Thursday, September 14, 2023

"It Is Already a Reality in The Mind of God. That's It!!! Take it OR It Leaves You... Somewhere in The Dust of Its Passage."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In Ukraine... very recently, a Russian shipyard in Crimea was shelled by a couple of missiles given to Ukraine by The UK. The Russians are well aware that London is the chief EU facilitator of globalist policy in this war... that is not officially a war. Some say that America is pulling the strings. I say it is the international bankers pulling the strings of every nation they are present in, and... whose currency flow-and-value they control.

However... this world of appearances and the state of temporal order is controlled by what is unseen, through the agency of Principalities and Powers, which are angelic forces. Powers are of the 2nd rank and Principalities are of the 3rd rank of angels. They are administered by The Prince of Darkness... also an angel... and... all of them are fallen from their former high estate.

The Prince has 7 generals. Some schools of thought maintain that Satan and Lucifer are the same entity. Some say they are separate. I say they are evil twins... different aspects of the same force... employed by God Almighty for the work they are assigned, which has to do with the trial, tempering, and purification of the souls of humanity.

Your 7 generals each represent one of the seven deadly sins. They have many, many minions who see to the corruption of humanity in material form. They are especially active at this time. In order for them to have a compliant environment to work their darkness in... it is first necessary to make their objective and subjective targets mad... insane... batshit crazy; depending on how it applies in specific cases.

In order to render a mind unhinged, it is necessary to create identity conflicts and to twist the sexual nature. Ergo... you have the relentless promotion of unnatural drives... of the varieties of sexual attraction... transgenderism... and other acquired tastes of the less-than-sophisticated palate.

Madness can also be affected through sundry other mediums of compulsion and obsession with... material things... personal pride... and all other kinds of ego disorders that leadeth unto destruction as does every road that bends away from The King's Highway... via the corruptions of the flesh.

All corruptions are not of the flesh... of course... but that is where they wind up, and... where the price of the particular excursion is assessed and paid for. All corruptions start in The Mind. They are inflamed by the passions, and... they appear in the physical form through the medium of The Knower and The Field.

When the wages of sin come calling, accounts are settled within the physical form, Once again... this is why the wages of sin are death. However... as has been stated here and in many other places... over many millennia... there is another way that leads to immortality, and... never is it so obscured as in Times of Material Darkness.

So... weapons delivered from The UK to Ukraine... by order of the international bankers... by order of the specific demonic entity that undersees that particular area of enterprise... by order of The Left Hand of God... for The Purpose of Demonstration... and resolution... through The Law of Cause and Effect... shall bring a most definite response.

Those agitating for war... in order to mask their bad bookkeeping and see to a return on massive investments made for the objective of massive returns... are buzzing about like angry hornets because... it is not going their way at all. So... they must... necessarily strategize for continuing escalations that will... invariably... seek them out where they live BECAUSE... this is an apocalypse and they are still trying to do business as if it was the same-old-same-old... which it is not.

These are no longer the days of the same-old-same-old.

It is of the nature of give and take... push and pull... and so on and so forth... that whenever some collection of possessed lunatics decides that the time is right to take over The World... and mold it closer to the dark desires of The Carnal Heart... other forces rise to oppose them. Nations around The World are joining together to confront The International Banker Armies.

The Cosmic Word is that it... is time... for a change. When word comes down from above, there is no one... NO ONE... there- is- no- one- who can counter or snake-slide their way around it. There are no negotiations... and no means of appeasement that exist... or can be created... that is sufficient to alter what Heaven has thought into being. What is to come is already a reality in The Mind of God. That's it... take it OR it leaves you... somewhere in the dust of its passage.

When we think events or conditions into being, they must come into being through a process. There is the idea... then there is the planning... then there is the execution... and then there is the material form or condition, and... all along the way things can go sideways; bad idea... poor planning... faulty execution... shitty product.

When God thinks anything into being, it is instantly real, and... it is perfect at inception... and all the way to the myriad destinies of whatever is unreal... that comes up against what is true... while going contrary to The Will of God. Incline toward The Will of God and all will be well. Oppose The Will of God, and... you will be destroyed OR... fervently wish you had been.

Just as there are lawyers on Earth... there are lawyers in our heads that pose arguments directed toward getting our way. As a result... we have convinced ourselves... through a whole lot of internal chatter... that we are in the right... where there are no absolutes of right and wrong, and... the poles are always shifting between them. You either have a paddle in your hand or... you are a ping-pong ball... a pinball... or... whatever.

“Though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.” Let that be your guidance system.

You hear little about Ukraine except calls for more money. It's a money pit, BUT... the people who print the money want it because they've worn out their welcome in The Occupied Zone and are going to need to move somewhere. Meanwhile... The World is waking up and getting increasingly more angry with them; Well... well... well... (grin) “We'll always have Paris Patagonia.”

Everything is falling apart for The Bad Controllers. Nothing could be worse for them because Control is the driving impetus of their existence. You can't sublimate the mating urge of a stag to produce a poetry that does not involve antlers. You can't dissuade those bent and determined toward their own destruction. It's all there in the fine print of The Purpose of Demonstration.

Now... I know there are those meat and potato (head) pragmatists out there who do not believe in what they cannot see, even though they employ the principle all the time while being unaware of it. There are those argumentative mutton heads... who are dead certain they are right... about all the things they are going to be proven wrong about, and it doesn't matter how often they come upon this... again... and again... and again.

They are very much like The Bad Controllers... in a smaller... and less consistently successful fashion cause... ♫ (almost) everybody wants to rule The World ♫ My Friends... someone is already ruling The World. What you really should do is find out who that is. You should find out who that is and apply for a position in the mail room... work your way up; as above... so below.

There are a lot of blueprints out there. The Christians have one. The Muslims have one. The Hindus and Buddhists have one. (each) The Satanists have one... and they all work within certain parameters... and they all get the fruits of their industries... most especially those who are not seeking after the fruits of their industries... but are simply giving it away... every day... without another thought about it.

Will there be a 3rd World War? There will be for those who involve themselves in it. Will The Killer Vaccines get them first? Maybe. Might they get hit by a truck while crossing the street and worrying about war or The Killer Vaccines? That's also possible. Various amounts of people are headed in each of those directions at this very moment.

All this time... while men are making plans... God is laughing. God laughs often. God has many reasons to laugh. There is much shared laughter because The Friends of God are laughing with God. God loves the company of his friends. If you are in that company... you are often laughing too. If you are not in that company... maybe you are laughing... at the moment... and maybe you are not laughing. Time will tell, and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Now is NOT a good time to make plans. After all, it's the end of the world as we know it, and some of us feel fine. No interest in it (The world.). Just wanna get off for more interesting things, like Akashic Library Cards, tacked up comets to ride, and nose hair coats.

Nostrils to the sky.

robert said...

Edifying read as always!

Reporting from the hinderland of human perceived Earth!

You can't sublimate the mating urge of a stag to produce a poetry that does not involve antlers.

Pithy prose, partner

Parsing the metaphor: play with the bull and get the horns? even in sublimated poetical repackaging?

Enjoying the incantation of spiritual spanking of the laggards and slow to come to their souls' senses!

Laughing is better than crying AND is more powerful than righteous anger!

Anonymous said...

pierre said,
clicked the imagined like button after click all squares with rounded heads.

Iyou said...

“It Is Already a Reality in The Mind of God. That’s It!!! Take it OR It Leaves You..

Just as the alteration of and night is not possible. so too the alteration of the demise of the night of hell and establishment of the day heaven is not possible. by universal law hell must be destroyed for heaven to return. so the immortal cycle goes on forever without beginning or end..

How does the supreme creator recreate and establish heaven from hell..

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Observe The Appalling Ignorance that Can't Tell The Difference Between a Killer Vaccine and a Bullet to The Brain."

ty said...

Explains Chinas moral stance, banning 'sissy men', homosexuality and even cleavage from the media.



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