Monday, August 9, 2010

The Unstoppable Force of Irresistible Change

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Tomorrow is the 10th. I don’t know why certain dates come into my mind. It’s like I can see a flashing LED sign that’s off to the side in my mind but I have yet to get a date or a time period right. My optimism has taken a beating lately, when I started moving around through mass media comments sections. The sheer weight of false belief and wack opinion becomes oppressive to a noticeable degree. This was about 3 weeks ago, I started putting up comments about what has really been going on and it’s been a little brutal, like a Catholic schoolgirl lost on the streets of Tangiers.

Then, this last week, something interesting has been happening at I began to see a different kind of commentary beginning to appear. Out of nowhere there appeared a handful of commentators who were speaking in negative terms about Israel and her connection to orchestrating and performing the 9/11 attacks; comments in support of Gaza and in opposition to the Iran War (spoken of here as a real item in virtual space, precipitating down from the ethers). I’d been a little blue over the sheer weight of intransigent stupidity. It became clear that only catastrophic bad shit would change the herd view of accepted lies.

I thought of all the forums that I don’t visit; internet septic systems where regular Joe and ordinary Bob go on defending vicious behavior on the part of their leaders. There is a wide span of the disenfranchised electorate that are sure their votes count. They defend Obama and Bloody Hillary, who attack helpless populations on the pretext that they are engaged in the very acts that drug money fueled black ops, perpetuate on behalf of those they murder for the purpose of terrorizing people who had nothing to do with them.

This is an age of intellectual darkness where the capacity for objective reasoning has been removed from the public mind. We know that poor diet and impoverished conditions are directly tied to a drone like state among the common people. You throw in the force of fascist, fundamentalist, religious fantasies that are very much like hysteria and news that is not news but which is fabricated to give an appearance of truth to palpable lies and you’ve got a mental box of tightly packed fish, who still think they are swimming in the ocean, only they are swimming upside down.

My optimism has shifted since I’ve seen people coming out of the woodwork, to make the kind of comments you seldom see on mass media disinfo sites. It’s mindblowing, even if it is on a small scale. I’m trying to live in a new world that is always around the corner. The time line for so many changes and events has been stretched far past the time when I expected them to have already taken place. Behind the scenes, huge forces are stalemated against each other in pursuit of the kind of thing that used to happen any time the brown shirts wanted them to. The identities of good guys and bad guys has blurred into a shades of gray condition, as if life were now some kind of cinema noir.

You can see the reality of what Lao Tzu had to say about the latter days of any culture or system of government where evil and venal men and women mine the wreckage for personal profit. It’s the accepted thing to lie and conspire while presented oneself as a patriot and defender of the land and the people they are looting. Speeches are filled with flowery words that mean nothing. Honor is an empty suit that parades around as a mockery of itself while ignorant people applaud and wonder at the mysterious presence and power of those who give the appearance of possessing virtues, which would instantly compromise all of their selfish actions. It doesn’t matter anymore what you are, it only matters how you make yourself appear to be. All of these seemingly, intelligent people dance around each other like courtiers at the palace of a corrupt monarch. The trivia of important lives has replaced the substance of what everyone once expected.

People no longer respect their leaders. They fear them and they mock them and the business of politics and public service is business, in the employ of psychopathic profit machines that are called corporations. These vampires drain the people like the flies struggling in a spider’s web. It’s all become “honor and fealty gone to waste” as Lao Tzu says. The time in which he lived must have been a lot like the times we are in. He finally got on a water buffalo and rode out beyond the Great Wall of China, which was being constructed at the time he was around. He rode away into the land of the immortals which is veiled from the eyes of mortals. I hear that governments are seeking such places to make war on them.

This world is not what it appears to be and it is just what it appears to be but only within the context of the illusion that pervades the minds of the sleepwalking dead. Beyond that are all sorts of places that are in solitary retreat from the rampaging ignorance and greed of the times; it is the normal way of being for the majority to emulate those who prey on them and jockey for a position in the employ of their oppressors. It is in periods like these that nations like Israel can thrive and promote the despicable lie that they are some single democratic stronghold, which is surrounded by manufactured enemies; made into enemies for the profit line of what is no more than a commercial interest, that reaps the profits of wars that are fomented by bankers who dance before the image of a Golden Calf.

Systems without a basic integrity cannot hold themselves together, whether they are political, religious or commercial enterprises. It’s all falling apart and can only be held together by force and false information. The power of The Apocalypse is focusing a destructive and revealing light into the temples of darkness, which has imprisoned the people of the world in ceaseless, rotating treadmills of drudgery and abandoned hope.

This light, which is the light of irresistible change, is sending terror into the hearts of those who have accepted conditions that are in direct conflict with the urge of human freedom and those on the verge of being liberated by it are locking their arms into the bars of their prisons in a death hold on the forces that have imprisoned them. It’s not a pretty site. Many people are losing themselves in complicated electronic objects that blot out the world around them. Pornography has replaced romance and religious institutions that were designed to promote the message of divine liberators have become money changing rooms that are the principal assets of the enemy, that the liberators came to expose and destroy. Christianity has become murder incorporated.

We have no choice but to go through the destruction of all these false gods of a dying time period. Those of us embracing what lies beyond these hypocritical constructs are aware of the age of brotherhood that waits beyond the transformation of the old world. One is in either of two main positions, either wedded or welded to the departing horrors, or reaching into what waits to be constructed. You know who you are supposed to be or you have no clue, beyond lies promoted by those whose purpose is to keep you ignorant of yourself and your true nature.

I find myself in the ‘any day’ mode. One day it will be upon us and everything else is a waiting room of uncertainty. I am waiting too, because what comes will dispose me and all of the rest of us into the roles and destinies that are required, either for the new industries that will build the conditions of the new world or as compost for it.

It’s hard to know what to say anymore. For the last three days I wasn’t sure I would be able to say anything more. Nothing that can be said means very much in this state that waits for the events and circumstances that will change the world we used to know, into something none of us can see that clearly. Heads are going to roll. Outbreaks of mob violence are going to sweep through the corrupt institutions. Those protected by brutal police and unthinking armies are going to find themselves unprotected and vulnerable in conditions that will happen so fast that they will have no idea what happened or how it happened.

It’s not just the catastrophic natural reactions of nature to our unflinching predatory behavior and wars and economic chaos that are going to alter nearly everything. It is the approaching change of consciousness that is going to transform all of our perceptions into new and sometimes frightening states. Those who cannot embrace these deep personal changes are going to be recycled because they have no place in what is coming. Opportunity for personal growth and the elimination of our common darkness is available to everyone but it appears that only a minority is and will be availing itself of possibilities that are benevolent beyond our present ability to apprehend.

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The new radio show should be available for download or will be shortly. I apologize for not knowing what to say and fumbling around in my head for copy that wasn’t there. This is all a part of this recent period of the waiting room environment.

Smoking Mirrors Mirror.


Zoner said...

The waiting is, indeed, the hardest part.

Thank you for your efforts, Visible, even when it isn't effortless.


Mister_Ed said...

I'm...almost without response. MSNBC allowing honest commentary? Auspicious sign, or harbinger of the greater horrors we (we here, at least) all know are waiting in the wings?

Well, maybe I got a thought to blow everyone's mind. I was thinking to myself the other day, China, America and Russia could go at it, the world go anarchist, Road Warrior culture do its thing, the poles shift, sun start rising in the west, the Piscean age finally over, and then it would happen: the darkman, looking a little like the ominous former commander of USNORTHCOM (Victor E. Renuart) gets on what remains of television and boldly announces, "The Arab terrorists did it, but now it's all under control folks! And I'm your new president!"

Ain't my president, though. I could get reincarnated through 10 more of these apocalypses and he won't be my president. And when it all falls apart I just put on Sammy Hagar's "I'll Fall In Love Again," because...because I just roll that way. I like the optimism.

"...with a little luck, I'm bound to win..."

Totally insane? Fine, at least I have something to hum while the world hums something else.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is the calm before the storm, Les.

I hope we all can enjoy it, while it lasts.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,…Excellent: A somewhat sophical hue; a timely piece with an ominous if not foreboding nuance pervading every paragraph.


“Appraise war in terms of the fundamental factors. The first of these factors is moral influence.”

Love Light & Peace… Inshaa'Allaah.



Anonymous said...

In the waiting room we all wait, we wait for what we hope is beautiful and new while there is the underlying fear of something going wrong. When you look through the doors and and see doctors dressed as clowns going into the operating rooms, well, it shakes your confidence a bit.

It is like one of those games where you keep taking pieces out from the bottom knowing what is eventually going to happen.

What is going to happen, has to happen. All births have some level of pain. A new world awaits and an old one is dying.

As for the 10th, it is interesting to note that the Omamas are out of country with all of their 'friends' hooping it up on tax payers expense.

Proud to be walking laps around the waiting room with you Les.


Anonymous said...

Chin up, ol' chap!

"No one knows the hour or the minute when the Master will return."

This is probably a good thing, methinks...otherwise, we'd be driven out of our respective wits.

Finally, I worry about a ship bearing a 20'teu container originating (according to the paperwork) from Pakistan, let's say, sailing into HK's harbour, and then, a blinding light...

What then...enter the Dragon?

Hope not. DV

pax verbum

Neko Kinoshita said...

All I can say is,

I feel it to, this anticipation.

No more tolerance for the illusion.

Watching from and waiting in the alley,

Anonymous said...

hey mr visibles I've been feeling that too,strange old world,also whatever I post up their on facebook seems to stay their now actually on the newsfeed,never used to,maybe the pig worshippers have got another plan,..neil

Neko Kinoshita said...

Not so sure that tomorrow is the day, but the earthquake may be coming...


Anonymous said...

round and round the people go
all that glitters is not gold
foretold was the demise of the west
death and destruction shall be the rest
when all is lost and will be found
tis the day we shall be crowned
among the many dreams we held strong

Jubilee cometh?

Rebel 4E said...

This tired, polluted system is way overdue for radical change,
It's become a third rate B-movie at best.
Insanity (not the good kind) Reings! The centre cannot hold.
Yes, the Walking Dead surround us, dumbfound us...
Yet, in my heart I feel that many of the souls I've encountered in my journey so far are basically decent, loving creatures who deplore the violence and mistreatment they witness being handed out to the other peoples of this earth.

Change starts with me.

-One Love- (-___-)

Anonymous said...

veritas,you crack me up,good day to you sir..neil

Anonymous said...

I read an interesting little book sometime ago called 'Tipping Point'. It basically describes how trends follow a certain path: sort of a tip, tip, tip - bang.

It is not so noticeable when the tip tip is relatively slow but before you know it and with little notice - bang!

(It's a bit like when, lets say: Hush Puppy shoes were really naff - then a few people in the right places start to wear them and suddenly bang, everybody’s wearing them.)

Well I also have, now you mention it, noticed a bit of a tip tip of opinion towards sanity on MSM comments and forums.

Tip tip - Bang! (Siamsam)

Origen the heretic said...

"I hear that governments are seeking such places to make war on them." Les, would you please elaborate on this a little more?

I'd really like to see the MSM tell the truth about Israel (or allowing it to be said). This is the dog biting the hand that feeds it. I'm with Mr. Ed on this one, It could be part of the apocalypse, or the gloves have come off and they don't give a shit anymore. Based on past performance and the way things are much more in your face now, I'd say it's the latter. Another possibility is that they're filling out their 'A' list for re-education camp or better dead list. Any criticism of Zids is a hate crime. The WORD Zid is a hate crime. Oh well, what will be will be. And it's bound to be interesting.

Rev. John

Visible said...

I never wore those shoes and I don't even know what they are. In New York there are people who know the value of your ornamental handbag or pointy gay designed shoes which should bear the trademark, "Shoes by women for men who hate them."


as for that comment, think of it in the context of a war on Heaven. Now these principal demons in human form are seeking out the secret places of those who are entrusted with the blueprints and information for the coming age.

Always in times of darkness, the psychopaths seek control of the engines of light that are actually manifest on this sphere. Seek out the prophecy of Shamballa and it will reveal everything I am talking about. You can war against Heaven but you cannot win.

n times like this God lets trusted servants be seduced by forces that possess nothing and which their master can demonstrate at any time in far more beneficent and benevolent ways in order to make them truly important. The divine makes people think they are important only to betray themselves. The only people in Heaven that are immune to this are those who are mere servants and who don't believe false promises from a world that, one would think,l they had already been promoted out of. The outcome is always the same but the personal temptation to be a flaming asshole never changes.

Anonymous said...

hello again, I forgot to mention this...

Yesterday, I watched a film by Simon Shack entitled SEPTEMBER CLUES...a bit more of the curtain was peeled back, methinks.

If you haven't seen it, go here:

That's it for now.

Pax y'all and God Bless.

pax verbum

Frog said...

I too am in a waiting mode. The Divine has me in the wilderness. I'm cut off every place I turn and I can feel the hand of God upon me. I wish something would move but have learned enough to know sometimes you just have to wait and wait and watch and learn while you do wait.
Still, it's oppressive.
Every so often a small thing will show up in the news and I get a hint that a leviathan has just moved below the surface of things and I've only seen the tip of it's fin breaking the water.
Meanwhile the media force feeds us all garbage like we were geese in a foie gras factory. I'm so full I can't tolerate the TV shows or news services. The readers comments often bring on depression in me as I read(other then the breakthroughs that Les mentions, signs that life still exists). I start to think that the satanists are right after all. These bleating animals that approve of and demand entry to their own slaughter houses... They are fit only for that.
Yet, I don't want to go into the abattoir myself nor am I willing to join the satanists in what they do.
Which leads me back to waiting on the Divine.

Origen the heretic said...

Personally, I'm so disgusted with the lies, corruption of just about everything, the apathy and willful ignorance, the unimaginable (at least to a sane mind) crimes and on and on and on that I would not mind at all if this so-called civilization came to an abrupt end, whether or no anything better replaced it, and whether or not I survived it. But it's a great show!

Rev. John
wv ukstina - UK stinka? About as bad as the U.S.

Django said...

Closer and closer it comes. Is it only the sheer level of control that has stopped "it" from happening yet in a system with soooo much chaos and entropy? I have the deluded thought from time to time that maybe it really can be pulled out of the fire, but somehow I know it can't, and shouldn't be.
It's weird interacting with friends and loved ones and knowing that it's useless to even bring any of this up. It's not just haters that deny but otherwise smart and loving people who just can't go there because they know, they all really know deep down, the changes that are upon us. I look around now and try to pay attention to what may not be in its present form for very much longer. It seems more and more like most folks are indeed dreaming.
When it's just daily experience, there are still many moments of beauty to be had, before the influence of those who would have it otherwise intrudes again.
This place is a a reminder to come out of the dream myself, if only for a short time.
Thanks, Les

Zoner said...

Working for this new boss, it certainly feels like the probationary period is in play - gratitude is given just for the invitation to return to the task with a new day.

Certainly with sustained quality effort, a slight raise would be welcome, even expected? But we are told "times are tough", so maybe the well-placed "Atta boy!" will have to suffice.

The prospect of promotion, however, seems too much to even consider, much less anticipate. More likely a good dressing-down and a return to the minors to work on conditioning.

It is our current model in the midst of this freak show to promote those who are likely LEAST suited to tasks, as merit and responsibility have ceased to have viable application in our hierarchies anymore. I can't believe such a flaw exists in this venture, or it would be unbearable to continue.

Don't fear the reaper?

Don't fear anything.


The Doktor said...

I try not to even post comments here anymore, Mr Visible just contributes his thoughts on these subjects entirely too well with each blog itself. I'd only be rehashing his thoughts in my own words, as they pretty much encompass completely how I feel on the 'table setting' issues we're all now experiencing to some extent. It's actually quite uncanny - but I digress. I've been vibrating like a tuning fork for weeks...

Servin' coffee in the Waiting Room here for you, 'Anonymous' and anyone else waiting it out, Les... ;-)


Lukiftian said...

There you go again.

'Things have become corrupt, we must return to a purer time.'

But it's always been corrupt, Les. Always. And it always will be, with our eyes wide shut.

What is changing is 'our' perception of the situation, and when that evolution of perception is completed, then 'we' may move forward.

Soon, but not today.

Visible said...

"'Things have become corrupt, we must return to a purer time.'"

I didn't not say this.

abe said...

Hey Les, thought your readers might appreciate some silly links...

I can't believe the adl hasn't shut these guys up the way they did David Cole-

-checkout some of their other
profiles, I spent hours on this one.

How this one got past the editors I'll never know-

Speaking of the joker in the deck, tell me this one doesn't have the best depiction of the Fool ever!

-Thought of you Les the second I saw that one.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible, This is not a comment. I just thought to tell you about
a book which has been selling I heard, for $800 - but which I got for$8.00
It seems that the rich have been buying it at a fantastic rate.

It is called "When Money Dies." by Adam Fergusson. and it is very frightening, about the Weimar Hyperinflation - which is expected soon - although Bob Chapman (of The International Forecaster thinks it may be about two years.

It was caused by the printing of money - just as now. It seems that whole forests were being cut down daily in order to have the paper to print trillions on to it - trillions whihc were actually worth about a penny at a time.

It seems to me that we would do well to read this - but on the other hand, I read from a blog I found on this morning, that the Gulf Stream is already broken and ruined by oil.

If that is so we are done for anyway.

The article is by the Earl of Stirling. I do not know who he is, although I live in Scotland, but he seems to be knowledgable.

Very best to you Les Visible. I loved the story of Lao Tzu riding off on a water buffalo out into the Emptiness. Perhaps that is what we are all going to be doing soon.

It reminds me of the story of the saint who visited Mohamed one day when he happened to be out. The holy man spent a little time with Mohamed's wife and left, returning to the desert where he lived. When Mohamed arrived back at his house his wife told him that
Al.....Ali.....had been to visit him. Mohamed grabbed her by the arms and said urgently, "Look into my eyes, Look into my eyes." So she looked into his eyes - probably thinking "What now!" or "I have to get with the cooking."

Mohamed then rushed out into the middle of town and called everyone and when they had all arrived he stood there and said "Look into my eyes, LOOK INTO MY EYES.! These are the eyes which have looked into the eyes of Al.....Ali......"

KattenfrånSverige said...

Thank you for the very fine summary of where the less than one-third of one-procent find themselves today.
Approx. 1 million people in the USA actually KNOW that israel did 9/11. That is approx. 1 out of 300 or less than one-third of one procent.
That amount may (or may not)extrapolate to other countries.
Round it off to less than one percent know the truth about 9/11, and thereby the entire rest of the intolerable media hoax.
<1%of veritable truth seekers and peace activists.

Why do all trolls twist and make up things?

emma said...

visible you make alot of sense

eloise said...

who killed matt simmons?

ok i said it.

just had to.

i love you guys

European American said...

The act of remaining inactive or stationary.
A period of time spent waiting.

I think "it" has already come and gone.

Dammerung said...

I find it hard to reconcile the sub-moronic comments on the vast majority of mainstream websites with the apparent intelligence in >50% of peoples' eyes. I don't know if it's just the wickedest people are the loudest in apologia for their madness, or what. The idoru Hatsune Miku is one kind of future and the comments on Haaretz are another.

I find myself at a loss to reconcile theory and perception, thought and experiential data. It all seems like an unassembled schizophrenia of son et lumiere.

Reality ain't what it used to be.

New Reader said...

"No one knows the hour or the minute when the Master will return."

Well, that's part of what terrifies me anon @ 3:03.

I've been reading up on the Cyrus Scofield Reference Hoax. It's pretty much shattered the lies of the "Rapture" and the "Tribulations" for me. Not that I was a big believer before that. The fact that the modern apocalypic christian movement was instigated and created by the Zionists more than 150+ years ago takes my breathe away. The scope and grand breadth of these evil monsters is long, deep and dark indeed. That christians would turn their back on their own Lord and Savior to join with that he rightly called out as the "Synagogue of Satan" breaks my heart to no end.

Jesus was not lying 2,000 years ago when he said those here would not pass away until thses things come to pass. Less than 40 years after his death and resurrection, the whole of Jerusalem and world Jewry was destroyed and scattered to the winds. We have very little history of what actually went on in the first centuries A.D. Most of it has been destroyed or hidden.

I suspect all prophecies in the New Testament were fullfilled within a short time after Christ's death. Whatever is happening now, is something new dressed up by the PTW as a re-enactment of something old and long fullfilled.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Ninety-one days and counting.


Nayon said...

Thank you Les for your latest audio download. In a very tense situation here, you spoke some words that were a big support for me. I wanted to let you know that what you consider to be your worst show to date still carried the comforting of God's love for some of us.

I also feel a huge vacuum fo stillness in our reality. It was hopefull that the flottilla incident would release the world anger against the beast, that Erdogan and Ahmadinejad would act like men they say they are. Where are the shorlines soiled with black crude we saw in the Valdez incident? Evacuation? Methane bubble? Was it just a hoax to kill the Gulf economy? US$ crash? And no matter in which direction we look, everything seems to be on stanby.

Hollywood has been foreshadowing the fall of the empire for a while. ''The informers'' depict pretty well how decadent american society has become, hooked on cocain and pills, with moral values of cocroaches. In ''Southland tales'', they show us the USA entangled in WW3 with Iran, Syria and North Korea, under marshall law, rioting and partying itself into the collapsing of time itself in a scientific experiment in free energy gone wrong.

Tic toc tic toc...Indeed, all we can do is wait and pray.

Love to you all.

Pstonie said...

Last time on shrooms I saw something, wouldn't call it a vision, more like the puzzle pieces sliding together to reveal the shape of the governing physics. What I saw were two sides, one of which was governed by fear. I went in for a clearer understanding on the shifting times and what I saw was the fear side becoming smaller and smaller into a shrinking spiral. This is the law of fear, since it's an aversion to life, it eventually reaches oblivion.

As I understand it, we all continue to have a choice. Wanting to know, endlessly obsessing about the future and wanting to be prepared for the worst is a result of fear, and that focus on imminent terror becomes our lives. Obviously some fear is healthy, even unavoidable, but most important is that it shouldn't be our foundation. Right up until the very end we'll be able to pick either side.

The "leaders" will have huge important meetings where little will be accomplished, but they will meet mostly to maintain the illusion that they have any power at all. Those who choose to ignore all this will eventually be quite surprised that these leaders never came for them. But really the leaders wouldn't be able to do anything much but beg, because the social system then will have been forced by circumstances to being based on trust and cooperation. The ones who ruled by fear will have lost their power and would find themselves increasingly alone.

Some would call this divine providence but all I see are the laws of nature, not much difference really. I don't know when this will happen, just that it's inevitable. This is just a deduction of mine based on my experiences. Corrections welcome.

Shifting between extremes in this manner should be... orgasmic on a deeply spiritual level, which I'd guess is the point to it all.

Anonymous said...

Thought For The Day:

"Doubt 'till thou canst doubt no more...doubt is thought and thought is life. Systems which end doubt are devices for drugging thought." -- Albert Guerard

Posted By: Deacon Blues

P.S. Cheap Trick~~Rocks!!! Speak Now (Or Forever Hold Your Peace).

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the waiting. I've been doing this for way too long. I finally decided it was time for me to do something while in the waiting room. I'm beginning the lessons on Kriya Yoga by Yogananda through his Self Realization Foundation. It came to me the other day while sitting in meditation, wondering if anything was ever going to shift. I got that in time it would, but in the meantime, do something. And Yogananda came to mind.


bholanath said...

Lesji -

"He rode away into the land of the immortals which is veiled from the eyes of mortals. I hear that governments are seeking such places to make war on them."

Coffee on my keyboard with that one. Thanks, you bastard.

wv- pardshi
pardeshi: foreigner, one who live abroad :)

Mister_Ed said...

I'll say something more, here. These are what my days are like: 1. print Les Visible's latest essay, give it to my 80-year-old dad to read, 2. take care of my Alzheimer's mom, 3. lament the fact my freelance art career never took off (due to various life interruptions), 4. try to do some good for the world by praising people I think are doing some good for the world (Les Visible, Kawther Salem, Gilad Atzmon, others I can't remember off the top of my head), 5. study the bible I read ages ago and largely forgot about, 6. try to keep friends informed of what I think is going on in the world, 7. sleep and try to subconsciously reabsorb whatever I learned in my waking 16 hours.

I know the subject of donations isn't what this article about, but I nonetheless wish I could donate to Les, Kawther, Gilad and the others--I value what they have to say. But see, that's the back-asshole-wards nature of our present world; people w/ money aren't paying attention to what's going on, and so I'm as stymied as the next truth-teller.

Thoroughly evil era--and no, I won't miss it. But I'd say something real to counterbalance some of the colorful motherfuckery I occasionally dip into w/ my replies--a real lament. You know, Alex Jones gets the Sirius XM pimps paying his new home's mortgage (or buying it outright) while Les Visible know, PayPal.

estebanfolsom said...

speaking of waiting rooms
a little
rumi :
'the milk of millennia'

"i am part of the load not rightly balanced.
i drop off in the grass,
like the old cave-sleepers, to browse
wherever i fall.

for hundreds of thousands of years i have been dust grains floating and flying in the will of the air,
often forgetting ever being in that state,
but in sleep i migrate back. i spring loose from the four-branched, time-and-space cross,
this waiting room

i walk into a huge pasture
i nurse the milk of millennia

everyone does this in different ways.
knowing that conscious decisions and personal memory are much too small a place to live,
every human being streams at night into the loving nowhere,
or during the day, in some absorbing work."

as for wv:
i don't pay attn.
but this one was too good:


DaveS said...

Mr Ed-

In regards to money... "If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to."
-- Dorothy Parker

Those are some damn true words, don't you think. One of the great pleasures you should take in being a peasant (me too) is that your accomplishments are that much more real. I've know several trustfunder types and they spend lots of money spinning their wheels and constantly wondering about their self-worth. Even if they do make it (whatever that means) then they do so knowing they had a leg-up and aren't truly 'self-made men'.

If a guy likes us makes it good, we've really made it good. Clawing our way up out of the pool of poverty takes works and guts. The walls are high slippery and it's easier to tread water down below.

And by 'make it good' I don't mean monetary wealth. That's not real wealth. Healthy body and a healthy headspace are two of the most valuable things a person can own.

By the way what does your father think of Les's writing?

wv: erborag... er, borag, could you move it a little faster? Or would you use your erbo rag to clean your erbo?

Javier R. said...

Also waiting.... God! There is so much expectation about the new world. But things just seem to keep rolling at their own pace. And now I am uncertaing of everything. Maybe it is intended this way. Maybe in the weeks to come we will look back and say: "Boy! Did not see this one coming!" or maybe we will be still waiting.

All my heart to Les and the people here

rachel said...

Reading this article I cant help but ask the question. Does God really care if wicked people kill wicked people?

Ye olde whine said...

Everything is meaning, Les

Hay! Apart from that what's new under the sun?

flicking further through Ecclesiastes...

Hmm, looks like some wise guy summed me up way back when...

"A fool also is full of words: a man cannot tell what shall be; and what shall be after him, who can tell him?"

... good question. Anyway, as I was saying to Bill the tipsy Waître d'turd after an imperceptible nibble on an incremental crème brûlée:

Nowthing stash the shame, hold bean, averything elsh ish chains, wot, wot?

Anonymous said...

The 10th is truly interesting this month,we have 4 planets in conjuction a new moon tonight in the wings of virgo and the persieds meteors
if i was an old astrologer i would say an old displaced king meets a warrior and they make plans,to me this would indicate an action of some worth in the next 3 weeks or so,be prepared for an major event

RedRidingHood said...

Indeed, we are waiting on the threshold of something new. A shift is coming, and the old ways are fighting hard not to die. "When the Master returns..." perhaps WE are the Master and have fallen asleep, and when enough of us wake up and remember exactly WHO WE ARE, reality will change and we can end the suffering, the wars, the bickering, the hoarding... for those are all products of the ego. When the ego at last falls away and we Re-member, peace will finally return to Mother Earth.

TheSparkle said...

I'm sorry, but this video made me giggle.

It reminded me of the ancient proverb 'It is better to be silent and thought an empty-headed cunt than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.'

Anonymous said...

"Lao Tzu finally... rode out beyond the Great Wall of China, ... away into the land of the immortals which is veiled from the eyes of mortals. I hear that governments are seeking such places to make war on them."

I believe that is exactly why the world govs.want those places.(includg Red China in the 50s, Russia and Now, the U.S.) are attacking that area of the world, because there seems to be a something they want, around the Himalayas. There's even reports of Red China -India sharing a border around thre Ladakh Mts. Neither China nor India let any people in there.

And as to S. Amer., there's something In the ANdes Mts. they want also. The U.S. is casually strting to take over that area, going down fr Costa Rica, Panama ( suddenly, Panama has allowed two U.S. Naval Bases to open there)Colombia; Venezuela is about to be in the U.S. crosshairs, and even Ecuador.

There is something about high mountain peaks.Something about a vast wealth there, not gold, but Sacred Spiritual POWERS - the Dark wants, to use the wrong way,k for control over us.

At least, the Dark thinks they can take it and use it.

They're deluded.

Anonymous said...

Les, I don't know about the date, the reason is they have too much left to grab. If you recall Goldman Sachs "shitty deal", It was orchestrated by Hedge fu nd mogul, John Paulson. Paulson and Nathaniel Rothschild are now the cornerstone investors in the worlds largest Aluminum co., RusAl. There seems to be a bit of in fighting now at RusAl regarding what appears to be a take over of the worlds largest Nickel and Palladium co.

Visible said...

There are brotherhoods and hidden kingdoms in the Himalayas and in the Andes. Yes, they are after powers but those powers will only behave in the hands of those with a purified will, otherwise they operate destructively and especially turn on those attempting to control them for nefarious purpose,

Bill B. said...

Well, the markets are waiting with baited breath on Ben Bernanke's FOMC statement due Tue at 2:15pm EST. Wondering if we are going to get QE2 (Quantitative Easing round 2).

I suspect the public won't be to keen on another round of bailouts. On the other hand, the markets may dive bomb if we don't get QE2.

Or, then again, maybe something will happen to take everyone's mind away from the economy...

Dammerung said...

Himalayas huh? I say geography is obsolete. Geography is a pre-Internet myth that spaces are separated by space and time. The only separation between space is information - whether the server is in Azerbaijan or San Francisco, it loads simultaneously.

Consciousness should stop using these larval meat bodies and jump into the network. The nations of the future are 4chan-istan and New South

I don't know how but I suspect the what is a day where you can type an address on a virtual keyboard and enter a full sensory 4D space and visit or move to autonomous communities totally divorced from physical matter and united by common interest rather than accident of birth.

I think William Gibson and Neal Stephenson didn't go far enough. The physical universe should expand into virtual reality and become it. The universe is an MMORPG and it's time to open Earth up to the rest of what's out there.

FromBeyondOmega said...

"Systems without a basic integrity cannot hold themselves together, whether they are political, religious or commercial enterprises. It’s all falling apart and can only be held together by force and false information. The power of The Apocalypse is focusing a destructive and revealing light into the temples of darkness, which has imprisoned the people of the world in ceaseless, rotating treadmills of drudgery and abandoned hope.

"Opportunity for personal growth and the elimination of our common darkness is available to everyone but it appears that only a minority is and will be availing itself of possibilities that are benevolent beyond our present ability to apprehend."

Your statement is ours. Your's, too... Leszek, Django, Lukiftian, RedRidingHood. And, good point, rachel. And:

From our perspective, the "generation [that] will not pass away until these things come to pass" remains the same one as this one of which we are all still a part. And its passing away is a'happenin right now... with no one of us knowing how long it'll take to finish its thing.

Sigh & smile... patience ever the fare of the aged & wise.

R & D

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have been feeling this rising for over thirty years and I am amazed that the world keeps turning (for some people), my observations have been from both sides of the machine. I continued to 'keep hope alive' and believe that change is constant'....would it not be great if the old empire way of doing business is coming to an end? I am thankful that I am not alone in my thoughts..Doug

Copernicus Kidd said...

Whistleblower Matt Simmons has been murdered in Bangor Maine! Heart attack in the hot tub CIA drowning? You be the judge! Tonight! Oil Volcano Drama! Night of the Long Knives Coming!

gurnygob said...

Yes the waiting room, the waiting room. I feel I have been waiting all my life for something. Sometimes it feels like I have been waiting for so long that I have forgotten what it was I was waiting for in the first place. Maybe I was just waiting to die, or was it life I was waiting on? Either way none of them have come yet. So I just go on waiting on whatever it was that I can’t remember anymore.

Some mornings the sun is shining and there is an unusual stillness in the air and a bird or two will come and visit my humble garden. I listen to the trickle of water running from the little waterfall that runs into my homemade pond. The bumble bees are already hard at work lighting from foxglove to foxglove making sure to visit each one before moving on to alpines and roses and then over the hedge to somewhere else. The sky is blue and there are big white puffy clouds floating by ever so slowly. Rosie (my dog) is sitting by my side like some sentinel ever ready and alert, but there’s nothing to get excited about save the odd perilous butterfly (so she thinks) but it doesn’t stay long and so after a while her head goes down and rests on my shoe. A gentle breeze cools my brow and carries with it the scent of wild roses. There is peace and contentment and a feeling of great love wells up somewhere deep inside. I feel god close to me and whispered words that say, I love you. Then I remember what it was I was waiting for. I say good morning and I thank him for such great moments.
Then, then it all starts. The fleeting moment is gone as the world and its worries encroach on my peace. The world is full of noise now and as the small loving voice dissipates in the clamour for attention and I begrudgingly answer its call.

The news is depressing. Wars and rumours of wars. Death and hate and confusion and god only knows what else. Our so-called leaders want to drag us all too some end game and our other leaders, those who are supposed to be looking after our souls, don’t seem to give a shit; in fact they seem to be part of it all. Christians ha what a laugh! Im supposed to be a Christian, I think. That’s another thing I can’t remember. Who the fuck am I anymore, Im not a catholic that’s for sure? I guess I must be one of those dicks who loves god and cries now and then at those who are supposed to represent him. Yes I guess I’m a dick.
Not so long ago I use to be happy to be a good catholic and love everyone even though they fucked me around with guilt trips so I would be an even better catholic. The sad thing is, I miss it and I feel guilty.

Les I don’t know if finding you and your site and the people who visit and comment is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess I will just have to WAIT and see.

I have learned things here that I would never have heard anywhere else. You, Dublin Mick, Bholanath, and others are a minefield of forbidden info in the catholic world and it does not sit well with my catholic up-bringing. I find myself questioning everything I was once happy to believe and I feel guilty for even thinking about it. If it wasn’t for Jesus and his great love for all mankind (not just us so-called Catholics Christians) I think I would give up on it all.
God’ Spirit be on you all


Anonymous said...

It's not about the shoes Les - more about the Tip Tip :)

I know what Hush Puppies are - but i am more of a trainers nof guy.

That was also a tip tip - bang! From sporty types to old guys with suits in s tip tip toe sort of way!

Anonymous said...

The annointed cherubim is the image of the lesser light, not the whole image of god. It is the covering, this we call Lucifer. The Container of the light, as the veil is torn, and people enter into lucid dreaming, they will by shear number destroy the legions that exist on the periphery of form. They are there to keep those who lucid dream from entering into the consciousness that we call death.

When we can look from this waking state we call the first reality and lucid dream into the bardo state, we will have reached constant consciousness, this will destroy the limit of death, and death shall be no more. First many people must be working toward this goal, not just a few. This will take away all power from those who think they rule by the moneyline and the bloodline. This will destroy their power, as it is based on reincarnating. They are sodomites, sod secret, of the dam, blood, and they reincarnate into the same bloodline that they leave behind upon death. But they chase the beast, the fractured image that they adore. The dog returns to it's own vomit. And the illumined ones return their own bloodline. This is the secret of the blood, or sodomy and by it the royal blues have ruled over us. The limit of death is created by the watchers, or Lucifer's legions who abduct and create confusion on those who reach the lucid dream state only to be forced to turn in a different direction. Those watchers are there to safeguard the 'limit' of death.

It is only when you learn to circumnavigate the watchers, that you can enter into that static state of time space, leaving space time, or what we call the 'bardo' state.

This is the ressurection. The whole image, the complete thought, constant consciousness, it is for all of those who kept the law because they believed in the promise.

This is where all of this is taking you, you are either born of the spirit which is the whole image, or you are the broken shard and need death, to continually come back here to the slime of the serpent.

smiley girl edna said...

I was out of sorts until I read you tonight, thanks for the grounding. :)

Anonymous said...

It all starts at home with the little things which really aren't little at all.

psychegram said...

Been feeling the waiting room, holding pattern thing for a while. It's a large part of why I've been so silent ... like, what is there left to say? Save giving voice to our ongoing outrage at the atrocities being perpetrated against us, speculating as to what the Earth may have in store once Her rage really breaks, smacking our heads at the blind and deliberate ignorance of our fellow humans (are they humans? Really? All of them? Or is some large percentage something else, something empty, just a bundle of reflexes and urges and programs like the scientists tell us we all are? Like the bots populating the landscape of World of Warcraft, you can interact with them but the conversation's boring, because there's no there, there.)

But then has this been selfish of me, to be silent merely because I've nothing new to say? The Children of the New Paradigm (you know who you are) get lonely, lost in the herd ... for now, it is here that we must pull together. Here, and on a few other lonely, precious islands of light in the Internet's sea of lies and trivia and even more subtle lies.

The Awakening continues, but we've been saying that for a while. Nonetheless it is true ... by the by, more are starting to see 9/11 for what it was. More are seeing the scam that is central banking and usury. More and saying, 'is this what life IS? Is there not MORE?' And they are losing patience.

Those who wake up too late will lose themselves, throwing themselves against the TPTB in their sudden rage ... yet late is better than never and they will be the richest compost of the New Age. Those who don't wake up at all will be consumed far more ingloriously. The Cassiopaeans are playing with the idea of 'soul-smashing', that the aim of the Dark Ones is to lure as many as possible into a pit of despair and fear and perversion and evil that their souls are rent asunder, all progress of the past several billion years of incarnations lost and so they will return to primal matter. At one level this will be food for aetheric demons, the reptilians, lizardoids, archons, call them what you will. At another ... perhaps it is the Devil (read: the false god Yahweh), doing this for shits and giggles.

Something Is Coming, that much we know. I have no regrets. It has been the greatest of privileges to touch your holy minds.

Namaste, sisters and brothers.

psychegram said...

Blogger ate my comment. Let me say what I said, in fewer words.

Something Is Coming.

I love you all, my sisters and brothers. It has been the greatest of privileges to touch your minds through the aetheric fiber optics and electrons of the Internet.


Anonymous said...

My sympathy Les on feeding this Baby. You've done yoeman work here and I would be your friend. One "guru" to another. If the "world" would listen, You I and a host of others could straighten this shit out. But democracy is a piss poor way to run an army, so let the chips fall...they will any.

smiley girl edna said...

"i am part of the load not rightly balanced.
i drop off in the grass,
like the old cave-sleepers, to browse
wherever i fall.


thank you, esteban

i had a lovebird named esteban once

and i lived near folsom

another life, doesn't matter now

minding the sprout of zardoz said...

humans don't respond to truth anymore, they both man and woman have been domesticated - xxxx whipped, and it's easy to see why, were not wild and free and in balance anymore - that's been criminalized, We are the goldfish looking out from behind the glass. To paraphrase,Omar Kyam comfort entered the home, and was jeered at but gradually took over as master and mocked the laziness of the flesh

i used to have a list:
it began with over-popoulation, religions, wars for profit, mammon, television, assassination, smog, pesticides, government corruption, deforestation, chlorine and flourine in water, ozone depletion, mercury, acid rain, acidified oceans, greenhouse gases, covert false flag operations, hydro-fracking wells -destroying groundwater, genetically modified foods, mono-sodium glutamate, factory farming animals (meat), barium and aluminum oxide compounds in jet fuel,
tell me where it ends ?- belief in scarcity instead of wisdom and reflection

it is amazing to watch the masses worshipping the techno dis-information buffet on a sunday morning - be it in a church by those preaching holy interpreted tenets of a particular ethnocentric priesthood or televised programmed SOMA from pulpit of an ideological turf - finacial wall street science based on violence; complete with a hierarchy, not based on need or co-operation but one based on the addiction to self importance-power and greed, or to go to the nearest global gut buffet and watch overweight americans stuffing there faces bellies and waste line(s) with dead rotting flesh of other animals - so much so -they CANNOT lift their 225 lb. + bodies out of there chairs - or to watch or read the corporate controlled Blah-news-blah-Spam that were all supposed to feed on.

As time goes on, it will be harder and harder - to control a machine - a civilization that is at odds with its foundation and future, POLITICALLY OR BIOLOGICALLY: . . . . more repression, more misdirected - violent reaction - is that not - obvious - look at the gulf of mexico spill - i am supposed to believe they have stopped it - ya right

mother nature does NOT fix her mistakes - SHE ELIMINates them -
one day the animals are overbreeding - the next day, the dodo bird is but . . . a painting on a cave wall.

mother nature will soon enough take a DUMP and humans will be gone - excreted - no longer wanted or need by the remaining forms of life seeking balance and to further co-evolve.

i will not give up the fight - though - i have to protect my spirit - for tomorrow - i will do what's right or learn the hard way . . . my karma will not be run over my your dogma, i will listen to the chords of my soul strummed by adversity, and move on - forward, further. i will have to find my OWN path

my nature is resistance to complacency - and i cannot be defeated - in this life or the next and that is the hope i am nourished by.
i can't rally the troops, just the steadfast
most of the stronger braver, but unfortunately stupid-er members of our society have already been genetically culled through war.

the 6% of humans who are NOT just violent talking monkeys . . . have a tough time facing - each and every day . . . all of those who are.
but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger . . . or your spirit

and never forget the sunrising at dawn . . . over that irish lake, my little lad

all life , energy, space and time is but an illusion - but I promise you it is an illusion with a purpose

long john said...

you're lost in dreams of cyber-space. you're out of touch with actual reality. there is no consciouness or living in or thru the net. awareness/consciousness is primordial. awareness itself is not mere information that can transmitted electronically. sadly, you are living a science FICTION fantasyland. wake-up and get a real life.

Mister_Ed said...

Hey there, Dave S. My father enjoys Les's writing because it's very real, content-wise, and very easy on the eyes, style-wise. And now that my father's nursing-home age, what I give him is all that offsets the bullshit stream from the TV and local news (local version of AP/Reuters). And he doesn't like using the computer himself, for some reason.

My mother goes to a church which teaches not much of anything about the world around them. It's a Methodist church, and as you know the Methodists' recently dis-invested from any and all Israeli west bank businesses (a good thing), but all you really hear of it are odd mentions abstracted in a sermon. And I've found it's mostly a "woman's church", which means it bores me and I don't go to it.

If you're like me, you want to get along with extended relatives because you find it wholesome & comforting, yet if they're well-off in any regard all they do is talk that Glenn Beck bullshit. You can tell them about 9-11 and, because they know you, they're like, "Well you didn't live your life perfectly, so who are you to tell us about 9-11?" And you're like, OK. To each his own. But still, the freedom I value is being able to speak the truth as I see it. It's a form of love, and the absence of same seems to be killing my generation.

Anonymous said...

dammerung, that's all well and good in theory (there is no day or night in space, so many of the archetypes are obsolete , out of the environment that humans evolved from or at least uprooted from their earthly origins ), but....
what of all you said is brought down to naught ... when they cut off the electricity or control the internet...going further with it (that the virtual Sci Fi guys did) ,then we can go further someday with our own power and communications, but not here, and not now..
let me know when you can fly to the sun without assistance, and without getting burnt.. it;s looking to me like the Amish have the right idea... slow progress with roots standing firmly in the ground (big metor strikes, alien invasions and super solar flares notwithstanding). but blessed are the meek? dunno, at least they aint cannibals (as such).
along these lines of dependency on 'the sytem', Les, consider TOR as an alternative/mirror/rearguard position (wikileaks has such - so the Pentagone can get stuffed for now), and linix instead of Windoze. or trust in the divine.

peace love and understanding


ps Carl Jung on his deathbead scribbled a zig zag increasingly out of control thing (circa early 1960's) .... kinda like "the horror the horror" of Apocalypse Now. God speaks (thru), wise folks listen. thanks for all ya stuff.

estebanfolsom said...

as i was telling my niece and goddaughter tonite
if you want to calm that little six-month old down-just gently cross her arms across her tiny chest-look her right in the eyes with all the love you know is in your heart and breathe with her
slow and steady

works every time

now how can we do this with this world ?

Anonymous said...

I think we have one or two twists and turns to come yet, kind of a pole shift, in which everything seems to switch around but still run by the same controllers.

We have been thinking in terms of good and evil, we must leave the tree of knowledge and return to the tree of life.

Because good and evil are the same master, through different eyes.

sounder said...

If humans are to endure, it will be through a different physical conditioning system than the (dualistic) one we are now using. One thing I do not understand is the lack of effort directed at shaping or defining a new psychical conditioning system that takes advantage of potentials within consciousness so that we may live with a less dysfunctional relationship to reality.

It is more fulfilling to me, for focus to be directed at possibilities of reality rather than the all too easy route of charting horrors of duplicity.

Sure, this must be done also, but we get to move past the orbit of the controllers when we find or create something that binds us to reality more surely than to current counterfeit expressions of the same.

If anyone cares to talk about these types of things, I am ready, able and available.

m_astera said...

Those interested in making the new world have much opportunity in these most fertile times.

I wouldn't actually suggest that anyone else come up with new ideas and put them into practice, because all y'all probably don't have any ideas or models to try out that are nearly as good as mine. I'll get back to you when it's ready.

Anonymous said...

the push and the pull
this way to that
from conditions of stagnated
to energised snaps
weird is this world
what does it all mean
a 1000 explanations
of the same dream
rearanging changing
the ever moving mind
one day to the next
some dark some shine
signs through the mystery
clouded hard to see
selfless could be the position
where maybe we're all free
maybe one day in this life
we will all be sure
or maybe we wont
but sit by the sea shore
with a store of the learnings
of the things that we've found
but with truth inspired
not in lies that we're bound
whatever happens happens
for a reason anyway
applyed across the everything
that is in display
well I'll gather some peace
try and rise the great might
in the old learning school
the everliving life


Anonymous said...

The Nine Billion Names of God

By Arthur Clarke

"This is a slightly unusual request," said Dr. Wagner, with what he hoped was commendable restraint. "As far as I know, it’s the first time anyone’s been asked to supply a Tibetan monastery with an automatic sequence computer. I don’t wish to be inquisitive, but I should hardly thought that your --ah-- establishment had much use for such a machine. Could you explain just what you intend to do with it?"

"Gladly," replied the lama, readjusting his silk robe and carefully putting away the slide rule he had been using for currency conversions. "Your Mark V computer can carry out any routine mathematical operation involving up to ten digits. However, for our work we are interested in letters, not numbers. As we wish you to modify the output circuits, the machine will be printing words, not columns of figures."

"I don’t understand . . ."

Dammerung said...

long john said...

The matter that constitutes your physical body is not significantly different than the matter that constitutes an IBM mainframe. The same physical laws govern its relationship to electricity and gravity.

Not only is there consciousness in the net, but the internet is BASED in consciousness, built for and from and by consciousness. It is a place where you can build a 500 square mile world with a few hundred lines of code residing on a physical disc. Perhaps we will soon be able to dispense with the disc entirely.

Awareness is not information but the CONTENT of awareness is. Naked awareness (nirvana) has no object, dissolving both the digital and the physical. I'm more interested in a better world than I am in nirvana.

Would you remove all trees and living things from the world to realise your fantasy of basking in naked light? - Woland, The Mastare and Margarita

wv: hotlit. Lock, load, and light'em up.

Anonymous said...

gurnybob: I loved reading your words; especially para 2. Now, that, my dear Sir, is what life is really about...taking the time to be in the moment, to enjoy it, to appreciate it to its full: to love, and to feel loved - blessed, even!

"No one comes to Me but by the Will of My Father, and no one goes to My Father but through Me."

From one Holy Roman to another: nil desperandum...and keep that chin up!

'Tis the unholy will of Dis (and its minions) that aims unceasingly to create a forlorn and hopeless despair in Man, like a ravenous wolf. Feed them not.

Retain the innocence of the child...for instructions on how to achieve this, read your para 2.

Pax y'all and God Bless.

pax verbum
(Surviving by the skin of his teeth somewhere to the right of the 'N' in Tradition)

Pstonie said...

I stopped wanting to live in a hi-def surround sound simulation after I realised I was already living in one.

Keep in mind that any such system built in this world would be limited by its parameters. Not necessarily geography, but certainly the ideas it was filled with would be endless permutations of archetypes we already know. Much like this world is surely a limited environment generated by certain parameters. Anything built here could only tell you more about the environment it was built in.

Consider also that game environments aren't exactly utopias. The world/galaxy/middle earth always needs to be saved from some diabolical evil, otherwise we'd be bored. Sounds familiar. We'd never know it, because most of us are too terrified to test the limits of this world.

I think it's a lot like Groundhog Day. We'll be stuck replaying the same level until we finally get it right. How long do you think it would be before you had to pay rent in that virtual world, because one of the players organised a war for everyone?

Andrew said...

Some days Les, I feel exactly the same. A glimmer of hope emerges to quickly be replaced with brutal reality. When the apple is rotten to the core it is just a matter of time before it disappears, but Rome took centuries to disintegrate and I only hope the shyster banksters get theirs soon as it has been a century that they have enslaved the west and many centuries for many other parts of the world. But even then we still have the corrupt mentality of man that pits us all against the other with the evil in man's heart ruling over man to his injury. THIS is the problem as humans can never seem to take the final step to enlightenment and set the bird free. The ultimate aphrodisiac- power over others- has to be overcome.

Willow said...

Hi Les! Willow here. Just checking in with you. Always an eye-opening, mind-expanding pleasure!

I'm reading The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler and boy! let me tell you, talk about an eye-opener. We are all wondering what the hell's going on...what's coming down the pike...well, get ready for the END OF CHEAP OIL. If Mr. Knustler is even CLOSE to the truth, the big change that's coming is about how we are going to survive without all the stuff cheap oil has allowed.

There are many perspectives on how we got to where we are now (all causes have effects and all effects have causes) but, Mr. Kunstler, argues rather persuasively, that it's cheap oil that has had the most incredible impact on our lives in ways we just can't see or appreciate until we actually start feeling the effects of its shortage.

If it is true that we've already peaked it will explain exactly what that unstoppable force is that is creating the irresistable change we are experiencing.

If you can get a hold of this book, I urge everyone to read it. Then contact your local Amish community and find out how they've done it without all the gagets...they may end up yet being an incredible resource for all the changes ahead.

Keep up the good work, Les!


su said...

namaste my friend
it is always a pleasure to touch each other.

Anonymous said...

Dammerung said "Reality ain't what it used to be".

This current version of reality reminds me of a big patchwork quilt, sewn from scraps by a bunch blind ladies with dementia. It's ugly, full of holes, and can't possibly hold together for long.


m_astera said...


Re peak oil, in my view it doesn't much matter whether it is true or not. The facts are that a world built on combustion of hydrocarbons, no matter how cheap, is an anachronistic joke. We burn oil not because it is cheap but because the supply is controlled by those who make money selling it.

There are any number of alternatives that do not pollute and of which no one can control the supply. I have traced workable free energy devices and generators back to the 1860s. Not a one has ever made it to market; each and every inventor of such has been suppressed along with their invention. It is my contention and intent that that situation will soon end.

Forget oil burners; that is caveman stuff. In the new world they will be museum curiosities.

Anonymous said...

Michael, here's one reason why you're a fake.

Anonymous said...

tony I wouldnt say michaels fake anything but,our energies would be better spent thinking along the lines of how do each of us do our little bit for this beautiful earth,instead of fighting with each other.where I know you dont really want to attack michael when their is a george bush out their a rothschild and 100s of other minor personalities,that at this moment in time should be cleaning every single toilet in iraq afghanistan and where ever else they have sent everyone to come on people lets get ourselves in a position to do something ...peace neil

Linnea said...

Dear Les, I have been reading your column for some time now, but today felt the need to comment. Like you and some of your respondents, I too have felt this strange feeling of anticipation strongly these last few days. I am not afraid, I have had a wonderful incarnation, full of love and happiness, so can't complain, I do feel sorrow for my children though. But what I mainly wanted to say, today, reading your words and those of the people who posted comments, I felt a great deal of love coming from you and from some of them. I am sorry I cant meet all of you. Maybe in another time and another place. My love to all of you.

m_astera said...


If I needed any more evidence that you are intellectually deficient, posting a link to a cut-and-paste job from another Marxist ass-kisser who has never been to Venezuela would do it.

I would ask an intelligent and informed person what they thought about the newly scheduled meeting between Hugo and Santos, the very person Hugo vilified repeatedly and recently on national TV and said he would never meet with. Thanks for reminding me that you are too ignorant to bother with.

And no, I am not a fake anything.

Anonymous said...

HiDogPoet: I agree with and empathize/sympathize with much of what you write and I love your witty yet abstruse writing style. You are obviously a very deep thinker and it's readily apparent to me that your left brain has not been annihilated from hours of sitting in front the little flashing, colorful lights of the Parlor Altar but I have to make a correction in a bit of (probably unintentional) disinfo you just put out: You said "Christianity has become Murder incorporated." The correct phraseology should be: Apostate, married-to-the-government-beast, 501(c)3, freemasonic infiltrated, CHURCH-ianity has become Murder Inc. Now, that would be a 100% accurate assessment. True Christians have no part of the harlot religious system, nor are they "goofy and religious" but follow and uphold Truth just like Jesus did, and are extremely few and far between. They don't drift down the mainstream with all the dead fish in the so called "churches"... they are "outside the camp with Jesus." (Heb 13:13). If you have ever read your Bible, then you know Jesus did not get along with the religious crowd of His day nor did He hang out with them for pot luck suppers. He only taught the truth and when they would try to trap Him with some complicated "religious" question, He would rebuke them and make them look like the hypocrites they were and still ARE. Nothing has changed since then. True Christians know what the global elite's agenda is and are "wise as serpents but harmless as doves" and they "expose darkness" (Eph 5:11) very similar to the way you are exposing it except that we believe in the Truth (Jesus Christ) and serve Him. We are under His protection (Psalm 91). Those who expose darkness apart from Him are either paid disinfo government opposition leaders or they are just finking on the master they serve and setting themselves up for major trouble from his minions, whether demonic or human. ((Kinda like Matt Simmons and his recent fatal "heart attack" for finking on his masters..... yeah...SURE it was a heart attack)). No offense but you can only serve one of two masters and I think you know who they are! Real "christ"ians are fully aware of the luciferian global agenda in all it's many facets including the Babylonian mystery religion and how it synthesized with Roman Catholicism and was passed right along via Martin Luther (an Illuminati religious infiltrator) to Protestantism with all her "church" buildings proudly supporting their replicas of Nimrod's phallus (steeple) showing the freemasons who they really serve and silently making fools of all the "profane" who enter her doors to "worship" a God they don't know. Nimrod was the first antichrist who attempted to set up a one world government before God destroyed their tower of Babel and mixed up their dialects. That's who the elite serve and that's STILL their goal to this very day. Religion is but a TOOL for them but true followers of Christ don't fall for that sham. Yes they are rarer than fine gold but they are out there. Bottom line, what poses as "christianity" today is most definately NOT. Please don't confuse the two. Thanks. Lynn D.

Anonymous said...

HiDogPoet: I agree with and empathize/sympathize with much of what you write and I love your witty yet abstruse writing style. You are obviously a very deep thinker and it's readily apparent to me that your left brain has not been annihilated from hours of sitting in front of the Parlor Altar with all the little flashing, colorful lights and soothing government propaganda. But I have to make a correction in a bit of (probably unintentional) disinfo you just put out: You said "Christianity has become Murder incorporated." The correct phraseology should be: Apostate, married-to-the-government-beast, 501(c)3, freemasonic infiltrated, CHURCH-ianity has become Murder Inc. Now, that would be a 100% accurate assessment. True Christians have no part of the harlot religious system, nor are they "goofy and religious" but follow and uphold Truth just like Jesus did, and are extremely few and far between. They don't drift down the mainstream with all the dead fish in the so called "churches"... they are "outside the camp with Jesus." (Heb 13:13). If you have ever read your Bible, then you know Jesus did not get along with the religious crowd of His day nor did He hang out with them for pot luck suppers. He only taught the truth and when they would try to trap Him with some complicated "religious" question, He would rebuke them and make them look like the hypocrites they were and still ARE. Nothing has changed since then. True Christians know what the global elite's agenda is and are "wise as serpents but harmless as doves" and they "expose darkness" (Eph 5:11) very similar to the way you are exposing it except that we believe in the Truth (Jesus Christ) and serve Him. We are under His protection (Psalm 91). Those who expose darkness apart from Him are either paid disinfo government opposition leaders or they are just finking on the master they serve and setting themselves up for major trouble from his minions, whether demonic or human. ((Kinda like Matt Simmons and his recent fatal "heart attack" for finking on his masters..... yeah...SURE it was a heart attack)). No offense but you can only serve one of two masters and I think you know who they are! Real "christ"ians are fully aware of the luciferian global agenda in all it's many facets including the Babylonian mystery religion and how it synthesized with Roman Catholicism and was passed right along to Protestant denominated churchianity via Martin Luther (an Illuminati religious infiltrator). Most of today's "church" buildings proudly support replicas of Nimrod's phallus (steeple) esoterically signalling to the high level freemasons who they really serve and silently making fools of all the "profane" churchians who enter her doors to "worship" a God they don't know. Nimrod was the first antichrist who attempted to set up a one world government before God destroyed their tower of Babel and mixed up their dialects. That's who the elite serve and that's STILL their goal to this very day. Religion is but a TOOL for them but true followers of Christ don't fall for that sham. Yes they are rarer than fine gold but they are out there. Bottom line, what poses as "christianity" today is most definately NOT. Please don't confuse the two. Thanks. Lynn D.

a GrebBear said...

Mr. Les Visible,
Just listened to this weeks radio show ... pretty sweet brother ))
Sure you can beat Y-OURself up about nothing, for saying nothing; but, even in nothing you're saying allot ... how would be a fair question ??
Well, everything is made from Love; if it were made from fear WE'd be progressing towards Love, from the fear and in so doing, this blog would be pointing out how all the Love is ruining all of OUR evil shit with kindness, compassion, and peace ... either that or life would be pointless, because if WE're not growing and expanding, what the fuck is the point of experience ??
Anyways, its going one way or the other and the fact 'you' have nothing to say at this point, gives me the feeling of being (and yes, I am a human 'being') a yo-yo at the bottom (figuratively and metaphorically) at the bottom of the cycle ... spinning rapidly; but, going nowhere ... BINGO !!
So, in Y-OUR honesty, you have described a critical point in being human ... in my mind this is beautiful, because WE're about to experience the ascension back into the hand that dealt US, Divine Love.

Hope this helps alleviate any need to be anything but you. Even when you 'think' you're not helping ... just by giving (as you always recommend), you're 'being' of service to those that would listen.

Merci Brother ))

a GrebBear

Peace Love Light Truth
(- ;
; -)

ps. my 'word verification' to post this comment is "Worth" ))
... no co-incidences )

Anonymous said...

m_astera 1:28 AM
You know Michael; I didn't even read any of that article. It was the headline 'Hurrah for Hugo Chavez'; I thought Ah Ha! Bait for Michael.
And there you were.
When you wrote 'I am not a fake', did you stamp your foot and maybe put your hands on your hips?
You are a fake, you're a pretender.
‘Look at me I am a great white hope, suffering in Venezuela, bringing the natives Yankee know-how and wisdom.’
You had better watch out mate - look at what happened to the so called medics in Afghanistan recently - BANG!
If I didn't know better I'd say you were a character straight from one of Les' books.
Have a good one brother.
ps At least Hugo and Santos are talking not bombing the shit out of each other - your solution?

Anonymous said...

peace neil 12:18 AM

Thanks for your concern Neil
No fight with Michael - he's not a real person.
And I agree with the rest of your comment.


m_astera said...

Marxistas and Capitalistas

Some people like to have someone tell them what to do, how to live their lives. They need a daddy or a mommy figure to make the rules and keep them, punish any bad behavior.

I don't need that; I take care of myself and those I can, follow my own rules, and make my own way.

I don't need or want a government of any kind. I ask nothing of government and accept no handouts from government, ever.

Some people think they do need a government daddy, so then they argue about which kind of daddy is best. Is it the rich Capitalist daddy who will make you rich too, or the generous Leader of the Workers daddy who takes from the rich and gives to the poor?

I do not need or want your daddy. I don't worship heroes and leaders. Do what you like and leave me alone, and I will return the favor.

Those trying to push their ideology on me using government force and threats should be forewarned that I will do my best to find a way to fuck you over thoroughly. Those who support power in government, especially centralized power and big loudmouth daddies, are my declared enemies.

Regardless of whose ass you are enamored of.

TheSparkle said...

@Lynn D.

In these commentaries at Les's different blogs many of us have extensively discussed the difference between Christians (those who act like Jesus) and what I call Constantinians (mainstream industrial "christians"). I won't put words in Les's mouth, but I'm pretty sure he digs your rap. I liked it.

I can't help but think of the parable of the wheat and the weeds/tares. We have both types commenting here from time to time.

Lynn D., I'm only curious. Are you a member of a church/denomination? How were you raised? I come from a line of 'preachers' and teachers myself, though I must confess most of what I learned was on my own effort.

faithful forever said...

Lynn D.

You do the Body of Christ well with that testimony. Pleased to meet you and thanks for the refreshment.

Love in His name.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Disclosure Part 1"
"Disclosure: Aryans, Mars and the End of Days"

An interview with Jay Weidner

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@ m_astera

Me too, call me intellectually challenged for saying; If USRAEL needs to git rid of Hugo Chavez (or any leader for that matter) and militarily surrounds his nation of Venezuoila,(or any nation, for that matter) he must be good for his people!

R. Zuercher

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"The word Aryan is applicable to persons who know the value of life and have a civilization based on spiritual realization. Persons (non-aryans) who are led by the material conception of life do not know that the aim of life is realization of the Absolute Truth, Visnu, or Bhagavan, and they are captivated by the external features of the material world, and therefore they do not know what liberation is. Persons who have no knowledge of liberation from material bondage are called non-Aryans."
>>> Ref. VedaBase => Bg 2.2

From what I read of this "Disclosure: Aryans, Mars and the End of Days," the people talked about here are either ubermaterialists or aspiring to be just that.

All the giant spaceships, dimensional shape shifting machines, diamonds, gold, etc. in the universe won't keep anyone, "Aryan" or not, from dying when it's their time to die.

Lord Brahma lives for 300 trillion, forty billion years, but even he has to die when it's his time..

Anonymous said...

Jay Weidner is a zio-bot who never loses an opportunity to spout hate speech against Islam. His program about the so-called 'Lost Book of Nostrodamus', shown on the War Channel - sorry, meant the History Channel - is a case in point.

I'm not a big fan of some of the Cassiopaea alternative history writings, belonging more in Michael's camp in his assessment of the whole SoTT site, but in this case I agree with the Cassiopaean articles on Weider. Imo, he is pure disinfo.


S Cat.

wv: bionk - Yeah, right!

m_astera said...

Have it your way. You think it's good that the State steals hotels, factories, and farms, and that the State should run them, fine. Do that where you live, OK? You probably think your local motor vehicles dept is a model of efficiency, like all government enterprises are.

I know I'm wasting my time, but whatever: Venezuela does not have any sort of army that could or would fight either the US or Colombia. If they even showed up, the fight would be over within hours. Cubans are in charge of much of the military, intelligence, and security; they might fight to hold onto Castro's cash-cow colony of Venezuela, but the rank and file soldiers and the officers hate the Cubans and wouldn't take battle orders from them.

So, if the US or Colombia actually wanted to invade, there is nothing to stop them. With the possible exception of maybe 10% of the population that are hard-core chavistas, no Venezuelan would really care very much, as long as things sort of functioned and gas remained cheap.

Really though it would be silly to take over Venezuela; the country is broke and in debt, all of the infrastructure is crumbling: power generating and transmission, roads and bridges, the ports, the oil industry. No maintenance for eleven years will do that. They are unable to feed themselves and import at least 60% of their food. Invading Venezuela would be taking on a huge liability with no easy return on investment.

All the US has ever needed to do to oust Hugo is to stop buying Venezuelan oil. It is a very heavy high-sulfur crude, similar to asphalt, and the only refineries that can handle it in quantity are in the US.

It's just mind games that are being played with your heads, people. I guess I can understand your need for blind faith in government, though I don't respect it. You really could find better heroes than Chavez and Castro, though. They are not good people, despite what the Jew-created and Jew-owned World Socialist propaganda has sold you.

I'm done with this subject. On the other topic, "Christian" doesn't carry much cachet these days. Maybe it's time for the real christians to come up with a new name for themselves.

Anonymous said...

stricken lives
broken hearts
constant atrocity
wicked men
with evil pursuits
relinquished honor
man in fear
world in pain
divisions exercised
each in a cage
differences exploited
its time to go free
released like a butterfly
on the great breeze.


Anonymous said...

Michael I give you credits for reading things into the script that nobody is actually saying. Don't know Mr. Chavez personally but you are in good company because Israel, the International Monetary Fund, the Obama administration, Bush Family, Zids in charge of Colombia, The Rothschilds and the Crown, the EU, the U.S. colony of Costa Rico, Israeli backed Guatemalan hit squads and the catholic criminal class in Venezuela who are accustomed to stealing everything not nailed down for decades don't like him very much.

Perhaps he is part of that "unstoppable Force of Irresistible Change" who knows. The only people who seem to like him are the 80% of the Venezuelans who vote for him. But hey it is their country right?

The old National Review spin that anyone who decides they can drill their own oil as well as Shell, Respo, Total or BP or the great Marxist threat boogeyman going to get us all is passe these days.

Every country is going to have some kind of government, it may as well be one 80 percent of them want as opposed to one appointed by Diebold voting machines.

As far as taking over the Hilton it most likely means there won't be any more Bilderberg meetings there and probably less children snatched.

But if you don't like it there why haven't you moved? Don't know what kind of work you do there but surely it exists elsewhere. What do you do anyway?

TheSparkle said...

@S Cat.

I am not familiar with Jay Weidner spouting hate about anyone.

I am going to watch the video to which you referred:


long john said...


like i said... you are not living in reality.

consciousness is not inside of a body (or brain). the body (and matter and computers and the world etc etc) is within consciousness.

there is NO consciousness in the internet. the internet is merely a communications network.

consciousness does not reside either in brains, or in computers, or in the internet.

there is no consciousness inside of anything. everything, and every 'thing', exists soley within consciousness.

your view is based wholly in matter. your view is the same as those who think that awareness/consciousness is merely a product or result of having a brain.

yet consciousness does not reside in the brain. the brain is merely a type of bio-neurological interface.

and thus consciousness does not and cannot reside in brains, in computer systems, or in computer networks.

one cannot exist inside of a computer, just as one does not exist inside a brain.

a computer is merely a sophisticated data/information filing system. and awareness/consiousness is not information.

the idea that consciousness could inhabit a computer system is merely a science fiction fantasy. it is not possible, due to the nature of consciousness. so you are living in a sciece fiction dreamland.

you said: "Naked awareness (nirvana) has no object"

-- wrong. that (naked awareness) is not the meaning of "nirvana". "nirvana" means to extinguish, to cease existing, to vanish. nirvana is simply the extinguishing or the cessation of the (false) sense of being a separate egoic entity. nirvana does not mean "naked awareness".

you said: "I'm more interested in a better world than I am in nirvana."

-- well i never said anything about "nirvana". that is entrely your assumption and spin. i do not hold whatever belief system that you seem to think that i hold.

however, i too am interested in a "better world". but the "better world" that is coming is not going to be a result of living inside of a computer system artificial reality. it is going to be a result of a radical transformation beyond the present state of existance and human consciouness, into an age of higher evolutionary intelligence and unity... and not some mere artificial virtual reality. so your view is fundamentally flawed.

you said: "Would you remove all trees and living things from the world to realise your fantasy of basking in naked light?"

-- i never said or implied any such thing. i don't want or need to "bask in naked light", nor do i wish to remove any organic life from my awareness. nothing needs to be removed or destroyed as you have implied. you have grossly misunderstood the issue.

furthermore, the cosmic transformation of human consciousness on this planet is already underway. the old paradigm is now in the process of dissolving, and all of the systems that are obsolete are presently disintegrating, and they will continue to disintegrate and become obsolete as time goes on.

we are now already upon the doorstep of the new cosmic aeon... however it will not be one of inside of some computer-based virtual reality.

countless other stellar and planetary communities throughout the universe already exist and thrive in the age of higher evolutionary intelligence and light.

and now the time has finally come for us here on this planet, and it is only a matter of a very short while until we too become joined with those higher evolutionary interstellar communities.

Anonymous said...

Marxism is an ideology, when all is said and done and a political one at that.

What America seems to forget, which is what the Founding Fathers were Wise enough to ensrine in Law ( here its worth a mention the term Wise-Man is not just Biblical but Latin for Homo-Sapien ) is that Republic stands for Rule by the the Thing of the Public.

A Thing is Divine in both Germanic Tribal Traditions and Roma (mirror) Amor Law.

You don't need false messiahs, from Marxist backwoods, you need yourselves.

TheSparkle said...

@ S.Cat scat?

You are simply and elegantly wrong about Jay Weidner regarding the video that you mentioned (The.History.Channel.Lost.Book.Of.Nostradamus). [I just inspected the video again after your comment, though I have seen it before.]

Jay Weidner said the word 'Islam' exactly once. It was in reference to an old manuscript with a crescent moon symbol. He said nothing anti-Islamic or anti-Muslimic. Not once.

The only thing 'anti-Islamic' about the video was the repeated showing of Osama bin Laden pictures and other typical 911 scenes, as in the mainstream media.

The guests on the show are interviewed, then the makers of the show put it together including the tired old video scenes from the news.

You are either simply mistaken because you are new to all this, or you are ignorant (unknowing). I would hate to believe that you are stupid or lying intentionally.

Peace to you kitty.

Origen the heretic said...

@R. Zuercher:

That's right, if the USA is for it, I'm agin it and vice versa. And you have to admire a man who stood before the UN general assembly and called Georgie II the devil. "Sniff sniff, I can still smell the sulfur." It's true socialism has never worked in the past, and as Margaret Thatcher said, "Eventually, you run out of other people's money.", but I think that is due for the most part to three reasons:
1) The same corrupt types that run 'capitalism' ran the show and/or
2) Productivity per capita was too low, which is part of
3) Poor education

I think if current technology were applied, not to mention suppressed technology, it could work to the extent of giving every person on the planet food and shelter. If they want an iPad or a Lexus, they'd have to work. See Robert A. Heinlein's "For Us the Living" for a fair exposition. Of course no system is going to work until the psychopaths are eliminated.

Rev. John

m_astera said...

Well, guess I'm not quite done.

Mick, do you care that you are lying and promulgating lies, or do you only care about not changing your faith in Marxism?

Here are the facts; please disprove them:

Chavez has been elected twice with slightly over 60% of the vote. NOT 80%. Present time polls show his support in the 30% range at best.

All voting in Venezuela is done on electronic voting machines; the company, Smartmatic, is controlled by the government. The last major voting in Venezuela was on around 70 constitutional changes proposed by Chavez, the main purpose of which was to allow him to run for president forever. The secondary purpose was the strip power from local and state governments and put it all in Chavez' hands. Though the initiatives were defeated at the polls in the fall of 2008, the voting results were suppressed by the government and never released.

Chavez is as thoroughly hated in Venezuela as GW Bush was in the USA, and by largely the same type of people, those who care about freedom and an honest government that doesn't try to promote wars. No one, and I repeat NO ONE has threatened Hugo; it has entirely been him threatening others.

Smartmatic, FYI, has been charged with fraud in the Phillipines and other places. Voting in Colombia is done on paper ballots. In their last election, the paper ballots were counted within 12 hours of poll closing.

Mick, I know that you will not read anything that doesn't support your blind faith, so the following is not for you, it is for people who wish to know at least a little truth.

and also this:

I will not reply to any further parroting of bullshit from propaganda sources owned by either the Jews or the chavistas, so don't bother. A real discussion would be welcome, but Dublin Mick is not capable of such, based on the evidence presented so far.

Anyone who doesn't "get" that the controllers WANT an opposition they can own is not worth wasting time on. One at that level of understanding is no better than those cheering for sports teams.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,...Oh dear...the virus spreads...I do believe that we are experiencing trolls trolling trolls and flamers flaming flamers - OR: Blue on Blue - or should I say jew on jew.

What a fucking sad bunch of un-co' 'resistance' fighters you fuckers are!

I used to rack my brains wondering WHY? Why are we not living the light and the life that our ancestral spiritual masters promised us?


No-one with any basis in working-class origins (the majority fools, g-d's OWN) gives a flying FUCK, whether Schmavas or the tribe run schmenezuela's oil.

The ‘oil spill’ is a false flag as plain as the nose on your face!
Truly: We are just about to run onto the field and you c#*ts can’t even agree to disagree!

My Brothers and I have decided to say “Fuck’em… let’em die”; wrestling each other in the shit as the tribes’ mercenary army rolls into their Vill’. HELLO!

Michael if you are in venezuala and you HATE it; FUCK OFF somewhere else.

Dubless, if you are still shitting in your knickers over your shrimp cocktail because of the contrived false-flag ‘oil spill’ Fuck-off somewhere else!

Jesus wept – but NOT FOR YOU!

I am a resistance fighter and will die or be victorious, if my labour provides my children the time/opportunity to morph’ into a higher bardo – I WIN!



P.S. Hush Puppies? Oh, yeah, I remember Hush Puppies - they meant Luuunch Munneeee! To my mates and me! Haaa hah haaggghh! Was I cruel? (Bibi would be proud)Cheer up losers it's party time!


Anonymous said...

@ Rev. John

You know, I wonder what all these leaders of North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, at the time Iraq and some others have in common, other than being defiant opposite the righteous axis of “The Good”, why they must be hated and are being portrayed as the villains of this world.

But looking at an atlas, I don’t think it has so much to do with these leaders themselves, or even the resources of these countries, as it has to do with the strategic positioning of their lands on that world map. Power and control, just like it was done on a much smaller scale in the middle ages, when they built their castles and forts high up on a rock, by the narrow valley entrance to their kingdoms to protect the fruits that their subject slaves produced. “Durch diese hohle Gasse muss er kommen”

”if current technology were applied, not to mention suppressed technology, it could work to the extent of giving every person on the planet food and shelter”

Here I could not agree more. I myself have been “mardering” my brain out, to get my hands on the best possible solution, without raising any suspicion, opposite the greedy authorities, but I’ve given up, because there is so much out there and I really don’t have the scientific background to discern between the numerous possibilities of “zero”-power. Furthermore, living in Central Florida, I am not so sure how much longer I have to even worry about such luxury anymore. I guess we’ll find that out soon enough, wont we?

Thanks for your thoughts Reverend, thank you all.

R. Zuercher

Anonymous said...

Dear Sparkle,

Thank you for your input. Your comments have been duly noted.


S Cat

wv: worum (yup! plenty of them about!)

m_astera said...


I live in Venezuela most of the time. I love Venezuela and get along just fine there. The discussion has nothing to do with my liking or disliking the country or its people.

Here's the long and short of it: A whole lot of those who I would like to consider my brothers and sisters have been sold a sack of shit about Hugo Chavez. Many millions, even billions have been spent in promoting him, just as they have been spent in promoting Vlad Lenin, Josef Stalin, Che Guevara, and Fidel Castro, and by the same group that created them.

Want the bottom line? I live there and read all sides, talk to everyone, and know what's what. Chavez is a primary psychopath, primary. He is no one's friend, and will, and has, sacrificed anyone who became inconvenient. I stay away from the subject most of the time because it honestly nauseates me to hear and read otherwise intelligent people who are buying into the lies.

Simply put, I have never met a single intelligent person in Venezuela who believes anything Chavez says, nor would any of the posters here find a chavista in Venezuela that they would spend time with willingly. Chavez is a psychopath and a creep, and his supporters are either the greedy poor still hoping for the bonus that never arrives, or corrupt sycophants who are making millions looting the treasury. That is a fat fact. I know of no exceptions, none.

Chavez lives in Miraflores Palace and the poor still live in cardboard shacks along the road. That has not changed an iota.

Everything Mike Whitney wrote about Chavez in the article Tony linked is a complete lie, from literacy to political freedom to eliminating poverty. Everything Mick wrote about Chavez is also a lie. I can easily back that up, every speck. The ONLY true statement I have read about Hugo on this thread is that he badmouthed GW at the UN.

And I am again getting nauseated by even having to explain this to people who I would have hoped for as allies. I cannot ally myself with anyone who has such poor discernment, simply because they are not trustworthy.

What part of lying, murderous, corrupt psychopath who is destroying his country don't you get?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,.. Michael; well you have got that passion brother, I always respect THAT!

I wish I could walk those mean streets of Caracas with you brother, I get so ANGRY with ALL the injustice and duplicity – I need good hue-mint (human intelligence reports)brother; I want the good guys to WIN! That’s my shit M.

No more NO LESS!

I see you brother; I see you. Just…

To thine own self: Be true!


I’m heavy right now Les…

I hope I’m getting all the wrong intel’.



Anonymous said...

Speak English Veritas

No man lies so boldly as the man who is indignant....Nietzsche

Anonymous said...

Speak English Veritas

TheSparkle said...

S. Cat:

Were you lying, ignorant or stupid?


m_astera said...

Mick, we are speaking a language that some have yet to learn. It is that of truth. We are feeling each other out, finding out if the other has walked those ten thousand miles with only a blanket and a cloak. Some have. To those who have done that walk, it's apparent. You will never be cut off from source. To those who have not walked it, it is all words.

Love, you know,

veritas6464 said...

Hey Les,.. dubless, poor old sot, you are to be pitied grandpa: Some years ago, when I was an MSM Journalist I was employed by one of Australia's leading Current Affairs shows (The Hinch Program) as a stringer; I would provide combat footage from S.E.Asia and the Pacific. Upon returning one time I was asked by my Exec. Producer to appear on a 'special' presentation for the Premier of John Pilger's latest documentary 'Cambodia: Year Ten'.

I agreed to be interviewed and was informed that the other guest wanted to meet me prior to the show.

Well, I have always had a 'very' close relationship with the 'anti-communist' guerilla forces operating from Border camps inside Thailand. As an ‘ex’ member of a specialized team that did some interesting stuff in S.E.A. I was always welcomed more warmly than the average hack.

I enjoyed an interesting audience with Mr. P. and we travelled to and from the studio together. I made a deal with John and his ‘agent’ that I have always kept. As it turned out; an important segment of the ‘exclusive’ footage that Pilger had been ‘entrusted’ with by his ‘contacts’ in Camobodia: WAS MINE! And the “brutal Khmer Rouge soldiers portrayed terrorizing the peasants by destroying their village”, were actually CIA trained and equipped KPNLF (Kampucean Peoples National Liberation Forces). The MI6 and SAS trained and supplied the ANS (Armee Nationale Sihanoukist). Go figure.

I hope the enigmatic quality of this comment annoys the fuck out of you grandpa simpson – you do not know me or my history – you are a fool, one brain-cell short of the village idiot. I have excellent credentials, (depending on the colour of your lapel pin!)

Haaaggghh haha hah… poor old dubless.

No-one is clean dubless; if you ever set out on a journey of ten thousand miles, remember this.


Mick, y’all…


red porch said...

Man-oh-man, you write well.
Your prose reads like poetry - mesmerizing!

Something uncanny about messages from wordsmiths...

Unknown said...

Aotearoa New Zealand alpha omega land of the rising sun, makes sense we lead the world in realigning planets bio-rhythm of thirteen moons and our human internal clocks bio-rhythms of the quartermoon, fullmoon, threequartermoon and the no moon called a new moon, there is no moon in a new moon cycle, then builds again 13 times of synchronicity harmony the rest will sort it self out. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand First Galactic Community



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