Monday, September 11, 2023

"Regular Prayer... Directed at a Particular Location... Will Wear Away The Doubt Shield that Gravitates Around The Object."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I have been known to say... It is what it is, but... maybe it never is, not as something that can be talked about as anything other than an abstraction. Maybe, it is what it is; until it becomes something else that it conceals itself within, and then it becomes something else again. It is something truly elusive, most particularly because it is to be found within. Otherwise... as someone said... if you see The Buddha on the road, kill him.

That's not literal, and Buddha does go on the road, so... it's not something I repeat much. There are better ways to make that point.

Everything outside of us is unreal BECAUSE the appearance of it is subjective to the mind of the one perceiving it. We all see things differently. Sometimes it is only a little different, and sometimes it is radically different. People fall out over this. People kill each other over this, arguing about something that neither of them understand. To argue is to have missed the point.

Take for instance... the dancing ADL kickline Rockettes of Deception (by way of) who combat something they created in order to justify their control over The World around them through the intimidation of others. It's called Antisemitism, BUT... they are not Semitic! The Palestinians are Semitic. These AshkeNAZI legbreakers are not.

Have you seen the ADL capo de tutti fruitti capo... Jonathan (Phlegmsplatt) Greenblatt? He looks... and acts... and talks like a member of The Sopranos or a rival mob. Seriously! Look carefully at the body language... syntax... and physiognomy. He's a hood. He and his thug army routinely blackmail corporations and ANYONE they can intimidate for money. This is not up for dispute. This is what they do.

Together with the SPLC... they exercise control over what anyone can or cannot say... (also controlled by the same entities). If they can't control them, they are labeled as a hate group. As we stated here a long time ago... The Truth is Antisemitic. Need I point this out again?

Now... social media has turned on them in a big way, and it is about to get much bigger. At each stage of Mr. Apocalypse's agenda, new phenomena come into play. Those who used election fraud... to shoehorn Dirty Grandpa into The White House... are now scrambling for his replacement. Observe in the coming months how perceptions will be altered and Dark Brandon will be shelved.

The real thing to pay attention to is that this whole number... including Donald Trump... might all have been arranged prior to the transfer of power in 2021. The stage is being set for a populist to rise to power, AND... from all appearances... be compelled to bring the hammer down all over the place as soon as he comes into power. Watch and see if something very much like this is not in play.

Here is a big part of what is soon to be going on.

Of course... all plans have to deal with reality as soon as they go into motion, so... this is NOT going to turn out as they hope it will... not hardly.

I want to talk about something else;

The power of direct thought is much greater than the specializations of color, sound, and other elements to specific maladies (Med Beds). I studied color and sound for healing some decades ago. It's a legitimate modality. However... there are many approaches and what matters is to find the one that feeds into your strengths.

Healing is a matter of believing and directed faith. If I KNOW someone is going to be healed, they are healed. If there is a level of uncertainty... then, alternatively... regular applications of prayer directed at a particular location will wear away the doubt shield that gravitates around the object. I have proven this to my satisfaction enough times to be certain of the efficacy.

This is not something one has to convince others of. In fact, the attempt to do so will rob one of the power to heal. One has only to convince themselves, and know enough to get out of the way of the visualized result. Some things are best performed in secret... in the place where prayers are answered in secret. Much of the good in The World comes about in this fashion.

Remember the centurion who came to Christ and said something like, “You are an important man so you need not come with me. Only say he is healed and he will be.” He had come to Christ about his servant who was seriously ill. Christ told him, “According to your faith, so be it.”

I am not criticizing the technology of Med Beds. They are a part of the new wave of healing techniques that will come in this age. However... let me point out that one can also be effectively killed in these chambers as well, AND that The AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine will not go gentle into that new light.

The Lord God Almighty is just... oh my; the words mostly fail, but let me use what there is. The Lord God Almighty is the most amazing... astounding... unbelievable fountain of overflowing love and wisdom intermingling... for the creation of everlasting truth... that I ever have... or ever will encounter... in or out of this or any other plane of existence.

I get to talk with him through my day, and for extended periods at the beginning and end of the day, and... only briefly... and occasionally... do I share any of it here, for very good reasons. One is that I cannot possibly replicate the experience in words. Another reason is that it pisses certain people off. That should be a perk... heh heh... but it's not. It's just sad.

I was telling God about how much I appreciate and delight in his company this evening (Saturday) and he said, “Well... you earned it. I kicked the living shit out of you for extended periods of time and EVERYONE (caps for emphasis) better understand that that is a rite of passage; no getting around it at some point. It might seem certain characters got a pass somehow. NO ONE GET A PASS! It happened at another time... under another name.

You should see them as I see them, Visible. You should hear what they say about how they can't take it anymore or the places they like to hide out and play the renunciate; you cannot hide away. You must serve. Nothing else will please me. I have to confirm their sincerity. It has to mean everything to them or it means nothing to me. You are either one hundred percent on board or the train is leaving the station without you.

I extend every courtesy. I help invisibly all along the way. Seldom does anyone make it through all the filters in one go-round. HOWEVER! Anyone who is determined and committed will find the route not nearly as arduous as most find it to be. The pain and torment come from not being fully committed. That's where the tearing and the hurt occur. (♫ torn between two lovers ♫)

When I say, seldom... I mean by comparison with the number of applicants that fall away and will not... no matter what... persist onward. I mean by comparison with the population numbers. There is what I call... a steady but inconsistent trickle (laughter)... if you get what I mean.”

Sometimes we are talking and he will pull up a conversation I had with someone years... decades ago or reference an event, just to let me know he was present.

The things of The World do not compare with something like this. What many people do not get is the degree of intimacy that exists between God and the one who has his confidence. He will do anything for such a person and his power is limitless.

He does not give material riches and high temporal station usually, but he certainly can. All The World is his to do with as he pleases. It may look otherwise. It might appear that The Bad Guys are in charge. No one is in charge but God... EVER!

I observe people debating this... that... and the other thing. Their mind gives them no peace, round and round they circle the incomprehensible, trying to make sense out of it. God is not like everything else you encounter here or anywhere. God does not conform to your understanding, and even to understand God in a limited fashion... the ability to do so must come from God.

All of life's attractions, and all that displeases or frightens you... are distractions from the main point. They are ephemeral ghost formations before the face of what cannot be seen. To see God you must become God. To become God you must leave all other attractions behind. You literally walk out of one world and into another. You are either all the way in or you are going to be thrown off of the spinning plate.

People have an incredibly hard time letting go of their attachments. They identify themselves by what they have attached themselves to, AND... by what they dislike, AND... their problems? They are their problems. Their problems are their most enduring attachments, and all of them are self-created... according to prior arrangements... written into existence by thoughts... words... and deeds.

You can always ask for help and... you have to believe; Faith is the substance of things unseen. Once you understand that God is real... you are good to go, but... you have to stay the course or you'll get routed into a holding pattern until your next attempt... if there is one. Seek God in everything and God will become your constant companion in everything.

End Transmission.......

Some links there are at GAB=

Someone wants to debate me about Communism on a radio program. (grin) That's not going to happen. I don't debate. I don't argue. I don't need to prove my point... should that be a factor. God handles my affairs and life demonstrates it.

Here is what I KNOW about Communism. You can just pretend I am present and get someone to say these words; over and over if need be. Communism is the biggest intentional mass murderer of all time. Look at who invented it. Look at who brings it about. Look at who runs it once it gets going. God is not a consideration in Communism. God and religion are enemies. What does that make Communism?

Communism never works but a whole lot of people do die in the process and are tortured in the interim. The only place it ever works is on a small parcel of stolen land in The Middle East and that is a training ground for whenever the next effort comes about. China is going to implode shortly.

Moving right along.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

China is already imploding. Financial issues which the government is trying to hide ( ), population rebellion via tang ping (lay down flat), bai lan (let it rot), people not breeding, then there's the floods which I suspect are HAARP induced ( ), and the list goes on. Waiting for a mass revolt. I wouldn't wanna be a member of the CCP just now.

Nostrils to the sky!

Al said...

China and many other "Governments" are going down. Governments were created not for the people but for those who wished to control them and served as a side dish for what people thought they wanted. Our Awakening is about seeing inside and out that which has always been untrue and making a decision on which to follow, truth or fabrications\fantasy's.

We were born to lead ourselves from within through divine interaction and never needed a government to babysit us. Government itself is among the great lies so I giggle when I see people thinking a government run by anyone in any fashion will save them.

For prayers I would send love to those who may attempt to unleash the 5G pulse signal at 18Ghz and open the lipid nanoparticle envelopes currently within the vaxxinated and containing Marburg and Ebola virus strands.

With any luck we collectively will not need to see this and more happen before the turn around begins.

As always much Love for you Sir.

Anonymous said...

Start the week off with a bangout job a la LV.

Al - loved your comment - a calm (and effective) approach to the
horror which awaits? That sounds gloomy but it is
what it is. Well, it is 9/11.


0 said...

Looks like "" is having issues. It has this blog post from the 11th listed as being published on the 12th.

It also has an article on cancer that at the bottom of it says "courtesy of les visible" when its a new york post article.

Nutty times!


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"People Have... Collectively and Singly... Been Convinced a Time or Two Before... Not to Believe Their Lying Eyes."

Visible said...

0- part of that I can explain. He reads my links and often (these days) takes them for his site and then cites me for attribution. I was surprised to see him doing this, but he does.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Many thanks, Les, a true Gem.

UK DJ John Peel famously (in the UK, that is ) said about his favourite Group The Fall - 'always different, always the same'

That strikes me as the essence of the expression of Wisdom.

So keep on , Les - always different, always the same :)



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