Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Trayvonita Tango, over to Hayseed County in the Teratogenic States of America.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(There's another trenchant and truth filled summation of the Israel did 9/11 blues and it looks like Visible's "9/11 is the Litmus Test" is getting some legs of late.)

It appears to be a large warehouse ...but it's been gaudied up the way they do the high school gym, out there in Hayseed County, or, failing getting the necessary permissions, you might imagine it looking the way the feed storage unit looked, when the Footloose crew got done with it, ♫Footloose! Footloose!♫. We have to imagine that it's that special moment of the evening when the homecoming king and queen walk out on to the ¾ inch plywood floor, to take a solo turn, under the slow turning disco ball. The lantern jawed, homecoming king is Joe Dumb. He's slated to join the military after graduation and get his ass shot off in Eye-rack. The queen is Sally Stupid, she's going off to community collich; going to learn a few of those things that makes it easier to get a job with the airlines.

Someone is filming the event, though you never see them. All you see is what the camera picks up and the sounds are the sounds the camera gets, along with the breathing of the camera operator. We'll assume he's using one of those old VHS camcorders, which requires him to have the camera up to his face. All over the world there are the cheap tinsel dream factories, that grope and groom the people into the kind of penetrating intellects, who see something like this and know they're in for a riveting ride, albeit a tight fit, in one of those topless kiddie trains, that ferry you around the amusement park, at about 5 miles an hour. Fasten your seat belts please!

Over at The Crazy Scissors Hair Emporium, they'll be reading about the candy corn royalty. They'll be talking about it over at Wyatt's Body and Paint too. Luke the transmission guy might say, “I'm durn glad we ain't got nothin like that here”. Yeah, but you do. You got The Method Actor himself (the photo catches him in his best Brando moment, as Brando turns over in his grave). He's saying how “Trayvon could have been me 35 years ago” and you can almost hear an enormous sub rosa chorus singing, ♫Lawd, lawd, we wish you were/was♫, so as to say “Bwak! We hardly knew ye”.

We wish and wish and wish and if wishes were whores, then beggars would get laid (or something like that). Yeah, in this world of “if only”, Trayvon could have gotten a federal loan, had a sex change operation (changed his name to Trayvonita, ♫Come a little bit closer, you're my kinda girl, so big and so strong♫) and then drawn the eyes of the world, with an intensity equal to that focused on England's Black Nobility, when (s)he got married to this Albert Schweitzer Chia plant gene splicing experiment, courtesy of Monsanto.

Don't be surprised at anything. Trayvon is probably already in the Rand Corporations underground laboratories, getting zombified, so that he can come back from that Weekend at Bernie’s and marry this cutealicious wombat-wolverine offspring. ♫Only in America♫ can you move to another state and as soon as you got a year in for residency, or less and run for senator because you got that 'abuse of power' thing in your DNA and your daddy is the donkey punched, bitch of Ehud Barack. “T.S.A! T.S.A! T.S.A!!!” When you got money and connections in the Teratogenic States of America, you can do anything you want to do. If it was against the law before you wanted to do it, it will be against the law not to do it, once you do it. If it's ten pounds of shit in a paper bag to start with, it will be ten pounds of Beluga caviar as soon as 'they' say so. “Oh my! This IS delicious! Yum”!

Maybe some of you out there think I'm exaggerating a tad, or indulging in cynical whoresplay; bored and, like so many in this day and age, dreaming of stabbing kittens with a fork; something Kissinger indulges in and for the same purpose that someone else might use Baoding Balls. Yeah... maybe you think that things like this that happen (and worse, far worse) don't happen. Maybe you think things like this that happen, don't happen. Now, if it happened to be somewhere in Central America, it wouldn't be strange to me at all. This though, this is strange. As crazy as the Teratogenic States of America might be, they're not the only batshit crazy, blowfly infected, maggots in the brain location on 'this sweet swinging sphere'. There's plenty of crazy going on to match up with the crazy happening in the TSA. Fundies to the left of me! Fundies to the right of me! Let me out of here!!!

Yes! Now it's a sport! It makes you tanned and fit just thinking about it, “pass that mega-Slurpee and that basket of Deeeeep Fried Chicken Butt Rings, My ass is welded to the plether of my gamer seat”. Cynical? Moi? Nah... ♫And I think to myself (hanky to the nose) what a wonderful world♫. Of course, I'm not knocking that particular scenario. I would definitely have done the same thing and it is almost a reason to take up the trumpet, even at this late date.

What's the point of Visible's ♫rambling man♫ thing here today? The point is to, hopefully, make it stark raving clear to you that the world is a bonafide lunatic asylum and what is likely to be needed to restore sanity, is likely to be catastrophic, if the awakening resonance doesn't start to replicate some massive multiplications of The Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing, “All Along the Watchtower”.

I watch with a voyeuristic fascination. I almost expect sweat to begin to bead on my brow, as if I had just had a bowl of Madras curry. I watch and I watch this spectacle of the human race, as it boogie boards down on the tidal wave. I can see the lights of Los Angeles twinkling up ahead and way, way down below. Somehow I am riding right along side them, in a virtual reality sort of a way because, I am not right alongside of them. You have to have a shared mindset to bring that off. It's not the sort of thing, where you got into your woodie and drove down to Sunset Beach, with a woodie, (cause you were driving on Sunset to get there and all the babes were jiggling the handle on the sidewalks of Sunset). Then you paddled out and sat there waiting for that wave. No! You just suddenly are there, no matter where you were before you got transported (Cue Jason Statham) and the next thing you know, “there you jolly well are, aren't you”?

Meanwhile, I hear about all kinds of cool people, doing cool things, solo and in groups and I think; well, sure, there's hope, there's promise, there's possibility and... I am an optimist. There is always the chance that the whole world will hear the word, “Cut”! ...all at the same time and then everything gets real quiet and... all over the world, some cat comes out of nowhere in a Banana Republic Safari Suit, with a pair of rimless, rose colored sunglasses and he kind of extends his hands and says, “Good show! Good show! I want to thank you all for having agreed to help me make this movie. There'll be all kinds of after parties, depending on where you're headed from here. I know some of you liked it here so much that you'll be coming back for the next 26,000 years, so... after your after party, you'll want to just head over to wardrobe and get yourselves suited up for the next round. Some of you will be going to other spheres, dimensions, whatever; up down and sideways. Feel free to enjoy the amenities or lack of thereof. There will be an awards ceremony preceding each after party and you will all find yourselves there, just like that”. He snaps his fingers and; what do you know? There we jolly well are.

Meanwhile, the psychopath in chief tells himself that if he had a son, that son might have been like Trayvon. Yes, this pandering, race-baiting, race war starting (and can't even do that right) narcissist, with his narcissist wife and Will Smith, designer children, who has 'Property of the Synagogue of Satan” tattooed on his ass is “in it to win it”! As a Randy Jackson would say.

Alright, why don't we all come to our feet and... those of you who need one, can rest your stomachs on one of the conveniently provided shopping carts; that's what the extend tray at the top is for and... join with me in singing this fine anthem, with the lyrics transformed to reflect the actual status of the country at this time, ♫Oh tragedy of wasted skies, o'er (fly trapped in) amber fields of pain, for purple mountains travesties, above the looted plain♫

We are building to a crescendo, no, it is not a crescendo, it's a trepiditious, with a hint of “not with a bang but a whimper”., or casteneting in a Castaneda way ...but thinking, given that this particular person, is disengaging from formerly (that's why I got this VW-morphlike body), cool running, habitual behaviors of a various kind, I'm left wondering if the place I head off to, has more rules and regulations than where I already am.

Something tells me that I have to think about 9 in the fifth place. Integration and the proffer of harmony are, surely, good and useful gestures but... if you come to a place and you can't access and produce the things you intend to produce, because the limitations of transition to serenity make too much noise, you have to,once again, consider all of your options because success in this particular endeavor is of a far more serious nature than previous mistakes (grin).

Anyway (grin), the suspense is killing me; not really. It's just that with the way the world is, in this long constipated awaiting, almost as if Rodan's “The Thinker” had gone to take a shit and then turned to stone, one always has to keep in mind, the personalities and possibilities, both good and bad, before launching into transition. The whole world is filled with places where one can be, or not be and... I guess it comes down to that, “To be or not to be”, in another sense, meaning; where can you be yourself and what is the wiggle factor, as it concerns the parameters? I must confess, in this case, unlike the Trayvon Zimmerman trial, the jury is still out.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the timing of your latest post, Visible.

So I'm walking down the street on a main drag in Phoenix, Arizona, early this morning (about 6:30 a.m.), to get some exercise and take care of a little business, when a beat-up car hangs a right directly in front of me and comes hauling ass right toward me as I'm moving pretty briskly down the sidewalk.

Two gangsta types are in the car; I could see their jailhouse tats as they moved closer to my position (they were heading right at me) as I walked toward their oncoming car. The Black gentleman in the passenger's side sees me, his window is rolled down, and his eyes get wide with rage (because I'm a white man). He yells at me, and reaches for his pistol (too late, thank god) and then screams, "HEY FUCK YOU you fucking cracker ass mofo."

I saw him holding his pistol as he craned his neck backward, staring at me through the rear window as the car moved past me. I was out in the open, there was nowhere to run, basically, because I was walking alongside a high concrete embankment, bordered by an even-higher chain link fence. So I turned my head back in the direction I was walking and looked straight ahead, and thought to myself, "They are slowing down, and they are probably going to turn around and come back, but they have to do a U-turn at the next light, and that won't be easy. It's going to take time. Just be cool and don't be scared and keep walking at the same pace."

I made it to the intersection and darted across it (without looking back). I walked under a freeway overpass and then I felt safe enough to do some recon, because I was in a much more secure location. I saw the car coming back in my direction. I was hidden behind a pillar and looking out of a small hole in the supports of the overpass, and they couldn't see me. They drove past me, back down the street, scanning the sidewalk, and then did another U-turn, and drove back in my direction again. I watched them drive away in the distance, as I remained hidden under the overpass, and then continued on my way.

My crime here, was being a white man. The media has the Black people all worked up, and the white man is the enemy. It's amazing how brainwashed most people are - but when it comes to racial shenanigans (shit-stirring, as Visible would call it), the mainstream media has really got it down to a science. I guess if it's true, it can't be racist: Blacks are very malleable people as a group. And the string-pullers in the media know it.

I just thank my lucky stars that I wasn't lagging about 20 feet behind my position, when those gangstas' car turned that corner and started coming toward me. Or I'd be dead.

Visible said...

It just keeps going on. The dead horse is now no longer recognizable as a horse. So then there's that White Hispanic thing. Shouldn't white Hispanics be able to hold hands in cemeteries. Damn! I know I made a few mistakes in my life and I also didn't get much of anywhere where things are happening, which means maybe I'm not happening but... honestly... I don't care one way or the other about a person's skin. I'm way more concerned with the mind operating the machinery. Some people it is best to stay well away from; that's from the accidents looking to happen section of existence. Maybe I'm a Visibilino or a Visiblspanic or something else. At least I'm not personally hung up on all of this shit. I definitely like hanging out with me and whoever is like me in that I in I way.

I don't visualize a lot of things. God willing, they will not come to pass.

Visible said...

Well, they are cranking up the tense. Believe me, they're pissed that people aren't hopping to, quick enough, in terms of getting after one another in a negative way. They are losing power. They are falling over. They are top heavy and bottom rotten.

Visible said...

Anon; I've been in that same situation a half a dozen times or more, here and there. These incidents are always proof to me that everything is under control. God is in control. No matter how it may look. I suppose you could say, that's the good news and the bad news, depending.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya, Visible, about things being in control. But you know what? This is going to sound blank-ist (fill in the "blank" there, with your favorite label) to some folks here, but I'm just being truthful. When those gangstas confronted me today, after it was all over, and I was done with my business and walking back home, I thought, "Those fucks are going to be in a jail soon. And that's where they belong. They are either going to be in jail, or they are going to be dead. And that's okay with me."

Now, I know that sounds harsh. But whether you are black, white, yellow, brown or fuckin' green, if you don't have self-control, and if you are asleep and constantly at the mercy of whatever mass-media stimulation is in your face, you aren't really a human being. You're a programmable, soulless robotoid, and you are going to do mayhem to someone if you live long enough (that is, if you don't get put in a cage first).

So that brings up an interesting point. Okay, so the NWO crowd is fomenting terror, passing Draconian laws, pulling false flag ops and psyops and all kinds of shit, and they want to reduce the population by 80% or 90% or whatever the figure actually is. But they are doing this, primarily, to get rid of people like the gangstas who nearly shot me today. (Them, and the myriad 300-pound Walmart shoppers, Fundies, etc.) And you know what? I don't have any problem with that. At least not today, I don't, not when I came within an eyelash of being shot by two ape-like killers, because they slurp up whatever pablum the mass media slings at them, like the idiotic lapdogs they really are.

I used to be an activist and caught all kinds of shit for it from TPTB. More shit than anybody who comes to these blogs has probably ever caught (except for maybe Visible, based on what I've read of the shit he's faced). But I wised up and realized, finally, that evil is evil, and good is good, and the twain are hopelessly entangled in this world, and they can't exist without the other. (Visualize the Yin/Yang black/white symbol here.) Check it out in another 1000 years here on earth, and it will still be this way. One faction holds the upper hand for a while; then the other faction takes the reins, and back and forth we go. It's all a cosmic clusterfuck. So I stopped the activism and if I had to choose, well, I'd side with the NWO crowd now. Yep, I admit it. And they leave me alone. We understand each other. They let me go my way and do my thing unimpeded these days, and I sure as fuck don't get in their way. What good would it do? It's all a cosmic drama, that repeats itself over and over - the trick is to rise above it, get past it, "graduate" to a higher plain of consciousness. Sometimes we have to be reminded of this, and I guess it was my turn today.

Visible said...

Oh wow! Rest in Peace, Helen Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Did Obama excuse himself after his speech about how he could have been Trayvon -a thug- so he could get right back to obliterating innocent Muslim children, women, men, with ziodronesfor the greater israel project?

in case anyone may be interested - a movie made shortly after the Talmudics paradise called soviet union fell apart - a little truth was allowed out - such as this movie about the first months of Talmudic utopia in Russia

"CHEKA (Soviet Extraordinary Commission) Russian film (english subtitles" about 1 hour 20 minute

apologies for the long link

Visible said...

Oh they are relentless. I would have to say we are in that place, ♫the end of the innocence♫ Take heart all ye acolytes of Oliver Cromwell, the revenge of the bureaucrats is in full flower, keeping in minds that flowers have a very short shelf life.

Visible said...

Why not just learn how to hot link? If your intent (all of you) is to get someone to watch or listen, hotlinking makes it ten times more likely that someone will go there.

Anonymous said...

I never did like Kevin Bacon or Footloose and mocked that pile of cinematic crap unmercifully while listening to Euro metal albums with no UPC symbol on them. The new face of Amerikwa is Rachel Jenteal L.V. don't worry about those evul waycists in Hayseed County they will be doing just fine when the Chinese and Russians come paratrooping in to take over the real estate after the Kenyan bathhouse queer Bwak! gives them the green light.

Anonymous said...

Here we meet up at Elmer's Pump-U-Full gas station with our corn cob pipes for a good round of jibba jabba.

the gardener said...

Any encouraging of the psychopathic masses is not good for the souled non pathological ones working in their midst... BUT it is really going around right now so really... do not take it too personally. Your protection worked-your instincts kicked in-the most important factors we have the ability to sharpen up... rolling under a vehicle if possible is always a good thing to do with thugs and murderers too.

This is not just the tools eager to do their masters' bidding either-just general insanity working up now a days.

Last week I was with a friend in a large dining room. We were talking and probably NOT that loud-though the place was loud too... all of a sudden this blonde woman over 50 walks by and grinning like a ghoul shouts out: "Did you just say FUCK?"

PIN DROP QUIET IN THE ROOM... my friend and I just sat there assessing and so she leans in (line barrier between us) and says it again, still grinning strangely and says it again... "DID YOU JUST SAY FUCK?" ... looking at me.

I told her "No, I just said POKEMON" which---lol--- I had...

the weirdest thing in hind site is that neither my friend nor I kept an eye on this crazy woman. She was obviously crazed but looked quite presentable-even cute...

so-it is going around and around revving up with each rotation. So many on so many meds and self medication on top of the meds.

Not only did my friend and I 'not keep an eye on her' we just proceeded with our lunch date and didn't even talk about that strange involvement at all. hmmmm

I even forgot about it until a few days ago. The woman's face was really giddy looking. I do not know what that was all about at all-I remember looking around to see who she was talking about because I know I had not said 'fuck' nor had my friend in our conversation. Like she was really amused that we had said 'fuck'.

But as far as I know she did not have a gun in her hand or purse. I did not see what she did or where she went and that is very unusual for me. Maybe she just came out of the aetheric gutters and went back into them with my reply. *shrugs*

This is FULL MOON time and I thought it was last degree Cancer Sun and Moon in Capricorn but it is really 0 Leo Sun and 0 Aquarius moon energies =both fixed...fixed fire and fixed air signs. Very dangerous combustibilities bringing me back to this site that someone here posted from dublinmick's site...

It's a gas gas gas and can result in damaged neurological conditions. Maybe yet another factor in why so many are pathological in their behaviors and so out of body that the demons have jumped right on in?

love you all,

the gardener

PS-Mercury direct today too-in Cancer...lots of big energies turning the wheels of the bus all round and round.

Visible said...

I have found the person to do the book. My sincere thanks to all of you who offered me help. Okay! Back to work! Oh, right... actually I am now going to sleep.

I feel stupid doing this but an invisible friend told me that some of you pray for me and that when they hear that they are inclined to respond, given that it is not for themselves and it isn't me asking either so, whoever out there is actually doing something like that please include a prayer for an expeditious and fortunate resolution to my coming transit into another world. From what I am given to understand, if I make it to the end of the year, I'm home free big time.

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, July 20, 2013 6:27:00 PM

"...if you don't have self-control, and if you are asleep and constantly at the mercy of whatever mass-media stimulation is in your face, you aren't really a human being."

For some reason, this reminded me of the scene in Frank Herbert's original "Dune" novel where Paul Atreides was being 'tested' by the Reverend Mother, Gaius Helen Mohiam. In the face of steadily increasing pain, did Paul have the human 'control' not to go into his reactive body? Mohiam was aware of Paul's potential for embodying higher powers, and would have killed him then and there with the deadly Gom Jabbar needle if he had insufficient 'self-control'.

I also saw a powerful channeled entity, Ramtha, exhibit this control. During a question-and-answer session, one guy absolutely 'commanded' Ramtha to do something. I was aware of Ramtha's leadership (and warrior leadership) past, and was expecting sparks to fly. I saw Ramtha's eyes virtually go 'red' with the insult. However, Ramtha did whatever inner dealings he had to do to master this, and responded to the guy in civil and courteous fashion. It was impressive...

I am glad no (physical) harm came to you.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

and when you heard Obongo say "that could have been me 35 years ago" what was the very first thing that went through your mind? Yeah, mine too.


Jackson Holly said...

.... yai, yai, yai.

My man Trayvonita was a violent thug,
looking for trouble and some more
jewelry for his ho, Jeantel or whatever.

... and now America is Kilgore Trout,
in Valentino drag, moving like a dancer
in trance, with an ecstatic Harlem Shuffle Tango from a distant, tinny Victrola barely audible ... looking passionately into the hypnotic, smart-as-a-cookie eyes of Jeantel, her partner/twin, swaying like smoke, entwining her lithsome figure like a double helix ... in gaucho pants, patent leather boots and Dylan's ROLLING THUNDER hat adorned with a flower bouquet.

Visible said...

Ah yes, Kilgore Trout.

Anonymous said...

This whole Trayvon vs. Zimmerman thing is an obvious psyop (duh)...but it offers some interesting threads of logic to pursue, when you delve into the minutiae.

George Zimmerman's dad is allegedly a judge and, likewise, he allegedly used to work for the CIA. And that's one hell of a smoking gun, if true. Also, Trayvon was not some little kid, allegedly, if the writer at the following link is to be believed - he was 6'-3", 17 years old, and was a bona fide gang-banger. You can read more about all that here: wait a minute. Hold on just a second.

The last paragraph of the above article hints at what I have been thinking for quite some time now. What if the whole Trayvon vs. Zimmerman thing was staged, just like the Boston Marathon "Bombing"? (See Dave McGowan's expose on the obviously staged Boston Bombing event; Google Boston Bombing Dave McGowan; McGowan's photos and critical commentary make it obvious that the "bombing" was staged, and the key positions in the storyline were manned by actors and various operatives.)

So...what if the Trayvon vs. Zimmerman thing was merely TPTB's latest "reality television" faux event? What if there WAS no Trayvon, not in the "real" sense? And what if Zimmerman was just an actor, too, playing a role beneath the shadowy protection of the CIA/FBI/NSA Alphabet Soup Boys? And what if Trayvon's "parents" are just more of the same - actors?

Or...what if we take this whole thing out another giant step...what if they are all mind-controlled, in addition to being actors. Just like Obumma (who has no documentation that he was ever born, or attended Columbia University, or ever existed; i.e., he's a mind-controlled slave, created in a lab somewhere).

I think these two scenarios are way closer to the truth.

And if this is true, it's obvious that we are going to see these fake events unfold in the MSM with increasing frequency as time goes on - things that never happened, but were scripted and then enacted (with the appropriate cover installed) to make it LOOK like they happened. Who's to know the difference? There is ample evidence that Sandy Hook was a completely faux event, more obvious theater. Which brings us to James Holmes. Did people really die in the theater that night, while the Dark Knight was being screened in Aurora? What if it was all a ruse - and Holmes, mind-controlled patsy that he obviously is, was a mere pawn in a much larger and more insidious game of Inventing Reality?

Well it would only make sense, wouldn't it.

We saw reality TV slowly become the primary entertainment of choice amongst the two-legged sheep. These scripted "reality shows" are anything but "spontaneous"; they are all scripted like any normal TV show would be. But the two-legged sheep think they are real, just like many of them think professional wrestling (or vote-counting) is real.

Once you get the masses' minds tuned into that frequency, so that their minds accept whatever they see on TV as being gospel, well, their minds filter out everything that might refute it, and the rest would be easy...

Anyway, if so, it's all pretty brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Les, blacks and people of color are used by the Tribe to destroy whites.

When you integrate black personalities into your commentary you are being channeled. You are less white. This is exactly what the Tribe wants. You speak of these affirmative action tools like they are important.

Yes, the Jew channels us. When we talk about black presidents and actors were are integrating. This is what the Jew wants white people to do. The only path of survival for whites is to disengage. I don’t mean to insult you. But this dynamic is effective. You are engaging in it. You are allowing yourself to be channeled.

And let’s see how long the Jew media continues to use the term “minority” for coloreds, when whites are less than 8 percent of the world population. Maybe you saw the Washington Post article of a few weeks ago, that revealed that in the U.S. white deaths now outnumber white births.


Anonymous said...

I didn't witness the event so I don't know what happened.

Confronting someone with a loaded gun is serious business and one can not expect that an individual will just be compliant because someone is holding a gun on them. Lots of people would just tell you to take your gun and shove it up your ass. George Zimmerman showed bad judgement. If he thought a crime was being commited he needed to call the cops. Stupid, stupid, man.

So, Trayvon was strong enough to jump down his throat and beat his ass but not strong enough to take his gun away? Does that make sense?


the gardener said...

hahahah I relayed that event from poster 1 to a friend of mine who lives in a huge ghetto city with pockets of normalcy within (though that can and does change borders of course with so many criminals out and about)... and she cackled and said 'oh those two were just on vacation from their prison lives-they'll be back in sooner than later-tell him that they've already been busted for other shit'.

Lives where bulk time is in prison with 'vacations' outside for short durations and they know what to do to get back in there.

Very profitable for all the officers of the courts and prison industries that so many see this prison planet world as just a vacation from physical lock down.

So... Full Moon! Leo/Aquarius fixed fire and air energies. Massive last time for a hundred years 'star of david' aspects too. Thirteenth one of this aspect which started its process in 1990.

Interesting the energies cycles are to me.

I've been getting a lot of 'get grounded-physically-feet to earth... it does really help getting and staying physically grounded.

the gardener

PS-yes FUD... lol

Visible said...

Sorry, there will be no radio show this weekend. Domestic concerns, having to do with the details of my up coming wing and a prayer redondo, took precedence. All in all, most optimistic.


Visible said...

Anonymous... thanks for hepin out a dum fuck like me. Gee I done never new none of dat shit. My iiiiiiiizzzzz be wide open now.

Look obviously you missed my point. It must have something to do with the complexity, inherent therein

Anonymous said...

This is VERY good, Vis. You covered a lot of territory; outwardly and inwardly.


Anonymous said...

Taking this out even a bit further (Reality TV Faux Events), let's assume that there are indeed mind-controlled slaves afoot in the world, who have been deliberately created to perform various tasks for those who pull their strings. There is ample evidence that this is true. According to various sources, one of the spoils of the bankers' wars is the takeover of orphans who have become parentless via various military campaigns. Many of these orphans are taken to Catholic orphanages (i.e., mind-control centers) and various agency-controlled black ops centers where they are tortured, shocked, and their personalities become fragmented (resulting in a mind-controlled bio-entity).

In my opinion, after reading a whole shitload of books and articles on the subject, and watching all these little Reality TV Faux Events unfold on the television, it all makes perfect sense that many of these remote-controlled bio-entities (i.e., mind-controlled individuals), are placed in key positions to serve whatever purpose the elite want them to serve.

For example, they are placed in the anchor seats on TV news programs at various MSM outlets (like Faux News, er, I mean Fox News; CNN, etc.). They are placed in the positions of being "Internet Truthers" who run high-profile "Truther" websites. They are placed in key political positions, from lowly city council members, all the way to Congress - and beyond, to the presidency (and as the heads of state in virtually every country). They are placed in key positions as cut-out talking heads/board members at some of the largest mega-corporations in the world. They are placed at the top positions in all the various military factions - Army, Navy, Marines, etc. They are placed in top positions as the leaders of the UN and NATO. They are placed in virtually all of the key "celebrity" positions, as musicians and actors, primarily (Dave McGowan covered the music portion of this equation in great detail, in his "Laurel Canyon" series), but also as sports heroes (O.J. Simpson was likely a mind-controlled "super athlete", as is Tiger Woods and god knows how many others; Google "mind-controlled athletes" if you are interested in finding out more).

But I think the key thing to think about here, would be this - if there is indeed a method in place for creating a bio-entity that has no will of its own, an entity who will do its master's bidding on command, doesn't it make sense that those in power would maximize this advantage - i.e., instead of creating a mere handful of them, wouldn't they go all the way with it, and create an entire army of such entities? By placing them in virtually all of the critical positions, they could create virtually any scenario they wanted, and control its outcome from beginning to end.

This certainly would explain a lot of what we see going on in the world, most especially in the Trayvon vs. Zimmerman fabricated race-riot stage play...

If all the major high-profile, highly visible players in this push for world conquest are remote-controlled bio-entities, then it would follow that the masses would side with whatever those players wanted them to do, eventually, because their beloved political leaders (who are few and far between, admittedly, but do indeed exist), their beloved music/film celebrities, their beloved sports heroes, if those people all told them to "jump" in a certain direction, they would indeed jump in the direction those people wanted them to jump.

Something to think about, anyway.

Unknown said...

People will not see the bleeding obvious, even when it rains down on top of them.

Strange thing is, I feel more at peace with each passing day and, an empathy for my fellow man I had long thought impossible.

There is certianly value for money on this particular ride.

Always enjoyable, Vis.

All the best to all.


Visible said...

I'm supposing that most people,when they went to look up the word teratogenic (cause I am doubting that most people know the word) probably caught that it has do do with misformed fetuses. My usage, I mean my intention was 'giving birth to monsters; 'The word, teratogen, is derived from "terato" meaning monster and "gen, " to give rise to, so teratogens give rise to monsters I hope that clears this matter up, not that anyone would have ever asked me anyway (grin).

I'm getting that signed sealed delivered I'm gone feeling as all the dominoes fall into place

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post. Just flaming brilliant! :D

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous: Reminds me of "Hunger Games".


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

A Dirge for Helen Thomas and other Headstones in the Cemetaries of Night.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend who went on a tourist trip to Ecuador and Peru. Not only did the group get kidnapped and robbed in the jungle, but he also got one of those flies drilling in to the back of his neck and had to have it surgically removed.

I had schadenfreude since I couldn't afford to go.

Tom Lowe

Visible said...

I knew a guy who knew a guy who had in a car wreck in New Mexico. I've heard there have been others so I'm definitely not going to New Mexico. Wow! Getting kidnapped in Peru and Ecuador, that's something.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Fault lies not in Ourselves but in Shakespeare, Gilbert and Sullivan.



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