual in stopping anything. Did you not see the Patriot Act move like shit through a goose in Congress? They renewed it didn’t they? Nice timing. Have you heard anything about the man shot dead in London while already lying down? Oh, they’ll get to that, or not.

Where are the black boxes from the 9/11 planes? Why was everything carted away and the steel shipped to Asia before any forensics could be carried out? My God, why were no fighters scrambled? Hello? Doesn’t that seem odd? Why, why… a million times why? And you just don’t get it. And they all lived happily ever after… fade to black.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Virgin Sperm Dancer has Herpes

We have seen that it is the modus operandi of the fascists to orchestrate attacks or fabricate alerts when things aren’t going their way. We have seen them shift the focus of the fear to different heads of the same fictional hydra when the garbage scow, which is the present ship of state, comes upon stormy weather or enters into its version of the horse-shit latitudes. By this time any half intelligent observer has got enough DNA evidence to prove that The Queen of England is a man if they so choose.

In the animal kingdom it is a given that you should never allow an alliance to develop between the pigs and the rats and the weasels. In other locales no doubt it is also true that one should not allow for an alliance between the hyenas, the jackals and the buzzards.

In America the national focus has been on comfort, entertainment and convenient lies for so long that the garbage has become self-generating and we know who’s in the buffet line for that. As far as the hen house goes they got a no-bid contract from the giddy-up. Eggs are getting hard to come by.

For some years, beyond what any rational person could have imagined, the reavers in chief and the sycophantic shit-eating slugs have sucked and slobbered and swallowed; have packed their granaries to the bursting, have gutted the education system and municipal treasuries in all manner of ways, have bombed their own country, have waged war right and left and stolen enormous amounts of money in the process- Eat Me and here I would like to add that ANY source of information is almost certainly more true than the catamite puppy-dog press of the unelected junta with the concertina wire cummerbund. “Just the facts, Mam.”

All of a sudden, like The Wonderful One Horse Shay or the credibility of a journalist, “things fall apart”. It seems clear that the “center cannot hold”. Cracks are appearing in the sub-standard construction fascia and look like Cher’s skin under fluorescent lighting. The companies replacing the Florida roofs just merged with Brown and Root and got videotaped doing things to small boys at a Cub Scout Jamboree. Everywhere you look there’s green slime on the walls; bacteria in the burgers and shit in the ice cream while the nation is sitting in a plate of cottage cheese, “Oh I am sorry Mam, that’s your ass.”

Even the stupidest 20% among you; even the deep, deep bone stupid are wondering “what the _____!” But the bad news for the bad guys, the real bad news is that somebody in the back; ‘The Guy’ with the big cigar in the hot tub with the three pneumatic blonds is upset with the plot development. Now there are a number of scenarios possible here and I will illustrate a few of them-

Plot One… “Well we go through this shit all the time. These people are so fucking stupid that we could convince them to brush their teeth with Preparation H. and learn to love the taste, just wait until the Supreme Court nomination, things will shift away just like they did from Delay.” Things didn’t shift away from Delay however, only the focus shifted. Meanwhile they’re chortling over the way they made Gonzalez out to be a positive compromise for all, while holding out the specter of Franco’s ghost as a replacement. Gonzalez is a bought and paid for sex slave of the Vampire Overlords. What’s just as bad as a crazed zealot with foam at the corners of his mouth? That would be someone who does exactly as they are told no matter what it is.

Plot Two. “Blow some shit up.” If I were an inquiring journalist and I guess there’s one or two living in exile or on savings somewhere, I’d look to see where the Israeli security firm that was in charge of the airports where all the ‘so-called’ 9/11 hijackers took off from, as well as in charge of security at the London Subway at the time of that attack; I’d look to see where they were working now. Drink Me.

Now, in order to take public attention away from ‘Boss Hog’ Rove and other piles of steaming shit, it’s got to be an attack on mainland U.S. soil and it has got the scare the shit out of a certain segment of the population, so I’d look for a more Oklahoma kinda scenario; something that splatters the faces of school children with bits of Mom and apple pie.

Plot Three. “We turn the disinformation machine on full blast and we just power right on by. These fucking people are too afraid and stupid to do anything.” This is the hubris factor. You chest the other guy into the corner and threaten to show his kids pictures of his wife with the family dog and the Serbian pool cleaner. So what if it’s Photo-Shop? Obviously it is working on a huge segment of Congress and the media. Money and the promise of power can’t buy all those people this long. The problem with this scenario is that there are dozens of cracks all opening up at the same time. Sure you can distract people’s attention up to a point. But there does come a point where you just can’t do that any more.

Now, you might think Plot 1 and Plot 3 are the same. No they are not. At the moment they’re relying on both of them and the power is full on. Let’s think of them as the left and right hand of The Boston Strangler.

There is a Plot 5 and a Plot 6 and they definitely have their think tanks at work here as well. Plot 5 involves a military action against Iran or Syria due to some permutation of Plot Two. Plot 6 is to blow away the ‘acting’ head of state. They trot this one out at different times. It’s a perennial winner and it definitely takes the attention off of the huge, stinking mess of corruption in the national living room. It has the added bonus of allowing for the Department of Internal Cleaning to come in and hose out the expendable ticks and then everyone hugs and sing Cumbaya afterwards.

Like I said, the guy in the back has had it. The fact is, only two things bring real change in the manifest realm; making the guy in the back nervous or The Hand of God. Actually they are the same thing. It’s just that the guy in the back thinks he’s working on his own diorama, when in fact he’s just a hired totem for the blood sacrifice of the ‘relative evil’ realm. The Devil is God the way the wicked perceive him. Chew on that for awhile.

This is why when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there. Everybody who thinks they are clean and honest and everybody who thinks that ‘clean and honest’ is a boil in the crack of their ass gets to sit inside the suit of the film role of one of the guys that sit at the table before or after the tables turn. It’s funny how they get right into that role, no matter who they might have been before they got into that role. Every now and then some prince comes along and they carry him out prone on a litter.

So get ready for the fireworks, people. If you weren’t complicit or deep bone-stupid you’d see the highway denouement sign up ahead. And, not to worry, history shows that with all of the bad intentions of bad people things have a tendency to work out; often, true, this is long after another so many million dead but, hey, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs…; eggs that are under the care of the guys who got the no-bid contract for the hen-house. Yeah, you got it.

There is a brighter, safer, cleaner world and you are living in it. It is the world generated by your faith and noble acts in the face of swallowing corruption and bad actors stinking up the joint. Only you and I, reaching to a higher and more refined paradigm can bring this world about. But if it exists in our hearts and minds then it is already a fact in precipitation downward. Keep the faith and watch where you step and especially watch where you are standing and what you are up to. It all makes a difference. Remember how the air smells after a cleansing storm? Right now I can hear the ozone crackling.

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La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I Wonder and I Wonder and I Wonder......

(occasionally I will double post an essay at both of my blogs. It is true that Smoking Mirrors is my rant and brooming the corners blog, but now and again I'll hit both locations with the same thing. I won't do it often. This is just one of those times. Thank you for your understanding.)

I wonder often about all those people in pursuit of the elusive. I wonder about the levels at which they plateau out at; the spiritual version of The Peter Principle. I wonder at the various ways and means by which they arrive at and do not arrive at their spiritual Samara; by way of the Road to Damascus, or Commercial Street, Front Street, Main Street or back-roads, alleys, over the fields and through the woods. As all roads once led to the real Rome and now most roads lead to metaphorical Rome, eventually everything leads to God just as every drop of water eventually finds its way to the sea.

I wonder about all the robes and costumes and varieties of spiritual practice; the prayers and the chants, the dances, the hymns and I definitely wonder about the Holy Wars. I wonder about the enormous cathedrals and temples and empires; the televangelists with the bad hair and the bank accounts and the movie stars with the Dali Lama. I wonder about the people who are reacting this moment and going, “Wait a minute, the Dali Lama is different.” Of course, just saying that puts you at square one of the board-game; Holy Wars- the Home Version.

I wonder about all of the centers for spiritual awareness from Mount Shasta to Sedona, from the Ozark Mountains to the Green Mountains. I wonder about all the courses in the colleges on Comparative Religion. I wonder at all of the people gathered all over the world in small groups and large groups, in circumstances of brain-washing and with bad missionary intent and- alternatively- in circles of love reaching out and washing the worlds. I wonder at the different levels of awareness and the dozens of new spiritual teachers that set themselves up Rajneesh’s wake; who ply the beach at Goa; whose international scene of gossip and whispers across the internet creates a riddle for which I have no answer. I wonder at the glazed look in the eyes of Katie Holmes who was none too bright to begin with as scientologist Grima Wormtongue tells her what to say during public interviews. I wonder at The Raelians and The Solar Temple and the O.T.O. and The Satanists and the pagans and the witches and the Stepford girls at Bob Jones University and of course I wonder about The Mormons but not a whole lot.

I wonder at those who set off for the Himalayas and those who live in solitude in the woods and many kingdoms of nature in her varieties of seclusion and who yearn in their hearts each day, as I do in mine, for Lord Kalki, who is also the forever returning Christ, to come; for the age to be birthed and for the mother to smile as it is placed in her arms. God, I wonder, how long? …how long?

I wonder at the other great body of us who live in a world of TV programs, cell phones, fast food and a Rolodex of frothy dreams spinning like a revolving pastry cart and who think that The Real World is The Real World. I wonder at the people living in blasted buildings, hunted by men in Humvees and Land Rovers, on foot and on horse and camelback across burning sands. I wonder about the people who live in storm drains outside of Calcutta. I wonder about the Falun Gong and the Baha’i and all of the groups that live under the lidless red eye of the executioner and the Dungeon master. I wonder at Tibet and the terrible fate of those who remained behind. I wonder at the people who pay large money to go into real dungeons for sexual release that is a physical mimic of a different need.

I wonder at all the incomprehensible intricacy of each soul among every soul like snowflakes suspended and twisting in the air and falling and touching the ground and melting, both knowing and unknowing… turning to water, more water, now at a commonality with all water in a common imperative toward the sea.

I wonder at the sound of symphonies that rise out of the chatter and the car horns and collected noise of the city streets. I have heard these sounds rise and turn into music more than once. I have heard that music and listened to it dance up and down the street in waves, a few brief seconds, and then dissolve back into the cacophony again. I have seen the world do this too- moving from harmony into chaos and I have noted that the centers of light intensify as the darkness expands.

I have watched the smoke rise from the manholes and grates and have thought of the hidden fires in Hell’s Kitchens… I’ve listened to Blues and Jazz as they marked the passage of the lives that were the windows looking into the lives of the city that passed them by. Every location has its music. It has its rules. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about how it is here and how it is there and knowing the difference. It’s about knowing how to walk in the different worlds.

All those worlds and ways of walking, all those religions and philosophies and Popes and philosophers and ages when it was better or worse; I think of some olive grove in long gone Ithaca and what it felt like there; how it was for The Rishis five thousand years gone by the banks of The Ganges and the sound of steel on steel by the glow of the inquisitors fire. What an enormous caldron of changes! What a vast immeasurable expanse of things in even the short range of time we call history. Our collective history is so very short and our personal history so much shorter still.

It stands to reason, within the tremendous complexity of this world; this world which is but one, overlapped by ever more subtle realms moving up the spiral into pure boundless light. It stands to reason that there is an interweaving consciousness. It stands to reason that such a consciousness that can maintain the integrity of everything in its place must surely be aware of you; aware of you as you are not. It stands to reason that something that can make everything out of itself and be aware of everything it made; be in everything it made and be itself, apart and within it, must have powers and perceptions and a plan beyond anything you can imagine.

What can you do in the face of this? What can you do but prostrate yourself in awe. What can you do but accept with total, childlike faith the ultimate benevolence of its every thought concerning you, your world and everything beyond. What can you do really? Nothing… You can move in concert with it and you will be dissolved into its sense of itself sooner, or you can extend your suffering and move against it and be tormented by the separation until you learn to move in concert with it… pain is the difference and the distance between its motion and your motion.

You can look in the mirror and talk to it. You will find if you do this for a few minutes that something will change in your eyes and it will be looking back at you. All spiritual practice, every idea, every complexity of approach and all convolutions and minutiae of definitions and descriptions resolves to one thing- union; any meditation that is not concerned with this is just another kind of TV watching. If you set a mirror outside or in a corner, it will collect dust. It will collect dust until it obscures the image it is meant to reflect. This is how you become caught in the world; your mirror is laden with dust. You cannot see God and God cannot see you. Meditation and prayer polishes the mirror. It washes the mirror.

Do you have a problem? Do you have a problem with your health; with where you live, with your family, with your job, with money, with dangerous things, with how to change your life? How do you become free? From whom would you learn this? Who can free you? Is this not the one of whom you should inquire? Why do you not sit and inquire? Why do you not faithfully each day and FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN REMEMBER each day, each moment… inquire? Why do you not hold to the certain knowledge that anything that could create all of this out of itself; that could create you and fill you with a questing love as great as that which you ‘should be’ feeling…. Anything as immense and fine as this would surely hear and answer you; would hear you before you even asked. Of all the things I wonder about. I wonder about this the most.

How can any of us, with the evidence that fills and surrounds us not KNOW that there is a God so very great… so measureless, omniscient, benevolent and compassionate? God, I do wonder at this. There will never be and there has never been any consideration in your life anywhere near as important as this. Polish the mirror, speak to the mirror, look into the mirror and always remember, ‘you are only the reflection’.

“"Eye has not seen nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him."

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

And a Fine Good Afternoon to You All

If it happens to be afternoon where you are and if not, let’s hope whatever it is that it is good. It’s not easy for me to wish people good when I know that life is always changing, that good is often relative and subjective …and that good for some is evil for others. It becomes a complicated thing. I do wish all of you well, though I know that all of you, as you are now, will pass away and will lose everything and everyone that you hold dear. Still, it will be only to find that which surpasses everything else in value and it will be only to reunite in a way that you cannot be separated again. Sometimes it seems that God split itself into a million pieces just for the pleasure of finding itself again; caused itself to forget what it was for the pleasure of discovering it and created an endless serious of obstacles just for the pure entertainment of overcoming them. I sometimes think that unimaginable surprises await us and that despite all of our travails and disappointments we are destined to applaud the process entire when the true majesty of life dawns upon us.

Well, if you came here looking for an essay today that isn’t going to happen. If you haven’t read the piece that this has replaced then now is the time to do it and if you have, well…might I suggest you go to Google and try to find a subject, no matter how obscure, that doesn’t come up with more pages than you can read. How about Rennes Le Chateau where I’ll be spending some time in the future? Now some of you out there might have some free time and a little travel money and if that is the case you are welcome to join me there on one of my excursions.

I just wanted to mention today at both of my commentary sites that I’m on The Meria Heller Show tomorrow at 10:00 PM Pacific Time, 1:00 PM Eastern time and 7:00 PM my time. It will cost you $5.00 if you haven’t got a subscription. It’s probably better you get a months subscription because that is only ten dollars and you can go into her archives and listen to all sorts of fascinating people that she has had on her show. Meria’s good at what she does and that sets off all of her guests to their best advantage. Her show goes out to over 60 countries.

It’s an honor for me to be on her show because there is no other show like it. Everybody else at her level of exposure seems to work for somebody whose concealed intention is to obscure as opposed to reveal… to cloud rather than to shine. Well, that’s where I’ll be tomorrow any way and it would be nice if you came around. It would sort of be like speaking to you.

You can check out her website at the link in the sidebar to your right. I hope you all have a wonderful series of moments until we get back together here again in a few days. God Bless.....

Saturday, July 9, 2005

Oh When the Saint's Go Marching In....

Thank you for the emails and the inquiries as to my take on the London bombing. My position on all of these things taking place at this time is that they are connected to an overall strategy of fascist intent connected to certain global, corporate interests allied with governmental interests- which they control. Behind the corporations are individuals joined together in an effort to exert their own idea of order upon the world and to reap whatever benefits they consider important to them. They are on both sides of every conflict. They engineer these conflicts by various means and they profit from the conflict. They are the source of ongoing disinformation. They regulate what is taught in schools and what passes for entertainment and thereby control the general level of intelligence in the world. That intelligence level is going down by the day; dumbing down.

Behind the people behind the corporations behind the governments are discarnate entities that have interests that are different from those of the individuals they use to exercise their will upon humanity. You can call them aliens. You can call them dark forces from the inner planes. You can call them the ancient enemy of man. You can call them Ray or Jose. They are there. They broadcast into human consciousness daily from locations deep within and far away, from outside and inside. They hijack human minds and turn them into serial killers according to disposition. They enrage whole groups of people against each other. They exercise unusual tastes in those so disposed. They feed on human stress and fear. Humanity is a herd of livestock for their appetites.

Is this strange enough for you so far? It gets stranger. There is a point where Scientology and the Urantia Book and the writings of Gurdjieff touch. Murmurs from Atlantis and Lemuria echo through the liquid medium wherein the memory of such things reverberates. Call it the ether. Call it some specific section of The Akashic Records. Call it anything you like. It’s there.

Now all of this wild and fantastic action takes place within the body of God. God is within, ahead of and behind everything going. Some would argue that The Ring Pass Not allows for things forever estranged from God. I wouldn’t know about that and it has nothing to do with me or what I am discussing here except to say there are some places you can go that your imagination has no capacity to envision… but they are there.

The key item anyone needs to remember is that everything is under control and that it all works out according to a plan that is in one set of hands alone; no matter how great the superstructures; the nations, the fortunes, the citadels, the armies, the darkness or your fear. It is all built out of the same thing and will be reduced to the same thing in time. What is one to do?

Surely this essay was meant for my other blog but I have nothing more than this to say at this time here. Of course I can tell you that the London bombings are a designed distraction from things coming to the surface in certain locations. Various investigations are on the verge of indicting America’s criminal administration in nasty, nasty affairs. The aggregate beliefs of the world have been tilting toward agreement upon collective wrong-doing in high places.

I could say that real terrorists would have placed their bombs more efficiently, would have maximized the body count. The actual placing argues that there was more afoot than just killing people.

I could also tell you that bombs are in place all over the world already; just as they were in the WTC buildings before the planes hit. It’s just a matter of setting them off. This is a good point to keep in mind.

What would I tell you? What would I tell you the concerned resident of somewhere, someplace, Planet Earth? I’d tell you that things aren’t going to really straighten out until about 2012. Until then they are going to get increasingly worse. I can tell you that the actions of the puppeteers orchestrating the dance of bush co. are part of an epic play that turns out contrary to their intentions. I can tell you we are in that state of advanced labor at the birth of The Aquarian Age. Some things have been alive a long time. They will not die easy but they will die.

I would not myself live in centers of urban madness nor do I delight in the cornucopia of strange entertainments and various exotica that make up the buffet table of present time. I wish not to be the monkey with its fist full of mango caught in the clay jar. I wish not to follow the Judas Goat through the killing gate. I will not be crying “Alas Babylon” It means nothing to me. However that is not the case with many here. “Where your heart is there your fortune will be too.” Expect weeping and lamentation over ‘stuff’.

You reside in the midst of a carnival game of ‘problem, reaction, solution’ one of the main tools of fascism is to create a boogeyman, have the boogeyman do bad things (or say it did) and then swear to protect you from it. It then, by increments, reduces your liberty under the banner of protecting you from something they created in order to curtail your liberties. As many times as this has been done before people never seem to believe it will happen again; that it will happen to them and that it could happen in the land of the free.

I continue to believe that most of the American mainland is under some sort of chemical or hypnotic fog. Every time I see the long dead Bin Laden appear with a different face, spouting phrases in a voice long debunked as NOT Bin Ladens; every time I hear about a new Al Qaeda with a new name I just shake my head at this child’s play of transparent magic.

Sooner or later and, for your sake, I hope it is sooner, you must all, as a nation, refuse to shop or work. You must bring the entire nation to a standstill and demand the ouster of the criminal band that illegally seized the reins of power. You do not have the guns to confront them. You do not have the media to expose their lies. You cannot affect them at the ballot box when they are counting the votes. You do not have what you need to have on the one level but you damn sure have it on the other. If you would collectively get together and shut down the engines you can transform your world. Of course you have to buy food and drink. But you don’t HAVE TO buy anything else. You can’t lose your job if the whole nation does not go to work.

It may be that you can’t hear me. I’d be surprised if you could. But we need repeating towers that will bring this message like cell phone repeating towers across the world. The voice of the people is stronger than the voice of the vampire overlords. Rise up! And sit down!!!

Let us become a world of Gandhi’s. Let us become a world of non-violent non-contributors. Let us bring this world to its knees for the sake of the world, ourselves and for the world to come. Either you can exercise your rights to demand your rights and drive the darkness from the corridors of power or you will be beaten to your knees. Daily your rights are being removed because of threats orchestrated by the government whose job is to protect you. Wake up!

We’ve all seen the wave at sports stadiums around the world. We need a wave that shows the common understanding of what is required moving across all of the lands like a prairie fire, like a tidal wave, like falling dominoes. If everyone tells everyone else we can all sit down and change the world. You do not have to endure the manipulations of jackals making lunch of your fellows for their own personal gain. Wake up!!!

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God in Country by Les Visible

Saturday, July 2, 2005

Don't Blow up The Hog Lagoon if you're Standing on the Shore!

Any day now I expect the white whale to break the surface and hear the cry of “Thar she blows!” No, I’m not talking about super porker Sharon or Rove but the archetypal slug that birthed them both; the cosmic spider in the black hole. The floating corpse of the essential Heart of Darkness itself; the original colon birth canal of the shit they hid behind the coats in the closet and if it is white it's from living where the sun don't shine. All kindsa early American Drunk Boy Day fireworks are starting to go off. Bomb Iran Day is rising in the windshield.

Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has decided the Iranian elections were ‘non-democratic’ and we need to invade right away. No, we won’t be stopping in Uzbekistan first unless it is to drop off a few more satchels-full of money. And of course former hostages are now identifying the new Iranian premier (or whatever they call these guys) as… one of the hostage takers from ’79. Of course if you look closely at the two photos it sure seems like somebody else but… Hey wait a minute; I forgot to say, “So what?” So what if it is? Didn’t Iran have a right to do this? They were having a revolution weren’t they? So doesn’t this make that guy sort of like George Washington Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? But… but… but…

Pig Boy Rove is looking good for the Plame outing. All along we thought it might be Scooter Libby in Mr. Secret Location’s office. Does it matter? Oh yes it matters. Add this in with The Downing Street Memo that Refused to Die and all the a-sordid rest and why, I do believe that is an impeachment proceeding straight ahead. Live like scum, die like scum.

And the news in Iraq and Afghanistan gets worse by the day. What’s a false, unelected junta to do? That’s right, it's time to dust off those zombies in the closet and blow some shit up. “Andrew, would you get me The Tavistock Institute and MKUltra on a conference call? Thanks. Oh, and ask Jeff to come in and sit on my lap while I make the call.” Cut to Dick Cheney taking the phone from bushligula while saying, “I’ll handle this George.”

Personally I’d like Peggy Noonan to do the low-Brit-accented golf announcers voice-over at the administrations funeral. However, people, let’s keep in mind that these low-to-the-ground-blood-sucking-shit-weasels expended a lot of effort and money on stealing the country. The kind of pustulence that will rise to the surface after they get the boot will make a North Carolina hog lagoon look like a giant Christmas pudding. So, let’s not expect them to “go gentle into that dark” bottomless, flaming pit.

They are going to have to go all out now and… a whole lot of people are watching. One 9/11 is manageable, even if, daily, it is becoming more apparent what happened; but two 9/11’s? Hmmm. But what can they do? I can see that thin sheen of organic Crisco starting to bead on Rove’s forehead. Fellow Animal Farm alumni Cheney’s bags are already packed and on the bed; time to take that board seat at Carlyle.

Oh the finger pointing… oh the sleazy, hand-wringing, mea culpas (NOT!)- “I didin know! I didin know!” The sad, tawdry spectacle to come as tired men and women in ashamed clothing try desperately to put some shine of justification on all those Polaroids of them and the live boys and dead girls. This is, of course, much, much worse than Iran-Contra. In the interest of the nation some dignity and honor must be extracted but; how the Hell can you sweep ‘all’ those bodies under the rug? The rug is going to look like a toupee on a planet-sized Mr. Potato-Head. It’s going to look bad. Going to…?

Sooner or later the 6000 plus dead who bought it in German hospital beds is going to slither on to the front page

And of course the coming Supreme Court nominating process is going to expose certain obvious realities about this bunch of murderous thugs that, for some reason, weren’t evident until now. There really is, “nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.”

So really… what’s going to happen? Just about anything, people. My advice is to get yourself a place in the nosebleed seats as far away from the fans as possible. We’re talking unpredictable geysers and El Nino-like septic weather. You won’t be able to see the Action-camera feeds because of all the exploded shit on the lenses. It will be like that time they blew up the dead whale on the Oregon beach. Whales again? Hmmm.

People, we are in the eye of the hurricane. It’s about to blow. Buildings, trees, presidential limousines and White House ID cards are about to funnel up in a huge sucking dervish of angry wind. We’re going to see the faces of this administration blow by like Warner Brothers cartoon characters. It will be impressive.

The façade is cracking. Hallelujah! Yes, there is collateral damage to come but at least the tide is turning and once the Earth cracks open and vomits, that will be a tsunami coming in to cleanse the palate. I hope you will all stand and applaud with me as these miscreants are paraded across the world’s largest Reality TV screen; as they all get voted off the island at once.

Why is it happening? Well, the boys in the back have determined that the garbage scow; G.W. Bush like the U.S.S. Dirty Rice has become a liability. So they are going to scuttle the barge and re-load on another vessel. What this means is that the manner of presentation will change but that when the tables are turned the same faceless representatives will still be standing there behind the new Mad Hatters.

Well, I’m always hopeful. I believe in everything the 60’s promised and I won’t ever stop. So maybe God will shoehorn a human being in between the knaves like a joker in the deck. Stranger things have happened. Then I see that picture of Ronald- what an incredible treacherous sleaze- McClinton (you know he’s got to know what’s going on) riding around in a golf cart with H.W. Bush at Kenne (Lay) bunkeport and I think about that ‘absurd’ story of the two of them hunting humans with rifles at Bohemian Grove a few years back and I think about BCCI and Bush’s falling out with Noriega’s entrepreneurial efforts and all that new poppy paste from Afghanistan and uh… uh…

But at least the good ship Bushjunta is about to take one at the waterline and that’s good news. It’s going to be a slow process but this pack of shithouse rats is going down and as it does some of the nastiest business in many a year is going to float to the top and bob like Republican interns looking for a Petri dish.

I don’t know how it will all go down, but I suggest you keep your eyes open. Every moment following this is going to be revealing; party at my house after. Word.

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