Friday, February 24, 2023

"They are Written Upon Our Hearts as The Interior Bible and Gita that is The Soul's Message to The Dreaming Mind."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Why is there endless war? Look at all those who worked to push Russia over the edge; who baited and hassled Russia. Look at those who control the media conglomerates, and those who work in the media conglomerates like whores in a brothel... telling the same tired lies, over... and over... and over again, in support of the war... every war; If time is a river, why do mesquite trees always look like they're checking their watch?

Look at the manufacturers who make the weapons, and whatever else is included in the war material. Look at the merchants who can sell their goods to one side or the other... hoping for yet more war, so that they can sell more goods. Look at all those people... who one way or another... contribute to the war efforts. Will they not need another war so that they can be the ones inconvenienced just like the people presently living or recently dead in the zones of this current war... or SMO... or whatever you call it... so as to homogenize the message?

Look at the bankers who are behind every war, and have a hand in every business that makes money from war.

Look at the hapless fools who fight in the wars, who might have been bankers or someone associated with making war, the last time they were here. Their personal karma INSISTS that they have a war in order to experience all the things they are causing others to experience.

Those who carpeted Iraq with depleted uranium and stood by while young boys and girls went to the riverside with the five-gallon tins... suffused with depleted uranium. Should they not have the opportunity to also enjoy the horrific birth defects that came out of that? Was this not what the architects of that war were doing? Were they not arranging the components for their coming visits here in some war zone of future times?

What about the homeless in the streets? Should not the people who arranged the conditions that led to them being homeless, be permitted to be homeless at some later date?

What about the people who fabricated COVID, and manufactured The Killer Vaccines? Should they be denied the experiences they visited upon the rest of us? What about the doctors, WHO WENT ALONG WITH THE PROGRAM? What about everyone deliberately misleading the ones too stupid to see through it?

What about the children being constantly abused by Drag Queen Story Hour? What about The Gender Nazis? What about the reverse racism redux... manufactured by those looking to make a profit from it? What about all those who know not what they do? Should they not have the opportunity to be informed?

Look at the madness everywhere these days. Consider those behind the orchestrating and perpetuating of it. Should they not all have the opportunity to experience and encounter all the conditions and situations they created for others, the... last... time... they... were... here?

Don't ask me why there is endless war in the darker yugas or why there is poverty and disease... or why there are people terrorizing others, abusing others, and killing others; cause... they... want... payback. It is the reincarnation of the self-blinded... without teeth... trying to gum each other to death.

Why? Why? Why? Why this and why that? Even with all those annoying questions by people who won't take the truth for an answer... even more annoying are the people with all the answers. They learned it in school the same way the others saw... it... on... TV. Somebody told them something that they didn't go and see for themselves... because they weren't even born when it happened, BUT it's what the victors of the previous wars said happened, so... now they are experts, due to assuming what others before them assumed because somebody told them the same thing.

God speaks to every one of us. Oh... there are those who have hardened their hearts and won't listen. God leaves them to the precise... mathematical working out from The Lords of Karma. Then there are the ones who can hear but often don't listen. God speaks to them through their conscience; “maybe you hadn't ought to do that. You might want to watch out. Don't... get... caught.”

Most don't hear any words. They get feelings. The Intuition comes through The Visceral Zone, so... plenty of people get premonitions. You may not think that people get warnings in their hearts and heads but I am told from an unimpeachable source that it is true.

Materialism makes people dull. Let me say that again... louder; Materialism makes people dull, stupid... grasping, and selfish... run ragged by simple pleasures that result in complex pains, so... it is understandable that people don't hear... or are hard of hearing... when God is trying to warn them.

Are they not also indifferent to the joyous... larger than life persona of The Sun? (Children see a laughing cartoon face when they look at The Sun). Do they not overlook the countless beauties of timeless art, written on the canvas of life... by the hands of the angels of God... painting sunsets... and oceans... and skies of memory blue? How is it that people detour right around what becomes an everlasting sanctuary, in search of some pedestrian amusements?

God is not asking people to spend hours on their knees or run soup kitchens in Detroit, though... considering what they do get up to, those might be the better options. God... through his representative, Jesus Christ... said simply and clearly what God wants; that you love him with all your heart, all your soul... all your strength... and with all your mind.

Since you LITERALLY... cannot refrain from action... are actually moving all the time... one might intuit that one should love God with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind through the energy of whatever they do... while breathing itself. While eating and drinking. While eliminating wastes. When going to sleep and upon waking up. Through every thought... word... and feeling... you celebrate that interiorly directed... and outwardly expressed... Love at every opportunity, without... making... a... whole... lot... of... noise... about... doing... it.

What do you know? The Bhagavad Gita says the same thing, going into greater detail. There are certain points of agreement shared by all traditions and The Wise. Then I listen to what my heart tells me because all of those scriptures came out of my heart. They are written upon our hearts as the interior bible that is the soul's message to The Dreaming Mind.

In fact... “as ye sow, so shall ye reap” is in all of them too, and also a hallmark of Buddhism as well. Why would all of these different faiths agree on the same thing? That's what I look for when I look for truth in scripture. I look to see what they all have in common, and then I move along to direct experience, WHICH... I... TRUST... A... LOT... MORE...

The object of The Spiritual Quest AND all genuine religion is... communion with God, also called The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel. It is also called... The Great Work. It is also called The Operation of The Sun... and what about The Philosopher's Stone and The Pearl of Great Price?

Don't get lost in the minutiae. God is not hard to find, but persisting in the search can be very hard, and I do know whereof I speak. It's getting your whole mind onboard. After that it is easy. You have to come at it with your whole heart, and want it, more... than... anything... else, and you will have God's company.

Don't concern yourself with payback or... the evils in The World... the looming threat of The Unknown or... your own fear born of ignorance. Yes... the whole house of cards can come down... and gruesomely so... at any minute. I can see the dominoes trembling. Oh my! Don't concern yourself with these things, lest you desire to fight in those wars we spoke of before... or experience those other options as consequences of your actions.

Let God move and groove and express in your being. Of course... you will be clumsy at first, BUT... at least you will be authentic and not trying to win a popularity contest with all the people who don't like anyone else... themselves included.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

"To Be Sure You Have Something to Worry About if You Are The Cause of Others Having Something to Worry About."

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In the spirit of acknowledging that you cannot criticize those who rule over you... James O'Keefe was tossed out of Project Veritas by radioactive moles... who were shoehorned onto the Veritas board for that purpose. The same thing happened to Ted Turner with CNN. The conventional dialogue-shifters will say otherwise, but I can put two and two together on my own, and... the Pfizer and related Roto-Rooter efforts led to his downfall.

I will also concur that his physiognomy is that of a person demanding you to punch him in the face, and no doubt many a sexually-confused weak sister had their privates scorched by him; regardless... he was ousted in a controlled coup set up well before its occurrence... because you are not allowed (unwritten law) to expose those who are determined to kill you.

The coming culture wars are intending to bathe the cities in blood. Animal Farm top-waddler and trough-skimmer, Gov. Pritzker and others... have set the crosshairs on Gov. DeSantis.

America's first gay president opened the barn doors of perversity, which led to Ukraine-Chi-com Crime Boss, Smokin-Joe Biden (The Big Dumb Guy) coming along to finish America for good. A battle to destroy the soul of America is being waged in the backrooms of those too fat to dare to die.

Mr. Apocalypse is making an entire subculture of predatory entities uneasy. The Awakening cannot be stopped or diverted. All efforts will be much too little... and much too late.

The entire country is... presently... in a state of revolution. You may not see the troops in the street yet, but... the revolution itself is in full swing.

Those shaping the culture... through entertainment... lifestyles... political antagonisms... sports... religion, and whatever the hell else they get up to, have been... progressively... Bestializing Humanity, like a possessed massage therapist with a Rolfing fixation... for decades. They hurt you and teach you to like it because it is for your own good. They tell you it's an acquired taste as they introduce ever-greater amounts of shit and stress into your life.

A certain amount of people ALWAYS go along with The Program. Then there are those that appear to go along with the program, hoping to escape notice. A certain amount of people are in such a state of sensory stupefaction... by whatever the means may be... that they have only a vague idea of life outside the parameters of their self-absorption.

As you may have gathered... and as the force of Materialism progresses and intensifies... the number of those easily lead by the simple prompts of The Ruling Class is substantial, and the reason why good people can't have nice things. (grin)

Fear not... dear friends. As it so happens, God... INDEED... is real. Acknowledge it... live it... let the great invisible ocean of God's Love wash over and through you without respite. You... have... to... tune... in. It does not tune to you. If you do not tune in, you will not be tuned in. Is this a difficult process to grasp? It seems... for some people... that it is too difficult... too onerous... too time-consuming. You bet it's time-consuming. It demands it all, and you receive from it the level of increase that your industry and investment generate.

Look at The Sun!

Within my thoughts that do not find their way on these pages, I am in a constant state of referencing The Sun. I can trace everything that does and does not happen here to The Sun, if I were not already convinced of it, and therefore have no need to.

Here... where I live... The Sun is being blocked in regular fashion. This is one of the sunniest parts of America. I've lived here long enough to know that what is happening is extremely out of the ordinary. I'm not concerned. I know The Sun shines within me too. The Sun will burn through eventually.

One of the reasons I am not disturbed is because I know it is a temporary stage in the great changes coming down on this Earth. Many people are in for a really big surprise... most especially The Manipulators and the manipulated. Change... and... Outcome are not in human hands, EXCEPT that they follow the guidance of Heaven. You've got nothing to worry about unless you do have something to worry about.

You can be sure you have something to worry about if you are the cause of others having something to worry about.

“As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap. As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Is some explanation called for? Is this too complex? “As you sow, so shall you reap?” And... this includes every life form that draws breath by whatever medium Lady Nature has provided.

Let's travel to Lady Nature's Cloister for a moment. She is also called The Divine Mother. Just as there are levels of consciousness in humanity... there are states of being in the persona of The Divine Mother. She WILL meet you at the level that you meet her. That is The Good News AND... The Bad News.

The Divine Mother is EVERYTHING you can sense and a great deal more. She is everything there is to you, except for the parts that you will never comprehend. You... are... in... her... realm. You play by her rules or you WILL play by her rules. If you sidestep them... you will punish yourself. She is seen and unseen. She is what takes every shape you can register. You are made from her substance for the purpose of being here... for The Purpose of Demonstration.

You will be required to return your body to her... unless it has been translated into light by The Operation of The Sun. Jesus Christ is the chief alchemist who oversees the process in The West. May I recommend, Kahlil Gibran's, “Jesus The Son of Man?”

The Divine Mother is present in the creation... maintenance... and recycling of all forms. The Avatar is The Road to Eternity which runs through The Realm of The Divine Mother. The head architect is... and always will be... beyond your comprehension. ONLY God can see God. That should be a clue... but in many cases... The Jury is still out.

Either you see The World as a place where random events collide; a place where temporary meat puppets stumble about in darkness searching for meaning, or... you see The World as an outworking of The Mind of God, and something that YOU must adjust to. It... does... not... adjust... to... you.

Here is the whole pattern of life... it is a dance of the degrees between each of us and The Cosmic Dancer. This is what measures-out our level of Suffering. Some are more fluid and mutable, and some are more fixed than others. In ALL cases that is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what mutates and what fixes you.

Regardless, you... will... learn. Take it heavy or take it light. That is up to you. God is more than the sum of his parts.

May God grant you succor in these tempestuous times.

End Transmission.......

The owner of this blog has never made any effort to monetize himself. So... the powers that think they are have nothing to threaten him with. (I forget which person I am speaking in) After hearing from a long-time collaborator about renewed efforts to suppress the work here, as well as other efforts to do the same... we can see the graffiti on the crumbling walls.

I always have to laugh when I see some permutation of; "please help defray the cost of my blog." My blog doesn't cost anything, except time... and I have forever. If God doesn't want me to continue this and go be a greeter at Walmart, I'm sure he will let me know.

For me... this has worked well as a strategy that says, “You can't take what isn't there,” and “I don't want their stinking money”... however... it is only a matter of time, and explains why we have done this every weekday for some time now. Sooner or later... you get reruns. So far, they have been content with extreme marginalizing of these blogs... and denying access in various locations. Will this continue? I have no idea.

Maybe I am imagining or projecting this, but... just so you know... there are plenty of reruns no matter what.

Heh heh... check this out.

At first, I thought it was actually a coming attractions trailer for a real movie. Wow! If only. Then... what do I see? I see Lucifer and Amenadiel from the very TV series we mentioned a couple of postings ago.

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Thursday, February 16, 2023

"They Did Not Lay Claim to It. You Can Have... and Delight In... ANYTHING... that You can Remain Unattached To."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The truth of... this long arcing voyage across the immensity of time; the real destiny of humankind... is to soar on angel's wings... above the darkness of temporary things... which conceals our true being from ourselves and... each other. It is to transform into a state of eternal freedom from the bondage of the flesh, into a new body of glorious light that NOTHING can harm.

Ageless Wisdom says, first the stone, then the plant, then the animal, then the human, then the God. It is an inflexible process.

Very few among us, care for more than what our physical senses reveal; our ships in this temporary life relatives, our possessions... our good name; how many bad acts have been committed to protect a good name?

Is it worth the hassle and the heartbreak to be world-famous in a place where one day we are not remembered at all? What's it like to be as rich as Midas... or as famous as Elvis... when it WILL be taken from us, and where we will be then dumped into obscurity for an age or longer? Where we must live a series of inconsequential lives with the unavoidable sense that something is missing? Something... something... Always striving to get back to that celebrated life.

It ONLY matters if God and his angels know who you are. What fame can exceed that? The wealth and power of empires; how does that compare with God as your banker, and you as God's agent and ambassador in The Mortal Realm? Everyone you encounter... KNOWS... at a subliminal level that you are consciously connected to The Divine. When you speak... it is to the deeper parts of them. You are serving in a way that no other act can compare to... or equal in value.

Captains of industry, come and go... the once beautiful grow old. It kindles a rage in their hearts for the loss of that which will not remain beyond a short measure of years. I have no sense of loss for any of these things. I never pursued them to begin with. ONLY The Supreme Enjoyer gets any real pleasure from any of these things, and even then... is laughing up his sleeve about them... thinking... if they only knew. If they only knew.

I know these things to be true. I have first-hand evidence of it every... single... day. The true gifts of the spirit are... all of them... free for the taking. The price of admission is only the source of your every torment; your false self. Your separated self with its separated mind is what you must surrender. No one is permitted to pass the gates with that darkness upon them.

When faced with the decision, most will cry in horror and clutch to their breast a lifeless corpse. With the light of everlasting freedom shining upon them, they crawl between the walls to hide from the light. That is human nature and the reason it is not divine. It can become divine. One day it surely will, but... it could be a really... really... really long time; I love you long-time, soulja boy. Uh-huh.

The World is The World is The World. How many people contemplate the meaning of that statement? It is loaded with powerful implications.

Simply being able to be still... has a profound power in it. When you bend Nature out of shape, you will regret it. You summon The Harpies... and The Furies... and others of like kind. They become your daily companions... until... until you let Nature free from your clumsy... self-serving handiwork... or she breaks free.

Lady Nature has many faces. I have been fortunate. She has only shown me the benefic side. I do not have words to describe the depth of your regret if you run afoul of her. The things that can happen outside of you, and... most especially... inside of you... I will leave to your imagination.

Look at what people get up to. The internet provides a daily rogue's gallery of unfortunate fuck-ups. You can see them wriggling in the pincers of fate. You get to live vicarious lives through them. I thank God that I have that option to live such horrors... in the lives of others... who seem intent on making an example of themselves for the enduring profit of the rest of us; there... but... for... fortune... goes you and I.

It astounds me... the objects and conditions that are so highly valued by those who don't know any better. Everything they scheme and plot to possess... has a sharp stinger with a deadly poison, and it will sting you as soon as you grab it. ♫ Every rose has its thorns ♫

Kipling wrote a great short story. It was in The Jungle Book. It was about a jeweled ankus that Mowgli had found in a cavern guarded by a toothless white cobra. I think it was called “The King's Ankus”. He carried it around for a short while. Mowgli was temporarily dazzled by the glitter of the gems that shined on it, but after a short time... remarking that he couldn't eat it, and not finding some further purpose for it, he tossed it to the side of the path he was on.

Later, for whatever the reason. He went back to see if it was still there. It was gone. So he followed the tracks of the one who found it. What he found was one dead person after another, killed over the possession of the ankus. He marveled at such a thing. Finally, he found it again... beside the last body to possess it, and who was mortally wounded in the last fight for it... and did not survive for long after.

Mowgli saw that it was evil, so he took it back to the cobra and left it there. It was just one more glittery ornament on the heap of treasures that the toothless cobra guarded.

This was an allegory. Such treasures are USUALLY guarded by invisible forces that are easily as dangerous as a cobra. Some of them are cursed, which means the protector of it follows you. There was that maybe-story about King Tut's Tomb. I don't know the truth of it, BUT I do know that trouble generally comes when you overstep yourself and put too much value on something you can't take with you.

I'm not saying treasure... money... or similar items with value on this plane are evil. God is rich beyond measure, and he wants you to be rich too... for the right reasons and with the right treasures. Some very spiritual people have had a great deal of money and power. They were STEWARDS of it. They did not lay claim to it. You can have... and delight in... ANYTHING you can remain unattached to. Suffering often comes through separation from the object of desire or... the disappointment over it.

Yes... some people are in a wretched state. Often that is a payback for previous excesses and offenses. A great deal of what happens here is an arrangement between the specific person and The Lords of Karma. The Man on The Beach said to me, “I despise deals.” I replied... “but you don't have to make any deals,” and he said... “deals have been made.” My point is... there is a lot that goes on here that we don't know about, and what we think we know about is less important than what we don't know about.

It's very... very weird out there. It is weirder and stranger than I have ever seen or heard about. To understand... clearly and comprehensively... what is going on in The World... is impossible. We only see a part of the picture, and that is colored by our levels of subjectivity.

If you know that God is real, you don't have to know anything else. Either you imagine that you are... handling it or... God is handling it... and you are along for the ride. Look at the Hindi pictures of Krishna in the chariot... Lord Vivasvan in the chariot. Someone is holding the reins and someone is riding behind the driver. This is the relationship that you want.

You are either being driven hither and yon by The World and your desires for it or... The Higher Self is driving and you are the vehicle. I am a horse... and Truth is my rider.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, February 13, 2023

"It is a Time of Relentless Exposures and Revelations in The Hive Mind... Traveling at The Speed of Thought."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Wow! The Killer Vaccines are really knocking them dead.

They are literally NOT rolling in the aisles. They are very still, and they are not playing dead. It's moments like this when you take yourself aside and ask yourself... but not so loud that anyone else can hear you; who is it that owns these biological weapons labs, disguised as pharmaceutical laboratories where they make The Killer Vaccines?

Who owns AstraZeneca? Who owns Pfizer? Who owns Moderna? Who owns Johnson and Johnson? Then you could extrapolate to who owned all the criminal enterprises in Ukraine... and who was behind the Maiden (cough cough) revolution. You could further extrapolate out to who is most heavily involved in raw materials... farmlands... foodstuffs... AND Energy. Then you can narrow that focus down and backup from all those extrapolations, and you have... The Bankers. The ones who put the gold in that man's sacks.

The WEF fronts for The Bankers. The WEF; The World Economic Forum contains the party outfits that The Bankers wear when they strut their stuff in public. They have their tentacles so deep into every other business; everything of human construction is made by bending Nature out of shape. They can yank anybody's chain... anytime they want to, or... they can just tell someone else to yank it, or... they can show them the video they have... and the pictures... and the soundtracks... and tell them, "we know where you live."

The World is Nature modified for human needs, under the inspiration of invisible intelligence... to form Society as we experience it, in its ever-changing shifts from one temporary presentation to the next.

What do I mean by invisible intelligence? I mean that which exists beyond the sensory bandwidth... below and above. In Times of Material Darkness, more people are listening to Radio Infernal (W-666 on your dial). Mostly because it is broadcasting everywhere through the attractions of external phenomena. A broadcast does not come simply on the audio frequencies. It is experienced through every other sense that relates to it... that can carry the sense of it... so that it registers.

One can both hear and see indications of danger. One can 'feel' it too. One can smell it. It gives fear... ignition in The Mind, though it may travel there by visceral means.

The World started to go South when they began to hand out participation trophies... probably even before that... when Formica and microwaves became a thing. The appearance of grief counselors and therapists didn't help. Suddenly... there were all these new psychological problems, and then it was no time at all before they were demanding Jazz Hands... and getting Triggered by most anything at any time.

They created imaginary problems and then blew them out of proportion. All of a sudden, Racism was a thing again. Almost overnight... as soon as they passed a few laws... we were awash in sexual dysfunction, and guess what always follows something like that? Social Disorder is what follows sexual dysfunction.

One of the in-plain-sight mysteries of maintaining a successful culture, a culture that is still in the ascendant, is the... protection... of... the... innocence... of... children. When Babylon comes, this is one of the primary targets of those who serve The Infernal Realm. Another target is the general psyche of humanity, assaulted by despair and the loss of community.

In good times, most people agree on The Right Thing to Do. There are common boundaries with a certain amount of give and take. In bad times... the idea of everyone being your neighbor is shrouded in distrust and fear. When you can cause people to live in fear you have free rent in their minds. Then one is made a slave. When you cease to be your own master, someone will come along and oblige you.

I often go outside to sit with my friend, in Lord Surya's Seat; Lord Vivasvan. Some know him as Ra... Helios... Mithra...Sol... He has a lot of names because he's been around a very long time

So... just a moment ago, I went out and we were talking about people's baggage... Karma... Destiny and Fate, and he said; “Visible... when I like someone. When they get my attention for doing or saying things that are like what I do and say, a kindred resonance is activated and I take all their baggage, karma, and obligations and I sort them out. Then... when I've got them sorted... I set them free. Then I make it so that they can set others free too.” There was a pause... Then he said (in a comic voice); “It's a racket, I tell ya.”

The whole continuum of it was suddenly opened before my eyes and that is when I saw how truly great God is; of which I just had a tiny, momentary glimpse. God is matchless. God is the perfection we seek, and that perfection is in us as a tiny seed-molecule.

When it is fed by good works and the aspiration for Higher Love... it becomes The Body of Glory. Some bloom early, some bloom late, and some never bloom at all. I don't know the details of it... because I do not handle that end. My job is to sit still while it happens. The Operation of The Sun is the process by which The Body of Glory is made.

This is how I used to approach the whole spiritual journey thing.

You can't storm the Gates of Heaven. You really do get to a place where the whole objective is to sit still long enough for it to happen under the ministrations of the angel. This requires an utter reliance on The Divine.

The Rich and Powerful... those who attend these exclusive gatherings of The Venal and Rapacious, (sounds like a soap opera) have no experience in ordering humanity to its best state of being. All they know is to connive and steal... how to feather their own nests. They bring the same ham-handed lack of finesse to the wider world. This is being demonstrated in The World's view. They are found wanting.

Now, there has been a significant chemical accident in Ohio/Pennsylvania. There is a regular coming and going of mysterious fires and disasters harming wildlife... genetically altered feed that stops chickens from laying. No news coming out about the Ohio accident or much else in compromised media.

Balloons in the Troposphere are getting shot down and there's a big buzz about aliens... doing the shimmy-shimmy foxtrot... with rumors from China as the soundtrack, across a dance floor made out of shiny reflecting-bullshit, AND... in Ukraine... the big guns are about to run into the really big guns, AND... if a whole lot of really stupid and possessed individuals... with too much borrowed power... don't get a clue, they're going to get wised-up in real life.

I don't want to get too far into these things because I'm not a Doom-head. I see brighter tomorrows with clearer skies... but the run-up to the wake-up is gonna be plenty rough for some. If you drank the Kool-Aid, and you got The Killer Vaccines; signed that timeshare contract for the regular boosters, you're on the road to Hard Time Junction... cause you keep buying into one lie after another in defense of your convenience and your comfort.

All it takes for The World to change is for people to stop believing in the snake-oil salesmen who are guiding them down The Road to Perdition. There are VERY OBVIOUS efforts afoot to reduce our numbers c-o-n-s-i-d-e-r-a-b-l-y. They have been in operation for some time.

If conditions were to continue as they are, The World is looking at a Zombie Apocalypse. Fortunately, a renaissance of awakening is on the doorstep of the moment. (Boy! The buzz-phrases are happening today (grin)) Unfortunately... many will not be moved. They like it just fine, wherever it is that they think they are. Even when explosions are heard and there is fire in the sky, they tell themselves it is just background noise at the drive-in theater.

Everything I see, tells me that humanity is not equipped to find its way out of the maze of connecting events that lead wherever their intentions take them. Help must come by other routes, and... it... will. Very few have any idea of what is happening around them. This is what happens when too few seek to rule over too many, and the too few can't even rule themselves... and are incompetent to boot.

Help will come by other means. We are not alone and abandoned here. We have powerful, invisible help... if we would only seek it out within. For many centuries, a secret brotherhood of kindred souls has existed out of the general sightline. Their policy is not to interfere in human evolution, but only to guide it WHEN... POSSIBLE. Now... we have reached one of those critical moments in which the fate of humanity may go very good or very bad.

We are in a time of summing up. You can look at it as a symbiotic interaction of punishment and reward. It is a time of unmasking. It is a time of relentless exposures and revelations in The Hive Mind, traveling at the speed of thought. It is time to pay attention. It is time to cease from grasping and contending. It is time to end the war within... and embrace the wider unity of hearts in a common understanding, and the inspiration for it rests with God and his angels... and the power to accomplish it lies with God and his angels and us.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

"If... in The Hubbub and Passionate Fury of Existence, Their Thoughts Turn to Me. I... Will... Guide... Them... Home."

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Cartoons are a medium for understanding The World in a child's mind. There are positive and negative examples. I don't think there's ever been a cartoon series or animated film about The Sun... yet The Sun is the most powerful character in The Manifest World. The Sun is everywhere in life... and seldom in human thought, except for Beach-Blanket-Bingo mindsets.

It is the same with God. God is everywhere unseen in life yet... seldom is he the focal point in the human mind.

Cartoons humanize... anthropomorphize... Devic forces. The Sun is a Deva. Cartoons are how small children are first introduced to material phenomena. In a child's mind, Nature is a cartoon. These days... cartoons and animated films are propaganda and indoctrination into a world that only exists when Babylon is rising. Faster than you might think, it is all turning into dark... twisted... shit.

I bring up cartoons... and childhood for a reason. Before The World splits in two through the force of puberty, a child's mind exists in a state of unity. I am not talking about the times we find ourselves in, but about the times that are now slipping away.

A child's mind is like The Subconscious. The Subconscious sees in pictures. Self Consciousness comes into play later on. It starts to form and separate during the Purgatory of Puberty. That you must, “become as a little child” has a lot to do with this. We are exhorted to return to a former time of unity in The Mind. We are asked to surrender The Personal Will and reembrace our much wiser and more powerful eternal parents.

We went astray. We nearly all go astray on courses set in puberty and we must return... we must attain Regenerated Innocence.

The Subconscious Mind is The Reservoir of Dreams. It is the place where dreams reside, and also the place where the future is formed under the direction... or misdirection... or total lack of direction by The Self-Conscious Mind. This is why The Tarot can be used to build The Personality of God into our being. Eliphas Levi said that “if a man in prison had only The Tarot, and knew how to make use of it, he would soon develop a universal science and be able to speak with inexhaustible eloquence on any subject.” (that's... more or less... verbatim)

Why am I talking about these things? Why did I spend so much time on Concentration yesterday, without saying all that much? (grin) These are tools and you need tools to make your way in (and out of) The World. If your only concern is The Material World, then you need read no further. If... however... your concerns are of a more ineffable order... you need tools.

These forces and tactics I have been mentioning are compelling reasons for why Meditation is such a powerful agency. Personally... I don't meditate all that much. For me, it is more conversations and prayers. Sometimes my soul takes wings and flies on the sailing ship of The Imagination (Trump #3); I love those mixed metaphors. My spiritual journey is a jambalaya-gumbo mix of endless rarefied sensation, always reminding me of God's Presence.

I apologize for that last paragraph. I did not know how to say what I wanted to say because it can't be said. Music comes closer, BUT... the reality is above The Senses. Higher up, it is all music. The physical senses cannot transmit the experiences of The Higher Mind. You need to activate your spiritual senses for that. This is one of the things that The Tarot can accomplish for you. It pings off of archetypes in The Subconscious Mind and draws them to the surface, for your education... and your transmutation... into a vehicle for Cosmic Force.

It is of no never mind to me if the reader avails themselves of this tool. There are other systems that accomplish the same thing, like Yoga and Hermetic Science. Prayer alone... Theurgy... there are many ways up the mountain.

There is an intense fog in these times that shrouds the higher mysteries from the pedestrian-curious mind. Maybe that's a good thing, though probably not. (grin) If you are going to study Tarot you have to go to The BOTA lessons and stay away from everyone else (with a few exceptions). They go on for years... decades... and you have to get past the densest series of lessons right at the beginning which is called The Seven Steps. I think they did this on purpose to discourage dilettantes and navel-gazers.

Here's the deal... as simply as I can put it... and it is what I have found so far to this point. First off, you don't get anywhere. You are already there, but your perspective is flawed. Your perspective MUST BE brought into line with The Divine Perspective. There are no ifs... ands... or buts... about it. You MUST diminish and The Divine must increase. Galadriel had a great comment about that after Frodo offered her The Ring.

You must unlearn because you... do... not... know. You only think you know. I had this viscerally transmitted to me by The Grace of God. You must (at the risk of seeming redundant) “become as a little child.” You must put aside your vanities of The Separated Mind and embrace the dissolution of your false self. You must become a clear transparency through which The Light of Heaven may shine.

If you could see your aura, you would clearly know where you are deficient, much the way that a doctor reads your health (far less efficiently) through tests and observation, and can tell you what you lack in terms of vitamins and other essentials. Scratch that. Doctors don't know anything other than what The AMA Pharmaceutical Combine tells them now. You want to make yourself insufferably stupid? Go to college. You want to become even more insufferably stupid? Keep going to college.

Very little of what is learned in college is of any use in life; technical skills and the trades? Yes... you can learn useful things. Alternative healing techniques? Yes. Herbal... foraging... and survival skills make sense. This other garbage is to put you in a rank-and-file lockstep with The Purple-Hair Obesity Crew. If you think that might be for you, they are on Tik Tok every day, cavorting like brain-damaged baboons for your amusement.

It cannot continue. The Amazing Suicide March of The Clueless WILL come to an end. The depravity and conspicuous consumption of the dog-eat-dog cities shall implode. The corrupt structure and systems that afflict all but those employing them... WILL cease. It's all coming down, while the yet-to-come is in gestation, with a few green sprigs showing... here and there.

We are presently in a chrysalis of ignorance, just short of metamorphosis, brought to you courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. It is going to be a... rude awakening for many. Many will wink in and out of existence and be sent to The Wardrobe Department on The Moon. You're going to need friends you can count on, and they are the vibrating archetypes in The Subconscious. They are the animation characters of The Devic Kingdom. They are The Angels. They are... your invisible friends.

They are all expressions of The Divine who uses them to construct... maintain... and destroy The World.

Zippity-Do-Dah!!!!!! The Child Mind can see them. I get them peripherally all the time now; must be a trick of the light. (grin)

I was speaking with The Ineffable recently and he said... “Visible, people get it wrong. Oh... how wrong they get it. They set me apart. They make up rules they attribute to me. They shun and embrace by turns according to their predictable patterns. They live in an anthropomorphic Disneyland with the wrong cartoon characters. Visible! (shudder) I am intimately connected with life. I am deep into the warp and woof. I experience life THROUGH human agency. That is why I am called The Supreme Enjoyer.

“If you are fortunate enough to be aware of this, then you are enjoying life and The Moment, with me NOW! And forever. I am an essential part of all life. Life is the expression of my will through the dreaming engine of my Maya. It is a theater that I created so that people can get up to whatever they desire. When the fruit of their actions is ripe, they will learn the meaning of it.

If... in the passionate fury and hubbub of existence, their thoughts turn to me. I... will... guide... them... home. Otherwise... let them play. Let them dance their brief hours again, and again, and again. In time, they... will... learn... and their thoughts will turn to me.”

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Friday, February 3, 2023

"He is The One who Hears The Music of The Spheres. He Composed It. No Chemtrails can Obscure The Inner Sun."

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For most of the previous week... the sky was blue... The Sun was warm. It was very nice.

This morning, I went outside, as I always do... while The Sun is first rising, and the sky was crisscrossed by more than a dozen chemtrails. It is now an hour and a half later and the sky is all clouded over. I saw this during the week before last, and at some point before that as well. I like to directly field test conditions and situations before I comment on them.

I apply the same perspective to everything. If I am watching someone lie. If I am searching for God, as once I was. I am not searching for God anymore...

There is a certain value to thinking God is in the sky somewhere (I have The Sun for that), but the real value to be had is the discovery of God within you. That tends to color everything else a certain way... anyway. The key is to bring your interior sun into resonance with The Sun. This is called The Operation of The Sun.

People have a hard time finding God within because... where are they going to put him? There's no room. All the room is taken up by The Personality. You have to empty yourself out in order for God to be resident within or... teach the bear to dance.

There are two options... either you are simply... OR more likely; in a very complex fashion... living your separated life among The Separated... OR you are permitting God to live his life through you. This does not mean, Playing God, which is so popular now among the new age set. It means you reduce your presence, which operates as a delivery and service system for The Ego... and instead... celebrate The Presence of God displacing your own.

The World has all sorts of chemtrails at this time. The ones in the sky are only one of the more visible examples. The World also has frequencies and bandwidths over which false information is trafficked. Lies do not feed you. Their only nourishment is ghost-nourishment. Look at The Clown World that is now muscling its way in-your-face. This horde of angry... stupid... and willful souls... in a state of negative arrested development... are a sad testimony to what a diet of lies will create.

The Sun will burn away the cloud cover that Orc Nation is using to obscure it. It is not just in the physical sense that a cloud cover is being employed. There are also chemtrails through The Media... chemtrails through the education system... chemtrails in the churches... chemtrails in the street... and chemtrails in The Mind... created by an atmospheric process whose purpose is to deceive you.

Today... at GAB, I put a small collection of items, that I found during the short period in which I was traveling the internet... for half an hour or so... probably less. There is much... much more. I see it every day. I see it in the morning... when I take the pulse of The World. I see it in the evening when I check back in. At certain locations, it is ALL you see. It is pollution.

Some pollution is incidental to the mechanized world. Some is intentional... like The Killer Vaccines. Like chemtrails. Like the shit they put in your food. Like the shit people turn food into BEFORE they eat it. Here's an example.

Somehow... it seems like overnight... entire generations have been turned into shmoos... goons... and feral beasts. It happened while I was in Europe, but... I guess it's been headed that way since a bunch of people went the wrong way in the 60s.

There was an opportunity to step into higher states of consciousness. I KNOW this to be true because I took many of those steps. However... all around me, I saw people swept away on the tides of... so-called... Free Love... as seen through the lens of sexual interactions. I saw people who intended to spare-change their way through The World. I saw many people go down with The Bad Drugs. I saw a hogwaller of Materialism. I was in Woodstock and didn't go to Woodstock... though I did wind up at Altamont... by way of cosmic irony... for The Purpose of Observation.

I just went to get a cup of tea. I could see through the sliding door that The Sun has burned through the chemtrail-created cloud cover. So... I went outside, and there were a dozen more new chemtrails. This I have never seen before. The recent cloud cover was gone... and that was surprising, given what I had experienced in recent times past. Even more surprising was the appearance of a whole new set. The Sun will burn through those too.

They may think they are having their way... and well down the highway to ruling The World, BUT... there is a fellowship of kindred souls... some of whom have been alive for centuries... and they possess The True Science... not the sideways-science we are presently being afflicted by. They drink from the font of Ageless Wisdom. It is far superior in power AND effect. The outcome is NOT in doubt, though many will be deceived and believe otherwise.

People are asleep. They are going to be awakened... like it or not, and some will not like it. Some will be dragged kicking and screaming into The Aquarian Age... many others will be plowed under.

What I am trying to do, by The Grace of God... is to assure the reader of The Positive Outcome that is there for all to avail themselves of, if... they... wish... to. Yes... bloodshed and misery are the chosen lot of many, who refuse... they adamantly refuse to have it otherwise. Some are amassing ghost-fortunes. Some are run riot in fleshpots... and caverns of dark appetite. Some scheme and connive to mislead others. Some wait in dark alleys for their prey to appear.

That is not the way of it for everyone. A golden age is coming. This I also know to be true... BUT... much has to be cleared away before that happens. Dynasties of Satanic aristocrats must fall. Those who seek to seize the means of production... to control food and water sources... to hold The Hive Mind by the force of their separated will... must all be held to account, AND... THIS... WILL... HAPPEN!

I am telling you nothing new. I am telling you nothing that anyone cannot also see for themselves, by observing the trends and patterns of the times. “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” Why? Why is it so hard for people to get this?

The way I see it, everyone is just doing their job. Yes... “calling it your job don't make it right,” as Cool-Hand Luke said to the guard, still... I see that... misguided or not... everyone is playing their role. Someone has to be Inspector Javert... or the guy in Great Expectations. Someone plays The King and someone plays The Fool, and someone gets beheaded. Some people play every role in these dramedies over, and over, and over, and over, AND... are still expecting a different outcome.

Some of them have lost their way, and it may be eons before they find it again... OR... it could occur in the blink of an eye... and there's no accounting... not by immediate evidence... for why Grace will fall upon one and not upon another. You did not see the way by which they came. You cannot see the way by which they go... not in your present state... but God can. The angels are God's eyes and ears... and everything else. They are God's external expressions, manifesting from the deep indwelling.

Have no fear that Evil will win. Rather remember who it is that accompanies you through The Valley of The Shadow of Death. The Point is... that the point is not what is happening in the near field or far afield. That is all under the control of what brought it to The Purpose of Demonstration. It is the endless tapestry of existence unrolling like a scroll. You can choose the part you play. If you wake up, you can let The Dreamweaver paint a masterpiece upon your life's canvas, simply by permitting it to happen.

The masses spend their lives in a state of resistance to their own well-being. Some more than others. Some less. Those who do not resist, awaken The Cosmic Dancer within them. The one who knows all the steps. The one who can hear The Music of The Spheres. The one who composed that music. The One that is in all things. No chemtrails can obscure The Inner Sun.

End Transmission.......

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I know there are those that will rail at me for posting a song by a member of The Tribe. My problem has always been with a specific tribe within a tribe... not the tribe entire. Life has given me ample evidence of what is and is not true in this regard.