Wednesday, November 29, 2023

"Money Doesn't Make The World Go Round. It Looks Like it Makes The World go Round, and that is All That Matters."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Every day comes one more exposure on the heels of another... unless you go to CNN or The Washington Post where... shit-eating mushrooms die in a democracy of darkness. There... and in other places... you will find the Glyphosate Pablum... the simpering whines of reunion... among the sainted hostages... a gaggle of Myna Birds with their beaks out... in search of a wetting.

The Horrors of Hamas; a kind of X-rated “Perils of Pauline”... by way of Candida (sp?), and her clubfooted sister Chlamydia... will be a new serialized release from not-so-Random House, BUT... the gig is up. As I was told... have been told several times in recent days that everything they get up to now is going to turn against them. Humanity is on one side and The Armies of Darkness are on the other.

One of them is emergent. The other is fading into the indigo soup of recycling error... frogmarched by the footsoldiers of Lord Stupid, and other blue-bloods from the lineage of Almost Human. When the time comes... and... the time has come. There are no further negotiations. Letters of appeal will not be accepted. It simply begins to crumble away. It was all based on nothing and Nothing has left the room.

We have sat in that awful darkness of never-ending night... waiting on the dawn... waiting on the dawn. Jim Morrison is singing it backwards on a record somewhere... the words are different... the meaning is the same, and then... when nearly all of us had forgotten why we were even there... light began to break upon the sky. No one wants to believe it. It is still early days. No doubt it is a false dawn.

Rumors run amok in every direction as if Sybil were playing Paul Revere. The messages are like each fragmented identity, independent of every other. One says this... another says that. Rumors echo off each temporary facade. It's a kind of hall of mirrors... banging on the walls of the inner ear. Everyone can hear something. No one can understand what they are hearing. This is because the huge engines of cosmic change are being lined up on the far side of the hill... under the cover of all that fucking noise.

Do I look like I work here? Go find somebody with a name tag! Then you'll be right as rain. You'll be bobbing for road apples with your Uncle Bob the avuncular nightmare. The rumor machine is smoking like an industrial fire. It can't keep up with the demand.

Everyone wants to know something. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. (it never did) They just want to be able to tell anybody who asks them... something. It's the appearance of being informed that makes all the difference. Do these pince-nez glasses make me look pear-shaped in the moonlight? Is the wind in your withers yet? There's a cold excitement coming in like the early morning mist on the hillsides, behind which the huge engines of cosmic change are concealed.

When big things start to break down, all you notice at first is that the workmen are moving a little faster than usual. Not as many people are leaning on their shovels... as if the union rep was in town. It takes a while. When the last of the oil leaks out of the car... it doesn't seize up right away. In the best conditions, you might get 40 miles down the road. It's a process. It takes time. We are at that point where the lubricating grease has run out. Sooner or later the inevitable will occur.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of shouting and yelling. People are waving their hands. The really important people are acting like absolutely nothing out of the ordinary is happening, BUT... you would expect that. The really corrupt money all just got behind the loose cannon, burlesque queen Nikki Haley, so... there are real problems in The Backroom.

When you put Nikki Haley's name in a search engine. One of the choices that comes up is; Nikki Haley's daughter is a pig. I wonder what that means?

As you should know. As you should have been knowing for a long time already, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!! It has ALWAYS been all about the money because the people with the most money get to tell the people with not as much money what to do, and... they get to tell the people with even less money what to do, and I suppose that is supposed to take the sting out of the party of the first part.

Without money, there's no Power. How is anyone with power going to pay the soldiers that go around with them everywhere... showing how powerful they are... so that they keep marching behind them (or in front of them) whichever way they are going? How are you going to be rich and powerful without money? Well... I am exceedingly rich and do not have much money, BUT... that's another story.

In The Unreal World... if you want to be powerful... you have to have money. Money is the muscle and sinew that makes you look steroidal... even if you are not. Money confers aura. Money makes you look like someone... even if you are not.

One of the funniest things going is that there are a whole lot of billionaires, and many, many more multimillionaires... and way, way more millionaires. Can you imagine how many of these are goosestepping around in whatever pond gets assigned to them by The Lords of Karma at any one time?

Money DOES NOT make The World go round. It makes it look like it makes The World go round, and that's all that matters. APPEARANCES are the real currency that makes money look impressive.

Now... that the oil... which is the currency of motion... is leaking out of the car... I'm sure everyone is taking bets on how much further the car is going to manage to get. There's a strange pressure conundrum at work here, and that is the fact that everyone laying bets has also got to make sure and be out of town when the car's engine seizes.

Any day now... it's going to be finger-pointing time. It's not Dark Brandon's fault. He's just an empty suit with the front pockets of his pants cut out. He's the window dressing in a looted store. The people who set him up knew what they thought they were doing. That's how Kamala became vice president. No one wants to go there because everyone else has already been there.

Boy! It looks like someone set every dumpster in The World on fire at the same time. Now I hear the Democrats are thinking of putting Bruce Willis on the ticket. No one knows what they are doing all of a sudden. They never knew it in the first place but it hadn't occurred to them. Now it has. That pretty much takes fake it till you make it off the menu. I can't wait for the musical chairs blame game that is about to start.

Everything is coming down on them at once. Ukraine wasn't going well anyway and then America's bankers had to go and do a false flag. Then The Killer Vaccines hit Broadway. I hear Pfizer just lost 144 billion in market value because no one wants what they were making anymore. How are they... how are any of them supposed to spin that? The Justice Department is getting reamed in Congress; probably why no one is covering it. I mean... everything is going haywire all at the same time.

Who is causing all of this? That question keeps coming to mind. Oh! Of course, I know who's causing it but I like to keep asking anyway. I'll bet they are asking!!! Heh heh... they only believe in what they can see (and imagine), and this means they are stone blind to the important features. This gives rise to uncertainty... that gives rise to paranoia... that... inevitably leads to panic. Right now, it's a white-knuckled ride. Probably time to pour a little more oil into The Athanor... but they don't know what that is either.

It has to be amusing if you have any kind of remote-viewing faculties. The people above them are yelling at them. They are yelling at the people below, and the question keeps returning to their minds; how did it all turn to shit so quickly? Well... that's what reverse alchemy results in. That's what a reversed Kabbalah produces.

Eventually, the demons get the upper hand. It is far better to traffic with angels. Good things happen when you are being advised by your own higher nature. Bad things happen when you go to... ♫ the fire down below ♫

Everything is under control. That is the beauty of it. That is the poetry of it. Everything fits when you are putting things in their right places... in their right order, OR... put another way... everything goes perfectly when you don't interfere with The Process. Everyone gets everything that is coming to them, even if they leave town or change their name to Harry Angel. Even if they manage to forget who they are, you can be sure they will be reminded at some point.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, November 24, 2023

"The Schemes of The Globalists are Held Together by Threads. These Threads are Woven from Deception and Illusion."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The spirit of God in us is indestructible. The Soul is not. It is connected to the indestructible. The Soul is a vehicle for the imperishable spirit. It carries the fruits of our evolution from life to life... until such time as it attains to indestructibility. We'll just let that sit there and marinate while the implications trigger.

Parlare means talk in Italian. Mentire means to lie. Put those two words together. You can drop the re from each of them; might make it clearer.

Existence moves from stage to stage. What is presently happening in Dublin, Ireland has been coming for some time. The ever-worsening conditions of forced immigration that were brought about by... The Usual Suspects... only needed tinder and flame. It has that now, and it will soon be a conflagration spreading from country to country in the EU and... no doubt... around The World. All of the countries are on a knife edge. France and Sweden are probably the closest.

The schemes of The Globalists are held together by threads. Most of these threads are woven from deception and illusion. It only takes a certain amount of light to see through them. Their hold on The World is maintained through contracts with demons, which explains all the child trafficking and awful things you hear rumors of. Demons can only affect what Heaven permits and only within their bandwidth of operation. Let's just say all bets are off now.

Whatever remains of their tentative hold... is only for the purpose of exposing them with their hands in the cookie jar or your pants; feeling for your wallet or the family jewels.

This is all a farce... an example of God's Lila... by which he is entertained to the ends of His Will to be done. When it is said that The World is for God's amusement, one must keep in mind that one does not understand God at all. This is the cause of anthropomorphism where we project God as a larger version of ourselves, replete with all of our faults and passions. That is... in no wise the case... ever!

We can rise to a higher, but, still limited understanding of The Divine... but God does not come down to our level as God. His force... borrowed through his generosity for The Purpose of Demonstration... does mutate and adapt to various planes of operation. Where do you think The Infernal Kingdom came from? You have to get your mind right about God being behind everything... through creating or permitting it.

All the unattractive things you see are the fruits of False Self Will. If you are a party to this it is what you will see all around you. If you are... truly detached... you could well see something else. It's all a magic show. YOU... ARE... UNDER... A... SPELL.

This spell is constructed and held by The Mind and it is warmed and animated (driven) by Desire... Passion... The Heart; name it as you wish.

Black Magicians are operating the seats of power to specific ends. They move the politicians and religious leaders around like chess pieces... for The Purpose of Demonstration. This happens when there is less light and more darkness in the balance of things. There are four ages. The last of these... the one we are exiting... has the least amount of light. That's going to change. You can see it changing. However... it is a tad rough at the beginning.

It is best to see humanity as billions of slot cars running on rails. These rails are fueled by desire, and directed in their courses by mind. The Divine seems to have been an absentee landlord for a long time. People have gravitated toward Materialism, BUT... this is all part of the plan as well. Some move with reckless abandon toward Perdition (an actual place) which is not far from Tartarus. You go off Heaven's view-screen when you do that. No doubt there is a lesson to be learned there.

In this time of dynamic transition, all the parts are playing out for The Purpose of Demonstration. The Climate Nazis have their agenda. It ties in with The WEF and all the other controller agencies. They think they are visiting their will upon us, but actually... they are being spun through the necessary changes... of ever greater exposure... that The World might see through the illusions being visited upon it.

The Pope... who is The World's richest drag queen... just hosted a busload of trannies out of mutual simpatico. It's not a good look, but... that doddering old fool can't see it. John Kerry can't see the actual embarrassing, and evil nonsense of his war on normal food production. Bill Gates can't see the certain outcome of poisoning The World with chemicals... specifically designed to that end. Klaus Schwab thinks that being Darth Vader makes him a romantic figure.

At every level, The Usual Suspects are killing and looting at an ever wider reach, and controlling the reactions of the host bodies on which they feed. Little do they know that The World is waking up and about to render strong objections otherwise. Oh! They know, but they don't know. It's a conundrum difficult to explain.

Christ put it best; Father forgive them. They know not what they do. Christ Conscious individuals... Buddhas and Bodhisattvas... Sages and realized beings... all move through this world at one time or another... being useful where they can, and harmless when they cannot.

Angels circle the globe seeking the awakening light as it sparks in someone... so that they might attend to its nurturing and growth, just as The Sun encourages the plants to rise in celebration of its life-giving rays.

If you can't see... or at least sense that these things are true, you are blocked by yourself from the vision of harmony that exists on the one plane and is imperfectly translated onto the other, due to collective blockages... because selfishness is a given in Times of Material Darkness. It is how things get done... whether you like it or not. The key is to rise above it... by wanting nothing from it. Then you are not snared and bound.

Be like The Lotus that rides atop the murk of the entangling world. Calling it a water lily does not change its nature. Arguing about which it is... when it is both... is how things fare in a world of perpetuating conflict. Skirmish as you wish, if that is what pleases you. Walk away and no one will follow you. As you can see... they are busy.

Are you busy like a bee or busy like a fly? Certainly flies serve a purpose. Everything does. What purpose do you wish to serve? There's your free will, AND... specific agendas meet specific ends as you grow to look like the very thing you do.

After a time, people come to look like what they are. They will go on and on... looking for what cannot be found in those industries... for as long as they can bear the pain of it, and the separation it creates.

Tortured artists with less than zero talent... prance about The World's stages... in a self-fellating awe of their prowess. Then they get old, and Time is a cruel mistress. Politicians work all sides of the trough... for sale to the highest bidder, and then the sands run out, and it all turns to ghost shimmers. Is what you have... what you do... is it real? Everything is on the meter, and people run in circles... to gain the merit... to do the same thing over and over. Somehow they think it will last. It never does.

This is The World. It is a place where you can do ANYTHING, and you will be charged accordingly. As Hasan-i Sabbah said, “Nothing is real. Everything is permitted.” Why go that way then? Why do people do what they do? They are under a spell. Every now and again... at rare intervals... The Spell is broken for a time, and people are able to see what is... to the extent that they are able.

It is all coming out now. Some will do anything to stop it, but they cannot. They will only expose themselves in the effort. What is happening in Gaza will have long-lasting repercussions. Nothing will ever be the same for those who caused it. For decades they acted with impunity, thinking... what is anyone going to do about it? And no one ever did anything, so... they thought no one ever would.

Traps laid by Heaven are impossible to escape. Now will come the death of ten thousand cuts from all directions. Those who have grown fat on the misfortunes and sufferings of others are nowhere near as lean and mean as the people they have persecuted. They have become too fat and decadent to dare to die. The others have no fear of death. They have been living under its shadow for a very long time. The Tides... have turned.

Look at how people's true loyalties have been exposed! Look at all the people showing The World where their allegiance lies. It's not going to be pretty, and shame burns like fire.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

"Evil Does Not Sleep Because Evil Cannot Rest. Evil is Agitated and Can Find no Peace. It is The Nature of Evil to Be So."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Reader knows what Trojans and viruses are... those that have to do with computers. Existence is a computer, and the government... which can be thought of as a shovel or a hatchet; some kind of tool, and religion... which can be thought of as a sleeping pill or a cocktail; some kind of soporific... do what they do at the behest of The Money Men. The Money Men are those who possess the most money and are then able to outbid all others for the services of these two corrupters and enablers of action and thought in The Hive Mind.

Well... you know this is so because you can see it in action all around you every day. January 6th was an example... where those of influence... used the government to subvert a desire for clarity and greater freedom on the part of the populace.

I only bring this up because of something I was told some days ago and then told several times again... over succeeding days.

“Visible... I have just set loose certain forces in The World. They can't be stopped or gotten around. They might take a short time to get up to speed, but you will see the effect of them shortly. When you see certain parties or vested interests acting stranger and wilder than at any time before, you will know it is my doing.

“You will also see certain information coming into the public sphere; that which was formerly hidden... now being revealed. Then you will also know... this is me.”

Well... sure enough... it is coming to pass.

Prior to my being told this, I had been inquiring of The Divine about the overstepping on the part of the monsters that walk among us, principally Gates... Soros... The WEF, and other bloodthirsty clowns and assorted collectives of villains. I was then told... not that long after... that Heaven had quite enough of them and was going to be setting forces in motion to counter their antics. So it was that I then... later.... heard about these forces set into motion.

I don't care one way or the other if The Readers... collectively... embrace what I say. That's not my department. My department is only to pass things on, not to be concerned about whatever reactions they provoke.

I've had time enough and experience enough to make me absolutely certain of the veracity of what I hear, AND... I know that when a matter remains less clear than it might have been, it is the result of my not hearing correctly what I have been told. That happens. Less so than at previous times, but I am not 100%... yet.

However... simple logic should tell anyone who actually cares to understand... that whenever Evil rears its head in any significant way... countering forces rise up to oppose it. This includes other sources of Evil as well... because Evil fights among itself, and wars for supremacy all the day long... and well into the night.

Evil does not sleep because Evil cannot rest. Evil is disturbed within and can find no peace. It is the nature of Evil to be in a state of distress at all times because Evil only sees competition or prey wherever it looks. Evil is at a clear disadvantage when it comes to attacking that which sets order in the firmament... because it goes contrary to its own nature, to begin with.

Evil always destroys itself because it wars against itself and that is The Purpose of Cosmic Demonstration in regard to Evil. It is the always certain outcome of Evil's Sisyphean efforts to rule The World.

I generally refer to Eastern Teachings when I am trying to illustrate a line of thought. That is because Eastern Tradition is much more comprehensive than Western Tradition... FOR THAT PURPOSE. The West is hopelessly linear when it comes to things like Good and Evil. Everything IS NOT black and white. There are shades of gray to consider... not to mention the entire palette of riotous colors, AND... all of them mean something, AND... most especially in relation to each other.

In The East, it is understood that the same force which snares... binds... and traps you... is the very same force that sets you free. There are little clues in The West, like... “lead us not into temptation,” but mostly it's God=Good... Devil=Bad... Heaven=Good... The World=Bad. In reality, it doesn't work like that, BUT... no one has more rocks in their heads than Christian Fundamentalists... unless it is any of the other fundamentalists... East and West.

It's similar to what I like to say about sexual torpor and flammability; the only thing stupider than a teenage girl... on this green Earth... is a teenage boy. In Times of Material Darkness... the sex force moves through an ocean of hooks and lures on all sides. It is very hard to direct that force within in such times. The bait is so varied and colorful. It's a shame, but... it's all part of the plan. You don't appreciate The Priceless until you realize you have sacrificed it for The Mundane.

Loss teaches us far more than having ever will. This is why giving will always lead to a finer world than hoarding can.

Because things are not what they appear to be... because appearances lie... hard times and disappointment are often the fruit of experience. We are here to learn. How quickly we learn is up to us. You can't tell people who haven't been burned how hot the fire is. They have to find out on their own, AND... for a long time... the self-willed... the driven among us... were certain there is some kind of workaround. It is endless entertainment for me to watch all the ruses that are employed, to... no... avail.

I love the science of Physiognomy. For instance, what do you see here?

Then there is that same tactic that has worked so well;

BUT... it is not going to be working anymore. The lawyer is hoping that lightning will strike twice. If it does, it won't be the way he is hoping it will.

The January 6th tapes being released are going to have permanent reverberations... through the ranks of the bowling pins... lined up in the corridors of power. Divine Trojans and Viruses have been launched into the mainframe, and havoc is on the menu.

By the day... Israel is PERMANENTLY ruining itself in the eyes of The World. NOTHING can heal the image they have given The World. Yet... do they step back? Do they consider the damage? They do not. Relentlessly... one new outrage follows the next. They have cut off their own heads. For some reason now; Trojans? Viruses? For some reason... none of the old bait and switches are working!

The Drums of Doom are resonating in every corner of The World. The High and Mighty have overstepped themselves. They did not intend to. Everything has become multidimensional Wack-a-Mole. The Boy Who Cried Wolf cannot help the boy with not nearly enough fingers for the porous dike. Humpty Dumpty has lost his balance, and no one cares enough about him to prop him back up.

Evil has separated itself from the masses it was concealed in. It is as if the colors of Evil stand out among the uniform collective that Evil used to cloak itself in. It is being exposed and made vulnerable. It cannot pretend to be The Good Guys any longer, not since it tried to poison The World and... The... World... found... out.

The very instruments that Evil intended to use... to seduce The World into a slumbering accord... is working against it. Evil thought that if it controlled the faucets of information... it could control those who were being informed. Somehow... The Spell is broken.

Yes... there are many who sleep on and can be moved about on the gameboard at will, BUT... enough are waking up... so that the balance of power has been irrevocably shifted. Now comes... the beating wings, and... the tread of the invisible harpies and harridans... in the mind of the workers of Evil. A cloud of biting insects has been released into their thought streams. They wave their arms at invisible bugs. They cry out in the night and there is no one to console them.

There is a constant shiver at the napes of their necks. There is the rising howl of the hounds on their tracks. Can outright panic be far behind? Not far at all.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, November 16, 2023

"The Sexual Force, Rightly Directed, is The Great Liberator. That Which Confines and Binds You is What Also Sets You Free."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is what we need to do to bring these reptile shapeshifters down.

Laugh at The Devil and he will flee from you. The Devil cannot abide scorn. The Devil has no real face of his own. He assumes the faces of those he possesses and operates through. He is imprisoned forever within a specific bandwidth that he cannot escape. Unless you venture into that bandwidth he can't touch you.

This brings us to the matter of Purity. Until Purity is established in you, you have magnetic touchstones in your body that resonate to The Satanic Bandwidth. This is why Purity is so important. Loss of innocence and Purity are a given when one takes corporate form here. They are both lost as a rite of passage. There are exceptions but that is another thing entirely.

The whole dance of life is about the loss of these things, and the regaining of them. If this is not accomplished then one fades into the corruptions of form and senility. It is a common theme in Times of Material Darkness. The Way is lost... in every sense of the meaning of that term. If you cannot be inspired to swim upstream... to spawn a new creature... (metaphorically speaking) you will die in the embrace of The Old Man. This is why we are exhorted to “put off The Old Man” in The New Testament.

The hardest part of the operation is to endure and ignore the tribulations that come with telling the truth. Few can abide the heat of the kitchen where the alchemy takes place. The Devil hates The Truth. He is designed that way and to that end. So he has endless mouths of ridicule that follow The Truthtellers because he lives in every carnal mind, which is the native bandwidth of its operation.

So long as impurity exists in you, you are at the mercy of such distractions. You can be harassed and troubled for so long as the magnetized particles of former corruptions exist in you. It's a process. The Rites of Purification are never pleasant, but... they are necessary. If you do not seek after salvation from The Penitentiary Mind, you will eventually fall into the grooves and ruts that make one like a Klaus Schwab or his minions. You will remain among The Great Deceived.

Rejecting the carnality of doomed materialism is the first step. One sees early on that the promise, and the reality... of any common appetite... do not match up with one another. Still... one forges on. Maybe the time and place were wrong? Surely this can't be all there is to it? Why the huge downside to all of The World's allurements? Yet still... one soldiers on... as if driven to. Let me repeat again what Jacob Boehme said, “walk in all things contrary to The World.”

As Buddha noted, moderation is The Key. Lord Krishna says the same thing in The Gita. Christianity is less forgiving of The Middle Way because of the cold-blooded... poorly repressed sexuality of perverted priests and ministers, who were brought low by what they couldn't control.

The Sexual Force... rightly directed... is The Great Liberator. That which confines and binds you is what also sets you free. This is another of the great but simple mysteries one encounters in The Schools of Ageless Wisdom. There are bonafide mystery schools, and... many which are not. It is a hopeless thing to go looking 'out there.' Looking within causes the soul to ping upon what it searches for.

Sex is not evil. It is The Lower Nature that makes it appear so. One can have sex with angels through higher forms of intercourse. Saying such a thing offends those who have no command over themselves, BUT... one either has sex with God or one has sex with The World. People who are outraged by hearing this do not understand the means by which this is accomplished.

When an artist... poet... or musician is inspired... that is intercourse with a higher plane, and their art... poems, and songs are the progeny of that union. Why are nuns called Brides of Christ? Why is The Soul the bride in union with The Christ in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara? Heh heh... that gives a whole new meaning to mixed metaphors.

Guru Bawa once said that every pore in your body is a vagina. Breathing is a sexual act, as those who ARE INFORMED how to do it right... know to be true. There is a process in which one has intercourse with The Sun through the pores of one's being. There is a whole hidden world of many hidden worlds in which that which is unbelievable here is commonplace there.

When The World goes into disorder. When Materialism flowers and then enters its decline and fall... sexual perversity becomes rampant. Suicide and cannibalism follow. This is how you get The Walking Dead on TV and all the other entertainments that celebrate The Dark Side. None of these things happen by accident... and a certain group is behind the promotion of these rehabilitated depravities. That's easily proven. It's self-evident in fact.

Self-evidence and its concealment is always one of the conditions that lead to The Emperor's New Clothes. We see what we assume it is in our best interest to see, and not to see. These are not happy times for The Truthtellers. Of course... there are few good times to celebrate the truth, except in enlightened times. We're headed there now. Otherwise, The Truth is inconvenient and a pain in the ass. The World is all about subterfuge, concealment, and... mystery.

Woo Woo is the big turn-on. The merchants who are obsessed with selling you shit... are in competition with each other... to play the number's games of varying degrees of quality. If things last you sell fewer items. It's where planned obsolescence came from.

In the background... behind the scenes... Black Rock... Vanguard... State Street and other holding companies swallowed up everyone and then... came the pressures of forced behavior. You vil do vat ve say! They got enough voting shares to compel DEI and all the other bullshit that turns The World into chaos because setting us against each other is how they control us; those stupid... greedy... or frightened enough to be herded about.

However... lo and behold... they can't do much about the generations that keep showing up. It's hit and miss for them, and sooner or later they are brought down by whatever... means... are... necessary. Their big mistake is that they think existence is a random occurrence to be harnessed by the stronger will. It's already harnessed by The Stronger Will. Everything is numbered and counted, AND... under control. Even when it's out of control it's under control.

As The World gets more varied and the attractions are dolled up with the latest technology... people are sucked out of themselves and become immersed in externals. The more absorbed they get... the easier they are to lie to. In fact... there is nothing going on 'out there' except disappointment and death. The carousel of birth and death goes round and round, and the drones are driven under the whipmaster's lash, cause that is how it works when WANTING is what moves you.

Oh well... maybe next time?

Brambles and thickets are everywhere. Roots reach out of the ground to trip you. Chemicals disorient you. The attractions fascinate like will-o-the-wisps, leading you ever further astray. It can take lifetimes to find your way again... if you don't know how... or who to ask.

Now... the fools with the money believe that they can extend their lives indefinitely. They're all going to wind up looking like Henry Kissinger, or Rockefeller in his dotage, and yet... one can become immortal by a specific process that's been around since the beginning and has to do with The Sun... Moon... and The Dew, and a couple of other things.

They don't want to go that way because it means giving up all the other things that are their reason for living. No! They want to be Jabba The Hutt lookalikes who can move from depravity to depravity and spit in the eye of The Creator at the same time.

Well... they will never get remotely close to the eye of the Creator in that way, and their self-hatred is their greatest and most enduring illusion. It accounts for the way they treat everyone else.

If The Avatar hasn't been around for a while, things get really bent out of shape down here, and the worst among us rise up to lord it over everyone else. It goes on for a while... until the noise of it reaches Heaven; don't make me come down there! Still... he does come down there and sets it all right again, and The Nasties and Nodwells must retreat to anywhere out of the light they can find... to lick their injuries and plot their returns... somewhere... sometime, but... not anytime soon.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, November 13, 2023

"They Are All on a Bandwidth- Birds of a Feather... Flocking Together... and Schools of Fish... Moving as a Single Lifeform."

God Poet Transmitting.......

If you have been following the links I put up each day at GAB, you have seen some of the truly evil commentary

...and communications of (and having to do with) Hillary Clinton between name players, including Ben Affleck for some reason.

So... we will flashback today with an old clip that features a Dutch Banker. I am sure that some of you have seen this before. I certainly have. There are some key points made in this video... timelines mentioned, and also other themes and patterns that come up often these days.

All of the players on the Satanic bandwidth are connected to each other. I'm sure someone of informed and adventurous spirit could make a graph that drew lines between all of the players; showing what Klaus Schwab has to do with George Soros... what both of them have to do with Bill Gates... and where the politicians... entertainers, and money players interface with each other.

No doubt, Bilderberger... The WEF...The UN... The WHO... and sundry agencies around The World... ALL touch and fondle one another at some point. No doubt you would find that organizations set up to protect children actually operate inversely. UNICEF is actually UNIPEDO. The CDC is a euthanasia cabal. They ALL operate in opposite fashion to the purpose for which they were created, according to the shuck and jive that accompanied their coming about.

They are all on a bandwidth of birds of a feather... flocking together, and schools of fish moving as one organism.

They are low-frequency operatives. You might want to read up on the many harms to human health caused by low frequencies.

Nikolai Tesla (I think it was) said everything is energy... frequency... and vibrations. If you reference The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, you find that everything comes out of one thing through Adaptation. If you have made the connection to higher frequencies, you find that The Intuition is a sounding board for communication with angelic entities. Unless... of course... you are being guided by the influencers of The Lower Nature.

If your intuition is in resonance with The Higher Realms, you will be provided with ALL of the guidance you will ever need by your own soul, which is permanently connected to The Spirit of God... from whom all blessings flow... to all creatures here below.

So... the point to be made in all my widening gyres of circular thought (grin) is that those who dance with the demons are on specific and particular bandwidths. Those who dance with the angels are on separate... specific and particular bandwidths and never the twain shall meet. You don't have to worry about The Bad Guys unless you have business with them.

There is a Showtime series called Billions that features an astounding collection of sociopathic personas... out for themselves... with few... if any... exceptions. They operate at an elite social level, but they are nasty scum regardless. They are ruthless and treacherous characters who would sell their best friend if the price is right. It's well done, but I hope I never run into any of them, BUT; why would I?

I am on a different bandwidth, and we have no business with each other. I am making a point of communicating this because I know a lot of people are frightened about what they see formulating in The World. You do NOT have to be concerned about any of this unless you do. This will ALL resolve on the plane of operation that applies to the specific and particular players.

When people are young they are often looking for adventures. They do not realize that adventures involve danger and hardships. They do find this out, however. Bilbo was once talking about this very thing, and he said (paraphrasing)... I didn't realize that adventures meant sleeping in the rain... uncomfortable roots in your back... you begin to miss the comforts of your snug and cozy home.

Let's call in Lao Tzu for his classic statement about The World's inner and outer; “Why go outside for better seeing, better to remain at the core of your being. The way to do is to be.” You learn these things later in life when it dawns on you how often you put yourself in harm's way for no good reason.

Please... Dear Readers... keep in mind that certain events take place most often in certain locales. You have to go there to find these things. Vice flourishes in certain areas of town. Now, these places are virtual as well. The World is a whirling dervish of choices; good food or bad food... good times and bad times... good friends and bad acquaintances... sanctuaries and danger zones.

Everything you could possibly want and not want is to be found on any day somewhere. If it comes to you, you have been attracting it... sending out signals one way or another. Otherwise, you have to go after it. Managing your attractions and repulsions is... should be... Job One. Otherwise, they are going to manage you. When you are able to become indifferent to them both, you will have found Serenity and the hidden well of interior bliss.

You are inflexibly stable or you are worked by your environment. You are driving or you are being driven. You are a slave to sensation or the master of your senses. There is to be found the key to Joy or Despair.

Hillary... and the rest of those sad clowns, have lied so effectively to themselves that they actually believe in the shit they say and do. When you get away with bad behavior for such a length of time, you come to believe it will never catch up with you, BUT... IT ALWAYS DOES. They are monkeys on a stick along the road of hard fate. They are warning signs.

On that note, let me introduce a twist on the Adrenachrome story.

Watch it till the end and you will find out what happens with EpiPens after 18 months. I do not know the truth of these things. I merely pass on to you what comes my way. We know there is Adrenachrome. More than that... unless we are directly engaged... we do not know.

Now... Iceland has a chain reaction of volcanoes going off. Is HAARP back on the clock? This will be attributed to global warming, in a place far away from most everything else; Global Warming in Iceland... you bet! We must remember that even though evil minds are at work and doing their worst, Lady Nature is also much engaged in these times, though not like she is going to be. Once again, I do not know the truth of this matter. I know it came to me through interior reflection.

Because of the tremendous change that is about to happen here, The World was allowed to become severely unbalanced.

Several people went after me for stating that Israel staged the October assault. This is pretty much what I said, and by the day... more and more confirmation comes forward.

Now... why would it be so important to certain people that it seemed to be the other way round??? Yeah... Right.

No one knows how all the chaos and contagious madness in the streets is going to sort itself out. However... one could say that that is on a bandwidth too. What you vibrate in accord with, is in accord with you, and that applies in every instance you will find yourself in. If you are above The Fray, the skirmishing will not affect you or concern you. If you step down into it, you can be swept away. It takes no time at all for things to go wrong if you step outside the protections of your dharma.

Much of what I write about here, I have directly experienced one way or another. Sometimes it came in a revelatory fashion, and sometimes it came upside my head. I have pretty much existed as The Purpose of Demonstration and I still do, only now it is in a more salutary fashion.

I hope what I have discovered proves useful to others. It has proven very useful to me. Most of it is hard come by. It is quite true that what does not kill you only makes you stronger. I have a greater sense of compassion for Stupid now, having been so stupid myself on other occasions. However dumber than dirt any of us might be, if you simply love God, it will turn out well for you. That is the key to a successful existence.

We are all traveling on the same road of time and experience. We do not all take the same exits along the way, and we do not all remain in the places we only intended to stop in for a brief moment... until the walls of bandwidth closed in upon us... and we wake up in another life.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

"It is a Game that The Mind Plays in The Maze of Multiplicity or, there is The Wider Reach of Eternity Among The Stars."

God Poet Transmitting.......

When you were young, you were dependent on others to set the course of your day... to feed you... to teach you what you should and should not do. Some of us had terrible teachers that we earned from previous times of being willful and not paying attention. Some of us had wonderful teachers for reasons exactly the opposite of that.

All of us were victims or beneficiaries of The World around us as we came into being more and more independent OR... in some cases... and increasingly often these days... more dependent on The World around us.

A time comes, in most cases... when we are required to make the decisions for ourselves, and that can go well or horribly wrong if that is what our Karma has arranged for us. Some people can do no wrong. Some people can't do anything right. As trapped as you may feel, you are not really trapped. There is always an escape valve if you know how to locate it.

The problem is that the karma interferes with the desire to find a way out. A heavy lassitude settles over The Mind. One is content to remain in the comfort and familiarity of one's state, no matter how uncomfortable it might actually be, BUT... that discomfort serves a purpose.

Okay... so... this is just a general probing around the particular issue of why people get caught up in what they later come to dislike with all their heart. Under previous circumstances, you badly wanted something but could not acquire or accomplish it with the schematic that was running your gameboard. You longed for something out of your reach, and... existence accommodated you with a schematic that put it right in your reach, and... it was nothing like you thought it was going to be.

Those castles in Spain are drafty and hard to heat; hard to defend too. This whole plane of being is for the purpose of exercising desires. Cyclical types never run out of desires. There is always some new permutation. Spiraling sorts work at refining those desires until... ideally... they reach the desireless state, but that's not a real place. There is ALWAYS desire. Desire is the agent of God's will. Desire properly and Heaven awaits.

Those who feel trapped are trapped in the circumstances of a divided mind. Until The Mind is unified it is like a team of horses pulling in different directions. They have to be yoked together for any success to come your way. I know this is all simple stuff, but if the majority of people were applying it we would be living in a collective paradise.

Our systems of existence set us against each other, contending for the same thing in a place where there is more than enough to go around. Shortages are orchestrated. They are about to go to work on the potable water next, BUT... this is the way The World of the Moment is arranged for The Purpose of Demonstration. If you are in the thick of it you really are trapped. If you are on the margins, you can see how wide the country really is.

This divided mind implies a splintered will. It is evidence of a weak nature. Ten thousand chipmunks screaming at each other is not a celestial choir. One chipmunk humming to himself is a symphony because... of course... Nature will show up with a band.

Perhaps... given the present circumstances... you can see now why The French Revolution was necessary. The Jacobins were nasty... pre-Communist scum, but... the aristocrats were worse. Some of them had dozens of young... prepubescent boys in makeup... for their depraved appetites. The richer and more privileged a class of people gets... the more twisted and evil they become. Do not imagine that this and worse is not going on now... in places out of sight.

It is hard to make sense of life. People are forever tormented about events that have taken place or are taking place and nothing gets done about them or... they get worse and worse, and worse. This is because any one single phase of existence is not a totality. It is only a short passage from one life to the next. Because it is a helix we can never see more than a part, but everyone gets where they get... and gets up to what they get up to... across a stretch of many lives.

There come moments of individual crimes, and then moments of collective crime, in the same way... that thousands... and tens of thousands... and much more, will go down on ships and planes... via plagues and wars. Unless one knows it to be true, it seems impossible to believe that it is all surgically precise, and exact... regardless of the appearances of the matter.

Many people are about to find out what it's like when comfort and ease depart... when all sense of community is gone... AND EVERYTHING... as has ever been the case... comes down to who and what you are... and have been relying on. As the infrastructures crumble... and the icons blur... Faith in what cannot be seen departs, and a desperate grabbing for what's in reach becomes the way of it.

Bad parenting is at the core of all our distresses. Finding out that this was your fault anyway does not make it better, and most people don't find out. It does not matter how vile or ineffectual your parents were, you ALWAYS have the option to get new parents at any age, by a simple transfer of dependency in the mind. You really only have one parent... who divides in two... for the purpose of making sense.

You can change... you can grow. At any age your whole world can become a different place... when it changes from the inside. That people do not want to change or feel unable to change... is an unfortunate thing... and that does not change the reality of the matter. Every single one of us has a Higher Self that we can turn to. Even the psychopath who has walled out every influence except their ruthless persona(s) has a Higher Self.

In The World of The Senses, there are higher and lower roads. In The World outside the bandwidth of the senses, there are mediums of guidance for both of those roads. We call them angels and demons. Each of these serves in the bandwidth of their influence, and each of us has the option to seek higher or lower ground. In Times of Material Darkness... the lower course is the common course.

For some... aspiring to The Higher Mind is a hard go. For some, it comes easier, but that is all due to efforts made in the past. However... no effort goes amiss. The Gita... The Teachings of Christ... The Way of Life... are all competent guides, and it all comes down to one's capacity for determination. If you are determined and will not quit under any circumstances... YOU CANNOT FAIL. I know this to be true.

It matters not the country you have passed through... the company you may have kept... or the errors you have made. These are of no consequence unless you let them bear you down. There is an escape valve. Collect all your burdens of the past in a bundle and throw it into the all-forgiving sea. Don't look back. The Divine will take those burdens and shred them to nothing. He will assume that weight as it is nothing to him, and angels will rush to your side.

Heaven is grievously short of selfless servants. You will be embraced and taken in immediately. For the much greater number of us, it seems too much to ask that the personal self be put aside so that the greater individuality might come forth and live its life in them. It is a joy past the telling to put aside the selfish cravings of the carnal personality, BUT... BUT... BUT. Always there are excuses... until one day... it is too late.

It is not as if there were so many other options. There is only that part of you that is imprisoned in a world of things, and that part of you that is free of it. The confusion that exists is simply your divided mind filling itself with images that act as a barrier to Divine Unity. What's confusing you is the game The Mind plays on itself. You have The Maze of endless multiplicity and the wider reach of eternity among the stars.

There are many terrifying images of potential harm; The WEF... Bill Gates and George Soros... all those agencies for rigid and systematized control... The Killer Vaccines... the poisoning of the air, the water, and the food. The ethnic cleansing of Gaza is evidence of their confidence to do as they please. Who will stop them!!! Who will bankrupt The Bankers!!! What can anyone do???

Turn your mind away from these monstrous things. They are only passing shadows across The Sun. They will be dealt with... in all of their variations. All of the many heads will be severed from the common body, and a new world will be born out of the ashes of the old. So it has always been, and... so it will always be.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, November 3, 2023

"They Are Now Perishing in Massive Crowds of Genuflecting Nimrods, Walking into The Surf for The Pleasure of Sharks."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It is truly amazing how shared perception is being shaped by the techs that once sunk Atlantis. I don't know if I am speaking metaphorically or literally. I don't know if it's the same people. I just know it's the same kind of people. According to occult history, Atlantis sank because their technical wizardry began to vastly outstrip their moral sense... just the way it is here and now.

Of course, there are other reasons. I do not have a comprehensive grasp of the matter; it was a while ago. I do know that this is the usual manner of decline... whenever a culture enjoys rapid technological advancement. It's an old story. They are all old stories. The idea of a flood that drowned The World... the allegory of a Tower of Babel... Adam and Eve and an apple... there are a lot of tales. If you know where to look for deeper meaning... you can find it.

The serpent in The Garden is God, and we discover this once that serpent rises within us... above those forms of behavior that caused the banishing. This is another of the revelations that are transmitted in all legitimate initiations.

There is something in human nature that creates an imperative for the few to rule over the many. Sometimes this comes about in a benevolent fashion, and... sometimes the overlords are ruthless psychopaths; like now. When they sell it as across-the-board equality, it is even worse. Not everyone is equal, and the number of the terminally stupid increases by the day... due to the plague of Materialism.

We are in that period now where the most sold-out whores among us have risen to the highest positions because they are easily manipulated and controlled. They are counterpointed by The Peter Principle mob... of turtles on a fence post. There is also no restraint... of any kind... against fucking and sucking your way to the top. We have ample examples of that.

The false stars shining in the eyes of the blind... lead onward like the moths... immolated in the candle flames. They are now perishing in massive crowds of genuflecting Nimrods, walking into the surf for the pleasure of sharks.

If they can only live for a little while... they are glad to die in the process. The methods are many and easily to hand; be it on the streets of Kensington... a doctor's office... off the supermarket shelves... fast food emporiums... Banker wars... perverse sexual encounters or... just your garden variety Stupid in search of an opportunity or means. It is all easily to hand.

The hand of Heaven is pressing the crazy like grapes in a wine press. The pressure is steadily increasing. On the lower levels... where the sense of self is less, the resistance is as well. On the higher levels they hold out longer, but... the pressure increases and increases and you now see it high and low.

How many varieties of Stephen King are there now? Celebrities transformed into mad dogs... driven by a vituperative rabies of unknown provenance. Everywhere you look now... you see some form or flavor of it. People at every level of the strata... in public service... are violating their oaths, AND... this is how it will end for so many of them, as they turn on each other in a cannibal frenzy. You can see the writing on the wall... if you can still read.

Abracadabra means; I create as I speak. First, there was The Word... eh? If people only bothered to look a little deeper, oh... what marvels they would find. There are few truer statements than, things are not what they seem, and... appearances can be deceiving. Still... this seems to hinder the majority not at all.

Right now... in the midst of it all... people move in all directions with no guidance... completely ignorant of Cosmic Law that attends to every thought... word... and deed. You tell someone, as ye sow so shall ye reap, and they nod their heads in agreement... pausing but a moment... before they are off to prove it once again. It is common knowledge that acts return upon the actor; well, maybe I'll get lucky.

Perhaps it's not common knowledge. Likely, Christ was right... they know not what they do... or... is it that they do and do not know at the same time? The key is in The Karma, which impels the one who is trapped... in the psychic web of their mind's own native disposition... to have everything they seek to avoid... served to them like a blue plate special.

The appointment in Samara looms. The sure and certain return on every investment... is daily computed in the counting houses of The Recording Angel. Then it is rerouted to The Body Shops of The Moon, for whatever costumery is necessary to account for what brought them there.

It is an inflexible cycling... and everlasting proof of the maxim... garbage in and garbage out. The reverse is also true, of course, BUT... when you are moving in a dream, there's just not enough substance to it to get your attention; an attention that is constantly diverted to the next thing. So... you see the proof of this in the passage of every single day, as fate impresses upon those who will not change their ways.

It's not the gluten. It's the Glyphosate. It's often not what you think it is, and that is why doctors are USUALLY worse than useless. I know more about healing than most of them and... I am the living evidence of that. We are all the evidence of the truth or the lie of what we think we know. We are all a reflection of the information we act on, according to however it has convinced us to act.

All of these name players on The World Stage are in a dream. They are somnambulistic dancers. They are dancing to a cry of echoes from some past events. Meanwhile... because this is an apocalypse... and an awakening... the crazy is being pressed down by the Hand of Heaven, with ever-increasing force, and The Grapes of Wrath are soon to be poured out upon them.

Many of them will die by their own hand, though it may appear to be by misadventure. It is all the fruit of sidereal action... counterpointing the actions... of the separated will. You are about to see the inexplicable, which is generally an indication of the hidden presence of God, interacting in human affairs. He doesn't do this often, but... as The Gita says... when The World has lapsed into disorder (paraphrasing) he returns to punish Evil, reward Good, and set things in order.

I might add; Arjuna... all roads lead to me.

This is an example of The Cosmic Clock, turning through time and circumstance, and presenting the templates for the next turning of the wheel. It is inflexible and it is ALWAYS on time. Everything has its seasons... even Heaven does. Everything has its nature... whether you understand it or not. Everything is as it is supposed to be... on its way to what it is going to be. You either align with this or you are plowed under. It's a choice we make.

I prefer Heaven. Heaven may not prefer me more than any other man, BUT... I prefer Heaven, and Heaven responds in kind. You are bouncing a ball off of a wall... metaphorically speaking. You are looking into the mirror. What you see is colored by the quality of your desire, and the presence or absence of the purity of your thought. You see what you are.

It is no doubt a mystery as to why any true master loves everyone equally, BUT there is good reason for it. Every single person is you... at a different stage on the same journey. Their destiny is formed from the nature of their wanting, and God is the agency of their desires. All wanting of anything but God leads to disappointment, and that is what EVENTUALLY spurs each of us to self-inquiry because that is the means by which one discovers God.

Alternatively... we are left to our pursuits. Heaven knows how it ends for everyone... on the long road of self-discovery, and so... Heaven is patient. We are not so patient because we are whipped by desire and captives of the webwork of our thoughts. Our psychic nature traps us, and only Love or Wisdom can melt the viscous substance of our confinement. It gives new meaning to the term, sticky wicket.

I could rail on endlessly about the creators of Gazacide, and the feckless cretins who serve their interests... out of fear, the thirst for profit, or whatever lash there may be. It will avail nothing. I have said enough to that effect as it is.

This is just one more dramatic rendering of man's inhumanity to man. These monsters will get their due... from ancient sources that understand the whole of it far better than I. Nothing slips through the net but Love... because there are no nets that can contain it. Love is The Liberator. Love cannot be bound, and the absence of Love is an eternal prison that is built... every stone of it... to wall love out.

We are all responsible for where we find ourselves. God willing... we do find ourselves.

End Transmission.......

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