Friday, February 3, 2023

"He is The One who Hears The Music of The Spheres. He Composed It. No Chemtrails can Obscure The Inner Sun."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

For most of the previous week... the sky was blue... The Sun was warm. It was very nice.

This morning, I went outside, as I always do... while The Sun is first rising, and the sky was crisscrossed by more than a dozen chemtrails. It is now an hour and a half later and the sky is all clouded over. I saw this during the week before last, and at some point before that as well. I like to directly field test conditions and situations before I comment on them.

I apply the same perspective to everything. If I am watching someone lie. If I am searching for God, as once I was. I am not searching for God anymore...

There is a certain value to thinking God is in the sky somewhere (I have The Sun for that), but the real value to be had is the discovery of God within you. That tends to color everything else a certain way... anyway. The key is to bring your interior sun into resonance with The Sun. This is called The Operation of The Sun.

People have a hard time finding God within because... where are they going to put him? There's no room. All the room is taken up by The Personality. You have to empty yourself out in order for God to be resident within or... teach the bear to dance.

There are two options... either you are simply... OR more likely; in a very complex fashion... living your separated life among The Separated... OR you are permitting God to live his life through you. This does not mean, Playing God, which is so popular now among the new age set. It means you reduce your presence, which operates as a delivery and service system for The Ego... and instead... celebrate The Presence of God displacing your own.

The World has all sorts of chemtrails at this time. The ones in the sky are only one of the more visible examples. The World also has frequencies and bandwidths over which false information is trafficked. Lies do not feed you. Their only nourishment is ghost-nourishment. Look at The Clown World that is now muscling its way in-your-face. This horde of angry... stupid... and willful souls... in a state of negative arrested development... are a sad testimony to what a diet of lies will create.

The Sun will burn away the cloud cover that Orc Nation is using to obscure it. It is not just in the physical sense that a cloud cover is being employed. There are also chemtrails through The Media... chemtrails through the education system... chemtrails in the churches... chemtrails in the street... and chemtrails in The Mind... created by an atmospheric process whose purpose is to deceive you.

Today... at GAB, I put a small collection of items, that I found during the short period in which I was traveling the internet... for half an hour or so... probably less. There is much... much more. I see it every day. I see it in the morning... when I take the pulse of The World. I see it in the evening when I check back in. At certain locations, it is ALL you see. It is pollution.

Some pollution is incidental to the mechanized world. Some is intentional... like The Killer Vaccines. Like chemtrails. Like the shit they put in your food. Like the shit people turn food into BEFORE they eat it. Here's an example.

Somehow... it seems like overnight... entire generations have been turned into shmoos... goons... and feral beasts. It happened while I was in Europe, but... I guess it's been headed that way since a bunch of people went the wrong way in the 60s.

There was an opportunity to step into higher states of consciousness. I KNOW this to be true because I took many of those steps. However... all around me, I saw people swept away on the tides of... so-called... Free Love... as seen through the lens of sexual interactions. I saw people who intended to spare-change their way through The World. I saw many people go down with The Bad Drugs. I saw a hogwaller of Materialism. I was in Woodstock and didn't go to Woodstock... though I did wind up at Altamont... by way of cosmic irony... for The Purpose of Observation.

I just went to get a cup of tea. I could see through the sliding door that The Sun has burned through the chemtrail-created cloud cover. So... I went outside, and there were a dozen more new chemtrails. This I have never seen before. The recent cloud cover was gone... and that was surprising, given what I had experienced in recent times past. Even more surprising was the appearance of a whole new set. The Sun will burn through those too.

They may think they are having their way... and well down the highway to ruling The World, BUT... there is a fellowship of kindred souls... some of whom have been alive for centuries... and they possess The True Science... not the sideways-science we are presently being afflicted by. They drink from the font of Ageless Wisdom. It is far superior in power AND effect. The outcome is NOT in doubt, though many will be deceived and believe otherwise.

People are asleep. They are going to be awakened... like it or not, and some will not like it. Some will be dragged kicking and screaming into The Aquarian Age... many others will be plowed under.

What I am trying to do, by The Grace of God... is to assure the reader of The Positive Outcome that is there for all to avail themselves of, if... they... wish... to. Yes... bloodshed and misery are the chosen lot of many, who refuse... they adamantly refuse to have it otherwise. Some are amassing ghost-fortunes. Some are run riot in fleshpots... and caverns of dark appetite. Some scheme and connive to mislead others. Some wait in dark alleys for their prey to appear.

That is not the way of it for everyone. A golden age is coming. This I also know to be true... BUT... much has to be cleared away before that happens. Dynasties of Satanic aristocrats must fall. Those who seek to seize the means of production... to control food and water sources... to hold The Hive Mind by the force of their separated will... must all be held to account, AND... THIS... WILL... HAPPEN!

I am telling you nothing new. I am telling you nothing that anyone cannot also see for themselves, by observing the trends and patterns of the times. “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” Why? Why is it so hard for people to get this?

The way I see it, everyone is just doing their job. Yes... “calling it your job don't make it right,” as Cool-Hand Luke said to the guard, still... I see that... misguided or not... everyone is playing their role. Someone has to be Inspector Javert... or the guy in Great Expectations. Someone plays The King and someone plays The Fool, and someone gets beheaded. Some people play every role in these dramedies over, and over, and over, and over, AND... are still expecting a different outcome.

Some of them have lost their way, and it may be eons before they find it again... OR... it could occur in the blink of an eye... and there's no accounting... not by immediate evidence... for why Grace will fall upon one and not upon another. You did not see the way by which they came. You cannot see the way by which they go... not in your present state... but God can. The angels are God's eyes and ears... and everything else. They are God's external expressions, manifesting from the deep indwelling.

Have no fear that Evil will win. Rather remember who it is that accompanies you through The Valley of The Shadow of Death. The Point is... that the point is not what is happening in the near field or far afield. That is all under the control of what brought it to The Purpose of Demonstration. It is the endless tapestry of existence unrolling like a scroll. You can choose the part you play. If you wake up, you can let The Dreamweaver paint a masterpiece upon your life's canvas, simply by permitting it to happen.

The masses spend their lives in a state of resistance to their own well-being. Some more than others. Some less. Those who do not resist, awaken The Cosmic Dancer within them. The one who knows all the steps. The one who can hear The Music of The Spheres. The one who composed that music. The One that is in all things. No chemtrails can obscure The Inner Sun.

End Transmission.......

Some sad examples of persistent stupidity are to be found at GAB=

I know there are those that will rail at me for posting a song by a member of The Tribe. My problem has always been with a specific tribe within a tribe... not the tribe entire. Life has given me ample evidence of what is and is not true in this regard.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

That link you posted on the layered McDouchebaggles nightmare. Gods, even when I was an omnivour. . .that looked more vomit inducing than the most disgusting slasher cinema that I never saw. I also have no clue why anyone would WANT to be here for centuries. I'm sittin' here at age 60, wishin' I lived in Logan's Run world where I woulda been vapourised 25 years ago. Speakin' as an NDE case who knows this place is garbage compared to the better part of the other side of the Veil. Note I said 'the better parts'. Ya don't wanna go to the realm of the psychopath, though they do deserve each other. I'd rather have a rattlesnake as my best friend, thank you.


M - said...

"There's a war going on that appears in the mind and the prize is the soul." - Prince

I have no doubt that Evil will be defeated this time around - as it has every other time.

Chinese Sneakers said...

In awe of the truly beautiful prose of the words that follow:

"It is the endless tapestry of existence unrolling like a scroll. You can choose the part you play. If you wake up, you can let The Dreamweaver paint a masterpiece upon your life's canvas, simply by permitting it to happen."

Much appreciated.


To put a very fine point on it: "... paint a masterpiece upon your life's canvas,...."

Visible said...

I don't allow comments like that without attribution. You have to leave a recognizable name. Your subjective opinion about Hindus, which I don't think I've mentioned in I don't know when is not the case any more than Islam= even worse, or Christianity. I KNOW you are trolling me so I don't take it as legitimate. Give me a name to go with that opinion and I'll print the comment.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"DRIVEN; They Imagine It is Under Their Personal Power. Poor Fools on The Grand Stage of Their Own Dishonor."

Pancho de Pluey said...

LV! A usually upbeat sibling was down in the dumps Sunday due to a relative passing and I told them to remember and celebrate all the good things while giving some examples with a couple being many years ago.
They were also down about Clown World and I sent some morale their way.
Left to go to the park and it was cloudy, a few miles out the sky opened up and it was beautiful!
I said Thank You God and you look marvelous Sol out loud.
The Red Zeppelin or Gweilo Qiqiu aka the White Ghost balloon (H/T-Shimatsu) was a shot across the bow for the CPUSA and the earth is starting to rumble now.
Mr. Apocalypse is dancing and he is not down in the dumps!

Not Sure said...

LV! Just read that a portion of the Sun has broken off and formed a vortex!
It was one of those lugenpresse pages so I didn't proceed any further.
Searching now in non-evil search engine that doesn't start with G. is at one of those "muh science" pages.
Stay sharp out there, the PYSOPS are about to go Bat Guano!



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