Thursday, February 8, 2024

"Poor Evil Sonsabitches... Trying to Hold on to The Reins of The Bucking Bronco... of These Terminally... Uncertain Times."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well, I suppose the only thing to do is to dive right in. There is an eclipse coming on 4/08/24. All sorts of speculations... theories... historical backstories... religious yabba-daba-doo, and... sundry... are lighting up the internet. You get one side of it from the (ir)rational scientific materialists, another from the Ozempic-guzzling... purple-haired astrologers, and yet more from the “heah come de rapture” crowd.

I had a link or two from certain people concerning what might transpire. I don't hold either of them in any regard so I won't reference them. You can search this eclipse to your heart's content on your own, and I can spend my time not worrying about what people say about what might happen and just concentrate on the eternal sunshine behind all temporary weather.

I will make a couple-few points of interest and we'll see how that goes. There was a similar eclipse around 1811 that resulted in the biggest recorded earthquake in this country at The New Madrid fault line.

Eclipses definitely herald trends. You might consider that Blood Moon a few years ago, where the planets were in a near exact configuration to where they were when The French Revolution went down. Following that eclipse we got ESG... DEI... race war hotspots... aggressive amplification of political correctness mindsets... filtered through sexually degenerate language fascists... multiple examples of government overreach, a stolen election, and so on. The list of bad things that started or continued to happen is greater than the space I have available to list them in.

What I haven't seen anyone saying yet is what a perfect opportunity it presents for a false-flag... weather-tech event... manifested by a government earthquake machine. It being certain that the present administration will lose this coming election, cause they can't cheat the same way they did last time, and... will be facing all kinds of payback as a result, there is a no-kidding certainty that they will get up to all kinds of bad shit on the way.

A national disaster that justifies a proclamation of martial law seems like a good fail-safe for these poor evil sonsabitches... who are trying to hold on to the reins... of the wildly bucking bronco... of these terminally uncertain times. Look for a massive fail on that miscalculation. They could suspend the election... for our own good, and... before you know it they will be... full-time... doing evil shit for our own damn good... 8 days a week.

It is beyond question by now... that the sewer rats presently appearing to be in charge of this country... which they seized by unlawful means... are willing to go to any lengths to maintain their control... until they accomplish their clear objective of destroying this nation.

In cahoots with them, and probably driving the crane that operates the wrecking ball are... The Usual Suspects; The Media which they own more than 90% of... Homeland Security, and... every agency of law enforcement... except for certain sheriff's departments, and... some of The National Guard in certain states, AND this allows them great latitude... in shaping and controlling public perceptions.

The Usual Suspects are now having a public meltdown... initiated by Mr. Apocalypse, so... they have serious problems of their own... which require them to up the intensity of their usual offenses against the rest of us. When you combine everything we can see, and all those things we can't see, but which Reason and Logic tell us are also in operation, you have what is euphemistically... sometimes called... by some people, a perfect storm, and... by others. a cluster-fuck of epic proportions.

I close my eyes and I see Lizzo (and her backup dancers) as The Fifty Foot Woman (adjusted for inflation)... twerking with supernatural fury over the town hall of Blytheville Missourah, which is considered to be the epicenter of The New Madrid fault-line.

You know and I know that this year is not going to be just an ordinary year... whatever that is. This year... is going to be sound-tracked by an orchestra of ten thousand caterwauling felines in heat, with Taylor Swift... and others... doing The Joan of Arc Walk in front of them.

Everyone who can get in on the act will be getting in on the act... because those are the parts assigned to them by the force of destiny, though... they may see it as the opportunity for anything from... getting in on The Ground Floor... to grabbing The Ring of Power... so as to rule us all in darkness, it's really just Fate... where it looks good going in, but... you won't be coming back out again... not the way you went in... not hardly.

It's going to be quite the year, and... as I mentioned earlier... eclipses herald coming events. They are The Opening Act. Lavette might have something to say about the matter but I haven't seen anything yet. Perhaps those with an interest in these sorts of things might like to hear her lengthy and unbelievably complex commentary on the coming pineal gland opening in The Hive Mind.

Now... most astrologers are crazy, and the good ones, like Lavette, are seriously out-of-their-minds BECAUSE it comes with the territory. It's like what I used to say about Stephen Hawking. In order to see The Universe from the perspective he was observing it from... it was a requirement that he had to get twisted into that particular posture and position which he occupied. In order for a legitimate astrologer to get even a partial glimpse of what's going on Out There, you have to leave the rational mind behind.

Genius and madness are inextricably linked.

Say what? It's only math? It's a bit more than math, my friends... even though it's just math. In all honesty... the same thing could be said about me, so... Lavette is in good company. (grin) In other words, I am not criticizing her, I am simply making an observation based on my long association with ESOTERIC astrology and astrologers in general.

Whatever! I do not expect any astrologer... clairvoyant or otherwise psychically-abled individuals to have a comprehensive grasp of the situation. I ONLY expect The Divine to know what's going on, and for The Divine ONLY to tell me what I need to know... on a need-to-know basis, and... strategically directed prophecy is not in my wheelhouse... so far.

This eclipse is traveling right along the coordinates it was traveling when the last New Madrid quake occurred.

I am not a surgeon, Do not expect surgically precise commentary from me, especially on Left Brain matters where I am out of my depth even in the kiddie section of the pool. I'm just mentioning something... that could well be a factor... coming soon... into an already complex dichotomy of dissonant voices... trying to scream over the top of each other, and none of them having a clue whatsoever.

I KNOW 'THEY' KNOW about the metaphysical implications of this eclipse, and they never let the possibility of a good crisis go to waste. I also know that The Cosmos AND The Divine... who are inextricably linked... know all about what their intentions are, and fully intend to use all of that for their own purposes too. I would bet on the latter coming out ahead in this matter.

Let us consider some of the powers of The Hive Mind that are seldom considered in public discourse, but... that the movers, shakers, and manipulators know all about. Let's use this event, this eclipse as an example.

The Mind has various powers. Chief among them is the power of Attention, which... when narrowed in focus... and maintained on a specific thing... becomes Concentration, which is the key to The Magical Art. Let's add Meditation and Contemplation. These are enough examples to make my point.

When a nation INTENDS (according to its leadership at the behest of its money-changers) to go to war, a war hysteria is drummed up and anyone who does not participate is called a traitor, and a coward. When anyone running a country wants people to think about anything in particular, there is a concerted effort to bring it before the mind of the public in regular fashion. Businesses do the same thing through advertising. Hopefully, you are getting the idea because I am not going to go on and on about it in this posting.

They are doing this with Climate Change right now.

When there is a fear of famine, plague, or any kind of disaster that takes place in this world, the fear of it does as much damage as the danger itself. When you can get The Hive Mind focused on anything, there is a great power in that.

When an apocalypse comes around, long-buried truths are unveiled before the eyes of The World. An apocalypse is always attended by an awakening and that makes it possible for the mass of dreamers to be made conscious of all manner of things previously hidden from them. A good example in the present is Israel's barbaric treatment of The Palestinians. ANY TIME the attention of The World is brought to bear on anything, it has a profound effect on that thing.

There is great power in any assembly of two or more... exponentially increased as the numbers increase; “wherever two or more are gathered in my name.” The same could be said for other less savory forces as well.

This eclipse already has particular powers of its own... that are then further amplified through public awareness of it. There will be that which The Cosmos intends to come out of this occurrence, and there will be that which The Nasties... in their temporary alliances... want to get out of it.

The atavistic... memory force of eclipse... is seated in the collective unconscious. The event stirs up the usual reactions... that attend such things... as they ping off the distant memory of similar events in the far past. I'm not saying anything specific here. I don't have The Details necessary to do so, BUT... the reader can extrapolate on their own. Who knows what you might discover?

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

I am reminded of the future map of america and the future map of the world. Be a good time to kick such off if trumps in vegas for the "event".

I don't know tho, I guess we'll see.


0 said...

The eclipse always reminds me of the claim that doing sadhana during the eclipses passage lets you do a Months work in the hours it takes for the eclipse to come and go. For those who might want to try and make use of such. Think that was noted in vimalanandas books by Svoboda.

When one becomes consistent in their being so that they are the same in All contexts they find themselves in, they are coherent. Good details on the boehme chunk yesterday. Gotta pay attention to how one self identifies, ones gotta understand ones inhabiting their form for an iteration of experience to be had, not mistake their form as themselves or be dissolved when it gets dissolved. Its funny that its that seemingly simple but in the Doing of it, its a pretty great effort to be-come over the long period of time we call a lifetime. Makes me wonder if concentration isn't of similar affectation as what a fresnel lens does to visible light. If one becomes a BEAMER then wherever ones vision is directed that object under review is hit with the beam of concentration that sees what is objectively present with little bias. Its why it takes some people a second to understand and others who never fully understand. The difference is some Did the Work to Be-come.

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

chop chop

M - said...

Last night I was visited first by two white doves, then six pure white cats.

The white dove is pretty self-explanatory, however, seeing white dove(s) on a windowsill in a dream is a symbol of one's aspirations, ideals, and goals.

The cats definitely were spirit guides. Angels. That's the energy I got from them and seeing that I have a very strong bond with felines, it makes sense they would be represented as such. It was a beautiful dream. It reminded me of a Les Vis quote:

"Angels circle the globe seeking the awakening light as it sparks in someone... so that they might attend to its nurturing and growth."


Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Perhaps the link below is more afin to the previous posting, none-the -less it is also poetry in english prose, maybe even a more polished one than usual.....
especially for the 'Fundies'....
Cheerful Love, an old Grizzly Bearhug

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ye gods, you are definitely going beyond maintenance dose with your more recent posts. Glad they can't test for 'em. Nostrils to the sky.

It would be nice if we got a 7.2-8.2 on the fault down the street, provided I'm home that day and in the right room. Bein' built into a hill means 2 storey drop in back, 3 storey drop in front. Unfortunately the computers are in back, but timing is everythang. Then again, I'd rather be nuked at ground zero. That's faster unless you're really lucky.

JerseyCynic said...

“The need to be in the right place at the right time is what makes total eclipses so rare — and millions across Mexico, the U.S., and Canada will find themselves in the right place on April 8, …”


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"All Power Comes from One Source. After That... It Is Adapted to The Uses and Purposes that are Defined by Intention."

Strider Boots said...

LV! Fam still watches Bolshevik agitprop or nightly news and there was talk of earthquakes in CPUSA (D) strongholds CA and Hawaii, of course globull warming was added and it was seventy degrees today in Palookaville.
Not Sure if HAARP or Mr. Apocalypse but the Stig Beal coup to burn it all down for CCP was a bridge too far with cosmic consequences, that Mandate of Heaven thing.
There is no mandate for manboons who could never create a Universe and everything in it like God has done.
He also conquered this world and holds the keys to hell and death as the ultimate combo breaker.
That's the way I like it. (discos)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible…
Lord work your will in and on me
to the glory of your presence
I know that you know what I want and what I need before
I even think about it!

I’ll leave it all in your hands ahead of time…….

word bird said...

Hi Vis, re: 'the coming pineal gland opening'

Jesus spoke of preserving one's oil for a wedding, maybe in reference to a marriage of heaven and earth. Those who have no oil left to fill the lantern, will remain in darkness when the flame is lit in the pineal gland. Sheikh Imran and Morris touched on this too.

Mountain Dude said...

Les, you of all people know that "the all time loser" and the all time winner" are the same person.

He must first die as the all time loser to become the all time winner.

The Christ. In all of us.

Visible said...

Were we somehow debating this and I was unaware of it? It seems to have completely slipped my mind.



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