Tuesday, March 29, 2022

"What's Really Happening is That You are Headed to The Scrap-Heap Where All the Broken Toys Go to Die."

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What if that Oscar's slap was staged? Now Jussie Smollett is saying that Smith attacked him too. It really looks like Smith has externalized his privilege. One thing for sure... Mr. Apocalypse was present and accounted for. Reflect on how this slap will reverberate through the culture, especially in light of Smith's verbose, megalomaniac... god-complex acceptance speech in the aftermath. I did not see it, but I did get the soundbites.

Oddly... this is just one of many examples of celebrities losing it. The Flash was at a Hilo bar (the low rent side of The Big Island) where he went off on people who were singing Karaoke there. He had to be restrained, etc; etc. Here's the thing. When The Avatar comes... he appears within human consciousness and becomes a motivator in us all. Some are driven in pursuit of excellence, and some are driven mad. The aspect of The Avatar that handles this, is Mr. Apocalypse. He's about to get a lot busier.

We are in uncharted waters now. Never has the human race had such a capacity to destroy themselves, and never before have the villains had such comprehensive control over what does and does not happen. On the surface... it appears that it is all over for the rest of us. Fortunately, that is not the case. Every time Babylon Rising comes upon the horizon, history has shown that catastrophe(s) of some sort is certain to occur. None of these conditions of excess and depravity last for that long. USUALLY, it happens when a culture goes into decline. Invariably, it turns into a steaming mass of diseased flesh, consumed in the dark fires of corruption. Mortal illness is so-called because it kills you. These lifestyles constitute moral crimes against yourself and the divinity within.

When humanity turns away from God, Hell awaits. God does not turn away from Humanity. The Sun shines on all and ever shall. The Sun is the face of God. Turn to it so that you might be renewed. I read an interesting article recently. I did not save it (not like me), and I can't remember where I saw it. It said something to the effect that when you put commercial sunscreen on your body something very important, spiritually, is blocked. Maybe that is why they call it a sunblock?

It is critical to understand that The Sun is a conscious being. You can talk to him and he will hear you... unless it is the usual pedestrian tripe. Angels filter what comes before The Throne. This is the case whether The Sun is the focus or some other icon of divinity is. Herein is a point, often made at these locations, you are CONSTANTLY being watched. You are constantly heard. Your thoughts and feelings are actual things on the planes relevant to them, AND... here is the most important feature of the process. Whatever... whatever is fed and watered (by you) on other planes, WILL find their way down here. This is what makes The Imagination so important.

Whatever you hold uppermost in your thoughts, WILL out-picture in your life. You are a Creator. You are like God in miniature, and your fortunes are determined by which aspect of The Cosmos has your attention and fidelity. If your physical appetites are preeminent to you, you will be filtered in specific directions. If your spiritual aspirations predominate, you will be filtered in that direction. There is ONE GOD and he expresses according to the culture he appears in. You MUST make friends in High Places, IF...that... is... what... you... aspire... to.

Imagine that you are in a foreign country and that you do not speak the language, nor are you informed about the customs. In some places that can lead to real problems. Imagine now that you have a guide. This guide is familiar with the culture... and speaks the language like a native because that guide IS a native. Now imagine that this foreign country happens to be that country of which The Bard says, “The undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns.” Well... that is not true. We return again, and again, and again until we are perfected. After that, we return in service for those who struggle in the darkness of this world; IF WE ARE SO INCLINED. If we are not inclined... there are wheels within wheels, within wheels, within wheels, from too big to see, to too small to see.

Some of those wheels grind slow and exceedingly small, as someone once said somewhere. They turn precisely. The whole affair is surgically precise, down to “the last jot and tittle” as someone else once said somewhere. Your every thought, word, and deed are turning on those wheels. Some of those wheels you can see... because they are on the bandwidth of our sight. Some you cannot see unless your spiritual sight is open. The heavens are The Refined Aspect. The hells are the gross aspect. Hell is for The Carnal mind, and so on, and so on, and so on. It is ALL on The Dial, turn it as it pleases you.

If you are going to have a guide you had better make arrangements AHEAD OF TIME!

Will Smith's slap heard round The World has set in motion the building blocks of future events born of it, associated with it, or... in all or any ways connected to it. There will be copycat events that will now take place that... otherwise, would not have happened. This could be called collateral damage.

Your every thought, word, and deed turn on these wheels that turn... inexorably through sun and rain, through wind and storm. The World of the moment is the playing out of everything that was programmed for its due date today. Tomorrow, and tomorrows ever after, we shall see the outcomes of present and past events still waiting for those optimum conditions.

In a time of cultural decline (such as ours), The World begins to resemble a kitchen that no one bothers to clean. Teeming through the mix of garbage is an entire army of scavenger life forms who feed there. Crime runs rampant because Materialism has made the population crazy. They have lost their minds. Meanwhile, a smaller group of organized AND disorganized psychopaths, employ a persistent strategy of making humanity even more crazy than they already are.

It appears that we can't handle success. Every time things get really nice, and comfy, and convenient, and on speed dial, we turn upon ourselves, like bored and spiteful children who ate too much candy and now want more. The Michelin Man and The Pillsbury Dough Boy are now a fashion statement, and an ever-increasingly larger segment of us go to Mr. Potato Head Land to have our organs relocated because it is fashionable. “Oh! You're transgender? So am I! What are your pronouns? Mine are It and That. I am so expressing my real self and living my truth.” What is really happening is that you are headed toward the scrap heap where all the broken toys go to die.

They are shape-shifting the language. People who have never seen the ghetto are talking ghetto; y'all. Even my correction software knows about, y'all. It also knows about that word that replaced Kiev. It has not been replaced here. My advice is to keep your head down and stay at home. When it happens it won't take long for them to wipe themselves and each other out. If it doesn't already include you, do not include yourself... because you feel inspired to make a fashion statement. Far bigger forces than you are presently engaged in The Transition. Only idiots go out in a thunderstorm to run around playing tag with the thunder and lightning. Only a fool runs into a war zone thinking they can make a difference in a conflict conceived by bankers for the profit of bankers.

There are two main streams of information coming and going. One of them is like white light through a prism where you get the read on how to be and what to do. The other comes from The World and is called, Legion, since that stream breaks into countless tributaries that end in an entropic swamp. You're going the wrong way!!! You cannot tell people this because they are determined. Why are they determined? Because they are being DRIVEN. Unless Krishna-Christ is your charioteer or co-pilot your passions are driving you, so... it is just a matter of time, AND... when so many other people are also doing this, you have a mad stampede for the cliff's edge. Relax... this always happens in times like these.

God is in control of EVERY SIDE of EVERY ISSUE. There is a statement made in The New Testament that has been twisted beyond recognition in recent decades, and painted to mean something other than what it means; “Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment. Be not deceived.” Look at the different ways they have of saying it now. It DID NOT say that previously. The Devil is God the way the wicked see God. He is the mirror of what you are after. He takes that shape and waits for you, while, at the same time, leading you there. No matter how it looks, GOD is in absolute control of EVERYTHING...PERIOD.

If you know this, you'll be fine. If you do not, you will find out, one of these days.

End Transmission.......

We're still over there at GETTR. God only knows why.

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

"It Was A Cosmic Mystery to be Solved by Him, …and The Golden Screw in His Navel Was a Sign of Favor from Heaven."

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I try to be mindful of the early writings of... now forgotten cultures, in those times when life was very different than now. I aspire to learn the lesson BEFORE I need to learn the lesson. Life has taught me... harshly and gently. I have learned far more in vicarious fashion than directly... thank God for that. One story I have never forgotten was The Dream of the Golden Screw-Turner. This took place in Ancient Egypt. You are perhaps familiar with the dreams of Joseph... back in The Day? This happened to a man named Ramset; not as well known as Joseph, but he cut quite a figure in his time.

He was a minor royal in the court of Userkaf, at the beginning of The Fifth Dynasty, and much was made of the fact that he was born with a golden screw in his navel, instead of the navel that most of us wind up with. It wouldn't be like the screws we have now. Let's just say it was out of the ordinary for anything else to be there unless it was some kind of a cosmetic stud. It seemed a matter of great portent at the time. 

They were a superstitious lot back then, so soothsayers, astrologers, real navel-gazers, and magicians were called in to confer and to comment on the matter. No one knew much of anything; nothing like that had ever happened before, so... the matter was put to rest for some years, given that no one had anything useful to say about it in the time of Userkaf.

You can check the historical record of everyone mentioned here and the dynasties. I make an effort to be correct and precise unless it gets in the way (grin).

Then, Ramset grew into manhood and began to have prophetic dreams. Dreams were a big deal back then. They were thought to be portents from The Gods, and much to-do was made out of them if you happened to be 'connected' in any way. Nobody gave a shit about it if you were a member of the hoi poloi, lumpen proles. These we have always with us.

In these dreams, Ramset would hear a voice speaking to him. It was in a musical language that for reasons which remain unclear, even to this day, he was able to understand. The language of angels is not the same as that of human tongues, but they use our minds to translate it so that we might understand in our own terms. Such is the way with dreams, much can happen that does not happen in ordinary life (which to me is an indication that one should not live an ordinary life). Ramset was told that a profound cosmic mystery was to be solved by him, and The Golden Screw in his navel was a sign of favor from Heaven.

He was told many other things but that history did not survive to these times. Even the book, in which the story of Ramset and the Golden Screw first was recorded “Aegyptiaca”; written by Manetho, did not survive, but... somehow there were tales, like those old wives tales we hear about... apocryphal and anecdotal evidence that found its way in stories and fables through other mediums... and it has caused Ramset to be remembered to this day.

After some preliminary exchanges occurred in Ramset's dreams, all went quiet for a time... and life seemed, more or less... normal for Ramset. Then... inexplicably... some years later, the dreams returned, and in the dreams, a beautiful white, fluffy cloud appeared. Out of that cloud there extended an arm, holding an implement... that had to be a precursor to the modern screwdriver. The voice in the cloud exhorted Ramset to take the device and use it to right a great wrong that has taken place in the 2nd Dynasty, during the reign of Khasekhem. There was much discord during the latter part of the 2nd Dynasty and Khasekhem was the last ruler of that period. Details are very fuzzy about what composed this great wrong. A lot that would be considered wrong was taking place in these times.

For some reason, Ramset was frightened by the voice in the clouds and he would not take the device. It took many dreams and a great deal of urging for him to comply. Finally... the time came, and Ramset, still with many misgivings in the dream space he was in, reached out and took the tool. A great peace came over him... or so it is told, in what little remains of the tale in these times. Imagine his surprise when he awakened and found that device that had existed only in the dream was to be found resting in his hand.

News of this went far and wide in no time, on the fig or date telegraph. I don't know that they had coconuts during that period. Many wise men came to study the device and reflect on its meaning, with respect to the screw in his navel. The whole matter was made even more meaningful by the fact that the tool was, like the screw, made of the purest gold, a sure sign that it was something from the heavens. Ramset was apprehensive about it all, with no clear reason for feeling so. He went away to be by himself and to think about it. He traveled to a far oasis that was often visited by caravans traveling across the sands. He was weary when finally he arrived and he fell asleep under a palm tree.

Once again a dream came to him and the voice urged him to use the screw turner and to turn the golden screw in his navel. He awoke with a sense of great and pressing insistence, and without thinking any more about it, he inserted the device where he had been instructed to and found that he could easily turn the screw. Soon after that... the screw came free and he held it for a moment in his hand, no doubt gazing in wonderment upon it. An excitement thrilled him! He felt as if some great puzzle had suddenly come together in his head and a driving force filled him to return to the kingdom and tell the others what had been revealed to him. Then he leapt to his feet, and his ass fell off.

Now... I know there is a moral of some kind here, along the lines of, “if it ain't broke, don't fix it.” or... something of that order. It is here that the tale ends, and try as I might I have been able to garner no further details about Ramset and The Golden Screw... or the screw turner. Now... it probably wasn't a screw as we understand them now, nor a screwdriver either. It was something more rudimentary... or, it was of a higher order. I do not know. The story ends here. I hope it proves to be useful to those of you in search of your own answers; whatever the questions that you have may be. I imagine we do not all have the same questions. Therefore the answers would vary too. Wow! It's almost like religion.

On a completely unrelated matter... I am sure you recall my mentioning how The Crass Media is losing its mind? The lies they've been spinning seem to have unhinged them in some way and they are just getting more and more loony all the time. Now, comes Faux News with their latest commentary on that woman from Long Island that pushed an 87-year-old vocal coach to the ground, which caused her death. In the links below you will find the article. The intrepid folk over at Fox have discovered a fellow who was bullied by her... an indication that this was a part of her character; come to find out it was someone who knew her in 2nd grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fellow remains anonymous. What kind of make-it-up-as-you-go bullshit is this? They are so desperate!!!

There HAS TO BE something going on behind the scenes that we have not heard about. The barrage of lies about Ukraine is beyond even the madness of the build-up to the Iraq War. Each day there are dozens of ridiculous lies concerning Putin and Russia's efforts to protect herself from the armies of Nazi-homolatensias who are looking to transgender the entirety of Mother Russia. This Great Awakening is reducing them all to ludicrous spectacles of a poisoned imagination, AND... Mr. Apocalypse is revealing it to us, AND to them. There is no bridge too far that they will not seek to cross over... or burn... before... during... or after their crossing of it.

Something new is in the winds, my friends, and it is driving them to hysteria. That's fine with me. I've been hoping for this, and... being told it was coming for some time. Have you studied the background of this creature they are trying to put on The Supreme Court? She's a Marxist. She can't define what a woman is. She serves and supports the pedophile agenda (I am not exaggerating here) She can't remember basic details from landmark legal rulings. She is an utter tool of George Soros. The Rothschilds are the organ grinder, and Soros is the monkey. He has placed such feckless and incompetent drones in legal power across the country. Consider LA and Chicago most especially. How about the Pacific Northwest!?!

Baring an intrusion from The Divine, Revolution is a near certainty. There are other options. We could have a catastrophic natural disaster (that would be an intrusion of The Divine). Ships MIGHT come out of the skies... or else they have that holographic tech down now, and you will soon see Jesus coming out of the clouds around The World. There are actually people expecting this already, so... they won't be hard to fool. Unfortunately, they are NOT expecting that it is meant to happen WITHIN them. 

I've felt like they have had things like this in mind for some time. Given the ironies that are possible in life, it would not surprise me if they staged an alien landing, WHILE... aliens... were... actually... showing up. Of course, in many cases, they are already here. People from ALL OVER incarnate here. It's a port of call.

ANYTHING is possible. There is one thing that is not in doubt and that is that another effort is being made to control The Whole World. What's this, number 14082100984108? They have ALL failed, some of them in spectacular fashion, as I suspect will be the case with this one coming. It will be an epic event not soon forgotten, though there will be far fewer of us here than there was; keeping in mind that a large portion of us here are not human. This is the sad result of the inner planes being cleansed by The Lord of Light, but... you can't make an omelet unless you are going to break the eggs.

Okay... this has not been the usual fare, but... these are not the usual times, and only some of that is due to The Usual Suspects.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, March 21, 2022

"I Can Hear the Fundies of All the Rigid and Materialized Religions, Howling Like a Banshee Tranny on PCP."

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Who is it that has been pushing specific themes on The World? Who is it that owns the media which promotes them? Who are the bankers who profit from the wars? Really! Think about it. It sounds like The Usual Suspects doesn't it? This includes the ENFORCED race-mixing... gay and transgender pushing, illegal immigrant agenda... digital chipping, courtesy of the WEF (ah! Yet more of The Usual Suspects.) Who is back to sport-killing Palestinians (under the distraction of Ukraine) like it was a shooting gallery at the local carnival?

Who is it that is pushing Atheism and making war on Christianity? Who owns the vaccine manufacturing companies? Who is the main beneficiary from Usury Lending?

Have you noticed them going after the Russian Oligarchs? What is the genetic background of nearly all of The Oligarchs... they come right out of that Khazar gene... nay? Who is making war against Putin? Do you see a conundrum-disconnect here? A Sticky Wicket? A little something going on behind appearances? By the way... where is the Rule of Law (with precedence, of course) that states you go after the richest men (or women) from a particular country that YOU ARE NOT EVEN AT WAR WITH... And it is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS, to begin with? Isn't that where diplomacy applies, given that war is diplomacy by other means?

It almost makes you think that the mythical White Hats really are on the field... or, at least, up in the coach's box. Of course, there are White Hats, if there are Black Hats (racist!!! racist!!!) (Fear of a Black Hat). These White Hats are The Initiates.

Why is the judge from The Pizzagate Trial being nominated to the highest court in the land? If she is actually competent then she is proof that appearances are a lie because... she looks like a deer in the headlights. I am NOT being mean. I am speaking as a Physiognomist. I'm definitely not being racist. A casual study of my life would put the lie to that; just like that other twisted trope; anti-Semitic. Someone tried to run that game on me and OTHERS showed up to put the lie to it. You CANNOT get very far on The Spiritual Path by being... racist or anti-anything but Stupidity and Ignorance, and that you SHOULD begin with yourself, and keep to yourself. This I do not always do, so... I am not that wise yet.

Some of us are not given the luxury of being a Brahmin, and EVERY CULTURE has a caste system, if you can't see this, you are... yes, you are Stupid, or ignorant, as you prefer. Those who have been in The Outlaw Class know more of what takes place in terms of Justice than do the self-righteous... or those who haven't been caught yet. Like Marlon said in “One-Eyed-Jacks"... “You may think you're a one-eyed-jack but I've seen the other side of your face.” (Yes, I know, I've used that example before, but... I am in a Time of Material Darkness for The Purpose of Demonstration. so... that's going to happen).

Sorry about the digression, we can't all be Brahmins, but... we all get to be Brahmin in the scheme of things. Some of us are of the Kshatriya Caste and nothing is better for us than a righteous war; so says Lord Krishna in The Gita. I must point out that when I am speaking of Krishna, I am also speaking of Christ. If it was a 'K' used in Christ, instead of a 'C'... you would c what I mean. There's ONLY one God, so until you stop the religious wars in your head... you won't get this. Of course, all sorts of other things can hold you back as well. Until you cut them loose you will be treading water.

Yes... there are all kinds of occult references that appear in these postings that are not identified as such; just as there are many things in this life that are mislabeled and you will have to live with them under that auspice until you cut them loose. Adam means, “namer of things.” Now... there are people who will run to their sources... not keeping in mind how many translations of The Bible, The Bhagavad Gita, and The Way of Life there are. I was exposed to this in a story I was being told by someone far more informed than me.

What you name things... so they become to you. The same happens when you identify people, places, or things in a certain light. Of course, any reasonable and rational person will agree that there are places that are shitholes in this world, and it is best to avoid going to them unless that is something you go (the old) in and out of so frequently that you are either locked into it... or you find it attractive. Look at how people go to the seedy sides of town in order to do sleazy things. How often do you think anyone finds romance at a public toilet?

We are not in reasonable and rational times at the moment and The Dung Also Rises. It is not the cream that is coming to the top in this dreadful hour. This is simply people and collectives, outing themselves before the eyes of The World. You can use the word... Apocalypse, all day long... perhaps it is not only contempt that familiarity can bring, but also indifference, and cluelessness... because you no longer see it. You just go right on by. What is happening here... in the wider world, and in ourselves, is what happens in an Apocalypse, and that is one of the reasons that it is always accompanied by an Awakening; by the revealing of truths, by the exposure of what had been hidden, by the transforming of culture, minds, hearts... whatever there is to be changed, with the exclusion of that which does not change.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez must be going nuts these days. The Kim, Kanye, and Pete opera is going full blast and they are no longer the main darlings of The Gutter Press. Just so the reader knows, I don't pay any great attention to these things, but I do pay attention to that which keeps coming to my attention. I would notice if a brass band went marching by my house. I would notice the newsboy calling out (if they still had them), and my window was open at that place on St. Mark's. If I were a tourist, I would hear the jackhammers on Amsterdam Ave, HOWEVER... due to Accommodation, even that would fade. It all does... put that in your pipe of dreams why don't you.

This is why people see but don't see, and hear but don't hear. When I note that someone is not paying attention to me, and this is not difficult for anyone to notice, who is less self-involved, I say something out of context... or that makes no sense. It still amazes me that after a pause of a few seconds, the person will always say, “What was that? What did you just say?” Or there will be some permutation. I don't care one way or the other. That is what I find becoming more and more continuous in my perspective... not this, not that... neti-neti. It is and it isn't. It is both at the same time and has Schrodinger's cat on its lap.

It is the wind in the willows and the river running by. It is the deer in the grass and the hunter in the tree stand. It is the totality of all that can be perceived and all that cannot. This is God as The Divine Mother. It is within her that we “live and breathe and have our being.” She is the elements, the aether, the mind, and its intellect, AND... your ego. How can that be? I can hear the fundies of all the stratified and materialized religions they follow, howling like a Banshee Tranny (the kind you find in a Dodge Viper) on PCP. Yeah... you did... you left The Divine Mother right out of the equation. In urban speak, you made her your bitch. Look at the cities and the perversities of life! The struggle to be righteous is so great in these times that nearly everyone gives up or allows themselves to be compromised, by Desire, Appetite, and Fear. The Avatar comes because... HE MUST.

Yes... most everyone seems unaware that it is SHE who is all around us. SHE is the whirling force of existence who writhes atop the prone figure of Shiva. She raises him from the dead... AFTER A FASHION, given that he is eternal. She is being returned now. She is in the ascendant. Coming in her train are the qualities of The Divine Feminine. It is materialism that has turned so many men into women and made so many women hard as stone. It's ALL out of wack. This is why The Avatar WILL appear, because... HE MUST.

Pervert and obliterate Lady Nature in her native form and you get wide-spread sexual dysfunction. Now they have redefined depravity as a virtue; IT IS NOT! This is how The Beast comes to ascendance... you exalt the animal nature. Liberty becomes license. Lie to yourself if you must. The future will prove out according to your investments. There is nothing to worry about, my friends... if it does not involve you. As precise as these new weapons of war show themselves to be, the surgical precision of The Lords of Karma is far past them.

Let me clarify; The Divine Mother is the whole of the energized interplay of everything you perceive and all that you perceive it with. Almighty God is The Power Source for the operation and he operates through Step-Down Transformers, like The Divine Mother, like the angels and Devas, which are interchangeable at a certain level, and through The Infernal Kingdom, based on your preferences. The World exists in The Ceaseless Meditation of God, OTHERWISE... it would not. Otherwise, it would not, AND... your meditation upon The One who holds it all in place defines your relationship to that force.

End Transmission.......

And we are still less visible at GETTR (done)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

"The Classic Dances of Archetypes and the Travesties Upon Them. It Is What It Is... Even When It Is Not."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

♫Devil or angel, I can't make up my mind, which one you are♫

The Devil is an angel in disguise. It depends on your relationship with your carnal nature, whether it is devil or angel that appears to you. The corona you see around the demonic form is the angelic nature concealed from the eyes of The Profane. Remember The Dial? I have mentioned it a few times here. You turn it one way and it trends green and ever more radiantly luminous. You turn it the other way and it trends red, ever more radiantly luminous. This is why God looks like The Devil to The Wicked. Once you figure this out on a visceral level... your problems are over, but adjustments do STILL need to be made... and continuously... for so long as you are In Form. It is the nature of existence in the never-ending process of endless change... In Form... that is.

Why is The Devil Red?

The color of the Anahata Chakra is Electric Green, which is the color of Love, which has many shades of similar hue. It is the qualities of God that appear in the rays that are created through the prism. Red is the color of passion and desire. It is also the color of blood, in which Passion runs. Whether one's passions are carnal or spiritual defines you and designs The World around you... where the drama of your life takes place. Are you on a loop... or a spiral? That is the difference between sorcery and the initiatic path. One celebrates the carnal as the spiritual and the other is the spiritual celebrated in Higher Love.

Electromagnetic sunlight is turned into manifest chlorophyll, but it's still sunlight at a certain level, and it certainly converts into it, through a consciously inspired ritual in the small intestines, where the villi tremble like sea anemones in The Deep or... like the pollen that attaches to the bees. All the time while you are here... you are being turned into something... even if, in some cases, that only results in compost. There is a profound metaphysical secret hidden in Loving God. Sunlight is involved and Love is the magic ingredient.

I TRY to talk about certain things but... I am not able to. I can point and say... “It's over there. Go look around and consider what you see.” I can point at you and say, “Look in there.” The rest is the journey of self-discovery, and that is going on no matter what direction you are looking in... but... what is it that you are discovering? It's ALL in there, kinetically or potentially. That which you seek to find, and that which you rather hadn't found.

The love and sanctuary of God are often portrayed as a fountain because it is an endless over-pouring of itself, running over the rim and flowing through the lines of least resistance while wearing away the stone that contains it. If those channels are not open in you, you will be unaware of it and you will mistake it for something else, which is one of the true tragedies of life... along the lines of a mess of pottage.

Illumination involves the ARRANGEMENT of simple things in the proper order. It is the bringing into focus of the changeless, by presenting a true reflection of it. The Sun and Moon tell the tale of timeless and eternal change in the movements of night and day. It is called Illumination because it lights you up. This is what happens when an electric current runs through a conductor to... a light-bulb. It removes the personal darkness and replaces it with Impersonal Love; also known as The Truth Revealed through its everlasting vehicle of expression. The Truth lights The Way and reveals the path of Impersonal Love. This is what gives warmth to light. The Sun is our best evidence of it.

They say that sunlight is the best disinfectant. I would guess that is because it puts Evil in the proper perspective so that it must hunt for the shadows to protect it from being seen for what it is. In times where Reason and Sanity predominate, certain conditions do not rear their ugly heads. Perhaps this explains the tsunami of the ridiculous and absurd, which have now become commonplace, where all that is good and decent is replaced by what is dumb and defective.

I know there are people who walk the path of knowledge and who see a great complexity that attends the Divine Mystery. They are fortunate if they can become one of the very few to understand that Truth cannot be apprehended until Love and Wisdom are united. One cannot be in balance unless they have stilled The Reactive Mind. The over-reaching imbalance is perpetual in Times of Material Darkness. The sane must... perforce, conceal itself in the camouflage of the emotionally crippled, so as to not stand out as one who goes on two feet, while the culture is dropping everyone else down on all fours.

There are some very strange events taking place. As you SHOULD know, Hollywood, like New York and Washington D.C. are hotbeds (pun intended) of Satanism. You see everything but the religious rituals which attend it, and you can see those too... if you pass the audition. What you do see is people acting out in emulation of it. There is no great difference between Materialism and Satanism. Materialism is the operating philosophy of Satanism. It is simply the demonstration of carnality and excess as... not only desirable but virtuous as well. These days, being transgender or... any one of the many permutations of gay, is politically expedient and a good career move.

In the excellent film, "The Player", the character, Larry Levy, is having a car phone conversation with the character, Griffin Mill. Larry tells Griffin he is on his way to an AA meeting. Griffin says, “I didn't realize you had a drinking problem.” Larry replies, “I don't, but that's where all the deals are getting made these days.” It's the same thing with the gay-tranny persona. It gives you a soapbox profile of The New Normal. Abnormal is the New Normal, and perversity is the sexual formula of Satanism

So... perhaps you have noticed the latest high-profile soap opera from Glitter Town, East... and West? (NY and LA) Retarded Rap Performer, Kanye West has been divorced by his wife, Kim Kardashian, the undisputed Queen of Reality TV. She has taken up with a talentless gooney-bird named Pete Davidson, who is on that incredibly, unbelievably unfunny show, Saturday Night Live. Davidson is one of the least funny of the twits who show up there each week. Rumor has it that he possesses large sexual equipment and this accounts for his appeal to women that you would not imagine would be attracted to him under any other circumstances (those included). Even then... only certain women, like Catherine the Great... only that didn't really happen.

Kanye is very angry about this and has been threatening Davidson, who is really Flaky Foont (Mr. Natural's straight man). Then... a video hits the internet of Kim and Flaky driving past the gates of Jeff Bezos's house. The week later you hear that Flaky is going to be on the next Bezos space ride. Now... Flaky is being converted into a movie star. Hey! Jerry Lewis proved that morons will draw a crowd... of morons, sure... but as far as The Great Reset people are concerned, we should all be morons shortly. Certainly... the more recent generations are showing great promise in this area.

It fascinates me to watch Satanism at work in those areas of interest that have to do with Appetite, Ambition, and Desire. It has its spokes-bots of Legion and The Like. It is all being fashioned by The Carnal Mind of Babylon Rising. The reason that Biblical prophecies, and prophecies in general... maintain public interest, and not simply through the vehicle of Religions, is because they contain the classic dances of the archetypal interplays, both singular and enduring, as well as travesties upon the same. It is what it is, even when it is not.

So... there is little doubt (in my mind) that all the aforementioned are deep into The Satanic Manifesto, and they are icons of consciousness massage, directed for the activation of emulation in all those empty lives where meaning does not intrude. All those twisted creatures from Inferno Land might well have been just like them, once... on the wrong path, not quite having arrived at The Wrong Place yet. Give it time.

We live in a world where many things are not what they appear to be. If you are a student of Nature, the implications should be clear. Certain creatures camouflage themselves as something else, in order to eat the curiously attracted. This happens in human relationships too. People devour each other. Everything is being eaten, predator and prey alike... in time. I have chosen what is consuming me and I could not be more pleased.

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Friday, March 11, 2022

"Satan's Little Helpers, With Their Shoulders to The Wheel. Helping Us All on Their Way to Perdition."

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By now... we hope that everyone can see the -by this time- obvious death dance of Materialism and Insanity. It could spawn a new network show, like... Dancing with the Damned. How about Dancing with the Deranged? Dancing with Dumbass in Donbas? There are a lot of possibilities.

Remember when crazy behavior was an occasional thing? Remember when it was shocking to hear about some outrage, and... now? Now it is a daily affair in multiples. Of course, Materialism can create all of this on its own, BUT... it seems there are Satan's Little Helpers, who are putting their shoulders to the wheel to help us all on their way to Perdition; sounds like the name of one of those infamous Old West towns doesn't it? Soon... Clint will appear on the horizon line with his cheroot smoldering and his eyes squinting. He'll have The Tibetan Book of the Dead in one hand and a gun in the other. Probably (if you were wondering) he will have the reins in his teeth, like John Wayne in True Grit. “Yeeeeehah!!!”

It's not all that easy to say Yeeeeehah with the reins in your mouth, so... maybe I imagined that... not important in the long run. Yeah... it's about time for a new rendition of that Willie song, “Crazy.” I'm not in the mood to write it, but... you will hear it on the playlist for the soundtrack of your life... when it comes around in the rotation. Yeeeeehah!!! It's got a nice ring to it. Sounds like some kind of freedom out here on the high, wide, and stupid of the American landscape.

♫I see poison Nightshade and dead children too. They opened the cages in Hell's hungry zoo. I see men running in skirts and high heels, probably from anal with electric eels, and I think to myself... let me out of this world♫ I probably... did not need to include that, but I'm all about transparency and full disclosure

Maybe I'm thinking of The Little Drummer Boy or that partridge in a pear tree song. Someone is bringing gifts to the metaphorical manger... ♫4 Russians trashing, 3 Ukrainians flashing, 2 children watching and a Pedophile in a pear tree♫ Sounds like a Pride Parade where... appearances indicate, a pervasive lack of respect for anything sane people want anywhere around them. That's who's REALLY making war on Putin, Oh! You thought it was the other way around? Not hardly. It's the First Petticoat Brigade... marching guidon for The Usual Suspects in their general, endless and relentless aggressions against the rest of us.

It's ALL about your embracing the Hari Kiri spirit of sexual suicide, where you get to put real meaning into; Go fuck yourself! Right away! And... thank you for suggesting it. “Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! Gawd~!” Uh... that's not God. You have to stop looking at God upside down... and it would probably help to point out the only effective way to look at God, and... that... that is in each other's eyes. Namaste.

Remember how, in the Lord of the Rings, it was said that Sauron (and Saruman- I guess) constructed orcs from tortured elves, and men that he had perverted he turned into something else. I can't remember the details now; not my department. One of the best understandings you can come to is what does... and does not have to do with your department. It is what I call, Understanding Dharma. It's seldom easy putting a Western perspective on Eastern thought. Like The Tower of Babel... and other phenomena, the difference in the mind is put there by The Divine.

Whenever you start getting closer to God, he begins to throw things at you. Anything... to distract you. It is like what a mother does with her children. The closer you get, the more stuff there is that is being thrown at you. “Don't make me come down there!” Yes... it can be intimidating coming up on The Divine. He's not going to make it easy. Oh! If you're sincere? There's not going to be a problem... but that vacillating mindset... that uncertainty... well... that's going to be met with more of the same. You got to be sure going in, otherwise... you'll be much more disappointed than you were.

God is a most elusive thing. I think of him sometimes as a creeper. He will creep into you and continue to, if you can remain Still. Being still is a big thing. Of course, he is already there to begin with, but... that will clarify itself in time. One of the objectives of Meditation is to achieve this stillness. The Mind has to be made capable of extended... protracted... focus. “Concentration is the secret of the magical art.” This magical art has to do... DIRECTLY with The Sun. The performance of it is accomplished by getting out of the way of it. You do NOTHING of yourself. Christ said this. It happens to be true. In the end... it is not all the charms and spells you learn or books of lore that you read. It is the getting out of the way of it... so that it can Demonstrate.

I think it was Manly Palmer Hall who said it, though... I am not sure. This won't be verbatim. He said something like, “Yes... black magic is foolish and dangerous but it is not a joke. There is nothing funny about someone being able to burn a hole through an inch of ebony board.” The way he said it, it sounded like he had been there. Well... I botched that. Sorry.

Certainly, you remember. It was not that long ago that The Crazy (the real pandemic) was just occasional happenstance... or however you define it to yourself. It wasn't that long ago when Transgender Insanity was not a thing. It was not that long ago when twisted sexuality and racist vitriol were not a part of the curriculum. It was not that long ago when most of what you see and hear about... around you, and at a distance... was only a rumor. Now it is not a rumor anymore. Apparently, Sauron has heard about The Shire.

You can see this, right? You can see The World going mad? Much of what has happened has been intentional; letting criminals run roughshod over your rights does embolden them. When the people, nominally in control, are criminals, that is what you get. The institutions have been closed and the mentally aberrated are now on the angry streets of every city. Those on the lower rung of the economic ladder (a place where I have been comfortable for a long time now) can no longer house themselves or feed their children. 

Fortunately, there are EBT cards... but the rents!!! The cost of housing is also crazy and this is being done intentionally too. Vanguard and Black Rock are buying up single-family units as quick as they can. Part of their plan is to tear the houses down and erect multi-family dwellings, once they have baksheeshed The Zoning Commission.

THEY want to control every aspect of your life. They are the REALLY CRAZY among us. God has made them so; “those whom the God's would destroy, they first drive mad.” When you see crazy people acting out, whether by a dumpster on a side street or in a three-piece Armani suit... it is only a matter of appearances. The Crazy is still just as present and often... more potent. There are so very many ways to be a nut-job. Look at the people who write for Huffington Post, The Times, The Washington Post. These people are out of their minds. They are the functioning crazy. You can't always tell if they are crazy... or possessed... until they point their finger at you and give that silent cry that only The Bodysnatchers can hear.

It might calm you somewhat to know that this is all programmed to a specific end, in every specific direction it moves in. Just because you don't know how it is going to turn out, DOES NOT MEAN it will be turning out badly. Yes... there are those locations that are going to be hosting Dramatic Demonstrations. There are also those places where nothing much will be happening at all; birds of a feather.

I do not understand how people can have such a difficult time understanding that everything visible came out of The Invisible. Right there!!! Right there... a very important metaphysical truth is to be had... if one only thinks about it. When you think about something... anything, it sets up a ping in search of a response. It's like GPS... or Lojack; probably they are the same. The internet runs like that with packets and such. Information flows toward the mind focused on WHATEVER the attention is placed on. Patanjali laid it all out in his aphorisms, although he didn't say much about DNS attacks.

My friends... we are coming up on it. It is going to be radically different... what comes in on The Ping. You'll be dialing it up for your pleasure (should that be a feature) or pain (should that be a feature). It's like you got what you thought was a bird call whistle, but... it's not birds that arrive or maybe it is Angry Birds... or angels, as they are... or in disguise. We must all pay attention to what we are sending out and then we will have a good idea of what's coming in. Fore! Look out below! Gangway? I don't know.

End Transmission.......

I should mention that I saw The Power of the Dog. We had to turn it off halfway through. It was exceedingly boring and pretentious; just like the person who created it. Along with the homoerotic undertones, and metrosexuals on the range posing in a Drugstore Cowboy kind of a way... it was just boring... boring... boring. Then I saw Nightmare Alley. It was like Stephen King's retarded son took an old fable and used it as a cover over some of the worst storytelling and direction I have seen in many moons with such high-profile actors. Ultimately... and all through it, it was CONSISTENTLY a piece of shit. These people really are beyond embarrassment. On a more positive note, The Righteous Gemstones is quite entertaining.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

"It is in times Like These that One Sees the Sleaze and Hypocrisy of Those Who Create War for Profit."

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Things happen, then they don't happen. Then they don't happen again. Then they make them up, and it doesn't matter what happened. What matters is what THEY told you happened, when it never happened at all. There have been no updates about Ukraine for a couple of days now. A lot must have happened besides Zelensky yelling out of a window. He looks good in that wife-beater and burgundy ascot. “Zel? You been working out?” Stella!!! ♫Won't you come out tonight♫

The Zelster says he is going to be down at The Squeaky Wheel Cafe in case Vladimir wants to go a few rounds. It seems that Zel was OVERWHELMINGLY elected to... oh! Here it is. He was elected to resolve the conflict in the Eastern Provinces and establish a good working relationship with Russia. That is the basic understanding. He made many promises and he broke them all. He lied to the people he was elected to serve and protect. Then he did an about-face on everything he said to get himself elected.

Putin had no choice. He did make a few mistakes. In his effort to do the right thing and not cause excessive collateral damage, even though the people who REALLY created this situation don't care anyway, he managed to put his troops, and the ease of his mission, at risk.

It is in times like these that one sees the sleaze and hypocrisy of those who create war for profit, and the sheer joy of creating Evil. As I look more deeply into the Trends and Patterns of these times, I see the environments of Brave New World and 1984 being constructed at every level of material culture. What could we possibly do... NOW... without invisible help? They have been at this for a long time now, and when you recall what Albert Pike said in his letter to The Italian about The Three Wars... apparently Pike had some kind of a vision.

One is unlikely to go broke betting on wars to come. War is in the nature of us, and since we seem, en masse, incapable of ending the conflicts within us... they WILL continue without. I subscribe to The Vedas and other Eastern traditions like Sāṅkhya. I am convinced that we are on a wheel of existence and that the changes that occur go through seasons like our yearly seasons. In the springtime of life, the sap runs hot and fluid through the body... through the culture... through Nature itself. In the winter we see whether our efforts in the seasons preceding will serve to sustain us until Spring comes again.

In the beginning phase, there is the greatest light. In the next one, there is still more light than darkness. In the next one, there is more of shadow than light, and in the last segment, there is the greatest darkness. That time of greatest darkness is called Kali Yuga. It is also the time of Judgment and Retribution/Payback. According to traditions that I follow... for Spring to come, for Satya Yuga to come, The Avatar must first appear. It is his appearance that ushers in The Golden Age.

What's your point, visible? My point is that you are at that place where the arrow points to... on the map in the bus kiosk (“you are HERE”). That may be good or bad, I don't know your details (not my department). However... what is also Good or Bad, depending... and which is under your control... is that you can go anywhere from there. You may have good information and you may have bad information, and that will determine the quality of your reception and residence... in whatever place you get yourself to. The information you got, and the manner of processing it, is the determiner, AND... the information, the manner of processing, and all else... has to do with the Karma that took you to that point of looking at that map in that bus kiosk... or sitting by that riverbank... or looking down at The City from your corner office.

There is a Continental Divide that exists between specific people of specific temperament and inclination. Those people are either atheist or faith-based. You believe in God or you do not believe in God and your life unfolds accordingly. For people on the fence, it seems to me that Pascal's Wager is your best bet. Since I am in NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER concerning the existence of God, I don't have to make that wager.

Once you appear here... unless you take certain actions, your course will proceed to whatever coordinates your Desires and Appetites set. There will be some variety at first. Then it will become inflexible routine. You have a choice. You can listen to the liars from The Carnal Nature or you can hear The Truth from The Celestial Realm. Both are within you. The first is easy because it plays upon your Attractive Nature and gives you good reasons to pursue whatever attracts you. Alternatively, you will be faced with the considerations of restraint and self-discipline. In Times of Material Excess, restraint and self-discipline are not the popular choices.

Try to imagine how it actually is. Life has probably already shown you that for everyone like yourself; a free thinker... self-aware... faith-filled, there are, at a minimum, ten thousand Facebook and Instagram zombies, and ten thousand Twitter Twits... endless dreaming particles on a sea of madness. In the marketplaces of The World, you see millions upon millions chasing The Dream. Observation and historical contemplation will show-n-tell you that only so many people get behind the velvet ropes or into the sky-boxes or... backstage; much less on stage.

Some take their vision to the streets and you get the occasional Ed Sheeran. Not even Ed Sheeran wants to be Ed Sheeran. Soon he is going to be even less fond of that. Maybe he's got good lawyers and that will see him through. We know he has deep pockets. One of my favorite, very occasional, things to do, is to go to TMZ or similar and study some major award's photo gallery and look into their eyes inside my mind, while my physiognomy gene kicks in. There are many variants of this, sometimes it's a parade of bimbos on the beach. Sometimes it is about an event. What I mostly see are Desperation and Fear. The desperation of The Life... animates the fear of being beaten out or replaced; not to mention the flesh attrition of the years on their faces.

It is an altogether horrible thing to be a celebrity. First, there are the things you think you have to do, and the things you really do have to do, to become a celebrity (and no stunt is off the table) and then you have to keep your place, and... if possible, move up, move up, move up. Except in rare instances, like an Eastwood or a Streep, your sell-by date expires and you are no longer relevant. This terrifies them.

They keep showing up everywhere at these phony charity mills and product release events from corporations they shill for. Sometimes they own them; seems like everyone has a tequila brand now. Never has The High Life been so high. Never has the difference between ten million, hundreds of millions, and many billions been so great. There is just so much you cannot do with a mere hundred million dollars. Skim Kardashian just bought a plane that cost that much.

Think of the clothes you have to buy and the cost of lodging at St. Barts and Mustique. Consider all those vacation homes, and yachts... the Jet-skis and the Skidoos... the restaurants. I imagine it is a pain in the ass to be rich. Seriously! I am not kidding... and how does it end up for them? What is it you are not told about all that? Their health goes. You don't have to be rich for that to happen, but... it's much worse for the rich because their money is no good. They start getting certain kinds of visits toward the end. It's no fun. They sell it as fun but the truth of it stays hidden. No one wants to believe it anyway They all hope to get hit by lightning. Never mind... there is nothing anyone can say. Even with all the costs incurred, they want it again, and they want it never to end.

It would be so much simpler going to God in the first place. He controls it all, but... people don't seem to get this. Right... it goes back to The Atheists and The Faith-based thing. Then there are all the parrots, the ones who quote scripture like everyone else is going to enjoy it for the six thousandth time. Empty hearts can ONLY provide empty words. Ten people can say the same thing, but the ring of authenticity is the arbiter of its credibility. First, they lie to themselves and then they lie to you. They will lie to you KNOWING that you know they are lying. Never mind about what everyone else gets up to. Mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

I am never promoting links. I am not doing this. I am providing windows into mindsets that the reader can judge for themselves. I don't care for most of the sites I link here. They are mostly ALL a pack of liars, with some exceptions, BUT... sometimes they reveal things in what they do and do not say. I trust that you will understand what I am getting at most of the time.

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Thursday, March 3, 2022

"Over and Over They Die in The Mud that is Made From Their Blood. Some Do This for a Long Time."

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We now know that Fox News is owned and operated by Neo-Cons. I'm seeing the most outrageous fabrications there, without a scintilla of proof. Interestingly... Breitbart is 'owned' by Israeli interests or at least run by them. If you go there for any length of time you see this. It becomes proof-positive before your eyes. Anyone who wonders why I seldom include CNN or MSN, Huffington, Salon, and Slate or... Rolling Stone for that matter is that they are even more egregious liars and propagandists, AND... they are a celebration of The Carnal Mind. All of them are owned by The Usual Suspects. They are comprised of two factions. One is to the Right and the other is to the Left.

There are only a handful of sites that tell The Truth part of the time, AND... this I can understand because NO ONE knows The Truth, except The Truth herself. In my galaxy, it is designed that way. In my galaxy, Evil does not win, except over other Evil, back and forth. There is ALWAYS tension and simmering violence in Hell. Here is something else I can tell you that I am very confident is true. Hell appears on Earth at different times. It is certainly here when there are catastrophes, wars... and revolutions. Thank God it is all managed from above and within. Yes... Heaven is here and so is Hell. This is the place where they battle in the flesh, even though the main puppet-masters are invisible.

War is a place that is constant here in Times of Material Darkness. Why... we all have a war going on within... until it is CEASED. So... war is a place where people with serious anger find a place to express it. Over and over they die in the mud that is made from their blood. Some do this for a series of lives, killing and being killed, like “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner.” That song was written by a man with real genius and compassion. No one can hear, “My Shit's Fucked Up”, who also knows what the song is about, and walk away untouched. Now... there was a soul who faced death bravely. I usually give death a kiss and thank him for cutting the brambles of attachment from my more important pieces.

Bruce Cockburn is another that I seldom mention. His “Tibetan Side of Town” will have you straining to hear the lyrics. It's that well written and he plays guitar like VERY FEW, even among the greats can match. And the atmosphere created in the song makes it like being there. Obviously, he had been.

I might as well deal with it here, mention it FYI (probably the only abbreviation I use, besides BS). I'll be activating this blog here. As you have probably noticed long before now, all of the blogs now have a decided spiritual drive, mostly centered around the Love of God. So... I no longer have a place where I can go all Petri Dish on something or praise something or someone to The Heavens. I'll be talking about curious matters of the material kind... as still happens here now and again, but now there will be a place for that. I'm considering reading each blog (all blogs) as a podcast (no! Not from the beginning), and we'll be reactivating the video arm of this conglomerate (grin).

This will happen in the short term. I've been considering each of them for a long time now. It's been a couple of years, give or take, since I have been involved in these areas of enterprise. The thing is, I have all this time and I like to be busy. The creative force is hammering on me and I become like a dairy cow that hasn't been milked recently. So... I am really more energized than I was when I started all of this. I need mediums of expression to keep my gears oiled and turning. I wouldn't digress to this extent if it weren't important; at the very least... to me. Some thoughts are better transmitted in other ways.

The World at this time is a roiling cauldron. Who knows what Archduke Ferdinand moment awaits... and then everyone picks up the big guns. We KNOW that THEY orchestrate such matters. We even have a term for it these days. It's... False Flag. Certain collectives are very good at making events seem a certain way... even if they always get caught out. This is why they went after all The Money and all the MEDIA, publishing, movies, and music. They know that sooner or later the public is going to catch on and they will be persona non gratia. It is in their interest to delay that as long as possible, while there is still some meat left to separate from the corpse. While there is still something to plunder.

I don't know what lesson The World is about to be taught. I suspect is depends on what you have gotten up to over the course of your getting there, or here... as it will no doubt be HERE when it arrives, as is... the case with everything coming and going, sometimes beyond even the report of memory. How much time did it take to make all those grains of sand? AND... I am told that nothing is forgotten. I am also told that at the end of The World it is consumed by fire, and God goes into his real day as this night of blindness shows. I hear that after everyone has been put down, for the length of a day of Brahma, They party out in Brahmaloka, and other locations. Then they do it all over again.

Imagine the scope of that!!! Consider the intricacies of The Web and Woof. Look at The Detail! I mean... what you can see of it, because most of us see very little, and EVERYONE sees very little by comparison with God. What a panorama! What a festivity of lights in the unreachable length of Space. All those glittering stars that shine for billions of years, in service to The Light, from which they draw the power and the ability to shine. Each of those stars is a conscious being. There are, of course... other... more evolved star systems. There are those who meddle and those who do not meddle, but the same could be said for the whole human race.

Do you know what resides in the heart and mind of another? Certainly, you do not know much of it, and usually... what you know has to do with more recent history. This is why YOU MUST leave Good Footprints! After a while, no one is after you, and no one is waiting on up the road, because you cleared your part of The Garden of Eden, which is a movable feast. We shape the blessings and the condemnations that come to us. If you are ONLY sharing blessings, that is all that will come back to you. I scrupulously adhere to this, now that I see the cost otherwise.

Here is another thing. If you are engaged in blessings trafficking (grin), you will acquire a great many blessings that you can confer on others. There are many levels of blessings. Think of our currency. You got a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter. Some acts, from thought to physical expression are worth a lot more than others. As you move up the spiral stairway of life, your abilities to bless all the lives you encounter... grow stronger. There are those with enough virtue to transform an entire nation. We are going to be seeing more of this kind of entity.

In the ranking of angels, you have Powers, Thrones, Principalities, and much higher. They all have a specific job that they do, and then there are the specialists within the ranks. I can't read a lot of Emmanuel Swedenborg at the same time. It's the same with Rudolph Steiner. This is not a criticism. My preferences are elsewhere, BUT... I like how Swedenborg spent his time. Anyone with any sense will be courting the Angelic Kingdom and The Devic Realm. No one who is corporate can do more for you than these angels and devas. Part of a prayer I speak several times a day is, “Archangel Gabriel is completing the Operation of the Sun in me, and making me a fit habitation for angels.”

You've heard of affirmations? They work! My affirmations have to do with activities carried out by angels and devas THROUGH Humanity. We are ALL, already channeling other intelligences. It makes me laugh, in a rueful and wry way, when I hear about people claiming to be channeling any of The Big Guns. In NYC you can find a dozen people channeling Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, EACH of them is channeling the same character. NO... they are not. You could be channeling the everlasting, and be everlasting... if you do it with no thought of gain or mal-intent. I know this works because those I trust implicitly have said so. I also know it to be true because I have seen it, and I have done it.

The World IS NOT what it appears to be, and it appears to be something different to everyone with Needs and Expectations. People see The World in terms of it satisfying their appetites and desires. It can and does do this, but none of it lasts. Some features may last through the whole of your life, but they pass too when you pass out of their frame of reference. Only those things that are lasting, continue to last.

It really does look like one of those patches of time when The Usual Suspects and their minions and their Master, like to get up to what I call, Blood Mischief. I KNOW that there is a destiny outworking in these times. I have a vague idea of how it works out (it ALWAYS works out, one way or another) so I am not greatly concerned. Life here is fleeting in any case. I, personally, have other places to be, and I'll get there when I get there while being there already... in advance of it. Remember what we said about Karma? How you can pay before it arrives on the due date?

Well... I'll see you around in all those less familiar places, “that this heart of mine embraces” Something... something about carousels and wishing wells, summer days... and when the skies are blue. I'll be looking somewhere (The Moon?), but I'll be seeing you. Heh heh. All's well that ends better.

End Transmission.......

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