Thursday, February 29, 2024

"Materialism Celebrates The Animal Drive which Generates The Material Forms over which... The Horned One Presides."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I want to continue with the concept of Wanting and how it shapes The World around you. Materialism is a fire... that is whipped into a fury... by winds of desire. Wanting is inflamed... hunger is everywhere, and all carnal hunger is directly connected to the shared collective unconscious of every living thing.

Materialism celebrates The Animal Drive which generates material forms over which The Horned One presides. The Unity Principle of Eternal Love is resident with all creatures (here below), AND... is always stronger... though appearances might indicate otherwise, and... this confuses people which is ♫ the nature of my game ♫ The Inner Life being the stronger force is the reason for that line of scripture which says; “greater is he that is in me than he that is in The World”

The System that produces the landscape of Materialism... and everything it contains... is fed by this hunger... that acts like the fires that drive the engines of transport and commerce. The Fire is ALWAYS hungry. It never gets its fill. The more you feed it... the hungrier it gets. This is based on actual laws that control the movements, and... the creation of everything you see before you... on this plane.

It moves faster and faster. It gets hotter and hotter... due to the friction created by the passage of everything moving through, and around, and up against everything else. Yes... I am being lyrical, but... if your eyes were to be opened... you would see that it is literal.

Existence does not appear as it actually is... because it is viewed through a haze of smoke... that rises from the fires... that feed on dirty fuel. It rises in the minds... that dwell on the images... woven out of the condensation of material desire. It is the impurities in the fire... that create the smoke... that obscures the clearer vision of... what is before you on all sides... no matter whichaway you turn.

Yes... I am being lyrical again, but... if your eyes were to be opened... you would see that it is literal. You are literally in a dreamscape... that is controlled by powerful magic... that seduces the senses into a trance state, and it is HUNGER... WANTING... that drives it all... that turns the wheels of industry... that both attracts and repels... that moves in a simulation of night and day... upon a stage where opposites... perform a mating dance... that fills the world with temporary... animated... life forms.

Existence is a play... of acts that follow one another... individually and collectively... in a specific time frame from beginning to end... even though it never ends, and... it had no beginning. You are here. You play your part. You are gone. You are here again. It can never be accurately explained because it is ALL in a state of continuous contradiction. Everything you think, say, and do... further involves you in more... of... the... same.

You can think of it as being trapped in a swamp. It is very much like that. You can imagine it is like dreaming underwater and trying to wake up. It is very much like that. You can think of it as something that ends and then... begins again immediately, but... you are unable to remember who you were. and what you were doing then... before it ended... and began all over again. It is very much like that.

It is, and it isn't... very much like that.

There is a part of you that... always exists... apart from the turmoil and temporary peace you are passing through. If you can make contact with it... your eyes will open, and you will see everything exactly as it is. It will look nothing like it presently appears to be. Everything you presently see... is given its form and meaning by the quality of attraction... or repulsion... you feel for it. If you try to break free... you can well become even more entangled...

I can tell you how to escape. It is a very simple and fool-proof method. You just stop wanting anything that lives and dies. The Rules of Engagement will change for you... because The Laws of Attraction will cease to impact upon you as they did before. I have told you this already, but the Separated Mind that you read it with, said, yeah... yeah... yeah... and moved right on to the next item. You live on an assembly line of thoughts... that are powered by feelings, and directed by attention or the lack of it. The ability to focus the attention is a magical act.

It is how The Universe was created. You have been invested with all the powers of your creator, BUT... you misplaced them... when exterior attractions came to rule over you, instead of your ruling over them. You forget who you are and wander lost until you find yourself again. How long might that be? It could go on for a very... long... time. Yes... I am being lyrical, but... it is literally true.

In Times of Advanced Materialism... the heat is greater... the wind is stronger... the noise is louder, and the images are moving faster than they were, but not as fast as they soon will be. Therefore Time... or your perception of Time... has speeded up. Soon it will appear to be moving so fast that it will seem too dangerous to imagine stepping off of it... whatever it is. All of this is happening in your mind, and... none of it is real.

To stop wanting, you have to turn down the flame in your belly and the area directly beneath it. Then the pressure forces the heat upward through stages of refinement. There are disciplines that you can engage in that will make the process easier and more certain, BUT... this is something you have to want with all your heart because... otherwise... you shouldn't even bother. You won't get anywhere with half-measures.

Arresting the compulsion to want is not the end of the matter. It is the beginning. Before this... you were standing on the not-so-merry-go-round... processing the assembly line of thoughts that were completely occupying your attention, as it jumps from one thing to another. Now you must step away from the thoughts that are passing through your mind, and let the merry-go-round spin them off in every direction. These are not your thoughts to begin with. It doesn't matter what happens to them. They will land wherever there is business to conduct concerning them.

Now that the flame has been turned down in the belly, and the location directly below it, there is a great deal less wasted force. It is a good idea now... to allow your awareness of wanting... to migrate to the next location... directly above the belly, and let that become the locus of your wanting... because... you are not going to be able to get rid of The Wanting... not yet at any rate, and not in any way you can presently understand it.

Once the wanting is in residence... in the next location... above the belly, the focus of attention becomes very important. It is here that Desire is transformed into Aspiration. Let me digress for a moment to say that it is possible to do the same thing in a variety of ways. There are any number of approaches... legitimate approaches... each of them will be as successful as the degree of dedication and persistence that is brought to the effort.

It's very easy to screw up at this location if the attention is still directed outwardly. This should be avoided at all costs. However... the danger is neutralized if all external expressions of this force are impersonal. To love effectively and without harm, one should mimic The Sun.

Let me be clear about the boundaries between the angelic and the demonic realms... they are defined by the quality of your desires... which determine the landscape of your residence. You live according to the quality of The Wanting that drives you. This determines whether you are in the company of demons or angels. It has been said that around every demon there is an aura of light that indicates the angel... concealed by that which obscures it... due to the character of the one perceiving.

It is all a trick of The Mind.

Times of Material Darkness are like a dirty kitchen at night. Turn on the light and watch them run! The company you keep is determined by the quality of your wanting. Junkies of a feather shoot up together. If you seek to live above The Fray... above the clamor and confusion... you are going to find that the crowd has thinned considerably. Some prefer the smell of the grease paint and the roar of the crowds. Some do not. Each of them reap exactly what is to be found in the context of their wanting.

Wanting... not wanting... it's a timeless contradiction. Peace profound awaits where wanting has been stilled, BUT... BUT... Desire is eternal. Then it should be obvious... shouldn't it? It is all decided by WHAT you want; desire or aspire... aspire or desire? Are you on a circle or a spiral? If you don't want what is HERE. If the true object of your affection is... THERE, why... then I am confident that the electromagnetic slipstreams will bear you to the location of The Heart's Desire, whatever... and wherever... that... may... be.

Everybody gets what they want... sooner or later. Everything you see here is a product of that. What people want at any given time is often not the same thing at another given time. Often they are not the same person at a later date. Want just that one thing. It never ages or changes. It is appropriate for any time or place. Everything else worth having comes with it anyway. One suffers when one falls in love with the creations of time and the children of time. These come and go.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, February 26, 2024

"In a War Between The False Self and True Self, The Outcome is Never in Doubt. One of Them was Not Real to Begin With."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Jacob Rothschild has left for his next port of call.

Yesterday, an Air Force soldier burned himself to death in front of The Israeli embassy.

He was screaming, Free Palestine! While he could still scream. Then he stood there. I have never seen that before. The amount of determination that must have taken was exceptional. I remember when this happening by Buddhist monks factored heavily in the ending of The Vietnam War.

Now to the post;

The insufferable arrogance of little men... with big and inflated delusions of their own power... who seek to blot The Sun from the sky. God help them all in their certain, and... terrible defeat.

They make war against that which is beyond their understanding... upon the battleground of their own being. It is a Pyrrhic victory... it is they that are immolated, and like Carthage... sown with salt... there will be nothing to see from them for a very... very long time.

The sleaziest... most unbelieving... self-serving... criminal scoundrels among us have put forward the stupidest and most carnal minds to take visible control... of various machinery in this culture... that they have not a clue about operating, They have placed them in the judiciary... in academia... in social circles... where they can act out like marionettes... under the control of those too clever by far to survive their own mischief.

I was speaking with a representative of the ineffable yesterday. It was the ineffable... of course... but he uses intermediaries... step-down transformers... to communicate with us... because even an infinitesimal fragment of his power would burn us to ash in a nano-second. I was temporarily outraged about the chemtrails, and I said something like; doesn't it bother you?

I felt a powerful pressure, and then my frame began to shake and he said, “Who do you think is more likely to be offended and outraged by this nasty business, you... or me? Whose sky is that, and out of what... or should I say whom... is it made? Whose sun sits shining there?” I replied, yours, My Lord.

“Yes...” he responded, “that would be my sky and my sun, and my world that is cloaked in toxic chemical garbage. Again, I ask you, who do you think would have more right to be outraged and offended by this, you... or me?” Once again came the pressure and the involuntary shuddering. You, Lord, I replied.

“Yes, it would be me. Look, Visible. I am a more behind-the-scenes kind of a guy. I work THROUGH others... through other mediums. I use other vehicles for the hands of my industry. At the same time, I am mostly hands-off... because people get themselves into these scenes of suffering, and they have to wish to get out of them, and... that's where I come in... usually.

“Usually... of course... it is also not an apocalypse, and in an apocalypse, I have very active agents of change, and one of them is Lady Nature, who is a direct expression of my will. Let me handle this nonsense. I have already inspired the proper agents and agencies of change in this regard.

“Usually... Visible... when something comes to your attention, and... you bring it to my attention, it is because I have already dealt with it, but you have not yet seen the change, and... you think you need to bring it to my attention, and... I am actually the one who brought it to your attention... after the let you know... I have already taken care of it. It just hasn't appeared yet. It will.”

He hasn't grabbed me from the inside in a while. That was more of a regular feature in former times. No doubt... I needed to be grabbed and shaken more often then. These days... I scarcely notice the bit in my mouth anymore. Still... he wanted me to know that he is properly offended by the chemtrails, and far more so than I am.

He understands their intentions in this respect. I suspect he knows that this is them... declaring war on him, and The Sun is the most obvious emblem of his being on this plane. It also occurs to me that he intends to see that they come to a place where The Sun don't shine, and... have the opportunity to reside there for a good long while, so as to get a lasting feel for what it is like. The terrors we might think we are creating for others, we are creating in a more lasting format for ourselves, and... the reverse is true as well.

The Sun is the face of God... the Altar of God on the manifest level. It is the source of all life and love... as it is understood... within the various bandwidths of this plane. There are... of course... much higher expressions of life and love outside the parameters of the senses, BUT... we have the lure of this constant reminder... that there is a denser, and more completely penetrating light... for those who aspire upward, in... every... sense.

One needs to understand that The Great Lord creates the evil and the good... so that he can have a contention of opposites... on the manifest plane... to observe, and... perform through... for his entertainment. I know... many people cannot get their head around the idea that an immortal, all-powerful... all-wise being would do such a thing... simply for sport... simply for his own enjoyment. However... I must assure you that this is true. Keep in mind, he also goes through it all in his various permutations of form that come and go here.

It works out okay in the end. Keep this in mind. It works out okay in the end. A reasonable mind cannot understand this. One must transcend reason to understand.

It's different for him BECAUSE... he is not attached to any of it, and he is not invested in the outcome, so... it doesn't hurt. It doesn't feel the same way as it does for most of the life forms here, who are attached to it all, and... who are invested in the outcome.

This is a profound and remarkable trick of The Mind, and... once you are able to perform it... you will see what I mean. A divine detachment from the pomp and circumstance will put you backstage too. It will cloak you in a delightful anonymity, that takes you out of the scrimmaging of... the desire for gain, and... the desire for personal aggrandizement; that need... to be celebrated... as someone exceptional.

None of us are exceptional... except those who allow The Divine unhindered passage through them, and... a continuous and conscious residence within them. As for the rest... let me sum it up in a statement I like to make now and again; you can lead a whore-to-culture but you can't make her think. You can dress a pig up in a ballgown, but... it's still a pig. A man can pretend to be a woman. Still... he would need to be a man in the first place to do that. It's unlikely that is the case.

When a culture goes into decline... such as you can easily see all around you at this time... strange perversities begin to proliferate. Vermin appears... to feed on the filth that such a decline produces. There is a driving need to legitimize it all. Scholars write books on that very thing. Psychologists... twist what little science they possessed in the first place... into something unreasonable and unrecognizable. They make monsters out of things that were cute when they were small.

Let us not bandy about words... in a cynical attempt to soothe those... so bent out of shape by the devolution that surrounds them... that they literally... do not know their ass from a hole in the ground, and they treat it like it is... too. What nightmare creatures... indeed... will dance under a gibbous sun, what awful creatures will spring from such hellish plantings? Garbage in... garbage out.

There is no help for much of what we see. It will be allowed to die out, as it has no sane future. Some of it might migrate underground... to dwell with the creators of chemtrails. Some of it will regress into a germ state, and masquerade as one disease or another... until mercy strikes them dead... for a time... depending on whatever terrible state they have gotten themselves into into. There lies the real horror. There is no death. There is only change.

That is the horror and the wonderful beauty of the matter... there is endless change, and we all... in time... become that which we aspire to. We cannot all become The Sun, but... we can become like The Sun. How would we ever notice the difference? Does one... shining for the good of all... spend any time thinking about it? They are lost in the experience of doing so. They have forgotten themselves in the service rendered.

They are no longer in a stage of separation from the whole. They are no longer on the cross in any way that troubles them. There are roses blooming on their cross! Warring elements CAN BE brought into harmonious accord. It is the purpose of being here; paradise lost, and paradise regained. You are... presently... in the interim. Success is speedy for the energetic, or so... The Man himself once said.

The folly of the fools... who plot against the order and well-being of others, is that they can never get behind the primary author of the landscape they operate in. Nor can they get ahead of him either. I am bound for Ataraxia. They would prefer to dwell in its opposite number. In a war between the false self and the true self... the outcome is NEVER in doubt. One of them is not real, to begin with. Every nightmare and bad dream will pass away. They are merely the temporary weather of the separated self.

End Transmission.......

I mentioned the use of OM when greeting The Sun at morning and evening. OM is a skeleton key that works with everything. The mantra more specific to The Sun is Hrim (hareem). This is a good primer on the matter of basic mantras.

I have come across something that will be very attractive to some of you. It is called, Great Masters of The Himalayas. If you scroll down the linked page you will see... on the right-hand side... the various formats that are available. Here is the download link for PDF.


And... last but not least, here is an informative piece;


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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

"The Villains are... Sooner or Later... Going to Get Their Asses Handed to Them... for The Purpose of Demonstration."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Mr. Apocalypse is a conscious force... that coordinates with The Celestial Clock. The Celestial Clock is like a cycling Rolodex of archetypes... repeating themselves in endless variations... due to their placements in relation to one another... due to operating in a number of dimensions at the same time. You know what? That sounds a lot like The Clock of The Constellations that is turning in the sky. Yes and no.

The Celestial Clock includes The Clock of The Constellations. It is something more than that, BUT... we were talking about Mr. Apocalypse... who is also more than he seems... more than he appears, and... who operates at different speeds and levels of intensity... depending on where we are in the progression of events... according to the distance remaining between The Moment, and... The Signal Event.

What I am saying here... without much of it being rational... in The Usual Hive Mind agreed upon tenets... on the appearance of Reality; that... commonly agreed upon fabrication... that stands in for Reality... is that we are much closer than we were to The Signal Event. You might well ask... at this juncture... what is this Signal Event?

That is above my pay grade to discourse upon, but... let us say it is that point at which enough of a greater... collective awakening... has taken place... so that the whole shared perspective on what is real, and... what is not... changes... just- like- that! It's kind of like Critical Mass... in the way that a bank robber is like a banker. Hopefully, that makes sense. I was trying to use a chess analogy but I couldn't come up with anything. In any case... the distance between the sound and the echo is closing. Maybe that helps.

All of that convolution was a way of getting around to this.

If you want to watch the entire hour-long show with Tucker Carlson, you can get there through here.

Mr. Apocalypse is relentless, and he is stripping the fronts of the Hollywood buildings... away from the support beams that hold up the temporary facades of their false impressions. It is a steady and deliberate effort and none of it will remain hidden.

This is spooking The Globalist... Satanic... Vampire Banker Elite right out of their Bruno Maglis. They can't go backward... that area is littered with the bodies and pissed-off relations of the people they drove over, and thru... on their way to Epiphany Crossroads. Going left or right would be open admissions of defeat... similar to what we saw with The Climate Change of Direction, and... straight ahead? Straight ahead is very iffy. Oh! What is a tormented sociopath... in a state of advanced possession... to do?

Yeah... they will barrel ahead... because they are not in charge anyway, and they have to get to The Gates of Perdition before The Sun comes up. You have to feel sorry for them. They are only playing a part, and The Villain... sooner or later... is going to get his ass handed to him for The Purpose of Demonstration. Eastern teachings handle those allegorical tales of Good and Evil... as they are played out by designated characters... in a much finer detail than we have in The West.

Many of the good and useful truths have been deliberately edited from our religions; like Karma, and Reincarnation... and the actual jobs that are performed by demons and angels. It's black and white with us... in our neutered Christianity, when... in reality it is actually shades of gray at the level of nuts and bolts. I am not talking about Lady Nature and her riot of colors. I'm talking about the machinery itself, and how not understanding things... as they really are... has led us into rampant hypocrisy and moral relativism.

Our obsession with material culture has made it very easy for us to lie to each other... in order to get what we want. I'm not saying they behave any better in The East... because they don't. They simply ignore the truth that exists in their cultures... because familiarity has bred contempt... where their Materialism Fever has washed away the protective elements of long-standing traditions.

Both East and West have realized men and women present, BUT... in Times of Material Darkness... the numbers are very small. Fortunately... The Divine is the source of all power, and... can do what he pleases... when it pleases him, and... we are waiting on his sorting the whole matter out at this very moment.

Meanwhile... the rising insanity we have spoken of so often here... is getting crazier by the minute. Now we have the latest iteration of DMT gone sideways for the connoisseur.

What is the first thing that occurs to you when you think about this? Well... I suppose it would be different for each of us, BUT... what first crossed my mind is that there are people all over... out there... smoking EVERYTHING in search of The Heavenly Soma that IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THIS FASHION!

It's the same thing with The Philosopher's Stone. You can't order it off the internet. You have to find someone who has it, and that is no easy highway to navigate. Even finding the highway to start with... is not easy. You have to be made of The Right Stuff, and not seduced by any ideas of exterior-astronaut-activity. You have to be suited up for The Darkness Within, and you have to make it through that to The Light Beyond OR... in whatever fashion it does actually appear to you.

This crazy that is demonstrated in the poisons generated... by sexual energy turned against itself, which is what that creature embodies... is emblematic of the suicide mind... being generated en masse... by the force of advanced materialism. You're going to be seeing a lot more of it, as conditions become harder, and harder to handle. If you have a firm foundation... you will have no problem. Otherwise... you had better find one soon.

Far be it from me to go into exhaustive detail about the real nature of devils and angels, BUT... let me say they are one thing... that is differentiated... to one side or the other... between the boundaries of the frequency bandwidths... in which they make their appearance. Go down and the shape of the energy changes. Go up and the shape of the energy changes. Cosmic energy differentiates depending on its plane of operation. Sound becomes light going one way and light becomes sound going the other.

I'm sure that was as clear as mud... to all those people... who have figured it out to their own satisfaction, but that's the best we could do here... given the clumsy nature of words to define cosmic verities.

It's more than that, but then you get into the area you can't talk about, and the existence of which... causes fools to argue with one another. That pitchfork The Devil carries... similar in many ways to Shiva's Trident... is a goad. It is meant to DRIVE YOU on. It is up to you, and your character... which forms your intentions... that determines the directions you go in. It's not The Devil who is your problem. IT... IS... YOUR... MIND!

Fix yourself by going to the one who fixes you, and then permit... what you have been resisting... with all your separated will... until now, and... let The Divine do what it does. You will then be grateful beyond the telling. Your joy will be immeasurable because you will FINALLY be going in the right direction, and all those troubles... that you have imagined into being... will dissolve into the nothing they were made out of.

Adrenachrome is a poison just like scorpion essence. Spiritually... a little poison can go a long way if you know what to do with it, BUT... heh... heh... that is what a master... a teacher... is for. Otherwise, you are dancing with trial and error. It's one way to go. Material Science goes that way, BUT... I would recommend against it.

Everything you think... say... and do... is being recorded, and it forms the composite of what appears before you as you move through Time and Circumstance. You are generating all of that. Large groups of people get together... in very compacted zones... to generate what appears before them. Certain magicians... of bad intention... know all about this, and they work it to their advantage, and... to the disadvantage of everyone else.

In ordinary times... The Cosmos allows existence to sort itself out through cause and effect. If you don't pay attention... you will learn what that results in. If you hang out in bad company or... do any carnal thing to excess... you will find out what that results in.

Sometimes even an excess of righteous zeal is not a good thing... if you are operating from limited understanding. Once again that is where a master... a teacher... a guide... comes in handy. The good news is that you have one of these. The difficulty comes in making the necessary adjustments... in your thinking... in order to access the direction given. You also have to learn how to listen and that doesn't happen overnight. Persistence furthers; according to an ancient Chinese king and his son.

Increasing panic and... paranoia... trapped in a room with deluded fools and their weapons... is a recipe for chaos. Fortunately, no... matter... what... it is a managed chaos... whether you can see it or not. This is all a play and the actors don't know... Mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

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Today's excerpts on Kundalini may be less startling and informative... depending on how you measure such things, BUT... these are the stations we pass through. This is station one;

The Mother of the Universe -

...and this is station two.

The Thousand Names -

Friday, February 16, 2024

"Everything Seems to be Going Wrong, and It Was Going So Smoothly... Like Spreading Child Butter on Toast Points."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The submissive ball-gag-wearing media... has just announced that Dirty Grandpa Biden... is now cleared of all suspicion about being one corrupt motherfucker... because one of his chief corruption agents just arranged for the arrest of the FBI agent... who blew the whistle on Biden's strong-arming of a Ukrainian prosecutor and also getting money this way, and... that way.

The guy who works for Biden just cleared Biden's name. There's been no mention of The Chinese Gambit and a whole shitload of other things; not to mention Hunter The Grunter who paints with his quipment.

I thought you'd like to know. Now Biden can happily return to groping pre-pubescent children, and anything that can't run fast or even walk yet. I don't suspect he was much bothered by any of it, and... he's been so busy... keeping Inspector Javert on his predecessor's trail. It's a real shame about that Fani Willis thing with Fani handing out all that fanny and getting paid in cash. ♫ Tommy, can you hear me? ♫ I hated that album.

Maggots are back on the menu at Delta, and Rachel Dolezal is still black, and still at OnlyFans (a Usual Suspects production), and... now... no longer teaching in Arizona. The spreadeagled bondage press brought those nuggets of information to my attention. I was slumming. Oh well...

The corruption steams through the vent of the pressure cooker of advanced materialism. It wafts a fragrance into the air. No... that is definitely not Basmati. It gleams in the oil slicks... in the gutters of the city streets... where Normal has been hung from the lampposts. Spartacus is a real possibility for an Off-Broadway special; Andrew (Dice) Webber I'm looking at you. I'm thinking James Corden can play Spartacus, and... HeGetsUs can finance the thing.

Oh! What will they do next? We're looking at a major bloodbath in Rafah. The Israeli Press Office just announced it won't be any worse than The Rape of The Sabine Women, and... let's face it... we've all been needing something since The Bolshevik Holocaust, and The Armenian Holocaust, brought to you by... the... very... same... people. Jesus! That's over a hundred years ago! Just where did the time go? It still hasn't been recognized as having actually happened so... whaddaya gonna do?

The Armenians were probably asking for it, just like all those Russians... and Spanish heretics... just like those upstarts in Gaza... before The Gazacide. Now all they want is some food and shelter, but... consider the source. Space is being reserved for them in mass graves. At least it's a roof over their heads.

I have to tell you, people... there are a lot of different ways to look at it all. Some say it's cause of this, some say it's cause of that, and some say it's none of your business. I say the whole thing is being arranged off-camera by the people in The Department of... It's Been a Long Time Coming. On the one hand... it looks like The Monsters can do anything they want, and... no one is going to do a damn thing about it. It does look that way.

I'm here to let you know that is NOT THE CASE. There's going to be Hell and High Water coming down the pike shortly, cause... all of a sudden... just like WTF? There is going to be a major switch in The Power to Do. That's when everything... suddenly... seems to be going wrong... when it was going so smoothly before; like spreading child butter on toast points, and then? And then? And then along came The Garbage Men, with their compactors and mobile crematoriums. All of a sudden Spontaneous Combustion is back in town.

I think every one of us might be incredibly surprised to see how quick conditions and appearances can change... when The Powers that Actually Are... decide to hang out their shingle... in a DBA kinda way. Yes... it can change in an instant... in a heartbeat... in some small fraction of a New York Minute, AND... before you know it, it's just like it always was... while being nothing like that at all. It's just what happens when you get used to anything... that's just how it is... right? I say, right?

It all comes back to that maxim about how when The Gods want to destroy you they first drive you mad. Your garden variety madness that hits the man on the street ( or woman... or man that thinks he's a woman... or woman who thinks she's a man) can take a variety of shapes... moving progressively from compulsions and obsessions to full-blown frothing at the mouth.

However... when it afflicts the Movers and Shakers... The World Changers... The Masters of The Universe... it comes in a different way. It manifests in hubris, and megalomania. It can start out small with one of those clean-freak... Howard Hughes... Howard Stern... Kardashian-Paltrow things, because that is how they compensate for being filthy inside. You really can't clean your inside Invisibles by knob-polishing everything you touch. It doesn't work that way.

So... that's one avenue to Crazy Town. You start out with one or two little tics, and eventually, you are gnawing off one of your feet or... shut up in Clorox and Saran Wrap World inside an expensive mausoleum... though you are still alive... after a fashion.

These days, it begins with a Climate Change neurosis or... something like Aporophobia or... Agoraphobia or... Flat Earth Syndrome or... The Sun and Moon... being artificial constructs from a Nephilim laboratory or... a deep tissue money addiction... where the deaths of millions really are only a statistic.

Power is a funny thing and IT WILL destroy you if you can't handle it. You get a certainty that you possess Droit du seigneur. Somehow... you have been specially anointed by the gods inside your head. You start to hear voices, just like us mystical types do, but your voices are all about having... taking... getting, and God help anyone who gets in your way, where... our voices have a different agenda, and... that agenda is not for everyone, as even a cursory study should prove to you.

These particular voices come into your head because you invited them there through your conduct... your thoughts and words. It's the same thing with a dirty environment, you WILL attract vermin. Well... if it is a dirty landscape inside you then... other kinds of vermin show up, and they talk to you. You don't know what they are, but... they are a lot like you, so... where's the problem then?

They are like hitchhikers that you pick up on the road, not that your type would ever pick up a hitchhiker, but... whaddya know? You get hitchhikers anyway. They tell you about where they are headed and the more they talk about it... the more you want to go there. After a while, you become certain it was all your idea to begin with.

This is what is happening... this very minute... inside the heads of Bill Gates... John Kerry... Soros... Tony Blair... Georgie Segway Bush... The Clintons... The Rothschilds. Ah! The list is long. Now... the particular voices I am talking about were not around until recently... because they kinda... sorta... work for Mr. Apocalypse, and... the madness they bring is specific to these times, even if they do tend to come around and make regular appearances according to The Celestial Clock.

This time it's a really big deal because it's the end of The World as we thought we knew it, and all of the movers and shakers have a part to play in The Purpose of Demonstration. Now... I've been mentioning this for some time. You might have gotten the idea that it's just talk, but History... especially Occult History... bears witness to what we have been saying here, and just like Peak Oil, there is Peak Madness too.

So... people like Victoria Neuland, and Satanyahu... Klaus Schwab... Javier Milei, and... assorted psycho and sociopaths are lately... after having tested The Waters for some time... gradually getting further and further out of their depth. This is as it is meant to be. The voices of encouragement have taken a controlling interest in the thoughts and actions they are recklessly subscribing to. They're starting to lose their shit. Merrick Garland is a good example of this, but he's in crowded company. Step-by-step folks. Step-by-step.

The World is composed of Flash Paper shaped into animated Origami that sits up and barks and does all kinds of things. One thing all of it has in common is flammability. You might not think this is so but that has no bearing on what really is. You are either thinking in Accord OR... you are thinking in Discord. You are either trending toward Harmony OR... you are generating Dissonance. Each of these leads to specific locations that reflect their status, and that's The Purpose of Demonstration, as we shall see in time passing.

End Transmission.......

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I did find something that the reader might find interesting. So here goes. It's a dissertation on Kundalini based on the research of people who might know a thing or two.


And... since that is a short opening foray, here is the next part too.


Tuesday, February 13, 2024

"To See Something that Only Makes Sense in The Lens of Appetite... that Only Has Meaning... when Translated by Desire."

God Poet Transmitting.......

After a government has been around for a while, it begins to exhibit the characteristics of a living thing, and like all living things, it wants to survive. It begins to create all sorts of subterfuge to justify its existence in the minds of the people it rules over. It becomes capable of ANYTHING. Some are dreaming of a coming Bolshevism that is steroid-enhanced. What do you think of our new Room 101, Winston?

Governments are like any agenda, and they're cute when they're young, BUT... eventually they turn into Skynet. It has employees and funds and both of these need to be increased regularly to compete with all the other agendas. The Gay Movement is like this. It doesn't reproduce naturally... neither do governments or agendas.

They have to find a way to replicate and expand their personnel, and that justifies the need for programming and propaganda. Alternative sexual persuasions do not exist in any numbers when a culture is still vital and growing. Sexual perversity, and the justification for its existence... only comes into being when a culture is in decline, like... say... your garden variety Weimar Republic?

Much of The World is now in a terminal phase. It has to change... adapt... or it will die. All of this, and many other things... that I do not have the time to itemize... are all afflicted with a variety of mental illnesses. These illnesses will... eventually... find their way into the physical forms of the infected individuals. We are presently seeing epidemics of cancer and all manner of pathologies... that reflect the insanities... that are coursing through The Body Public.

Sometimes... entire nations go insane. This is presently the case with False Israel... which was created to provide a location for a long enduring crime syndicate. Immediately, they became intent on replacing the original inhabitants of Palestine, who are the actual people they now pretend to be. For decades they tried to confine the original inhabitants in ever more tightly controlled concentration camps. At regular intervals, they would go to war against them and kill as many as they could.

They were never able to exterminate these people entirely. They then decided to fabricate an attack against themselves... so that they could react with overwhelming force and either kill or displace every Palestinian in Gaza. At this point, they have managed to herd all the survivors into Rafah. There are nearly two million of them there. They are about to make the effort to wipe them out under one pretense or another.

These monsters... The Usual Suspects... hatched a plot to fabricate an offense upon them that never took place. They did this to give themselves cover for the tens of millions they killed during their Bolshevik Revolution. They have since worked to paint themselves as The World's greatest victim class. They have been very successful due to the practice of Usury, by which they eventually gained control of these governments I spoke of.

With the money they have stolen and extorted from many of the nations in The West... they have managed to buy up nearly all of The Media... in order to control the flow of information, and to shape the perspectives of the residents... in all of these countries... that they have managed to take control of.

Now... an insanity possesses the minds of these people... who hijacked a Middle Eastern country for the purpose of creating a sovereign... criminal... banker nation. They have convinced themselves that they can now... with impunity... eliminate The Palestinians from every area of Gaza, and then become them. It's kind of like a Hermit Crab thing, and... by any and all means that are necessary. While The Stupor Bowl was playing in The US they killed hundreds of people in Rafah.

They have created all sorts of false pretenses... to justify their invasion of Rafah... and they have directed settler groups and other interested parties... to every location... where aid is trying to get through the border, and... they are there to stop the aid from reaching the trapped residents of Rafah.

On the way to herding them there from every other bomb-blasted area in Gaza... to Rafah... they have systematically bombed and killed tens of thousands of women and children... who are guilty of nothing more than being in a location that foreign invaders have decided that they want for themselves. These monsters have also arrested thousands of citizens of every age and are presently torturing... raping... violating and murdering them in hundreds of Room 101s and... The World stands and watches... something else.

The World hears about it and wrings its hands, BUT... even monsters have a right to exist; don't they?

These monsters imitate The Walrus and The Carpenter. Why does The World stand and watch, and see nothing? Most of The World is not really watching... or... they might be watching, but... they are only seeing what those who control The Information Highway want them to see. The Truth is that The World is under the spell of powerful occult forces... being wielded by The Monsters who have arrangements with The Infernal Realm.

These arrangements are temporary, and... For The Purpose of Demonstration. Everything in The World is for The Purpose of Demonstration. There is a lesson to be learned from everything, and there is meaning to be found in anything one cares to study, for... that... purpose.

As you know... these monsters have been harvesting Palestinian organs. I guess they are allowed a certain amount for personal use. I know... when you think about it, it might seem slightly hypocritical (ya think?) since they consider them less than animals which... at least... receive a Kosher butchering. Still... never underestimate the quality of evil in any of its many forms.

Now for the true Satanic gourmands... we have the Dinner with Abramovic crowd. Demon Science, (and you'll never guess the location...) has now found a way to get around whatever laws covering cannibalism they have long been circumventing already. I give you the future of the filet of young Christian Child.

It gives veal a whole new meaning. Organs won't always be for those bodies getting worn out by the donor-rejection... possession attrition... of reptile aliens. Sooner than you think they'll be sweetbreads. AND... you can have them with... a nice Chianti!

Such things are already well DOWN The Road for those who see Hell as a kind of Astral Plane Las Vegas. A very large portion of the residents of Genocide Land are very angry that not enough force is being used. They laugh and they dance... they cavort like a nation of Ed Gein's... promenading in someone's mother's skin.

You have seen the videos, yes? Unless you are a part of The World that stands and sees NOTHING, while watching something else that makes sense only through the lens of Appetite... that only has meaning when translated by Desire. Laugh and The World laughs with you, cry like a crocodile, and you will be swimming in foreign aid.

How does one get to The Land of Everlasting Horrors? You get there a step at a time. When you depart from the normal concourses of Humanity... there awaits only Heaven, or... a never-ending landscape of flayed bodies... being rubbed down with salt. The injuries... at the time... do not seem so extreme. They too... arrive step-by-step. First, you have the crucified insects... then the tortured household pets, then the family down the street... then The World itself... which you would gladly burn down this moment, if... it would only release you from the pain and the hunger that drive you... inexorably to The Planet of The Cenobites.

One day, your pain transforms into strange ecstasies that only one completely mad would find enjoyment in. You have no memory of another time. You have always been a demon... waiting through dark eternities... to exercise a single appetite. I've seen you... frozen in place... like a Moray eel disguised as something else, though... you can't reach out and grab anything. It has to come to you. Isn't that how you got there in the first place.? Well... perhaps we will never know, and you cannot remember.

Meanwhile... The World watches the meaningless, not in the hope that it will eventually make sense, BUT with the fear that it might not always continue not to make any sense... because... at least for now... no one can blame you if you just... didn't... fucking... know; can they?

The times are grim, and this post is a reflection of that. However... for myself... I am not looking at caterpillars... or pupa... or butterflies. I am not looking at animals... or transitory humans that watch and look, but... do not see. I am looking at angels. I don't ask myself how they got there. I am only concerned that they are there, and... where there are angels there are none of these other things.

I can see into this world. I can see into that other world too. I do not intend to build a home in this world, so... I am less troubled than I might be.

I know many things transpire by moonlight. Certainly one of them is romance, and the stranger the moonlight the less moonlight there is... BUT... other things live in the places of shadow... missed by the reflecting light of The Moon. My business is not with them. My business is with what lies beyond The Sun, so... I can see that this terrible darkness will pass. The Light is far too powerful for it to last much longer.

Look... even now... I see someone coming. I see someone descending from The Sun, with a great many shining attendants, and everything changes in their passage. Soon there will be no darkness at all, except in those places... where those who have chosen darkness... have also chosen to live.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, February 8, 2024

"Poor Evil Sonsabitches... Trying to Hold on to The Reins of The Bucking Bronco... of These Terminally... Uncertain Times."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well, I suppose the only thing to do is to dive right in. There is an eclipse coming on 4/08/24. All sorts of speculations... theories... historical backstories... religious yabba-daba-doo, and... sundry... are lighting up the internet. You get one side of it from the (ir)rational scientific materialists, another from the Ozempic-guzzling... purple-haired astrologers, and yet more from the “heah come de rapture” crowd.

I had a link or two from certain people concerning what might transpire. I don't hold either of them in any regard so I won't reference them. You can search this eclipse to your heart's content on your own, and I can spend my time not worrying about what people say about what might happen and just concentrate on the eternal sunshine behind all temporary weather.

I will make a couple-few points of interest and we'll see how that goes. There was a similar eclipse around 1811 that resulted in the biggest recorded earthquake in this country at The New Madrid fault line.

Eclipses definitely herald trends. You might consider that Blood Moon a few years ago, where the planets were in a near exact configuration to where they were when The French Revolution went down. Following that eclipse we got ESG... DEI... race war hotspots... aggressive amplification of political correctness mindsets... filtered through sexually degenerate language fascists... multiple examples of government overreach, a stolen election, and so on. The list of bad things that started or continued to happen is greater than the space I have available to list them in.

What I haven't seen anyone saying yet is what a perfect opportunity it presents for a false-flag... weather-tech event... manifested by a government earthquake machine. It being certain that the present administration will lose this coming election, cause they can't cheat the same way they did last time, and... will be facing all kinds of payback as a result, there is a no-kidding certainty that they will get up to all kinds of bad shit on the way.

A national disaster that justifies a proclamation of martial law seems like a good fail-safe for these poor evil sonsabitches... who are trying to hold on to the reins... of the wildly bucking bronco... of these terminally uncertain times. Look for a massive fail on that miscalculation. They could suspend the election... for our own good, and... before you know it they will be... full-time... doing evil shit for our own damn good... 8 days a week.

It is beyond question by now... that the sewer rats presently appearing to be in charge of this country... which they seized by unlawful means... are willing to go to any lengths to maintain their control... until they accomplish their clear objective of destroying this nation.

In cahoots with them, and probably driving the crane that operates the wrecking ball are... The Usual Suspects; The Media which they own more than 90% of... Homeland Security, and... every agency of law enforcement... except for certain sheriff's departments, and... some of The National Guard in certain states, AND this allows them great latitude... in shaping and controlling public perceptions.

The Usual Suspects are now having a public meltdown... initiated by Mr. Apocalypse, so... they have serious problems of their own... which require them to up the intensity of their usual offenses against the rest of us. When you combine everything we can see, and all those things we can't see, but which Reason and Logic tell us are also in operation, you have what is euphemistically... sometimes called... by some people, a perfect storm, and... by others. a cluster-fuck of epic proportions.

I close my eyes and I see Lizzo (and her backup dancers) as The Fifty Foot Woman (adjusted for inflation)... twerking with supernatural fury over the town hall of Blytheville Missourah, which is considered to be the epicenter of The New Madrid fault-line.

You know and I know that this year is not going to be just an ordinary year... whatever that is. This year... is going to be sound-tracked by an orchestra of ten thousand caterwauling felines in heat, with Taylor Swift... and others... doing The Joan of Arc Walk in front of them.

Everyone who can get in on the act will be getting in on the act... because those are the parts assigned to them by the force of destiny, though... they may see it as the opportunity for anything from... getting in on The Ground Floor... to grabbing The Ring of Power... so as to rule us all in darkness, it's really just Fate... where it looks good going in, but... you won't be coming back out again... not the way you went in... not hardly.

It's going to be quite the year, and... as I mentioned earlier... eclipses herald coming events. They are The Opening Act. Lavette might have something to say about the matter but I haven't seen anything yet. Perhaps those with an interest in these sorts of things might like to hear her lengthy and unbelievably complex commentary on the coming pineal gland opening in The Hive Mind.

Now... most astrologers are crazy, and the good ones, like Lavette, are seriously out-of-their-minds BECAUSE it comes with the territory. It's like what I used to say about Stephen Hawking. In order to see The Universe from the perspective he was observing it from... it was a requirement that he had to get twisted into that particular posture and position which he occupied. In order for a legitimate astrologer to get even a partial glimpse of what's going on Out There, you have to leave the rational mind behind.

Genius and madness are inextricably linked.

Say what? It's only math? It's a bit more than math, my friends... even though it's just math. In all honesty... the same thing could be said about me, so... Lavette is in good company. (grin) In other words, I am not criticizing her, I am simply making an observation based on my long association with ESOTERIC astrology and astrologers in general.

Whatever! I do not expect any astrologer... clairvoyant or otherwise psychically-abled individuals to have a comprehensive grasp of the situation. I ONLY expect The Divine to know what's going on, and for The Divine ONLY to tell me what I need to know... on a need-to-know basis, and... strategically directed prophecy is not in my wheelhouse... so far.

This eclipse is traveling right along the coordinates it was traveling when the last New Madrid quake occurred.

I am not a surgeon, Do not expect surgically precise commentary from me, especially on Left Brain matters where I am out of my depth even in the kiddie section of the pool. I'm just mentioning something... that could well be a factor... coming soon... into an already complex dichotomy of dissonant voices... trying to scream over the top of each other, and none of them having a clue whatsoever.

I KNOW 'THEY' KNOW about the metaphysical implications of this eclipse, and they never let the possibility of a good crisis go to waste. I also know that The Cosmos AND The Divine... who are inextricably linked... know all about what their intentions are, and fully intend to use all of that for their own purposes too. I would bet on the latter coming out ahead in this matter.

Let us consider some of the powers of The Hive Mind that are seldom considered in public discourse, but... that the movers, shakers, and manipulators know all about. Let's use this event, this eclipse as an example.

The Mind has various powers. Chief among them is the power of Attention, which... when narrowed in focus... and maintained on a specific thing... becomes Concentration, which is the key to The Magical Art. Let's add Meditation and Contemplation. These are enough examples to make my point.

When a nation INTENDS (according to its leadership at the behest of its money-changers) to go to war, a war hysteria is drummed up and anyone who does not participate is called a traitor, and a coward. When anyone running a country wants people to think about anything in particular, there is a concerted effort to bring it before the mind of the public in regular fashion. Businesses do the same thing through advertising. Hopefully, you are getting the idea because I am not going to go on and on about it in this posting.

They are doing this with Climate Change right now.

When there is a fear of famine, plague, or any kind of disaster that takes place in this world, the fear of it does as much damage as the danger itself. When you can get The Hive Mind focused on anything, there is a great power in that.

When an apocalypse comes around, long-buried truths are unveiled before the eyes of The World. An apocalypse is always attended by an awakening and that makes it possible for the mass of dreamers to be made conscious of all manner of things previously hidden from them. A good example in the present is Israel's barbaric treatment of The Palestinians. ANY TIME the attention of The World is brought to bear on anything, it has a profound effect on that thing.

There is great power in any assembly of two or more... exponentially increased as the numbers increase; “wherever two or more are gathered in my name.” The same could be said for other less savory forces as well.

This eclipse already has particular powers of its own... that are then further amplified through public awareness of it. There will be that which The Cosmos intends to come out of this occurrence, and there will be that which The Nasties... in their temporary alliances... want to get out of it.

The atavistic... memory force of eclipse... is seated in the collective unconscious. The event stirs up the usual reactions... that attend such things... as they ping off the distant memory of similar events in the far past. I'm not saying anything specific here. I don't have The Details necessary to do so, BUT... the reader can extrapolate on their own. Who knows what you might discover?

End Transmission.......

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Monday, February 5, 2024

"Pervert Human Sexuality... Bestialize The Imagination, and... The Culture Sinks Like a Stone into Exploding Hog Lagoons."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It becomes more and more apparent that they are looking to create a mind-controlled army and domestic police force that has no natural ties to the land... or the people here... and who will do what they are told without the inconvenience of conscience or previous associations getting in the way.

The Globalists being completely full-o-shit in their frenzy to control The World, has led to considerable unfortunate mistakes... that give full witness to the demonic possession that has taken over their minds...

...leaving The World with one of the biggest Clean-ups on Aisle Everywhere that has ever been seen until now.

These three links have been inserted because each of them speaks to a viral insanity that somehow took over the daylight consciousness of most of The World's movers and shakers. This cannot be accidental. You might look at it through a geopolitical lens. You might look at it through a metaphysical lens, AND... you might look at it as... some global orchestration... masterminded from The Shadows... that answer to The Light... that makes it possible for shadows to even exist in the first place...

What's going on? Heh? What's going on? Regardless of their intentions... motives... yadda yadda... one thing is crystal clear. All of the players are being spotlighted and exposed in their associations with everything they are getting up to. They have become messianic about things that belong in a Monty Python skit... designed to make fun of them. How is it possible that they can take themselves seriously?

All of these twisted psychopaths... and their catamite minions... are being lit up... big time... on life's stage, and... the Satanic absurdities that they are promoting, are becoming more and more visible to everyone.

You would think they would want to keep out of sight, given the evil nature of their words and actions, BUT... Nooooooo!!! They are all over the media and the internet... prancing about like show ponies... as if they had never heard about The French Revolution... or any of the other remedies applied to their sort... now and again... when Cosmic Pest Control is called in to deal with them.

I can't help but see Justice suiting up in The Event Horizon... even now, precipitating into material form. Some strange force has taken over the minds of the members of The EU... The Crown Colony governmental operatives... The UN... The WHO... The WEF... The Club of Rome... The Council on Foreign Relations... The Bilderbergers... The American Government... every department and agency that deals with the public and public policy... Hollywood. They have ALL gone stark... raving... nuts!

Well... there's crazy, and there's howling... banshee... batshit-crazy. Here's The Mold they broke... after a bunch of these determined bacteria... staged a jailbreak from Transylvania Laboratories.

Each day, I can clearly... more and more clearly... see Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening... moving through The Hive Mind, and... into every area of human interaction... every area of perception and presentation... as if they were living personifications of universal archetypes; which they are. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. It's getting to be like deja vu all over again on an endlessly repeating loop.

There was a period of time when I was in LA... a few decades ago, and I could... literally... see cartoon characters popping up from the sidewalk on Hollywood Blvd, and no! I was not on psychedelics. It's like that again but in a global sense. It is getting very... very... very really unreal! I can't put it into words... the way it is impacting on me.

I have to watch my emotional state... the way I imagine I would be feeling... as the dominoes begin to tumble. It reminded me of the morning that I learned Nelson Rockefeller had died. I was at a mall somewhere in New York. I despised the man... things he had done... and his brother David was magnitudes worse. However... I ran outside to a green area and began dancing like a Native American doing a rain dance while singing ♫ Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead ♫

I was doing an exhibit at that mall so I was there for several days. It colored my whole stay in rainbows, back when one could still appreciate rainbows. There's got to be some kind of unintentional and strange irony about that, now that I see those song lyrics in the paragraph above. (grin). I'm not so much like that anymore. I really, and truly... feel sad for these people. I wish they were not as they presently appear to be. I KNOW how that ends. It is why I feel sorry for them.

These obsessed and possessed characters... performing in Grand Guignol fashion... are all under the spells and controls of evil wizards and black magicians, just as if we were in a storybook... just as if this were a fairy tale about the war between Good and Evil... in symbolic form... carried out through the power of symbols and mind clouding devices... in the form of distractions, and constantly manipulated appearances... for the purpose of what you think you see around you now.

It all really began in the 80s with The Culture of Greed... when the pigs took over The Animal Farm for real. The question at this point is; who was The Pig Wrangler? However... we're moving right on for the moment. Then it was the 90s, all nihilism, and angst, according to the music anyway. God had been dead in the minds... of those finding it convenient... for some time already, BUT... they dug him up in their heads and... again... killed something they had mislabeled, to begin with.

Then it was the ought 2000s, and corruption hit the big time with 9/11.

I left the country when I saw Bush The Stupid coming. The World... as I had known it... was unrecognizable by the time I got back. The music was all about mindless bump and grind... bitches and ho's... bling and name recognition... in the sense that... the less talent anyone possessed... the bigger their draw was. People embraced the spirit of their own ignorance as if it were a long-lost friend.

The dumber the public becomes, the more this is reflected in the madness of The Ruling Class. Now the hydrophobic Dobermans of fake science are saying that The Moon is shrinking and generating hours-long series of moonquakes.

No doubt that is also the cause of The Atmospheric River that is about to run through Southern California... bearing... no doubt... legions of surfing and kayaking Moon aliens who are going to need housing. They say that The Moon is now 150 meters shorter in circumference. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

The Squeeze is on! No doubt this is the cause of belt-tightening... road shrinkage... Bouncy Castle Syndrome in modern life.

The major player in existence... at this moment... is the variable dimensions of Crazy. The Rich have one kind of Crazy. The Poor have another. The communally organized enjoy (is that the word?) a shared craziness. The isolated... have to split into competing personas of self-discovery... accomplished by looking in all the wrong places and not finding anything. They are crazy everywhere now because Craziness is the real pandemic. All the rest of the nonsense... that crazy people believe... comes out of this.

Perhaps the most pressing question... the most concerning question is... WHY is this happening? It is happening because a new age, AND its components... are arriving... while invisible forces are tearing down the infrastructure of the old and passing age. Tremendous changes are taking place externally, AND... internally. People who were never that tightly-wrapped... in the first place... are being separated from their moorings. They have been cut adrift, and that is also crazy-making.

People dress up in animal suits now so that they can be buggered animal style in anonymity. Alpha Dogs are walking Beta Dogs in dog masks... on leashes, in public, and... you don't want to know what they get up to in private, and... it is much worse than this behind closed doors. Pervert human sexuality... bestialize the human imagination, and... The Culture sinks like a stone into exploding hog lagoons.

Those on the down escalator of sexual perversity... are going to wind up in any one... or more... of the countless number of infernal locations they are designing on... their... way... there. Those moving inwardly... toward the self-luminous crystal cathedrals of The Higher Mind... will... through a collective creative imagining... bring forth The Golden Age... that is already a reality in The Mind of The Creator.

All of us... unbeknownst to most of us... create the places we arrive in, just as we create the bodies we inhabit. Our bodies are the mind's projection into material existence. Each of us is playing with Divine Force in the creation of The World we inhabit. Like minds find the company of like minds. Sometimes only a handful of them get together to create The Greatest Country on Earth, only so that their descendants can watch it crumble before their eyes.

Fear not! Someone will build a new one. THEY... ALWAYS... DO. Then it won't be crazy for a while... unless it is crazy good.

End Transmission.......

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Here is one of the most profound examples of Jacob Boehme's transcendent thought. This is REALLY something.