Monday, November 13, 2023

"They Are All on a Bandwidth- Birds of a Feather... Flocking Together... and Schools of Fish... Moving as a Single Lifeform."

God Poet Transmitting.......

If you have been following the links I put up each day at GAB, you have seen some of the truly evil commentary

...and communications of (and having to do with) Hillary Clinton between name players, including Ben Affleck for some reason.

So... we will flashback today with an old clip that features a Dutch Banker. I am sure that some of you have seen this before. I certainly have. There are some key points made in this video... timelines mentioned, and also other themes and patterns that come up often these days.

All of the players on the Satanic bandwidth are connected to each other. I'm sure someone of informed and adventurous spirit could make a graph that drew lines between all of the players; showing what Klaus Schwab has to do with George Soros... what both of them have to do with Bill Gates... and where the politicians... entertainers, and money players interface with each other.

No doubt, Bilderberger... The WEF...The UN... The WHO... and sundry agencies around The World... ALL touch and fondle one another at some point. No doubt you would find that organizations set up to protect children actually operate inversely. UNICEF is actually UNIPEDO. The CDC is a euthanasia cabal. They ALL operate in opposite fashion to the purpose for which they were created, according to the shuck and jive that accompanied their coming about.

They are all on a bandwidth of birds of a feather... flocking together, and schools of fish moving as one organism.

They are low-frequency operatives. You might want to read up on the many harms to human health caused by low frequencies.

Nikolai Tesla (I think it was) said everything is energy... frequency... and vibrations. If you reference The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, you find that everything comes out of one thing through Adaptation. If you have made the connection to higher frequencies, you find that The Intuition is a sounding board for communication with angelic entities. Unless... of course... you are being guided by the influencers of The Lower Nature.

If your intuition is in resonance with The Higher Realms, you will be provided with ALL of the guidance you will ever need by your own soul, which is permanently connected to The Spirit of God... from whom all blessings flow... to all creatures here below.

So... the point to be made in all my widening gyres of circular thought (grin) is that those who dance with the demons are on specific and particular bandwidths. Those who dance with the angels are on separate... specific and particular bandwidths and never the twain shall meet. You don't have to worry about The Bad Guys unless you have business with them.

There is a Showtime series called Billions that features an astounding collection of sociopathic personas... out for themselves... with few... if any... exceptions. They operate at an elite social level, but they are nasty scum regardless. They are ruthless and treacherous characters who would sell their best friend if the price is right. It's well done, but I hope I never run into any of them, BUT; why would I?

I am on a different bandwidth, and we have no business with each other. I am making a point of communicating this because I know a lot of people are frightened about what they see formulating in The World. You do NOT have to be concerned about any of this unless you do. This will ALL resolve on the plane of operation that applies to the specific and particular players.

When people are young they are often looking for adventures. They do not realize that adventures involve danger and hardships. They do find this out, however. Bilbo was once talking about this very thing, and he said (paraphrasing)... I didn't realize that adventures meant sleeping in the rain... uncomfortable roots in your back... you begin to miss the comforts of your snug and cozy home.

Let's call in Lao Tzu for his classic statement about The World's inner and outer; “Why go outside for better seeing, better to remain at the core of your being. The way to do is to be.” You learn these things later in life when it dawns on you how often you put yourself in harm's way for no good reason.

Please... Dear Readers... keep in mind that certain events take place most often in certain locales. You have to go there to find these things. Vice flourishes in certain areas of town. Now, these places are virtual as well. The World is a whirling dervish of choices; good food or bad food... good times and bad times... good friends and bad acquaintances... sanctuaries and danger zones.

Everything you could possibly want and not want is to be found on any day somewhere. If it comes to you, you have been attracting it... sending out signals one way or another. Otherwise, you have to go after it. Managing your attractions and repulsions is... should be... Job One. Otherwise, they are going to manage you. When you are able to become indifferent to them both, you will have found Serenity and the hidden well of interior bliss.

You are inflexibly stable or you are worked by your environment. You are driving or you are being driven. You are a slave to sensation or the master of your senses. There is to be found the key to Joy or Despair.

Hillary... and the rest of those sad clowns, have lied so effectively to themselves that they actually believe in the shit they say and do. When you get away with bad behavior for such a length of time, you come to believe it will never catch up with you, BUT... IT ALWAYS DOES. They are monkeys on a stick along the road of hard fate. They are warning signs.

On that note, let me introduce a twist on the Adrenachrome story.

Watch it till the end and you will find out what happens with EpiPens after 18 months. I do not know the truth of these things. I merely pass on to you what comes my way. We know there is Adrenachrome. More than that... unless we are directly engaged... we do not know.

Now... Iceland has a chain reaction of volcanoes going off. Is HAARP back on the clock? This will be attributed to global warming, in a place far away from most everything else; Global Warming in Iceland... you bet! We must remember that even though evil minds are at work and doing their worst, Lady Nature is also much engaged in these times, though not like she is going to be. Once again, I do not know the truth of this matter. I know it came to me through interior reflection.

Because of the tremendous change that is about to happen here, The World was allowed to become severely unbalanced.

Several people went after me for stating that Israel staged the October assault. This is pretty much what I said, and by the day... more and more confirmation comes forward.

Now... why would it be so important to certain people that it seemed to be the other way round??? Yeah... Right.

No one knows how all the chaos and contagious madness in the streets is going to sort itself out. However... one could say that that is on a bandwidth too. What you vibrate in accord with, is in accord with you, and that applies in every instance you will find yourself in. If you are above The Fray, the skirmishing will not affect you or concern you. If you step down into it, you can be swept away. It takes no time at all for things to go wrong if you step outside the protections of your dharma.

Much of what I write about here, I have directly experienced one way or another. Sometimes it came in a revelatory fashion, and sometimes it came upside my head. I have pretty much existed as The Purpose of Demonstration and I still do, only now it is in a more salutary fashion.

I hope what I have discovered proves useful to others. It has proven very useful to me. Most of it is hard come by. It is quite true that what does not kill you only makes you stronger. I have a greater sense of compassion for Stupid now, having been so stupid myself on other occasions. However dumber than dirt any of us might be, if you simply love God, it will turn out well for you. That is the key to a successful existence.

We are all traveling on the same road of time and experience. We do not all take the same exits along the way, and we do not all remain in the places we only intended to stop in for a brief moment... until the walls of bandwidth closed in upon us... and we wake up in another life.

End Transmission.......

I highly recommend that The Reader peruse the links at GAB=

There is a wide array of interesting items there every day now.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I have chosen to withdraw from the stupid game as much as circumstances allow. Then again, anyone reading my comments knows this. I consider the rest of my sojourn here a torturous waste of time. I have fixed what I wanted to fix, and now. . .I wait. . .and wait. . .and wait for parole from the sentence of life. And I'm gonna be an uncooperative bastard about it, so neener-neener. I'm just not gonna be there. Not comin' outta my nose cave unless I absolutely have to. 25 hours a week unless there's a holiday for my job, and 2.5-3.5 hours a week on errands. The rest of my life is virtual. The world can go to where the sun don't shine. It seems to be doin' just that, though a bit too slowly for my taste. Not nice, but when you see life as an inconvenient rather vile and stupid self-imposed prison, how else do you think?

Nostrils to the sky!

Al said...

"I have pretty much existed as The Purpose of Demonstration and I still do, only now it is in a more salutary fashion."

That's seems to be a club I don't remember joining but I have this card in my pocket.

As always many thanks and love Brutha.

Anonymous said...

"...someone of informed and adventurous spirit could make a graph that drew lines between all of the players; showing what Klaus Schwab has to do with George Soros... what both of them have to do with Bill Gates... and where the politicians... entertainers, and money players interface with each other..."

The artist Mark Lombardi was engaged in precisely that sort of endeavor until he was found hanging in his NYC apartment in March of 2000(suicided?). Here are examples:

I've seen some of his original works in a gallery in Philadelphia a few months after he died. They emanated a weird, unsettling, ominous vibe when up close an personal. I was freaked out and left the gallery.

To date no one has taken up where he left off with this kind of narrative structure.


steve said...

From some info I received some time ago it mentioned Hillary and Obama as fairly high up in the Satanic ritual/cult that they are a part of. Children are used and disposed off and I wont go further into the details as they are horrific, but they are high ranking satanists in particular Obama

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"To Truly Thrive... You Must Rise Above The Duality of The Ring-Around-The-Rosey... Reindeer Games of The World."

0 said...

Excuses and Justifications. Both Destroyed thru Understanding.

When accountability finally shows her face, the End/Beginning will start in earnest.




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