Monday, July 29, 2013

Mr. Apocalypse is Dancing in the Meringue of the Doomsday Cake.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Less and less occasionally and more and more frequently, seriously, seriously outrageous news items are floating to the surface. Anyone who doubts the actions and presence of Mr. Apocalypse, is living in a dream world. Dream worlds are fine for so long as they last, however, they are dream worlds and that should tell you something. It would tell you something, if you were not enmeshed in a dream world (I’m not talking to the regular reader. I'm talking to the people who don't come here, which, no doubt, certifies me as a nut-job, grin).

We've talked for ages here about international, organized pedophile rings. These are recreational and devotional extensions of the Satanism that generates them. These pedophile rings go all the way to the top of the food chain. There is an enormous network of skells and assorted lowlifes, who have acted with impunity for decades. Mr. Apocalypse is here now and there is no more impunity. Word has come down, from wherever the words originated, that those formerly immune are no longer immune. What we are told about those involved, is merely the tip of the iceberg.

The files and information that Snowden has, are much more revealing and incriminating that what we are being led to believe. It is to be presumed that Russia now has these files. Mr Apocalypse is dancing on the meringue atop the Doomsday Cake. Mr. Apocalypse is lifting skirts with his walking stick. These are metaphorical skirts that have hidden the criminally private parts of the plots of monsters. Mr Apocalypse started out slow; a revelation here, a revelation there but... that's not all he does. He activates within the minds of the corrupt and compromised, from where he has been watching and waiting, for some long while, waiting for the time that is now, to come around and... it has. It has. So, Mr. Apocalypse has come alive, activated in the minds of those he has targeted, to motivate into crazy, over the top, reckless behavior. Inside their minds, it all seems rational, circumspect, measured. They think they are balanced and aware. To those of us watching, they are loons, howling at a moon that only they can see.

Mr Apocalypse is cranking up the volume, inside the heads of the certifiable. Nobody sane behaves the way they do. Their heads are swollen up like zeppelins. Their egos are bouncing off the roof of the sky. They are high on themselves. They're self interest junkies. Some of them got billions of dollars. They want more. The degree to which the public is being pushed around, is beyond ridiculous. Is this not madness? Is this not madness? The writing is on the wall. The arrogance and hubris are no longer measureable. These are the same clowns that demanded bailouts for their mismanaged banking system, which was brought to the eve of destruction, by the relentless practice of their unrestrained and uncontrollable greed. “Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad”. That is what is known as non negotiable truth.

Things are happening in these times that have not happened before and they are happening in places where you least expect them. Conversations as strong as Turkish coffee, are taking place in the rooms, where powerful and self important people gather. For them to make a collective statement like this, means that a whole lot of what we are not hearing is getting said, if that makes any sense. It makes perfect sense to me. What I am trying to say is that a new and undefinable wind, is blowing through the crypts and sarcophagi, of the long dead and recently departed, who are probably still unaware that they are dead, this ties right in with their being unaware that they were alive when that was operational so, it all works out from cradle to grave, without some being able to tell the difference between them.

You might well ask yourself, those of you with a conscience and faith in a supreme being; you might ask yourself, “How is it that these people can commit such horrendous crimes and not be affected or... concerned about judgment and payback”? That is easy to answer. The pending consequences and all of that cosmic retribution syndrome? They laugh at that, just as the archetype waiting for them, at the end of the line, laughs at them in a sort of mirror reflex way .The truth is hidden from them, ironically, very ironically... wait for it... 'for the purpose of demonstration'; bonus points for me if you laughed when you read that.

'We few, we happy few', members of that small consortium, the human race, which, in a larger sense was lost, not by a nose but by several lengths, we few are apprised of what is actually taking place and we watch with wonder and awe. We are convinced of our inland path and rather miles to the left of 'bemused' about the low jinks of the high rollers.

Why is steam escaping from Bwak! Howdy Doody Obama's head, when Edward Snowden is mentioned to him? Why did they go so far as to ground the president of Bolivia's plane? Why is Obama, behind the scenes, working contrary to the ambitions of Israel, though no mention of this is made in the media? Why is there a mounting, international reaction going on, where Israel is concerned? It's all Mr. Apocalypse, folks. The hard thing for most people to get their heads around, is that a good portion of existence is scripted and the less aware you are, the more scripted it is.

Whenever Evil launches a serious threat against humanity and goes all the way to becoming standard operating procedure, as it is in these times, it looks big. It looks powerful. It can seem overwhelming and something none of us have the power or capacity to do anything about. This is all appearances and appearances lie. Appearances are fundamentally a lie and that is all for a very good reason and it is why people get taken in ...because they buy into what appearances tell them and then they are rendered into the bondage of their false identification with the unreal. It's been going on for centuries and many of the elements that make us human are engaged in a conspiracy, against the life-form they are components of. These components are, some of them are; 'vanity', 'ego', 'pride'... well, you should know the litany by now and if you don't know the litany, it is because these and other fellow travelers have copped you head and now lie concealed, in the woodwork of personal delusion. Some of these people are very smart and... oh so clever. Some of them went to Harvard or Wharton. Some of them are lawyers; doctors, businessmen, scientists, politicians, religious cross dressers, 500 watt entertainers. They run the gamut of the professions. You can't tell them anything. They already know everything. They are remarkably stupid, for being so smart and clever. They can explain themselves to you in detail. They can play complicated games with numbers and move resources around the world, for their personal profit. They can make war for no other reason than personal profit and get away with it. The bogus rationalizations and fraudulent excuses, given for their behavior, are lapped up by the masses who are not so clever by half as they are.

The logic in the shallow brains pans of the masses, computes to exactly what their overlords tell them the sum should be; so many million of this or that, for so many years and then they change it to a lesser or greater amount but it still adds up to the same amount that it was before, they have no problem with that. If they are told there are weapons of mass destruction and there are no weapons of mass destruction, they still believe there were weapons of mass destruction .'..and neither the truth nor irrefutable facts will alter what they see. If someone tells them Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks and half of the population believes this; the same population that cannot find half of the countries in the world on a map and cannot identify half of the members at the top of their government, well, that is of no consequence, as long as it doesn't come between them and their (sadder) Bud no Weiser beers and racks of pork ribs; the taste of which is indistinguishable to what their own would taste like.

Many of us are mystified, as to how the public can be as dreadfully ignorant it appears that they are. If you really want to measure the degree of collective stupidity, then you should watch several of these videos. These videos tell the sad tale of human awareness and learning in this day and age. In some cases, those being queried are in high school, so they are no great distance from the information they are being questioned on. These information should be fresh in their minds. The proper reaction on all of our parts, in respect of what is revealed here, is properly, shock and awe. “Yes”, we tell ourselves, “I knew they were not all that bright but... I had no idea they were that dumb. It doesn't seem possible. It just doesn't seem possible”.

It appears there is a vast difference between some of us and the rest of us. It seems to me that those of us, so engaged in the pursuit of ever greater awareness, should commit ourselves to a greater intensity with every new day. There is nothing back the way we came and there is nothing to be found or learned in the appetites and pursuits of the masses; lest it is your intent to share their fate.'

Last night's radio show is available for download or streaming now.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An Off the Rack Lawsuit from Lipshits, Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Beeeering! Beeeering! “Hallo”. “Is this Mr. Les Visible”? “Uh...yeah but... just visible will do, the less part gets tiresome and contains a subjective negative”. “What”? “Never mind. What do you want? No one ever calls here talking in English”. “Well Mr. uh, Visible. This is Hymie Lipshits from The Guinness Book of World Records...”

Visible interrupts, “What, you guys are bugging me and the NSA is bugging me. Look! There was nothing exceptional about that last belch...”

Lipshits interrupts, “it's not about a belch, Visible. We don't know anything about a belch. We're not bugging you, just FYI but... we do have a lot of web bots and cutting edge software that trolls the internet; Google, Alexa, places like that and it has come to our attention that you presently hold the record for the least profitable aggregate of websites, with the widest circulation, in comparison to the lowest profit margin and we'd like to include you in the 2013 edition (3rd printing) of our annual compendium of records. How do you feel about that?”

visible is silent for a short spell, then says, “Geez, I guess I'm honored and it is nice to be recognized for singular achievements. I'd been hoping for something more along the lines of highest number of sexual engagements with French fairy tale princesses from the provinces but, that's not been moving along at any real speed. So... sure. What do I get besides the publicity”?

Lipshits coughs, “Actually, visible, you don't get anything else but, I'm sure you would agree that this feature dovetails nicely with the state of your existence anyway. One might consider it almost poetic”.

“I guess you're right and, if I'm lucky and the trend of my existence indicates that I might be, I can perhaps hope for a poetic conclusion to my existence, say... something along the lines of John Berryman or Dylan Thomas”.

Lipshits says, “We'll certainly make note of that in our publication, should you distinguish yourself in that regard and I think I speak for all of us here, when I say nothing would please us more than for you to wrap up this whole sordid affair in a dramatic and socially beneficial way like that.

“Okay then, I've got something on the stove and I have to go. I'll try not to disappoint you though”.

“Good, good, thank you, visible. We look forward to whatever you can come up with.. adieu”.

“Yeah, whatever, bye”. (grin).

I've been in a strange mood all day, scuttling about, doing all sorts chores and singing to myself in an extemporaneous, spontaneous, black humor/satire kind of a way. I hate to break the mood so, I'll just continue, shall I? Yes, I shall.

I've been thinking of American presidents and how so very, very few, if any, ever came right out and said what was what, laying it all on the line in such a way that it would be seen as the truth, while, at the same time, awakening the public to things the public has never been awakened to collectively, before ...because they have shit in their ears (you'll be wanting to know who donates the foulest smelling shit into the environment) and that plays havoc with the audible and comprehensible. This is counterpointed by the politicians, clergy, media-bots and most famous artists, who have shit on their lips; hence the hybrid combo, generated by the agencies that facilitate the pitcher on the one hand and the catcher on the other, giving you Lipshits. Perhaps in the very beginning there were some powerful commentaries by founding fathers, who became president and Franklin, who did not. Their direct and clear statements about the perennial parasites on the body and resources of humanity, are there to be found, although these statements have been universally suppressed, insofar as being brought to the public's attention. Let's not forget those animals who have distinguished themselves in the olfactory zone. Let's not forget how insane the predators are.

Back to those presidents but first, let's have a listing of great minds from history and what they had to say. I'm guessing there were some great speeches over the years and also things that came into the public view that were not originally intended to, like Nixon and Billy Graham, discussing the greatest and most constant material scourge, in presently recorded history ...but I keep thinking, wouldn't it be wonderful if some president (certainly not the Nimrod presently in office), presidential candidate or powerful person of either sex were to call a news conference and say something like this;

“I am soon to be much older than I am now and I am old now. It is to be presumed that I will depart this plane in the not unforeseeable future. Having been a politician for most of my life, else-wise I would not have become president, as it takes a lifetimes of deals and arrangements, for one to finally be in a position for that to happen; unless one were a simple laboratory concoction, like my predecessor, Barry Sotero, who was made from a variety of chemicals in the Rand/Monsanto facilities.

“I have often wondered why no president other than myself, has ever chosen to stand before you, as I myself have come to do today. I will tell you some of the reasons for that, as I will tell you my reasons for breaking the extended silence that has hovered over the life of this nation, like the atmosphere inside a crypt and with much the same meaning, implications and aroma. For many of them, it was the fear of death. For many of them it was the lingering force and awareness of blackmail, as well as the threat to their families and friends and... finally, how history would treat them, given that the worst creatures ever to draw breath upon this planet, control history and the media as well.
They also decide who writes the books you read and whether they are sold or distributed. At least they did, until the internet came along. Yes, these Talmudic vampires have had their way with cultures and societies, not to mention economies and what wars have come and gone (a shocked murmuring can be heard moving through the listening and watching audience, accompanied by a few gasps and some unintelligible cries of outrage; no doubt these are given voice by those who are representative of those, of whom the president speaks and who far outweigh the percentage of their own numbers in the general population vis a vis the halls of power.)

“As it so happens I have managed to avoid the threat of blackmail. I am not afraid of death, it will come soon enough in any case and as far as friends and family go, they're all pretty endemic of their class and clout, meaning the world is no better for them being here and can only be improved by their departure. So it is that I have come to you today, through foreign broadcasts and the alternative media, knowing that were I to have attempted this in the American media, the dual national Israelis who own and control it, would have shut off my microphone and assassination orders would have immediately gone out to domestic Mossad agents, who handle any and all residents of this or any country that objects to their vicious manipulations ...of every life force on this planet.

“Since I am the president of the United States, you can assume I have access to all intelligence files in the CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and all the other black op murder factories that we've managed to create over the years and which are now more powerful than the government and anyone else for that matter and all of which are controlled by Israel and their Zionist double agents around the country.

“At any rate I have come here today to tell you that Zionists and Israelis, who are collectively members of the Worldwide Satanic Church, are responsible for all of our wars, the state of our economic system and what happens to it, most every assassination, including those of John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby, as well as Martin Luther King. They are also responsible for the death of Kennedy's son, John John Kennedy. They attempted to start World War 3, by attacking the U.S.S.S. Liberty and they were the primary driving force behind the 9/11 attacks, The London Tube bombings, The Madrid Train Station bombings and the Boston Marathon bombing. They assassinated Senator Paul Wellstone and really... a very large amount of people of prominence and also those unknown to the general public... well, the number is so great I could literally stand here all day naming names.

“The principal agent that has made it possible for them to take control of The United States and most of the countries of The West, is via their control of the private banking syndicate, known as The Federal Reserve. They had so corrupted the American economy that they were tossed out, only to return on the back of an assassination in 1901 and evil backroom shenanigans in 1913. This made it possible for them to initiate World War 1, for economic profit. I would like to point out that they also assisted in bringing Hitler to power and were very much behind the creation of World War 2 also. You have to look very, very hard to find something monstrous and evil that impacts on so many lives that they are not neck deep in. They were the architects of The Bolshevik Revolution and directly responsible for the murderous death of tens of millions of Russians and near ten million Ukrainians. They were also behind the Armenian holocaust and are presently engaged in the Palestinian genocide. As you can see, my fellow Americans, these are some very, very bad people.

“It is my expectation that they will now try to have me killed. They will certainly seek to have me certified as mad but... I have taken steps to that end and released irrefutable evidence of everything I have come before you to claim today and the internet will soon be flooded with these informations from literally hundreds of locations. Keep in mind that I am the president of the United States and that makes me the Whistleblower in Chief. You cannot be more of an insider than I, or have greater access to what is and what is not than I have. You might rather not believe me ...but you have no choice I am afraid. After these vermin, the biggest danger facing this country is the Zionist Christians, for it is they, in their large numbers that makes it possible for so much evil to be rubber-stamped and this is due to the colossal ignorance and stupidity of this demographic. Yes, these are harsh words my fellows but... they are the truth. If you wish to regain your country, you must collectively, enmasse, expose and make powerless both of these snake pits or you, as a country and a people are doomed.

“Thank you for the time you have given me this day. Thank you for having allowed me to try and serve you, even though there has been little I could do, given whose hands the country really is in. Just look, people, look at who are the central bankers, who controls American foreign policy, who has pushed for all the wars, who controls American domestic policy, who runs Homeland Security, even who created it, who were the majority members of PNAC, who trains your police, who was behind the bailouts and mortgage foreclosure frauds. Look people! I can do nothing more for you. Global warming is not your problem. Enemies abroad are not your problem. The problem is the barbarians and psychopaths inside the gates. Thank you for having let me be your president and giving me this moment to tell you the truth, for once. To quote Sidney Carlton; “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known”.

Take hope. In these desperate hours, great efforts are in operation. The tide has turned and the invisible hierarchy is precipitating down upon this material plane. Let your hearts, your minds and your voices be added unto this struggle. We have uncovered our most pernicious and horrific enemy. May the forces of good, finally become triumphant in these final hours. May all 'the angels of our better nature' guide and comfort you in this struggle. May peace and harmony be restored”.

Yes, we need a president, or any prominent man or woman, high in the power stations of these times, to come forward and say these things. We need a chorus and a mighty choir to sing this song of freedom from the Morlocks in our midst. Throw off your chains. You are never so tightly bound as you might imagine. The darkness will pass and the servants of the darkness will pass with it. The lords of Nature and The Cosmos will not be denied.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Trayvonita Tango, over to Hayseed County in the Teratogenic States of America.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(There's another trenchant and truth filled summation of the Israel did 9/11 blues and it looks like Visible's "9/11 is the Litmus Test" is getting some legs of late.)

It appears to be a large warehouse ...but it's been gaudied up the way they do the high school gym, out there in Hayseed County, or, failing getting the necessary permissions, you might imagine it looking the way the feed storage unit looked, when the Footloose crew got done with it, ♫Footloose! Footloose!♫. We have to imagine that it's that special moment of the evening when the homecoming king and queen walk out on to the ¾ inch plywood floor, to take a solo turn, under the slow turning disco ball. The lantern jawed, homecoming king is Joe Dumb. He's slated to join the military after graduation and get his ass shot off in Eye-rack. The queen is Sally Stupid, she's going off to community collich; going to learn a few of those things that makes it easier to get a job with the airlines.

Someone is filming the event, though you never see them. All you see is what the camera picks up and the sounds are the sounds the camera gets, along with the breathing of the camera operator. We'll assume he's using one of those old VHS camcorders, which requires him to have the camera up to his face. All over the world there are the cheap tinsel dream factories, that grope and groom the people into the kind of penetrating intellects, who see something like this and know they're in for a riveting ride, albeit a tight fit, in one of those topless kiddie trains, that ferry you around the amusement park, at about 5 miles an hour. Fasten your seat belts please!

Over at The Crazy Scissors Hair Emporium, they'll be reading about the candy corn royalty. They'll be talking about it over at Wyatt's Body and Paint too. Luke the transmission guy might say, “I'm durn glad we ain't got nothin like that here”. Yeah, but you do. You got The Method Actor himself (the photo catches him in his best Brando moment, as Brando turns over in his grave). He's saying how “Trayvon could have been me 35 years ago” and you can almost hear an enormous sub rosa chorus singing, ♫Lawd, lawd, we wish you were/was♫, so as to say “Bwak! We hardly knew ye”.

We wish and wish and wish and if wishes were whores, then beggars would get laid (or something like that). Yeah, in this world of “if only”, Trayvon could have gotten a federal loan, had a sex change operation (changed his name to Trayvonita, ♫Come a little bit closer, you're my kinda girl, so big and so strong♫) and then drawn the eyes of the world, with an intensity equal to that focused on England's Black Nobility, when (s)he got married to this Albert Schweitzer Chia plant gene splicing experiment, courtesy of Monsanto.

Don't be surprised at anything. Trayvon is probably already in the Rand Corporations underground laboratories, getting zombified, so that he can come back from that Weekend at Bernie’s and marry this cutealicious wombat-wolverine offspring. ♫Only in America♫ can you move to another state and as soon as you got a year in for residency, or less and run for senator because you got that 'abuse of power' thing in your DNA and your daddy is the donkey punched, bitch of Ehud Barack. “T.S.A! T.S.A! T.S.A!!!” When you got money and connections in the Teratogenic States of America, you can do anything you want to do. If it was against the law before you wanted to do it, it will be against the law not to do it, once you do it. If it's ten pounds of shit in a paper bag to start with, it will be ten pounds of Beluga caviar as soon as 'they' say so. “Oh my! This IS delicious! Yum”!

Maybe some of you out there think I'm exaggerating a tad, or indulging in cynical whoresplay; bored and, like so many in this day and age, dreaming of stabbing kittens with a fork; something Kissinger indulges in and for the same purpose that someone else might use Baoding Balls. Yeah... maybe you think that things like this that happen (and worse, far worse) don't happen. Maybe you think things like this that happen, don't happen. Now, if it happened to be somewhere in Central America, it wouldn't be strange to me at all. This though, this is strange. As crazy as the Teratogenic States of America might be, they're not the only batshit crazy, blowfly infected, maggots in the brain location on 'this sweet swinging sphere'. There's plenty of crazy going on to match up with the crazy happening in the TSA. Fundies to the left of me! Fundies to the right of me! Let me out of here!!!

Yes! Now it's a sport! It makes you tanned and fit just thinking about it, “pass that mega-Slurpee and that basket of Deeeeep Fried Chicken Butt Rings, My ass is welded to the plether of my gamer seat”. Cynical? Moi? Nah... ♫And I think to myself (hanky to the nose) what a wonderful world♫. Of course, I'm not knocking that particular scenario. I would definitely have done the same thing and it is almost a reason to take up the trumpet, even at this late date.

What's the point of Visible's ♫rambling man♫ thing here today? The point is to, hopefully, make it stark raving clear to you that the world is a bonafide lunatic asylum and what is likely to be needed to restore sanity, is likely to be catastrophic, if the awakening resonance doesn't start to replicate some massive multiplications of The Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing, “All Along the Watchtower”.

I watch with a voyeuristic fascination. I almost expect sweat to begin to bead on my brow, as if I had just had a bowl of Madras curry. I watch and I watch this spectacle of the human race, as it boogie boards down on the tidal wave. I can see the lights of Los Angeles twinkling up ahead and way, way down below. Somehow I am riding right along side them, in a virtual reality sort of a way because, I am not right alongside of them. You have to have a shared mindset to bring that off. It's not the sort of thing, where you got into your woodie and drove down to Sunset Beach, with a woodie, (cause you were driving on Sunset to get there and all the babes were jiggling the handle on the sidewalks of Sunset). Then you paddled out and sat there waiting for that wave. No! You just suddenly are there, no matter where you were before you got transported (Cue Jason Statham) and the next thing you know, “there you jolly well are, aren't you”?

Meanwhile, I hear about all kinds of cool people, doing cool things, solo and in groups and I think; well, sure, there's hope, there's promise, there's possibility and... I am an optimist. There is always the chance that the whole world will hear the word, “Cut”! ...all at the same time and then everything gets real quiet and... all over the world, some cat comes out of nowhere in a Banana Republic Safari Suit, with a pair of rimless, rose colored sunglasses and he kind of extends his hands and says, “Good show! Good show! I want to thank you all for having agreed to help me make this movie. There'll be all kinds of after parties, depending on where you're headed from here. I know some of you liked it here so much that you'll be coming back for the next 26,000 years, so... after your after party, you'll want to just head over to wardrobe and get yourselves suited up for the next round. Some of you will be going to other spheres, dimensions, whatever; up down and sideways. Feel free to enjoy the amenities or lack of thereof. There will be an awards ceremony preceding each after party and you will all find yourselves there, just like that”. He snaps his fingers and; what do you know? There we jolly well are.

Meanwhile, the psychopath in chief tells himself that if he had a son, that son might have been like Trayvon. Yes, this pandering, race-baiting, race war starting (and can't even do that right) narcissist, with his narcissist wife and Will Smith, designer children, who has 'Property of the Synagogue of Satan” tattooed on his ass is “in it to win it”! As a Randy Jackson would say.

Alright, why don't we all come to our feet and... those of you who need one, can rest your stomachs on one of the conveniently provided shopping carts; that's what the extend tray at the top is for and... join with me in singing this fine anthem, with the lyrics transformed to reflect the actual status of the country at this time, ♫Oh tragedy of wasted skies, o'er (fly trapped in) amber fields of pain, for purple mountains travesties, above the looted plain♫

We are building to a crescendo, no, it is not a crescendo, it's a trepiditious, with a hint of “not with a bang but a whimper”., or casteneting in a Castaneda way ...but thinking, given that this particular person, is disengaging from formerly (that's why I got this VW-morphlike body), cool running, habitual behaviors of a various kind, I'm left wondering if the place I head off to, has more rules and regulations than where I already am.

Something tells me that I have to think about 9 in the fifth place. Integration and the proffer of harmony are, surely, good and useful gestures but... if you come to a place and you can't access and produce the things you intend to produce, because the limitations of transition to serenity make too much noise, you have to,once again, consider all of your options because success in this particular endeavor is of a far more serious nature than previous mistakes (grin).

Anyway (grin), the suspense is killing me; not really. It's just that with the way the world is, in this long constipated awaiting, almost as if Rodan's “The Thinker” had gone to take a shit and then turned to stone, one always has to keep in mind, the personalities and possibilities, both good and bad, before launching into transition. The whole world is filled with places where one can be, or not be and... I guess it comes down to that, “To be or not to be”, in another sense, meaning; where can you be yourself and what is the wiggle factor, as it concerns the parameters? I must confess, in this case, unlike the Trayvon Zimmerman trial, the jury is still out.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Nearly Unendurable Stench of a Gone Dead Culture.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Sometimes you come across a news item that is so over the top, so definitively surpassing all other news in recent memory that... you just have to visit it again. Even though a stench accompanies the subject, possibly even a stench as bad as this (you can't make this stuff up), committed, truth seeking internet journos, have to see the job through. So it is that we return to the matter of Larry 'the leech' Silverfishstein (or Silverfishstone as you prefer). What is most compelling about this event, is that the case is going through a single judge, instead of a (god help us) impartial jury. How is this even remotely possible? Furthermore it is going before another individual, who was complicit in 9/11 coverup, at the very least ...and that would be Alvin Hellerstein. Here is an individual that when compared to slime and scum, you can visibly see both the slime and scum, cringing and attempting to flow, creep (or anyway they can manage it) away from the neighborhood, so as not to be identified with this ass-clown vulture, this carrion crow, who sits upon the dead branches of a gone dead culture and feasts his ravenous eyes upon what may soon profit his unquenchable appetite.

The irony of the affair, oh, let's be honest, there are many ironies but... the chief irony is that the Silverfishstein commanded that Building 7 be pulled down on crass media television, in front of (by this time) hundreds of thousands of witnesses. Why is he called the Silverfishstein? It is because he so resembles one in its astral choice of dwelling space. He even sort of looks like one. I'm sure, at one time or another, we have all seen one crawling up out of a drain.

Silverfishstein, Tribe member in good standing, with The Tribe and in bad standing with the rest of humanity, is going to appear before Hellerstein, Tribe member in good standing and in bad standing with the rest of humanity. Will they share a secret handshake? Will they engage in mutual frottage? Whatever the case may be, we won't be informed about it. Surely someone out there in blogland can explain how a case where so much money is involved, comes to be presented before a single, criminal judge. Surely there is precedence. Surely there is a (snicker) reasonable explanation.

In concert with this tortured and smoking bag of shit, we are seeing the emergence of a new artform, indicative of the deteriorating state of society, courtesy of the very people that Silverfishstein is a member (in good standing with). First they corrupt the society and make it pliant to all sorts of abnormal headspaces and behavior syndromes. Then, while the mass of society is in a state of perverse confusion, they loot the landscape and steal whatever can be stashed or sold (as is the present case with Silverfishstein), then, once the country is stripped of everything of value, the country is abandoned for new fresh meat somewhere else. The mass of society deserves this. They still buy the official story of 9/11. Impossible you say? Au Contraire mes amis, au contraire. You perhaps think that there are limits on the possible range of stupidity, or that denial can only stay in place for a limited time. Unfortunately this is not the case. Both of these conditions can remain in place, until the necessary degree of trauma is activated for the purpose of their removal and... even then, stupidity could well still be operational. Stupidity can even be inherited. It appears to be genetic in many cases. It is also a location that one can travel to, should one be so inclined and... it appears some number are.

Let us say that there are circumstances that the subhuman brain (widely proliferating in these times) is unwilling to study and investigate because they get in the way of animal appetites and their 'row, row, row your boat' mentality. Not being stupid, gives the appearance of being put at risk, aptly camouflaging the extreme risk that stupidity automatically puts one in. You can see by this simple exercise of logic, that this obvious truth, should be graspable by anyone of even normal intelligence but as someone once said (I think), 'there's no cure for stupid'.

Here's a newsflash for the people that don't read this blog:

Larry, 'the leech', Silverfishstein was deeply involved in the performance of the 9/11 attacks and
Alvin, 'the vulture' Hellerstein, was involved in the cover up,
much as Philip Zelikow was

I sense a turning of the tide. I sense, through arcane means and in diver's ways that this latest monstrosity of Tribe mendacity, is going to trip the lever for the 'we be clever' contingent. How deep is the stupidity and denial? There are people out there (seriously 'out there'), who will reflexively object to what is said here. There is a host of those affiliated with the perpetrators, who will object to these truths being stated and a vast herd of lowing cattle, who will look up from their pastures of grass, for a brief moment, as if some dream of a memory, or memory of a dream, had momentarily risen up in their minds. Alas, comprehension did not activate; back to the grazing fields. Yet... some will awaken, possibly remembering that they once had hands and feet, previous to the time when they began to only use them to open the refrigerator, or unzip their fly, for a little hands on one on one. Is the condition being spoken of here a reality? It most certainly is. Is it possible for such a culture to survive for very long? NO, it is not.

Real change is coming, no matter how intransigent be the ignorance and denial. Some several of the centers of true evil, are finally coming under the lens of cosmic justice. Step by step, inch by inch, in Tel Aviv, in Washington D.C., in Istanbul, in Cairo, transition is in flux (utilizing the term in the principal application, of the 'transport phenomena' construct in physics). Though dark shit flows up from the pit, the sunlight of awakening, will act as a long awaited disinfectant, upon presently resident, parasitical and inimical life forms. It might be hard to resist, waking up and smelling the bodies burning, when the body turns out to be your own; ♫How do we sleep when our beds are burning♫?

Still, in present times, there yet remains, a nearly unendurable stink of bone deep rot, emergent from the halls of government, counterpointed by an outrageous sense of privilege, for those who are most principally responsible for the state of the times. Let us repeat what has often been quoted here, “Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad”. How true it is. How like a cleansing waft of new air, dancing over the noxious debris of former times, spawned from some unknown locale; a promise of things to come, for the few in whom some promise still resides. When you get to the end of the line, there is no end to the crazy things rising to the surface, from previously murky depths. In tandem with these things, denouements are stacking up, like planes over La Guardia, during major holiday periods. T.S.A! T.S.A! T.S.A! Oh yeah! Can you feel me?

You can't swing a dead cat in Hell, without hitting Kalki's white horse in the ass, cause when Hell on Earth is emergent, those favored and chosen scions of Baphomet and sundry, are in a frenzy of rampaging plunder. AND... it is everywhere to be seen. Not a day passes, when there are not multiple mentions of Tribe abuses against humanity; not a day passes and why is so much, so very, very much, floating to the surface like bobbing road apples, at some children's Halloween party, put on by Satanists for those picked for early and consistent abuses, in preparation for a lifetime of submission to the darkness? As it was so it is... until it's not.

Yes, they have been at it for ever so long, on their ♫long train running♫, “without love”, this is right where they will be right now. ♫there is a time for every purpose under Heaven♫ and one would have to say there has never been a time quite like the time we now find ourselves in. Anything could and could not happen. Whatever does happen, is dependent on where you're at. Where you're at, is a signifier and identifier of personal destiny. It's like you have some kind of infra-red or ultraviolet, light scribe code written into the aura of your being. The cosmos is scanning the inhabitants and inscribing points of destination, into the fabric of every individual being. It is of no real importance to us, whether you believe any of this or not, whether you are offended by what gets said here, whether you take umbrage at having the truth delivered, unsolicited. We've all got our jobs to do. For some of us, the occupation is somnambulism. For some it is forced resistance to any and all inconvenient information. For some it is the pursuit of the same. The good news and the bad news, is that we are all going to get, not only what we are after ...but what we are hiding from ourselves as well. We are going to get what we are running from and what we are running to and we are going to get the real Wikipedia definition of the moment, when the moment decides to reveal itself.

I will admit to being impressed by the efficiency, efficacy and enduring capacity, of the brainwashing that's been taking place, all over the place, for some time but... some of us are immune. Now... why is that? Why is that? There's got to be some kind of inoculation program going on that reverse engineers the work of the perverse engineers. There's a pre-crime antidote that appears to accompany certain DNAs. Count yourself lucky if this registers with you. Count yourself truly unfortunate is this does not register and even worse off if it annoys you. There's all kinds of viral but existence is a spiral. What I mean is, that actually depends on you, richtung-wise.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: 911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible♫ Good News and Bad News ♫
'Good News and Bad News' is track no. 9 of 10 on Visible's 2002 album
'911 was an Inside Job'

911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

Sunday's radio broadcast is still up for download or streaming.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Lidless Eye and the Yo Yo Dance of Butch Napolitano.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Submerged, below the sensors of The Lidless Eye, seeing in all directions from atop the pyramid, indifferent to the dictates of conscience, impartially contemptuous of all life, driven by one imperative and that is, the power to control and to rule without resistance, no matter how draconian or twisted may be the edicts of the scepter.

The arrogance of power, unaffected by any natural or necessary restraints is a heady brew. It makes them stagger off course and filled with bombast and self importance, it compels them to strut, fret and play the fool for their hour upon the stage. Had they the necessary restraints and attendant capacity for insight, they would have never exposed themselves as they've done. Doing this, prancing about in untouchable self importance, with the flawed presumption that they are too powerful to be touched; too big to die or be torn apart by an angry mob, this juvenile personality disorder, is the gateway to perdition... is the genesis of evil destroying itself. It is an unavoidable part of an ageless dynamic. It is hidden from the view of those who harbor fear and various degrees of iniquity and who conspire with the directives and intentions of what motivates The Lidless Eye.

And so... submerged below the sensors, there is the humming of slowly awakening minds, rising in frequency, as they contemplate the Snowden Factor and what it might mean for them. They consider the recognition; the money from the book and film rights, the aura of celebrity, the talk show circuit and some of them, possibly, even consider the good it might do for humanity, this irrevocable act, this blow against The Empire. Everywhere in the halls of power this possibility is under consideration.

Part of The Awakening, already in progress, is the creeping awareness of personal guilt, for things seen and tolerated, for things done, ostensibly for God and Country. However, the only God involved in any part of the process is The Witness, the Silent Watcher, the recording secretary of the cosmos. This is not to say that mysterious motivations are not afoot. Sometimes what we think are our reasons for anything, are irrelevant to the truth of what activates us. Sometimes things happen without our knowing why they occur, or we think we know but we don't know. Very often, we think we know. This gives us the confidence to go on any way we feel like it. It is attended by glib, self serving rationalizations and the perversion of logic, in support of pretty much anything one might be forced to do, in the defense of a paycheck, in the pursuit of upward mobility, in the incremental acquisition of power; the power to do things and get away with them. It is a heady brew, fermented with poisonous hops, like the arsenic in Morning Glory seeds that casts a darkness over the trip, that adds a grim hue to the hallucinations.

When your thought process is compromised by an atmosphere of persistent self interest, you do things you know are wrong but they have that official stamp of approval which makes mass murder and really, any kind of outrage, no matter how heinous, possess that patina of righteousness that tells you it's good for America, or Queen and Country, or some twisted construct or another, whereby formerly borderline sane individuals, are transported over the edge of the timeless envelope of naturally inherent morality, out into a strange area of dubious and dreadful enterprise.

In truth, the morphing of a person's humanity, by degrees into darker and darker states of consciousness does not happen overnight. One does not turn into Janet Napolitano overnight. You don't become a callous and indifferent mass murderer, like this creature, without having gone through a variety of stages, wherein ever more and more horrific abuses are performed upon your fellows. You have to have gradually killed out every last vestige of humanity. You have to cut the throat of the voice of conscience, crush the voicebox, bury it in deep Earth, so that there is not even muffled and indistinguishable sound. You have to come to the place where you know that what you do is evil on a massive scale but you do it for the sheer joy of it. You are the kind of person who kills in an ecstatic frenzy and washes yourself in the blood of your victims. These are the kinds of actions that would create a sexual orgasm for the person performing them. Janet Napolitano is just such a person. Do not deceive yourself on any account concerning this freak of aberrant Nature. As depraved and dark as you can paint her, she is worse than that.

Creatures (inhuman creatures) like Michael Chertoff and Rahm Emmanuel, who even now is presiding over the worst, ongoing, murder and shooting spree in American history at the city of Chicago are veritable beasts. What is happening in Chicago is not by accident. It is by intention. Devoted Satanist, Emmanuel, is gifting the bloodthirsty demon that he serves, in order to enhance his power in the material realm. These same efforts are being made by other Satanists like Bwak! Obama, John Hari Kerry and soon to be thrust back on to the scene; Smoking (from the fires of Hell) Joe Lieberman. Then in the economic sector, high ranking Satanists like The Koch Brothers, Little Georgie Sorrows (Soros), the Rothschild clan and their associated Central Banking Zio-Ogres;.... an exclusively Tribe centric operation, are collectively treating the economy like a yo yo, in order to spread a climate of pervasive fear and insecurity among the masses. As more and more of the populace, tumbles to the twisted agenda of these Creatures from the Pit, they are coming up with more and more press pacifiers for the sleeping masses to suck on.

Around the planet, there is a common theme, a shared appetite that binds these fiends together. It is an unavoidable rite of passage, in order to win an operational parity with the other monsters. It is a basic tenet of Satanism that one must engage in such a variety of offenses that will serve to extinguish any possibility for good, regret or redemption from their nature. The Evil Inspirator must be evoked from the dark regions of the subconscious. It is the meaning of the line “And may it seal the door where evil dwells” from “The Great Invocation”. Everything present in the manifest has arrived here from the unmanifest. Everything visible arrives out of the invisible. As physicists have already proven mathematically, everything is composed of mind-stuff, everything is thought born. There are various schools of thought that are treating with these considerations. I suppose in some cases, art imitates life. There are a lot of theories but the truth is, there is only one mind (if you're standing in the right place to experience it) and those of us who have had the required Kundalini Uprising, to that specific awareness, are resident in that awareness and resonant, as well as telepathic by varying degrees. After all, it's only one mind. For the majority who believe they possess an individual mind, as a result, they are confined within the parameters of a fixed area of limitation and are heir to all the vanities of whatever false constructs the ego has sought to fabricate and entertain itself with. None of the things the ego believes to be true are true. They can't be, due to the basic drive for pre-eminence, on the part of all unrefined mechanisms, like the ego; given that, essentially, all things are equal and only flawed perception gives the perspective that things are not. This occurs in order to favor whatever illusions and hallucinations the ego has dressed itself in. The ego is capable of any and all crimes, when its survival is threatened, or its image of itself is threatened. If the ego won't die then... no doubt someone else will.

What better place and posting is there for Butch Napolitano to matriculate to than president of the University of California? The very idea that someone of her demented character would be considered for the post is proof positive of what sort of intelligences (or lack thereof) are running the place. She moves from the casual murder and imprisonment of whomever for whatever and... generally these offenses are for the crimes actually committed by Napolitano and her Hench-thugs, to murdering the truth and reason, while actively engaging in historical revisionism and the imprisonment of human thought. She can push every kind of perverse ideology, trumpet alternative sexual behaviors as more than equal, work diligently for the destruction of the family unit, (which is the cornerstone of civilization) ...and mutilate growing minds 12 different ways. She's the Wonder Bread avatar of nutritionless substance, the sort of thing neither rats nor cockroaches will eat.

I must be careful with this next objectively reasoned argument (grin). Although I have my informed analysis, concerning what people do with the serpent force, when it is in the physically generative mode, I've got no judgment on individual behaviors, so long as it is something engaged in by consenting adults (doesn't involve children) and it's not taking place on the sidewalk in front of my house. I'm sincere about that. However, when it works its way into excessive control over the mores of society and the intention is... the destruction of that society, which, of course, is effected by the destruction of the family unit AND when feral, psychopathic Tribe members are found to control the boards of directors, of every alternative sexual organization well, I am disposed to comment and theorize upon the matter. It's a well known feature of mind control, along with the construction of multiple personalities and the hijacking of the individual will, that one's sexuality must needs be bent in some direction, other than that which serves the interests of the family unit. Butch Napolitano certainly qualifies in that regard and there's no telling but... we can speculate, just how depraved Butch actually is. As a master of 'Dungeons and Drag Queens', it was she who made it a point of hiring a preponderance of sexual misfits and child molesters for positions (any and all positions) in the TSA= Tits, Slits and Ass. Given that she spends the majority of her time around people with 'special needs', sexually speaking, she probably doesn't feel comfortable around that endangered species; the family unit. Her favored intention is the creation of The Family Eunuch; hopefully armed with duct tape and that indispensable manual, “The Ka(r)ma Sutra for Sexual Psychopaths”.

The culture has been twisted into more unusual shapes than those possible only for a Chinese acrobat; the nonsense of Freud, the lingering stench of Marx and Engels, the ever increasing poisoning of food and drink, accompanied by the poisoning of the spheres of media and entertainment. In concert with (pun intended) the debauching of the culture's soundtrack, into thug noise and incoherent, saccharine redundancies, performed by plasticized androids. If you can't see this and worse, if you actually enjoy it all and it makes sense to you, you're not likely to be a problem for those who have no problem turning you over to their sashimi chef at the NSA.

This all brings us to the moment of denouement and the wire screen of the grease trap, fitted into the smoking griddle at Hell's Kitchen. Some are watching the feast in preparation. Some are battered and waiting for their turn to be cooked. Some are sitting in the cannibal seats, waiting to be served. Some are serving as waiters and all of them are metaphors for something else. If this were all a product of random chance or haphazard evolution, we'd be in deep dinosaur shit. The truth is, the whole drama is orchestrated and performed for the purpose of demonstration. I'd say the cardinal concern is one's placement in the mix; whether one is the object lesson, or the one learning it at some remove, or... any of the other possibilities the imagination is heir to. Have a nice day.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's the American Way; not to go. C'est Terrible.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

♫It's the American way♫ (cue Tom Petty in paraphrase mode) Yeah, whenever you see something like this, it's okay for your chest to swell with pride. Do I hear a spontaneous chorus, a stadium wave emerging with a strong voice chanting, “U.S.A!, U.S.A!, U.S.A!”? Oh yeah!!! I can feel my own voice joining them with “U.S.A.!, U.S.A., U.S.A!”.

We found this filed under the, “like they give a shit” section and “this under the outrage to absurdity” heading. Of course, it's not that hard to understand, given that they've already given an award to Condo- (minium) lezzie Rice. Things like this explain why so many IgNoble Awards have been given to Tribe Members over the years instead of actual deserving candidates who didn't steal their research from others. This is akin to giving the 'National Brotherhood Award' to John Wayne Gacy, or the Culinary Institute of America's 'Distinguished and Innovative Cooking Award' to Jeffrey Dalmer. Can I get a “U.S.A!. U.S.A!, U.S.A.!” one time please, from the folks in the cheap seats? Thank you, thank you! Everyone turn and tell the person sitting next to you, “Congratulations for being such an ignorant douchebag”. They are everyone of them, in line to get a life-sized brass replica of Divine's bag, in public appreciation for their perspicacity and keenly focused awareness. '”U.S.A.!, U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

Great changes are going on in my own life and I am now convinced that the collective human awareness and synchronization with the cosmic clock has been off concerning 2012, Kali Yuga, Armageddon and so on.

As I once said and hopefully will, with music, record...

“No matter how the drama winds and wends its way the final hour, I can hear my water buffalo calling. I can see the gates of The Great Wall, there the mist forming. They have been there all along but obscured, their dimensions blurred by... The Dream Fog. The Dream Fog is lifting. The tendrils can be seen,. as they separate from the whole. The paisley carpet dances and the universe unfolds it should.

The Apocalypse Cafe is rocking in its 'eat, drink and be merry' way. Tomorrow seems a long reach off but... tomorrow is today. Some never learn till it's too late. Some do ...but who can say? What seems to be impossible has now become routine. The sovereign truth gets hidden when the dreaming dead convene the Apocalypse Café”.

Lao Tzu nailed just about everything, the way Shakespeare covered the human demographic. The Laoster said something about the people having it good when they barely know their leader exists. It gets worse when they admire him, more worse when they hate and fear him and finally when they ridicule and make fun of him; the cat who did that is definitely getting 10 bucks of my PayPal money, which I will go take care of right now. I'll be baaaaack!

Okay, that's done. That is a sensational piece of work. I hope that guy gets some serious marbles to play with and that the big guys who host my work will also freebee this guy a little with some ad space and, speaking of great artists and I got to go do that radio show, so I will leave you with this (Sim, take note and put this fine lady up there with the rest of the “I respect what this person does so you get Free Parking in Visiblandia) web site of an artist whose entire home is a gallery and nobody seems to want to buy her very affordable (for art) work.

Click through to visit the website of Regula Stocks, who is the artist Honorée

Kind of like Visible's karmic block- hopefully now removed). She recently fell off a horse and near broke her neck, or did and... is recovering and, thank god, can walk, though in some degree of pain still. Do stop by and give her a little time. You have to see these things in person actually to get the effect.

Anyway, we'll talk in radioland (at least I will) and thank you for your patience with my brevity; which some might prefer to begin with (grin). Ahrooooooooooooooooooo!

Pray for Egypt. We are all connected.

There will be a radio broadcast tonight at some point or tomorrow.

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Visible sings: Almost A Capella by Les Visible♫ Night Like This ♫
'Night Like This' is track no. 11 of 12 on Visible's 2007 album 'Almost A Capella'

Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Cup of Upchuck Formula, Down at the Paddles Club.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The hits just keep on coming. Like I said, Mr. Apocalypse is briskly walking the talk. When, in the past, would we ever have seen something like this floating to the surface? It's bobbing there like a road apple, pumped full of poisonous gas. When we look at the devolution soup that apple is sailing on, we realize why it's there on the surface; it's a dead sea. Of course, when those utterly devoid of talent are scripted into plots designed for the sake of controversy, in order to polarize an audience and make the program a hot topic, so as to increase the viewership, you get cultivated ignorance, ignorance that is hothoused by the complicit authorities in power, is a very important aspect of the overall game plan.

Another driving force is confusion, coupled with disorder. You see it everywhere in the world today. It's what is maintaining the self-styled elite in their positions of exclusivity. As long as they can keep you at each others throats, or convinced of some hazy enemy at a far remove, you are distracted. You are certainly confused. You're easily herded into perceptions and points of view, which would look ridiculous, were you not susceptible to the insidious programming and propaganda that is used to mind control you. Of course, I'm speaking to a wider audience, which is not present at the moment (grin). The usual visitor here, pretty much knows at least what I know and often more. We can only hope the wider world will experience some positive contagion from our continuance in consciousness... on the upward road.

The fall of Morsi, a contrived puppet, whose rulership was set into motion long ago, is a good sign. ANYTHING that mucks up the interests of Israel, America and the U.K. is good for the human race. It is a sad affair that I have to say this ...but there is no longer any common interest served, in these dens of depravity. The only service going on is orchestrated for the bankers, Wall Street and whatever Israel wants, keeping in mind that they are those most represented in the first two as well. There are some whose pseudo-patriotism will be offended by what I have said here. I can see their apoplectic spittle, laden with grilled Jimmy Dean pork sausage and red, white and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, as they howl, offended by my lack of blind mole, sycophancy for the raped and looted states of America.

Let's try another logic exercise. How is my position different from that of the behavior of hedge fund artistes, who bet for or against anything, in order to profit from short falls, short sheets, short shit, out of luck situations, gobbled up by coprophagous gimmie gimmies'?

Actually, we're confusing issues here, macerating metaphors and generally going for the wide, wrap around visual. Right and wrong are not what they are made out to be. We got nations refusing to negotiate with nations because they violate democratic principles, while they routinely violate democratic principles themselves. We got nations, harassing nations, about nuclear treaties not being open and transparent, who haven't done themselves what they insist others must do. We have the very rich, stealing; stealing the livelihoods and resources of others with impunity and without penalty or prosecution. We have, visibly, obviously, criminally corrupt behavior going on and it has the force of law behind it... well, it doesn't actually have the approvals of law. What it has is the tacit consent of law enforcement that mobilizes for money and principles be damned.

If you really step back for a moment. If you can put aside the influence upon your consciousness of your needs; wants, priorities, fears and desires... it is quite a spectacle. No sane and reasoning person can look at what is taking place around them and call it sane or reasonable. There is a goodly number of people who are more or less alert and some number of them are confused or compromised. There is a larger number that is traveling on the dream web. They can change the channel but it's still the same program on the same device. Then there is a tiny minority of seriously twisted freaks, who are insatiable; who cannot be satisfied, who are addicted to the performance of injury and torment upon the populations of the world. They are only able to do this because some larger amount of the populace is surfing the dream web and are willing to eat things whose contents they do not question. That applies to mental as well as physical food.

Some of us have filters and some of us do not. Some of us see a guy on TV and we immediately notice that he is lying, or he is shilling; he is obfuscating or dissembling. Or we see some hard candy Rottweiler Blonde asking you to give her the same interest, you gave Sharon Stone (gorge rising), in that bad formula upchuck film, Basic Instink. Some of us dream of finer pastures. All of us have to remember that we are dreaming and that dreams can get hijacked. Dreams do get hijacked and shanghaied. Various forces are at work, in an effort to shape the way your dream world operates.

In this world, there are victims who are not victims but only play one on TV. In this world, people do things, while costumed as the people they want to have blamed for the things that they did. If that is puzzling you, well, ♫What's puzzlin you is the nature of my game♫

What I am trying to say is, we are being played all the time, one way or another. I don't know that there is a way out of that- in the short term, Karma being what it is and these times being what they are but... I don't want get into that end of it. What I want to do is point out the reality of the dreaming feature. It's all connected. Singular dreams get blown too and fro. Combination dreams can be stationary or not.

I do not know what to do about the viciously evil among us. I don't know how to fix stupid. I don't have to do anything about the evil. Evil will take care of itself in the usual suicide dance. I don't have to fix stupid. I can just get out of the way of stupid... hopefully.

What I am trying to say is that there is a lot going at the moment. There are things you can control and things you cannot control. One thing you have some control over, is your own effort to be aware. Times are changing (cue Dylan), Some of us have gotten some wind under our wings and some of us are fed by invisible waters. I guess it goes to the tune of 'whatever floats your boat'. Some of us are paddling because we don't want to become shanghaied members of Paddles Club. ♫It hurts so good, lord god almighty it hurts so good.... do me one mo' time SWACK! It hurts so good.♫

I suppose that brings us back to the dreaming factor and that is the point I would really, really like to make happen here. When you get a photo from the Zio-Press that shows an example of the offense, you know what you are up against, don't you?” Or.... for all I know, maybe not.

The plasticized and shrink – wrapped culture has made most of you, the 'boy and girl in the bubble' hasn't it? I guess most people don't mind being '♫signed (or would that be branded? (RAWHIDE!!)) sealed delivered, I'm yours♫ When they can control your dreams , they can control you. This is not to say I am a big fan of slacker/lazy culture fashion, I'm not. There is a 'hip' and there is a 'groove' but it be none of these. I will close with something from Madame Helena Blavatsky, who I admire, though others may have a different take. I think it is something to consider if you are someone who feels that the 'same old', same old', is not the 'same old' that used to be;

"There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come".

I had my period at the end of the sentence.

Anyways.... this is how goes these days in Visibilandia, soon to be transplanted in Salsa City; pending manifestation will be made possible over the passage of time. There is a bright sun shining morning waiting on everyone with the expectation for it and... even for some unaware that it is coming, under a mango tree in that morning.

End Transmission.......