Wednesday, September 27, 2023

"God- At Any Moment... Can Put or Inhibit Any Thought... In Any Mind... OR Every Mind... At Any Time It Pleases Him To."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Like Rashomon, one can look at an issue or event from different perspectives, and come up with different takes on what is or was presumed to be true. Then there is the detached and impersonal perspective where one has no vested interest in outcome or interpretation. Unfortunately, in Times of Material Darkness, the profit motive seeps into nearly everything; having already... previously... poisoned the groundwater.

Am I being overly subtle or consciously elusive? It's hard to set up the moment in order to make a point past all argument.

People will say that the homeless on the street... the degrading of standards, and all the attendant and ancillary conditions... are caused by the culture degenerating... or greed; resulting from the widening margin of rich and poor.

If rents are too high for citizens of this country, with only marginal resources, then why are MILLIONS of migrants being bused from around The World to our borders to be housed and fed while people who already live here are on the streets of cities in tents?

It's true that a significant portion of the homeless are alcoholics... drug addicts... and mentally ill. Some are also simply people too lazy or stupid to do anything about their situation. All of them are without friends in possession of shelter to share or... without families OR... with families, they have alienated through endless bad behavior that they learned... somehow... while growing up in these places they are now alienated from.

It should be obvious that the people responsible for this condition... other than the people in this condition... are the people blaming everyone else for this condition, along with the people who are purposely driving these conditions in order to seize and maintain control of the country... or to profit from perpetuating these conditions.

Obviously, the migrant problem is fueled by George Soros and his many NGOs, AND... his associates in crime... who are also responsible for the homeless situation. The main reason is to create a new demographic of voters whose livelihoods are to be subsidized in exchange for voting the party line.

Ironically... the people financing and orchestrating the migrant crisis are importing a great many people from failed Socialist states to a country that is not a failed Socialist state (not yet anyway).

This situation, and all the other situations that trouble us in America could be quickly and easily solved. These are not even my areas of expertise, but I could solve these problems with nothing more than common sense. Why aren't the lawmakers engaged in solving this problem? More specifically, why aren't The Republicans... who are in control of The House of Representatives doing anything about it?

Good question?

It is because of The Israeli Honey-Pot Blackmail scheme. Israel has a warrior army of Mossad agents whose job is to corrupt and compromise the lawmakers in every country, and they have satellite transmission centers in every country where these agents come and go from. This is EASILY researched and proven; should anyone care to know more than it is usually safe for anyone to know.

The politicians... administrators... lawmakers... law enforcers are all compromised or on the hook for a promise of future gain OR... programmed by those controlling their actions. The ones controlling them have the lion's share of assets that afford them the power to pay them to see their intentions realized.

They also control a large measure of The World banking system; this is also easily proven, AND they own World Media... the entertainment industries, and Social Media; except for TikTok, and... they are easily as bad. I do not say these things because I hate a certain group of people OR... because I want these things to be true. I say them because they are true and easily proven. The thing is, one gets no forum to speak in if one tells the truth.

This is because those you are not permitted to criticize are the source of the majority of the problems. This is also easy to prove.

The only truth-tellers who are permitted to speak to a wider audience (unless God intrudes) are those working as controlled opposition.

The Good News... and it is good news... is that The Divine is in control of everything at all times. Now... in order to understand how this could be true, when it seems certain that it is not; based on appearances... one has to be creative in their thinking.

Humanity is given Free Will, but... what Free Will REALLY consists of is one thing only. It is the freedom to oppose The Divine. That is all there is of Free Will. Otherwise, one is going along with and serving The Celestial Plan.

So... although there are many... especially in Times of Material Darkness... who oppose... wittingly and unwittingly... The Will of Heaven, everything they do... whether they know it or not... comes to serve The Will of Heaven anyway.

God turns all things and conditions to His Will. It may be wild-in-the-streets here and there. It may be dark and draconian round the corner. It may be serene in this locale, and utter chaos in that locale. It might be Feast City across the river and Famine City on the near bank, BUT all of these conditions are direct expressions of the outworking of collective and individual Karma.

Everything happens for a reason, BUT... if you don't know what the reason is then it makes no sense to you... does it? Everything is perfectly in accord with its own state of involvement... to the degree that it is involved... like it or not, and... almost no one likes it because... those with too much still want more... and those with not enough still want more.

Everyone wants more, including the hamster on the wheel, who is the perpetual prisoner of the promise of something more, that... even when it is realized... leaves them still hungry for something more. All of life is in some relationship to this principle, and the ONLY ones who are well served are those who are detached from The Process.

So many people are driven by nostalgie de la boue.

It all comes packaged in promises of what it is not, with the ingredients listed (most of the time). What you do not see on the package... usually... unless they are lying... is; happiness... joy... contentment... peace of mind... Love... Wisdom... or Truth; unless they are lying, and everyone knows they are lying because no matter what it says on the wrapper, you find it is not so. Critical ingredients are not present; could not possibly be present.

A fool is someone who believes what is on the wrapper. A fool is someone who believes what someone else tells him because he wants it to be true. Many people make a very good living deceiving fools again, and again, and again. Doctors lie because they don't know what they are talking about. Lawyers lie because they do know what they are talking about. Politicians and public servants lie because they are paid to do so by the people who profit from the lies they tell.

You know all this, but... Hope springs eternal, and endlessly rises from the pool of existence with its eternal counterpart, Disappointment. You see that particular downturn of the mouth on the spoiled offspring of the rich? They have been unable to find the there that was supposed to be there. This is only one aspect of life's righteous payback to the clueless self-involved.

The rioting in Philadelphia is orchestrated by the same people fueling the migrant crisis. It is a potent weapon to be employed whenever a desired result is sought. This... and every other action of similar kind and intent, WILL... invariably... turn upon the ones wielding them. We have only to wait and see.

God... at any moment... can put or inhibit... any thought... in any mind... OR every mind... at any time it pleases him to. He can shut off the power of anyone to think or act at any time he wishes. He lets it run its course because every river finds its way to the sea OR... it dries up on the sands of a desert. He is the river and the sea. He is the sand and the desert, and at the same time, he is utterly apart from them. It's a mystery is what it is.

I know that a few thousand people read each post. I think we can presume that they come for different reasons. They do come from every corner of The World, and the visitors change over time; some falling away, some newly arriving.

I know it's a small audience, and much smaller than once it was. That is of no importance whatsoever.

I am writing... directly... to those seeking The Divine. That is my target audience. I am not concerned about meeting the expectations of anyone else and don't much care if I do or don't. I don't mean that in a dismissive fashion. It's just what it is... it is what it is, so... when I talk about my interactions with The Divine... transmissions... messages, I do this because they are directly relevant to The Reader. I am told that this is true. I don't need any further validation on the matter.

Every day I hear something new or something old in a new way. I live in a kaleidoscoping Rashomon. It would profit The Reader to listen to any of the stations that have been broadcasting since the beginning of time. You are far less likely to be taken unaware of circumstances if you do listen. Think of it as a test of The Emergency Broadcasting System.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, September 22, 2023

"The Good News... In Evil Times... Is That The Evildoers Give Each Other no Peace. They Are Constantly at War."

(I've found a workaround... The Nazgul still have me off the internet... but it's nothing for the intrepid mind.)

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is the 2nd day that I have no internet access. It appears to be directed at this IP, though we are told it is otherwise. No reasons are given. All is mysterious. I suspect this is another Black Rock-Vanguard-State Street acquisition, and... I am reminded that I have been a little direct lately about one of the main drivers of The Ills of Humanity.

Last night... after I passed into the realm of the subconscious... I was with Elon Musk all night. Typically... in the dream states... I get along well with my companion(s). We have a number of discussions about this and that. None of them do I remember now, but I remember a lot of the comings and goings.

At one point we climbed a high tower. It was a thousand feet or so and there was a pinnacle atop it. The Winds were hard and it was winter. Going down was done from the outside. Climbing up had been from the inside. Usually, I am... and have been... very apprehensive of heights in my dreams. The going down was very steep but it did not seem to bother me.

There was a brother and sister dance act. They have some connection to Elon. They were rising stars in their field and there was something very aggressive and off-putting about them. It might have been that they were the parts of Elon. The female side was hidden but very active.

Later on, I was with an old girlfriend of mine and I was telling her about my time spent with Musk. It was one of those very real dreams and I am still able to remember a lot of it, but not anything that was said.

The night before, I had been with Bob Dylan all night. Once again, I can't remember much that got said except that we talked about my music. We were at some kind of a mall complex that had a race track in it. It was a lot like Yonkers' Race Track where I had been a time or two because a friend wanted to go. I didn't much care for the place.

It was full of wanna-be gangster types... with pinky rings... and disappointed, jaded female consorts. It was the same way in the dream. This dream also went on through the whole of the night. I often see celebrities in my dreams and I get along with them better than I imagine getting along with them in life.

Life has gotten very strange and I don't miss not being part of it. I am a real recluse these days and see almost no one. Life is strange here too with inexplicable happenings that I am told to take on faith. I am doing that.

It seems that Biblical prophecies are starting to appear in the wider world. However... it is happening in cartoon fashion, and the players are more like cartoons than people. Senator (snicker) Fetterman is an example. He obviously was a beneficiary of election fraud. He has near zero qualifications. This seems to be a coming trend. Dumb-ass shoe inserts are much easier to command than people who can think.

I keep thinking of Fetterman's head injury-depression caper, and it has been striking me that he might be The Wounded Beast of The Apocalypse as a personalization. They changed the dress code in The Senate from suit and tie to Seattle Grunge on his behalf. He no longer looks at all like himself. His tattoos went somewhere else. This is the kind of strange I am talking about.

I don't know what's transpired in The World in the last couple of days and I don't know when I'm going to be able to peer in again. I am going to have to find a Russian Internet firm and perhaps begin to post these transmissions on The Dark Net. It will require the reader to use the Tor Browser but... other than that... it's pretty simple.

I could watch TV news but that would be only lies and I can't bear more than a minute of that before I start talking back from a part of my persona that I don't use anymore because it has a distinct cutting edge. I could go somewhere and check but I don't care enough to do so. It suits me fine not to know what's going on in The World because I know it amounts to little that would interest me.

I'm not at all put off by this happening. It will come back on or it won't, and... eventually... I will get another internet portal that isn't owned by The Usual Suspects. I'm surprised they let me go on as long as they did. Of course... it's not up to them. They only think they run The Show. They will be finding out the truth of that shortly.

I don't think of what we do here as possessing any world-shaking importance. I'm just a tiny province, an island... somewhere in a vast and immeasurable sea. People come by like passing seabirds or schools of dolphins. I figure I must be on the way somewhere, and it is better than if no one stops at all; being a voice not entirely crying in The Wilderness.

The good news in evil times is that the evildoers give each other no peace. They are constantly at war, which is an essential part of their nature. Sooner or later they destroy each other and themselves. Evil is a temporary and passing phenomenon that shows up most noticeably in Times of Material Darkness. When Materialism is in its latter stages, the whole world turns into a dirty kitchen and the vermin are everywhere.

Of course... this means all sorts of opportunistic diseases as well. It means a constant assault on The Sacred Bowers of Lady Nature, and... sooner or later... she's had enough of that. God and the wardens of his creation are very patient. They've seen it all a million times a million. It's not something that's going to get out of control unless it is commanded to.

I've been told to rely on The Divine and to stand guard at the gateway of The Mind. That is all I am supposed to do... besides provide a running commentary that I channel from the station I am tuned to. I'm like a disc jockey. I play a selection of songs from a specific area of music, tailored to specific tastes.

Sometimes people come around and don't like the tunes. One would think they would simply go find a station that appeals to them, but... that is not always the case. I'm not partial to the tunes they want to play either... so... what doesn't go around doesn't come around... so to speak, and... I am not put off by that which I pay no attention to.

I don't have to worry about letting certain people into my head because my head is already occupied, and I have some pretty competent bouncers at the door. They've been doing this kind of work since Time particulated down from Eternity so... they know what they're doing. They've worked for me in other lives. We have a thing going on.

Some of us who do this work have lives of various kinds at different times. Occasionally they are cluttered like a painter's studio filled with works in progress. Other times the work goes on at a far remove from the noise-ridden rat-warrens of cities rising and then falling into disrepair. Always... the work preempts the life... to the displeasure of those seeking some measure of it OR... a controlling interest in what goes on.

We all have our passions. In most cases those passions are shared by large numbers of the population, which accounts for all the restaurants... resorts... gambling emporiums... escort services, and street hookers; depending on what you can afford.

Then there are the passions of the marketplace... the professions... the diplomas and official documents of the DBA sector. There are people pulling teeth and people rotting teeth. There are people stealing from you and people protecting you from theft, though... the latter... is not as present as once it was because the thieves got tired of the interference, AND... these being Times of Material Darkness, yeah... well, you know what I mean.

I don't much care about any of that. Those areas of enterprise reek of jealousy and envy... backbiting and people on the make. If you're any good at what you do, all kinds of people hate you. If you're not any good, you can probably get all kinds of slack and high positions these days.

We are in one of those critical stages. A lot is on the line, though most people only care about what they can get from it... or get through it... or wait it out; hoping for the best. People forget all about what's important during Times of Material Darkness. The heat from The Attractor Machines numbs The Mind and inflames The Heart. If you can remember The Point of Light at the center of it all... that would be good. That would be very good for you.

In times of pervasive confusion... when The World has turned into a free-for-all... and the very worst of human nature is on display... that is when the righteous warriors stand tall. That is when we see how few they are. Maybe they ignite their fellows... and maybe they don't. That's what The Purpose of Demonstration is here to show us.

End Transmission.......

I went into a little subjective musing today. It's relevant to the rest of the post and hopefully not too opaque for the reader.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

"It Amuses God to Let It All Play Out. He's a Fan of Snatching People Right at The Moment of Their Greatest Triumph."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The moment of... the coming... attempted... takeover by force... is close at hand. The crowds are surging at the American border. They are coming in by trainloads from far off. They are taking over entire locations, and... all of it is orchestrated by George Soros and others like him. The objective is the utter breakdown of society, for the purpose of absolute control.

All the evidence one needs to see are the hordes of fighting-age men that compose the migrants.

This same cabal behind migration invasion is the cabal behind The Perversity and Transgender movements. It is the same cabal that wants to bring Communism to all free-market countries. Jamie Diamond... one of the empty suit front men... wants to take away all private property to 'save the planet'. Jamie Diamond is a BANKER!!!

Jamie Diamond was a major facilitator of Epstein and he runs a Rothschild bank. It's kind of hard not to be a pawn of a handful of vampire squids.

Eustace Mullins might tell you all about it, but... he had to go somewhere.

Jamie wants to take away your private property (a Communist tactic) because The Bank can be better trusted to manage it. This is why Larry Fink is buying up private housing all over the country through Black Rock. Larry Fink also wants to force and enforce behavior and that is the point of ESG and DEI. Fink and his reptile associates go around buying up stock in various corporations and companies until they have a significant voting block of shares.

They get on the board automatically- more or less- when they have enough shares, AND THEN??? They compel compliance. They insist that their self-centric control systems of ESG and DEI are made a part of corporate policy. This is why you see companies and corporations caving to The Woke mindset. This is why you see them putting The Whale's Daughter in as spokes-fatty for Unilever's Dove soap.

It is enforced compliance. It gets written into the laws of the corporation. This is the same method that makes it possible for drag queens to be in libraries, and for sex freaks to act out in public as they please. It is because they filtered a boatload of legislation in on the back of The Gay Marriage Act.

They made adjustments to Title 9 so that opportunistic lawyers; a literal army of sociopaths with briefcases, can put trannies into girl's sports. All of this... is a multidimensional pincer game, coming at every level of society... to break down the family unit and turn the children over to the state.

It is why a monstrous Marxist Lesbian is in charge of the library system. It is why a horse of the same color is the head of The Teacher's Union. The Tribe has taken control of all critical industries having to do with education so that they can program the young. You can see the result of that everywhere, and the level of stupid; can't read... can't write... can't think... has become a pandemic.

They have taken control of The Biden administration. It is being run off camera by America's First Gay President... who initiated all of the legislation presently afflicting The United States, and who continues his agenda in the present day.

Andrew Tate got hit with rape charges... Julian Assange- same thing. Now Russell Brand, and several other notable examples are also getting the technicolor smear treatment in recent times. This is what the present system does when you don't play along... when you speak truth to power. Once again... through Me-Too and other engines of cynical switcharoo, they messed with the legal framework so accusers could hide in the shrubbery and hurl anonymous accusations of wrong behavior from decades ago.

This is the same thing they are doing with black crime and no bail policy. Tribe honcho, Pritzker has opened the gates of Hell in Illinois. They want Americans in fear on the streets and in their homes. All of these things they do, they have reasons for. They have an end game in mind. All of what you are seeing is consistent with The Protocols, and... if you say anything... you are Antisemitic. The Truth is Antisemitic.

I know what I am and I know what I am not. I do not lie to myself. That is suicidal. I know it is not possible to be Antisemitic when those you are referencing ARE NOT SEMITIC, and... they are on record saying this about the slur.

The evidence is OVERWHELMING that they were involved in 9/11. The evidence is overwhelming that they are behind the immigration movement. The head of the relevant agency is a member of the same collective. The evidence is overwhelming that they are behind the transgender movement and all of the perversity orgs. They are also deep pockets into The Climate Change Scam. Open your fucking eyes!!!

Fortunately, they are getting called out. I do not know if Musk is playing controlled opposition or not. However... it is very troubling who he put in charge of Twitter-X. He's an atheist-transhumanist who sees sex as his ultimate religious experience. His track record speaks to his hound-dog persona. So... many questions exist concerning the man. He does have an engaging smile, but so does a hyena and a crocodile.

Still... I cannot say one way or the other because I do not know what is dancing off-screen behind the faces and the gestures of misdirection. What I do know. What I fundamentally and viscerally know... is that Almighty God is in absolute and complete control of everything seen... and unseen... at all times.

Just because he doesn't smack malefactors right and left... under the least provocation... means nothing. He gets around to everything in his own sweet time... and he uses EVERYONE to the fulfillment of his ends.

The Good and The Bad are free to go about their high and low jinx until they are not. Woe betide the hypocrite and poseur who pretend to be what he is not, and lives in opposition to what he claims is so. Whitened Sepulchers do not have an easy time of it at some point.

God is amused at letting it all play out. He's a fan of snatching people right at the moment of their greatest imagined triumph. God turns the water on and off, as it pleases him. He turns the power on and off, as it pleases him. He moves around among us in disguise all the time. He moves around in our hearts and minds as well. He knows who has real courage and who does not. He knows who is real or not.

It takes something special for anyone to walk tall. People shiver at the loss of livelihood and reputation. They tremble to be shown how few friends they actually have. They make deals. They appease who they must appease to profit and gain.

I did not have to go to jail (but I did have to). I went because I told the government to kiss my dust, and... that I had done nothing wrong. I did not have to run into the extreme adversity that I did... over and over again (but I did have to), however, I would not stop saying what I knew to be true, and I didn't (and don't) care if it means the appearance of a temporary loss of freedom... or resources... or shelter... or ANYTHING!

I don't cut deals with the Prince of this World. We understand each other. We both work for the same ruling entity. We both have our areas of enterprise, and the same is true of every one of you. Stay in your lane. That is The Law of Dharma.

The Liberated among us know what demons really are, and use them when the need arises. Otherwise... they stay in their lanes. The Liberated among us know what angels are, and they incline eternally in their direction. Turn The Dial at midpoint and you get angels. Turn it below the midpoint and you get demons. Turn it down and you get passion. Turn it up and you get aspiration.

Turn it down and you get carnal love. Turn it up and you get Higher Love. Turn it down and you are blind. Turn it up and you see. Turn it down for bondage. Turn it up for liberation. Walk into The World, or walk out of The World... even while you are moving through The World. Have a seat on The Lily Pad, it's... not... so... bad.

Play in The World with the things of The World and you have skin in The Game, and various interests have a piece of you. Play above the waterline and you can sail across The Ocean of Birth and Death. It really all depends on what you are after. If you are after the things of The World... well... they are certainly there. If you are after something else... well... you will find that too.

On and on it goes and people are torn apart by the dance of opposites and the attractions of The Lower Mind and The Higher Mind. Almost everyone has great expectations when they are young. The trick... the real trick... the key to the whole affair... is to carry those great expectations with you all the way through. The key is to never lose sight... of the shining light... in the clouds on top of the mountain.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, September 14, 2023

"It Is Already a Reality in The Mind of God. That's It!!! Take it OR It Leaves You... Somewhere in The Dust of Its Passage."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In Ukraine... very recently, a Russian shipyard in Crimea was shelled by a couple of missiles given to Ukraine by The UK. The Russians are well aware that London is the chief EU facilitator of globalist policy in this war... that is not officially a war. Some say that America is pulling the strings. I say it is the international bankers pulling the strings of every nation they are present in, and... whose currency flow-and-value they control.

However... this world of appearances and the state of temporal order is controlled by what is unseen, through the agency of Principalities and Powers, which are angelic forces. Powers are of the 2nd rank and Principalities are of the 3rd rank of angels. They are administered by The Prince of Darkness... also an angel... and... all of them are fallen from their former high estate.

The Prince has 7 generals. Some schools of thought maintain that Satan and Lucifer are the same entity. Some say they are separate. I say they are evil twins... different aspects of the same force... employed by God Almighty for the work they are assigned, which has to do with the trial, tempering, and purification of the souls of humanity.

Your 7 generals each represent one of the seven deadly sins. They have many, many minions who see to the corruption of humanity in material form. They are especially active at this time. In order for them to have a compliant environment to work their darkness in... it is first necessary to make their objective and subjective targets mad... insane... batshit crazy; depending on how it applies in specific cases.

In order to render a mind unhinged, it is necessary to create identity conflicts and to twist the sexual nature. Ergo... you have the relentless promotion of unnatural drives... of the varieties of sexual attraction... transgenderism... and other acquired tastes of the less-than-sophisticated palate.

Madness can also be affected through sundry other mediums of compulsion and obsession with... material things... personal pride... and all other kinds of ego disorders that leadeth unto destruction as does every road that bends away from The King's Highway... via the corruptions of the flesh.

All corruptions are not of the flesh... of course... but that is where they wind up, and... where the price of the particular excursion is assessed and paid for. All corruptions start in The Mind. They are inflamed by the passions, and... they appear in the physical form through the medium of The Knower and The Field.

When the wages of sin come calling, accounts are settled within the physical form, Once again... this is why the wages of sin are death. However... as has been stated here and in many other places... over many millennia... there is another way that leads to immortality, and... never is it so obscured as in Times of Material Darkness.

So... weapons delivered from The UK to Ukraine... by order of the international bankers... by order of the specific demonic entity that undersees that particular area of enterprise... by order of The Left Hand of God... for The Purpose of Demonstration... and resolution... through The Law of Cause and Effect... shall bring a most definite response.

Those agitating for war... in order to mask their bad bookkeeping and see to a return on massive investments made for the objective of massive returns... are buzzing about like angry hornets because... it is not going their way at all. So... they must... necessarily strategize for continuing escalations that will... invariably... seek them out where they live BECAUSE... this is an apocalypse and they are still trying to do business as if it was the same-old-same-old... which it is not.

These are no longer the days of the same-old-same-old.

It is of the nature of give and take... push and pull... and so on and so forth... that whenever some collection of possessed lunatics decides that the time is right to take over The World... and mold it closer to the dark desires of The Carnal Heart... other forces rise to oppose them. Nations around The World are joining together to confront The International Banker Armies.

The Cosmic Word is that it... is time... for a change. When word comes down from above, there is no one... NO ONE... there- is- no- one- who can counter or snake-slide their way around it. There are no negotiations... and no means of appeasement that exist... or can be created... that is sufficient to alter what Heaven has thought into being. What is to come is already a reality in The Mind of God. That's it... take it OR it leaves you... somewhere in the dust of its passage.

When we think events or conditions into being, they must come into being through a process. There is the idea... then there is the planning... then there is the execution... and then there is the material form or condition, and... all along the way things can go sideways; bad idea... poor planning... faulty execution... shitty product.

When God thinks anything into being, it is instantly real, and... it is perfect at inception... and all the way to the myriad destinies of whatever is unreal... that comes up against what is true... while going contrary to The Will of God. Incline toward The Will of God and all will be well. Oppose The Will of God, and... you will be destroyed OR... fervently wish you had been.

Just as there are lawyers on Earth... there are lawyers in our heads that pose arguments directed toward getting our way. As a result... we have convinced ourselves... through a whole lot of internal chatter... that we are in the right... where there are no absolutes of right and wrong, and... the poles are always shifting between them. You either have a paddle in your hand or... you are a ping-pong ball... a pinball... or... whatever.

“Though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.” Let that be your guidance system.

You hear little about Ukraine except calls for more money. It's a money pit, BUT... the people who print the money want it because they've worn out their welcome in The Occupied Zone and are going to need to move somewhere. Meanwhile... The World is waking up and getting increasingly more angry with them; Well... well... well... (grin) “We'll always have Paris Patagonia.”

Everything is falling apart for The Bad Controllers. Nothing could be worse for them because Control is the driving impetus of their existence. You can't sublimate the mating urge of a stag to produce a poetry that does not involve antlers. You can't dissuade those bent and determined toward their own destruction. It's all there in the fine print of The Purpose of Demonstration.

Now... I know there are those meat and potato (head) pragmatists out there who do not believe in what they cannot see, even though they employ the principle all the time while being unaware of it. There are those argumentative mutton heads... who are dead certain they are right... about all the things they are going to be proven wrong about, and it doesn't matter how often they come upon this... again... and again... and again.

They are very much like The Bad Controllers... in a smaller... and less consistently successful fashion cause... ♫ (almost) everybody wants to rule The World ♫ My Friends... someone is already ruling The World. What you really should do is find out who that is. You should find out who that is and apply for a position in the mail room... work your way up; as above... so below.

There are a lot of blueprints out there. The Christians have one. The Muslims have one. The Hindus and Buddhists have one. (each) The Satanists have one... and they all work within certain parameters... and they all get the fruits of their industries... most especially those who are not seeking after the fruits of their industries... but are simply giving it away... every day... without another thought about it.

Will there be a 3rd World War? There will be for those who involve themselves in it. Will The Killer Vaccines get them first? Maybe. Might they get hit by a truck while crossing the street and worrying about war or The Killer Vaccines? That's also possible. Various amounts of people are headed in each of those directions at this very moment.

All this time... while men are making plans... God is laughing. God laughs often. God has many reasons to laugh. There is much shared laughter because The Friends of God are laughing with God. God loves the company of his friends. If you are in that company... you are often laughing too. If you are not in that company... maybe you are laughing... at the moment... and maybe you are not laughing. Time will tell, and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, September 11, 2023

"Regular Prayer... Directed at a Particular Location... Will Wear Away The Doubt Shield that Gravitates Around The Object."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I have been known to say... It is what it is, but... maybe it never is, not as something that can be talked about as anything other than an abstraction. Maybe, it is what it is; until it becomes something else that it conceals itself within, and then it becomes something else again. It is something truly elusive, most particularly because it is to be found within. Otherwise... as someone said... if you see The Buddha on the road, kill him.

That's not literal, and Buddha does go on the road, so... it's not something I repeat much. There are better ways to make that point.

Everything outside of us is unreal BECAUSE the appearance of it is subjective to the mind of the one perceiving it. We all see things differently. Sometimes it is only a little different, and sometimes it is radically different. People fall out over this. People kill each other over this, arguing about something that neither of them understand. To argue is to have missed the point.

Take for instance... the dancing ADL kickline Rockettes of Deception (by way of) who combat something they created in order to justify their control over The World around them through the intimidation of others. It's called Antisemitism, BUT... they are not Semitic! The Palestinians are Semitic. These AshkeNAZI legbreakers are not.

Have you seen the ADL capo de tutti fruitti capo... Jonathan (Phlegmsplatt) Greenblatt? He looks... and acts... and talks like a member of The Sopranos or a rival mob. Seriously! Look carefully at the body language... syntax... and physiognomy. He's a hood. He and his thug army routinely blackmail corporations and ANYONE they can intimidate for money. This is not up for dispute. This is what they do.

Together with the SPLC... they exercise control over what anyone can or cannot say... (also controlled by the same entities). If they can't control them, they are labeled as a hate group. As we stated here a long time ago... The Truth is Antisemitic. Need I point this out again?

Now... social media has turned on them in a big way, and it is about to get much bigger. At each stage of Mr. Apocalypse's agenda, new phenomena come into play. Those who used election fraud... to shoehorn Dirty Grandpa into The White House... are now scrambling for his replacement. Observe in the coming months how perceptions will be altered and Dark Brandon will be shelved.

The real thing to pay attention to is that this whole number... including Donald Trump... might all have been arranged prior to the transfer of power in 2021. The stage is being set for a populist to rise to power, AND... from all appearances... be compelled to bring the hammer down all over the place as soon as he comes into power. Watch and see if something very much like this is not in play.

Here is a big part of what is soon to be going on.

Of course... all plans have to deal with reality as soon as they go into motion, so... this is NOT going to turn out as they hope it will... not hardly.

I want to talk about something else;

The power of direct thought is much greater than the specializations of color, sound, and other elements to specific maladies (Med Beds). I studied color and sound for healing some decades ago. It's a legitimate modality. However... there are many approaches and what matters is to find the one that feeds into your strengths.

Healing is a matter of believing and directed faith. If I KNOW someone is going to be healed, they are healed. If there is a level of uncertainty... then, alternatively... regular applications of prayer directed at a particular location will wear away the doubt shield that gravitates around the object. I have proven this to my satisfaction enough times to be certain of the efficacy.

This is not something one has to convince others of. In fact, the attempt to do so will rob one of the power to heal. One has only to convince themselves, and know enough to get out of the way of the visualized result. Some things are best performed in secret... in the place where prayers are answered in secret. Much of the good in The World comes about in this fashion.

Remember the centurion who came to Christ and said something like, “You are an important man so you need not come with me. Only say he is healed and he will be.” He had come to Christ about his servant who was seriously ill. Christ told him, “According to your faith, so be it.”

I am not criticizing the technology of Med Beds. They are a part of the new wave of healing techniques that will come in this age. However... let me point out that one can also be effectively killed in these chambers as well, AND that The AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine will not go gentle into that new light.

The Lord God Almighty is just... oh my; the words mostly fail, but let me use what there is. The Lord God Almighty is the most amazing... astounding... unbelievable fountain of overflowing love and wisdom intermingling... for the creation of everlasting truth... that I ever have... or ever will encounter... in or out of this or any other plane of existence.

I get to talk with him through my day, and for extended periods at the beginning and end of the day, and... only briefly... and occasionally... do I share any of it here, for very good reasons. One is that I cannot possibly replicate the experience in words. Another reason is that it pisses certain people off. That should be a perk... heh heh... but it's not. It's just sad.

I was telling God about how much I appreciate and delight in his company this evening (Saturday) and he said, “Well... you earned it. I kicked the living shit out of you for extended periods of time and EVERYONE (caps for emphasis) better understand that that is a rite of passage; no getting around it at some point. It might seem certain characters got a pass somehow. NO ONE GET A PASS! It happened at another time... under another name.

You should see them as I see them, Visible. You should hear what they say about how they can't take it anymore or the places they like to hide out and play the renunciate; you cannot hide away. You must serve. Nothing else will please me. I have to confirm their sincerity. It has to mean everything to them or it means nothing to me. You are either one hundred percent on board or the train is leaving the station without you.

I extend every courtesy. I help invisibly all along the way. Seldom does anyone make it through all the filters in one go-round. HOWEVER! Anyone who is determined and committed will find the route not nearly as arduous as most find it to be. The pain and torment come from not being fully committed. That's where the tearing and the hurt occur. (♫ torn between two lovers ♫)

When I say, seldom... I mean by comparison with the number of applicants that fall away and will not... no matter what... persist onward. I mean by comparison with the population numbers. There is what I call... a steady but inconsistent trickle (laughter)... if you get what I mean.”

Sometimes we are talking and he will pull up a conversation I had with someone years... decades ago or reference an event, just to let me know he was present.

The things of The World do not compare with something like this. What many people do not get is the degree of intimacy that exists between God and the one who has his confidence. He will do anything for such a person and his power is limitless.

He does not give material riches and high temporal station usually, but he certainly can. All The World is his to do with as he pleases. It may look otherwise. It might appear that The Bad Guys are in charge. No one is in charge but God... EVER!

I observe people debating this... that... and the other thing. Their mind gives them no peace, round and round they circle the incomprehensible, trying to make sense out of it. God is not like everything else you encounter here or anywhere. God does not conform to your understanding, and even to understand God in a limited fashion... the ability to do so must come from God.

All of life's attractions, and all that displeases or frightens you... are distractions from the main point. They are ephemeral ghost formations before the face of what cannot be seen. To see God you must become God. To become God you must leave all other attractions behind. You literally walk out of one world and into another. You are either all the way in or you are going to be thrown off of the spinning plate.

People have an incredibly hard time letting go of their attachments. They identify themselves by what they have attached themselves to, AND... by what they dislike, AND... their problems? They are their problems. Their problems are their most enduring attachments, and all of them are self-created... according to prior arrangements... written into existence by thoughts... words... and deeds.

You can always ask for help and... you have to believe; Faith is the substance of things unseen. Once you understand that God is real... you are good to go, but... you have to stay the course or you'll get routed into a holding pattern until your next attempt... if there is one. Seek God in everything and God will become your constant companion in everything.

End Transmission.......

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Someone wants to debate me about Communism on a radio program. (grin) That's not going to happen. I don't debate. I don't argue. I don't need to prove my point... should that be a factor. God handles my affairs and life demonstrates it.

Here is what I KNOW about Communism. You can just pretend I am present and get someone to say these words; over and over if need be. Communism is the biggest intentional mass murderer of all time. Look at who invented it. Look at who brings it about. Look at who runs it once it gets going. God is not a consideration in Communism. God and religion are enemies. What does that make Communism?

Communism never works but a whole lot of people do die in the process and are tortured in the interim. The only place it ever works is on a small parcel of stolen land in The Middle East and that is a training ground for whenever the next effort comes about. China is going to implode shortly.

Moving right along.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

"Do Hit The Button at The Bottom of The Screen. I Need The Hits to get Corneas for The Eyes in The Back of My Head."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I thought we might have a technical discussion this morning about The Ego... Materialism... and Possession. It would clear up a lot of confusion, I think, about the way things are at present.

Of course, you would have to subscribe to my perspective. Do hit the button at the bottom of the screen, cause I need the hits to pay for cornea transplants for the eyes in the back of my head. Fortunately for me, I don't engage in that nonsense. I've seen what happens to the people with more money than they need.......

….... and I don't want that to happen to me. That would connect to the Possession factor... caused by The Ego getting enthralled with Materialism, which is the spécialité culinaire of Mammon; Le Chef De Tormente.

As you can see, it's been a long time since I spoke French on a day-to-day basis when I was ten years old, so... I make shit up, just like everyone else whose mind has been hijacked by Materialism; no... not really. I'm just saying that so that the weak-minded whiners don't feel so alone.

The Ego is like the internet avatar of Real Life. Real Life is something that used to exist back when every day was an exercise in survival and not a little curio shop of snatch-n-grab garbage.

The Ego is like one of those slinky little animals that they make coats out of for women who can chew the chrome off of the bumpers of your defense mechanisms. They are not Of Human Bondage... they are human bondage. They are members of The Army of The Possessed. They are possessed by Materialism in the various forms of invisible creatures of appetite.

They arrive small and cute. They grow into monsters. I think there was a movie I saw once where you just add water to one of these things and they grow big teeth and sharp claws. It's like that.

Early forms of Possession are like a minor skin irritation. If you keep scratching it... it gets worse, AND... if you keep eating the wrong things... waking up with the wrong people (the one's with the fleas)... doing the wrong things, your entire body will become an irritation and drive you crazy; just as it is presently doing all around you.

Grab the genitals and the mind and body will follow.

I once had this dead circle on my hand. It wouldn't go away. Finally, I went to the doctor. He said, “Oh! No problem, I'll take care of that.” I said... “Okay.” He answered, “Yeah. It would take about ten years for it to cover your whole body.” It was ringworm. I lived on Maui. Possession can be like that. It can also be much faster and even more total... because the body and mind are the initial objectives. Then the soul comes into view.

Yes... all these people acting out in strange and bizarre fashions are under a spell of Possession. They used to say that American Indians can't drink (or shouldn't). The same applies to all the indigenous types where The Stone Age is less than two hundred years away. Want to dispute that? Go ahead. The data is overwhelming.

If you go to certain parts of The World, you see entire populations caught up in the exclusive exercise of basic appetites, and everything spiritual is superstition or animism. You see the different cultures that people are born into; some over, and over, and over again, based on what drives and attracts them. I'm not saying it's good or bad. It is what it is... and a whole lot of suffering comes with the ticket to ride.

The same applies to other demographics when it comes to material attractions where taste is not a matter of concern. Rather than to say genetic types... certain races... let us say instead... certain personality types because that is what I really mean... and these types proliferate in the places where what they seek can be acquired and enjoyed, though... often it is a punishment detail.

Certain attractions and obsessions exist in every race and type, but... each of them is stronger here and weaker there. Some desire Money more than anything on Earth. This is because they know Money is Power, and they can buy anything they want with it, and hire lawyers if they get caught doing something evil; though... not so much anymore... in these days of moral relativism... where the lines between the two have been washed away; not blurred... washed away.

The Ego is that cocksure-cocktease side of the equation that recognizes nothing greater than itself, and... if not taught a certain amount of self-restraint in early life... turns into a monster.

Life... a handful of generations ago... was a struggle. It was a character builder... if you survived the early skirmishes with all the forces that looked to cut your survival short. You learned things from people who had been through things.

If you didn't listen... you found these things out for yourself. If you were still around after the life lesson... you knew what they knew, and wished you had known it before it had to be impressed on you.

God was a present factor in life, even if you didn't know who that was. It was there for at least two reasons. It was there because there was a powerful church that survived on the backs of the people they were able to hoodwink. It was also there because people had a better sense of God when they still needed God. It was also there because God is Real, to begin with.

Demons personify desires. Aspirations and Higher Love are the currency of angels.

Now that Life is a Candy Store, people's values have changed. Their focus has changed. Possession has become a real problem; most especially because few see it as a problem. Demons are one form or another... they are all hungers. They don't have physical bodies... unless they are able to snag one. In Times of Material Darkness... The World is now a parking lot in Oakland by the water.

It's a parking lot where not a single car has an unbroken window. Think of that car as your body and that broken window(s) as the way the demon got into the people that broke the window. It's The Ego that has to worry about Possession. The Ego is what gets possessed. In these times... many are possessed in childhood. The demons teach them how to get what they think they want.

Television is a window breaker... or a mind breaker... or a mind shaper. The World is a television set now, and there are screens everywhere. There were lots of screens in 1984 too. In Brave New World you could feel what was going on... on the screen; they're working day and night on that at present. Anything... ANYTHING to take people's minds off of what is really going on, and... to control them.

Those of us who know that there is something more to life... something more than the superficial attractions that stretch like an endless smorgasbord buffet table that encircles The World... are truly fortunate in this time of Material Darkness. We get the quantum leap factor if we can stay the course; steady as you go! The rest are drowning in an ocean of desire.

However... God is merciful. He has sent Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening to aid us in waking from the burning bed. Materialism... inevitably drives a certain bandwidth of consciousness mad. The attractions overwhelm them. They lose themselves in the colors and sounds. They are swallowed up in the intoxications thereof... aided by varieties of rocket fuel for the mind and desire bodies.

Every city is an aggregation of a specific... collective mindset... drawn together by a common bond. The sidewalks are burning. On the lower rungs violence is commonplace. On the higher rungs, it inspires the imagination, and... eventually... thoughts are things, and... what you think... you have formed into shapes all around you. I am doing the very same thing right now, but the shapes are different.

Creative visualization is an amazing force! Unfortunately... for many... they sway to and fro under the sinuous moves of guided visualizations that lead to suffering and death. Seriously deluded souls are being given the freedom to wreak havoc on The World... and they expose and condemn themselves accordingly. They are suffused with the sense of personal power, and... they think they are going to get away with it.

Legions of Faustian bargains are bundled like toxic mortgages for the flames of Hell. Some will be made free... and some will go in chains to Egypt. (symbolically speaking) Right this moment... doors open and close all around you. Right this moment... Heaven waits... and Perdition dances and sings like Sirens on the rocks. Right this moment, anything is possible... for anyone who can channel their force into the manifestation of a better world.

As you think it... there you bloody well are... sooner or later.

End Transmission.......

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I recommended The Dragon Prince... an animated work of 5 seasons. I had only seen the first season. I noted the woke touches but it was not egregious. Then... midway through Season Two... The Rocky Horror Picture Show came in with Heather's Two Mommies. I had a similar disappointment with Aurobindo Land.

I can't say that I will never recommend anything again, but I will have exhaustively researched it first. My apologies if I misguided anyone. Events like this are lessons for me to exercise more restraint. The Dragon Prince otherwise is very well done. It is a tragedy that those controlling the narrative are so unaware of where it is going to take them in real time.

Friday, September 1, 2023

"All Urban Planning is Done by Cenobites, and Hell Follows After... Up The Slippery Staircase of The Dark Subconscious."

God Poet Transmitting.......

BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Oh! Their ears must be burning by now;

“And you get a pineapple! And you get a pineapple! And you get a pineapple.” And the two of you... from what I just heard upstairs, get a spiritual colostomy. The Rock is not a very good actor. He's kinda like a showdog. He does okay... unless he gets out of his depth, but... his audience is no great shakes either, so... it all evens out.

Offal's audience is even dumber than his is. They definitely think the lights in the tunnel are two motorcycles.

Seriously! How do they not see what they look like? Both of them have enough money to put it all on their Black Rock... Titanium... Get-out-of-Dodge Free cards. These come with a diamond-rigged condom that fits over their heads so that no one knows what they are thinking. They already don't know what they're thinking so, it's all guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud!

Every scenario you see... going down in the camera-ready present... where no misstep goes unfilmed... is scripted by Mr. Apocalypse for posterity. McConnell's frozen moments... Fetterman's dress codes... Biden's Free Range Presidency... Kamala's cackling mosey... Admiral Levine with the junk in his trunk... are all celebrating the clueless and unconscious stupidity of Their Final Hours.

Everywhere you look, it's all breaking down. All urban planning is being done by Cenobites... and Hell follows after... up the slippery staircase of The Dark Subconscious they come. Just like everybody's got something to hide except for John and his monkey; your inside is out and your outside is in. Yes... that is what is happening, and those who are frozen in space or... on a continuous walkabout have nothing left inside. Everything went on a fire-sale long... long ago.

Wait till it goes up another notch, and it is going to... real soon. The pressure for change is enormous. It cannot be contained. Every effort to contain it creates a greater resistance for the explosive nature of The Beast. Change is inevitable and those with everything to lose are fighting it tooth and nail; down at the bottom of the well in Jame Gumb's basement.

All this time they thought The Devil was their friend. The Devil doesn't have any friends. That is the nature of his job, and yet... he is a most charming fellow. He knows all the tricks but he can't touch you if there is nothing you want. Stop wanting, and the whole circus of carnal torment ends. It doesn't hurt anymore... The Truth takes off her clothes and The World disappears.

There are many hidden laws that rule existence and which few see... unless all the attractions masking the booby traps and elevator shafts have lost their dazzle and ability to confuse. One of them is The Bottom's Up Whoopsie Daisy Law, where you go from Master of The Universe... to Low Man on The Scrotum Pole... in the wink of an eye.

What is this strange malady that is not existential COVID, which now afflicts celebrities far and wide? Eminem caught it... so did those two clowns in the video above. It's raging through the halls of government. This is the Minister of Health in The EU.

Maggie De Block

There is no vaccine for this virus. It just gets worse... and worse... and worse. It's going to go up another notch, and then another, and... oh boy!

The people trying to manage the collapse of everything around them are controlled solely by the desire to control their image... in the minds of the people waking up all around them... and seeing right through them.

The war in Ukraine is over and they keep throwing money at it. Meanwhile, BRICS is soon to get more letters in the name and control 80% of The World's oil. In America, they are working to make pronoun misnomers a crime. Everything is going belly up, and it is all part of a design, by people too clever by far to see that they are inescapably trapped in their own webs, and... they are making it tremble.

“Help me! Help me!” says the scientist in The Fly.

People believe that being an influencer makes them credible when they speak. People think the costume makes the player. People think they can present any image they wish to and drop it any time they please. In The New Age Community... wanna-be snake-oil salesmen... scour ancient tomes and the works of others... for a new way to say the same old same old, which already got ripped off a dozen times earlier.

God does everything. I do nothing; easy words to say. And many people say them. I say them to myself often because I am programming the subconscious to allow The Divine to pass through unhindered. It's like downloading through Windows Defender or bypassing a virus program. You have to make an exception. “He's a hetero. Okay..let him through.” That's the punch line but it helps to know the joke.

If you are just saying it, and you are still in the equation... you have created a contract between yourself and what is real. How do you think that will resolve itself?

People can say anything. Ten people can say the same thing, but only one of them rings true because that person possesses jnana or... even better... vijnana. The angels know this and they attach a ringtone to the statement of the one person out of ten.. or these days... one person out of a hundred thousand.

Do not expect such a person to come around in official robes, though... it can happen. Mostly God picks people that the official... diploma-handicapped... smart as fuck-all people... do not like.

He is known to pick the crazy... simple... and fools. Not the academic... credential-ridden fools, but... people that the upper class think of as, “not really our sort... are they?”

God is not fooled. Not ever. So... his angels put a ringtone on certain commentary, and Twitter-X gives the rest of them a blue checkmark. It really pisses the self-important off... big time... when someone comes around without all the secret handshakes... doesn't have the insider elbow-grab... lacks the connections on the temporal side, but... has the power because that person has not kissed The Devil's Ring, but has sacrificed the blocking personality that the rest of them feed WHENEVER it is hungry, and.......

....... it's hungry most of the time.

I am amazed and astonished... in regular fashion... day after day, by people who think saying something makes it so; who think others do not see what they are up to. You can't hide anything anymore... not for long. Your motives will surface like a dead body in a lake. Floaters are the worst. Be extremely careful with the gaffing tool.

People actually believe that God is some kind of a fairy tale... that God is not a living and constantly present entity everywhere... in countless forms... changing in appearance... from one thing to another... while being none of them.

They do not realize their heart would not beat if God were not present... in the specific manner required to accomplish it; just as he is with breath... and sight... and sound. A particular angel is in charge of each sense in everyone who has that sense. Angels are God's fingers and toes, and every other function he engages in through the whirling activity of The Divine Mother... who is The Facilitator.

We are coming right up upon some profound and lasting moments of transition; moments like an echo that does not fade... moments like the entire world frozen in astounded wonder... moments that cannot be articulated apart from the event itself, which is speaking in a voice of awe, and suddenly... nothing is ever the same again.

All around us are souls in the various states of transition... coming together and falling apart. Some hold themselves close to the hearth of God, and some spin off into darkness. The howling... grasping mob has been loosed upon the marketplaces of The World. The desire for something different now consumes all normal things. This is not a time for fleeting love affairs... with animated dust... that is bent out of shape.

End Transmission.......

Speaking of The Divine Mother. Here is something from one of the most accomplished minds of all time on that particular subject. If it's not in there it's not written down anywhere else either. This will appeal to some of you.

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