Wednesday, November 8, 2023

"It is a Game that The Mind Plays in The Maze of Multiplicity or, there is The Wider Reach of Eternity Among The Stars."

God Poet Transmitting.......

When you were young, you were dependent on others to set the course of your day... to feed you... to teach you what you should and should not do. Some of us had terrible teachers that we earned from previous times of being willful and not paying attention. Some of us had wonderful teachers for reasons exactly the opposite of that.

All of us were victims or beneficiaries of The World around us as we came into being more and more independent OR... in some cases... and increasingly often these days... more dependent on The World around us.

A time comes, in most cases... when we are required to make the decisions for ourselves, and that can go well or horribly wrong if that is what our Karma has arranged for us. Some people can do no wrong. Some people can't do anything right. As trapped as you may feel, you are not really trapped. There is always an escape valve if you know how to locate it.

The problem is that the karma interferes with the desire to find a way out. A heavy lassitude settles over The Mind. One is content to remain in the comfort and familiarity of one's state, no matter how uncomfortable it might actually be, BUT... that discomfort serves a purpose.

Okay... so... this is just a general probing around the particular issue of why people get caught up in what they later come to dislike with all their heart. Under previous circumstances, you badly wanted something but could not acquire or accomplish it with the schematic that was running your gameboard. You longed for something out of your reach, and... existence accommodated you with a schematic that put it right in your reach, and... it was nothing like you thought it was going to be.

Those castles in Spain are drafty and hard to heat; hard to defend too. This whole plane of being is for the purpose of exercising desires. Cyclical types never run out of desires. There is always some new permutation. Spiraling sorts work at refining those desires until... ideally... they reach the desireless state, but that's not a real place. There is ALWAYS desire. Desire is the agent of God's will. Desire properly and Heaven awaits.

Those who feel trapped are trapped in the circumstances of a divided mind. Until The Mind is unified it is like a team of horses pulling in different directions. They have to be yoked together for any success to come your way. I know this is all simple stuff, but if the majority of people were applying it we would be living in a collective paradise.

Our systems of existence set us against each other, contending for the same thing in a place where there is more than enough to go around. Shortages are orchestrated. They are about to go to work on the potable water next, BUT... this is the way The World of the Moment is arranged for The Purpose of Demonstration. If you are in the thick of it you really are trapped. If you are on the margins, you can see how wide the country really is.

This divided mind implies a splintered will. It is evidence of a weak nature. Ten thousand chipmunks screaming at each other is not a celestial choir. One chipmunk humming to himself is a symphony because... of course... Nature will show up with a band.

Perhaps... given the present circumstances... you can see now why The French Revolution was necessary. The Jacobins were nasty... pre-Communist scum, but... the aristocrats were worse. Some of them had dozens of young... prepubescent boys in makeup... for their depraved appetites. The richer and more privileged a class of people gets... the more twisted and evil they become. Do not imagine that this and worse is not going on now... in places out of sight.

It is hard to make sense of life. People are forever tormented about events that have taken place or are taking place and nothing gets done about them or... they get worse and worse, and worse. This is because any one single phase of existence is not a totality. It is only a short passage from one life to the next. Because it is a helix we can never see more than a part, but everyone gets where they get... and gets up to what they get up to... across a stretch of many lives.

There come moments of individual crimes, and then moments of collective crime, in the same way... that thousands... and tens of thousands... and much more, will go down on ships and planes... via plagues and wars. Unless one knows it to be true, it seems impossible to believe that it is all surgically precise, and exact... regardless of the appearances of the matter.

Many people are about to find out what it's like when comfort and ease depart... when all sense of community is gone... AND EVERYTHING... as has ever been the case... comes down to who and what you are... and have been relying on. As the infrastructures crumble... and the icons blur... Faith in what cannot be seen departs, and a desperate grabbing for what's in reach becomes the way of it.

Bad parenting is at the core of all our distresses. Finding out that this was your fault anyway does not make it better, and most people don't find out. It does not matter how vile or ineffectual your parents were, you ALWAYS have the option to get new parents at any age, by a simple transfer of dependency in the mind. You really only have one parent... who divides in two... for the purpose of making sense.

You can change... you can grow. At any age your whole world can become a different place... when it changes from the inside. That people do not want to change or feel unable to change... is an unfortunate thing... and that does not change the reality of the matter. Every single one of us has a Higher Self that we can turn to. Even the psychopath who has walled out every influence except their ruthless persona(s) has a Higher Self.

In The World of The Senses, there are higher and lower roads. In The World outside the bandwidth of the senses, there are mediums of guidance for both of those roads. We call them angels and demons. Each of these serves in the bandwidth of their influence, and each of us has the option to seek higher or lower ground. In Times of Material Darkness... the lower course is the common course.

For some... aspiring to The Higher Mind is a hard go. For some, it comes easier, but that is all due to efforts made in the past. However... no effort goes amiss. The Gita... The Teachings of Christ... The Way of Life... are all competent guides, and it all comes down to one's capacity for determination. If you are determined and will not quit under any circumstances... YOU CANNOT FAIL. I know this to be true.

It matters not the country you have passed through... the company you may have kept... or the errors you have made. These are of no consequence unless you let them bear you down. There is an escape valve. Collect all your burdens of the past in a bundle and throw it into the all-forgiving sea. Don't look back. The Divine will take those burdens and shred them to nothing. He will assume that weight as it is nothing to him, and angels will rush to your side.

Heaven is grievously short of selfless servants. You will be embraced and taken in immediately. For the much greater number of us, it seems too much to ask that the personal self be put aside so that the greater individuality might come forth and live its life in them. It is a joy past the telling to put aside the selfish cravings of the carnal personality, BUT... BUT... BUT. Always there are excuses... until one day... it is too late.

It is not as if there were so many other options. There is only that part of you that is imprisoned in a world of things, and that part of you that is free of it. The confusion that exists is simply your divided mind filling itself with images that act as a barrier to Divine Unity. What's confusing you is the game The Mind plays on itself. You have The Maze of endless multiplicity and the wider reach of eternity among the stars.

There are many terrifying images of potential harm; The WEF... Bill Gates and George Soros... all those agencies for rigid and systematized control... The Killer Vaccines... the poisoning of the air, the water, and the food. The ethnic cleansing of Gaza is evidence of their confidence to do as they please. Who will stop them!!! Who will bankrupt The Bankers!!! What can anyone do???

Turn your mind away from these monstrous things. They are only passing shadows across The Sun. They will be dealt with... in all of their variations. All of the many heads will be severed from the common body, and a new world will be born out of the ashes of the old. So it has always been, and... so it will always be.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

From reading the alternative news, your post corresponds with it.

All we can do is wait.

Nostrils to the sky and beyond!

0 said...

So whats your take on Suicide? Been getting lots of suicide type references the last week or so.

Is suicide the outlet one takes when the waiting gets unbearable? Does the waiting let one avoid the consequences of suicide or is the waiting just slow motion suicide?

I ask because I tire of the whole ordeal.

The last 5 days have felt like they take a week for each to pass. The voting happened yesterday and democrats came out ahead somehow. Appears the voting mechanisms haven't been fixed, or rather they HAVE been FIXED. ha.

I suppose I should willfully stop paying attention to all news and just focus on Work and home maintenance. The terrorizing of the populace by unaccountable leaders continues unabated.

Take it easy pal,

Visible said...

The downside of suicide is that you then have to view in excruciating detail just how your life could have gone had you not done that, and then you have to come back and go through it all over again. It's not recommended and definitely frowned on by every legitimate faith I know about.

Also... most of the time when people are driven to this end... and as I have heard proves out later, things were just about to turn around.

Check this out=

I can see why people might opt for that given certain conditions of extremity. Fortunately for myself, no extremity has taken me to that, although an impartial observer might say I tried to commit suicide a great many times with my lifestyle choices and reckless behavior but it didn't take, (grin)

0 said...

Thanks Viz. I've been bouncing off the suicide ceiling since I was in my teens and attempted the same then. My gramps on my moms side was a merchant marine and he checked out via suicide when I was about 13. After I got married and had my kids it was no longer a reasonable option since I caused them to be and couldn't just drop form.

I dunno that it will turn around but I do agree that its better to walk thru the rest till nature does what nature does best. Thanks for the link. Will go give it a watch.

Glad you're still around too in spite of your uh adventurous spirit. :)


Visible said...

Of course... nothing equals the presence of God, which I will personally attest to when it comes to a curative for depression, but I did not have... in former times... what I have now, which is a continuous awareness of The Divine abiding and on call at any time. During earlier times I found mushrooms and ketamine to be just what the doctor ordered when a pick-me-up of significance was required. I suffered greatly from depression for periods of time. It is said that it is often a companion of genius. I do not claim to be that but my IQ testing indicates a proximity. I know many composers... painters... and creatives of various stripes all suffered from this.

It got lifted entirely from me a few years ago. I never even noticed it was gone until later on. God was kind enough to remove a great many liabilities that plagued me at the same time, and I also did not notice they were gone either for some while. It was the oddest thing. You would think I would notice so much heavy lifting going on at the same time, but I did not because my mood was so good. It came as a matter of some amusement to me.

Ah well... there are ALWAYS alternatives and workarounds if we choose to go looking... if we don't then that's just something we talked ourselves into... much to our regret afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I have dealt all through the night and morning on exactly what you have written. This is an answer to a request of my higher self.

thanks so much. sandy in the mountains

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

I am thinking how magical and interesting it is to be up in the night and read your posts.
Scanning the insanity of "news" but really wanting to talk with the Real God about it all.
Often finding your posts and then Poof, there is the post that's a door for reality and divinity to shine through.
Thinks so much for your efforts and sharing the connection .
To all considering suicide, bless you and please put that effort into the connection instead .
There is a Divine shining Reality and Presence just beyond our reach, so that we keep going towards it.
Sending caring to all, thanks again Vis!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Suicide. When I tried mine in 1977 via freight train (ALMOST succeeded), I found my state of mind didn't change when I hit the Otherside. I was still miserable. Also, my 'rescuer' took on the form I least wanted to see. I got severely psychologically manipulated by more than one 'entity', and they can both expect a nose-lick when I get back. (Not really. I adore them both, and actually owe them a big thank you for inspiring me in countless ways.) I ended up in a limbo that I did prefer to life, but I got kicked off to finish what I started here. I've been pissed about that, but I realise it's all for the better. . .not that I'm still not resentful, but hey! It's not like I didn't/don't get even by simply being ME.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Everything They Can Do to Distract Us, Frighten and Corral Us, While They Subjugate and Kill Us, They Are Doing."

0 said...

Thanks for the words of kindness and shared experience.

To my thinking, dying can only go a few ways.

If one retains Mind, but no longer has any sense avenues feeding data to it, then that might be conceived as a sort of outter darkness, when its really just a lack of senses and a context from which those senses derive information. If that time interval goes on for some period mind may then dissipate being no longer engaged to do what mind does.

Some posit that we lose the physical and retain an astral form which then is incepted on astral worlds of a less dense state than the world we find ourselves on now. Yukteswari noted hiranyaloka I think it was as an astral world that he went to after his physical death on this world. If one retains an astral version of ones senses and ones mind then this would carry forward development potentially.

I do often think about suicide, but I know it doesn't solve anything, just removes one from the current locality where the problems existed and makes it impossible for one to do anything about. I do think its curious LTPB found herself as herself still regardless of the transition and I think thats likely how it works. I don't think everyone magically becomes omniscient or suddenly understands everything everywhere. I hope that one keeps the measure of mind one evolved for self thru the iteration of form for a period of experience, but I guess we'll see.

These ideas are sorta concentric shells where Causal exists with no definition, astral has some definition but lacks density, and physical has definition and density. The latter being where changes can be made the easiest to ones nature, with each inner shell requiring greater effort to cause change due the change in coherency of the dynamics present.

Its been a while but the Dweller from two planets came to mind just now. I should probably go have another read of that book by Phylos. (remember Phylos from the film UHF? :P )

Take care!

Visible said...

Where Sri Yukteswar went was on The Causal Plane... at the higher end of the mental plane. At least that is how I remember it from that chapter in The Autobiography of a Yogi.

I never saw that film. However, it seems Phylos was on Dweller from Two Planets and Weird Al was in UHF. Maybe I'm just confused. (grin) Okay... it seems the character was Philo.

I haven't seen either of them, though the first looks interesting.

0 said...

Ah gotcha, I remember the triplet as causal, astral, physical, but its been a while since I read it. :) hehe yeah I was referring to the science guy in the UHF station in that film. I recall the causal as being free of forms and boundaries between "things"... which was why I had that tagged as astral for hiranyaloka.

The dweller on two planets is a book. Heres a link to it as pdf.

What would the mental plane be without sense input? Just imagination as reality?

Given the work I've done with Energy systems, Mind seems equivalent to Voltage as it Directs how one sees things and then Acts in relation to them. The Action would be the equivalent to amprage as that is the Current that flows to do the work. No current, then it doesn't matter how many volts one has as the voltage will be pegged to its position and not be able to cause a current to flow. Course all voltage is positive offset from the actual radiated nothing of space as the real negative terminal. Battery poles are just more positive and less positive with the less positive being labelled Negative. Currents can be made to flow as long as a volt disparity persists, the current flowing then acts to Level the volt disparity to a Null zero volts at which point the flowing current subsides back into stillness.

Makes me wonder about the 100th monkey theorem and how there must be others like us who exist distributed around the world and aimed at Accountability.

The current project on the bench is the gianni dotto ring replication attempt. Using Peltiers for the heating/cooling tho will have to swap in inductive heat for the heating side since the peltier hot side only gets up to about 188F, while the cold side gets it down to 28F and frosts the bottom of the copper bar. Thats 4 devices for hot and 4 devices for cold. The result is about 150F temp disparity over the 36inch bar which then shows a .4mV constant potential with the cold side positive and hot side negative. I need to get it up to more like a 1800F hot and 28F cold, so that the thermal disparity produces a 40-50mV potential instead of .4mV. (which is called out by dottos details still on rexresearch.) Stuff to do to pass the time. (and maybe help heal my spine from the sprink devices harmful effects.)

Something is taking its slow sweet time to show up. I feel like how I felt the week before my little chiweenie died, knowing it was coming and trying to spend extra time with her before she left. Its been felt this way for the last couple weeks, growing in intensity. Hence the question about suicide.

Guess I'll ride the fire and see how it goes. Hope it goes well for all the Good Decent Reasonable people in the world too.




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