Friday, August 27, 2010

Fishsticks and the Temporary Art of a Plastic Stationary Ass.

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Well, I haven’t got any idea who Katy Perry is but I saw a link on Newsweek, which I ran into after reading a link to Newsweek from about how the seafood in The Gulf of Mexico is safer and tastier than the seafood in any body of water in the world; more or less and it was about her dirty mind. From the picture, I was interested enough to wonder what mind they were talking about, with her ice cream cone licking, children’s fairytale set, which it proved to be when I clicked it and it started playing.

The first thing I saw was amateur Satanic wannabe Snoop Dog, dressed up like what I guess they call a ‘playa’, rolling dice down on to Alice in Wonderland’s tea table and then this Sara Lee, home baked ingénue, demonstrating that the absence of that ancient, unmistakable rhythm, which expresses itself in the authentic dance of what it is supposed to be advertising, is not necessary, apparently, for the real deal to go down anyway, somewhere off camera in your mind, if your imagination is up to it, or incapable of the real thing.

This was attended by some horrific singing of ill constructed lyrics that worked their way to the full nude, short of the predicted ass rise; simulating your eternal dominance of that thang offered for your primal dominance of…the thang? It’s at this point that I shut it off, which is about the most trenchant critique possible of the whole affair and a good indication of the power her naked ass has over me.

So far, this looks like something that ought to have been written for Reflections in a Petri Dish and the real question that will probably exist in my mind, after I am done here is; “how many people will be more inclined to debate my take on Katy Perry, rather than what this post is actually about and which only incidentally includes this air pumped, commercial baked goods, product.

I’m not providing any links. I’m pretty sure you can find all of this on your own. The last I’ll say about it is that the author of the review of the music video, definitely needed to demonstrate his New York City art gallery opening chops, to the extent that you could taste the chilled sauterne that passed through the awed and attentive crowds of collectors who were mingling at the gallery of pretentious, bad art. I love it when they make the language do a pole dance for all the small time Mafioso who just came in from Yonkers Raceway.

What the heck, you probably should read about the wonders of the Gulf of Mexico seafood. I’m surprised they didn’t say that the oil spill actually enhanced both the taste and safety of anything you might be inclined to eat from that body of water. I couldn’t shake the awareness of the irony between the singer and the fish, in juxtaposition with long standing innuendos concerning certain sex acts and the creatures of the deep. It turned me on so much I had to wonder for a moment if I wasn’t, “do do do looking out my back door”. I’m guessing that’s not what John Fogarty meant and probably not what I meant either but it does imply the consideration of personal surrender to the overwhelming presence of the toxic nature of the times, in a way that proves the real point of the culture is to make you its bitch for the profit and satisfaction of those manipulating it.

In the most recent Reflections in a Petri Dish, I happened to write about Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens, merely using them as examples and receiving, as a result, an enormous amount of feedback on the minutiae of the relationship between them, along with exhaustive histories and theories that took about half a minute to put me out of my depth, since I know very little about them except for the surface associations. Like this post, the imagery used has little to do with the subject of the writing. I must be getting close to some kind of a point here. Part of me wants to avoid making my point all together and let the reader do it for me but... we’ll see.

We’ve come to believe that we are being victimized by psychopaths possessing a diabolical intelligence and capacity for manipulation of our basic drives and weaknesses. Lately I’ve been wondering if they aren’t expressions of those of us most sensitive to a negative, invisible alien presence, which possess a wide range of powers but whose motivations are much different than what we imagine. Having looked deeply into our collective psyche, it could be that they are targeting the most infantile aspects of our being and our most primitive drives for reasons that are altogether different than we think they are. They’re aliens after all, aren’t they?

Maybe all they are doing is entertaining themselves by seeing what happens when they provide us with everything they think we want. The real tragedy here is that they are probably not that far off in general. The nasty end of it comes in when it’s played through the minds of those whose intentions for us have always been more terrible than the rational mind is capable of recognizing or analyzing. Maybe the aliens, the psychopaths and ourselves are all caught up in a common misunderstanding of what is happening because each of us only see our end of it, or see nothing at all, if that is our end of it.

The kicker is that the results turn out to be no different than they would have been in the first place, without any aliens involved at all. No, you don’t have to take drugs to think like this. You just have to be the kind of person who might be inclined to take drugs in the first place.

At the moment, I’m wondering if someone left a bomb in my house, which has now been transferred to a relatively safe location. Without thinking about it, it occurred to me that this could well be true but it doesn’t really bother me very much. I’m not curious about that and have the step by step in place, if I ever get around to wanting to find out. This isn’t the way normal people would go about it. I know that. Being normal isn’t something I prize as an asset.

The real value of knowing, at a fundamental level, that you don’t know anything, is that it causes all kinds of possibilities to come into your head ‘besides’ those based on whatever you think you know, if you are, like just about everyone, someone who doesn’t get the meaning of “I don’t know” and is compelled to reason everything out in terms of what they think they do know.

My own interaction with anyone and everyone is determined by my grasp of what they think they know depending on how much of that gets transmitted to me. There’s no chance that what they know is going to seduce me into sharing their perspective on anything but it does adjust me in a way so that I can interact with them in what looks like an understanding way. My position in the equation is to attempt to transmit unknowing into the exchange and hope it takes.

Whatever happened to me personally must have been pretty severe because I never get the impression that if I knew more about what happened in the past, I would better understand the present. I suspect that it does work that way but my situation doesn’t require it. When it does, the past pops up out of nowhere and the relevant parts come together for whatever the needed adjustment is and then the whole thing goes right back where it came from again and only what needs to remain stays, without my actually being aware of it afterwards, unless I’m supposed to.

I hope all of this is useful where it can be and not confusing where it might be, unless the confusion is an impetus to being useful later on. The safety of the fish in The Gulf of Mexico and whatever this post is attempting to convey, are both dependent on everyone’s individual state of being and how that matches up against the archetypal realities that our existence is based upon to begin with. My take is, as long as I think I know what that is or I think I can somehow discover it, there’s going to be a problem somewhere and… as long as I don’t know what any of it really means, there’s a chance I’ll find out as long as I can refrain from getting in the way of the answer to whatever question is on the way to me as soon as I ask it. I hope that’s all clear enough for me to say, Aloha and Ahrooooooooo and see you next time.

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

Side note; I was more than a little surprised to find that since I wrote the post about The New Shangri La just a short time ago that there was over a hundred new members added since; close to around 130 to be more precise. Zounds!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Stupids take the Prize and Scream for their own Death.

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Quite often I wish that I and others like me had a wider reach in terms of exposure. The people we would most like to have made aware of the things we talk about are unlikely to ever be curious enough on their own to come here. I know this means that they’re going to get a wakeup that won’t be tender because they just can’t catch on otherwise and that saddens me.

Susanne had a friend in over the last several days. We’ve had a number of guests coming from distant and not so distant locations. I noted that her friend was not friendly to me in the way she had been the last time I had seen her. I didn’t think about it because that kind of thing just doesn’t make much difference to me anymore. Susanne came to me yesterday to tell me that her friend had gone to this blog and clicked on one of the sites in my blog roll and got really offended by something that blogger has written, as if I were the author and also responsible for it.

It probably had something to do with Zionism because now she thinks I am a Nazi, even though I didn’t write it and haven’t even seen it. This is an expression of the kind of thing that determines the sense of reality that is held by so many people and which is the primary and greatest problem that operates in the world today. People aren’t curious or open to more than they think they already know, so they aren’t open to having their mind changed, if the truth about something they swallowed whole from sources, whose intent was to deceive them to begin with, can be conclusively disproved if they would only take the trouble to inquire or look further.

It’s this that makes 9/11 and just about everything being perpetrated by the real villains, so difficult to expose to the people who most need to see the truth. They just accept what they are told, even when the explanations are absurd. Not only can I prove that 9/11 was not done by Bin Laden and a handful of Stone Age Arabs but I can also prove who did do it simply by the overwhelming body of circumstantial evidence; even more so with the hard and conclusive facts that are not circumstantial at all.

I shake my head in wonder at the colossal ignorance and lack of curiosity that is the present state of humanity. George W. Bush is the poster boy for the mass consciousness of those deluded by materialism and bombastic patriotic hogwash. I watched an exchange between Anderson Cooper and that Texas congressman who declared on the floor of the House of Representatives that terrorists were sending pregnant women to America so that they could give birth here and receive a passport for their child, in order to return at a later point and commit acts of terror. He had no proof at all and it didn’t seem to matter to him that he was on national TV and being humiliated by his own arrogance and lies. He was going to press on no matter what because somehow he knew that the truth doesn’t matter in a time when all you have to do is say the same thing over and over in order to convince most of the people of anything.

In the beginning of the clip you see a Texas legislator, Debbie Riddle applying the same kind of transparently absurd innuendo, in place of evidence to support this kind of nonsense. Terrorists don’t need babies with passports in the first place. That’s like walking all the way around the Earth to come up behind someone who isn’t even paying attention in the first place. Meanwhile the actual terrorists are the people who own the media that presents these clueless tools, who were told to say these things because they are shameless whores who knowingly work against the interests of the people they were elected to serve.

I can prove everything I say because I usually don’t say anything I can’t prove and if I speculate I make that clear but... no one cares enough to ask me, or any of the rest of us, to do so. It’s just not important. This is how the president of the United States can tell the nation that The Gulf of Mexico is perfectly safe for swimming and that not only are the fish safe to eat but that the fishermen should be back out there catching them. In the small print it says that the fishermen are liable if anything goes wrong. There seems to be no end to the lengths that these people will go to make things worse. How does this profit anyone? People will die from exposure to the combination of Corexit and benzene, combined with all of the other toxic compounds that work in concert to be far more toxic than any of these items are by themselves. People will die from eating the seafood harvested from those waters.

All of this deadly mischief can be tracked to the bankers and corporations, whose intent is to reap as much profit as is possible by doing the worst things they can imagine, in order to also make a profit from pretending to clean up the disasters they committed in the first place. The overwhelming numbers of those responsible are representatives of one of the smallest population groups on the planet. It’s hard to imagine a punishment that is great enough to equal what is warranted by the crimes they have visited upon humanity. This group has engineered awesome crimes just for the opportunity to present themselves as victims, in order to have even greater latitude for more crimes and offenses against the public at every opportunity. The sheer insanity of this is beyond measuring and the public carries on as if these people had their best interests at heart.

All of these people and their associates and servants of every stripe should be dragged from their places of employment and given the Ceausescu treatment. I never thought I would be thinking anything like this and have the firm and unshakeable belief that this would be a tremendous understatement in terms of what is deserved but... necessity demands an expedience to their removal from this plane of being.

These people have gained control of the Central Banks and used this control to print money that they provide to their associates in order to buy up most of the media and entertainment corporations for the purpose of destroying the human race, or enslaving it entirely, while painting themselves as history’s biggest victims, while history is filled with incidents they caused, which far exceed anything they claim happened to them and which also confirms their propensity to be exactly what was said about them every time they were booted out of any country, at any time, since history was being written. No group of people on Earth has been sent packing more times by more nations, ever.

The irony of this is that if I were given the chance to prove every bit of this beyond any possible argument, I would be made to look like those cretins Anderson Cooper was talking to who had no proof of anything. In fact, most of the public wouldn’t even need any help in coming to that conclusion because there is something in their ignorance that demands the truth be treated with contempt at all times and that lies should be exalted to near religious status simply because they are lies and for no other reason.

It is beyond my capacity for description to communicate the unbelievable absurdity of the times. Lately, I am in such awe of what I see that I am almost incapable of writing about it. I sit in a quiet park nearby, or in the backyard by the small pond; on the terrace of the empty apartment below and I sing to myself all of these things, as if my being needs the catharsis so bad that it caused this phenomenon to happen. I wind up being driven to the small park up the street at any hour of the day or night, just because I need to express these things into the atmosphere. I’m aware of people coming and going while I am doing this and I can’t contain my need to do it any time I am on the streets headed anywhere as if my existence depended on it.

It’s one thing to be so stupid that you allow yourself to be reduced to the state you are in now but it is another thing entirely to willingly cooperate with your abusers, as if that was all you ever wanted, while being reduced to ever worsening conditions, with no other reaction than unflinching support of them. If someone comes around and works to free or enlighten you, they had better watch their ass because you will kill them if you can.

I can’t get my head around it. There must be something I can do, if not for you then for myself, which would remove from me the need to preach to the choir while the congregation prays for the possibility to be made deaf and dumb and blind to any chance of being affected in ways that might prove beneficial to them. When blog entries stop for a time and comments don’t appear and emails don’t get answered, it is because I have become near frozen by the impotence of my efforts in the face of the conditions that surround me.

I am secure in the idea that there is a reason for all of this but that does not lessen the impact of all the things written about here today. Sometimes you just have to soldier on, no matter how pointless your own efforts may seem to you and be comforted by the assurance that it never did depend on you but upon the thing on which you yourself depend for everything and anything that has made it possible for you to see, even if you can’t understand.

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

I didn’t do a radio show this weekend for reasons that are explained in the text of this posting. If I get motivated I will do one...

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Anacondas and the Jesus Jumping Girl.

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This is a blank page, or, it was a blank page. I could say anything here and someone will read it. Maybe I can make an anaconda come out of your bacon and eggs and eat your breakfast in front of you, while your children watch and maybe one of them says, “Shouldn’t that be on TV”? ...and maybe I can’t. We’ll see. I don’t eat bacon and rarely any kind of eggs but I might know an anaconda or two.

I don’t know who I am and- I never have- or I forgot. Whatever the case, I don’t know. Could be reincarnation is a fact. I believe it is. If so, then I also don’t know who I was before the last time, most of the time. Sometimes I do remember and I think that has something to do with whatever I have been looking for, for such a long time and I think for anyone that is how you come to define yourself or simply allow yourself to be defined; in one case or another. That’s the empty suit phenomenon and the vehicle of psychopaths, which are the cutting edge; Wharton School graduates of recent times and... other places and other suits.

The hardest thing in this world is to not be an asshole. Like the empty suit, it is more than it seems. One thing you can be sure of, if you are an asshole you will act it out. It comes with the persona. Probably the most pathetic thing in the world is the unclaimed asshole, trembling in a suspended state, no face attached- you get to use your imagination on that one- and it’s just there, wanting to be owned by anyone... someone. Go ahead, write your name on that ass with a felt tip marker, so that it says, “Property of” ...who the fuck knows?

What is it with a person that allows them to think that there is some ambition or profit or desire that is important enough for them to murder their own being in public view, or out of public view? It works either way, anyway.

I understand the arguments about whether there is or is not a god. Let’s put that aside for the moment. Let’s talk about logic and also about how you feel. What do you want? Even though I do not know Jack Shit, I am aware of him and he is not a friend of mine. It could be that he does not exist.

Somehow, somewhere, someone lost the point. Or; maybe this and maybe that, I don’t live on maybe and Hope is a lot like meringue.

They are about to shuffle the cards again. They? Them? Him? Her? It? Be my guest; like I said, let’s put that aside for the moment. What is it that you think you want? What do you trade off for something else? If it keeps going upscale then I guess there is no problem but... if you are trading off something that you already owned, in order to no longer own what was yours in the first place and you think that is a good deal then maybe you live on Maybe Street.

I’m looking at a culture where the Jumping Jesus Girl got to be the prom queen and married the quarterback and just said to herself, “You know what? I don’t like Cherry Hill anymore. I think I’ll go over to Camden and see if anyone wants to turn me into a crack whore. I will still have a family but I realize I am too stupid to pay attention to what’s happening around me. I based my life on superficial shit so... uh, shouldn’t I be a superficial slut and have all the things that adored and propped me up force themselves back into the canal through which I produce the continuing dream of my own replicants and be left totally unsatisfied in the bargain?”

Well, there you are and this isn’t a blank page anymore.

As it ever was, most of the world is struggling to get or to hold on to their little piece of what’s important while being compelled to trade off what is important, for the security of appearing to be, because a handful of not so empty suits did an HIV tag marker thing on the thing that made you lose it for something else, that wasn’t worth shit. Ask Jack. He knows

You can’t live according to ideals you don’t actually live by. Do you lie to yourself or not? Do you make money?

This world is exactly what it is until people can no longer tolerate their conditions, then the money moves to the other side of the fence. That is where you have to catch them. Just take their money and do the right thing. Putin understood this and is one of the few who actually gives a shit about his own people. They are going after him hammer and tongs as I write. They are going after Jeff Rense through some guy named Larry Sinclair. They go after Mike Rivero via Alex Jones and they put on the Allman Brothers doing; “Tied to a Whipping Post”

Jeff Rense sits in a room for 14 hours a day keeping his website alive with little or no help and surviving in a minimalist sort of a way because he is trying to lift the veil of ignorance that everyone uses to convince their lying eyes. Michael Rivero is like the element (molybdenum?) that was bonded on to the car of the lead singer for The Seeds that I saw sitting in Richard Brush’s driveway on Maui and because of which, it was impenetrable to one force or another.

It all comes down to whether people tell the truth. You want finesse? Then you get shades of truth and you don’t want the truth. I want the truth and I wander around between these places looking for it and why is that? ...because I am more likely to get it there. Some places are ‘highly likely’ and some are suspect. The Truthseeker, Infohub, Global Research, Information Clearing House, Uruknet, Pakalert; they all look like the good guys and they keep looking like the good guys as time goes on and that, of course, includes those already mentioned and... what about David Icke? I would know a lot less if I had never read him and he passes the litmus test. They all do. They all pass the litmus test. They are beleaguered and beaten on. Some of them might even make money but I don’t think that’s the driving force.

I don’t know this but I would bet that none of them get along because they are all vying for the same space but they are brothers under the hood of that automobile. They are one way or another, personal shortcomings aside, warriors for the good of the rest of us.

It’s past time for the real soldiers among us to put aside our differences and forgive each others trespasses. It’s past time for all of us to stop carrying that impossible standard up the metaphorical Iwo Jima. You do it together. You don’t do it alone.

With all the known disinfo operations, of which we are aware, if we would just concede what we don’t actually know, we would be a lot closer to getting there. We are pulling sand back into the hole we are climbing out of and it’s not effective. Very soon now, things are going to dramatically change. We won’t even have a choice then. We already made our choice anyway.

It’s a good thing I don’t know what I’m talking about or I probably wouldn’t have written this and... then again, that might not be a good thing. All I know is that when push comes to shove most of it depends on whether you are in a crowded room at the time. I’d be a lot happier with the whole affair if there were more laissez faire between the real truth tellers and a lot less give between the liars but whores are always a lot more relaxed than debutantes when faced with the inevitable reward for whatever it is they have to offer; given that there is, of course, a quite different class of suitor.

Tomorrow it will be another blank page and for everyone reading this there will come another blank page so, I guess we’re rehearsing for something.

End Transmission......

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

How They do it and The Solution to their Evil Intent

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There are two reasons why Israel dominates American domestic and foreign policy. They control the mass media that gives the intentionally dumbed down American public their news and their world view. They control the money supply by controlling the central banks that issue currency via the mediums that actually print it according to their instructions. The same is true of Canada, the U.K. and Australia and all the satellites where their influence prevails. To a varying degree this also applies to the European Union and their common market. In a real politicks sense, this provides a united front against non-cooperative economies and the placement of dangerous weapons on far reaching borders. This is especially true in Eastern Europe where IMF and other injurious, vampire interest, money lending consortiums, coerce the governments to follow a demanded policy of subservience to the general mindset of enforced paranoia at the expense of the people’s and cultures of all affected nations.

Money and the movement of money is the god of the temporal sphere. The force of the will of this satanic deity, compels all affected nations to be engaged in an international commerce of weapons and munitions that must be used against middle and far eastern nations so that there is always a demand for more of them. The war machine employs a never ending commerce of fuel, food, various constructions, military hardware and personnel as well as any and all items that you can think of, which are required by any society and the war machine is a society. It’s much like a casino but instead of betting against the house in the hope of profit; a stupid idea for the bettor, since the game is rigged, the players, which are the peoples of the world, bet against each other for the profit of the ones controlling the game and hope they are on the right side when there is no right side.

The peoples of the world are basically helpless, or seem to be, against the all pervading influence of this money machine, which is a corporation juggernaut that seeks the highest profit margin against the smallest amount of expense. What this means is that the quality of goods is constantly lessened in order to reduce the cost of manufacture. A good example is that of genetically modified seeds and the corporate farming industry that is also engaged in the production of processed foods. The elimination of competition is also important for the profit margin, so that farmer’s markets, raw and organic foods concerns and any industry which seeks to offer the consumer a more desirable and healthy choice are being attacked with gratuitous legislations that seek to put them out of business. This process exists at every level of commerce, to the advantage of the corporations and the disadvantage of the independent operator and the consumer. This applies to the illegal drug trade, just as it does the so-called legal drug trade, where small time operators are killed or imprisoned. In the legal drug market, new innovations and healthy alternatives are suppressed or made illegal by corporate funded control of the government agencies engaged in the protection of corporate interests.

Unions are not good for the corporate bottom line so they are destroyed. Manufacturing in first world countries is not good for the bottom line so that is off-shored. All the national expenses like social security, unemployment benefits, health care, welfare and anything you can name, that advantages the needs of the retired, the unemployed and the destitute are not good for the bottom line in relation to tax cuts for the wealthy, so they are systematically reduced or made extremely laborious to acquire, which allows for a relentless, incremental increasing in the profits for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and the poor via legislation brought into effect by bribed and threatened government officials, who are engineered into their posts based on the degree of their cooperation with this systematic abuse of the common soul. Where there is a need to counter public or individual challenges to this horrible system, armies of lawyers are employed and legislations are effected to reduce the costs of these efforts through all manner of rules and regulations that are in place to defend the wealth of those who stole it from the populations.

It’s not difficult to understand this if you want to. People might come together and take the necessary steps to end the power of these vampires with their abusive and ruinous system but the people have been exposed to a controlled education system that makes compliance and stupidity into a virtue. They are provided with meaningless entertainments and the promise of instant riches, which they never achieve. They are confused and set against each other on the basis of membership in opposing political parties, the possession of a different colored skin, race, nationality and religion.

The people are very much in a position to do something about this and that is why movements like The Tea Party come into being, to draw them into useless and unprofitable directions with the hope of change that never comes. This is why hope and change figured so prominently in the campaign of a clueless empty suit that recently replaced another clueless empty suit that stands at the head of the government apparatus, which is controlled by bankers and corporations.

If the people refuse to work and refuse to pay taxes until the government is dissolved it will happen. They must refuse to vote at all. Several things will automatically happen as a result of this and then they can gain control of the government and the legal system and have all oppressive laws done away with. Then they can place the tax burdens on the rich and the corporations or take away everything they have and let that be the end of it. If the people do not cooperate the system will grind to a halt. It’s all a little more complicated than this but this limited posting is not the place for minutiae of action and inaction.

The system of mass information control has to be seized from the hands of those wielding in on behalf of the bankers, the war machine and the corporations. All debt must be disowned and placed in the shoulders of those who have used it to enslave the people. Money should never be given to people who manipulated the system for personal profit and then forced the people to pay for their greed and mistakes. This debt has no justification and must be collectively disowned. This is accomplished by a collective agreement to pay no taxes at all.

Some amount of revolution is, no doubt, required. Psychopathic vermin which are feeding on the prosperity and strength of the public- both of which are in danger of complete disappearance- will not surrender their top of the food chain, bloodsucking enterprises, without the massed threat of the people demanding their departure, exile or extermination. One cannot tell what an angry mob, finally pushed to extremis, may be capable of but… given our greater compassion, it stands to reason that all of those culpable for the state of existence at this time, should at least be exiled for life to an island from which they cannot leave and where they can be maintained at a basic level of survival and possibly employed in the mundane tasks of taking care of each other. Corporations like BP and Monsanto should be put on trial for crimes against humanity and served up the justice they have, for so long, employed against the populations of the earth. The lands and properties and titles of the royalties and aristocracies must be taken according to a public tax of a high magnitude and leaving them with basic housing and some minor amount of land.

I recognize that these demands have been made and enforced by others in the past, as in the vicious murder and enslavement of tens of millions in the Soviet republics, by the Zionist machine of psychopathic Satanists and we would surely want to avoid this sort of thing. Zionism must be utterly destroyed. Making sure that none of them, or anyone like them, is anywhere near the machinery of revolution in leadership or financing is important and non negotiable.

Can these things be effectively accomplished? I have no idea. Is something of this order necessary? Yes, if you are not willing to be terminally enslaved and tormented for generations. There is no limit to how far this evil machinery will press you and abuse you. It does not stop unless you or some mysterious force causes it to lose its ability to function. The means to achieve this are available and the emergence of a new awareness, combined with the passing away of bankrupt institutions and methodologies is the perfect time. It’s coming anyway.

End Transmission.......

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'Jews from Outer Space'

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Unstoppable Force of Irresistible Change

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Tomorrow is the 10th. I don’t know why certain dates come into my mind. It’s like I can see a flashing LED sign that’s off to the side in my mind but I have yet to get a date or a time period right. My optimism has taken a beating lately, when I started moving around through mass media comments sections. The sheer weight of false belief and wack opinion becomes oppressive to a noticeable degree. This was about 3 weeks ago, I started putting up comments about what has really been going on and it’s been a little brutal, like a Catholic schoolgirl lost on the streets of Tangiers.

Then, this last week, something interesting has been happening at I began to see a different kind of commentary beginning to appear. Out of nowhere there appeared a handful of commentators who were speaking in negative terms about Israel and her connection to orchestrating and performing the 9/11 attacks; comments in support of Gaza and in opposition to the Iran War (spoken of here as a real item in virtual space, precipitating down from the ethers). I’d been a little blue over the sheer weight of intransigent stupidity. It became clear that only catastrophic bad shit would change the herd view of accepted lies.

I thought of all the forums that I don’t visit; internet septic systems where regular Joe and ordinary Bob go on defending vicious behavior on the part of their leaders. There is a wide span of the disenfranchised electorate that are sure their votes count. They defend Obama and Bloody Hillary, who attack helpless populations on the pretext that they are engaged in the very acts that drug money fueled black ops, perpetuate on behalf of those they murder for the purpose of terrorizing people who had nothing to do with them.

This is an age of intellectual darkness where the capacity for objective reasoning has been removed from the public mind. We know that poor diet and impoverished conditions are directly tied to a drone like state among the common people. You throw in the force of fascist, fundamentalist, religious fantasies that are very much like hysteria and news that is not news but which is fabricated to give an appearance of truth to palpable lies and you’ve got a mental box of tightly packed fish, who still think they are swimming in the ocean, only they are swimming upside down.

My optimism has shifted since I’ve seen people coming out of the woodwork, to make the kind of comments you seldom see on mass media disinfo sites. It’s mindblowing, even if it is on a small scale. I’m trying to live in a new world that is always around the corner. The time line for so many changes and events has been stretched far past the time when I expected them to have already taken place. Behind the scenes, huge forces are stalemated against each other in pursuit of the kind of thing that used to happen any time the brown shirts wanted them to. The identities of good guys and bad guys has blurred into a shades of gray condition, as if life were now some kind of cinema noir.

You can see the reality of what Lao Tzu had to say about the latter days of any culture or system of government where evil and venal men and women mine the wreckage for personal profit. It’s the accepted thing to lie and conspire while presented oneself as a patriot and defender of the land and the people they are looting. Speeches are filled with flowery words that mean nothing. Honor is an empty suit that parades around as a mockery of itself while ignorant people applaud and wonder at the mysterious presence and power of those who give the appearance of possessing virtues, which would instantly compromise all of their selfish actions. It doesn’t matter anymore what you are, it only matters how you make yourself appear to be. All of these seemingly, intelligent people dance around each other like courtiers at the palace of a corrupt monarch. The trivia of important lives has replaced the substance of what everyone once expected.

People no longer respect their leaders. They fear them and they mock them and the business of politics and public service is business, in the employ of psychopathic profit machines that are called corporations. These vampires drain the people like the flies struggling in a spider’s web. It’s all become “honor and fealty gone to waste” as Lao Tzu says. The time in which he lived must have been a lot like the times we are in. He finally got on a water buffalo and rode out beyond the Great Wall of China, which was being constructed at the time he was around. He rode away into the land of the immortals which is veiled from the eyes of mortals. I hear that governments are seeking such places to make war on them.

This world is not what it appears to be and it is just what it appears to be but only within the context of the illusion that pervades the minds of the sleepwalking dead. Beyond that are all sorts of places that are in solitary retreat from the rampaging ignorance and greed of the times; it is the normal way of being for the majority to emulate those who prey on them and jockey for a position in the employ of their oppressors. It is in periods like these that nations like Israel can thrive and promote the despicable lie that they are some single democratic stronghold, which is surrounded by manufactured enemies; made into enemies for the profit line of what is no more than a commercial interest, that reaps the profits of wars that are fomented by bankers who dance before the image of a Golden Calf.

Systems without a basic integrity cannot hold themselves together, whether they are political, religious or commercial enterprises. It’s all falling apart and can only be held together by force and false information. The power of The Apocalypse is focusing a destructive and revealing light into the temples of darkness, which has imprisoned the people of the world in ceaseless, rotating treadmills of drudgery and abandoned hope.

This light, which is the light of irresistible change, is sending terror into the hearts of those who have accepted conditions that are in direct conflict with the urge of human freedom and those on the verge of being liberated by it are locking their arms into the bars of their prisons in a death hold on the forces that have imprisoned them. It’s not a pretty site. Many people are losing themselves in complicated electronic objects that blot out the world around them. Pornography has replaced romance and religious institutions that were designed to promote the message of divine liberators have become money changing rooms that are the principal assets of the enemy, that the liberators came to expose and destroy. Christianity has become murder incorporated.

We have no choice but to go through the destruction of all these false gods of a dying time period. Those of us embracing what lies beyond these hypocritical constructs are aware of the age of brotherhood that waits beyond the transformation of the old world. One is in either of two main positions, either wedded or welded to the departing horrors, or reaching into what waits to be constructed. You know who you are supposed to be or you have no clue, beyond lies promoted by those whose purpose is to keep you ignorant of yourself and your true nature.

I find myself in the ‘any day’ mode. One day it will be upon us and everything else is a waiting room of uncertainty. I am waiting too, because what comes will dispose me and all of the rest of us into the roles and destinies that are required, either for the new industries that will build the conditions of the new world or as compost for it.

It’s hard to know what to say anymore. For the last three days I wasn’t sure I would be able to say anything more. Nothing that can be said means very much in this state that waits for the events and circumstances that will change the world we used to know, into something none of us can see that clearly. Heads are going to roll. Outbreaks of mob violence are going to sweep through the corrupt institutions. Those protected by brutal police and unthinking armies are going to find themselves unprotected and vulnerable in conditions that will happen so fast that they will have no idea what happened or how it happened.

It’s not just the catastrophic natural reactions of nature to our unflinching predatory behavior and wars and economic chaos that are going to alter nearly everything. It is the approaching change of consciousness that is going to transform all of our perceptions into new and sometimes frightening states. Those who cannot embrace these deep personal changes are going to be recycled because they have no place in what is coming. Opportunity for personal growth and the elimination of our common darkness is available to everyone but it appears that only a minority is and will be availing itself of possibilities that are benevolent beyond our present ability to apprehend.

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The new radio show should be available for download or will be shortly. I apologize for not knowing what to say and fumbling around in my head for copy that wasn’t there. This is all a part of this recent period of the waiting room environment.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Man with the Bullhorn is a Lying Sack of Shit.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... I have to say it sometime. I didn’t want to say it because the next thing you know, someone will ask me why I let Jeff Rense link me or some other crap about something that isn't real and which I knowingly appreciate. I was astounded when Michael Rivero stopped printing my work and didn’t answer my emails but I never said anything bad about Michael. I just said I didn’t understand. Readers here know that I was perplexed and some readers said I should denounce Michael, since he was probably listening to his handlers. I never believed that and Michael stayed in my links and I always went to see what he thought was important because I trusted him to be honest and real. It didn’t matter what he thought of me.

The time came, over a year later, when I saw that Michael needed money to keep going because a certain Zionist controlled entity was no longer willing to pay him for his specialty contribution. I smelled a rat but there was no way I was going to write anything about it unless I asked Michael first. I wanted to help him and it didn’t matter what he thought about me which, I thought had to do with my talking about the divine so much. He doesn’t really know if there is one or not and I think he would tell you so but he doesn’t like religion and neither do I... neither do I.

I wrote him to ask for the information and he said, basically, “Screw all of that. What do you mean by, how I feel about you? I love your wonderful writings.” I thought, WTF? It turned out that, all of a sudden, he never had gotten any of my mail and this went on for two weeks during a period when it had never happened before. My not denouncing him made me feel pretty good in the aftermath.

Then that thing happened with Rense where, all of a sudden, I wasn’t on the site again. Once again I was perplexed, except in this case, I didn’t have anything to do with being on the site in the first place. I’m a curious guy. I discussed at a much earlier time how, when I first heard Jeff Rense speak, that the tenor of his voice made me keep listening. It was as if he could not sound like he did, at least to my ears, if he weren’t real. When I was suddenly gone from his site, the only thing I said was that maybe that Chomsky quote on his page had something to do with it. Nothing happened. People told me they had written Jeff and it got forgotten. A few weeks later I got an email from a Rense reader and contributor of my work who said that the only reason I hadn’t appeared, or had disappeared was because he was on vacation. He was the one who had been submitting my work. Then I got some emails from Jeff that blew my mind with his courtesy and professed appreciation. Reader’s... never burn your bridges with people just because your ego, which you think you don’t have, gets offended by something you don’t understand.

People still tell me bad things about Jeff and Michael and Rixon from the Truthseeker too. Rixon is the only one that never put me aside, no matter the reason ...but Rixon also was tested here because a crazy Texas hairdresser told him I was a major drug supplier. You would think, in that case, I would have some when I wanted them (grin); such is not the reality. Rixon found out on his own and has been a strong friend and a tireless advocate of getting me out there. I sometimes question his choices of writers and sometimes I wonder at Michael and his personal windmills. I don’t know enough about Jeff to have an opinion like that but... today, I got to say something about that blowhard with a bullhorn and I try to be understanding, like I was in these other cases but I got to call it like I see it when those I know, who are doing the good work, get screwed by those presenting themselves as truth tellers.

I don’t know how these three view each other but I know how I view each of them and no one is going to change that and if you respect my acumen and opinion you won’t try. I wouldn’t be alive today if the divine had not given me the power to spot a fake and not get taken in by anything because I don’t want what they offer and have far better given to me, in plain sight, every day if I wanted it. Not wanting anything makes you a good judge of character and that brings me to today’s painful exercise but I’m still going to have to say just a little more. Besides the people I mentioned, there are very few people I trust. I trust everyone to be who they are but very few are who they should be.

The first time I heard Alex Jones, all I could think was that he was really bombastic and annoying and he kept wanting to attract crowds to follow him in black t-shirts while he screamed that 9/11 was an Inside Job. I had already released an album by that name before he got around to saying any of that and I hadn’t identified who it was yet either, not entirely, but that was something that was still coming and when it did I said it like it was and is. So did Michael Rivero, Rixon Stewart and Jeff Rense. That is my litmus test when anyone who depends on advertising to do what they do has the courage and conviction to tell the truth and let the money go fuck itself.

I watched Alex Jones now and then. Sometimes Infowars would print one of my articles but if I said anything about Israel it never got published by them. I kept seeing that bullhorn and thinking how George Bush had done the same thing. When I found out that Israel had done 9/11, The Madrid Train Station and The London Tube, it pretty much rocked my world. Since then, if bad shit happens, I know they are behind it. Unlike most people, I have been deeply immersed, for a few years in each case, in the great religions of the world, except for the Synagogue of Satan, which I did know was just that a long time before I started doing this.

Then I saw where Alex Jones said that the Saudis controlled Hollywood, which was off the charts full of shit. Then I saw him defending Israel and never doing anything more than taking the attention of his readers and followers away from the truth, by acting like a loud embarrassment proof version of all the things he was supposed to despise and being proud of it. Then I found out who his advertisers are and who handles his public relations and the tree of money and influence that is the fruit of the poisoned message that takes the attention away from who and why is what and where.

I probably wouldn’t have ever said anything because when he goes down behind having made his ass a pleasure ground for some momentary money and fame, it will be through his own efforts and none of mine. Apparently the ruination troops of the American Dream and all those subsidiaries that call themselves countries and routinely bow down to felate the withered extremities of someone older than their own mother; referencing the Queen of England, have now circled the wagons because the truth will not be made into the same kind of bitch as one Alex Jones. When you are full of shit and don’t mind celebrating the fact then you damn well need a bullhorn since that leads into that Mussolini thing and your panting red face and rabbit ready incontinence is bound to make you angry enough to fuck everyone badly and with zero satisfaction- in the process-, before you supremely fuck yourself.

It’s a strange problem for the mathematicians, given that your reach can’t even reveal anything more of what is concealed by your pudgy little hands. The divine blesses those who seek with all the equipment necessary to the celebration of what the religions forbid ...but he’s real cheap with the pretenders and catamites who have to pay for it or get it as a perk that fakes the result, which is convincing enough for those who make lying a profession.

Alex Jones, you’re full of shit and better men than you have suffered because of it. You want Michael Rivero off of your channel, when it so happens he is Sephardic and loves truth so much more than the dark wet places you hump to help you forget what you are, minding that you might actually be those dark wet places in a confusion of bodies who forget what they did in the night.

We can no longer afford people believing a tolerable lie in the face of an uncomfortable truth. Every Jew in the world owes a debt to Michael Rivero whether they are in the majority of villains and supporting staff or... silent and lacking the conviction he displays on your behalf every miserably paid day. Like the others I mentioned, there are some few people who work on your behalf like monks in a small cell of determined sacrifice and wouldn’t even count their lives meaningful if they couldn’t keep on doing it to their last breath. So, Alex Jones, on behalf of this deep asleep human race, I urge you to go fuck yourself and tell me whether you’ve been given the means to make that worth doing, given that you’ve done such a bad job on everyone else.

Addendum; I apologize for being too chickenshit to say what I actually think, so I hope you can read between the lines and forgive me for acting like a chick. This is my understanding of who runs my world, so I can’t do more than emulate it (grin). Anyone defending this cat works for what is funding him and don’t tell me about how many eyes he has opened when the whole point is to blind them to the truth as soon as they get a whiff of it.

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La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List

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